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Wti, Sandra Kilhof and Asia discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

01:55 min | 3 years ago

Wti, Sandra Kilhof and Asia discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

"Radio business flash for about forty minutes away from the european equity market open it looks like we could see a little bit of softness come through in these equities we have see losses in the asia session as concerns historic increase a little bit around trade tensions dax futures down three tenths of a percent cat forty futures slap footsie100 futures unchanged your stocks fifty futures lower by two tenths of a percent and us futures edging lower as well let's turn to the fx markets with that in mind because we're seeing the yen bid with safe havens generally around these concerns as so dalian down six tenths percent higher for a third day when it comes to yen against the dollar spot forty it's where we trade meanwhile the euro near a six month low what we saw this drop below one seventeen yesterday where buffet one seventeen hundred one seventeen zero six is where we trade on your dollar in cable pretty much unchanged but we did see some losses yesterday we're trading up one tenth percent one thirty three sixty five but the lira very much in focus in the fx space so we did see it strengthened yesterday after that emergency rate hike but now you're seeing it we can we can buy more than two percent four sixty eight seventy one is where we are on the turkish lira reversal yet again already it seemed as if the markets didn't see that rate hike as enough this seems now to confirm it in the fixed income space the reaction to the fed minutes curve steepening on the two tens and fives thirties the ten year yield just below three percent two point nine nine five percent is where we trade the year bundled study italy's ten year yield coming down by four basis points and taking a quick check on oil weaker on wti and brent wti seventy one sixty three dollars a barrel brent crude at seventynine spot forty nine for a bit of a retreat in the oil prices we did see a little bit of a stock pile shock in that inventories data that's your bloomberg business flash is sandra kilhof with more on what's going on around the world good morning nara fulmer malaysia prime minister naci bras is facing a second day of questions as part of the.

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