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"seventeenth powder snow" Discussed on The Spawn Chunks - A Minecraft Podcast

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"seventeenth powder snow" Discussed on The Spawn Chunks - A Minecraft Podcast

"Thirty nine. I've been thinking a lot about the idea of armor augmentation via the use of spending table. And how we could add more functionality to the idea outside of just aesthetics. I have attached a general idea on how the process would work in minecraft. We'll have an image in our show notes. And i'll put that in the discord as well as well as the show notes on the website. Mike question however seems Stems from some feedback. I saw swirling around online. When the interaction between leather boots and powder snow was added into the snapshots and the bedrock beta. And that was why not. Just have the frost walker enchantment. Do the same thing as leather. So i don't have to wear boots. Do you think mo jiang has blocked themselves into a corner. I see what you did there with enchanting when it comes to armor and tool augmentation being something could that be a functionally useful or if armor was introduced to the game. Would it have to remain purely aesthetic something. Something something minecraft something. good bye. Bye running out of ideas joe. So so the graphic that we once again. We will have this in the show notes. suggests that if you add leather to something in a smith table it includes cold resistance to seventeenth powder snow and the ability for the to be died. Adding golding it to something could increase the likelihood of piggly neutrality and maybe give it the higher enchant ability but he's also had negatives so you'll move speed in water could be decreased if you add led to it even with death stride. Eric could like slow you down a little bit. Maybe because the the leather inside becomes kind of soaked through and you drag a little bit and then the gold enhanced armor could potentially be weaker to fire because gold as they've pointed out it's very heat conductive In this case. I would have no additional effects. Diamond with grand plus two on a toughness and one extra alma defense point but presumably wouldn't do anything to enhance diamond alma So adding that toughness stat to things like leather gold chain and so forth. And then nether. I would add knockback resistance on toughness and it would drop a nether. Ingot win destroyed by lava but would reduce the amish points by one to balance at amd a little bit more. It's an interesting You know the adding positives and negatives to something is something that with the the mail suggesting that jiang has kind of backed themselves into a corner with challenging i kind of agree and the only attempts have been made to balance enchanting a little bit more have been with the addition of curses. But you don't get those natively from an enchantment table and the only times curse is really come into play when you end up with an enchanted book. That has a curse on it. If you've got it from a loot chest or maybe you can trade them from villages. But you don't get multiple installments on the same book so there are very few times in which those kisses become inconvenient. You can use the mechanically for other things. But i find that there are few things that balance stuff out in this way and it leads to the problem of players going for the most powerful thing because having the most powerful thing doesn't really have any negative consequences. That's something they've they've tried to shuffled around a little bit with Wearing gold to prevent piglets from attacking you. And then yeah the the powder snow cold resistance idea.

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