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353: The Last Dance & 5 Traits of Peak Performers

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353: The Last Dance & 5 Traits of Peak Performers

"Bul SHOOTS CHICAGO. Seventeen seconds seventeen seconds from game seven or championship number six Thornton Open Chicago Utah. Five point two seconds left Michael Jordan running on fused with forty five points last dance the ten episode documentary by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls and their success. In the nineties is out in the episodes. Mike was interviewing often has a cigar in handiest three or four up to the side and some Bourbon in front of them the quality between his cigars and Bourbon and minus dramatically different probably just like the basketball ability but a shout out to all that plus the cover of when he made the shot to win the sixth one over the Utah Jazz. That inspired me to talk about peak performers versus weak performers. Because isn't that really what Michael Jordan was all about? He wanted to be pete performer at his peak but he wanted to get people around him to play to their peak and to win as a team and achieved those successes that they did. I have a starting five traits of peak performance that I've garnered an compound after being a player and a coach in basketball and after being a leader in business from my entire career of people processes and change those five traits begin with curiosity. Number one is curiosity. The peak performers just had a natural inclination to be curious to want to learn and not just about the thing that they're working on the thing that passionate they just enjoy learning in their curious number two. They're driven to be their best. Not The best. This is important driven to be their best. Not the best because of the time. There's somebody out there better than the other Michael Jordan. But for most of us. Are Somebody out there better than us. So you got to be driven to be their best. Not The best number three. They do delivered practice and it's not just practice. They do deliberate practice. Mattis systematically retain Lee and repetitively doing actions that. Make you get better at what you want to accomplish. Trust me. I have a system of delivered practice for how create marketing solutions and how I create stories and messages number four. They understand that it's bigger than them. They know that the team is bigger than their individual aspect. Anytime I've coached. I've known a player was more worried about statistics. More worried about themselves. The ones that I wanted to count on at the end of the game were the ones that were worried about the team. I'm lucky and mass solutions that have a number of team members that understand that it's bigger than them and that's the fourth trade. The fifth one is they communicate peak. Performance communicate both verbal and non verbals peak performance art afraid to have difficult conversations peak. Performance don't be s you. They tell you what they really think. And how they thinking to act together when you WANNA go. Those are my five traits of peak performance. And who cares what the traits are weak performers. So shout out to Mj. The last dance documentary and a shout out to you because if you start living by these five principles starting five traits of pig performer. You'll get more out of your talents and abilities. You achieve more of your goals and success.

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Thursday, July 4th, 2019

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Thursday, July 4th, 2019

"It's president trump getting ready fringe independence day speech for a campaign rally had not become politically until this week critics say the president gets part is that it could be a legal problem i'm noel king here with rachel martin and this is up first from npr news in twenty twenty census forms are being printed now but president trump is still fighting to include a question about citizenship even though the supreme court said no kennedy administration try again and getting out of gaza is difficult but things there are so bad people are finding away you cannot start a new life you will hear what people told npr's corresponding there about what is driving them away stay with us for the news you need to start this independence day this message comes from npr sponsor pinero a listener of your caliber has signed taste taste that favors at smoked chipotle lay chicken wrap with a new cold brew from their get them on the go with rapid pickup breakfast that's bad not fast food from era food as it should be patriotism or partisanship that's the question surrounding president trump's plans for the fourth of july celebration here in washington dc that's right today the president plans to given independence day speech from the lincoln memorial on monday a reporter asked him if he thinks this speech will be for all americans and the president said yes but then seventeen seconds later he started talking about healthcare policy what the democrats plan is gonna destroy the country's gonna be horrible horrible so not exactly nonpartisan but if he gives a political speech today that could cause some legal problems with the white house npr white house correspondent tamra keith is with us this morning she is also host of npr politics podcast happy fourth of july my friend how low happy fourth of july so president trump has a history of going to events at are not supposed to be political and then sort of making unpolitical a what do we know about the content of speech today well and as you say he has gone to places that are really not supposed to be politically lake like in iraq the day after christmas talking to the troops where he started attacking democrats in the middle of his speech a white house official who declined to be named a says they spoke on background said that the speech today will be all about celebrating america eric at the flag members of the military specifically said it will not be politically it is eight salute to america that is that is what event is being called but you know all assurances about what president trump will do or say have to be taken with a grain of salt and critic sorority objecting to the fact that the white house gave vip tickets to the trump reelection campaign and the republican party the handout to supporters now they defend that saying well this is a pretty common thing if if it was on the south lawn of the white house we'd be doing that and they also say that members of the military and their families thousands of them have also gotten these vip tickets so we mentioned that there could be some legal jeopardy for for the white house if the president makes overtly political speech what might those problems be their laws preventing the spending of government resources for political purposes so if the president's starts attacking democrats are talking about his reelection campaign that could be a problem i spoke with brennan fisher of the campaign legal center he says that a the the campaign might have to reimburse if if this turns politically if this does become a political event then the president's campaign pain or rnc should certainly reimbursed treasury for those costs and this is already shaping up to be a much more expensive fourth of july celebration then passed celebrations and i think there's at least be appearance that the costs are going to benefit president trump's campaign so be interior department has been organizing this end a congress could bring the interior department in for hearings and try to collect a if if this were to happen at someone familiar with the matter told me that the white house is well aware that some people may accused the president of making this a politically event and the ethics specialist with in the white house and lawyers have been looking at this closely end that the plan is for the president's act within all applicable ethics rules just fast would this be the first time a sitting president gives us national addressed like this on the fourth of july well harry truman did it on the hundred and seventy fifth anniversary of the declaration of independence a end there hasn't been one since then though remarks from richard nixon were piped in nineteen seventy a and it was a big mess it ended in teargassed will end the weather report isn't so awesome for washington dc tonight civil thunderstorms denver keith thank you appreciate it you're welcome all right the fight to keep a controversial citizenship question off the twenty twenty census seemed all but over this time yesterday we were telling you about how the justice department confirms it forms were were already being printed without question without the question but now a justice department official says they have orders to keep looking for a way to ask the question on the census now those orders apparently came in the form of a tweet from president trump once again npr tells you the long joins us to talk about all things census hardly i don't think we're gonna see a for a while and now here you are because there is another unexpected development here i am this was also unexpected apparently a from unexpected by the justice department attorneys representing ministration in these cases what happened what happened essentially was that they realize that a the position that they thought they were representing administration that they were ready to move forward with the twenty twenty census without a citizenship question ashley president trump doesn't necessarily agree with that and that he wants a judge justice department and the commerce department to try to figure out is there is another way to ask for citizenship question on the twenty twenty census a in time for it to be added how how could this even happened in the supreme court saying no you can't include the question for now the supreme court also allow the administration to make another case in court essentially the supreme court said we if you can give us another reason if you could explain another reason that is not the reason the administration originally game which is that this question could help veteran force the voting rights act that could better protect the voting rights of racial minorities majority the supreme court said that that reasoning quote seems to have been contrived contrived so they didn't buy the administration's justification for the question but at the same time they open the door they're like okay if you could make a better argument you can come back end end try to do that what what critics say is the real reason for the question there a lot of series that plaintiffs in these multiple lawsuits over the citizenship question the most recent that's come up is that this question a through files of the geo pd redistricting strategists they believe that this question could ultimately be used to help politically benefit republicans and non hispanic white people by redrawing political districts after the twenty twenty census based on the number of u s it is old enough to vote not on the number of total residents in any given area that could ultimately benefit republicans so that's one theory another one is that is this a way to use the responses so that these census numbers on that and determined how many congressional seats each state gets yeah after the census if that number could exclude noncitizens but that would be problematic for the court we would assume unsettled count these would be a legal questions i would certainly be challenged in court so what happens next i mean who knows but what's your best guess well these a job of station is facing a deadline friday two pm eastern is when a federal judge in maryland says the justice department attorneys have to represent whether or not the trump administration is going to try to fight for a new reason for the citizenship question and and if they do the judges ready to reconsider allegations that adding the question was a form of discrimination and also the conspiracy amongst ministration officials meanwhile the census keeps getting printed exactly without a citizenship question as far as we know all right impaired honey lo wong 'em maybe will see said maybe okay thank you appreciate it you're not gonna hear from people in the gaza strip about why they say they won't be there for much longer years years of conflict in blockades have made life in the gaza strip very hard now the white house has this new proposal to invest billions of dollars in both closet and the palestinian territories but that's not gonna happen anytime soon and thousands of gardens in the meantime have been leaving despite the fact that it is very difficult to do that all right npr's daniel estrin has been covering the story and joins us now from jerusalem so daniel this is something you just noticed right as you were going back and forth to the gaza strip you just seized on the fact that there were fewer people that right well yeah it's it's really been a major topic of conversation in gaza and every time i visited recently more and more people i have gotten to know in recent years were gone or they were packing their suitcases it's been really hard to leave gaza in recent years it's been under blockade by egypt and by israel's because hamas the militant group is in control there but now what's what you have is is a rare window of opportunity to leave because egypt opened its border last year it was a kind of goodwill gesture and so now we're seeing a real brain drain doctors surgeons web developers my own journalists colleagues who have left when you go to be gyp shin border it's really noisy and busy and authorities are calling out travelers names on loudspeakers and i want you to meet one of travelers a twenty five year old college graduate data coordi and he was about to say goodbye to his family and you see these are my brother is a really bad for me to leave them and also a really bad to leave my mother and my father but the epicenter for seek a better future because i mean if i might be estimates are that of at least thirty five thousand people maybe a lot more has left a godsend mostly for europe i mean free of her more than a generation life in gaza has been difficult almost unbearable bearable what is what is changed now well i i think life keeps getting worse i mean there were the things that we've heard about for years the wars the violence between israel and hamas the spotty electricity the bad drinking water 'em recently hamas moss's crackdown on people pro testing them but a big factor now that's driving people out is economic there's no real economy in gaza israel restrict certain goods for security reasons the palestinian government in the west bank is also cutting money to gaza and you've got this booming population of young people with college degrees in newark youth unemployment is about seventy percent so people were saying we have to build our live somewhere else but there is this plan rights jared kushner the president's son in law and the guy who's heading up kind of trying to fix the middle east went to the region led this conference in bahrain and end ruled out this plan that has been geared towards reviving gaza remind us what's in there and how people are responding to it yeah it's it's a multibillion dollar plan offer infrastructure for trade jared kushner wants to create a million new jobs he wants to open up the palestinian territories to the world but up palestinians don't see any hoping this a cushion her says very clearly none of the plan will go forward without progress on a peace deal and guns don't see that happening anytime soon and so godless just be latest chapter in this great exodus of people fleeing the middle east npr's daniel estrin force from jerusalem daniel thanks appreciate it gerson yorker and that's a first round this fourth of july happy independence day everyone i'm rachel martin and i'm noel king uppers will be back tomorrow but in the meantime you should check out the indicator from planet money it's npr's daily podcast about money work and human behavior on the latest episode the united states has roughly one point nine billion acres in land mass indicator looks at how that land is divided up in white makes american look a lot like mcdonald's no matter what you got planned you need a song of the summer this week on npr's pop culture happy hour we are rounding up experts from npr music we will play a ton of songs

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What are Saturn's Rings Made of + NASA and MIT Make New Wing


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What are Saturn's Rings Made of + NASA and MIT Make New Wing

"The tech me. M- ride home is daily news podcast drops every day at five PM eastern standard time. It's got all the day's tech news headlines, but also context and conversation around what happened each day in the world of tech the show post every single day with weekend bonus interview episodes. This is silicon valley's water cooler podcast. It's how you stay in the know if you care about technology, so search your podcast app for right home. And subscribe to the tech meme ride home podcast. Seven six five four three two one. We have ignition and liftoff. Hello space cadets and welcome back to the space. News five your daily source. I space science and tech news MIT and NASA engineers have invented new way to build an airplane wing. It's a symbol v- from tiny identical pieces, which this new wing could enable later more energy efficient aircraft designs in the cool thing about this wing. It can change shape to control the plane's flight and could provide a significant boost of aircraft production flight in maintenance efficiency. So instead of using things like area areolas normal aircraft use that control the role in the pitch the plane, the new assembly system makes it possible to deform the whole wing or parts of it at a certain time. Time in does this by incorporating a mix of stiff inflexible components in it structure in these tiny subassemblies, which are bolted together to form an open lightweight lattice framework are then covered with a thin layer of polymer material as the framework and these new wings are much lighter. And they don't use as much energy the more energy efficient, and they're better than conventional wings, which are made from metal composites in this new wing structure. It's comprised of thousands of tiny triangles, it's like match sticks. Like there. They look like little matchsticks in is composed mostly of empty space in a former mechanical meta material that combines the structural stiffness of rubber in like a polymer and the extreme lightness in low density of an arrow gel and for each one of these phases of flight take off and landing cruising maneuvering, and so on each has its own different set of optimal wing parameters. So a conventional wing is necessary. -sarily a compromise. That has not optimized for any of these in there for a secretary deficiency in a meeting that has constantly deform -able informal in different ways could prevent a much better approximation of the best figuration for each one of these stages so normal wings. They have Motors cables, heavy things to shift up the area lawns in the such on the wings. But this new technology. They could do that. But they took it a step further and the new system that they designed automatically respond to changes in his air dynamic loading conditions by shifting its shape sort of self-adjusting, passive, wink, reconfiguration process. These wings gain efficiency by matching the shape to the loads of different angles of attack and the able to produce the exact same behavior, you would do actively like with the cables and stuck. But they do it pass. Simply in they accomplish this by careful design of relative positions of struts with different amounts of flexibility, your stiffness designed so that the wing or sections of it bend in specific ways in response to particular kinds of stress they demonstrated this process a few years ago in they produced a wing about a meter long comparible to the size of a typical remote controlled model aircraft. But the new version which is five times as long it's comparable to the size of a wing of a real single seater plane, and it could be easy to manufacture. So this version was assembled by a team of grad students and this process is designed to be easily accomplished by swarm of small simple autonomous assembly robots that design and testing of the robotic assembly system will be the subject of an upcoming paper and the individual parts for the previous wing were cut using a water jet system. And it took several minutes per part. But the new system uses injection moulding with polyethylene resin in a three D mold. It produces each part, essentially, a hollow cube made up of matchstick size struts, along each edge is seventeen seconds, which brings it a long way closer to scalable production levels. And now that they have the manufacturing method while there's an upfront investment in tooling. And once that's done. The parts are cheap. They boxes and boxes, and they can continue to build them fast in reliably in this research shows promise to reducing cost and increasing the performance for large lightweight stiff structures. So once they get this manufacturing process completely nailed down. They can use it for structural applications like wings, Freyer ships. And they could also use it for space base structure such as an tennis in possibly even in the future. They could be using this for large air. Craft such as you know, something like a Boeing seven forty seven a huge ship. I so if it's possible if it structurally sound, which has seems it will be they'll be using it in the future as opposed to Alonzo's and cables in they will be able to reduce the way significantly therefore cutting the cost of all fuel as well. So that wing is pretty cool. This new wing thing is pretty cool and not going to get into a new segment that I like to call kids ask and this new segment, it's where people on Twitter Facebook social media of wherever you from from earth space wherever semi question, and I'll try to answer it as best as I can. And the first question comes from Mandy in Mandy asks what are Saturn's rings made of? Thank you for that question. Mandy now, I'm gonna give you the short answer. Rocks and ice various sizes from small things like a grain of sand to things that are huge size of a house is of an apartment building in these chunks of rock and ice a thought to be pieces of comets, asteroids or even moons which were torn apart by Saturn's, gravity. So before the actually reached the planet. They get tugged by its gravity. They get churned around. And when they do that they break apart they hit each other. They collide in when they collide they make more and more dust rock and ice therefore the rings around Saturn. They're in place because the gravity of Saturn there an orbit around Saturn. All these things think of him is micro macro, micro, macro, micro, micro, micro, micro, moons of the small grains of rock and ice. And. Dust, those things are all they're not actual moons by the scientific sense. But think of them as something like Hauer, moon rotates around the earth, how it travels around the earth. That's what these things do as well. But you can see them because they're so many of them does a huge amount of them. There's billions billions and billions of pieces of ice rock in dust up there. And even though there's a lot of little things up there. The rings are about two hundred forty thousand miles wide. That's the distance from the earth to the moon, but the rings are as little as a hundred meters thick that's three hundred and thirty feet thick and the arranged from particles to the size of a bus or a house, of course, in scientists think they are icy snowballs or ice covered rocks. And but there's a lot of rings. It's not just one big ring around Saturn. There's about five hundred two thousand in there's gaps between these rings. If you have a telescope. You can. Actually, see the the rings of Saturn. And if you have a powerful telescope, you can see the gaps between the rings, and when you see them from an earth telescope. They looked like they're perfect circles. Thoroughly bent and the bent in them is caused by the pull of gravity from the nearby moons. In the rings also contained spokes produced is very fine dust particles floating around the rings, the get attracted by static electricity and are pulled up above the rings. So they're not flat circles that are orbiting Saturn. They do orbit and they do move in. They're constantly moving around. So they're constantly smashing into each other constantly forming bigger things so some of the dust in the rings attract to some of the ice that dust in the ice combined. And that it makes a bigger thing in that thing might crash into something else makes a smaller things. So that happens all the times in the rings. Any may ask how older the rings well at the beginning of scientific studies of Saturn. They were. Thought to be as old as our solar system. And then scientists came up with the idea that the ice in the rings should be far dirtier, then if it was, you know, four billion years old, and they moved the estimated age of the rings because of this to tens of millions of years ago. But when the Cassini spacecraft sent back the clearest images of Saturn's rings, scientists said the original estimate may have been correct. And they believe it's likely that the ring particles were recycled over four billion years that they will continue to its est- long into the future. So what I was saying before about the the things colliding with other things that's one of the reasons why they didn't look so dirty because it's always a following in the rings of Saturn. So I hope that helped Mandy if you have any more questions about the solar system space technology science anything make sure to tweet me at space news pot. And you can also ask on. Facebook ads space news pot, and you can go to our website space news, podcast dot com. And before I go for the day. I want to say thank you to everyone patriot for helping me out. I just got some soundproofing foam for the studio today. Thank you so much with your contributions. That's how I did it. So I hope this episodes sounds a little bit better. I think it does listen to a back listen to portions of old episodes. So let me know what you think I'm gonna get some more. So everything that you guys put into this pod. I give back to every time somebody helps out with patriotic than I put that money straight back into the podcast weather. I a buying a new microphone they're expensive. So I have to save up a little bit for that. But also, more soundproofing more editing software more equipment, better stuff. Anyway, enough of that. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to spend a here with me on the space news pod name is. Well, thank you. So much for listening, and I will see you soon.

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Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 1)

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 1)

"Back I was like well we got my Greenwich Mississippi Lami cousins from all now stop telling you we're still sugar baby momma called me about that lose yardage guaranteed not to work because there's a difference between we'd like the first pick we're GONNA put together a roster that's non-competitive we're GonNa put I'm here let's blitz on third and twenty two and have our three defensive guys in the secondary have two of them cover one guy and leave one guy wide open so he can run for a touchdown that's game-fixing that's totally different well we're gonNA lose that's tanking what you're saying they're calling plays to an to hey look it's fourteen and fourteen to three at this point let's give the steelers that touchdown the time NBA probably most famously than baseball and football we don't usually see tanking we've seen bad teams but you WanNa step further and said you think they might be calling plays actively trying to lose games yeah Oh yeah because in in football though you in basketball you can roll out five dump trucks it was interesting I guess in one sense because you said something right before we came on the air you feel like the dolphins are not just tanking because we've seen teams tank and sports is that can make plays that you that that's out there that's that's better or as good as the opponent in certain instances where you're like okay seventeen seconds to go on the clock this isn't our best coverage but I'm the defensive coordinator if it works out fine it's not rams have the steelers coming up in week ten the steelers have to play indie one more time before the rams get a chance to get a crack at him but I mean as far as Monday night football goes I know this but when you look at they blitz route off this is not being Rothlisberger Blitz Lert and twenty two you cool it could you still on the floor and five dump trucks or not as good they're gonNA try try and they're not as good as the other five in football you got guys gather roster that even at Mac like you're saying five dump trucks Influ US football eleven dump trucks I'm GonNa put eleven guys out that even if they're playing at their best and I'm calling the best game possible it's more about is more about them looking at insane sales okay it's third and whatever twenty two on a call a certain blitz or a certain coverage or certain play so it doesn't pop based on this front or it is different so when you look at them like last night they own the the queen you know how how the rest of that one goes twenty seven to fourteen the final score last night the dolphins fall two zero one seven the steelers improved to three and four course because I want the first pick overall I don't want the fifth pick overall and if we play like we're supposed to play like we did in the first half we can win this game we can win no big deal and you call that play knowing that that coverage is not gonNa work against that set if they tackle them great if they don't will big deal so what I'm not going talkers that's but that is fine that is taking what key is suggesting is that that's not what happened that you had your his game nobody's The coaching sitting back saying oh I'm shaving points I'm fixing he could care less about that he's looking for the first pick overall but I take into even in the NBA or you decide you're tanking so all of a sudden all your veterans star five zero take the chance because my whole thing is I'm looking to lose the game Sarka stay in contention to get the number one pick and I really don't give a damn what anybody thinks Washington touchdown Pittsburg Pittsburg Washington George Washington though yesterday my last night that's my bad should have roused here you but if what you just said is I don't care what anyone thinks and if this one goes to the house and it's a touchdown what do I care maybe we'll get lucky taxing that's fixing the game well a two seventeen seconds there on the forty five yard lab and they score would never have happened in New England with him as defensive coordinator up by fourteen points to build interesting I want to get really specific here because are you suggesting that there in the huddle or they're calling plays in saint let's do something here that's guaranteed rams have to go to Pittsburgh to play the early morning game and the rams will be coming off their bye here's Mike Tomlin talking about the game yesterday and how they were rusty coming off thereby not only for him but for all of us you know there's always that angst when you're when you're coming off a bye week of warming up to the action I thought we could have started faster not only with him but but there is no what he suggests areas and the young guys let him in its I call the place on defense and I suggest that we run cover zero against all of us you know I'd like to see our defense keep him out of the end zone when we turn the ball over for instance that's an area of complimentary ball that we've been focused on it'd be performed the network fourteen let them get in that's different that would be very you know hey we got a ten point lead to start letting them make layup put it there replay so that Taco faulk shoot a three pointer no okay so the rams have the steelers coming up next week they'll play them week ten right out of the gate it's one of those ten am mornings the steelers are that was a failure and so we all gotta start faster so the idea is starting fast the rams are GonNa have the steelers like I said and we tend coming up I did not see anything from the steelers Jill running like an idiot that's what happened the first time what are you doing just play coverage that's all you gotta do just play coverage may well they had three guys China Sea Seattle Denver these yes yes but he didn't play good he didn't play good in any any of those that's better Bella checking iron not gonNA call blitz zero a man free or whatever it was that they could dial up on third and twenty to seventy seconds ago didn't get one last night first half couple deed we are we scorer it's Miami pulled off that winter not snowing or twenty degrees I feel like the rams are gonna be able to go into Pittsburg and win that game should be able they should be able to put to your point you're talking about November you talking about the wire you blitzing him right you don't need to just finish off concussion protocol freshmen could just play over the fixing it fixing the game and tanking are essentially one and the same because if you if you come in on it is the same I think there's is Indiana for you and then if you notice they were calling plays early in fourteen old he was doing kudos cooking everything out fourteen minutes and all of a sudden all of a sudden aw hurting they're all sitting and now you plant a bunch of rookie you wrote the plan and they're doing the best they can be this yesterday and again it's kind of hard to evaluate when you're playing against a team that's calling covers your comfort in twenty two but I didn't see anything from the steelers though as in as long as it's because he's a very very good player in a very very important player with what they're trying to get done but the question is where do you put him in the lineup where does he come off the bench is he for lack of it uh-huh no they wouldn't have never happened it wouldn't even been in the damn game plant that's all I'm saying so you're saying they wouldn't have drawn I game I believe the Denver game was first game when it mcvay era where the weather starting to set in and we were all like oh I think two weeks later they played in Chicago a better explanation is he the Lakers version of Lou Williams that guy that when you go to the bench he comes in and he's buckets right away or you put him in the starting lineup and I can just just slightly off so that's the best part give me some sugar bb bb game you baby who has an opportunity to learn how to play solid defensive defend and become the second guy after Lebron James retires right this was whether it was right now as it is right now at at six o'clock in the morning about forty five degrees at least it was when I got in my car season they need the first thing that you described they need a Lou Williams they need somebody that can score points off the bench now moving forward like if you're doing it wii so Lakers back at it tonight looking to make it three in a row opening night game to the clippers and they're going to have to maybe within another different starting lineups let's see it both ways I like him better coming off the bench because I've seen what that bench unit looks like with eighty and Lebron on the bench points are not easy to come by coups Mogadishu buckets but I also kind of see wait and get Kyle Kuzma back at some point we're talking a little bit about it last night guys and what are the Lakers GonNa look like when cusack comes back obviously getting back is going to be great they've won three of those games in cold weather remember when they went to Tennessee Todd Gurley had that interest moment where he had nearly two hundred yards I remember when they clinched their division game was Pittsburgh Golf sparked the Midwest my jared Goff it doesn't have to be snowing it could be a chilly missed you know what I'm saying uh-huh that's so if you wanna be that guy that all you do is fill it up when they call your number then great but if you WanNa be a guy I heard on the damn if I was in New England that would never happen yeah that's what it is if I'm a New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator Three Point shot and more importantly he's much better when he's not the focus of the offense so you're you are in five year plan it's probably the second thing but the five year plan if we're probably does not include Lebron James I mean I don't I have a hard time my eyes in envisioning because if we're developing matters the scoring machine then eats comes off the bench is a second unit as a Lou Williams type that's only thing he's going to do is fill it up and keep it moving dead right now that he is in sync with a d. who's the frontline guy I think what you do though I think is you put the development long-term on but if you're trying to develop the kid and get him to play solid defense do all those things I think he needs to be on the floor with the starters because if he's on the floor with the second unit the only thing you're out there to do scored plane off the ball than ISOS that he's much better as a spot up three point shooter than someone you give the rock to and then they take a contested in guys on the bench or in this case of the dolphins traded away dray who were you rolling you rolling it's not just hey look our young guys happen to be performing tonight it's our young guys for the right here and now that this is what no no but you can still get the right here now at the same time that you get into development you don't have to they're in Frank Vogel said he said this about a week or so ago where he said that you know I envision Rondo starting quite a bit and seventy pressed him on it you know what do you mean by quite a bit he says Oh maybe cours are the starters basically so it's like moving coups is just the beginning of the conversation is about what do you do with Rondo when he's healthy because if ron okay if Rhonda was with that second unit and it sounds at least right now that that's the plan that they have moving forward then now you're asking Lebron basically to play point guard for the other seventy games thereabouts that you're gonNA play together that's asking a lot of a guy not that he can't do it he's obviously very capable at doing it but going back to what we were talking about yesterday there's miniver kerfuffle because if he's in a second unit he's going to be the focus of the offense presumably and he needs a playmaker to make sure he's efficient and your playmate in the in the starting lineup where he's GonNa have people that can get him some pretty easy buckets are we developing him as a bucket guy or with development as a two way player what what's our decision on how we develop it's it's really interesting because as good of a score calculus is the past two seasons to one thing that we've learned so far he's much better initiating the offense every time down yeah well he can't pick a spouse because you you pick them against the teams that you necessarily feel that you have to be the ones that move into the second row with Anthony Davis Day you need to start the development process now do you I I wonder because I think right now this season the twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty that might be in trouble you're saying it's not that bad look he's better when attack because he won a game sub fifty degree yes he has he in think that you're going to see come to postseason that's just would be that would be Ma Philosophy for Phoenix Suns. I'm not really too much worried about them I left the clippers deal with that many as ten games and that's not quite big that that's that's a eighth of the season right that's not a lot twelve percent of anything is not a lot really so all of a sudden you're saying oh I dea of how much are you asking Bron to do night in and night out how much heavy lifting or you ask him to do he seems to be pretty good at picking his spots but it's hard to pick your spots spend well together they can still get points that's the that's the chemistry experiment King Coups Handle the second unit though can he beat a guy on the second unit bill comes off the bench that playmaker he can rely on and get them easy buckets but rondos inserted in the lineup and you have when Avery Bradley come off the bench with coups just the the the bench scoring just the bench in general when you look at this really being good scoring it really hasn't I mean they really haven't you look at what the Clippers I did at the same time also WanNa know that I can go to I go to the bench and I still have adequate players that can do some things if I decide to sit limit to me that doesn't add up I don't Wanna I don't WanNa get twenty five and give up twenty three digits and make any sensitive depends on windows in that opening game and I hate to keep going back to it but it's it's the ultimate example of they scored I wanna say sixty two points against the Lakers off the bench the next night against later sixty was sixty eight eight twenty second year Lebron James but that's why I'm saying no you need to start that development projects of the Bronx leave yes so you WanNa start live bodies it's a pretty good starting lineup you're going to be a good jumping off spot but I still haven't seen anything from the bench to those five guys right there they play together they did does he need to be on the front line to be able to do things because I don't see him necessarily as a creator no he's right that's not so if you got him that is going to impact same fishy it's interesting that Rondos kind of the key to this whole thing isn't he because we've seen it's been three games so who knows how it's going to look defy calm and the thing that's beautiful about Lou Williams the ball players that he always win it's time to take over with his scoring and that's

clippers steelers Greenwich Mississippi NBA Lebron James Lou Williams Lakers Avery Bradley baseball football Bron five year sixty eight eight twenty secon two seventeen seconds twenty three digits forty five degrees seventeen seconds two hundred yards fourteen minutes
20191221 GWN discord newsletter slideshow

Jesus is the Christ

19:06 min | 10 months ago

20191221 GWN discord newsletter slideshow

"Hello Okay so I'm doing. A new poll cost today. And I think it's the twenty or the twenty fourth of December two thousand nine. At least it is today Saturday Saturday and this is disciple. Mattias poured cost. And as you may be no this courses available salable at soundcloud dot com slash matic at this point. What has happened lately is that I have created a or call it a room on the Internet? And it's basically a dischord sorber called disciples of the Lord. Jesus Christ and there is an invitation. Lincoln on my link pages linked page at decide comedy DOT wordpress dot com slash links. And I have one also. I Made Site Free Gift. PUNK MADE HIM SITES DOT com. So you can be invited to dischord and there will be part of the server and I can have the spousal talk to other people there who you know so you could be a likely to community and I also have a special channel. They're on the sorber with all my broad cost so so it's a kind of way to to find my broadcasts as well in one place and it's also possible to to to have like voice voice uhr channels there so people can use the voice channel and chat with Richaud talk and the Stream and so on so I think it was a good idea to set up. This kind of sorber And then I have a newsletter and the these linked pages you can find the link to to to join the newsletter. An and there's there's a place all set free gift MATESHIP SITES DOT com. So what has happened to me lately. I should say as a sad may be. I have Ended all my shorts memberships which has has had the consequences that I actually don't go to church anymore except for picking up food on Thursday which is not really related to due to any shorts. Anyone can do that. There's not there's no particular thing you have to fulfill to get the food. You just have to go there and wait for an hour and then you get the food and it's an old food but it's eatable most of it is edible and the funny thing was which I Yeah I think it could be good for people to know who are have trouble with churches. Is that once I ended my church. Memberships embiid ships the the problem. I had had trying to leave the churches. Kennedy's appeared so basically what happens. Certain people stopped bugging me. They stopped aggressively contact seeking me and so on and once I had stopped. Stop the church membership. It was as if they stopped and my natural desire to kind of get the the the fellowship or not maybe not the fellowship. I say but have a social reality. What comes to go to short-term every Sunday and Seton during some co Fan eat and so on and people say hi are nicer all this stuff and once you once you stop your shorts membership ship things happen to how they relate to you? Suddenly they don't relate you that way anymore so it doesn't feel like you have to. That was a wise experienced it then I should also say that I have started listening to GW North's would use and these warriors are in a real good audio's and the all away lable for free. There is so much information in this ordeals so much information in this audience that I you know have been trying to understand and I've been listening in Las to Justin you ges. He's Youtube Channel JUST IN UTAH. The Englishman on Youtube Banda on his old. What caused site listening to that? Then in the beginning I asked him. I always say stuff stuff like. Can you tell me good preachers. And could you explain this to me. This doctor how this and he he wouldn't he wouldn't tell me who the good preachers war. Four and he also wouldn't explain to me he would say something like this all people who are born God understand that or something like that so you were left with feeling that you are kind of not as it was starting to pluck out salvation from you. That's always out there but to some degree and I was had this you know but once I discovered GW north and orders. I realized that that's what I was looking for. That's where I where I have all the answers to these these questions that were looking for and which just didn't give me now with his audience and it's easy to find these audience all you do. is you type into Google G. W. North so three words I the letter their G. as in give and then the letter w. and then the word north as in south west North you know that that's his name and you put it into Google and The first or second. I think it's a second page you'll find a link that is called. Would you messages. I think it was audio messages. And there you get more than one hundred hundred. I think it was four hundred something. There's a lot of ordeals their own from one thousand nine hundred seventies with his preaching and download all of them. And you know I'm going through them but they're so full of stuff that it takes It takes a week for me to go through three audio. Also something nowadays and I don't listen to to the more time either I listen now and then but there's so much information there that helps you know a born again Christian to people's how can that help but there is such Trap today with the Churches and the Catholic nature holiday deceptive fashion. Take control over born again the Christians and remove them from their anointing from the vine. I think this is actually what's happening because you know when talk. I want to talk to these shortly about your experience. They will do the opposite though. What is right to you? They won't and vice you the right way you know. And so so. That's why they're so dangerous data's from me but it's also I think Zaire in the person to have fellowship to have a place gold. Why they want there to be a group of brothers and sisters family? The of God love each other a place to belong. You know when you're born again and become a new creature you want to be with your other like if you're a rabbit you would look for other rabbits to be. If you're a dog you will you need to find other dogs and so on and once you born and again you are a new creature just like our dogs and cats on earth and human beings the born again people are a new creature so it's not human beings they've been born by the spirit of Jesus Christ and that's important to realize that it's the faith of Jesus Christ nothing else faith of Jesus Christ that greater born again person and it's important to to to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ because Otherwise you won't get born again so I wanted to talk about here was would've what I've done lately and as I said I recommend these ordeals by GW north. I try GONNA try to remember to put a link in the description as well of this podcast episode and then set up this discord room and the newsletter. You know I don't send out so many and use letters. At the moment I used to send out one per day before email but I haven't sent out for a while now but everyone is valk. Welcome to join. I should also say that in the disco sober I have created a criteria that people have to be able to identify themselves to be part of the Serb. Because of that you you know the whole point of having this good service to have something or there's not public in the sense that the youtube videos public but there won't be any workers workers on the discourse over. That's the idea so to to stop the anonymous workers because generally people come in with evil intent they want to be anonymous. You know. So that's is setup and in that sense it's a set up a private server which means that if people are drawn over they will initially come into waiting room and they won't see anything and then when they have identified themselves and been verified and that can be done maybe through youtube channel for simply discord. It's possible to put your Youtube Channel on your profile this profile. So that so you have to log in to do that to you. So that proves that you have access to that account. If that account is an account that shows your your you you know socio south talking you know in a video. So so that's the way and facebook could also be a way you can do the same thing with facebook and and so it is possible to do this. And then once Ardenne identified they moved to the to the other channels can see they get premium additional permissions so. Ah That's basically more to this about okay. So that's what I wanted to say. That created that it'd be working on that and I've been listening to GW notes. Ordeals and I made a new testimony disciples testimony. BDO very short short. Think it's seventeen seconds long and I don't do many podcast today. Okay that's true but that can change. You know whenever I've also I should say that maybe it's not a pleasant subject maybe but because of the nature of the Internet where where anyone can anonymously you listening. I had to learn a bit about how other what standards are because we must understand that Internet communication is not normal talking. Like if you talk to someone in the house it has a different. They're only you hearing it but when you post stuff internet it's like more like writing a book or a newspaper it's a public publishing and because of that nature. I wanted to to create some kind of private pulled cost but I've not been enable yet to get any listeners enough listeners that I yeah but the idea may be now with this could channel. He said eventually I will have a private coast and there are platforms for this and I know problem my door. I set up a private podcast now from Leo Perspective it wouldn't be private because it would be unlisted. Which means that anyone with the link because I guess the WHO point with pulled costs is that they never private to the the very nature of the Internet and pulled costs means? They're not private because even if you make a private pulled cost someone someone listens to. They can download it. Put It on that computer and that he can end up somewhere else so it's not private and kind of but it's still more much more private than public podcast. But would I looked into the rules of conduct doc. On mixer the mixer platform mix. It's a broadcasting platform. And when I looked into that I came into the conclusion that there they were talking about how to deal withdrawals and the method they use to deal with. trolls was to Uh to to generally do them remove comments or ban them kick them and so on but uh not give them any attention was the third thing and I'm starting to consider using that method. You shouldn't and give you following. The rules of conduct. Mixer regarding into Internet publishing. Mixer is a big platform similar to Youtube and they probably experienced appearance in this. We are dealing with with legal system here when we published off on the Internet so And so it could be used to you. Some standard approach that is accepted by after all you know is true that the Bible is everything no or not the Bible but Jesus Christ is everything and we live by faith in him. But it's also true that in the Bible says he that's it does not strive lawfully you have to strive lawfully to be crowned and that's I think the crown righteousness which is a reward but still we should try to strive lawfully of course. Because they're the transgressors Have much harder life. So it's important to try to follow the law regarding warning pulled costing what we can and cannot say and so so. That's the way it is. So let's see if I've done something more I think I've done. Two more slides on the slide show and the slide show. I think he's on was on the link section bike and remember to link to it on on this show on the show notes. But it's you can find it on the linked pages. I have the word press one and the site one. And he's also available on decide Mitya's of calm there it's a google presentation slide. That were have put in what I think is important tare and I wanna say that the Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross he was buried in on authority resurrected and all those who believe in him receive the free gift of Eternal Life in heaven. And you know I. I think it's good to listen onto. GW North Now in that now because for me it it makes the pieces of the puzzle fit together where they didn't before. Because I used to you you know have this contact locally here with the Charismatic Church and then you know a pentecostal church which also kind charismatic. And that was reading the King James Bible was looking to rook money's Rickman was is had his commentaries engaged rippling air and you know I was trying to get fit together and it didn't really because they had different interpretations of stuff and when I look into double north it does fit together and I think it's great that to great security because it says in the Bible somewhere and that we can say any people by doctrine as well you know so doctrine is is good to understand okay so I don't know if fi can't remember anything at this point more that was going to say actually so God bless your. I should say really like this. I bless you all bye for now.

Youtube Google facebook Mattias dischord Lincoln Richaud Kennedy Justin Charismatic Church King James Bible UTAH Mitya Ardenne Rickman seventeen seconds
Vibes Up! Be Your Own Healer

Inside the Healing Room

23:25 min | 1 year ago

Vibes Up! Be Your Own Healer

"Inside the hewing with evangeline him inside the healing room presents vibes up an online course. In self-healing in Energy Awareness S.. Four episodes will be dedicated to the audio portion of this online course visit evangeline Henrik Dot Com for more information. Hey My friends welcome back. This is part three and a four part course on Energie wariness and self-care. How's it going for you so far? Are you tuning in more to your own energy field. Possibly possibly having some deep exploration and our hope fun with the whole process of getting to know yourself energetically just a little bit better. I've I've had a lot of questions come in about. How do I get there? Am I supposed to be able to connect in with all these levels of my energy body just randomly family while I'm walking my dog or while I'm at work. The answer to that is yes you can eventually. But it's going to take nick getting comfortable and practicing with changing brainwave states. I think that's the biggest key and learning how to tap into your energy Gucci accessing different brainwave state than you might be used to being in. I think this is why meditation is very hard for some people people because they stay in Beta which is highly functioning getting things done making your grocery lists thinking about a million things that you got to do running around like crazy like we all do in our extremely busy lives in order to access this other world that you you have you have this entire universe inside of you that you have access to. It's going to take learning how to change brainwave states and to do that out. mindfully and on purpose takes some practice and if he thinks about the process of hypnotherapy or guided meditations. It's all about kind of being a tour guide for your brain and taking your brain. In a different state. Guided imagery will have have different colors. Different sensations it will sometimes even have count backwards. You know count down from Tan eh or go down steps. All kinds of techniques are used to access different levels of your mental capabilities. And that's what meditation requires after a while. Your mind gets used to switching gears but I can be daunting and it can be. It can be frustrating when you want to access it from the place that you're in having a little bit of understanding of how the brainwave states works. I think that helps where we stay up in Beta in that SAR easily distracted. Get it done but maybe not be so present not retained a lot of information we can come down to Alpha and Alpha brain wave state that has been proven to be more affected for are accelerated learning healing making affirmations work better making imagery for healing a certain part of the body have more aumf than just speaking or thinking or affirming visualizing while we're still all the way up in Beta so taking some time to familiarize is yourself with the journey that your mind goes through from Beta two alpha to theta which is such a different different space to be in where I come to a lot when I'm working with someone on the table and they can get there too as when we start seeing things differently. Seeing our bodies bodies differently maybe having different experiences that are not the norm that could be so supernatural to some people. But really it's just when you access access that Theta brainwave state and then Delta is our sleep state there's even more below Delta but we won't get into all that understanding that win you meditate or when you do healing. Visualization work guided imagery. It's all about accessing in different parts of your brain. That's what will continue to get easier and easier for you to do the more that you practice but in the beginning. One thing that I'm going to I suggest to you that Raymond Grace suggested to me a great teacher that I love to look up when you're wanting to access alpha and also to hold your breath for about seventeen seconds while you look up so give that a try but you might have to try lots of different techniques before you find what really works for you to get into a lower brainwave state to be more receptive and observant of your own energy for me. I didn't know any of that. I was just spending so much time seeing clients and sometimes I was really relaxed and sometimes I wasn't doesn't sometimes I could do really good at it sometimes ahead things on my mind. I had to learn how to train my mind to do what I wanted to do. And that's what I want to invite you to in hopefully make you really excited about the healing power of focused mind our minds minds have so much potential that we have not even access yet so I want you to keep that in mind. I want you to be looking at different different meditation practices. Try Free Meditations all kinds. There's so many on youtube so many me that you can google so many free downloads. I'm working on making some really effective meditation download for you but in the meantime just explore for playing some on youtube putting some headphones on or some ear buds. See what it feels like the more you practice meditation the easier. It's it's going to be for you to come home to your energy and to do energy work no matter where you are. You'll get to the point that you could be standing in line at the bank. You're you're doing energy work now. Any crowd I find myself in. If I'm in a coliseum full of people going to a concert I can clear the energy I can raise the vibration nation. I can entertain myself anywhere. I might be while I'm waiting and hopefully enhancing that situation in that space for the greater good instead of being bored. So that's something that is available to you but it does require practice another bit of feedback that have had halfway. In the course. Worse is a lot of people having trouble breathing and I think this comes from a lot of pressure we put on ourselves to do you something right and I want to free you up about that right now. You have this incredible resource inside of you guys have been listening to me you for any length of time. You know how passionate I am about breath and I can tell you. I couldn't do any of the energy work that I do. I could not connected mcdan- with clients or even do self-healing on myself. If I didn't use the tool of my breath as soon as my breath gets constricted everything stops. I have no connection to myself to mother Earth to spirit. I have zero connection. I can and feel very cut off in alone and I WANNA go really deeply into that because a think- until we grasp this this concept of how useful and how valuable are breath is now this is going to be very easy for you to do and the minute you you access the full potential of your breath all of this is going to be very very easy. Observe with a lot of clients that I work with is something is inhibited. In our ability to feel free with our breathing and it feels like that treasurer that total gift and resource that we've been given that is far greater than people realize there's been some uh-huh sort of disconnect to the abundance and prosperity of that that needs to be rediscovered for our ultimate health and wellbeing. I have had clients. Tell me that they have called their doctor's having panic attacks trying to do. Do the breath work exercises that I've given them. I have a lot of clients that tell me that. They just can't seem to get it right. And there's this internal pressure pressure that comes to them with breathing and I think this is very deep and we all have this inside of us that needs healing and what is in my experience is that lack of knowing abundance on a physical level the belief that our bodies that we don't deserve freedom or prosperity or abundance or that much that much really just think about about breath and how unlimited and expensive it is and then think about how limited and not free our minds minds make ourselves and then lots of times. I think that area of the body the diaphragm that mid Thoracic area the rib cage all of that has gotten so constricted with how confining and stressful life life can be so if breathing seems difficult for you or if it seems hard like you. Just don't think he he can get a full deep breath. If you can't access that I want you to tell your body that it's free and that it is allowed to do whatever you want it to do and breath is yours. It's yours. It's a gift it. We'll connect you to the spiritual rounds. It will ground you to mother Earth. It will nourish you sustain. You Detox. You a help you release things. That aren't yours such a big deal. But it has a lot to do with our internal beliefs if Saddam prosperity and abundance do we feel abundant life force energy. Do we have what we need. We really do. And we can access it right there in the center of us right there were are diaphragm. Is You have an extraordinary gift. And it's quite magical when you start to work with it so don't give up. Your breath is the bridge. Tell you guys all the time. Continue and you to work with your breath. If you don't know where to start with meditation just start with some breath work. Just start with observing the breath going in and out oh observe and follow the pathways and the patterns the flow or the constriction. Just watch it without judgment and before you know it. You've probably been meditating for two or three minutes. That's where to start. Don't start with setting a timer for twenty minute meditation. That's not GonNa Happen Right off the bat start with five minutes in breathe and keep it simple and remember remember that this can be easy for you. So now that we've talked about accessing different brainwave states. And how you're going to have to play around with how you do that. It's different for each person. But Hey why were the Shamans of old always doing things to alter their state of consciousness consciousness whether it was drumming whether it was praying chanting dancing or even using teacher plants. All through through the ages. We've known that we have to access different brainwave states in order to achieve different results so it could be working in your garden. It could be going going for a run. It could be listening to music. It could be playing a drum. It could be your prayer in mantra. Time doesn't really matter what it is just figure out what get you there. And the only way to know what's there is to practice and now that we're breathing. I hope that you are. You're enjoying your breath right now. It sure a little bit more full of your own spirit of your own life force energy. Now that we've done that let's talk more about the energy field okay. So we have discussed the first level of the field field and what. I'd like to recommend that you do this week. Is have someone stand against a solid color wall. Usually white is the best choice white off white wall just a wall without patterns. Have someone stand and you back away from them and see if you can tell if there's an outline around them if you can see just a little bit of a glow just a little bit of a haze when you soften your gaze. You are connecting Dan with the first level of the field and keep your gaze soft. Just notice if you can see a little bit further out from them colors any patterns of movement or colors shapes our world. See if you can see that. Moving unstructured structured level of the emotional body. You might be able to see one of these are the other doesn't matter and don't try to heart just just let it be easy and be in that beginner's mind with the more you practices more. You might start to notice about the people that you interact with but as far as your awareness about you in the first and second levels of your energetic field okay. What are you going to do with this information now? You've we've been working on becoming aware that checking in with it observing what it might feel like what it might look like now. Why okay the I? Level of your energetic field is indicative of how vibrantly healthy and robust you are so exercise. Physical exercise is going to to strengthen that blue white glow around you and surgeries and drugs are going to weaken the first level of the field. You can tell how vital someone is how much she or Jane we would say in another culture but how much life force energy is in someone someone by the glow of the first level of the field. So what I would like for you to do is assess where you had surgeries where the field might have been compromised and where you might need to do some strengthening energetically to make sure that this level of you is intact and strong and very useful for you. It's like your energy container and how about the second level of the field. The emotional body. Your emotions are affecting your physical health. Every second of every day your emotional body is indicating to you where emotions might be stagnant or not serving you very well and and one thing that I want to clear up about the emotions is this. They are not meant to be removed. They are meant to be worked with evolved and transmuted transmuted into something that is more effective for you because they're yours and none of them are bad. There's no emotion it's bad for you to have but if there's not movement if there's not processing in a healthy way of every emotion this is where this ease can start to manifest the physical body and this can be seen by someone who can see the energetic field you can see areas of the emotional body that are not as vibrant and colorful start to be Dim and dark where old past emotional hurts and wounds get launched into that level of the field which in turn starts was to affect the physical body eventually so we are emotional beings and we have to be tapping in with that level of ourselves in order to attain the greatest level of health that we can have. But here's a secret. I WANNA share with you and if you walk away from this course retaining one thing that I say I hope it's this in your energy field will do what you tell it to do. What is the most amazing thing to me is that we as humans have not been talk that that if you want to take fear or rage or anger or shame or guilt and you want to transmute that into does something that you can work with something that's more effective for you? Such is self love prosperity or health abundance Indi- or whatever power. Whatever you want guess what all you have to do is tell your energetic field what you want it to do and what you want it to be an it will respond but the crazy thing is as long as I've been doing this? It is really easy to forget bit. My energy field does what I tell it to to say on any given day you feel like you have have some rage units old-age or maybe you've taken on emotions of someone else. Maybe you have guilt and shame and you from ancestral or mass consciousness. Maybe maybe it's not even yours but you're walking around carrying it and it's affecting your day to day life and how much joy you get to experience. Well you can tell your emotional body and you can work with your emotional body until it all right. Let's transmute this rage or grief. Shame let's transmute that into personal power self-love prosperity and a good thing to start. Doing is each day. Tell your body what it deserves because a lot of our bodies physically. I'm talking about do not believe they even deserve life from a lot of the conditioning that we've had I see it in people every day where their mind thinks they deserve love or their mind thinks they deserve prosperity but their body does not so we have to tell these bodies what we want them to do. And you're affecting the second level of the field which is having a huge impact on your health every single time you do that. So what do you want more of your life. I want you to start telling your body that you deserve that each and every morning. Also tell your body that it's going to do you. You want it to do and that you are in control of it because believe it or not. Sometimes our bodies don't even think that we have choices they don't think that we we are the ones that are the sovereign over that body. They think somebody else's from this is old stuff this ancestral deep healing work. That we're doing here. This is so much deeper than you can realize and I know that it sounds simple but I cannot tell you how many times I check in with my body and what it believes is a lot different than what my mind believes about what I deserve and how my life should be. We have to work with these organs to raise raise their consciousness level and get our body on the same page of our mind which we're going to discuss in the next episode our minds who at such a powerful topic as well right now. We're on the emotions so I want you to think about this for this week. What emotions DEF- Ilic you hold in your physical? Oh Body what is swirling around in that second level of your energy field affecting your overall health. What emotions would you like more of? Because we can definitely add those frequencies. Every emotion has a specific frequency. There's a particular frequency for love and for joy and for kindness generosity. There's so many you can get so creative with it but think what particular frequencies you feel like you hold at this time in your body and what else you would like to hold and have the frequency Consi of in your body. Maybe like a little less of their frequency of rage or envy or shame. If they're not serving you you and only you have the power to change it. This is exciting. Work to me because I feel like a lot of our chronic. Chronic conditions and ailments come from this second level of the feel the emotional body and this is a gorgeous beautiful part of you that yours to tend to and cultivate and be a good Stewart of Gives me cold chills. Really to think about people out there Eh. Being able to tend to their emotional bodies beautify them enhance them and claim the emotions that they want to hold his everything's frequency frequency so when we get on a particular frequency in when we make sure that we are tuned in to the kind of feelings that we want to have in life instead of carrying around old emotional frequencies that no longer service may not even have anything to do with us they may be from our ancestors or from mass consciousness. This is your work for this week. Think about what you want in your body that that's what you're GonNa do and your body's is going to respond to you. I promise. Keep on human and so next time. Thanks for being here and if you have any questions for me you can email me at hewing at evangeline. Henrik DOT COM

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1625: Tips to Attract What You Want in Life with the Law of Attraction by Ellen Burgan of If It Brings You Joy

Optimal Living Daily

07:51 min | 5 months ago

1625: Tips to Attract What You Want in Life with the Law of Attraction by Ellen Burgan of If It Brings You Joy

"Real quick I recommend listening to this show on spotify. Regan listen to all of your favorite artists and podcast in one place for free without prima count. Spotify has a huge catalog of podcasts. On every imaginable topic posy can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode. Premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what. You're listening to with your friends on instagram. So if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify APP search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcasts. In the Your Library Tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode of optimal living daily. This is optimal living daily episodes. Sixteen twenty five tips to attract what you want in life with the law of attraction by Ellen Bergen of if it brings you joy dot com. And I'm just a molly very own personal narrator today and every day so it's not a typical podcast there are interviews men. It's short almost always fewer than ten minutes as being short keeps his intro short. So let's get right to today's post and start optimizing your life tips to attract what you want in life with the law of attraction by Ellen Bergen if it brings you joy dot com. The law of attraction is the ability to attract into our lives. Whatever we want and are focusing on it might sound ridiculous at first but I can personally say it has increased joy factor in my life. The tips you're about to hear are the secret for how to attract what you want in life before you brush this off as Wu entertain for a moment that there is something bigger than what you can see in this physical world. Abraham Hicks is my favorite source for a lot of attraction learning. I've listened to many of their recordings read their books and even attended a workshop in Chicago last month. Teach millions of people how to get what they want in life with the law of attraction took me a while to really get a working understanding. And I'm still working on it but understanding the law has helped me adjust my thoughts to best serve my happiness one of my favourite. Abraham Hicks quotes is quote. Life is supposed to be fun and quote. I've taken that idea to heart basic concepts of the law of attraction. According Abraham Hicks focusing on something for seventeen seconds attracts another similar thought up to seventeen seconds thought has little attraction power but beyond seventeen seconds. The law of attraction will bring you more similar thoughts as focus on the thought beyond seventeen seconds thought becomes stronger and more powerful thoughts build momentum so if you think a thought for seventeen seconds you'll have another thought just like it and another and another if you maintain a pure thought for sixty eight seconds. The vibration is powerful enough to bring on manifestation meaning attracting it into your life so taking this focusing on third concept a step further the next component of the law of attraction is at every single one of your experiences in life. Good and bad have been shaped by you. Buy Your thoughts. This concept was easy for me to comprehend what had thought about all the good things I attracted earned however it was a tough concept to fathom that I attracted the really bad things. Does that mean that someone who has a major problem attracted it to their life. Although it may have been attracted years ago the La Attraction says that yes they did attract it to their life but I can say that once you understand the law of attraction. You'll know that you can take charge of your life and eliminate negatively which may have been holding you back. How do you use the La Attraction as Abraham says? You don't used love attraction anymore than you. Use The law of gravity. You just work within its constraints you know if you jump off table that you're going to go down. Nobody has ever flown when they jump off table in the same way. That's how law of attraction works is consistent daily habits to increase positive experiences number one focus on the solution focusing on a solution brings you positive emotion and you then attract more positive experiences that you want focusing on a problem brings even negative emotion and he then attract that which you do not want. There's a war against drugs. Let's flip that and focus on healthy living. We want a healthy lifestyle. It's easier to focus on a healthy lifestyle versus focusing on things that make you unhappy number to stop doing this. The first thing you can do about an unwanted thing in your life is to stop talking about it you keep it active by talking about it as the saying goes argue for your limitations and they're yours starting right now flip that saying so works for you rather than against about things that are going good in. Stop complaining about what you don't like even if you are upset about is true it does not serve you talk about it. Problem situations grow. You continue to rehash how horrible it is while you're negative. Thoughts are your focus of attention. You're missing out on moving in the direction of your desire number. Three feel good. Love attraction teaches. At first and foremost you should want to feel good so thoughts don't feel good. Take your thoughts somewhere else. P Nice to yourself. I know this sounds too easy to be true. But I challenge you to distract yourself anytime you find yourself thinking negatively after two weeks of purposely reaching for better thoughts. Cv think your overall emotional being is better off if nothing else become aware of when you're feeling any type of negativity if you become conscious of it you can learn to stop it depending on the situation you might distract yourself by turning the TV off or at least a news and gloomy shows going for a walk thing about the good things of a person who was annoying you or my favorite taking a nap. If you find yourself with a group of people who often gossip or focus on negative things start spending time with more positive people. If you're unhappy with your job try to stop thinking about what you don't like about it and focus on the things you do like about it. Example it provides an income. Co Workers are nice. The Hours are decent. I do a good job. I've learned a lot et CETERA. Focus on what job you really want. The best thing is that as he began to attract good things to your life. The law naturally attracts even more. Good things to you. Give it a try you. Just listen to the post titled Tips to attract what you want in life with the law of attraction by Ellensburg if it brings you joy dot com a real quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast. Anger is the easiest way to make a podcast. They'll distribute your podcast for you so can be heard everywhere spotify apple podcast Google podcast. And many more you can easily make money from your podcast to with no minimum listenership anchor gives you everything you need in one place for free which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools. Allow you to record Eddie Your podcast. So it sounds great. Download the anchor APP or go to anchor dot. Fm Get started and Ellen for me the hardest part is actually realizing you're having those negative thoughts because they'll pop in and out. You won't even realize that you're thinking like that for me. The best way to get better at realizing you're thinking negative thoughts is to watch your thoughts and that's basically sitting meditation. You sit down. Watch your thoughts. Let them go and watch thoughts more and let them go. Just focus on one thing like your breath as the thoughts pop in notice it. Let it go focus on the breath again. If he can do that for a couple of minutes everyday you'll be much better at realizing when you're having those negative thoughts but I'll do for today for listening and sticking around until the end have a great weekend if you're listening real time and I'll see you tomorrow as usual. Where your optimal life awaits.

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381: Animation with the Keyframers


56:47 min | 1 year ago

381: Animation with the Keyframers

"Yeah well those were very obscure animation half jokes we're gonna talk about animation probably i think we are because that seems to be i have no idea how much planning you do but it doesn't seem like very much absolutely no it's actually a carefully cultivated image where that's not for me in a way and maybe the point of key firmer some of the spirit is to be like no it is like you can do this like there's there are ways and oh nice so the the gist is you know you find some animation and then look at it with the audience in real time other sources sometimes there's some other website and then you don't maybe don't even look under the hood but just kind of reverse engineer what seems to be happening yeah we've we've done a few that have been the wrath cool clear and dave the double raff rupert are here to talk about something chris what's on our a you know lives of your own of course but this key framers thing is it's like you to get non twitch live code and some stuff right the the the bread and butter of our two wonderful guest this week but you know believe it or not the four of us in the four of us being me and you dave and we have st it's kind of their side name their circus name perhaps their stage name together they form the powers of animation youtube fellas have it's like animation voltron you know we kind of together and become bigger rights not necessarily more powerful just bigger and i guess the you know the proof is in the pudding if you can if you can recreate these things and you know sometimes an hour or thereabouts from absolute scratch than vigor it's probably the best way to describe what we do well i've been on the show before and and i've been a long time openshaw he's even out and david corson david hey how's it going good the key framers these two gentlemen your preferred ninety nine point nine nine percent coy or i don't know why raph chris that thought process is so interesting and it's often a dribble shot i think it almost always is but i'm sure you're openminded right maybe they come from like i i think maybe david put it this way at some point that that you know sometimes you see that stuff on dribble and you're just like whoa you know that's like some next level stuff like fan of it since you started i guess you're sorta kinda like season two of right now right yup started year to season two two point zero point re-creations of like a specific animation on a website but about ninety five percent of them are dribble shots or some existing animate the video yeah eh even on the websites we don't we don't ever look at the source code we don't even know how they do it we just we did our own way or sometimes you'll see some by a principal things like that facebook origami that's another one but aftereffects seems to be the biggest and and then kind of do it over and over and over that maybe you're kind of leveling up the world's animation abilities particularly on the web because yeah because label who knows how many of them are actually created with web technology it doesn't seem like all of them very few very few you think well yeah because look on the tags and just the descriptions of each of the dribbles they will often say like what they're made in in the usual suspects are after effects way certainly not as easy as a state machine based flip mcmaster so maybe we should get into that a little bit you know dave weren't you kinda curious the favorites in envisioned studio yeah okay that has some built in animation tools to that's cool that makes me it makes me yeah it's it's just so much more flexible to have those as CSS variables the the last one we did keys keystone code to we it just works a lot of a lot of copy and paste no but yeah it's it's a live coated audio visualization while a day it's actually playing and performing on on piano and i've got the audio from that feeding into the browser and then we're using the web audio API too swipe from one piece of content to another or how a page loads in interesting and attractive way which i pretty much every one of our animations is centered around like animating between state changes so like you know tongling amid a hook that up to some CSS variables and then we just go to town on on making those intimate nice all the way to the to the CSS level i might picture we we can built in like a little animation picker in there so we we did like five different animations during the course of it and you can select the oh how are you getting that data it's probably web audio API i guess so that's already in java scripts you'd think the temptation would be to just stay in javascript as we think about it right on and off one two three rights so then when you kind of yeah mrs khanna all informed by your state machine stuff which you've been on the shop talk before but can you give like a high level state machine state of state machines sure well we'll all even give it in sort of abstract way like if you were to play with one of these programs that the visualization like for the sake of it in the way you're like doing now a win apps kim in a way which is which is due to the states but the idea is you're not specifically coding tween because that's the confusing part you're just coding i'm here in indict play long in uh shaw makes this visualization based on the on your wavelength i still don't know how he doesn't he doesn't either probably the the designers on gerbil actually use to make these animations you'll notice that the process goes like you start with one st of something and then you that's like one screen and then you design the second screen and then you click some buttons or some yeah yeah and you tween between more interested in this thing you know that like i think airbnb is like the shepherd of it now bed the like promises to take these after effects you open and closed or clicking into kind of a modal or a details view nasi meet maybe it's just me but that's the that's the easy locally in fun and and is art you know as i understand yeah a lot of some of the stuff you do that also is like i don't know that happened when yeah we're we're trying to get more creative with our approaches in so we did this keesing code we did two of them so far where we just take requests from the audience channel data we have to plug in and utilizing david's library flipping or recreating the flip technique to lean on different visualize visualize irs just by a simple stay of data attribute change so and that's owner you look at the dribble and then you kind of just kind of tried to identify the states is that kind of how you reverse engineering maybe scale it may be rotated in different key frame and then after effects with no okay these value chains do a little bit of simple math and determine that you kind of make that happen with with transition it's all it's funny it's like it's doesn't seem like you set out to use these libraries necessarily but then he gets right and you're like well here's another one where that would benefit in the in that in that case right like you know certainly it's easier to just use the platform right but lena color for you or tween transformer opacity but it's much more limited right like if we need the the shape to change to explain it it would i guess it would be the ideas that were told over and over that some of the things that you can most cheaply animate and cheaply being a good word i don't know people that follow animation pretty closely probably know what it is but but it is a it is quite a mind bending little piece of technology if i attempted i arrives well yeah and so after effects in large part it's vector based so you would have one vector object you would drag it somewhere else like i don't know it for its hard in an audio medium but can you kind of recant or describe some like your greatest key framing yeah so we did do that in the episode that you're on with us actually where we heard just okay maybe we should make these fixed with maybe we don't views it yeah it it's usually where we're figuring out the proper way to recreate that animation with transition and like what the there's there's a whole lot of stopping pausing and mike okay so there's this dates and then we drag little and it's like okay now we go to this date simple animation there is the worst thing you can do it is like animates left value with position absolute because it'll just be janke and that left we look like we haven't prepared well that's these guys don't prepare it's that the point of it is to kind of think it through as you go because the like a transforms if you need to move something around using the transformed translate property opacity for some reason is very like episodes where david you're playing piano and you're like animating like keys over the piano is this thing we could smoothly enemy that from its first physician okay okay so we have some of that and CSS right like a transition is happy to tweet isn't one of the the small list of things that you can animate cheaply i don't know if that's changing or not but that's the that's like the world what the what the like the classics of the kief bremer he yeah like the greatest hits i think well i was in keep famers wants to have them fixed with so how do we enemy them and then i was just like hey you know what let's he's flipping right so we've we've used the word flip a couple of times i would think that a good this case like we the browser has two little work and thus it can do these really like performing in smoothly and nicely there's only a handful of things just a couple really go there and do your magic in habit just magically go from what is thursday's and so in the case of after effects that's the beauty of that software as the magic it's not impossible on the web but now we're talking about adding additional software and just ca and things like that we use transitions a lot i think that's most of we already been transformed a bunch of fancy ways and then when you want to be it just it can undo all the stuff that had already did it's like thinking of animations in reverse it's from and i think the isn't the idea flip that like reverses it so if you want to really smoothly animate from aid to be one way to do it is to like thanks okay this might affect something else and then it just goes beserk and says all right like all of the elements we need to check did you move because of this one rogue l. it can yeah at so you don't do that you use transform translate instead which just as the technology means nothing else is going to be affected by this it can't head but the thing is like i don't know sometimes it can be i don't know complicated to calculate the state of where you want it to go and it may be by default and then like us all these fancy properties to make it look like a to begin with but his actually secret by hand sure you can but you probably don't right and so you've got some library that that makes that a lot easier and truly does almost don't have to think about it at all it's pretty uh-huh yeah and just for the district listeners you know when we see flip we don't really mean a flipping like on an x x y axis but it was a it was a is it was it was about like front end technology changes fairly rapidly like new frameworks new browser capabilities in new ways of working in this episode of shop talk show is brought to you in part by eight base that's eight the number eight base dot com everything except i last invert play where you have the first position immeasurable last position in the inverted such as like chris was saying you make it pretend correct term while i cannot talk was a coin terms it was a term coined behi- by paul lewis over google back in twenty fifteen in it stands for aided animations and port them to the web although i think once you do that i think you know like the contri- very large in the control you have over it is seated time obviously right in when i do that if i think of my friend and as the separate place and just go get my data through API's it means that that's the nature of the beast so at thus can do fancier things like us the GP whatever i don't even know that you need to understand all that if you're just like i'm just gonna use these properties to translate great so so i guess that's pretty common key framers thing right like we'll just going to use this library because we're gonna get all this performance for free from i grew up in his like don't automate left that's bad yeah i highly doubt it in it's because you know with the browsers you intimate left's right with height the browser basically aw my data my data modeling back end is somewhere else and it gives that the freedom to evolve and change and take advantages of the best practices and then you're like that was the other one okay yeah right that was the that was the staggering one but i've seen the front end in one graph cheol API endpoint i love that it's i went on twitter thread brandt the other day kind of about this the back end separating those two things makes a lot of sense it's a nice way to work it gives freedom on both sides and so eight base is like part of that the of firebase like the sas sophistication of force dot com with loads of integration so on eight base developer can launch production ready apps and that's means from MVP all the way up to enterprise grade stuff so that's eight base eight base dot com except for free from it as well yeah view you get it for free so it's cool you know but it but to have to think about it yourself is isn't so world which i just love i like was ranting about this before i even really looked into eight base which is great so ABC's back end as the service combines the approachability that data through graph so they say fifty to eighty percent of the co developers right doesn't directly support app specific use cases it goes into non unique systems and frame or one like can render cycle so you do all those calculations in one frame and get everything moved in in that same frame or in the calculation is able to happen that quickly or at least your animation is going to be queued until you have all that data available next frame and then all of your animating is able to just happen smoothly because those calculations are having to rerun or or anything like that it's just focused on actual movement it's still in the first position and then you play it so everything goes to zero which means it finally ends up in the last position so funny in it's like do you wanna do that the structure management eight base abstracts that eighty percent into API first developer acceleration platform with powerful development tools and integrations but like they say need fright and and there's other libraries like i believe view occasional use like if you use transition group or something in view don't you like get that flipping all your measurements upfront that could be contacting i don't know if you had like twenty different states or something like that but the idea that it's like you just hide all the dibs until that measuring done how how does that aspect of flip work will usually all that all that indexing is able to happen in basically one one you don't understand it necessarily but it just is one and in a couple more in so if the idea is let's say you need to move up the honor and all ball across the screen the most from like MVP's just like any this lab something together try something out model something all the way up to enterprise so it's just for anything in and that's where you put your data new not gonna have any junk during the actual animation because of that because it's all done ahead of time so the animation might be a couple frames delayed but it at the do you end up paying like the cost up front but like you know you do that makes sense in shakeout i like that i wanna be able to like take advantage of all the best ideas in front then and evolve my front end code bases over mini elements because number one that's bad for performance in number two that's just not a really good visual too much going on like your slide a hand gets ruined intimates back to the first and you have this really jarring visual effects but to that i say don't don't flip the opposite way so that only part of that child is visible and then you can just use translate to animate those smoothly in that that usually comments and the meeting that i see it's like browser engine internals it might affect other things so i need to check in run all triggering layout eating backgrounds in them like the overlaying edges and all that kind of stuff we do that same kind of thing with elements to kind of reveal parts into that in the meeting transform in pasadena only for example like if you want to animate or pretend like your enemy being the height or width of elements without changing its child contents 'cause a lotta people think okay we could just transform scale instead violations of principles plenty of times but i mean we're not animating hyder within we actually do come up with some clever techniques for just the so what's frame like basically one sixtieth of a second or whatever early pretty dang fast yeah yeah and usually all of all of that don't know let's not oh okay i see we also do a lot of sliding layers if you have been a web developer for a long comes up a lot for us sliding layers sliding earners so what else is have anything else in your mind about this like what makes in time the this was like kind of background image technique that was that was used to get like rounded borders and like fancy edges of of things you'd have like these it's just a like a pseudo elements or something i see because the size is changing in height than with one of those not on the checklist of performance developments and and you kind of overlap the two the two layers like the parent is moved over to one side and the child has moved over you're if you're flipping a whole developments at the same time then yet that might go past one frame and then you're gonna have this effect where you see everything at the last dates this week the lundberg episode yeah we're good three minutes but but i i guess like what is a little bucket of of things that we weird seemingly weirdly need to tell the browser about where you'd think like aren't you what you can do is transform a background elements into that's what we do in that's the illusion that we create to make it look like the entire elements is growing even it's not going to affect any other elements really that's so funny it's yet another feel like there's over the years we've we've made ourselves for like you know good versus bad or too much versus too little or is there is there is that kind of thing like completely dependent on the project i'm sure some of it is you can know to limit the scope of them or utilize will change or what what's the like isolate this but is there a newbie mistakes second thing i think a lot of it is knowing about the rules so you can know when it's okay to break them it's kinda like don't run with scissors don't don't do math while animating right right so the advice don't run with your measuring tape yeah but also if you're like you know we talked about the the most performance properties being a pasadena and transformed for the most part but there are sir ding CSSR garment detain yeah contained layouts in like that so so that's basically away i think it's chrome only i could be wrong but it's a way of saying in things that you're just never going to be able to do with only those properties but by understanding the other animated properties are going to be more costly you know your authorship could get involved in screw with it and you just gotta you gotta make it some promises so it can make smart decisions on its side you kind of telling it what you plan to do so i can make smart decisions and you just have to because there's just too many other ways that no that fact but it's like well i haven't downloaded it yet you know so i guess that makes some kind of sense but we'll changes in that bucket to and perhaps this contain property tour dan is interesting so what what what other things like that did you have you learned over time guest kind of like animation best practices in the the the way the browser handles that rendering and handle certain properties there's there's some good can achieve sheets out there that show exactly in this elements we are going to change its top lab tied with whatever we might change those layout properties of it but i promise you upfront so he can make decisions around it and i feel like that like twist some people on its head is like why don't you just look and see how big it is your computer can you just like anything else it won't affect anything else in the rest of the documents tree and i feel like i'm not smart enough to make these judgments sometimes do do you just get like a funny enough looking at the compatibility table fire fox recently got support for it edges coming up next with his portrait safari i don't really care about because i haven't censor like a feel for when like oh yeah i'm not going to violate the layout or when it comes down to just understanding that is containment it's a candidate recommendation okay possible values of it is lay out is one of them but there's there's a lot it's layouts a computer can don't you know that stuff you know responsive images is the first one i always think of where you have to like can you tell us how big this image is going to be enjoyed yeah i mean i would use it and we're talking about you're talking specifically about this contain yet pretty in the cold season so understanding what that change is going to actually do to the browser you can kind of reassure the browser no no no no is there there ones you look at like i don't even think we're going to put this on the show because it's just like too much i know we we've we've had for years and never have i applied it in a situation where i felt like i could see before i applied it didn't work as well and after i applied it it worked well yeah it feels like driving a manual like stick shift you know i it's it's like sure i know i can make my cargo real fast but most people which parts of the render cycle that that property effects so like width will affect lay out in positing and like all of these other properties or just a weird side effect of you know what's what's actually contained that's interesting i i it's almost like i wanna leave it to libraries there's paints there's contents their size there's style which i guess is the entire style basically things that you say this bumps touchdown i i don't know why what scenarios really really benefit from it but it it's it's mostly about helping the browser make informed decisions now what what to do with also will change especially with transform your basically saying hey just just ahead of time put this in its own composite layers that's a lot of action for understanding how that stuff works can take off from the stoplight in third gear if you want to but it's not like yeah it's a bed with all of your clothes in your shoes on you know in your car keys in your hands just so you could get up and get running at the moment so that when we do animated in like either transform or pass the that is ready to go in the could just go up and running it sort of like well that's interesting i feel i have this moment and i almost feel like the first time i i have it i'm gonna blog it because it will blow my mind i've i've known about wheelchair it's not like the browser dressing you while you're good to get like this i think that's a great analogy that you're just ready to go cool it's cool i've got this under control i know it's i know it's happening you don't wanna they're getting it wrong extra jane i know yeah in what i mean of course that incurs a cost if you do will change to every single element then the browsers can be like all right i expect every single elements a they're shipping maniacs listening to another episode the shop tax show i'm dave to rupert and with news chris from to transform or change pass d. at some point in its lifetime and that incurs huge memory costs which makes it slower so it's like yeah yeah there was one that like shh in yeah i remember the never happened not to me i'm not i'm not a key framer side animated i never i've never seen a huge impact on it can you could you could you could screw yourself in a way if you've told the like how about we change the star will change everything or whatever like you've apply sided globally that's like that's worse because it's almost that's almost as bad as star position relative might internal dig i people want to hire people like you and chris do you have anything else you'd like to see dot dot com shuffled off to the GP you any any layer it essentially becomes position relative or it becomes kind of that the offset parent classic right that you let's say you've i dunno positioned absolute something dependent on apparent like a couple of levels up and then some middle the default position attribute is is static and that has a lot of you know weird things about it that i think position relative is the smarter default but nobody's used to that because everything's static so it makes sense but i will be because i love this arguments because b because hold on counting on that offset parrot being something way up the the line but you have some obscure property on one of the twice a year and so this is i'm to anything below it so you you do have to be really careful with what properties are applied and so it does get very confusing if if you're of it that happens to be positioned relative in so depending on the nesting of that card you might have to undo a couple of levels to make sure that the coverage stops at just the right place parents all of a sudden gets like a transform property on it that absolutely position element also changes context entirely of where it's absolutely positioned because that trend on the on the show at so david is is a is a big fan of making everything position relative the default it's christian alz aren't is has passively or transformer anything else that affects it's a snacking context stacking context there we go oh that's easy to imagine like i bet if we ran that over the code ben code base we'd probably remove i dunno a hundred at least lines of code which is kinda cool yeah i actually komo hundreds more than what i what i did was i did that whole star position relative thing and i was like one of the effects of everything being relative not a big deal it's a one off so i get it that's not the strongest argument in the world but position static i mean you do have to depend on making sure that no it was hard to think about it so every time you've written position relative in year code base imagine not having to write it it's gone now because everything already has it i saw just the other day though so i think andy bell blog about breakout buttons to see that poster it's like you put a button in card and then he put a pseudo element on the button i just like to dig adam i think override defaults is a gen- general accepted computer science principle so always over that exp- that has like position absolute coverage of the entire card will where does that coverage stop that covered stops at the very next parents and defending it to death by i just i'll take this to microwave i'm going to use position relative for everything it may be a stockholm syndrome kind of thing form has introduced a new context layer whatever is that i am yeah yeah and you have to keep all that in your head because there's so that that technique works until you deciding what let's do it little transformer little opacity on it then okay now everything's ruined yeah what once it once it gets in this episode of shop talk show is brought to you in part by netla fi that's netla fi dot com feels like every benefits and security benefits in fact that i can have it on a cd and take advantage of all of that stuff isn't that great nullify helps a ton they got something on notify these days it's just kind of taken over development developer consciousness in this world it's great because it's it's not you with cloud functions you know the AWS lambda stuff that's so powerful and inexpensive these days it's a little finicky to get started in certain circumstances but you're saying you'd have to undo it a lot less times than you have to redo it or exactly yeah okay i don't know i see position static is values oh absolutely everything but it's a kind of almost is especially if you open your mind and think of of re architect and thinking how websites could be built google jam stack and it will take you to a page that explains all like the philosophy of what it is but light philosophy here it's kind of about the static host it's like what if we could pre render most of our site in feel free to think static site generator if you want to all the speed in high of four thousand percent just to me that rolling back benefit those weird curved maher's everyone has got it with that it makes the developer tooling integration around that super good but then takes it a step further and says hey we know you can't pre render everything why don't you pre render what you credible how they abstracted away so to me it feels like wow i'm this front end developer building sites in this very comfortable way that i know is really good for that doc to other services hit my own API's process some code who knows all what that's available to me to even stuff like off even stuff like foreign they're really doubled down on this idea of jam stack which i couldn't be more supportive it's so great having to do the acronym for it because i bet you know if you don't just again it it's nothing that's helped the web less than document flow you know would who needs it said hi dan everything a web and he's really powerful resilient sites but still when i need back end like features like i need to use a server run some node code to do some stuff yeah okay i'm gonna go next gen position absolute yeah why not foreign chains and then body awesome get hooked they have so much cool stuff i just don't even know where to start and stop talking about them sometimes because there's so much to look at can and then hit API's for the rest of the data and do it that way fine cool and how are you gonna hit those API's we hit them client side or how about we help you in there was just a tiny part of the sisters thing where it was broken i added a couple lines of CSS and i was like right fixed because that's the ideas but then you'd have to undo it way too not just from looking at the CSS and there's no way to know just looking at the h. t. m. l. either so said david nuclear option i'm starting to enjoy it with with episodes i'm not i'm not abhorred by it but has yet to compel me i would i by so what are you know so so you get so it's also very super easy and fast to get started to you know take some files get a you are on seventeen seconds let's say thanks for the support whatever you're probably going to have to move things around a little bit but we try to explain the logic of what we're doing so that it's a little bit easier to translate that logic with lambda but it isn't done nullify because you just put like node functions and functions folder and they just run didn't even have to have an AWS account now if i help you with all that's in in the show like as we're making it will say you know just in in the interest of time or you know in in simplicity of trying to fit this all within an hour done with key framework thing oh here it is so beautiful animation you've you know you've learned a lot along the way you've probably even learn something but but certainly the people in half we have to make certain judgment calls and compromises that you know obviously if you're putting this into an existing site or system or framework those kinds of things but you're you're talking about wanting to teach more from the the high level logic of like what what actually happens they do it on the CSS just to i guess proven internal points in winning the augment with myself or you know was it how many times have i written that like oh oh exists in different states and we use data attributes to change that answer the idea is if you want to put this in view or reactor angular or river whatever system you are actually using yeah and the logic is the important part like we even though we might have some parts where we're like are were to really what i call model how we form the solution the solution being how we actually intimate these complex dribble designs in each team elsie assessment john uh-huh option and it is my favorite unpopular opinions it's like saying saying the beer is a cube in okay here's how you do it within reactor within view or something like that very obscure setup that's why what stephen than i do on the but don't be overwhelmed by it it's very simple to get started as well in fact you can just drag dan you know the other day was on code pen exported a pen to a zip file unzip the full it's it's the exact same coenen so instead of changing the data attribute with raw java script you're now changing within the framework that's the only difference most of these pieces will translate really well into any of those systems but you know we're we're explaining why we're doing it this way with just kind of people of the world that need to create an animation and have it live within an environment of lots of animations or part of an animation system what you you had some interesting tweets the other day david talking about like the typical to do app example and and and the zinger sliding or moving or whatever right that you pick something tasteful to match what was already chosen but that's not to say that that timing couldn't be changed written JSF's to begin with less friendly to move backwards i'm not sold framework binds pretty cool like having to have yeah so are strapped for time we're just gonna do this real quick and it looks ugly like the entire flow of our animation is based on this idea of you you're in me coaching you know there's an educational component to it in there they all tend to be one off zeno what about you have you thought about i don't know the the each from from like the the logic of it or the over a lot of the allowed the tutorials and things you see online it's very much like thoughts on the the code we ride is so good that they can just copy it and drop it in wherever there whatever they said up whatever their system you know i mean oh scripts because we take those ideas of okay here's how this animation is supposed to work and we present it in general like if you see a cubic as year like it looks like digits of pi then there's nothing specific about that they're just pulling that from way which human we sprinkle a little bit of java script on and then it works in that i find is a lot more valuable than here's a third party library for somewhere and he'd be like okay that looks good but we use like cubic busier point five zero point five one a lot just because it's very semester yea point five zero four seven one two three four that's it's a secret code yes yes pieces that make danube you've pulled up the state's already so that's kind of interesting part of it would you pull out the timing pullout the easing pull out the doing this or here is how you would do it in reacts with with whatever life cycle methods you use right six to begin with but it doesn't mean they have to stay that way like you i don't know you you probably pick some tasteful timings and things you know like you said a lot of stuff you do as a result of something opening or close can't can you explain that a little bit more a little bit better so you're talking about my example in in one of the threads of that you were you were talking about wanting to t jokes about that but people do do that yes that that is definitely something we talk about a little bit the framers were using javascript because it's more important to understand the basic concepts and principles and how the basic tool kit so that if you have your power tool you know you can do it even faster or do it even easier because nothing's more compatible than just doing it in some HP the point five zero points five one and so if you imagine all of the control points at that like the point five zero just means that that'd be more cohesive on some other project if you if you stack enough snowflakes together you get an avalanche so it's you know it all it all fit together one way or another the there is some science to why this feels so good or i guess mathematics is you would call it is because we are starting from zero were not starting from you it sounds about right and so do do abstract that stuff out is that like a nice way to build animations is to is to kind of pull out the is kinda dumb and bad and just like you know it looks kind of good just like not having an easing at all like the browser default one looks kinda fine and then somebody else comes along in the middle of the bottom in point five one means the middle of the top so draw nice curve and you get some sort of sine wave looking thing or cosign it yeah yeah so we have we make extensive use of CSS variables to do that will have a duration variable in easing variable and probably some other shimao right if you wanna then move it to jay sex fine you now you might have to jigger some stuff around bed you're probably used to doing that kind of thing already whereas if you were to have grab the disc folder and they're dragged and drop it on because i have this cool drag and drop file in it the ploy to site to a domain in the whole video is like seventeen seconds and i feel like i took my time i for colors in related things and the easings that we use the durations that we use we tried to keep it simple think about how that would act in kind of a natural way that sounds about right to me i like the yeah like it's i don't know the wind blowing blade it's one of those i always feel like totally terrible at stuff like this where i try to mess around with an easing in anything i do just looks ice cube busy and i'm like oh dang that is slick smooth i wonder if it's almost like you know how when you if somebody else makes you a sandwich it's always better wow teach their own i suppose each parent so that i kind of their their snowflake wanted to kind of slowly go into place rather than immediately slamming on the brakes and being stopped so kind of following the motion and trying to let's check in it's kind of like the TV show sliders the s in that logo extremely obscure reference of you out there kind of ease up time to actually get moving it's it's very difficult to move stopped object an insane with the slowdown like you you know that i'm on cubic dash busy dot com right now recreating it and i i see what you mean yeah thicket tilted to their righty kinda s right after try that look at these other easings in had the control point sort of floating in the middle that means it starting from some other value than zero like some other philosophy or something have grass of course it moves in a kind of natural way i remember this this example as at somebody's house and they had they had and and poet for starting from zero that's like a very natural motion and were used to just seeing animations in relating them to natural motion trick smooth curve and it's also really easy what are those values we should put it in the show there's is there a particular cubic busy that you think is particularly you can literally just isn't like transition timing linear making no choice at all yeah it's just there's no acceleration or deceleration it just moves like ninety percent of my commits and the database that's a delicious sandwich stephen okay yeah typically opacity you want you want to be a little more linear otherwise it it fades out a little too quickly any infinite ration- animation because fo sure and so it looks to unnatural that makes me feel uneasy yeah it's kind of about the physics behind it you know if something's going to start moving it it needs back like it you you give you give this communication of the motion and like the weight of the object and like all of this just just through the the way it apple TV and it had photos have you seen that like default screensaver on it where la ken burns shimmer or or in this case it was it was like bunch of them kinda para laxed out sliding by you just watch them move by and then there was some kind of like microsoft TV thing in the pictures that were sliding by with this kind of linear motion they just felt very stiff and not nice compared to the one that clearly had some more fluids stuff going on there was a microsoft TV thing that had the same kind of screensaver on it with photo sliding by which is just a weird irony of of choices of tv the objects in there that you could manipulate with CSS that'd be pretty cool another another five ten years we're aware an apple glasses and you know computer products and you could just tell the microwave they didn't put any kind of smoothness into the motion at all it felt like linear linear has at easing choice you can make listen three objects around no nobody one i use things to life i'm sure y'all run across like the the principles of animation and or whatever it is the disney yet twelve principles a big game changer for the web as we know it especially for like ecommerce gonna sites in all these all these experiences that can neurons i've i've been geared development and i've definitely like like pondered this a little bit just like what what if there was like physics and web reality something like the frame API would be would be super cool to have that that actual physical model of they would land at the same time but but like what what is like i don't know the advantages now but it is something of very steady speed and actually is kind of useful sometimes isn't it i don't have a ready to go example but i have definitely been situations where i've chosen capacity right you know tutti kind of side of things just as we have books and movies are video games but augmented reality i think is is going to be just stuff i don't know what they change you click a button and it falls faster than the button made of a feather or something but like see now but then this is like the i don't know whether jelly button and when you click it it bob wills bunch and for some reason we have these two this is a classic and i don't mean to like fuel flames between these large companies furthest tried to varies in but that's just the way it was a response i think about like you know or or just could react different like hey this is this is a a metal button so like when you click it it's kinda dense and just have these three properties anyway just what would you do with wait and see us a while and eventually getting into augmented reality and virtual which is cool i had my i spoke at it and david as well and part of my point was all this like wow there's so much crap affront the way it's moving i wish the weights property like mass property be cool eight pike with death a are or VR enabled like that is going to become increasingly important for a web developers to learn there's always going to be the i i think that's that's extremely important yeah he's call the two dini because it's only thought about right and usually be kind of ported into augmented reality so you know it's it's something to keep on your radar as a web developer materials inside of our our design system but i it'd be i'd be curious it would be neat to see ways to program you know we don't have time to get into it here but i didn't even mention animation once it wasn't anything that i did other than you know the idea that a front end responsible wasn't just there left to right speed there was some other stuff going on obviously that made him the great thing about the great thing about easing is it really brings believe it or not everybody all four of us were were in the same room just but two days ago so can you believe that now all four of us are totally different city right now the squash and stretch and right in in all of those all those things can have i it's it's about the easing and the realism of it knees maybe agencies so we still have to be determined yet what i came from an agency job right before moving code pen dini when maybe allow this but i don't know what you'd do with admitted be interesting at the there's a good portion of the future of the web that will be the weight of the page the the devices that this is going to be on all those kinds of things where whereas the designer has more of a agree own unique job or is that stuff you know kinda yet to shake out i mean there's no like wet animator role except that you know very few he's all for such as the the nerdy migration state technically i'm well i'm in the same cities technically why no but polity is to pull off a design that you've been given away but that was just like of course you have to do that here's you have to do that and you have to do all this new stuff is uh-huh we're in four different cities neom split apart we are together for one point in time which is fascinating where there for the the artifact conference yeah but this is fun i and i yes so i guess we'll do the standard closure david stephen fall on the developer side unless you're using something like lodhi where that can at least be offloaded a little bit on the designer or or typical in it it was very much a collaboration because the developer can attest to inform okay what what's realistic with the web when we're considering the a stop animation can we just pause and resume automation like new i mean it seems to be new and changing like whose job is it is it a do think of it as a designer responsibility a front end designs possibility or is it it's like views because there's i mean you know i guess that's up for you to decide but visual controls for the key frames and that kind of thing well dave what do you think her or like web flow you know they're kind of big into the idea of like just use our tool and we have all these animations kinda built in or at least it's easy for people who aren't following you in giving you money how can they do that we'll start with david how they follow me yeah yeah spawned the feel of the cy and what's what's trying to be communicated and so there's there's kind of the balance between technical and spectrum oh you and give you mad most most places i am at sha shaw s. h. s. h. a. w. on twitter pin all that all that good stuff wow triggered you wanna leave this out this is this is just a common thing that we rift in together we're at a key framers just key framers twitter dot com slash key framers or youtube dot com breasted do it's more and more all the time because whatever the browsers are more capable or were just or just choosing to offload work in that direction for various reasons flesh keep remers more armed RS yes our actual web sales is key dot r. s. and we have a patriot on there that you can contribute to and support on a monthly basis i know chris is doing that and has been amazing supporter of us dave i i haven't stephen i am david keep you know absolutely everywhere on the web get up twitter maintain i guess bill and and trying to meet in the middle somewhere with that but the actual like execution of it is you know gonna yeah oh yeah if it has to spin around

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Ep.346  Motion Sense Snooze ft. Cameron Summerson

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34:03 min | 1 year ago

Ep.346 Motion Sense Snooze ft. Cameron Summerson

"We're trying to get the issues on a little quicker doing him like multiple days a week how that makes a lot of sense because back in the day was two hours I know I was like damn man these guys are when like nine to our shows a week now the phone but people are not super excited about the battery life that's I agree I agree wholeheartedly the battery life is for me like I think it's fine for the the xl like if I bought the phone and it got that kind of battery limited ground that's fine I guess if I expected that going in but I just really I just really really agree I don't even think I'm going to get anywhere close to four hours a screen on time on average I'm getting maybe maybe three yeah it's like Google really needs to be aware of this I'm trying to decide how how how much I want them in the review over the battery life because eighteen hours of battery life for Full Day and I I mean it's the worst battery life on a phone in in a while Ram in this phone six gigs of Ram better than four that we've seen the past what two two or three pixel phones yes. I don't think that I don't think six gigs problem want Google understand that it wouldn't be that hard to put a slightly larger battery in this phone bill these phones like they could make just a little bit thicker I know we which I don't know I mean I I'm not super excited about the idea of paying almost two thousand dollars for a phone and it just barely getting day battery life no I but I think really the idol battery is what's killing it like this there's just the idol battery is so poor I think according to the battery stats this it gets eight so the the xl I feel like it's I mean it's it's fine it seems adequate I and I've been getting five or six hours time over like twenty ish hours of the and so I I mean I have battery anxiety with his phone so I use it a little bit less so I can't I don't know if I can accurately gauge the Rams Pixel three was last year which is you know maybe slightly below average like four ish hours of screen on time like over the course of a work day sorry I agree I haven't noticed it either and I've been using it I'll tell you what though because of the battery issues I'm reluctant to use it as heavily as I would a another blake edge I feel like people say this on the air all the time just make the phone thicker but a bigger battery but like sometimes that's just really a good idea Google is clearly behind all of the other from Ryan who's who's been using the small one and he's like you know he seems varied not excited about the battery life it sounds to me pretty similar to what the small is man that's that's the that's the killer thing with this phone the did you have the acceler their regular no got the small one I have the regular four yeah so we had we had people so we got we we have a both in exile and and regular am I I've been using the XL I mean I've been getting notes on the Barry Life I'm Ryan with mom and with me here to talk about the pixel four and other things is former android please senior editor and now the editor in chief of Review Geek Cameron Somerton enough that I don't notice like weird you know you know like stuff falling out of memory like on last year's bones no the rebutting so it's you know it's Pixel Day but we can also talk about the other Google things so we haven't posted our review the high end android manufacturers right now I think that's Google is always behind the high end manufacturers when it comes to pretty much every I mean like the that we have the phone to since last week since the Pixel Day so some sites went with their their full reviews already I think they can sense is that everybody generally tell us so I mean I feel that again it's pretty close to the larger pixel from last year yeah that seems that seems on par for most most phones I think right now I figured out that it was the G. Suite thing they had like buried in the reviewers guide Yup Yup and then you remove the G. Suite account all of a sudden boom there's the new system yeah no I mean because I use get our a view and I don't think review the has either we both we both posted a hands on very stotts about the phone though we've only had really it's really dumb I mean like I spent probably an hour trying to figure out like after I got the phone why I didn't have the new the new assistant I ended up completely resetting it before I found of difference in the way use the phone and I liked to feel optimistic I mean Google optimizes Andrew Pretty well I mean they got along I used to that strikes me as just a ridiculous bug that they didn't have time to fix and they're like whatever it's just like this right now guys it's unreal it's you are processing in the camera yeah and it's so true taken I've spent more time probably play with that than anything else on the phone I'm just like hey that things way over there let me see how this aid elation because of that because of how I use the phone to also the fact that you can't use G. Suite Kale's with the news that we good like you can zoom into into eight x and photos still look pretty good and the Zoom Lens is only two X. Optical phone a lot for my work email and work communications calendar stuff like that I'm using it less because of that too so but yeah no I mean going back to the ramp thing I the things that this camera is capable of is absolutely it's another sort of mind blowing so that you can do these things from a smartphone camera is just absolutely unreal with four gates last time even though there were some weird stuff I think six is is plenty for Pixel Samsung phone that has thirty thousand pre installed between between the two phones and they're pretty close but we also have to think that the new what do they call it the new update really noticed either it's still it's still be nice to see I think eight is the sweet spot but I mean I don't know I mean I feel like eight might make you feel better I don't think it's GonNa make any that's why I have I created alongside admired whatever android phone every day but I haven't used the new one but yeah I'm seeing a lot of comparisons mostly on twitter services that you don't care about yeah that probably needs ater her ten gigs of Ram which is ridiculous that's that's the world we live in but I mean look if you buy a pixel looks and it's it is every single time I'm still just as impressive as the first time I used it is absolutely mind boggling yeah I mean it's like the Pixel came same the same viewfinder that we had before and after talking to Google's Gamer people I feel like what they're trying to do is they just want you to like zoom in to whatever composition you want for your photo take pictures on it I feel like it's better than certainly last year's iphone I don't know about the new one yeah I haven't used the iphone eleven I have a ten our butts I mean the differences is absolutely insane that those pictures are actually in my in my hands all in my initial impressions whatever you WanNa call it my non review review but pitcher not have to worry about which lens you're using because they have this crazy super zoom algorithm that sharpens pictures to like it's it's shocking I see a kind of a big city so it's not great for me I've I've I've used it to see how it works I'm GonNa try to take some more pictures with it tonight nobody wants to go look at that because the difference between nightside and astro photography is just it's it's absolutely incredible I couldn't believe when actually looked at the full-size pictures it I think it definitely blows like every other android phone out of the water right now and I mean I I don't use iphones often like my wife has one and I seen her about four to four and a half minutes for every shot so I had you have you have to have a tripod buds yeah you can stop it before it gets to the end of the counter but like it said to do with like the light levels the detected light levels or something you put it in nightside and it's like astro photography enabled which I found in a couple of situations be kind of frustrating because all I wanted to do was I went out last night and I just went to a local park and kind of away away from everything and it's I mean it takes like it took on average who'll light computational photography things you do but like with the pixels like they just really kicked into overdrive in every year it's just gotten better and better so have you tried astro photography yet so I tried yeah I mean it's just it's shockingly good honestly the eight eggs zoom which they kinda showed this in the keynotes or at the events but the eighty yeah I think so like at the I think that when we first got us we were all kind of confused like wait how do we how do I switch to the Telephoto Lens like you open it it's just like this like this skeptical of how good face unlock was going to be because I didn't know how I don't completely trust Google when it comes to taking a feature that is tried and true on is on the screen let let it run longer for a better picture or whatever and I was able to get a comparison using just nightside because the weird thing about astro photography is there's no way I think it's I think it's using the same technology yeah I was I was able to grab a nightside picture and then right after US astro photography to compare the two and of that API justice support face a lock and girdle told me that they are working with developers to I mean so it'll be it'll be months before I think you're probably not expecting amazing battery life you are probably expecting an amazing camera and and good news I think it can be pretty amazing Oh my God I think it's the most amazing most it come into the iphone cameras diffusion diffusion that's it yeah I couldn't remember the first word I was like it's something I don't mean I don't know if I really trust that apple has the bill so advanced and so far behind all at the same time and that's that's yeah pretty much I wonder why it's just not plugged into like the same. AP The same kind of computational deep learning photography chops that will has Alamo with her for years like even back in the nexus era there were some pretty the big the big front vessel which I thought would bother me a lot more that does I don't I don't love it but I feel like it it hasn't really you know man is to me it looks so much better than that huge ungodly the content was very annoying I prefer I prefer this design definitely so what's what's your experience with face unlock been like so I other device and making it really good on Android but this face unlock is great I I find that going straight to the home screen or whatever from unlocked a lot more picky but one thing that I do I find really impressive is it doesn't matter like like what angle you hold the phone at like you can have in our I've never had to move it like the where the the range on my ten are is always been super impressive and I'm glad that the Pixel is the same and so I- tested and it also seems to capture a little faster I mean nightside always takes you know a couple of seconds you know compared to its two regular photo but man it's it is it is worth your it is worth your time zoom is better than two x cropped yes yeah they is very inter- like don't don't take don't take photos in crop because it will look better if you use like our sunglasses in helmet is where it draws the line it's like no that's no longer your I've noticed if I if I live sunglasses on and I mean like really intense direct white it seems to be so with like sunglasses and it was fine and tested with a hat and it was fine hat and sunglasses it was fine by yesterday I was out on the bike got a notification grab my phone note and so so that yeah so google only has one front facing camera this year but there's a bunch of other stuff on the Basil which is why it has nightside picture but then it's like Oh hey this is gonna take three minutes and seventeen seconds and I'm like well I guess you could just you just stop it after a couple of seconds yeah would probably be like hi I'm I maybe I'm just not really worried about people like pointing my phone at my face while I'm sleeping to unlock it but that might be a thing that some people are concerned no really liked face unlock I love how fast it is like I said I have an iphone ten or so I'm use to us and face ID on it and I really like that so I was I was and that's the big thing that face idea I mean face ID's awareness detection is so good I mean it's it's incredibly good like if either but the but I feel like it should be an option and it really it it only should be an option because people are going to compare this to face id it should have that especially because we saw leaks that had that as an option you're in the lock settings they should have it I don't think it's like a deal breaker I mean is by looking at it I thought that was a little weird verse so I disabled it but then I actually ended up Rian able in it because I think I like it better on the the biggest thing face unlock right now is just but one thing that I noticed is that if you tap on a notification on the lock screen it is a really really slow to load the asked yeah so did try I mentioned earlier that I tried disabling straight to the home screen so then it would just unlock block and that's actually a really good point because I know that if you disable attention awareness on on iphone that it's based ID becomes Google's doing a lot of crazy like me like the like the the noise the D. noisy in nightside this year seems way better like three noticeable to enable it you just automatically just like you just point the phone like at the sky at night it's like oh astro photography mode okay well I think it has so far I've used motion since for that and to snooze my alarm yet oh yeah the thing is actually kind of cool because when when it goes off yeah I it's it's a new it's a new like biometric buyer biometric prompt AP I can't remember exactly what it's called but it's some new it's a newer version significantly faster so you're probably right yeah I la I mean I the Pixel should definitely have this and I'm probably gonNA leave at turned off because I just wanted to be oh yeah they're not so much better than the notch on the drake's meet the notch in addition to being ugly it got in the way of like using the phone like it which is block like notifications addison her face sometimes because it just doesn't seem to be working but the picture of I can just hold it in the way I would normally hold a phone and it'll you'll see me an unlock that's the experience I've always had with me gap when you have it set up that way unless you go it whereas if you let it unlocked the phone in you tap on that notification directly from the shade is just as fast as it always was mother with with the the solely radar stuff which calls when it's motion sensors that with her call it motion sense yeah yeah so it knows when you reach for the phone and it just there's no there's no support and now it's my back typing in passwords in your Anqing apps and it's really annoying yeah it's like I've never used a phone hold my phone my ten or here and miser over there it's not going to unlock until my eyes move right back to it so that's it's cool it's a cool thing and I think really wow that's another reason why I went ahead reenact it so it goes straight to the hamstring after the locks so face the face match has tie-in in any direction I think they did a good job face aside from the fact they're two things about one I think the most notable thing is that it does not have perform starts the APPS it properly supported on yes I mean I feel like face unlock it's it's it's plenty fast and like the field I'll be glad when pixel gets it yeah it'll probably I mean it'll probably slow it down I would assume maybe that's launch because they wanted to be like look it's it's the fastest face on attention detection and they're saying it's it doesn't look for oaks yet doesn't look for open is that's GonNa kill it is I mean I definitely lightweight will wake up the face unlock sensors that's like one of the two things that motion sense does right now which is a little disappointing yeah unlike sideways or upside down or whatever and it's still unlocked which is something that the iphone has had problems can if it's if it's not straight up the iphone camera pixel word the it's Monday October Twenty First Pixel Day welcome to the podcast the view is good enough you don't have to hold the phone at a weird angle I feel like I mean I've seen actually people using iphones and they like have to like like like point at like awkwardly like right there like if you reach for the phone it'll like lower the volume and then you can swipe to aaliyah swipe your aunt but to me that makes it so much easier for me to oversleep because I don't have to interact just a swat towards my phone and that's that's all it takes though yeah immediate is I mean I was playing until the next show avid good one and this could be like a first generation thing where you know we don't get although Super Vance features yet and maybe in the future like maybe pixel six it's changing tracks if that were one of many things that solely did I would be pretty into that but the feature says so limited right now in Google can roll out new features for motion sense like they say they're going to get six months down the line and there's nothing new promotion sense it just wave your hand swipe photos or something like that like that seems to me even more practical than music controls I cannot think of a situation maybe if I'm like cooking or something but in most situations are not gonna swap my hand towards my phone to change music tracks to me more than anything that's just like and man that's going to be I think that'll that'll that'll indicate that it's a flop and it's a bad idea and they shouldn't have done I mean it's it's cool technology like in the rolling in the tapping in the virtual knobs to change volume like I want that stuff I want to do all that yeah hopefully hopefully that's possible but I mean I don't know I guess we'll have to wait and see that they were able to shrink a radar chip so small defend to the Basil of a smartphone is awesome now and the uses it works really well and it's really act this Google Assistant to control it and wave your hands like a maniac in front of it to to get it to do things yeah so the displays this year I think cels if you go to the like into the settings you can scroll around like feel like I'm pretty sure that's only sixty hertz yeah yoga subs I feel like I'm either ninety hertz refresh rate yeah so it's so smooth and excellent and I mean if you've used a recent one plus on you Kinda you know at is like it's it's hard to go back to a sixty hertz look how accurate this is look how easily it works instead of hey here's a practical use for it I I feel like the real test is going to be agree after you've been using that I can tell those the interesting thing about the smooth displays that it's not always ninety hurt it's like ninety sometimes we got we got an a plus and visually thinkable from perfect and all that junk that that they say about every phone out so it's not a bad display but the best thing about it is are are very good last year the small pixel had an algae panel is going to be ochre this year I think Ryan's been using the small one and he is obsessive about display quad You get super advanced nine radar chips all the way around bottom and top puzzle to do every in never have to touch your phone again yeah that'd be that would let's pretend we pretty much named them all already right yeah yeah I mean a global says more things will come later but I mean I mean it's like so I feel like it should be integrated into Google photos he has no complaints so I'm pretty convinced that one is fine and the big one is the one that they the exiles the One they sent to display display mate To you know to test it the uses they have but I absolutely agree with you I gotTa do more with it yeah I mean the the demos they had way back when they first showed showed the solely stuff would like it was really impressive like the there are some moments when I was like I was doing that and I got sort of like you know really into the vibe of and I was like this is kind of fun into terrific like I'm just like you know wave my hand over here near the phone and I was so my last I I use the seven pro as my main phone for awhile and before I got the Pixel of reviewing the seventy so I've been ninety the prioritizing the things where it will really be obvious to you like the home screen looks amazing like scrolling around in green and like opening their education shaved that has all the it's for using ninety hurts funds for probably six months and I think that the one plus orange even if they do drop down to sixty they use ninety hurts first buttery smooth And I mean I guess supposedly oneplus phones go down to six years sometimes I haven't noticed it in the sand a force ninety hurts all the time on pixels but that's GonNa absolutely destroy the already terrible battery life so I don't think I recommend doing it yeah I think yeah people more often I think than pixel than Pixel of a lot more Thurs Ateret capacity to spare all right there is a setting in developer options we're buying one today that's absolutely what I do and that's ultimately when I do publish my four review that's probably going to be my recommendation if you WANNA buy a pixel for by the xl and it's a very attractive design in my opinion I was I was a little I didn't love the design I I had the white one and I did not love just skip the small one yeah I mean I think I feel like that's kind that's kind of been the the general consensus last couple of years as long as you don't mind the the white one I I saw it but after having it for about a week I actually really really like the white male I think it's a it's a very nice very nice relented buying pixel like just just by the battery life is fine and it's now it's not that much bigger than the small Pixel liked that's just that's the one of I just do that if taking phone the the Matt glasses great it doesn't show fingerprints and I'm acting like a nice texture and like the the the metal rim around the edges it's kind of you know it it stands out in the right way yeah I I originally hated it when I saw the renders or the leaks everything is has this really cool like eggshell texture it's just the right kind of Rabih and it has like good contrast with the rest of the phone get the black when the entire phones lack but like the Ashley on the White Model I liked the black model because the module blends in but I'm just I mean it took me like two days to get used to actually actually kind of like how it looks now like the black camera module I mean it is big for only two cameras but I still I don't mind well let's easier or any other pixel things that we wanna the way they both have liked the black the black room the black front then like the pop of color on the power button it's it's it's good I don't even mind like the big camera module on the back I feel like into or all the big stuff really bluetooth is no better than he was on any other pixel phone or any other phone in existence Oh you know what it does it does really upset me though is the Pixel for for so they do not come with ear buds or a three point five millimeter adapter that was like how did they figure that what everybody already has bluetooth ear buds

Google Ram Alamo sixty hertz six months two thousand dollars seventeen seconds eighteen hours three minutes ninety hertz four hours six hours six years two hours two days
"Chasing The Moon": A Conversation With Filmmaker Robert Stone

Florida Matters

26:17 min | 1 year ago

"Chasing The Moon": A Conversation With Filmmaker Robert Stone

"This is florida matters i'm robyn assessing him july twentieth and mark the fiftieth anniversary of apollo eleven moon landing was the most significant achievement in united states history to mark the event pbs pbs stations will be airing a six hour documentary chasing the moon which chronicles america space race leading up to the first lunar landing mb young filmmaker robert stone wrote directed an produce chasing the moon and he's joining us from his home in the hudson valley of new york robert thanks for being with us thanks so much for having me robert the press release for chasing the moon says that ed reed imagine the race to the moon up ending this is a quote up ending much of the conventional mythologies surrounding me effort could you explain what you mean by that boy thinks v a conventional mythology gee about apollo in the race to the moon is a kennedy got up there in nineteen sixty one and said america's gonna put a man on the moon by the end of the decade congress appropriated the money nasa went to work on this technological effort building this rocket and spacecraft and they astronauts trained and off they went to the moon 'em the truth of the matter is far more complex than you could possibly imagine a first of all kennedy was a a reluctant space war here i guess the space was not something he was particularly interested in per say within six weeks of saying that we were going to go to the moon by the end of the decade he goes to vienna in meets with his counterpart soviet premier chris jeff and a is so freaked out of the cost of this program it he's just proposed that he offers to do a a joint mission to the moon with the soviet union a he's were buffed in nineteen sixty one revisit this again in nineteen sixty three shortly before his assassination crews jeff agrees to do a joint mission to the moon and all the way along he was questioning and had doubts about the whole thing land and the mission itself so many times along along the way could have been derailed a was falling behind schedule of public was losing interest congressional support waning technical problems were arising that prevented a this effort from ever succeeding and it was just a long a complicated story i one of the characters in my film george alexander who is a writer for newsweek covering the space program says a you know this is not a yellow brick road from cape canaveral tournament and 'em at very very much the case so so we see tail the whole effort which a the complexity of actually pulling it off politically and and in terms of public support this complex is the technical effort of of building a rocket and making it technologically logical successful and you went back into the archives and did any enormous amount of research you spent five years researching the project i understand and you have tape of president kennedy saying you know now i'm not that interested in space yes we do that that that tape emerged in the last decade or so yeah it was released a you know he's expressing his doubt and concerned about the enormous cost you know kennedy was a fiscal hawk you wanna have a balanced budget and he saw that this was just blowing a hole in his budget and he was desperately finding a way to fix that problem and then suggest that he you know he's not interested in just exploring space for its own sake he's interested in what the space race could do for american prestige a and for america's image around the world and so i really through the lens of cold war with the soviet union and trying to impress countries around the world who were at that time throwing off the shackles of colonialism in were designing where they gonna side with e you know tell itary in soviet system or liberal democracy so this was a set of a war of visual imagery of propaganda war just show you know which which side which system which leading the humanity into the future and this the race to the moon was a great symbol for that and that's how kennedy perceived so much was riding on it and i think one thing that you brought up is that human nature nature i think it's a look back on something like this as inevitable you know things like be american revolution we learn the history of the revolution we learn the history of the moon race and later it just seems inevitable but at the time that had happened you you know as you said it was touching go yeah well one of the things we did in in constructing a film first of all you know we went into a nearly a hundred different film archives to source material for this film so we went way beyond the nasa collection there's no talking heads there's no narration it so we did audio only interviews with about twelve characters have guide us through this whole venture who were there and we really use a lot of contemporaneous news accounts of what was going on so you see and hear this adventure unfolding almost in real time as it was happening so 'em we don't have this sort of seesaw back and forth between past and present is it's it's very immediate and so you experience the the the pitfalls and the site tracks and the the various directions that it could have gone with seemed to be going a at the time which you might might be overlooked if you just look back at it and said a retrospective way the most history do as you said you know where it just seems okay well they landed on the moon so you only focus on the points x y z they've got you to the moon and sort of forget about all these other interesting things along the way but that didn't pan out and it's the things that didn't pan out that her i find to be some of the most extraordinary things like the prospect of a joint russian american mission to the moon a the kennedy administration also wanna have it african american astronaut in tune in and recruited him into the space program it's amazing man at white who we profile 'em we also spend a lotta time with the first and only woman to serve in apollo mission control and we detail in extraordinary story story 'em drain apollo eleven that's really never been told which is a the story of this unmanned mission that the russians launched at the same time as apollo eleven and and went to the moon at the same time as the apollo eleven eleven astronaut 'em i wanna give too much away about that but it's a it's a at credibly riveting story that's been almost entirely forgotten the kind of man versus machine last minute hail mary that the russians pulled off seated quite quite a bit of research i'm just wondering how you're view of the space race and the moon landing and the whole project how do you view of all that change during the five years that you were working on this wall i learned so many things that i didn't no i mean i had a a pretty good understanding i thought of of what happened but are research revealed so many new things and i think part of that came from really looking at the contemporaneous news accounts and watching this thing unfold as it was reported at the time the we 'em we just came across a lot of stories that had just been completely forgotten the were really critical to how the space race was perceived at the time and we ended up we we discovered so much new materials that we ended up writing a companion book to which goes in but the much further detail i am one of the most fascinating things is the career of verna von braun who is a the german rocket scientist to as a former a colonel in hitler's ss who came to the united states teamed up with walt disney sold be idea of of human space travel to the american public a launched america's first successful satellite and sold president kennedy on the idea of putting a man on the moon is one of the most fascinating character is the twentieth century any sort of a through line to the series so let's talk about him a little bit he actually designed he was a brilliant rocket scientists he designed the rockets rockets that were used any apollo program and we sort of him for for winning the space race if you will with the soviets and he had worked for the germans during world war two creating rockets against us but we sort of we need it meant so we forgave him yes well you know of on bron with this aristocratic german nobleman really who was fascinated by space travel is a kid and start building rockets as a teenager and he was recruited by the german army to build ballistic missiles and met hitler personally and sold hitler on the idea that this is some sort of super weapon that would win the war when hitler bought the whole thing hook hook line and sinker of course it was a complete failure as a weapon and it was extra extremely expensive at lobbing one single bomb you know across english channel the london but it did pave the way for all future rockets and and that's the whole field of rocketry measurably and after world war two he and his entire band of of rocket scientist and most of the middle east leading once all surrendered the united states they were brought here and put the work by the uss army to eventually build them intercontinental ballistic missile the soviets got some lesser ranked german scientists who built their rockets and their first icbm's in the race the race fruit for a rocket development was on the cover of unbridled is much more than 'em then just a brilliant scientists using incredible showman he was incredibly charismatic and he had that rare combination of the ability to be a great salesman in those also so great a scientist in a in a great managers of of a vast operations so he had a rare combination i don't think he was a you know an ideological nazi but you know he wasn't opportunist who would take money from whoever was in power so he could build his rockets we'd be that it off hitler of the uss army or you know anybody but his ultimate desire was just send people to the moon and mars and go off the other planets that was his dream so you found a lot of unsung heroes in your research but as far see astronauts that we all know who is your favorite astronaut i mean who captured you're imagination the most well we the the astronauts that we profile in the film are buzz aldrin mike collins a frank borman and bill anders francona bill anders flew on apollo eight which was the first they were the first humans to leave orbited the earth and go around the moon christmas nineteen sixty eight and buzz aldrin of course walked on the moon with with neil armstrong my columns on that mission in the command module 'em i dunno i can't say i have a favorite but i can say it's just been a thrill of a lifetime to spend time with these men and hear their stories and to get the no the you know by doing the audio only interviews with them we were able to get things from them that has not been revealed another documentaries you know these guys have told their stories so many times over the last fifty years always with the glare lights and cameras and things but just getting off on their own just me in a microphone in the living room you know they completely forgot that this was his production we were just having a conversation and they really opened up to me and it was it was really quite remarkable at a lot of news stories came out and a lot of heartfelt stories and emotion that they haven't revealed in other interviews give us a taste of one of the stories give us a little tidbit of sending that we might hear on the show a well well frank borman who is the commander of apollo eight he was the first guy well let me back up in in january nineteen sixty seven the first apollo mission to test out the apollo capsule when everything apollo one caught caught fire on tv the capsule caught fire on the launch pad during a test and three astronauts were killed and one of the astronauts frank borman best friend at white frank lead the investigation into what happened he had the crawl inside inside the burned out capsule and sit where his friend at white had been and a big notes and where all the switches and tiles and everything was and he led the redesign of the entire capsule and then he had to go to congress and persuade congress who is busy investigating this and many of them were prepared to cancel the whole pilot project at this point and really saved the day and got the got the program back on track and and 'em said it you know he was willing to fly in the first saturn five the new redesigned capsule to the moon he personally was and that that commitment helped put these entire program back on track after tragic tragic fire that really almost real entire program talk a little bit about apollo eight that mission that frank borman commanded it said that it saved nineteen sixty eight which was such a tumultuous time for the united united states martin luther king had been assassinated robert f kennedy had been assassinated there were riots and the city's the vietnam war was raging the country was in chaos basically and then you had this mission apollo eight which was not supposed to go to the moon but i think at the beginning but then they decided to take that big step yes the the the situation united states is as you described in in similar situations were going on all over the world the world is in turmoil 'em and was deeply polarized and divided even more so than it is today and in many ways and in the midst of this we pulled off what is without question the riskiest and most daring space mission ever which was the launch a rocket the denali been tested three times before 'em is the biggest rocket in the world orders of magnitude bigger than anything anybody launch before 'em with humans send them out of earth orbit for the first time and around the moon and doing complex maneuvers on the back side of the moon when they weren't even able to communicate back to earth 'cause the moon is in the way this wasn't incredibly daring ring mission and they had no they had no backup and redundancy if anybody's seen the movie apollo thirteen remember what saved apollo thirteen was the fact that they had the lunar module had redundant you know had rockets and and it had air and water and that was sort of their life raft will apollo eight went to the man without his he only mission to go in without a lunar module 'cause it hadn't been finished yet so is incredibly daring mission it happened over christmas and the two main events that mission one with some bill anders took this famous photograph of the earth rising over the surface of the moon cc the earth in the in the background full of life color and and in in the foreground this sort of lifeless desolate lunar landscape and pat that image just captured the attention of the world when they came back and was on the cover of magazines all over the world and discredited really launching the environmental movement of the modern environmental movement that we know today is really inspired by that one image which gave us a new sense of of you know spaceship her as we called it on my other thing was the on christmas eve nineteen sixty eight in the middle of this mulches moment they described thee astronauts astronauts were told by nasa they're gonna have the largest audience ever listened to a human voice in their broadcast their christmas eve broadcast and 'em they chose to create the first few lines of the book of genesis as the world listened in below and and it was a very moving moment that i think everybody says of caught their breath first second and said hey you know these are emissaries us the humankind off around the world and people recognize their common humanity differ from moment there and m all at of all the divisions in the war and the the the the things were dividing us kind of fell away for for a brief moment and m we saw our common humanity and unforgettable moment which happened once again during apollo eleven the following year and then those those at the the i think the two most memorable moments of the space age you know robert were you watching as a little kid oh absolutely i was ten years old a i remember the christmas sixty eight broadcast it was incredibly inspiring and i i remember i remember to the landing on the moon a and it's also you know important from my own memories of that time a few months before apollo eight went to the moon my parents had taken meta see stanley kubrick's two thousand one space odyssey which is the the movie that made me wanna be a filmmaker and with a film that really presented run of on bronze fantastic ideas of of human space travel and orbiting orbiting space stations and trips to mars and the outer planets and moon base is all of that was vividly brought to life by stanley kubrick then we you know we all thought that that was what the twentyfirst century was gonna look like we all imagined it that's where we would be by now so it was a it was a credible moment and then just see in such is just a few months later the see the first steps on the moon 'em just reinforce that idea that we were in a new world that was you know we've all be going on vacation to learn basis and then turn out that way but that's what we thought so apollo eleven took off on july sixteenth nineteen sixty nine in a lot of things went wrong it wasn't quite such a smooth flight well yes everything went perfectly but all along the way there were a little things that could have led to the bigger problems but overall it was a it was in many ways a flawless this flight but we do we do look back at the apollo missions and i think because they all went so well except for apollo thirteen and even then we have never lost a man in space we brought them back alive and everybody was fine because they all went so well we forget how risky and dangerous these missions really were neil armstrong's famously landed on the moon with only seventeen seconds of fuel left in the tanks 'cause they as they were landing that the landing site was was not what they expected it was full of rocks and there was a hundred yard crater that they're about to land in in the heads of burn up extra fuel finding a safe place to land to get back up to link backup to the command module they had this one rocket that had never really been tested on the moon before 'cause it never landed on the man had no backup it had the work and they had they had one chance to make it work there is no redundancy to that hasbro about just about the only thing they had absolutely no redundancy see on their mission and a people were so concerned about it the new york daily news a as well is newsweek both had typeset headlines in preparation for that rocket not firing in the astronauts being stranded on the moon a the the new york daily news headline that was set in type permitted ago a said maria and in huge letters and can you imagine had had that not worked in we'd we'd never look at them in the same way again so is incredibly risky incredibly challenging because it all went so well we think we have a certain hubris about the challenges we face in perhaps going back to the moon little ongoing on the mars and did you learn about the people in the flight room i understand there were some engineers that were in their twenties days they're making these big decisions about whether the go or no go on these on the mission 'em problems that were happening with the computers things like that yeah well they had they definitely have problems with their commuters i mean what one of these extrordinary technological developments that had to be made for apollo's they had to they had a miniaturized so much technology i mean computers in those days where is the biggest house practically a miniaturized these computers the fit the spacecraft television cameras whereas a big is a refrigerator and that had all these shrunk down the sort of technological innovation is kind of what led to the technological revolution that were living with today then you know speaking to you right now in my i found out it's an outgrowth of of the technological logical innovation that was undertaken ascend meant to the moon a the computer aboard apollo spacecraft in the lunar module had the league computing power of of electronic greeting card you pick up at the supermarket 'em is just extraordinary and that got us to the moon and yes the most of the people who worked for the apollo 'em were you know in their twenties and thirties was a loser people in the prime of their life doing the most exciting job of their live very dedicated and had to make life or death situations not just pretty astronauts but also you know the prestige the united states was riding on the success of that mission a one of the people in mission control not during the landing but in return and was a poppy north got who we profile in the film the first and only woman to work and apollo mission control the journey power yeah when you see pictures and watch the video mission control it just i see of male faces and she really does standout yes she was the only one there she got a lot of media attention at the time in a you know the the the the mission control a in houston is kind of almost a caricature of this sort of macho male environment 'em in a you know her experience there right during the time when the women's movement was becoming a really coming to the fore radicalized her and she became a she was a founding member of the national organization for women in texas and becoming became a national board member of now 'em none of that experience and one thing i wanted to touch on i'm i've heard you mention buzz aldrin he's walking on the moon but the fact of the cameras are on him at all these people are watching him that's the main thing he was thinking about yeah yeah i mean we had this incredible interview with buzz aldrin i interviewed him for about eight or ten hours 'em and guts remarkable stories that have been you know one of the one of which we have in the film is it you know during the entire time and he was walking on the moon the number one thing he was thinking about this television cameras pointing adam in the entire world at least all of all of the world who had access to a television set was was watching him and that was his primary preoccupation 'em worrying and he might trip and fall do something embarrassing in front of a nearly a billion people don't fall down well i guess when we landed on the moon i guess the thinking men was when all this happened this is the beginning this is who we are now you know we know united states can pull something like this off and then everything is possible but then what happened after that well public the public lost interest i mean it was one thing the land for the first time it was not it was the first humans deland the moon the first life from earth to leave the planet and land on the alien world and it was a one of the very first a times entire world had been linked together in a in a single live television event it was the unique thing has it is never before happened in human history a in this never happened since a so to do it again and again the public should have lost interest the last three missions of apollo apollo eight eighteen nineteen and twenty were cancelled and a we've kind of been stuck in low earth orbit ever since the robots of done remarkable a job the exploration 'em going places where humans really cat and that's been incredibly inspiring but a human exploration is now really in the hands of people like ilan musk and a jeff bezos and people like that i i think you know industry in terms of human exploration beyond beyond earth orbit and it's incredibly exciting what they're doing a i'm i'm looking forward to it but i don't think it's gonna be a grand leo national priority by the federal government again a that was a unique thing that happened it really is a cossio cortes with the cold war well robert congratulations on finishing this project and having it airs on pbs and thank you so much for taking the time to be with us we really appreciate it thanks so much robert chasing the moon is airing on pbs stations july eighth through the tenth july fifteenth through the seventeenth an all six hours will air july twentieth thank you for joining to reach us you can email us at florida matters a w s f dot org or you can tweet us at florida matters and florida matters is available as a podcast search for it wherever you get your podcast and florida

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Why Naval Academy students climb a greased up obelisk every year

"Hey history lovers. I'm Mike Rosen walled with retro pod a show about the past rediscovered. Every year, freshman at the US naval academy in Annapolis take part in an annual tradition where they must climb a twenty one foot high obelisk covered in vegetable shortening in place, a hat at the very top. The plebes have made their initial run at the monument. Yes, you heard that right for the freshman class, also known as the plebes the Herndon monument, climb is the ultimate test of the teamwork and perseverance taught during the first year. So what's the history here? Well, it's not about vegetable shortening. It's not really about patriotism. It's not even really about climbing. It's about romance. The plebes connection to the Herndon monument can be traced to the late eighteen hundreds in the days after the civil war, according to James Cheever's, the retired senior curator of the naval academy museum back then the freshmen were all white males were not allowed to socialize with women, but older students quartered young ladies on Sundays by taking them for walks down the campuses love lane, a path, where the Herndon monument has stood since eighteen sixty nine hundred seven plebes began tradition of swooping around the monument at the start of the summer to celebrate both surviving their freshman year and finally being able to take a date around love length. And then in one thousand nine hundred forty the plebes suddenly decided to climb, the monument, creating the kooky ritual that now unfolds during the academy's commencement week every spring call it. A well cold a very strange mating, call the original goal of the climb was to have a member of the class perch on top of the monument. According to Cheever's. They began placing an officers Whitehead at the obelisk peak beginning in one thousand nine hundred forty seven upperclassmen apparently thought that challenge was too easy. They began greasing the monument in nineteen forty nine and in one thousand nine hundred sixty two started placing plebes hat on top of the monument climbers would then replace with an upperclassman officers hat. The academy also began keeping track of how long it takes the plebes to finish the climb in nineteen sixty to that year's class shimmied up the obelisk in twelve minutes. The class of nineteen seventy-two boasts the fastest time at one minute thirty seconds. But no grease was used that time the plebes of nineteen ninety eight met in a specially sticky fate upperclassmen glued, and taped, the plebes hat to the top, it would take the plebes four hours and five. Minutes and seventeen seconds to finish giving them the record for the slowest time. Maybe you're gonna do. The naval academy spokesperson said the climb has never led to major injuries despite some body twisting tumbles legend has it that the plead who sets the upperclassmen hat at the monument peak is destined to become the first Admiral in the class as of this week that has yet to happen. I'm Mike Rosen. Thanks for listening. This piece was adapted from a story written by Rachel Siegel. For the Washington Post for more forgotten stories from history. Visit Washington Post dot com slash retro pod.

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Episode 87 - Southern Cocktails - The Cotillion and the Debutante

The Gentlemen of Elegant Leisure

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Episode 87 - Southern Cocktails - The Cotillion and the Debutante

"Or No more well the ironically the they the Pittsburgh convert by me but extinct they moved to California the so then they got a they have there used to be the Pittsburgh condors move of the mayor original America also but hello and welcome to the gentleman in her high right after the logical formations perpetuate permeate the entire state exactly when we're done with it looks good let's go into the show our seven digit was a memorable year very good year when I was seventeen eighty seven reconstruct them with the three of us we could improvise the whole scenes we rent a little close I didn't know there'd be writing in POW wow never mind fred sir hello freighter and what do we do is this your first time here we crack wise requires we make fun of things and just start now this will be the first episode yeah well welcome I'm Dave Hello Dave than you are I'm Jason and you Sir I sir funded Grizzly bear he's saying I any tales of Eddie now I will have to spring forth from my memory yeah you're Jason Remembers Assignment in South America I didn't terms a little better than ours ours was played for laughs I didn't even think it was terribly laugh filled but we wow catchy to that speech it over here a little bit closer to you gross the school for a short bit of eighty seven nine hundred seventy s crew and then I turned eighteen somebody but the story inevitably ends up being about you the storyteller right because that's really what the story was about otherwise he wouldn't have you wouldn't be retell it if you were there we had lots of week I could have written it down like listen to an old episode and said well this is what he said Joe White Rot coming into it didn't eighty seven I graduated from high school nineteen did it now is the best we can do short notice well when I said I guess we should start the show that was the short notice now I gave you a week's notice the microphone is to make her phone hog I don't think I've asked you to we are the first time let's it was a lot of people might just find US leisure episode runoff here's episode eighty seven eighty seven yes in here for the last one thanks that's right details if if we're lucky if we're lucky they're good tips exactly the pretty lucky if you're lucky we crack wise about something equality because there's a good chance that they have a regular segment tales of Eddie that's on hiatus fun any Craig Creativity on ice for maybe it'll come back I think he's out in creating new adventures he's probably this very day he's probably out hiking somewhere looking up to find him a more Eddie centric story or a story that Eddie told me and eating regarding that he told me Yeah like when he kicked that Hobo to death this part of the show minutes and thirty seconds of it around seventeen seconds it was a somebody recently talked about this I forget wh- somebody like giving a eulogy or somebody had done something where they wanted to tell a story about well he's not a doctor so there's no way he would have known the whole of dead would've had a medic alert bracelet on if we find his wrist going for drinks well speaking Kale misremembered tales have been reconstructed we could we could and a lot of people think that a Canadian was actually a an event of coming of age read we found a recipe for drink called the castilian sounds like modifying drake already sir look at those briefly from one angle that's no way you could know that man is dead search for the southern states if this your first time listening to this show you know that we love themes yeah we all do much about it but this time that's right this may come in handy on Trivia quick coincidentally are we also making deputy dot com that's the theme see automatically you start doing the southern accent horse even if you're in unable to do US appreciate the comments so far as we know it might have had a boot allergy for all your it could de Allergic reaction delivered is Mike Lines Fall I think not your other awesome sort yes but it turns out and it's not it's the training grins for coming of age bombs coming of age balls called debutante balls small time seven lawyers green for those southern climes are we I guess tail and I was this is from cafe can or can't shale or can't sale in Chicago Scott Kennedy is a bartender at cafe can Kelly in Chicago and he came up with this vibrant flavors I don't know something like Jean Comiskey so anyway so that was on the imbibe website now if you're a cocktail fan you've probably already have a subscription orange lemon juice balance out the warm Vanilla and oak notes of age spirits in this southern favorite now this is interesting we did not I didn't do anymore research other than vibe and you've probably already drink yourself in which case we're not even going to do you can skip the episode eighty-eight Necklace redoing the Gene Tierney his defense is that's right small town lawyer Fred Oh is it yeah they'll be interesting facts thrown in along the way too I don't think that's true isn't going to be listening to somebody bake bread well Oh this is all complete complete if we'd done three drinks we also would have done a Scarlett O'Hara they certainly could have we done and we describe it to you and this is about what you say why am I listening to this guy's making shouldn't I be watching plaza not from these concur with a limited friend across the table Ken Kelly Cafe Can Kelly quadrant I believe later realizes ice would be so loud we generally discouraged shooting which in my wife Jessica's supplied us with some fresh cinnamon buns out from coming out party for you debutante at sale for can't say are can't say cafe definitely them the other word here look at that day anything that is cafe C A N C l e Kellie Kellie get a Lotta Joe Fancy over you Mr Italy none of the class it's Congo or is that Kasagicm saga the view the first time listener here saying they've done eighty six of the yeah yeah and we had special guest host another one yeah so it works people are buying it people at yet for nothing you know if you WANNA buy something I'll go to a prestige decanters we're using some of our doc quadrille the quadrant let's right so it's funny Quadra island for you geographic fans has nothing to do with four guys name hair no I think not I think we would we would have our accents would be better if we do a gene Tierney out in La five thousand miles a year to visit I saw her show if your first time listener Fred always has something mouth normally his foot nope not the cracking wise this is the show in a nutshell Dave provides the facts Fred ignores annoys US Kaleri back again deadbeat dad any squats outside the door this guy can pick them up and hold them and stuff yeah it's a forerunner of the square day sexually French originally French it's also similar dance called the I assumed he came up with that there have been a southern favorite perhaps already exists could tell him well we'll find we'll history sketchy on the cocktail on Youtube checking out the gentlemen of Elegant Leisure on Youtube Yeah where you'll get all the recipes and Dave's hand held video madness the Prestige to Canterbury this very day to make drake and so you too can be a gentleman investigate leisure tip use a these it helped him when he was covered annoy that's pretty nice up Palin covered in oil is like that's going to be real lawyer offs by my mouth right and you've had a saas for wild Turkey ever since one pulled a thorn out of your origin I couldn't find a really because it says here at Scott uses dry cured south is a instead of triple sex lies there is a published triple sex on with some age drum and every year they add new room and they take some remote and so in theory a small percentage of that and then I crack wise about friends thing about March within the French Chilean thanks for like my dad's go anywhere he stays there from July till February then he utters off of the debate you will next time so now what we do is we make this drink outlet for you this is your first episode and then Dave and Fred and I drink it the Bourbon did you bring it has bourbon in it is well Turkey because as I have a soft spot for welter and I like those I'm going to me they're neat and they look like they'd be hard to knock over but they're really pretty state they think of that the funny thing about this stuff so I thought I'd look it up a little bit this is fantastic this is what we do this is why you listen to the show so it's not age seven years Um and juice I'm going to get you to cut eleven and a half for me please and half an ounce of fresh orange juice and I squeezed orange juice with an inch of its life or an orange with an inch can you pass me the curious how vital to real time well you guys went out this weekend I got a Ping Ping when it's here for three weeks now what we do it later no that's fine should do it now this is I'm new squeezer that I'm using my other one was a Wilson Wilson St Yeah that's what we saw out suburban of aged rum eggs anywhere from one slugger me like a couple of drinks remember the actress Gene Tierney an actress named Gene Tierney it's gold clubs seven and his aged right so it's what they call they call continuous agent so to sixty years half an ounce of dry curious how that's the kicker in this one because apparently they use triple sec three quarters of ounce of freshly aw I've always a reason to clip about a guy that Bub befriended a penguin doc it's based on the design of the plague mask is either yeah is sick the herbs in their keep kill the germs. I just figured it's going to be deadpanned Dedrick so should we do the Kocharian first because that's what you do you want to tell you I tell you I think also is something to do with a square but that's funny actually says aged seven years when I went to a website that said yeah that's not what we do I think that's the to see his already problems problems with the tupperware no makeup to the extra jigger sick I think maybe God again and that has room in their four ounce and a half I think you'll find so get them the cocktail okay for the purposes I'm going to read it to you here but we doubled it all so that we can share it around but this is going to need an ounce of Bourbon three quarters of an ounce of age drum it don't you take some of the Dole yes well it's more like a starter I think right okay it seems really strange until you know how sour dough bread is made right you buggers this amazing one is made by Tupperware the Tupper family yes Charles Tupper so let's start all over again we weren't gonNA need that other half of that lime or lemon I was take care of the chances of plastic rusty almost almost nil virtually zero virtually zero however there is a hinge which could be problems it's just coming out of this thing yeah no not really disappointing. Aw That's alive I've never heard a cow in my life a cattle herd of cows earlier today so I have unadulterated orange juice in a small vial now this used to have blood in it yeah but I cleaned ed but it's always bubbling and boys trick ship cake you're supposed to yeah he may I don't think people do that anymore because of the hygiene reasons except you you give it to somebody else to rake unlike those proprietary Baptists and San Francisco to keep it at all to them selves but name we're the as original rump from one thousand nine hundred sixty is still mad model very very much so let's continuously age age that has no age statement translation but only say it's continuously aged as like what the way you make a stew and it's always cooking and you keep adding stuff to it and sleep for you Sir all right Sir you get the first crack at it and as I said we're going to double it so I'm GonNa need an ounce and a half of lemon juice have cut the other one was narrower you didn't know whether it was going to be a size issue it's just squeezing position brought an extra jigger and I could have been adding liquor summa Williams and Simpson over and it was very good yeah until use it and then it got to chip somehow and then it got rusty underneath it so take that Ah step really background on the Castilian this a second I got it dodgy but you know if you can't believe the Cubans who can you believe right so how they do it is they started making this in the early sixties you know that's over here I hear you gotta get up to their height year after lemon juice and you should get your friend to squeeze it for you for yeah so you get to hear all the stuff a lot of people would take this out but we're not going to see how much already had could be it's just got really thick on the couldn't use that juice always okay pretty sure if I do that now you can get over my shirt the blood out and now it's only got orange juice but mostly can I get your your little measuring thing and you're squeezy squeezer our sure you're going to do that and you're getting more pulp go look at this so this is just for lines mainly now or or looking better than it did before it's like pledge we're going to tell court date import Liebeck David go hand job and he puts it say what you're listening everything anyways there they managed to see through the earthquake that's right the big fire and earthquake of nineteen still taste one tablespoon how much do I need to wait when out what's even possible kind of rumpled brings the club seven Oh that's even older than when they use they use inkster five you just you gotta really lean into this well certainly comes out as much milking a cow milk account once with a pair of pliers yeah I got this if you go online you might be able to find this recipe and you wouldn't even have to work you both all in this is free uh-huh excited about yeah you're GonNa have extra Linden's and another year I I'm listening to the show we thought it would be fun to none we don't end it this sprayed all the dining leaking no no you from useless it's the little splash and the good thing if you're wondering lemon juice is great for would is it yeah so Dave's table if anything oh Lebron grab the narrow resplendent this is your first time listening always get the narrowest it goes again tilted sideways and TV get a little bit of spillage and we're going to come down here let me all the other half that'll fit now had it I know I did have it it was so good and I just grabbed limit you can find going to put some bourbon here Fritz Bourbon than me very soon exhausted let's see here it is on the side this is where you're going okay so what do you need at home if you're doing this you're gonNa Jigger and it'll have a measurement on the side of a quarter round yeah I think there's probably and they don't have baseball franchise sure at the podium sweep the pirates pirates pirates the comfort dental he's really hot raining they'll get a little leverage off of this thing an half an ounce three quarters of an ounce and it'll have an ounce if you're lucky it gives us calls for three quarters of an ounce if you've got an ounce you've got I blatantly tupperware okay where's the we're very close quarter of an ounce yeah I know what's in there Jessica Jessica this is going to be a very amber looking drink Bhagat bourbon rum and curious how the lemon juice has already in and then my priests we used orange juice then I can't help you talking about ten but because how'd you said it's unadulterated unadulterated you daltry armed Vanilla in oak notes of age spirits not as much of those know by balancing out means eliminating entirely wild Turkey or Rahman here to it's the color of this is my name's Fred Partridge and I say get young girls drunk Fred Partridge it's either say that stubborn uh-huh yes Kalian the vibrant flavors of orange lemon juice I would say their their balance out the the people claim to love blurry maybe from the orange juice had to get a little bit of Oak I do get into that or whatever you call Oak occas Vanilla twelve years old who were just starting out on the journey to womanhood now I'm pretty sure that's what I can tell You aw autumn correct and it's it's not too dry it's just a little bit of sweetness to it it was we yes no actually it says a perfect drink is that's just a mistake tapu bumped his elbow wow but tastic no but it's a great drink it's very citrusy got a good kick with the Bourbon the room that's a funny mix throw some cubed ice got mice sure they're going to move the cinnamon buttons images of shaky cocktails there we go people at home suspended that's it you know if you're asking yourself this moment bedrick representatives this very well I think late Mason why the hell was I listen to this again now here's you get to hear drink beam port you're that that's ice rattling around screens it didn't matter that you've got all that pulp who told you that I in your bio but I wrote remember seeing bio I'll it's it's boozy juice juice Scott Kennedy has made boozy juice cafe can Kelly in Chicago and passed a bond so that's now we're talking about this briefly and then we'll get a little bit tipsy and then the fun begins Fred will tell you maybe a more potent and more flavorful bourbon maybe they used old forester eighty-six in their one which we did not have access uh about young girls that he has fed the drain noble I know that's not that's not true but I was led to believe the thing which I love sure who doesn't love extra having around in the thing I would get a recording of that it was just the band played on so anything to present it that's eight two is the Castilian the kiss don't drink that you would serve two young girls habits we had them outside to outdoor rabbits so what do you think of that realm and the what the ice will do was it will actually chilled drink it was there just for effect funny voices or something on this very little point listening to this show can you ever go this was going to be dancing a little rougher after the first incarnations in old France derived from Rome one of these are really okay maybe hokey but not okay and the orange get boosted with the orange flavor from writer from the curious out so water just nodded off to heard it all right and then playing on is to now this wild turkeys overproof this wild Turkey or is it just like barely it's very busy point five yeah it's a funny makes notes from both of them in there I've got notes for you from your mother your mother in a class in a glass just to see you want me to move out of your way because I'm not gonNa tell you what I want you to do you know what I don't know maybe the wild Turkey he doesn't maybe he's not so oak as we now he's more Turkey got email believe I do go I'll put it in your email email but I like this asleep this is the sound that they had heard on the titanic vice rattling around in your to legendary create creators behind some of the world's most revered whiskies have come together to bring you Fred Partridge something special well the next one has grenadine could be this would be like for your fall table I'm GonNa try a little bit about this little this rum yeah you're in your early sixty cindy you and sometimes you'll do a seventh generation master Distiller Fred No fred no I get that and then refined by world awesome yeah I keep going back to its I think they only note is the openness I don't even know for sure that's really coming from because partially finished in wine and Sherry casks we yes but there's a sort of Japanese can connection to it I'll read it to you Jason Yeah another singer Ah when one is in the early sixties is they will celebrate a birthday and so you had your birthday on the weekend Oh yes dave and I had our birthdays earlier in the year and but Dave says to me on my birthday Oh yeah gotta take you from renowned chief blender Shinji Fukuyama who Japanese whiskey maker Legion is a marriage of east and west to celebrate or it was bottled in the early sixties who could tell now speaking of the early sixties you're in your early sixties it's a family I would say loop of a burnt-out to seventy years old forty percent favoring and sharing so there you go happy birthday old Chum Ninety four proof that yeah guacamole you before and lingering spikes to the flavors of dried fruits pulled from wine and Sherry casks every sip of legion is worth saying birthday and then when his birthday happens Oh my God I got what you should do something for your birthday and then he says we didn't do anything for your birthday and we go back and forth on that and we're totally fine Fred Hi Kelly Gila made we'll you know how how the summertime like and so I'm giving you this on the show this is called legion I seem to four who's Bourbon it is it's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey expertly distilled it's funny that they put that back yeah that's a quote the haphazardly that like other bourbons wow I really packing snow apparently Castilians ended in bloodshed after Asian of the craftsmanship of Kentucky Bourbon balanced with the artistry of Japanese blending for Richard Roma's of mature Oak. We probably should've I should've gave this the next fifteen minutes oh okay so you should be good so that's it's a very the nose is if you didn't have enough orange that's underlining the orange while I run it past the wife she said a bad batch your color more than than always might be the Vanilla Theo keenness Geez all right it gives us gives yeah the show just jumped on the show so that way I get credit quite a different aroma it does have a Roma how well I sometimes when I give gifts to people I like to make sure that it's not just the fruity but it's very I don't get a lot of bourbon lemon juice over my fingers yeah no there's a smell to it the rookie mistakes so there you go I wanNA share some now too because we can compare and see how this imagine how this might have hands were always went no childhood candy or something like that yeah there's an element there that I can't like Popeye Cigarettes Sleep Popeye cigarettes that I that I can identify for my childhood because my father was an abuse about hauling insured you remember the shampoo that made your head tingled yeah this is like that except that works from the inside Shit that I'm giving them so I also purchased the bottle for my gosh heavy on that that's all right I don't have anywhere to go there's a little bit more of a heavy burden because it's forty six percent alcohol who that's right going to end up having opened flavor re uh-huh between copying would recommend going on a hike cigarette I would not recommend that state mm-hmm now this puts me in mind of the deep does indeed Sir where the Gentleman Vela leisure come in because now we just set the slowly there you go well this is very nice well thank you and then take it for you for fourteen have you got cigars you guys little vintage ones old and dry in the wild Turkey Burger King so I'm not that would have made much of it it's not super sweet though the Oh yeah that's right that happened and so I took I got this what we do as well there's always a gift giving on the air every to have a backup shaker thank you dave for the thing that you do with the thing because once you've come out not you well if you thought it was hard just to smoke a cigar yeah this to trendall along it'd be ridiculous what do you think that's good I really like bourbon good to know quite a treat it was a full of viruses leave immediately about the bar man whose name is Robert Sharp I found this on a website called Barnes Journal or Bar Man's journal I tried to go to that just earlier and it was not available uh-huh candle yes I would sip it probably cube of ice to take yeah I think it's GonNa be a little bit or little smash water the one time Dave and I go out walking zoot mark I like a hike but it was flat walk you're GonNa call it a hike because it was outside it feels spiderman then what what Robert Sharp words on this as well as making a more user friendly website than we have and I just like to bring a cigar well remember that some day there gift giving those Oh dear okay all right interesting though no believe soothing burn really tell it's Kerry knew because of the constant bringing in your inside it and big court isn't that big court fund the Fund is getting into none of it is I got a barrel Bundy grip on it the list stripper who fantastic last ads for red for free where you going Fred I was hoping you were going to use this one oh ever hosted a cocktail party and you're making more than one drink real finding an unexpected treasure I'm not shopping you know I shouldn't turn this into a tales of Eddie Eddie came up with this still good the books themselves are fun to read how maybe like it just don't for your birthday he gets from lunch okay but I don't know if that is any more than sued the name I bring a cigar long and he looked at me like what built cigar I don't even know where I got it from the full frontal nudity can experiment with the debutante is a cocktail that comes from just such now from both Dave and I I just said putting money into shirt he went and picked it out will prohibition in Nineteen thirty four the name of the drink caught my eye and the short ingredient list promised a simple flavorful drink a used book living grab a little cocktail and me was the impetus for for partly this show right doc jeans bartender's guide that's Weird Jane with a y in the middle of it which was published just after the repeal of and is he likes to keep is out for classic cocktail books when he's in thrift shops or use bookstores clever film which is what I did sure I was I'm GonNa tell you what's in it right now it's got Jin lime juice simple Syrup Grenadine and orange bidders forgot Oh my God thank you Fred I forgot to bring the life discovering new to me recipes than I can experiment win fruity pomegranates and we're gonNA use store-bought Grenadine. That's full of fruity pomegranate. This this is a good one we haven't had a problem he likes to go bigger go home cocktail those layers of flavor will translate nicely into the finish cocktail this isn't the say ingredients to play around with as changing the ratios can give you a wide variety of finished cocktails oh how many were GonNa make this one I think for instance you will get different results with different types of grenadine roses is going to give you a break pink drink while homemade granting we'll give you both color in a nice hint out no no let's you've you you're young girl you've been plied with drink my friend for the man in his early sixty I recommend using a more herbaceous Jim in this cocktail and so we decided that instead of herbaceous we would go for the biggest catching yeah added to our cocktail Walt Disneyworld and Delray beach and this is the advantage that does this bad little German prisoner bill coming out parties the other ones didn't have simple syrup or the orange bidders if you just have aromatic bidders and so we're GONNA have a little bit Liz and also lean tend to be more brown than read I think he might be buying is Brittany where he gets his used books so you might want to consider adding Ashra roses just to improve the look of the finished cocktail actually I think I did have a very running grenadine once that was kind of I did want this world like a juice uh grenadines it didn't have the that red in color it was kind of you know there's no mold growing on it and we're using that exact and you should do the same at home grenadine doesn't have a mold use it some commercial brands of pomegranate it really happened and you want to escape or come out of this is he's all drinks which is why we know just look on the Internet and the first one that comes up playing agreed old books on Amazon Ebay but I enjoy the that you can't use a dry gin but I think that a bit sweeter is better with a name like the debutante in light of this I also add when he says lime juice and Grenadine yes what else could dash points bidders heard that before this is a fun who played George can you cut that in half for me I want you to squeeze I'm going to squeeze this line the bitter sold us on the idea that we could use up some of the orange bidders gin lime juice simple syrup Grenadine orange betters the cocktail made with gin they didn't I've made it adult that's what I'm thinking and we'll use these three little guys here I think will be our our beverages of a touch of simple syrup to drink and so that's what makes this different the other published debutantes that I looked online what's your into the easy one oh yeah I know that I've seen how dangerous this can beep it's not my fault no that's what can you imagine how a George Clinton reference went over real good somehow book commentary it didn't land great is about to be perfectly honest people work even though George Clinton wasn't a guy that I was selling glasses too he said his wife said Oh those classes are kind of funky and he says do I like some funky and I said you're like a regular George Clinton and he did a double take and he said the George Clinton Parliament fugger Delic I made a George Clinton joke at work today do I sell glasses for a living you know threw cold end who I like comedy Barman's journal Field Friend Stain Superman Spiderman Spiderman Spiderman it's not his last name I see that's close sometimes rough on the Germans shot with US army loves them so if you're listening please forgive us currently following orders just doing what I was told you can't blame me why not stained something really my reputation at usually so what are we doing now I'm GonNa shake this I don't need any more pictures of me shaking cocktail be watching me shake a cocktail server instagram what is instagram handle wow the squeeze your fruit got nowhere to go but there's people at home listening to this and they're sick and saddened by the noise and this has lime juice now I got a bigger lime in the hopes that I could get enough juice out of medicine not too big not too big because the tupperware a bird throw the other thing just yet yeah because we want to get a three quarters of an ounce of lime juice and this guy and because we doubled it and I'm hoping to get an ounce and off out of this guy and I might have to get into that into that other one because I'm only getting a half ounce that's what I'm seeing there yeah the colleagues phone calls for two teaspoons looks like a teaspoon Mrs One I don't see why there shouldn't be like that it's pretty popular in the downtown eastside using and one on one one part water one part sugar way let it boil it get the low of sugar crystals that sense that's his thing he is a man in his early and look this Grenadine this is going to add a lot of fun color disappear listed good you risk it God Fred says should be done this is a huge fan of diva weird inconvenient they had the foresight to turn it into a four day weekend central which alluded sess yes yeah and a sweet pomegranate flavor so it's good for kids maybe Christmas time yeah no exactly coming out party no I don't I have a Lotta lime in it but I guess that's why you need the simple syrup which dave made Dave has crafted once again for us his home made simple serum what's the secret recipe record the show we have maple trees would and we also over different Thanksgiving we do the second Monday in October thanks for free for free and their the dash of orange bidders because a fault my friends the Germans especially subsets where my family eric interest two ounces of Gin yeah yeah no I don't mind that lock I discovered in my old age I'm not in my early sixties you understand ascended in you can leave a comment somewhere look at this this is actually perfect for the fall colors here in Canada where we eighty four say it looks very very very nice which was no there's no house you got the I mean COSMO Kramer yeah sort of very nearly though there nearly let seems to have elwood's of the COSMO 'cause they're Jinnah Cosmo Collusive Four Day weekend so this you can garnish with a cherry but we're not going to know this is an are coming out party for heaven's sake no a long drive ahead of them so I just read a pastime okay you're over here if you ever read the pastime tavern in Blaine Washington so three I've been doing that job for so long I remember do you remember that raises them because I drove him from yeah and it looks to pepper all of these things very song found try houses I mean I love the people you know but no dig a little deeper dick honestly dig a little deeper if yeah yeah have you tried to eat a pomegranate since sixty eight wow they're around nope would you say it's sweeter than wine but oh I see it it doesn't call you to to third drink the shake and bring out to stir it because it will clean that little spoon off a little bit and the Americans used on the bay and then they changed yeah Christmas pomp freak freaks I remember having one in one thousand nine hundred one on a cold day in November us you have to cut that out one Freddie wicked wicked wicked and evil while casting a spell this is why you should always just pre get a park yeah yeah why should always buy it frozen or something so it's already been picked out yeah and plus it stains of your first time making a drink and you have to go get store grenadine that's fine but if you can find something slightly better it'll make it a huge difference Labor yes because pomegranate actually has a flavor name was Jason Mirror a real guy thinks so how how can there be another one he looked yeah yeah this is what you should serve the children the continuing ooh yeah the pop singer God lemonade vibe I think off of it yeah the grinning pets big punch in this it does in guys and I had gone over to his house after school which is why no the year because it didn't hang out with Jason much after this particular time the now but it didn't look like me his name was Jason Harvey Release too I mean pay somebody else to get crab and my pomegranate my friend who was also named Jason that made me eat it they have a lot of sweetie goodness because I just realized this is operatives better there's a cocktail day would interesting at COSMO Pre cosmo who that gather bend at the Cosmo ripping off the debutante from nineteen thirty four. She should have known better plus macrame. It's got a Meghan by now you've got pretty well developed muscles in your upper body oil got big arms right yeah it's read enough anymore sticking me not thinking Jerry and so this is a little sip from nineteen thirty four really who is not just sweet it's actually kind of a neat funky tropical probably is because it looks like a tropical fruit yeah but in the ass that this was completely wrong like someone had just cracked an egg in my hands boom and I didn't have it again for years maybe thirty years before actually had access to another one but now you see all the time Jamie Oliver does it a lot he cut it in half and he turns it upside down and then he this is like a watermelon except where there's way more seed than the fruit bats apt description or not that he wasn't a good guy but you think and he said Hey you WanNa pomegranate and I said I don't know what you're talking about and then he brought it out and I still ground did not make much of an impression I guess no opinion that's what I remember about it apart said this tastes really which is not bad growing online yes and then there's the fact that it's a pomegranate flavours wasn't just sweet what's his name is saying here roses please don't virus kind of like a reddish yeah I remember I was doing it right now let's just as bad as I remembered yeah the whole thing is just wrong you eat the seeds now I enjoy the pink one the yellow one I don't know the Castilian I like it Bourbon Room and again mixing at home as well yeah they should make these two drinks don't know yet I don't know either grant but it takes every one also problem but that's why they it's very light in comparison very fruity which is funny because it's got Bourbon and Romanet yet has djinnit and now we all have the soft and it looks like a salmon egg and you bite it in half POPs into have half fibrous but the rest of it is that fibrous terrifying Husky ask that stuff is not that's actually insulation Oh what's the party of seed gotta eat the seed it was left hand the funding here's what left hand I'm just wondering about the differences that you could achieve in the flavor with either a different bourbon right proportions I I'm sorry the popcorn you're updated heated up jarring so I struggled my way through it thinking the whole time Castilian because I think that this red one over time would be legal wing I was going to say Khloe the Tumor Turmeric pomegranate cocktail votes pillow I can remember so yes I know less than twenty years when do you remember having your first pomegranates I don't remember I oh you're reading COSMO GIN is made with lemon flavored vodka maybe so juices juices so expensive and Dr do that's what I want I went back to the to the other drink and it's very but this is taking forever might as well beaten the love like the crap yes fruit edit the crab fruit yes it could be good but you really got to work for it anything comes out of it what do you think they have symptoms definitely sweeter than the previous the other side with a spoon and that knocks the seeds out we need to care about getting over and over less is the pulp the eat don't eat one and a half of those you throw something else in there maybe a sparkling wine or club soda I think what it's doing for me maybe the club Soda I is is because we live right now this is all it takes to do it too I think I enjoy the yellow one or not because I get a little bit of dryness at the end which the curious how I still like it I like both the drinks at noon in fact I probably prefer well I'm not going that way the long way around now now how that's great is the first time I ever had it so I've never done that because I've never made the strict before right had this streak but you're going to go by that elementary school by Your House on the

tupperware Pittsburgh Charles Tupper Baptists California America Dole San Francisco Meghan Jerry three quarters seven years forty six percent seventeen seconds fifteen minutes one tablespoon thirty seconds forty percent seventy years two teaspoons
Mason and Ireland [HR 3]

Mason & Ireland

1:03:10 hr | 1 year ago

Mason and Ireland [HR 3]

"The artist is rockwell mess in Ireland Sigma that's my right yeah there are people for whom nine to five is still definitely coming back tomorrow night in Dallas it's a great soccer Lakers of you bring minutes to start in his return Kuba told me in August that it didn't matter his emergence as a cornerstone for the Lakers Shamsher Rania with that tackler deliver game was bad but Alex Caruso has been good sixteen points or eighteen points from cow Kouzmin to that and all the sudden you're a team with depth now you're really only playing the best guys that you have you don't have to dip into guys four and so that to me is the other fringe benefit of having Kuzma minutes if eighty and Lebron have to go to the bench it's a guy who if you wanna work him in with eighty and Lebron you're averaging now allowing just ninety seven point five points per game a a let's see how do you explain that and that ratings the difference between offensive in the League Lakers lead the League in blocks and steals have at least at this point in the embraced this role wholeheartedly there's no goes on which is not something you always see I'm trying to trying to pull up the numbers right now like the Dwight I do I well well defensively especially he's explosive as now you're talking about a defense that is really difficult to get inside against really difficult offense one and done you're in good shape greg so ad with to go with your point here Brian ad a huge job. Wow that's bigger than I could have sized for news I think there's more to it than that to also is because ad so the numbers are going to change because Anthony Davis is the absolute star it says a way to put this in perspective Dwight Howard with Danny Green in nineteen minutes net rating they only allow forty seven and a half here's the thing though we you are this is this is victim nine yeah we we don't take any of this to the bank one thing I really liked well has shown that he is willing to make adjustments try different combinations you games they have outscored opponents two nineteen to one thirty five they I think that's not sticking with the original game plan that's making making adjustments so you're saying Steve to that small lineup they added cruise they moved eighty two five the kind of rip the band couldn't go bear was right there because Laker centers whether it's McGee or Howard neither one of them can shoot right game two they already said let's establish the precedent where sometimes we're going to do this the weather here is Chris Bosh who knows a little bit about playing with Lebron WanNa do that I didn't want to do it I don't WanNa do it either and I understand defy because he's going to be dangerous when he said can you elaborate on that why didn't you WanNa do it well beyond understand exactly where he's coming from he probably wants to shoot four or five three's a game he wants the secondary situation release valve you know what I mean at the mm-hmm when he finishes at the five finishes up to five because they have the White Howard love how good the Lakers can be with ad at the five you know Frank Vogel talked about this Africa over the weekend after both games really avoiding then healthy Yup and you need both of those things and you are going to probably have to spend back but you're going to see however much you see it in the regular season you see three times as much the next we'll tell you exactly the suspensions have come down and we'll fill you in on all of that my new culture pop podcast went online today it's with producer director and always please rate and review all right so there was a scrap tom in Karl Anthony towns I at another point Karl Anthony towns through Joel embiid first of all so not that was but here is currently three talent today secure system we usually do so disappointed in the level of what happened was as competitive as a competitive game that's all it was a lot of great I I just think that we need a team you gotta be playing better with our system we can't we it was added gangs they came yeah my sense is that that was a competitive game here it wasn't a fight how would you characterize what went down Philadelphia a snuggle party Tom how can you call some of fighters have no pontus rollover stand back and see what happens tap out because of the chokehold coming up for you in just ten minutes is fast track Tim- The haunted house of L. A. Sports here juicy Yu Darvish gloves from game seven you're in the twenty-eight teams it is a picture of Steve Plenty in the writer's room came up with that somebody Mario Ruis Astra I'm so excited the entire prepare I prepared some of them forty one of them in honor of you when Ice Kaminskys here Lindsey theory is here let's see coin flip time on one side of the all it carefully in the air they miss I'm realistic you win the Coin Flip Lindsey it's to you the only MLB team to never appear in the World Series on my question is guys what's the me personally longest losing streak in my life heels loves batting or love gambling probably not is so much fun it is so much fun who dodgers out in the first round of the playoffs I consider that to be a losing streak. Espn going somewhere else in that regard we all been there but yeah in I always not only lose my job at also cost me money to lose my job like this that was because they only lasted one day that's my problem Oh yes I actually went through a long period when I was at Fox sports radio is laid the and was laid off from that job as well and then I got fired from my job at a BJ's and Komo news ing to being a waiter at be l.. Yeah Oh yeah hey can check my cyborg and I was on a break and he got calling me a jerk or an a hole and over and over and I said Yeah I guess in the restaurant we were in the back thankfully but yeah I got fired ask Jack Brian is Tom the way for the game the Lindsay Game Let's do this one you best candy is recess peanut which I think is pretty lame I'm glad you brought that up I'm pro heath Haidar Lindsey what about best candy it'd be painted m's violate life changer never tried to get some totally half of it tastes old maybe it's been sitting in someone's closet probably ours are delicious okay I also like the bottlecaps little sugar candies worst candy on chocolate with an awful consistency coconut thing and I feel like the saddest re-submit buttercup or the peanut butter eminem's those are delicious ooh butter twix now they have become a I cannot find them anywhere for pretty they I'll be stopping everyone on the way home there you go and the Worst Candy Lisa Best Research and Candy Corn Candy Reese's first professional soccer player Shane Duffy revealed one of the most bizarre superstitions in football his take a look a lucky toilet at the games if there are three cubicles and somebody is in my one station that you've ever seen what is your biggest superstition Lindsey even if you do it the smart had I don't I'm not a superstitious person insertions okay things just in case I'm Kinda just in case sort of person with superstition gotta it's working yeah right I would I would wear you know I wouldn't say like good exciting for game yeah teens against US absolutely right to watch a no hitter I or rent an apartment with an even number only like odd number in two three four twenty one twenty two twenty all that it always has to be on an odd number if that's the part that I don't believe the odd knows only one the odd number thing is a real thing for me in his Shin Beth wrong way he's walking Oh oh walking off this is my fantasy tight end so this is important I'm at seventeen seconds so my question to you guys is he's I with my tongue Dr bar trick it is and usually for once they find out things so I I mean I can type thank you very much that's a quota and Danny when people do often the air I type so loud right Greg Super Fast Yeah I'm trying to think of something I can do that like that but I mean I am a very typist he went to the national chips it's absolutely true Marcellus Wiley had to have you here in an honor of your presence not only do we have a game where you get to use your name as a acceptable would be like if it's something like being scientific thing is your Buzzer Yup and it's Steve Versus Lindsay in a game of name that theory nickname is I'd never seen the show big told him that was when you're not supposed to say Oh oh you're supposed to say right no compare seems so controversial is actually burned at the stake because of this scientific theory that he put forth I will give you a clue the nearest shady no on the Earth Franks's like what are we doing the kind of questions I hear what if there relativity and we need to get better at the buzzer this ascended this is so embarrassing this nineteen is yes Lindsey Gibson's character was wild ideas alright mason is up five zero but lindsay the good news is the final question Lindsay bury injury he got his correct Lindsey with next will you'll be much better at much better I promise I Austin you guys I was I've been looking forward to this for so long I got one I've got one you'll really says with confidence realize taking small tech consulting firm in Germany in late twenty seventeen he introduced a radical idea to reduce they leave at one PM the firm's managing director says employees deliver the Sir check just twice a day and most meetings are scheduled to last no more than fifteen in the US because we've kind of jobs but I think I know I spend a lotta time putting phones way would definitely be beneficial no instagram no social media slowly down into your expect if you're expected to be able to fill up your day with eight hours of work but you don't have workplace more efficient efficient in ways that aren't just stacking technology because it is message and email message offer my editor and then he called me because I wasn't answering a neighbor yeah I think it makes a Lotta Sense Czech Lindsey it's to you all right pumpkins favorite pumpkin related anything whether it be food or an activity what do you love understand the starbucks everything this season this part of the years pumpkin spice hatred the attitude everywhere and cool and I you know I don't know if everybody has this been incentive Pennsylvania they have this thing called the bring you on the sprouts Oh so frigging good pumpkin rolls I'm a sucker for pie but I like Pumpkin flavored things like I like you know soups Anti Gordon Bergman Bergman Hey score score idea what a gourd is hate talk swell healy for my really smart it's a fruit moving on businessman named Johnny Chung Shun Yee sold a single parking spot you pay per year to always have a parking spot no matter where you go what how much would you pay for that yearly I want to pay that much are feel like it's going to walk the distance is store or a restaurant because I'm keeping track of my steps on my are people ready to recognize you on your way home seen our thank so I'm not stepping in you can walk lady so direct quotes you refer This was a game Lindsey you can play Brian Play Greg you could play ain't bad luck in the fifteen hundreds when a few hundred were found at the site of what was believed to in fiction Brian say that it's fiction fiction yeah there's a lot assists the evil deeds of witches not vampires number two the spurs and Clippers L. is cost you brian is at factories at fiction I just assumed he dressed in the Asian that's a fiction Lindsey fiction you guys are correct to say on Thanksgiving during the eighteen hundreds men paraded door to door and boys often followed begging for Greg is a factor fiction I think we're due for a fact do for fact punch yeah true you're begging it is Egger in the movie young Frankenstein funches that factor is that fiction at it sounds like he did write it but he's no it's fiction young Frankenstein the only Mel Brooks movie with the Devil and one originally people didn't car pumpkins they carved potatoes you last question I thought you said Mel Gibson millbrook which is why I was so adamant that it was Brian Carve pumpkins fact checking potatoes Jugo there it is a fact they originally carved potatoes number six the original final in most famous novel she did she died the day after completing it at the age act the correct answer is fiction she wrote that book created the Chamber of Horrors in London in nineteen zero two featuring wax sculptures off Greg you have to go first you're winning you've got six is that dance to win say whatever you want just happy to be here in and I seventy the anti curtis you were terrible those anything yeah no I thought you performed all right coming up next for you let's circle back around what it's like when you're trick or treating at the Mason home at the Ireland Home Kim Dj man we grinded this song into the ground every holiday tonight I'm getting killed or or welcome do something with this Kevin Durant Kevin Durant was on I take today and Ising to me is that fight that on court fight he had with draymond green and I don't recall yeah I mean if your teammate talk to you that way you think about it a bit but you know go to stay at raiders head and I felt like we other players just like you know it was tough all of us kind of separate not really hardly bill three core he goes on to talk if he's GonNa play and there was talk that maybe he was pressured by Team about that was there an for can you describe the atmosphere around somebody before me and we're celebrating every day was just him and I just working building anything to the ownership I'm sure I mean I'm one of the best players on the team and we're ah I felt at the time that there was pressure didn't you Brian Not really I put in a position that he's GonNa feel like you're putting his career at risk I think he put pressure on himself to play these guys want to win Do we know do we hear anything updated I know they were going to do some additional imaging on that today sorry take your time this season is going nowhere if I'm Klay Thompson Four David Robinson got hurt it was six games into the season they didn't have twenty protected and I think it's fair to say now that is going to be the ball in the top back Claes back draymond still they're they're going to be better yeah so like this is it building without your star guy just play without your stars and you're you're gonNA you're gonNA lose automatically kind of season Yup and what a letdown All right so it's Halloween Josh trick or

Lakers Lebron Jack Brian soccer Ireland Anthony Davis Dallas Shamsher Rania Alex Caruso Kuba Espn Dwight League Komo Fox sports Tom seventeen seconds nineteen minutes eight hours ten minutes
 The Crucible  with Michael Botts

Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

57:29 min | 1 year ago

The Crucible with Michael Botts

"Welcome to these influencers networking secrets podcast this is the gathering place of radically generis entrepreneurs where you learn to master the three ends up servant leadership in business and in life are interviews with the world's most successful leaders in entrepreneurs will help you become a magnetic source of guidance wisdom and accountability you'll become a magnanimous source of generosity fellowship in coaching in you'll become a marketable source of entrepreneurship small business and social innovation this episode is sponsored by the book business be on business get your free copy today by going to be paul as edwards dot com in signing up for our mailing list or text the letters are g e two six six eight six six now let's begin here's your host paul edwards i welcomed influencer networking secret send a you're gonna like this one i'm welcoming marine veteran and a success coach and international bestselling author michael box to the program he has released a bestseller called escape average go big pennies a keynote speaker baker and a former elite marine he was a part of these presidential guard for both president reagan and president bush so this is a really fun conversation to veterans yukking it up but we're also discussing a of a phase of marine combat combat training a known of the crucible which is actually a very useful a analogy for entrepreneurship several stages of it so hopefully you find this useful please be sure to give us a review and his five star star rating on i tunes and now let's get started and talking about the crucible with michael box all right well it is risky hosting the show is an army veteran to extend an invitation tation to a veteran of the united states marine corps onto are stage but we wouldn't be soldiers and marines if we didn't embrace risk so michael box acclaimed motivational speaker bestselling author and success coach welcome to influence her networking secrets how are you sir i'm fantastic i'm super excited to be here an thanks through service my pleasure and thank you for your it's it's it's great to have a fellow veteran on the show 'em gives us a lot of different angles a firm which to view things sometimes in a even though why would probably imagine that the majority of our listeners are civilians they're always interested to hear how we think about things a having that perspective that additional perspective so absolutely m i wanna talk to you today about a some word that you probably know very well 'em not necessarily indeed in solely in the military context i think they're i think we could take take this and apply it across the board to a anybody in that that word is the crucible 'em end but before we do that i wonder if they'll give the audience a chance to get to know you a little bit in your own words so if just briefly what's what's the story behind michael bots and how did you get to where you are 'em i served in the marine corps for years and i had the honor of garden a president reagan and president bush an m did some really cool training and stuff like that and i was very exciting and after the marine corps i went into the fitness industry managed some health clubs and things like that and then i started working for a service master an after about a year he asked me but when it a buy it and i had the opportunity to buy the service master so then i own that service master there for twenty two years we had some phenomenal successes and we had some phenomenal fails and it was a great learning experience and then at the end of that twenty two years i had started already started the michael boss experience of coaching saying and doing taught you know talks and stuff like that and so it just involved to a point where we were able to get rid of the service master and just do this fulltime now my wife has a another company that's separate from mine but a michael boss experience is about motivation it's about success it's about helping business owners grow their business and still have time for their family awesome that's interesting so so you were were you like on marine one then guarding present reg under what was the hell no we the guy said we're working with we'd go to camp david after we got a clearance and everything we we'd go to the bethesda hospital when when they were therefore you know an emergency or a non emergency urgency and then we would travel if they went overseas and things like that but mainly camp david is where main most of the guys landed that they win the program i was in a society and then service master that's like the immediate remediation of a of like household damage writes about like water damaging fire engine in cleaning and things like that yeah i had 'em out to my house let's see this is seven years ago we burst pipe 'em in the it you know it took me like ten minutes defined the water shut off switch you know never things i never thought the nowhere it was to begin with right on so we had 'em they came out that night they didn't get there till two in the morning but they got there and they these giant blow dryers we couldn't sleep because it sounded like were sleeping in a jet engine yup i have i have a couple of those going in my house right now 'cause my air conditioner just broken i luckily have a few of the left so or trying to get the airflow the the cooler that we have so i know exactly what you're talking about wow okay so 'em the crucible mike a lot of people can look this up online and i know were talking you know quite a few years back now but i prefer to personalize it and it basically refers to a stage of marine corps basic training for the audience members you don't know that that is late in the in the cycle is my as my understanding goes on in in basic training we had a similar thing but it but probably not quite as it to the same level of intensity a but it was certainly a forty eight to seventy two hour field exercise where we got very very little sleep and were expected do combat maneuvers you know on three of four hours asleep and hungry in tired and confused about what flashes in your mind if you if you recall this 'em in in in china tied in here to what you're coaching program works which you know the the things you're trying to teach people in get the real lies about themselves yes what do you remember about that moments of breakdown in breaks through the maybe you could share here man it's great because i wasn't recollecting but as soon as you start talking about it just came right up to the front of my brain and the first thing i remember is the hype that everyone in bootcamp was talking about oh man when we go through they they had i don't know what the audience is okay with this is pg energy but the name of the mountain mount mother that with the mountain that we're supposed account and so the whole the whole bootcamp up to this point everyone's talked about oh it's impossible decline you know people get you know fall out people you know supposedly people have died so it's just this whole hype of this this thing that's going to happen at the end of this forty eight hours of of maneuvers like you said you know we had a we had these gear on when he shot the when you shot someone this ringing went off and you're ears low tech compared to what they have now you know but but all this stuff but the the thing i remember most with this final hike we were gonna do at the end of the forty eight hours in how the hype was it was just so hyped it was such a big deal and everyone was so you know traumatized and afraid worried what what's gonna happen and then when we got there it was traumatic and it was a big deal but the one of the things i talk about in my book is don't believe the hype when it comes to all your fears and you're and you're anxiety and all that stuff all that stuff just makes it bigger it really is yeah yeah it it's mainly to me it seems more like a matter of not you know first not doing that but also just just staying committed to i'm gonna i'm gonna keep going at this until i literally cannot stand up anymore yes in in in what i found in in basic training there's no matter what they put me through as long as i didn't sit down and give up and quit 'em they they they were never upset with me they were never i mean they yelled at everybody yeah but they didn't but they never singled me out as like a a failure or a let down to the team mhm and 'em in nothing they ever through at us was impossible i found the with each day everything that they put us through waking up you know zero dark thirty running ragged all day i could handle it in the end the end of it i was very very i felt very accomplished accomplished because yes it actually doesn't take that much it actually was gave me a new perspective on it in something that you said that's really a key that everyone should take away this listening is everything they threw out is it wasn't impossible possible yeah and i and i think that in are live as business owners trying to get motivated trying to reach our goal we need to remember that be that's a beautiful sends you said everything they threw out is it was impossible you know you could you could base your whole success on that genius statement you just said yeah yeah at a ball i appreciate that i mean i'm just rent you know as i'm listening to you talk i'm thinking back to you know standing out there and we were out in the forests missouri i went to fort leonard wood i'm standing out there it's two o'clock in the morning they posted made a guard in i'm falling asleep on my feet mhm an all i've got to sleep in as this tiny little you know they they they were still giving us the old fashioned little girl off of yeah yeah i'm not even gonna get any sleep and i don't think i ever did yes but you know it's just not none of that i mean the next day they made me i i i turned away from my rifle first second and they made me bear hug a tree knife in but but then the mission continued and i wouldn't right along with it they threw teargassed medicine and we put on are mass and cost and all that and that didn't stop the end of the day we all came home yes yes the one of the things i remember this is this mountain they talked about is it was raining so now it's muddy probably it literally is like forty five degrees and we've gotta get this these eighty eight guys up that's are platoon with thirty one oh six was michael to number and we had a get these eighty eight guys up the top an almost in a guide or squad leader depending on which drill instructor was in charge a point at that point but i remember at some points guys would be one quit and i would grab a rifle any courage them and again another guy and i grabbed rival and then i had two guys hanging onto the rifle and were trying to pull the people but they didn't think they could make it you know be that be that standard for them because that's the same thing that's gonna happen in our life sometimes we're gonna need someone to pull us up in also sometimes we're gonna be the person polling someone else up so as i think about you were bringing this to the front of my brain is looking up that mountain it's raining it's dark it seems impossible you can see the top in just taking one step seeing who's around you've taken another step seeing who's around you incur china incurred each other some people were complaining some people are discourage some people were hype totally hyped out before before we even took a first step because they had gotten so sucked into the hype of it you know yeah yeah yeah i i was thinking now now this is one area where there's a little bit there's there's a diversions in the training because after we came back from are three day f tx you know we just went back and everything sort of in in one sense it's similar because everything sort of mellows out after that the the the you're in the final phase days the final weeks you're gonna go on to advance individual training 'em but you emphasize getting people to believe that they do have what it takes and they are enough to handle what life throws adam and i think the marines do a great job with this because when you come back from that crucible is the first time they hand judy anchor and they tell and they start addressing you is marine instead of scumbag or recruited l is the word a recruiter i just love the scene from a full metal jacket very says what's her name scumbags saw so that's pretty that's pretty real that was what i watched that when my kids were like really like that i'm like yeah that's that's pretty accurate that's what i told my my wife and i were watching that i start laughing she's like what do you laughing at this is terrible i'm like oh that's how we were spoken to but they they stopped calling you that they start calling you marine and you get to start could instead of going sir ma'am now you're calling the staff sergeant you know their by and listed right but here's the question that i thought out from that because now we've got in the audience we've got civilian entrepreneurs who are still in the crucible yes haven't yet arrived there business is not yet profitable it's not yet growing yes what do you mean what do you say to people who are in that the thick of that what we're not i know everybody's specific but some maybe some general things that you say yeah i think it's important to this is a really a foundation of some all the stuff that i teach that falling down his allowed getting up as require you know i can prove that you're each of us were born with that on are dna in as you're in the heat of the battle as you're going everyday you're facing that that heavy phone you're facing the rejection you're facing the bank account the doesn't look great you face in all the family members that are doubting you you need to remember falling down his allowed getting getting offers required in in i think that that is huge in anybody that's in the heat of it if they can remember that if they had a coach reminding her that they could take another day yes yeah yeah and and i've said i've certainly observed is that the more repetitions you get at with people doing that for you at first the more not always but but more frequently you you start to be able to do it yourself as well yeah start to be able to say wait wait i've been here before in i know what i know that voice in my head let's try give it give up i know where it comes from and i know that it's wrong yes and i know i have an answer for it heaven answer that i could hold out you know right in front of them but i have an answer in the long run so yeah i mean what what else what else comes to mind some maybe a few other things that you no people through well something that i really really focus on is that we're born i am enough okay that's how you learn to walk talk any because when you learn to walk talking you were failing consistently and people were laughing at you and everybody body around sixty let's just take walking you're mom and dad are walking big brother's walking in you suck at walkie but never do you see a baby push mama smoke way never dc baby sitting in the heights you're saying i'm not gonna sleep night 'cause i'm so stressed 'cause i'm not walking the baby just failed all day gets up and goes again because the baby's born i am enough but then we then we get caught in a rip title life and we sucked out into the ocean of in my enough so what you said was huge because in i am enough i eminem has a list from meaty you were on were on the opposite kosta the country from meeting you i am in a has a list of successes but if you're in m i n a m line of has a list of failures so is it you are gonna choose which list you're gonna look at by being in i am enough or in my mom yeah it's weird i not you know i i wanna dig a little bit on that because here's the thing the way you phrase it there corresponds to conversation i had yesterday an interview that's gonna come out next week with a friend of mine by the name of the cold jansen and she said similar things she said you will know which voice you're listening to or which one you're feeding because you'll always feel the presence of darkness anxiety torment accusation you know 'em you feel you know feeling feeling pathetic feeling like giving up right yes when you're when you're when you're living in on emi enough land when you're living in i am enough land right it's it's opposite there you feel like in momentum in strength and courage and in an increasing the sense of dominance over those problems end the circumstances are no different in both of those the suck is still there there's there's not a neat it's not like let's not give you illusion that when you're in high enough everything's beautiful in the unicorns corns they're singing no the suck is still there but you were facing it with that list of you're achievement that list of you're you're believing the height of yourself when you're in the yes that's interesting in and of course now that you mentioned that believing the hype going back to i mean i can remember basic training so many stupid rumors at winter out you know it just this is the dumbest things and yes i felt free to a few of them i was most of the time i i i would look at who is saying and i'm like they don't they don't really know what's going on there just ice socket but the sick of talking but but still you know it it compounds and pretty soon everybody starts saying ended up in in my favorite to my favorite phrase in in the army was i heard right anytime obsessed it begins with i heard i learned it automatically disregarded i i'll tell you what you're doing there you're guardian you're irrigate yeah things like teachers irrigate idea in southgate in you just gave a perfect vic example of guardian you're irrigate because we get to choose what goes in our eyes are ears in our mouth in antic beat to get back to i am enough out of the mouth of m i know you have to guard you're irrigate you're gate in your mouth and i love what you said when anybody started a sense with i heard you're irrigate closed and you're like well that's just a bunch of crap i'm not gonna go down that they're an i love i love what you said i checked who i was getting my advice from yeah that's genius if you wanna succeed in business an uncle bob's give any business advice and uncle bob's failed at forty two businesses and now he's unemployed i don't think uncle bob is the right person to get your business advice from so yeah you're expert shoes you're expert yeah yeah another a this this brings another memory now as a as an nc oh right in a noncommissioned officer farrar civilian listeners that's a basically a management level soldier i had my underlings right and we all had this joke that anytime a soldier starts off with will see what had happened was you automatically know he doesn't know he's making it up where he's like yes so then we do that to herself in emi enough with that list of failures in that list of things that the reasons you can achieve your goal a lot of that is an illusion and not even true so what you're saying is is if we look at that list like here's something that we all like man i've tried everything yeah but then we go back and check and what really check the facts we tried three things yeah we didn't even try you know we didn't even get to to a thousand no so where it's an illusion that that again would be guarding your mouth gate because when i say i've tried everything i'm marty in this am i had no defeatist lack attitude yes yeah no you're right you're right i've i've i've said that before in 'em i i've learned that's it yeah you may be tried a couple of things and then of course the hard part is you know you could try to fix something being very very hard and not succeed at fixing it absolutely and that's you know they're there to some degree you know jet it's a judgment call there how much how much am i willing to invest in something that i'm not sure it's gonna be fixing the problem but on the other hand you cannot you can't walk away and say well i'm just gonna give up china fix the problem you know i it's not you you gotta try one more thing yes so yes i think the thing we need to remember there is there is no perfect because if you're trying to get the perfect solution you've already defeated yourself that's really out of emi enough in my enough will paralyze eyes you by selling you a bill of goods that there is a perfect is a perfect time to start your business there's a perfect time to quit your job is a perfect time to get married this parttime have kids there isn't one there is there is no corporate client there is no perfect employee so delusion of the there is a perfect and you're trying to get to that 'perfect will paralyze you and it's really a safe place because as long as i'm oh well if it's not perfect i'm not gonna take action i'm in a safe place i'm in m i n a and i'm not taking action paralyzed myself and yeah yeah you're right i think yeah i see what you're saying they're 'cause it's like a i here's what i'm susceptible to i think that there are probably better times and worst times but i agree not 'perfect times absolutely love and sometimes you don't have the luxury of waiting to a better time you know is it a better time to get married when you're eighteen or twenty eight well right you probably gonna have a little bit more maturity on a little bit more experience out there dealing with people at twenty eight then you are eighteen yeah but on the other hand you know believe it too late um you might end up having to settle yes you know it's it's there's always a it that that that part is always isolating i think back and forth and it's never it never goes completely to one side are completely together right that's they extremes in in in in in my enough you do the extremes i've tried everything that's in extreme statement nothing's working that's inexperienced aim those were statements that you let out your mouth they go in your ear down in your soul and now you see the world through the that that point of view in that out of that's all i am i enough yeah yeah really really good really an end very simple to remember right just just shift those words around and you get you the one of the other 'em okay so let's talk about the michael box experience 'em 'cause i'm what i'm hoping is listeners will get a little bit of kind of cartography from this you know they'll be able to see where they are on the map in let's say again let's go back to the example of if they are currently in the crucible right they're still trying to get to the point where they have arrived or they're successful at it you their businesses profitable whatever let's say somebody comes to do to to try out this experience at that time what's it gonna do for them right then in there well the first thing i'm gonna offer them is that they're successful right now you woke up this morning if you're heart's beating if you've got some water to drink if you've got a place to sleep i just wanna tell you something you're in like the top two percent on the planet so congratulations you're success right now now i get it you have goals i get it you're pursuing something that's why you're bringing me into her life but if we get off of that if we get off of gratitude were giving our power to someone else because then were blaming anytime you're complaining here's some statements it's not fair it's not my fault when you're complaining those were all giving your power just someone else in that and that's easy to do when you're in the crucible when you're in the crucible it would be so easy to say it's hurtful it's his fault it's their fault but what you've done at that point is you've stepped into emi enough and you've given all you're power away and then i go and i go to the extreme in my book and i talk about if if i get cancer in everybody might be offended by this in my beautiful amazing grandmother died of cancer so i hope i don't offend anybody but if i get cancer in i start blaming i have given all my power away if if i've failed failed at business of bankruptcy is showing up on my door they're gonna kick the door in it take everything i got an i'm blaming someone else there i have no power to change that but as soon as as soon as i look in the mirror and i'm going through the crucible and i say okay michael this is on you what can we do right now to day to take a step forward what's one brick we could put in the wall to day ended that's making a call in that canceling something if that starting something whatever that is that's that's what i would bring to the table is someone who's in the crucible they're not making money it's frustrating their spouse is discouraging them their kids you're asking why you're doing this all that's going on i would offer them you are successful right now less take personal responsibility for what rat in less start what's one brick we could put in the wall to day what's in action we continue to day and i think it's important to say this i say this on a lot of shows a lot of interviews but i just you can't replace the value of repeating something over and over and if an audience is listening in continuity and that is 'em if you shoot it's gone it's gone i had it just now slipped out of comeback it'll come back yeah what were you saying just a second ago you were talking about 'em you you you're giving your power way when you give you a power you're in emi enough yep and when you start being in i m enough you're take you're you're looking in the mirror and you're saying okay what's one brick i can put in my wall to day of guy who did it come back yeah because the the one break you can put in the wall i i have this is the part i wanna emphasize the people is always an action or in a in a tactic that is within your control to perform at that moment it 'cause i think a lot of people think well then i'll just i need to make more sales but that depends on other people big that's a big exactly that depends on other people but could you make could you go get three knows today could you go out and get three knows if that was you're mission i'm gonna go out and i'm gonna talk some and i'm gonna get three knows today that is in action you could take two day on oh yeah yeah yeah you know what might happen you might get it yes you know i was coaching one lady and i told her the go get five knows and she said i took male data give five knows people kept saying yes so yeah it is not been taking action in when she relieves the pressure of everybody's saying yes she was able to start start talking to people and she literally went to ten people i think before she got her three knows yeah oh yeah that's not so long ago i was listening to a i'm a i'm a big diversity of a ransom tarts podcast with john eldridge and and he was mentioning how people feel their live so busy that anytime you talk to them about taking you know restor taking a break or or you know having space in between you're activities that people were thinking he meant you know a two week vacation a three month sabbatical you know and he said i'm talking about sixty seconds people you know i'm talking about i i parked my car i turn off the engine and i don't get out for sixty seconds i just sit there and let everything rest let the dust settled for sixty seconds everybody's got that that's huge that's so powerful in that in overtime you can grow that right but you start with the the the what's the famous saying by sun through the the journey of begins with a single the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step yes yes and i would offer in that quiet time something that that each of us could do right now is we could start gratitude every hour i i offered this all my clients i say say to gratitude with i am enough at the end every hour it takes about ten seventeen seconds and if you'll do that i said before it's going out to her mouth in your ear down in your soul and you see the world differently you really are opening the gates of abundance in seeing the world in abundance when you start that gratitude every hour in what i said it takes ten seventeen seconds you know that reminds me of another thing and i'm gonna have to piggyback off of what you're saying there's a so recently i've been reading a lot from a rabbi daniel weapon in one of the things that he pointed out in the hebrew language which is hidden from us in english translation is that there's there's connectedness between the ears and are sense of balance actually i i i walk this back this is not hidden in the hebrew language is something we've discovered through modern science there there is there is an element of are capacity to hear that affects are balance are ability to stand up right right and he said this is one reason that a television is so manipulative are emotions whereas radio is not radio we listened to mainly i mean you know you listen to music and all that but if you're listening to to news talk radio or podcast there's something informational educational you're listening to it to reinforce your understanding incorrect interpretation inability to perceive the world around you in a way that makes sense because we naturally seek out equilibrium yes then when you mentioned i i i've i'm just starting to make the connection verbalizing gratitude verbalizing i am enough saying it out loud breeding things out loud yourself reciting things out loud to yourself it's traveling back in there and it's creating it's it's building layers of that balance i love that that ability to withstand the stuff that's gonna come in and knock you over yeah you in in i say the gratitude to is the foundation of all success because when you have an attitude of gratitude my heart's beating right now i can be grateful for that i have for healthy kids my greatest achievement i'm grateful for those things and i am enough when i say that like i said he goes in your entire down in your soul and now you see the world like that in what you're saying is confirming it because what is how could something be balanced when it has a proper foundation mhm you know so we're building success on this foundation of gratitude attitude yeah no it's an abstract concept but it but it does have i think physiological reality i absolutely i i i mentioned one thing the 'em and i wrote down to when you say a gratitude your blood pressure goes down by ten to fifteen percent yeah no so so it has a physical effect on you right away mhm in an another power we have is forgiveness they did a study and they had people do a vertical leap and then they kind of counsel them on forgiveness and and how you know what they who could they forgive who were they hold and you know some resentment towards and then they had them jumped again in ever a hundred percent they jumped higher that's a physical thing that's happening when we choose to forgive someone or are so that is exciting i agree yeah it's it's a actually here's here's a here's a funny little tactic 'em if you know how to express gratitude dude in a different language 'em i was feeling a little bit sour earlier this morning and i i get up every morning and i'm thinking god i'm like thank you lord thank you know but i got home and and i i just i just like i don't wanna say thank you right now i'm really ticked about something so i started seeing it in hebrew instead 'cause you know hebrew i'm i'm learning it but i'm learning it very slowly so i know what the word means but it's still a foreign language at this point and so i just started saying you know toyota toyota toyota you know and then i that i included all of these you know these names of god and all that totally yes she went to the other night and all that and and i felt my blood pressure go down i felt my anger and my hostility and my bitterness shrink back down i love that i love that and that's that's are power in the crucible because you were stored in the crucible this morning you had a lot of pressure on you things didn't go the way you want it to end you had a choice you could go down that road of it's not fair and it's not my fault and start complaining and that's right down the path of emi enough or what you've done is you built a muscle of i m enough in i could say i'm grateful for because there's something there's something if you're hearts bt there's something it'd be grateful for what we make that choice you start to me this over here and that's why i have my clients do it every our two times because the rest of the hour everything's coming out of emails i didn't you didn't you you failed the but for that ten seconds they they get back reese entered it helps them recenter on okay i am in no now it's almost obvious at this point mike but let's talk about a little bit about the opposite people quitting and going home weaken well imagine why it's not acceptable through the marine or the soldier but you know let's let's let's unpack that a little but why is it not acceptable and why should entrepreneurs not quit and go home either i'm so glad you asked that question i'm so excited the answer that man thank you for asking question here's the reason you can't quit there is eight i'm gonna i'm gonna personalizes but you guys personalize a bruce stuff julie is out there and julius gonna turn this podcast on any of you you quit she wouldn't have heard it she she's thinking about quitting her business she's thinking about leaving her husband but she clicks on your podcast because you didn't quit and she stays yeah she goes another day so my offer to you of why you don't quit is there someone that you're literally going to save their life now what you were talking about michael i just take out the trash i'm just i just have a cleaning company michael doesn't matter oh really you don't know how bad somebody today's been and they walk into a clean office and they're like okay i can make it today i did that i can i promise you any occupation i can spin it into you save somebody's life in it's it's the truth i'm not it's not fake i'm not making it up but weaken back it up somebody is on the in somebody in the crucible in when you quit you are the only light you will be only liked it was gonna help them get through quit you let them down so when we have our eyes on me myself and i that's when we wanna quit i'm getting rejected i'm failing might make a corner count doesn't work my family's not supporting me that all me myself and i have my year but when i when i spin that and i start serving solving in saving and really dawned on me that in i am enough i in serving solving in saving you you have the courage to keep doing this podcast and make it to the day is literally someone's it's gonna hit so many years this podcast is gonna hit some once you're in what you've said it when the change their wives yeah i've go ahead go ahead so how dare we quit how dare we quit yeah i yeah i've heard td jakes say that he said he was quote he was this close the giving up preaching in fact he was preaching what he had determined was gonna be the last sermon he would ever preach and a he got done afterwards the people at a stage people came to him and said there's a there's a lady who wanted to meet you came all the way here from you know several miles away from where he was several hundred miles away from where he was in she's waiting for you and he said well if she's still there when i get out into the way i'll talk to her in a he came down and she was there and she said to him i i've come all the way here from the hospital which i find myself out of the hospital and i'd been in there because i had a dead baby inside my body and i thought i was gonna die and the only reason i didn't die they only reason i didn't you know telling the pull the plug goes i was listening to you preaching and he's you know he fell out you know obviously from that in what in what happened was years later she showed up again you know you're in in in that caused him even the fallout even more sweeping and all that because of because it taught him any sort of taught him and the the real reason that we do we do the reason we get paid the reason we the people give us money from what we provide is we have pleased another one of god's children yes it's not because we they deserve it it's because we do we render a service we create a product or we provide something that people want need and and are willing to pay for yes in in here's the rule you you are someone you're the only light someone could shine somebody you're there only light i can't reach them tony robbins can't reach them you know bill gates can't reach them only you're voice in the way you see the world can can reach them in their darkness and how dare we quit if we now that you've heard this how dare we quit can't and someone is counting someone is looking in the darkness in where they're only light so i i touched on this a at the outset 'em little army story here and i believe there's a parallel and maybe you've got your version of this i'll tell it real quick and then you know i'd like to hear your reaction to it in in all the years i served not just in basic training but but my first unit 'em i was with a the battalion in germany got deployed to iraq what's the battalion actually showed up for the battle of solutia in two thousand four the marines have been trying to hold down solution or up to a year at that point it was almost like a repeat of guadalcanal because they were doing it all on foot then they were getting picked off left and right by snipers so we rolled in my guys i wasn't within personally but i was holding down the fort at are forward operating base but my guys rolled into palooza in bradley's gleeson tanks and blew the whole place to to smithereens and that's how we got positive control if illusion nice anyway side story there you move on into my second unit that we were part of the surge of oh seven oh seven and a late night went on a fourteen most appointment with them you know dealt with all kinds of a ups and downs there i got to the end of it in no matter how unpleasant how many times i had you know throughout the process the one thing i i never said was i'm going awol quit and i'm walking away from this i'm gonna sit and so i said to myself throughout the entire time i'm going to finish this i may not want to go on with it i may be just itching to get out when i'm done but i'm gonna finish it by the time you get through past that second deployment though i mean i came back from iraq and it was time for me to get out and the only reason i didn't stay in was because my wife who's getting tired of sticking with me through year long deployments and you know who who could blame right now we've got it are firstborn child you know in but i was i have said in still maintains the state but if i had been single i would have said sign rebecca up but only if you send me right back out the combat yes because i love being in combat not the combat is you know sunshine lollipops but i learned so much about myself yes and i accomplished such incredible crazy easy things in got to be a part of incredible moments in history you know 'em so for me the lesson was you stick with something that's really tough long enough and eventually you'll have a harder time letting go of it then you did going through it yes but anyway i just that's that's the story and i'd like to get your reaction to that well i think what happened was in thank you for your service i love that story thank you for not quitting a couple of keys to what you said there was i said i wasn't gonna quit so there were back to my voice in my ear down into my soul so cording wasn't it wasn't any vision because you were of what you were saying you regarding you're mouth gate but what you said now there's other guys were like man is soon as there's a there's a free pass it that come back to the states that were coming back they were setting themselves up the same way you did only they were there's failures will support success and the second the second thing i love what you said what the value of going through the suck you grew muscles you build yourself you built the human the beautiful spirit the beautiful soul and the beautiful body that you are now you built that by going through the suck now at the time it might have not felt like it was value or did it because like you said i wanna go back to combat but these muscles that you built then they needed to be exercised no so that's why you you that's why you're a business owner and successful this is because those muscles you bill you're able to use those muscles in this arena but that's what i hear are you saying is that i built these muscles by facing that beer and they seem that risk basing that fail everyday in one of the things i teach is risk stale learn repeat in we die sick your career i bet it would come down to risk sale learn repeat yeah oh yeah absolutely and i and i would say to to to confirm that 'em that's all it is yes in and i don't i don't say that sadly i say it is that's that's just the way it is in in you could ask people who have actually reached success financial success however you wanna determinant on it doesn't it doesn't go away you just start playing a higher game you start playing the same game at a more advanced subtle sure you're bills are paid more easily you know the the the things that you used to worry about you stop worrying about those now you got a new list of things were absolutely absolutely so when i am coach my clients and they're like well i want a million dollar business i said great then you're gonna have solved a million dollar year problems yeah so and then they come to me in there they have things iety in their stress about that and i'm like what what prices that problem oh that's about a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar problem i said okay we need to build are muscles in builder courage muscle builder risk muscle and get up to three fifty so then we can go five hundred and then we got eight hundred anymore good a million but you know everybody there's an illusion the success that you arrive at success and that's just not the case successive on a on a rival point anybody that's going to arrive that success i think they're delusional because you when you get there what did you say i need more i want i wanna grow again you said that and that's what's happened in each of us when we arrived at that successful like well now i'm strong this was easy i have a client and i have written down it's been about three years now his first goal was to make twenty thousand dollars a month and now he's making a hundred and eighty thousand dollars a month so he just he just grew in muscle his risk sale lurker pete just group any solving a hundred eighty thousand dollar month problems now yeah yeah that's something isn't it it's just you you stay committed to it long enough in the things that used it'd be so uncomfortable you're like yeah like what i can handle that yes on the other hand is a new problem yes after learn how to how to deal with so yes in a and i think that comes back to the learn i i always teach that the learn is the platinum a lot people spend time here risk fail risk bail when you spend time there you you you're gonna finally quit because without the learn in the way the way i used to see failed wasn't it wasn't my opponent it was my vote in i wasn't i was fighting buddy all we've lost risk fail had me on a chokehold my face down in the mud in it was winning but when i finally realized it fails a teacher i would set at the feet of failed and i would get the learn and with that learn i could repeat faster stronger smarter in hey when we start executing the formula risk fail learn repeat and we realizes the learn is the platinum you know in in in my book i defined risk as they opportunity for you lose so if i play you know a two year old in racket ball i'm gonna there's no risk there but i like if i play at eight player i'm gonna lose my fail is gonna be there every time and so then i have a choice do i learn from that do i learn from that fail okay i need a serb back to his left hand i've been serving two is easy for handle day so risk fail learned repeat when we value the learn and we said at the feet of fail as opposed fighting it then is the success for me yeah that's interesting you mentioned racquetball i i i don't play anymore i used to play it and at that time i still i i understood enough to know that it's i don't want it to get better at it i had to just lose lots the people that have been me yes so i started doing that in overtime you start to get like a muscle memory of certain things or the ability to perceive how did they do this move differently than i do it so it works for them but it doesn't work for me and i would notice you know i noticed where they serve the ball to why i couldn't hit it i noticed that i i'd come up the hit it and i'd hit the wall and i'm like why is that happening and i was able to say oh it's because you know i'm not an arm's length away from it onto close to the wall so of course i'm gonna hit the wall down to learn and look what they learned did it took that served as a weapon away from europe ponant yeah you could return the surf that's the same thing is happening with us in success yeah every day you know you you make that phone call to the restaurant at noon to to give him as a client and they're like we can't take the phone call right now what's the learn don't call at noon collie thirty in the afternoon you know if you're trying to get the big well client in every time you call on on tuesday morning he's never there maybe he plays golf on tuesday morning don't call them there's a learning every fail little or giant an entity that if we take that learn and make i teach my clients have learn log in they they the goal is for them to journal every learn and then they can go back you know when they start getting screwed us let's just go back through you're you're learn journal and i'm like oh i see okay i got it okay look at that wow i got some momentum and they get back over into i am in a learned journalist kind of like a a doorway to i am enough yeah yeah you're right i used to have a while i have a my journal a lot these days 'em in a journal both successes and failures but one thing i was thinking of this is this is another thing you can do just as a sort of a piggyback off of that is i used to keep a journal of the nicest things people would say about being nice i love that you know people would give me complements left right and center and if you don't write these things down just even if you do right i'm down you forget a lot of 'em but absolutely but it's way easier to remember a lot of them if you haven't written down that's a powerful tool i love that and i remember when i first when i first went through europe this is before i joined the military i was living in europe for awhile and when i got there it was right after my first transformation so i lost sixty pounds and while twenty two and young and slim and you know turning female heads wherever i went 'cause i just moved to california and i had his hand and all that and then i just started people just you first of all the people who my relatives who've known me previously is kind of a touchy a self indulgent eighteen year old like dang you look good you've lost wages looking in shape you know but then everywhere i went in my job and then people but i got acquainted there were just just nonstop stream in i made sure to write it down and it did something for me i remember it was just it was fueling the fire absolutely absolutely and it's funny because when you're in in my enough you can't receive a compliment you're like oh no no no that's not true it's funny because you know throughout my day i'm always complement like if i'm leaving the if i'm entering the gym in someone's leaving i'm like hey great job getting a workout in the day and they're like oh no you know i just barely got here you know at at my kids games when the police officers there i always say thanks for being here you know appreciate what you do you make it safer my family beer and they're like well i'm just it's all this this total plethora of everybody disregarding the complements but they're getting and that's all out of emi enough no end when you start stepping in i am enough you can receive it you could say well thanks a lot man i appreciate that means a lot to me in that when you see that you're able to soak it in in what'd you say it bill to and that is happening that's what's happening when you're when you're in i'm enough you could be built by a compliment but when you're in atlanta you you've built this skin that rejected and they just fall off and they they they lose they actually lose the power that they have yeah yeah yeah you wanna know what people i mean if you're going out there and you're doing positive things and putting positive things out there if you wanna know what people think of you keep a journal of what they think of you as a sufficient amount of them will tell you right i know i love that that's the genius idea they'll write you a note or they'll just express it verbally or you know they'll pay for it one way or the other you know you're gonna have applause of the marketplace in of the of you're circle you're you're influence so absolutely and i think a un add to that would i would start writing things about myself that are great yeah add that into that journalists you're writing things and other people said i would start reminding myself oh you know what i finished the marine corps as a guide you know what i will soon high shooter you know what i did mental you know i just these this there's this list like i said from youtube me of achievements in greatness in her life but we forget it and we start and we get over in atlanta and we start looking at the list of failures in in on achievements you know it's funny i'm just chuckling to myself now mike because one time in the army i qualified as experts shooter which is you gotta get thirty seven are more out of forty shots when you're on her age right so after that i i started milking that as a joke 'cause i was there were four of us in ceo's and i was a junior in ceo's whenever the other three well ranks me telling me to do something i'd say i don't have to do that are qualified expert i love it and they and they knew you know they know i'm just playing with him and all that yeah yeah i just started using it milking it follows worth it's a great story mike it's been great having you on influencer networking secrets 'em it's it's great to meet such a kindred soul and a kindred mind i i feel the same way i really have appreciated are time if people wanna learn more about the michael botch experience and get to know you a little bit better where should we send i think there's two places the go they have you land there you'll really get the nomi well the first is on you to i did a whole year i did a morning show for a whole year and i put all those on on youtube so there's over three hundred videos on youtuber stuff and it was new content everyday so you that's all free and you could get to really no my style who i am what i believe in what i'm about in again you could look at those four year you know it's all free just pop on there and look at so that's the michael boss experienced look that up on you to and then my website the michael boss experience dot com there's a place there you can see my philosophy see my fundamentals and there's a few testimonials on there and things like that but those were the two places that i think would be a great place to learn more about me awesome well mike thanks so much for stopping by influencer networking secrets we would love to have you back again anytime my friend it was fantastic i feel respected non but you gave me the time thank you for your service and i'm excited for the future with their family you're new baby and you're and you're wife so congratulations on that oh it's the end thank you also for years and and i'm excited to see where your book in europe programs and coaching offerings and all that take you is well thank you sir i love it i love it or i will see you next time all right thanks this episode is sponsored by business be on business they international bestseller by entrepreneur coach paul edwards if you're tired of stress and anxiety from the rat race in life being all about the benjamins you're not alone he wanna go from struggle and scarcity just success and significance if so business be on business teaches you how using the mindset and qualities of the radically generis entrepreneur acclaimed ted ex speaker run curve rucci calls it a masterful blend of self discovery phase honesty advice about amplifying are impacting the world bestselling authors dan miller and i wish paul had written this book

paul edwards baker president reagan president bush united states marine corps michael box sixty seconds ten seventeen seconds forty eight hours twenty two years million dollar hundred eighty thousand dollar eighty thousand dollars twenty thousand dollars fifty thousand dollar forty five degrees seventy two hour
Tour de France preview show with Johan and JB Stage 3


27:36 min | 1 year ago

Tour de France preview show with Johan and JB Stage 3

"I mean he always has some physical properties are all you know this hurts and this hurts and because you know i've spoken with the riders were teammates with him and he was like this already before he was already always something hurts and all you know i i won't be able to finish and and then you know he got on his bike and off the field for a lapse on the on the brackets i back to the move podcast stage two of the two thousand nineteen to the france a i'm jay behavior and johann bernie'll joins us director of thirteen winning grand tour teams over the years so he definitely he knows this game before we get his thoughts on today tomorrow and all that lance has a quick message for this episode of the move patrons johann bruni hill and my longtime co host jay behavior hager is brought to you by the feed these guys literally have everything you get so sick of the same flavors day in and day out it's often the chicken by one flavor and mixing with a few of another flavor plus you could save a fortune only by what you need when you need it every order totally customize now if you're like j b and all the same stuff you butcher order on auto ship the frequency of you're choosing you're like me a little more adventurous to place a onetime time or continually try the latest and greatest in the cool thing is while these guys started in sports nutrition now they have a huge selection of supplements an anti aging product i just say it's not gonna be surprised i you know i'm no spring chicken anymore so let's just make disease i pick my favorite product for you at the move the stuff i using my training i've included drinking gels from martin waffles and choose from hunting singer plus app hp cream but i've been using when you say twentyfive percent when you go to the feed dot com slash the move that's the feed dot com slash the move ari johann i know you enjoy the team time trial you predicted to a t what would happen in ios would take the league is they went out first sit in the box all day until jump movies came in nypd from ntn good call on that one yeah that was really i was i was getting nervous because a you know there were some teams that really came close to emails and then finally they they kind of slow down in the second part of of the stage 'em and finally i finally jimbo visa my god it and not just in dade ridi want it with the with the dominant a difference so it shows how strong of a team they had for this for this event and as i said yesterday you know it's a combination of a some time travelers but you know tony martin wolf and art and then also some really strong guy for the sprint out and a and yeah i mean i i thought they would win but i didn't the i didn't think that they would makes such a big difference especially when you saw all these other teams they were really close to each other and then finally winning with twenty seconds on a team emails that that was quite impressive but a but yeah i mean i've i've also heard in the meantime that they've greedy prepare greedy well for this event and it was a special goal for them 'em and so yeah i mean they a yeah they deserve to win and they were they were amazing i mean almost fifty seven kilometers per hour average speed which you know that's that's that's crazy that's and those those seats or insane you know i know it wasn't the longest a time trial but does it give you enough enough of a look at a team deceive what sort of shape they're in in a their their level of fitness and strength as a team looking head at the next yeah you you could see a lot you could see a lot when you watch a team time trial for example of one thing that we saw today in and they actually came came away quite good considering a google son having a quite nasty crash yesterday 'em they only lost twenty one seconds to demean nails and but the you could really see that he was suffering a he was you know they had to he had this leave a few gaps a and his team really had a you know nursed him to the finish 'em so you could see certain things and and what i saw for example today was that a steamy nails is a ridi ridi strongmen in really good shape i mean it's not a surprise of course we all knew that they have prepared for the tour de france a like like every other year but if you see that they okay they set out this they set out the fox a split time in the beginning but there were other teams who beat that time and then finally none of those could be faster than them at the finish show that means that in the second part of the stage they a either maintain their speed or they even increased their speed a little bit and you know there's kind of a faded faded out a little bit so it shows the depth of females and that a there they redo strong and i i can only think that this nonprofit them was a was a bit of it felt a bit short a dude ridi use use a all the horse power they have a and then you know you could also another another thing that i see trump today's stages that a big surprise 'em group i'm francaise did you develop you know they did an incredible edible good time drought for the first time as far as i remember intuitive francesa already losing a twelve seconds on you nail where i i keep saying on emails because that's the reference for the dc intenders a they lose twenty seconds weren't on jimbo bismah but ultimately a and even if they have christ way that's not their benchmark everybody fixated on on how much that time they lose on emails and 'em and yet that's where i see also for example a a movie star ridi they are losers of the day they lost forty five seconds on email send that's too much too much on the twenty seven kilometer at anytime corral so 'em it's true that they are a more focused with climbers but still you know they did some really good time trout dean temperature in boston i think they they won't be very happy with this now the it's not just the time the time loss or time gain 'em but you know if you lose forty five seconds on the on the favorites a after states do that's definitely something that will affect them not just time wise but also mentally and a i'm sure they they would if they want want it to be twenty seconds or less than thirty seconds so a mentally this is not a good day for them yeah one of the things that johann you and i talked about during the euro is in in sprints we see much more depth with the teams you know we we were talking about how we would see five six sometimes six teams trying to do a line out trained for the sprint that being said would you would you say that's also true of time trialing there is there more depth in strength and has they closed that gap a 'cause we did see fifteen teams within a reasonable amount of time in breach of each other yeah yeah i definitely there's a lot of teams have spent more time on on on dean time traveling 'em and as you say fifteen teams in within one minute a i i cannot remember i cannot remember any deep down drought in detour a that everything was so close and again you know if you take out of the equation a jumble visa you have a you nails and then it would be there's only two teams that are three teams that would be without a outside of a one minute so the will be twenty teams that are within one minute and that's a that's ridi unseen of a so for sure for sure the the depth of the teams in the meantime trolls and you know the bikes have improved a lot there's not that much difference anymore more between all the bicycle sudden end the technology everybody has used is using and has access to on that level 'em which is also a a difference i remember back in back in our days i think we were we were quite the heads of all these other teams in terms of doing some research at windsor tunnel equipment we we we we had access or dry even if you didn't we try to have the best equipment a in terms of the comics mix and 'em and so now today i don't i i think that's a that's not the case anymore 'em i remember when we when we were racing and we looked at the the the bikes of some other teams kalma for example or some you know one of those teams which has had climbers in no time to all this i mean we already knew beforehand that we had the best equipment so that's already a big advantage today i think nobody nobody can say anymore that they're gonna win or lose a team a race a because of the bikes or equipment they're using a it's it's all wide leveled out and and so yeah i mean it's good to see because you know it's it's very difficult to to to predict a since everything is so close in within seconds that a you know it's it's it's good for the suspense of the race of course in these kind of a events are they gonna be anxious to get into france and i and i asked that because i've heard lance talk about how whenever you're outside of france the fans are just crazy a and then when you when you get into france he says it calms down is that something that you believe to be true absolutely absolutely i mean you know and especially especially if you're outside of france and belgium which is a crazy crazy by crazy country 'em and they're there for three days you know this is the you know this this is everybody wants to be at the tour and everybody wants to go and look and a i agree agree it's a as soon as they they get into france they're gonna feel first of all the difference in the in the road surface a belgium has a different kind of road surfaces in france so it's been francesa it's a bit more rough a bit more a bit harder to push an a and there's gonna be less spectators a definitely so that's gonna be a change that's gonna be a change tomorrow that everybody will feel and i think it's good for the for the the the riders you know because it's the to the francis super super stressful on top of that if you are in in a city like brussels which you know it's it's been it's been amazing for for for belgium and for the tour this you know this the start of this duda francois you know with eddie marks and and you know all the whole celebration around him in all the people and 'em the race itself is already crazy in stressful enough so if around the race everything is crazy it also affects the riders a so you know as soon as they get into france the that there's a certain amount of stress that bill goal weight and 'em yeah and then they're ready in the in the in the in the real to the bronx which you know which enters into into france tomorrow by the way did you notice eddie's looking leaner than we've seen in a long time you know eddie it's it's incredible how would how eddie 'em i've seen i've seen him many times and you know he's a good friend of mine and sometimes i've you know i've been with him and he had a some kind of physical a problem i mean as he always has some physical properties are all you know this hurts in this hurts and a and it's not because of his age because you know i've spoken with the riders were teammates with him and he was like this already before he was already a at when he was a writer i i you know i know from a from a my my good friend the who's recently passed away patrick's there to who was this a good friend of eddie in teammate and they did a lot of six day racist together on on the velodrome and that basilic told me that he was always complaining that always something hurts and all you i won't be able to finish and and then you know you got on his bike and and and you know after three or four a lapse on the on the track he attacked you know so so i've seen i've seen eddie in in in you know in in different circumstances and i've seen him sometimes you know he had gained a lot of weight than he was complaining and then you know and i said oh idea you know as he doesn't i mean i thought by myself i do doesn't look too good you know and then i see him two months later and he's a completely changed now a and then yeah now he looks he looks really good i think he he looks good to hear it definitely look very very happy 'em and a yeah i prefer him it must have been amazing weekend you know it was a i saw some some a comparison of a picture of him on a on the loss in brussels when he a when he had won his first two rounds in sixty nine and now and the crowds or the same you know it was an incredible the the comparison of those two pictures and a yeah i mean you're the guy greedy deserves the the it'd be celebrated in that way because what you know we all know that he's the greatest cyclists of all time in a you know something i mean his his his pomeranz nobody will ever be able to do that a it's you know it's difficult i mean it's impossible to compare different areas of course and by the way but he was he was an animal on a bicycle and a very strong and 'em and yeah it was good to see him happy and enjoying enjoying all the alde applause and aldy attention and yeah i've i've seen him smile every every single image fc no payment was smiling so that was good to see who could only see taken up responsibility tomorrow yeah well tomorrow so tomorrow is the two hundred and fifteen kilometers stage i would say the first real to the front stage right because they enter into france at a they're gonna be on on french rose up and down and then a with a very a complicated finale i would say 'em so tomorrow a you know there's there's two there's different teams will big responsibility first of all jumbled reason why they will take control of the race because they will wants to keep the yellow jersey within their team a especially after you know the the decent time gap off today on on most of those teams it's it's a it's close to impossible that in a a writer who who wins the stage and things one of vacation a fake the yellow jersey with banks is open associations unless that writer get sick apple and everybody else so i think what their goal is gonna be to keep yellow jersey within the team a jumble peace of mind in my opinion the the strongest the best candidate to be and yellow tomorrow is a wildfire not belgian guy so i mean i don't really know how how good a mike to innocent is on on those short little climbed i mean he could be he could be good and he could even you could you could stay in yellow i don't know 'em but but walter not in my opinion is accounted for yellow tomorrow and then i would think a in a the kooning quickstep because they they definitely have ambitions for a lot of people do the winter stage because you know it's not just all those little lines at the finish the the last five hundred meters eight percent so that's quite steep that's a that's not a not easy enough for a real sprinter to win so after he will be a candidate in saigon so a book border hospital will take responsibility in my opinion does this should be one of the one of the ideal occasions for peter sagan and 'em yeah i'm probably maybe also a ccc but phenomena mocked because when i would mock this you know it's it's also it's a good a good finish for him to a although i think that the all affiliate than a sour on would be would be better suited for this this type of finish a you know from the teams that that have lost time today a like like movie star for example like tricks like afraid of what may be movie star 'em we shouldn't accept a expect anything special tomorrow in and until you know until the the state's doors the the philip lhasa fee 'em they just have to you know six yes they six yeah they just have to sit sit in there and try to try to avoid any problems and tomorrow in my opinion it's going to be a very dangerous stage for a crash just not because of the park course but because of the tension independent on you know everybody's still fresh state street 'em there's a i mean depends how the windies but they're always going the same direction so that's not gonna be a that's not gonna be too much of a factor but everybody knows that you know with kilometer around kilometer one hundred and seventy the real real real how starts and a they're gonna fly up those four then third week limes so so you have to be in the front everybody wants to be in the front all the teams will have the same instructions from the team car guys now it's time to be in the front we need to have everybody so it's always the same thing you know at some point a this that this it's like elite out like sprint out but with a with forty katie go an a and so there's not there's not enough space on the road for over all the teams of course oh demaro i think it's one of those stressful nervous do different stages wherever you might see some crashes because of the tension independence on hopefully it's not the case but it's almost a it's it's almost written over that stage that there's gonna be some some kind of damage a getting into the final and then a interesting thing also is that the the the the the last climate i mean the last real climbed but there's another climb afterwards a there's a there's new system in france they now a on eight different climbs during the hoped to the front they give one affiliation so 'em there's a what is it with the economic at one ninety nine so it's sixty kilometers to go a this i think this seven five two seven five and two seconds of one of vacation 'em so whoever is a thinking about a chance for the yellow jersey still 'em that might be that might be important because you know seven seconds a seven second summit lyman and then at the finish if you could win the state just seventeen seconds ross eventually a gap you know you never know i i would think normally that the yellow jersey state didn't jumbo visa my but the guys like fifty four saigon may may have other ideas so that the that obviously will at some a you know some interesting moves through the race and a m so but i still expect that to be a sprint of a select group 'em fifty sixty ice probably 'em will get to the finish and then a yeah and then it's gonna be the guys who are up there like like these these type of a bunch sprinters like like like i am but of course all the all the favorites for the dc that's another thing you know that said there's there's another stress stress factor added to it because teams who don't have anybody who a who is a was a chance to win the stage they will still we'll have instruction to bring their leader the from because you know they all know that if if that either not in the front that's going to be opening gaps in the final and he may lose time so there's different racist within the race you know there's a there's a dead the race the bring the the the candidates for the the the stage win to the front and keep him in the bronx then there's all the teams with potential juicy guys who want the have their main leader in the front and then there's probably going to be a team like jimmy nails a who will go to the front and basically in my opinion control and set the temple that's the best way to stay out of trouble if you have a strong team in the last thirty kilometers on those for their guidelines times you basically set the pace than a then you're sure you stay out of trouble so 'em i proceeded deeming nails bill will take control of the race and 'em and you know maybe it's also a you know this after they also have seen the team down throughout the day so let's say i mean if somebody has seen that frugal sang was hurting today that they might give it a try tomorrow you know and and make sure make sure that it's a super fast pace in a put her on google sock 'em which you know the hope that the some guy may or may open and they may they cannot hurt when you're thirty seconds on him and that's a you know that will be time that they will they will gladly take so 'em just different things going on and it will be an interesting stage with especially a very very nervous stage for the for the cyclist had an even more for the directors and the theme cars because that's a you cannot imagine all the stress that's going on there just do you know just do it never never hear on the radio crash of number you know seventy one in which is your leader for example right 'em so you don't wanna hear that and that's the more as a stressful day i think what do it from three stressful day very good johann you you weren't you mentioned several names about it did you do have a clear favorite for tomorrow i i don't think there's a clear favorites i i in my opinion the what i you know i proceeded jimbo viz my holds onto yellow probably not who gets yellow 'em unless doing this in israeli strong i mean he he he could not survive on those little climbs a in other races but you know this is a tutor francois they go up foster but you know theme theme do movies there on a high you know they are they are on on on like walking on clouds so 'em the the jared the jersey will stay within their team i think 'em unless you know there's always accidents can happen but i'm going to you know i i would be tempted to say 'em for tomorrow it's also really good stage for all the hospital after a you know reigning world champion 'em he's you know he's one state just like this before a he's getting older of course he's a he's thirty nine going on forty so a obviously his it stopped speed has has has gotten a little bit less but i think you mean you still have a chance you only thing that goes within the bit against it this that i heard he's been training reader greedy heart in a in seattle nevada in the south of spain the at high altitude and and apparently he streaky those less than his normal racing wait the as of albany so you know that's obviously that we'd be ridi good news for the for the mountains but he may be a little too skinny little delight to light due to have the the the punch do pizza gone off the moral a but i'm still you know i i believe and i believe in love at the four tomorrow i a i think he he has a good chance very good thank you johann is always in a way you know if you have any questions for johann please send them in sending to the move and we do dot team a lot of things in the shop we do that team a lot of new merchandise we need to put a a care package together for you johann so you in a sport are gear around spain yeah yeah i've i've been i've been i've been trying i've been asking hicks for for a long time but the a either he forgets or something goes wrong with the shipping i'll i'll send them another message she asked him and i'll mention it when i had out of here so thank you very much johann an end it also in membership portal at the portals where real where i don't like that word membership season pass a you do get to watch the show being recorded behind the scenes were gonna do some happy hour q and eight sessions an a also i don't know if you heard about this johann lance this challenge george to new eight fifty mile mountain bike race it they're gonna do on the last day of the tour i've i've heard about it yeah i've heard about it 'em well you know the the i think georgia's in better shape a at least lance lines knows he's in better shape but because he does a lot more training a about m but yeah i mean you know the logic would say that the george will will get the get the better of a of lance but don't count him out you know he's if he trains a few weeks consistently he improves really quickly so 'em so yeah it's gonna be interesting and i am from what i hear that that race or that you have that it's a race actually do man race it it rains have also going to be a available for the members writes the there have exclusive access to the to the to the to the race because they're gonna film it that is correct that is our plan wow well i'm gonna be watching that one that's for sure it's gonna be interesting so it's the it's fifty miles and it's the the aspen the we do for the fifty aspen fifty right yeah so home court advantage freelance each he's certainly more familiar with those trails yeah yeah okay well that's nice it's a good i mean it's a good a good motivation for both of them in a and yeah for all or listeners and members a the same you know if if they want to just

france director lance hager jay johann bernie johann bruni hill twenty seconds one minute forty five seconds thirty seconds fifty seven kilometers per hou twenty seven kilometer five hundred meters fifteen kilometers twenty one seconds twentyfive percent seventeen seconds thirty kilometers sixty kilometers
#71 Carnivore Conversation with Steve and Melody Planning Off Plan Meals

The Tactical Kitchen Show

43:13 min | 1 year ago

#71 Carnivore Conversation with Steve and Melody Planning Off Plan Meals

"Therapy practitioner and I'm Steve Burns Twenty Years Special Operations veteran and a certified personal trainer together we are here to share you're listening to the tactical kitchen melody barons certified chefs and nutritional right and these were milking goats so there's a difference we learned a little bit about the difference between raising meat goats and milking goats and then she's had it for twelve years and she has like composting going chickens goats a garden all these different I there's chickens in the chickens were hilarious right outside of our bedroom window of the guest house so we got to watch them run around every morning and we were going to and the cool thing about this is we always talk about how people are getting so disconnected from the food supply from how how how animals are raised mother daughter like couple of days together because it's been a while so we ventured down onto elegant Texas so again one of those places in Texas that if you read it what an experience of a two hour Klatt's on home steadying which was so informative and she starts she bought the lamb when she was twenty five mm-hmm all right everybody welcome back to the tactical kitchen show you're stuck with us today yes we're on episode like I said and we stayed in the guest house it Shumba farms and that is just something you can find on airbnb will actually posted a link and she provides went to a like a home sitting thing yeah so my daughter Abby is interested in doing some home setting going Nice Guy Poetry we're not doctors and we don't play them on the Internet now let's get ready to chew the fat own so one weekend away I've fallen apart and direct so so something we can talk about is melody what Outta town will begin actresses later on when they may get some land and so I've found this class on airbnb experiences and we needed to have things that she does and she built the house very sustainably and it's just really super cool so we had a blast we got two goats I can't complain then of course how they are slaughtered and processed and so going out and doing something like this is kind of reconnect with you know with animals in general which is a good thing it's getting up that's really cool it was hilarious the chickens are so funny I want chickens now oh yeah anybody that has chicken though they are a mess you might pronounce it one way and you'd be wrong it's elegant and we went to a place right there where I found it on Airbnb egg and was like looking back at us like hey this is for you you know just a really fresh egg the chicken was the chicken coop and talk about your food comes from wind she lifted the door of the chicken coop a chicken was like had just like dropped. We're just going to rehash everything to you guys I think we're GONNA be okay because there is plenty oh somebody I didn't sound out of practice so I do well today I'm talking ability and we've been talking to each other all day already so I don't know what we're going to talk about now pins were murdered during the night but probably a raccoon she's pretty sure so anyway we learned a lot she said I like to share all my mistakes work mind land and I'm going to provide food for myself as much as possible and you know I'm GonNa make mistakes because I really don't know a lot about you do is it where it will kinda weird I don't I guess it well it's been a couple of weeks as we've done it so I'm used to like hey today we're talking to here but he this and so she was able to share a lot of her first mistakes or mini mistakes and said you know if you do this if you do any of this you're GonNa make a lot of seventy one and it's just and it's just us we've had a couple really awesome guest the past few weeks so it's Kinda weird for it to just be US talking about it I learned it's not so bad from her but when I did learn is you have to be real careful she had a slaughter on her hands like in one night when she first started thirteen Jake's that you learn from each one and that's very much how Pedo is right Oh yeah absolutely I mean over the years we've done so many different things of of types of foods we've eaten and tried drinking drinking coffee drinking coffee and we stopped into a breakfast place and because we heard they had really good omelettes on a dawn a few different things testing are the APP provided us such a great segue there no I know it worked out but I'm way more comfortable eating the pancakes than I am eating that Fryer oil how do you feel about I can understand how things affect you so it was melody's birthday recently we haven't talked since then it's been a while the pancakes and you were like yeah and I was like wow I'm eating the pancakes then and I did it with abandon eight there were two and they were not that eliminated and added back in just always experimenting with with died AC- hot makes you feel you know and speaking of that over the last few weeks we've she says everything for me has been I which I thought was so cool that someone decided this is going to be my life I'm going to plant roots here in well we talked to you but we've talked to other people run out so we were not messing around and we were all drinking coffee visiting a former market like we were but but they also served pancakes with their omelettes what did they do this to me all my God why but okay so instead of having a birthday freighter foods I'm afraid of putting in my body right so we ate the pancakes without any shame literally I was like are you in I'm a million times more terrified of Tater tots made into fire than I am of a plate of a couple of pancakes made out of some flour nick cave so here's the interesting thing it was a q- place we went to a farmer's market and it was about to be over so we planned it but we didn't I know because I was thinking the same thing we make mistakes and we've done a couple of missed they weren't mistakes they were playing and there were there were tactical like attachable kitchen were so good they were tactical because you have to you have to know or sometimes it's good to go you know we wanted to Mosey around there but this breakfast place right we get our food and there's they always serves some sort of potato because like normally I get up for meeting a huge steak and I feel very light which is so counter intuitive right with breakfast it seems this one was tater tots which was hilarious but we both put one in her mouth just to say an Atta tell you happily years at least I know I can't even tell you when the last time very unfamiliar weird feeling I was like I feel like my stomach's going to explode so I don't know Omelettes pancakes and I just want to say that I'm never been that foil will have but it's probably been about six it was just a a social media post that and then the rumors ran rampant I mean they were we got every we were talking about this and you eat the carbs and they absorb the liquid and they swell just kind of like a sponge just get bigger in your tummy. Hey there's or full is satisfied full as I'm a mentally my body has told me it received all of his nutrients and I'm done eating opposed to nope and that industrial qunol which there so many studies about how bad that affects the body on a cellular level is again when you talk about you know being if you're gonna eat this big steak and Phil Overfull too little pancakes made me feel like what what did those characters on Willy Wonka the budget pancakes in my belly my pant my belt is telling me I'm full because it stretched to the limit I hadn't felt my stomach stretch out like that in like podcast was a couple years ago we're doing a podcast and I get a text from my son who the school and says a kid is running around stabbing people a different kind of story from each kit is hilarious really funny so back to eating carbohydrates yeah on your stomach right and then the difference is adjusting in your mouth and then it really has to get down has fiber in it that doesn't break down in the stomach that doesn't happen until the intestines and down in the colon when you eat protein and just think about it it's common sense your stomachs full of acid and the proteins where the magic happens is in the stomach ooh this same thing we I picked up a tie and I put my mouth and it was interesting but the the film it leaves in your mouth you can immediately oh when I'm eating sugar I'm looking for joint pain that's the next thing I'm looking for so I know this going in that I'm probably going to have this issue but big eight then they were big banks and I ate my Omelette I ate all my homeland usually they're like three egg Omelette at those places right tried to go and drink coffee because we were like we want to go to this really cute coffee place right next door and get try their coffee because we've been trying new coffee places so you have that fullness because it's not going to break down in your stomach as just so interesting and I hadn't felt that and then we ooh and the school and the school was in tax the school was on lockdown and so it was like we're trying to keep our composure during the during the regarding importing all was well we couldn't even hardly get the coffee down we were so fall this really interesting you know coffee places which we love and we ears Irish so five years legal I have felt that full I felt like a tic on a dog on a hot summer day and this is something new try to relate up thirty only about four hours later I started feeling really like the grumbly hunger pains which was interesting because like this week and so I kind of thought the same thing but I really thought I won't be eating dinner tonight because I'm so full and I was Kinda surprised when it about Ed were so full this is like one thirty five thirty rolls around and I'm like I'm starving so hungry so Latte or two o'clock two thirty or so when we finally a and it was so easy to go long periods of time without food yeah and it makes it it's easy when you're doing what again I was able to I left here Friday afternoon we stopped are eating window anyway Saturday I ended up Saturday and Sunday's off day so I figured hey maybe I can get through Sunday of not doing anything and by Monday for the long run we'll be okay right and people that are transitioned Akito from a standard American diet or whatever a copy of Eric neither idiom is how full is different you know when you're eating Kito or even rash twenty four hours well what was interesting was that now I I say Kito Ish with my daughter eating for the first time Saturday until two pm because we had our homestead in class and I just had a fat coffee in the morning but didn't have any food you know that is great and so we did we went to torchy's TACO's yester- Saturday for dinner early dinner yeah it's just a or you know you eat regular regular food and you get filled up nutrients and you're not hungry for a long period of time it's Kinda just melt they just they just melt in the acid rain and when you eat a car it has to go it has to start they do it's GonNa explode I really felt you know larger around the middle so in its what will and here's how explained it to my daughter sure and some milk you know and a few other ingredients were pancakes are made out over thirty S I thought it was magic magic it's magical doc I'm ready for food you want to sell it twenty four hours yeah it was pretty simple to do that and I did the same thing on Sunday it was a small those small cup European size coffee so then I'm telling you that for like thirty minutes we're just both going on about were never going to be due to their low nutrient value they don't have any nutrition so you'll stuff in your belly your belly will expand and go stock medium before we explode like the guy from monty python because I didn't I when we got I had a fat coffee and then I didn't eat anything until I got home yesterday afternoon and that was like two thirty when we get up and have like a tea or whatever in the morning or coffee and then she won't eat until lunch time so she still does a lot of intermittent fasting which is probably I told her that we do as far as you know car but it's really hard if you're consuming pancakes and Hash browns and all those sugary Karbi foods at all they do is make you hungry I mean because I felt a little stomach like little rumbling in the lower regions must like my body was like what because she's a Taco lever right she I she's not accusing Kito and but she does a lot of intermittent fasting like she'll naughty because otherwise it kind of falls apart but I did eat those and I really didn't feel too bad but this morning I kinda felt the effects of Saturday's dinner this another one recently it was great it was really fun but we couldn't drink our coffee that was the thing like so four I couldn't drink while my coffee table and it was like it was hard on yourself we're pretty strict for for a lot of the time we are pretty pretty on only because we're stubborn but if you're a normal person and you're around do you have that meal if you want to get back on the right track again just do a longer extended fast you know make sure it's a sixteen hour or ours and I wasn't hungry until that time anyway so I was able to go a long time and when I got hungry it was just a very subtle so fast up to a twenty four hour fast and your golden you can get right back where you WANNA be bureau back in the game and that's the we we talk about is is not being this is corn business doing in here but it wasn't bad and I think because I'm able to fast so long it just makes life easier like us and you want to know what your food is cooked in like they only cook and Avocado oil and coconut oil and things like that so they're they're very and they you know it's Tortillas Corn Tortillas for the Taco show I got that so the flower and they put two tortillas on it and we went to the restaurant location on Burnet road on Saturday for our first meal which wasn't until elect by sad it was like two o'clock so oh kept short eating window because we we went and did a walk and then we win eight again I was like sorry you gotta squeeze all your food in this three hour window again to kind of let yourself go just let your hair down relax it's no big deal took a bad news magnesium relax and you're going to be okay if you felt like wow I can as long as I stay away from carbs I can order anything on this menu and feel good about it and so my my egg bowl was pasteurized from like a human standpoint that should never happen you shouldn't get for and stateful not none of these now you have to understand how the food is going to affect you I'm very soda dump now these are the facts you have to know that this food has on you you're going to feel really full and then you're going to get really hungry which if you look at it so it is so hard to find a restaurant like that that people can actually go and eat and feel comfortable and they're a lot of other people that Keogh or just you know just regular old eating the way they eat and you want to do that then you take that one day maybe on the week sugar and real eggs I'd be less afraid of the Cape then I would have like sweet potato fries for instance or fried vegetables money around who's been to Kito Khan who which again we're going to post a link for you to get your tickets if you don't know much about Kito con go back in yeah it'd be cool if most restaurants did that right just be transparent about what oil your cooking you know your food in or wet bat earthquake when it comes to you know what what would I choose what choose to eat French fries or chocolate cake with the chocolate cake is made with butter daggs and all grass fed or pasture raised meats and I felt great about it and then move back to you we fear we talked about this we fear the industrial deep fried vegetables or whatever I'm just scared of the oil don't eat that oil goes into pick your poison yeah pick your poison but I loved that on their menu they tell you exactly what they cook with which that kind of transparency is so helpful when you know you're listen to episode sixty nine with Robin and learn all about Cato con so if you're in the Austin area you know about Picnic Austin and you know if somebody was making me choose let's just say that well other things that happened this again this is recent news we don't do recent news bit but right now we're going to do yeah I didn't do a lot of social media this weekend so we know a lot about what was going on I've heard of this and watched clips of it and I know what it is cooking oils but when you go to a place like again what they used to cook with years ago when they cooked with with real saturated fats you'd have this problem Ayoola totally agree 'cause sugar even though is not good for you there's no reason to eat it you can get away with a small amount of it it's the it's the constant daily consumption of sugar it's really going to destroy your good yeah and essay sugar I'm talking all the carbs I'm not scared I'm not scared of the sweet potato I'm not even scared kids that's that's really the scariest part of all I'm not scared of sugar is I and a fryer filled with some kind of light and blend of oil right recent news bit the last week I've seen this on facebook and people been posting about it that that show came out on net flicks the game changers I saw the clip with Arnold and he talks about plant based proteins and how his cholesterol lower than it's ever been well newsflash arnold low cholesterol is not healthy you should not and I think it's stupid so just watching clips of it makes me cringe and so when somebody posted about it I I just follow up with the hey you know this is they kind of reach a broad group of people their corn soy and gluten I mean their menu is very clean you come and just get right back on the horse yeah exactly well what I what I did see going with her to Austin and we've been to Picnic Austin Eh and but we went to picnic and what I loved about I've never been to the restaurant before I've only had their coffee at their trailer great on the Ketogenic lifestyle down forget our disclaimer this podcast is for general information only and should not be considered a substitute for professional this is these people are lying and they're like no they're not it's so hard to try and convince somebody when they when they see like you've got arnold up there talking Makina train did secure since we've heard the kito trader that we were in the middle of an interview and I wanna interrupt funny things happen Blueberry Hill Blueberry was the girl that's n n she swelled up blueberry felt like that for like junior swallow I felt like that of local Estoril you should have higher cholesterol just healthy cholesterol right well you know I mean they're they're going to use all of that to try to push you into based I and here's here's the thing like okay I went to the store we went to the grocery store Friday evening when I got in so advocate get some some all year long from two acres of her land and it's really less than two acres because it's a very small place where all this food can be grown single day yeah every single time everything's at her front door and not ship from Peru or from Serbia or from Mexico or California or whatever all come from within two acres she lives and has complete and utter nourishment she grows some vegetables she grows asparagus learned about asparagus which was really cool she has asked she has chickens she she does she can process her own chicken for herself she produce section there's a whole section of all these fruits that are from off they're not from here I'm just GonNa pointed out Red Dragon Fruit is and typically your pineapple your key ways your all your sister all your tropical fruits like that and they had a crap ton of them taken care of so when you look at that versus somebody who's getting an aside bowl every day and the impact on the environment I just WanNa say Sarah Wind every the thing that you have on this schilling farms to she only homesteads two acres of it ten acres of it is just flood plain so and she keeps it natural Robbie season you're and anything that she has extra she's learned all about canning and preserving fermat's so she can sustain herself eh she makes cheese from her goat's milk she drinks goat's milk and you know if she needed to she could get an some Migo if she all these tropical fruits and I'm like you know and then I go into a whole foods and they've got a side bowl places in his love the environment kind of thing diet they can't afford it anymore that's crazy and they've become so of this mono agricultural plant now that it's destroying the environment down there along with the spirits not from the nothing grandma forty eight states the forty eight continental states so that had to come from somewhere else and she that she has so if you look at what we were sitting down talking and I was like if you look at what you have here like you can survive on every single do it for other people but she can process a chicken she learned how she said I learned how on Youtube so I wanNA know how to process your chicken apparently you can learn this on youtube you do yeah she has some fruit trees in the way it just so cool the way everything works together and she's into permaculture so if you want to know more about that I want to make a point because I don't want to sound like I'm a hater on plants plants are okay in the way Sarah doing is the way if you want to not impact the environment that is that is needed more substantial meat like that but she has chicken eggs and all all these different things that she can do she can basically live on her land she grows strawberries in that when it's so when you start talking about you know for the environment and all that stuff is coming from Peru that's not mentally friendly at all right so okay on asparagus and and I'm like not win the CY comes from nowhere near here so it's just interesting and keen wa I read this article over the past week that we don't have time for that I don't know enough about it I'm trying to learn I went to a weekend class and so you know she's got all these things hello as well as how how the the growth in Keene Wall on how the demand has gone up so much that keen walls from Peru now the people that used to eat kiwok traditional working together and the farm really kind of lighten gives and takes from itself and so it's this constant it's like a ballet it's like choreography hot works together and it's beautiful and she doesn't have to go outside her her area to get much of anything on this note where we were at this weekend at this homestead the girl that The lady that owns Sarah she has her race guard. GotTa you've gotTa take care of your chickens and goats and I thought it was really cool sitting there because at twenty five she made the decision this is what she wanted to do and she has two little girls and so there's six and four and they're growing up like this and she said I decided I wanted routes I wanted to be someplace and what was interesting to me in the moment she said that was that two hundred years ago there wasn't a choice everyone had delivered like this unless you were cities where people had markets obviously we've had that but let's just take it back you know to people living on the prairie this was your life there wasn't and I thought I'm going to be like Sarah you know now we're getting chickens I want more I want I want go because I love to hear the in a choice you had your own food at your disposal and now people are making the decision to go back to that when you do have all the conveniences let's well here's here's the deal with that if you get goats and chickens now you're locked in you're not like a you could become vagabond and travel the world now and they're deciding to be a little inconvenience and have what we call slow food instead of fasted even fast food if you are normally buying your vegetables from the grocery store you're not as environmentally friendly as you think you are it's just so hard so hard the problem I have with this with the plant people in the plant people the plant people is when they start telling me that plans better than meat that's my start having an issue Armand you had friendly yeah and you have to accept that the duchess the culture our society the what we have developed ourselves into so I'm not saying bad about it you should absolutely not but yeah that's the thing that bothers me the most because I think it's so like they're so misinformed there's something like where did should definitely be a part of your diet if you eat a lot of vegetables that's okay right it's not like it's a big deal everybody pretty much knows that we're not you know we're not on the plant based and I think the big thing is the thing that bothers me the most is that people use it as an environmental platform correct go I don't need anything else yeah but if you're somebody that enjoys eating your vegetables go ahead GonNa hurt you but get some meat in there so you just stop critically thinking on this path and just read something and go yes amen to that point all the plant the told me that you should not eat meat and you should only eat plant you should have a plant based data right take insult to that because I think again go back to game changers James Cameron who made that show is a huge investor in beyond me okay I want everyone and I don't mean this in a terrible it you consulted on it on some of their scenes where they needed some military help but Linda Hamilton let's just look at her for a second sixty three you don't expect to like twenty five anymore obviously but she does look a little bit worse for the wear because was just probably not enough nutrients there to keep up with what needs to be happening in her body and when I see someone I can almost one hundred percent point out she doesn't eat meat she needs steak she she you know you can tell the skin the and she's she just burgers out there the plant based meat which is funny that they have to call it meat in this plant base you know it's so beyond me they're the big push now and seen so many people making jokes this week about her an arnold and it'd be like you mean the geriatric terminators and we are not at all I've talked at length how I never I've never liked vegetables those who knows you don't like that I just you know meet Egg Sausage Bacon is going to sound horrible however essay down terrible but terminator the new you worked on terminator walking slowly went so back to beyond me you know and the and the plant based people beyond a had to retract her claims that meet causes heart disease and awesome why imposed like two people in wheelchairs you know and I was like what they are older but they are going to accelerate the aging process author Vegan or that they don't eat meat or the they're not getting enough amino acids in fat yeah yeah it's just really easy to point out and the midsection and there was a butcher putting out beyond burgers in an end cap of the refrigerated section we even talked just you and I since this happened but one day when I was at the store getting some groceries I passed by the Columbia Causes Heart Disease and cancer so they had to retract that now because they're getting sued for making false claims that's crazy yeah did I tell we haven't with eating the way that they've chosen to it's just the way that it is and it's just it's not my rule it's science it's basic human biology science so the more Kito gets out in to the space the more products the more people jump on the bandwagon we've already said this and using those as resources to make their journey on their keough dive a couple of things that you notice that they should be wary of okay so we sent us not long ago about how formation I didn't read the whole thing but I got to I started looking through recipes and that's the real telltale thing and I got to one for all the chicken and all that or at are usually at and so he's putting it all out and he's like standing with both hands on the on it just looking down at a turn it just says the Keto Diet on the front cover and I ran through all the recipes in every recipe that required some sort of oil they use akitas everywhere when I went to the store Friday night there were not one not two but like three or four different new Kito ice creams not number bad source the Cato Diet magazine publication I don't know who put you out but no need to figure out who you are and why are you doing we know canola oil in the recipe and as soon as I saw that I was like either a you're totally not interested in our else and you don't give a crap or be your completely ignorant of what Kita really is in its health benefits and why we do it in the first place they're just they're they're up for the money grabbed that's all they're doing yeah don't let Canola Oil all in your recipes and then say it's Kito that is an oil that around us at how do you like that and he just shook his head and just looks like made a noise in frowned lie I can't believe I have to put this out answer so that was that was one of the things that they're pushing this this plant based meat because it was better than me because it didn't cause heart disease and cancer wall there's no proof ice creams at an Heb in elegant Texas which is not a big town I was like what is going on yeah I bought one and what else we talked about are warning talk about was people that are kind of getting new to the Cato Cato Space and they're picking up magazines or books off the shelf and so be aware when you go to buy something or you go to recommend it to a friend and make sure you know it's a good source that's then he just walked away and I was like that was the funniest interaction because I was saying it in a snarky way like how do you like that and he was like stave told me this never do anything on race day that you didn't do in training yeah that's good advice that I got from many other people so so I go to look people bookstore with my daughter and we're looking at you know magazines and stuff and I pick up about four different magazines that elect quickstart Kito all did was grown and grind and I was like tree butcher fashion also agree totally that food can affect you if you're you're trying to do some athletic events you gotta be careful of what you do before you're never do anything and I'm saying this because a long run to Saturday instead so shortened it today shortening my long run it was Ariane five and walked one today God kito guide the Keto Diet all these different things I'm looking through them you know one of the Paleo magazine their Kito Guide it's good chuck through we can probably find out or one up so so speaking about US making stuff up one of the things we talked about was did eight miles I ran for one hour thirty eight minutes seventeen seconds I haven't down to the second so we've been the pre workouts and no juice and well except for that one day with tanks and then I had to towards this weekend well those were in Oh and search canola oil production and just watch are on Youtube and watch it and it's disgusting so grow yeah so you know just running you know ten and a half a mile is not blazing speed is just trying to get the mileage in and it not hurt right and if anybody follows Rhett Syndrome yes I have to say it slow or it sounds ridiculous so we're doing fund raising so you count your steps dog does not he can't he's too he's too goofy he's too goofy he is scooby Doo so that was super fun

Steve Burns Phil Overfull Willy Wonka two acres one day milk twenty four hours thirty eight minutes one hundred percent seventeen seconds two hundred years twenty four hour thirty minutes twenty five mm Twenty Years sixteen hour twelve years five years four hours three hour
Wilder The The EasiestThe Hardest is FuryOleksandr Usyk Ranks Future Opponents

Tha Boxing Voice

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Wilder The The EasiestThe Hardest is FuryOleksandr Usyk Ranks Future Opponents

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body right he's he's trying to get ranked w. b. o. that's where he's number one he's nowhere in that WBZ top fifteen now guests a win i don't know how a win over chaz weatherspoon we'll put them in any of the other sanctioning bodies but at at WBZ oh he's number one because he he used his cruiserweight WBO champion status to elevate that being said if of the heavyweights at the moment who would you say would be your toughest opponent and who would be the easiest opponent for you i again you know i won't put it pass alexandru sick this just call chasing this is classic mandatory position coming up the rankings that's the only way i can see something like this happening out there is the easiest i would have liked them i would have liked to see him go that wilder route go that sanctioning body route because he's onto zone visibly let's just be real this is going to be a little bit of a difficult fight to make i mean we've been here while the tom because if you watch it and you can find that clip on behind the gloves instagram on instagram when you watch that clip his before and disowned fighters dealing white ditch zora anthony joshua all fights that never got made so how does this one get made so interesting you know interesting out chasing many fighters do it many fighters way to fight week and start talking about people josh warrenton just started talking about gary russell he's got to fight you gotta fight what are you doing talking about other people this guy's got a replacement and chas weatherspoon is not on the level of the anti while the so you know for you to be saying that wilders the alexander UCLA victim feels that would have the best success versus wilder and he believes that easiest champions of beat your opposition doesn't speak the same like your words aren't mashing matching your actions but to the have no co host this morning so you guys can tell me in the chat who you think has the most success able to comprehend the translation i don't know i don't know see from the outside and and and if we get into the details of the article because tony baillieu a. l. versus usig is fury or is it a wilder tony bellevue seems to believe that oh hi praise from bellevue the victim but yemen he's definitely picking same time it almost feels evil the way he turned to her and look after she was latte WBO sanctioning body route of i don't know how we see this unless it's a unification unless get out the point is how do we make despite happen how do we get this one to happen with him going you know louder alexander who said let's do it i love to see people say that it's easy because this easy from the outside it's so what i like about that is that i think sick means it even though i said it could be cloud jason i believe to do a lot and i quote and he was speaking of sky's sports obviously so goes in there dethrones whoever has the WBO and then you know proceeds to try and unify wow them so obviously so obviously we don't get translation here would be tyson fury that has more boxing skill than tyson fury yeah i know wow because wilder is the smaller man compared to the other heavyweights in the division right tyson fury anthony joshua those bigger men had this is not the first time you know i got someone in chesa hey the next sentence he said he was joking that's a lie because he clearly said businesses and i still think he's a little bit open and can be caught watching his amateur fights there's always a reaction from him when he gets caught is face yes you know i don't know i guess that face could be taken as okay he's making a joke he's trying to get to see where where your reaction but at the gene but no one has exploited that so far in the pros his chin is up in the air sometimes if that continues then it might on december eight phone i fell interview has over one hundred thousand views that he wants the onta- wilder and everything else did he said right so just go that but he's just too small to compare with them excuse me compete with them for twelve rounds i think the size of joshua would be massive he let them know that amongst the three wilder is the easiest to beat along those three choices get it done with fury wasn't able to walk away with that victory but belly does add that usa does have we a higher knockout ratio a longer reach more hype than you obviously more power than you i the goal i i wouldn't mind seeing see i've always wanted to see the wilder zora while the deleon why and if this is another one of your heroes than you've a massive advantage and i don't think who seek could overcome it and it's funny that he's saying and that's excuse me it's funny that he's saying he doesn't think that i don't get this but i mean look you gotta stay relevant specially when you retired and it gives me something to talk about gives you something to debate doubt about any heavyweight who while the land on i just think josh lewin fury or too big for him fundamentally he's much better than all of them and i include fury it also would be able to deal with the size of joshua and fury but that he feels wilder is ripe for the taking win and again i'm just i'm sending out my my my messages early in the morning the wilder saying go come cook somebody's fools man does you know run basically but can you do that for twelve rounds when you've just seen fury do it but again in in in i don't know but like the crawford spence fi who seek is going to have to build up you know that that that demand and that's the easy answer don't get me wrong if wild lands on him then it's going to end well then it's not going to end well for usa but you can november twenty third the fury february twenty third and then he's talking unification after that so where any of these guys get in at gimme somebody's UK has man let's put somebody's UK heads on the mantle because zora they was offering you five million for that discrepancy and and i guess this little loophole is trying to us i mean while there's been up against heavier men his entire career so osama lucky day wild and dylan to wilder is the easiest tony bellies interview he just believes who's sick is a fundamentally better boxer the incisive theory so that being said i'm assuming that's why he thinks he can and for this fight i guess i on the other hand wouldn't mind seeing it just for bragging rights but looks like we got good oh aw champion you muted doesn't have a light you are muted is witherspoon to all of a sanyo i could beat wilder he's the easiest so i have no clue league spun to you know possibly welco to chat gene look you can only one person and wild obviously has a a full plate you know he's got the luis ortiz fight signed sealed delivered happening leave this is cloud chasing who's really interested in whether simone this guy went from tack them to you know possibly ah then it might get him caught one time so my thing is dude you were able to land on like you tony i mean while they're still had power and a twelve round knocked out the bigger fury right so if if that scenario makes any sense fury should have been too big for assume that because he is smaller lucy will get some sort of win i would have liked to see belly maybe say oh you know stay away from the power box on his i do but yet while they're still had the power to be able to knock him out in the twelfth round with drop them in the twelfth round brutally so i don't understand this whole wait you know where he's coming from with this it'll be good to see his debuted oh good to see how good he does since he's talking you know else what else what else we got so i got another little show scheduled or planned anyways it's hot in the back end ready ready champ no that's how in the back end and you know maybe we get around so that one but again i i'm just gonna put that out there mr gross in a building let me head on out production i'm not i'm not really giving it all a lot of attention to be honest with you what oh you the what is the bomber the london bombers some shit dog if you can land on them how to fuck is while they're going to land on them with a higher lead dot com arctic does not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease it's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's a tax and plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD medic available online at CVS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this um yeah i believe it's a pain it's cutting into your exercise nine stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind i've got your line wide open you still in the means i he must've see something or ages just trying to pay more attention to fight by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease of cloud jason bud also believe as a competitor that nobody really really cares about supposed to be attacked him at first tyrone spong nowadays is chazz witherspoon so yeah uh-huh you 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it is you talking about you can beat to beat the guy i've gotta look i gotta look that up i mean look the cat he's a boxer he's a boxer so typical typical with DV man you sit on the outside you know much like crawford to spence you see things and you think you can exploit them you think that's the easier fight gutierrez but this boom in year not only that like all his alleged opponents for this date and it's pain and it's getting in between you in the life you want to live CBD medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredient just to his home i don't know that it sells because who knows who sick especially in alabama but it's cool you can say a lot of times but until you're getting rain with these people i mean i don't know how you are you sales easy as hard as i mean we hear fighters these guys that we've been hearing about lately this week none of those guys really been been down everything so obviously while has this plan and her top twenty was anybody top fifteen was was spun sop fifteen is whether the top fifteen answer for him to say you know oh you know tyson fury's the better boxer and a lot of people have always looked at the anti wilder as a sloppy puncher dad i mean this is what wilders been wanting now he has a willing body that isn't gonna fight over let's do it in vegas and make this the biggest fight he could take so you know he he must be you know in a sense you know for a reason he might he might just be like you know this guy's lighter with the acts about who's who's tough as i don't know yet i haven't been a been in the ring with him so fantasy i'd just like didn't like bullying wilder that's what i'm saying like you know those dreams of oh he's he's only two oh nine he's only to ten that's ridiculous to think that you can deal with them because of mentally then tyson fear because tony bellew since the things so mike and do me what's your thoughts on bellevue saying that tyson fury excuse me sick alexander's z. tyson fury is just an overall slicker boxer i think the his his corps movement head movement and his overall style you know to welcome top fifteen maybe calls tag him and that's why tack them took his status elsewhere you don't person did could probably handle him but he is the lightest heavyweight probably he hits the hardest so i don't know i don't know if the cat just you know trying to stir the waters boxer boxer but fundamentally could get sick a little bit of credit on that you don't care what tony it consists of the luis ortiz tyson fury find any wants a unification but then you got this guy alexandru sick who am i call us today i'm calling out he only got that one hitter quitter totally different when you're in the ring with him though tell you that but you know he's a boxer so he he's trying to go he's trying to aim and he's aiming for that greenbelt man he knows that wilder for the most part you know is a light heavyweight you know he used to come in newman lighter creates you know a great a great boxer in every in every form the cat i see him more reserved more it's fundamentally a better boxer than all three of the top heavyweights AJ wilder anti-saddam fury you know what the only one that i kind of like hello there was top twenty for sure is tacky him and i don't know what we're spong where but maybe forty or fifty but as far as oh you you know and that's the horrified if you just like we sat on the outside and say oh you're in the heart of pfeiffer wilder improve that way you know had he four fucking am i being too optimistic here is this just tongue in cheek for move sick and you know if if they ever sat down if wild to ever sent an offer they would should change and finally a new new you now like five million for zora eight million for dillion white now we got this guy talking crazy i just don't get where his where he where he's getting this way he's putting this together where where he puts augean in tyson fury numbers when you see that he's been in there with dudes you know the dam neck got one hundred pounds on me still handling like i said he's he's a boxer cassim great or else you're not that great dan that's sometimes just case that's sometimes the case i don't know no matter how many times yes styles make fights that straight right hand wildest kryptonite for your man AJ simple as take taking less risks you know in the ring so out no i think i think i like tyson fury you know as overall it just don't know where he's coming from your right you know he he can become from different standpoints but for him to say that AJ have conflict with is privately tyson fear tyson fury is a good boxer i just see being fundamentally maybe a better than but a big baby opponent in my opinion or AJ somebody like that for atlanta but i mean if he wants alabama if it's not at at the university of alabama football stadium so oh saying he's been making a lot of money in vegas and LA barclays haven't really really heard about him hidden the alabama market really deny come into his hometown i mean he fought in amateur monaco rectal in that they fought in the amateurs deontay wilder get back to your life with CBD medic available online and at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease okay and and you know it's tough for a while but you know andy just beat AJ in andy is obviously the shorter smaller guy was like he can probably avoid that big right hand the whole night encounter like in a he's a good fighter man he's very slick got good is is he better fund oh you had to say about people fundamental got knocked out now it doesn't mean they have a good opinion just because you've got opinion on the fact that like the hometown thing i don't think i think we skipped right over that right look man it sound good you know what i'm saying oh he stands as the mandatory right for andean eiji the winter yep where where the hell is it that that they got they got that hi bogle DNC wild i just don't know where that's coming from it might be that is your mic check connector jabba a mike so did you ever give me your now he's definitely cloud chasing fury to seventy and co and fucking you know what i mean he wasn't evident that he was the big man and his size was is it if he had a belt should while pain any more attention to him of course same thing i said last night goes fission what did he do he was a champion a cruise way when you're the champion and you defend for a certain amount of time plus he was undisputed is wild and same thing i got a bill he tried to unify what you'd call you up and we know and talking about one face oh if if if water would be wanted to go back to his own time less for like one of those stadium sites the mike went there because i was gonna follow up and say to you guys do you think that this is just trying to prop up the guy that retired him you know you gotta listen to this guy retired you so you got him working his hometown me i i guess why can't check his temperature and see what he says but don't know how much wow two really wanna fight yeah now if they were to do the fight we'll see again i don't know how how that would say you gotta reserve a date for one name so then up there right up his alley if they can't build absolutely if if if if you manage to get past chaz which we all think he will taylor which of course comprehend comp just his merits get you the opportunity to go to that same sanctioning bodies say yo i'm moving up i wanna shot at the champion because i'm the champion this division and that's that's truly how it works if you take agley WBO we haven't seen any other sanctioned by yemen let's open up these lines not much more to say here let's see how the public reacts to this do you even want to see this fight is one question do you think that he is trouble for wilder another question is while the easiest heavyweight kazan belted and i don't know that we should i don't know that we should not i pay attention to his word simply because he doesn't have a belt when we know that the landscape at heavyweight is different it's not like he could have done exactly what crawford done you know there was already a fight in place and it already had rematches had that fighting out where that way he would be fighting motherfucking AJ notes you saw the fans get it and get a chance for you at all champ i'm just saying this is something you should know that the WTO has that rule in place but yes crawford can you know looking at it from an standpoint you know just a little bit of everything that we've been shopping up here you know the number to call in one four to five five six nine titleholder so yeah i mean that's what i'm saying i i tried to sandbag mike and i'm like oh would it be different he had a belt and he says these calls are brought to you by el camino electrical services expert in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations in turkey instant fifty to forty one press one one time to voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline that don't forget you can add nestor gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation and call in coming up yeah petitioning petitioning i get i get all of that but like i've seen guys you know in lower weight classes move up you know i don't care what mr the baby alright alright alright we're going out to who mr i champion to if you're champion uh-huh meaning you have a certain number of fences and u or u unify the builds then you're able to move up at call them mandatory from forty to forty seven this happens all the time cannella was going to do it from sixty to sixty eight reloaded he fighting though we can't teach you live on the show let me go out to our sponsors right i've got my sound bites back arctic does not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease it's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attack anywhere in the world plus have that official tissue audio quality and you know have everyone be pleased with the sound of the and it's pain and it's getting in between you in the life you want to live cd medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredient i think it's cutting into your exercise tyne it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind oh yo yo what fucking good it's friday good morning TV six o'clock in seattle washington up early in the morning going to work no i mean again if you're coming off the injury do you really still want to activate that or do you wanna test that injury out i i guess the best thing for him was at the such as a one forty pounder moving up to forty seven and i haven't seen you know don't say no burqas bud yes it is i a year because i i don't see any difference in crawford newspeak they both unified they both were from lower divisions they both come and update one shots at the champions you know is just that white versus black usually sells tyson fury worthy good example only mayweather kinda mcgregor uh-huh TC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD medic available online at CVS these statements have not been evaluated for unified at forty and then moved up and beat jeff horn remember that's how he got his shot at jeff ruin he didn't find anybody for straight jeff true but lee healthy it can test elbow or whatever he heard out against was a spo one time they met up and not my call i we go into in your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you in the life you want to live cd medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief without a good example i say let them keep on talking since he's fighting chazz witherspoon and let's see if you don't get cut and plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD medic available online and at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this well actually still wanted the tuna he still wanted the tax would he would he would he have got it say has he got injured let's talk about lucy the great white heights we all know it great white heightening did you don't go find a urban dictionary we wanted to but you know he didn't get to really used that time domain he's been out he could have had two fights in the amount of time he's been out CYP talk to us the feedback by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease be totally grant everybody in TV nation visit us at el camino electric dot com remember to write his five stones find funny only because i can flip it if you play shaquille o'neal and michael jordan in a game of basketball one on one the easiest person to be eh either bro okay well we'll see man he he does a lot of talking you'd be tony value which i never really had ah supervisors i mean well in whereabouts will be definitely had a and if you're talking about the other WSB whatever he definitely master mind off a young TV listen listen you know it's funny i find it funny that him saying that the easiest and the hardest like y'all need to stop that bullshit y'all hate bother so much that's all women to believe anything anything said by anybody just disabilities man it doesn't matter he's growing battery i don't understand why bosses nowadays think that skill in the heavyweight division is what's gonna make you great there's one boxer that is a legend in hedwig division what's he wearing was he wearing helmets and pads and a heavyweight amateur for some bomb ass nigga just beat them we're a he goes twelve rounds with chas whether or not because i don't know calling in we're going out to stay in actually we're going to stay in city texas state excuse me takings but nobody ever proved it so take it with a grain of salt man but i just i just don't see i see i see now now now difference between cropper is well i can't really say that kind of it was already a fight going on with six six put your teaching the audience to not just means you're right it was also so you know you want to belittle me and then you know not not know that i'm directly that ball i you're never gonna get it back he's going back to you down and dunk on you get the ball back you never going to get the ball back talking slugging so he can think all he wants that is easier with with louder but the truth of the matter is as you said has death power it's not and about the situation right demand until you get into division and actually make some noise skill only this much if you can't get past that power man the power of that water carries is just not a lot of people can stay up from before and he was always scared young remodel true he was always go so i think that he really hates the water because there's so much surly agree with i think the only way you can look at it that way if you base if you base it skill is the yeah i can see that but i mean because the broadcast cut off yesterday right i wanted to respond to troy roy came on and ask the question about it burned suport tom to go to list and then you get in there and you get wiped out you know what i mean like what wait until you do some make some noise and then we'll take you serious but okay what's the bigger fight charlie o or jane curtain what's the bigger fight rocky fielder or no no no no no no no no no no no because back then kirkman was the bigger fight charlie was unknown he just beat them except because you might be michael jordan period but if you hit all your threes on check you might win let's be real here you're not hitting ardo dancer in a shack estela fodder be interested to see the day event aho's exclusive cruiserweight who came up although there's always been speculation about a you know some power pellets he might have been out with making no it hurtling was on the bench for like two years like a two year layoff broza boomerang boomerang we'd rather see kovolev or andrade tallow well i give you that i won't i i'd rather be cove lived i two thousand twelve two thousand fourteen in two thousand fifteen still talking the same shit still fighting the no one's i like it ain't gonna happen that way it ain't going you gotta have some sick fans you know what i'm saying is going they going back you galway's going somewhere else i think that was two thousand fifteen we found out yesterday so low two thousand fifteen charles fought like i say he just became look when kirk glenn when when when when when when his name canelo was fighting kirkland that i fight of his in ill yo of equipment morning good morning mike do whatever we all this morning this enjoy as beautiful finally some coach texas weather you know man see and i knew this was gonna come back that's why i sent you them three interviews i sent my three interviews with dimitri sandra day impact one shot when i got twelve rounds to land in a you know an cloud chasing a little bit of salt from tony bill you but at the end got i don't got google front of me JD let's be honest he probably had just be the forty four zero k now maybe maybe they yell TB was good two thousand fifteen charlie was fighting bunch so when canal OB kirkland he signed the fi- koto challah was fighting gooky brisket hamad ali every other one of them from joe louis to jack johnson unix lewisham mike tyson those are not outsourcing even if that amir critical mike ness a forest out happy belated birthday to mag garcia's i anna this has been a really really tough week for me markazi thirty eight thirty nine years old he just in texas man how y'all know y'all people should that's crazy crazy to do whereas stainless what did you see at the day you you're not gonna vote it for twelve rounds his motto like he told fury over twelve rounds i gotta be perfect for two seconds i got and i get that in i use my memory to come back to this topic i just wanted to take a second real real quick right the big name he didn't say edify that's how that's how you phrased he was okay okay early but the oldest child low i i'm google just okay let me reply let me check with making living alone best friends and my younger brothers from high school and i've i've known for twenty five years died in a motorcycle accident last sunday as well so familiar with job continue to do so saying thank y'all for that album rang back in his subject man i just i just had to get that out i always say to say to to you guys on TV all the callers all the people in chat man i love you br mike you see what i sent you steelers i even sent it to you to put you in good spirits yoda internet don't give yeah you know please make sure you push thumbs up share this every episode of the boxing voice podcast because TB out to you guys you know the whole TV family even you bitch astros you know what i'm saying 'cause i don't even know job AJ i don't see him getting test theory and i don't seem good pass law is modest kenyon and that's my car was all right all right well thanks for life discuss you stoop on shout out to el camino also yo internet undefeated got appreciate that memories they while in already already it's too early my crazy to demand a fight like that without fighting anybody like it ain't gonna happen bro are so we gotta go to he said cannella troutman scott always let me on even keel in in some ways help to keep my mind from being to focus on just that so i just wanted to send a specialty fuck about nothing is it too soon my is it too soon for that who we got who we got who we we got new orleans joshua with up yeah we need to have some reason that makes sense to them walk like CYP's pointed out is all the dot com it might go for that and believer tonight is always made you guys have definitely chat my spirits up believing the shot jim trotter uh dangerous man on the planet in boston right now 'cause we talk growing up boxing skills in guys and all that shit but take power pellet is obviously going to hate he talking crazy some denouncing the easiest that sound like a duck and undisputed rain is more credible than crawford's undisputed rain like just as simple in okafor i don't hear you you know what i'm saying like like mike you know i'm not the wealth away fan he's gonna do this and you'll be term and then what's up everybody feeling good all good man happy that it's friday happy that url spence is out of a mass part attack sunday i just found out a today i might have to leave for detroit a couple hours one on one i like y'all do your own research don't come on here with this ridiculousness mass slowing up the show and take it in a different direction because you use a bunch of i mean yeah i posted i'm i'm talking about for the person in mayday apparently okay okay okay on every call he wanted to do a crawford thing is i we're going we're going to build them up the way you like to man you'll see asking a mouthguard what for the first title versus the law may vacant you know wh who seek fought the champion for he beat glowacki i ain't even got boxer and pulled up taking care of my man will spend stu let me tell you something do if that ferrari flipping over twenty times ain't hurting that bad eight no mexican a no blacks it's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you and become successful he become an alleged white goes on and if y'all really believed that dumps it that's cool with me put your money on the last point if they really thought that easy people here's our secret we make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like he beat glowacki in our man then he beat british then he beat garcia of you know he beat on dangled manchu brad why always life you want to live cd medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of 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you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with this special offer get a harry starter set with a five blade razor waited handle shave gel and travel cover all when better didn't break any bones in this he's going to have a speedy recovery so god is good man man looking if you believe in god and god is good bro when you allow immersive of fighter do in a way classes is going to be like oh that's not seeing how you try to clean this weekend hopefully his skills could translate well into the heavyweight division which i'm sure he will have no problem with it's just that when you get hit by these two hundred fifty pound dudes is different than get hit by towards paul guy i mean that's my call i gotta say but hopefully we have a good fight this weekend askar enjoyed the show and the rest of your morning i'm on my truck so i won't make someone is knows who's it must be stone sniff how could he danced around the ring control around it's definitely possible he's got the skills to do it isn't gonna happen who knows he always do get touched one time in the dollar friends let's see what happens you guys something that nobody has and then when he gets catches with it arab i always respond the same week no matter how you are he's smaller than you are wiped gonna hurt aerospace military's crop to get close to her in them there it's fucking crazy but talking match man and i get it he's got a lot of skills than and has taken big size from the likes of louis leasing price on feary and divine when he was alive i want you to racist or come to my well that's what birds been doing and you ain't even have that same football wherever all right well thanks for calling in we're gonna go to majed in florida or ohio today remember let's throw me this i got better memory when you the older charles day invite nobody the younger charles he the one that was getting it in there's noise in the cruiserweight division bro but different when you get hit by dante wilder man that you can run for twelve rounds broke but he says all the time that you guys just said one if he gets touched one time by dante while he's six foot three two hundred pounds asking to go down to the floor lobbies knocked out due to time to size broke easily man easily wilder and for a way to everybody play wild out like he shit it like everybody always fucking caller his name when they know that shit ain't about the happened something we ain't even need to play while they're like that they disrespectful and fuck all that but everybody liked the video on those boxing voice and thanks put him on his show made it out alive god is good man all the time so rick will let me hop on this man this is the true definition of cloud space and it's fine it's like the and i just i just didn't as the customer meeting this morning in the i think our leaders some dumb ass you say about wow to being the easiest you sick with the anthony joshua risha they try and throw usage and heavyweight pitcher and i don't even think that we should start with the fuck they told my book you sick so he tall and all that i mean but we went through this the other day i don't know if you ain't pay attention like we actually found out who six talking about that he can go in and start swabbing weapon so easy water why you find the lowest of the low competition if you such a good top tier fighter not much man just listen to all of this back and forth debate about use of what he said about deontay wilder but this is the last thing i gotta say is that i think that eddie hearn nomar just trying to build that narrative so whatever happened with his belt they're trying to put you you can't even knock out crews away come on man we want plus kowtow how're you doing holding hands off you how you gonna keep them away from that's my car up before somebody to come back with that book talk about to compare because i was waiting for you to put yourself in a track and saying because i heard you say you wanted to do what's next three slash four or five already set in stone of who is fighting any got some guy that had to be made headway debut yet it's fine a bum the UCLA fight is like a way for you then you came up cleaned up on the book crossing the same as that goes is gonna get knocked out by boosts if that's not the case wound up going to walk his little down and i can walk out with trump and if you think waters easily go into jumping but it doesn't mean that you can petition to a sanctioning body to do that it doesn't mean that the WBZ champion at cruiserweight competition to find the WBZ champion heavyweight if he's really going to camp jay in orlando talk to me abdullah's good family man man just just happy happy an pulling goodman at rose got now gordon colorado name because they know they they can't fight him we know that is not a possibility you know that they can get away with but we'll see what happens once donald j and orlando man thanks for calling in so you think is a sixty six guy who wasn't really a knockout concert crews away he will wear guys down as he deal with cats all right this how feel i think they use it you know he might be able to make a little heavyweight and you know surprises with any fighter but not it's a olympic medalist no unify undisputed you did all that why are you going in and finding lowest of the low on saying you know hardly your opponent poppy even before he was at finding nobody you refined to talk here and telling me that you have options you over there with matching plenty of european guys so i think he went around with a couple of guys in tournament so you mean to tell me out or biggest partner and the whereabouts of the big sponsors mike tyson is gonna wait for those with attention deficit so repeat spang street city coming that heat for you need to know about me if i do are in the top team and uniting finding one and it's obvious things i don't even know why this is even in discussing like wilder has makes three or four or five lineups it'll be talking issue oh well it was better than cause necessarily the city come out he could wow they're the easiest he god mark i don't know what it what is it markers and mark q mark nash and mark nash okay mark nash i see the curious on my i don't know if i'm supposed to say that it there correct i love it i love it might look at me you know he don't know i can see him your agassi you might which a gray hoodie on and say perdue you got your head down arounds what in the close didn't get there it's gonna be so i just want you a love it i love me and the president i b o is slammed him and crawford man at the end of the day who who would you rather be julius and or murat garcia is just look at me when i look at me so you call it dongo unified champ because he had the IBM in IBM you better like it's not his fault that the bill was vacant we fought him on is not your man don't be undefeated fighters in dog was undefeated champion some adversity listened to the commentary i'm sorry sir i'm sorry sir out promising you can go back and listen to everybody said bob dan was trying to set him up it was for look man hey man two things one they'll last two callers hit it right on the head bro said they hit that right on the head say very they kept saying hey you need to switch bed they say he was losing okay let's believe that for second do that means something because they said the u. respected on dongo as a unified chant so you gotta keep doing that you see when i had the energy for the line in minju wasn't backing me and that's unfair for your argument the IBM from the other guy or or vice versa well he for tra- now ski it was there were no it went over there and beat a trouble naski in in a fight where he was brought in as opponent and they expected him to lose ricky burns or whatever fuck followed in england wanna wanna hit a guys brought into again eighty dollars going to be easy to get dongo boxers fucking hand off the foot you respect obvio- not as a for belgium no just to boast one IBF so that's what i've been telling you that he was losing i bet you they wasn't saying he was losing when they fucking announced that fight i bet you he wasn't the underdog went in now that fight you know so because he was presented with yeah that's what i believe he personally second of all this you gotta start would audits cross slant archie i forgot to take but you are wildly if you want to fight you gotta fight can't earn extra seventeen seconds they may brussel you brought a little bit of hebron listening they went to a guy backyard over russia germany and not that the completely the fuck out then he went over and felt elaine believe when he forwarded burnt so you respected him as a unified champion with the IB of an bill that's all i care about we can move on we can move on this just marks the or the abbey oh and f and you say he was a unified champion and then eddie put him in there to lose around in fort lauderdale twenty for my but i think it's on a regular class unifies so i haven't been but and didn't have built this he had the right and end that's not what you said but it's okay man it's whatever we wanted to take maybe i maybe i misunderstood you matter when upset you t- plums man talk to me back to so that's unfair let's keep always back is not brought in our overstock wanted to go 'cause always clowning cambozola well when he beat campbell may he they say he was losing by swiss thousand listened comedy keep that same energy might hear he wasn't happy ever after he beat ricky burns he got to the WBA my friend you call them go ahead well we can't look where he began capable of cancer league debut well it would be recalling in we're going out to davidian order similar to remove welterweight i just don't think that series but i don't know who sick i mean i i like him he's a good fighter in our but i you know him saying that you know why i've been telling you your might crawford should unify with the lonnie mench officer uniform ninety minutes boom lost to stephen silvester for mother tame somebody move up we start calling everybody and all that stuff expect everybody to be like oh he not doing whatever let me you can rewind it let's just say i'm not open to germany get the bill go beat ricky birthday we will unify champion that's real first of all who got better paycheck dongo because he was a unified champion never been a unified champion okay so like all the other guys so we'll see but videos always shot outside i don't know i i honestly know that that fight is not going to be easy come on that man no wilder wild you got that BBA that's probably be a let me i'm gonna look it up to be from trump's naski a-6 him saying that already worry about it we'll see if you get in there with them saying it you know that night night put on them what what right here i remember you asked quote punch like so it's not gonna be that easy he noted he's done and he got a big loma chanko but going to win but i dunno versus while they're in the fact that walter i love here while there is a smart guy too he going back to the income on sounds like not yet not yet they try and distract us from that that winter of to get the nick brody's a gold medalist champions undefeated people may-like it's not his fault like we know how we didn't know at this what about this is christoph glowacki is he more credible who who who sick went straight into just try to get more publicity when they find nobody's but that's what i that's not seconds well all right thanks more credible than an ongoing your opinion gap EMP dirty coal yes the door toco garcia nine stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you and a life you want to live cd medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD he's british you think matters britishness more accomplished than let's say victor postal who won his title versus lucas matisse in a vacant title shot more a brandon casual connect you mike mike seems to believe in a more credible opponent anyone on six resume into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you and a life you want to let life with CBD medic available online at CVS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease jeff CBD medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your everybody in the box invoice family and yeah you're gonna once now blunt alright thanks for calling in brand cincinnati talked to you would it be good morning mike in the morning show me they had i i think it's crap safe china his name and they always do this when they gotta fight with no biden and other person already got another line they always start saying stuff that and facts yeah yeah i mean you could probably get another of the coke with the i just compare compare it disputed raines is all we doing we compare undisputed people have me as this crawford hey to cutting into your exercise that will tell you that's not he's he doesn't see what about this this this shot with you know what i'm saying walking workable than who didn't fucking postal because remember crawford only four postal i feel good when i got a call and talk shit about bird i see a lot of other people do it for me days i just sit back and then i really had a good effect on these people i don't know you know i like you need to chill at all that and just just keep winning but we'll see the saturday you know ah daughter coat win and yet he's more credible i also have i also got you have anyone else what about me the skills to be competitive at that level of the heavyweights but until we know how he can handle the power of the division i think we're jumping nick available online and at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease it's cutting a gun saying that he's going to actually do well i mean he has potential but until we see him in there taking shots from needs kinda guys at the also blue book what's on vela's i do i do think that lucic has usa got to that point going through that turning i think that's slightly better than would crawford data i mean that's not saying that it was a great achievement by crawford level i think it's all jumping the gun and as far as comparing the undisputed reins of crawford in my opinion how are you doing was let's go to mike ness a doomsday without who was a champion and dangles chain because he won a vacant title from the law may so you know we can't even talk about that guy l. talk to statute spilka spilka spiro spionica a lotta fucking math fans that call man santon guys call chases he asks the question because the answer the question and there might hurt joke because he so he can have sex with now agree with CYP when it comes to heavyweight skills don't really mean as much as they do divisions we oh wait that's fact terence crawford be a unified champion get his he won his so now that i guess that some porter and a real intelligent boxing fan stone boombox all stopped congress so important so yes c. p. i'll people saying that you know guilty gear pro heavyweight division real 'cause all the tickets one point so i agree with that ah we're just trying to pick one over the other i get the essence but that's not a broom and i'm so delighted to hear the urine he's clock 'cause he feel like i mean if he feels like wow this is really the easiest way to beat them as cool that's his feelings doing this we did that another solid but we already had that discussion but by the way i agree with you that says PBC not going to really you bill champion for a while he got that built so yeah if you wanna give them tonight giving up but that only should have not paying all this topic ahead of we he would eddie her you know what i mean they they they're missing is the dishwater on any level so you know your favorite party was the easiest then maybe connotation he was active question and he answered with his honest opinion now after we've seen the type of period fight borough of fight for vacant title that's all you know of anyone thinks that danny and sean for vacant title is the same as crawford okay then y'all look god bless you man god bless you and you know i hope you can learn boxing ABC chapters him and danny for vacant built right that we saying no no we do that though but if you want me to use some of your time to explain it to you CBS b. s. s. r. w. bullshit series of boxing was accrues away nobody even wash that shit the little innovative got more rain than accrues that doesn't mean that you still can't call danny paper chance you have every right to call him a paper champion because he fought for vacant title i on the other hand value that it'll show with dan garcia for vacant cool yeah but you're talking about a different vacant right because we were talking about the sean puerta vacant right i who you're talking about my friend tom to go to we went to ruin the five ovo broom five oh phoo that conversation you had with the president you know sound like you got a better situation going with heyman dan any other promotion so i would rather them try to big up the VR lease try to do some if they're going to dismiss the WTO and also lucic talking about wider easier fight that's what he's post to say eh but the difference is you know danny guerrero who just lost the flow of may weather coming off a split decision victory is that what the colorado my bad are the fighters we care well i mean i'm only going to other fighters because the situation plus the sanctioning body right that's what it's called ninety four vacant like it's no different no different at all they can titled shot so i'm giving you another scenario which is ironic that it's so recent he just thought jacobs vacant four kuechley for an unlimited for when it was like being a slick sell paul the end the success very had been a paul why wouldn't it be so hard to believe let me see let me see we got d straight what up we went to to plunge we went the stone bones so so daddy got a shot at two vacant titles let me see not right there but wow do my boy is all he's still got a lot of i want to see him be able to go in there and get us lick south paul fighter allergens it was it was it was a question i would ask okay yeah i said in the past and i'll say it again like dumi said this morning you know we always gotta think educational danny and shaw for vacant title that's legitimate in my it's good to put a face to chat thank you for always participate in now obviously becoming a caller not most unappreciated in most overrated division is crews away i don't mind give a damn about cruise late the lease rate it w first time caller was up on this sir can you just sir where are you calling from who saw mrs seven oh folks oh seven of y'all could you get off speaker chance that we could hear you okay gotcha you're okay song caller man who got slept man so 'cause he's say fail him we jumped up a little bit never tests nobody got slow so cosby using i mean you know what you spent all right i mean the cooking day but in the same i in the same sentence he's trying to say that because crawford moved up there was more danger into the WB l. the bob them need to put some backing behind the obvio- but it seemed like they got a better relationship with heyman so dislike theory it's very dances around twelve rounds he beat out but it's chat get that ball steph curry never get back in in abolishes hits a UC that second way class so obviously that danger represents wait cruiserweight cruiserweight division represents way and power so there's danger a quick fashion like he get right here he had trouble with buck and fury he atul wh- or t he was ever couple lived in bali duty belt can champion then he went back for another vacant what the way championship just like just like tanko and look at denver tango then he just fight the fires in case of the clock about you know the you know for sam calling the west share everyday low doing similar full brighter yeah you can't judge you can't judge one guy's journey up another guy's john because somebody's sarah before you don't mean they're going to be did then i mean we need to be crowning lucic because he might have had a more dangerous run at it the fact that he joined the tournament knowing the level of outta explore these conversations you know to just crown crawford is undisputed excuse me pound for pound because of what he did there at the yeah i'm still here to always you know promote debate you got it we the best ball kickabout steph curry when it gets shack i'm calling shack deontay wilder if steph curry makes all this three points which aac on the do he says i just ask the question of whether he was two-time vacant what the way champ wasn't i talk to one time he's a one time going to get along i think we're going to get along that's where the guy is seven oh fo- right now but anyway let let let me cook for all janacek who was saying that's a dome analogy like my girl that here's from training today if he just ran her first mile training and when you said you from the seven also i look at the clock stopped she was seventy four so through dues right so i don't know man look i don't know i think that they both had their way man everybody is mike says something ah want moving so use it being understood at cruiserweight coup but he will be even greater heavyweight because that's not his natural weight one forty danger gives him the same respect that we gave andre ward let's stop china pick and choose who prays man but next GTO instagram and bring him in on a boom boom boom boom boom widow those were my final thoughts hopefully we'll be back with another one and with that betting show that we've been slacking on i definitely need to make some money looks like we got the everybody we're going to see why pee on the boomerang what are the supe- face i'm real quick seven four d the fights bhasin money on bucks feel bad then i don't feel bad because you know it's like dan marino made some money and we shall be kinda tight because i need to make some money stainless sir hey coffers natural starting to wait he moved up that to me makes more credible argued actually out here if you agree to fleet makes a lot of big about it life he had two fights he had three fights and two of them were vacant title shot arina we're bringing up guys out within the united state with coffered and and deniger casuistic asset getting up see some understand what i'm saying is some of y'all don't what to understand what i'm saying and that's fine with me five but look though switzer topic might help you out law massey the truth on that you know what i'm saying so i just wanna agree what he said you know town is a v. do some it'd be nice to see honestly equal danger we've seen doctor type of monster he wasn't and we didn't expect what we i mean we didn't know what to expect because both dudes he and garcia were run in you know sticking with me now he's always say something like you can't judge one guy off another guy's then there might drop off my now we did technology my second center this is l. spins main down in aerospace eight-man down he's gonna put the next man now that's my call on his opening because i really big on first off yet is getting a riot CIP man affleck's well you know what i'm saying nineteen ninety seven when he made that movie still can't seem out of a mother fucking wreck with no fucking broken bone he ain't keep the same one it might be a few minutes might be a half hour we definitely will be back wait a minute let me double check this one three here oh shit he just hung up it away and let's keep have you been making money without you i know you ain't been doing the show but i'm sure you've been bed NFL begging no boxing that's all i got for this one again thanks for this podcast every podcast in his you know what i'm saying is always please make sure you push the thumbs up yeah i know i know he was five hundred check that but all right man i'm out mike do say gee across nineteen eleven on twitter i want to mark the difference it's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind is blow to y'all is there are i can't do that bluetooth here that's how it is thank you mike apologize there's yeah we're out booze pain and it's getting in between you in life you want to live cd medic target your pain added source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the oh actually yes they cut the line you're right you're right i'm wrong there i call cuts the live their second call does not cut the lines get a second call it gets the second call the ring accuster boomer note don't learn like i just go to them first because you know 'cause like knows treat cure or prevent any disease it's cutting into your exercise tyne it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind the benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD medic available online and CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to be i'll know what it is but by the cow detroit next week we are thinking thank the sign on the problem slop up you talked stupid and and plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD medic available online at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this can you believe that crawford undisputed was better because cluber did in his second class it's much harder to the undisputed in a weight class that's not so don't start at is and it's pain and it's getting in between you and a life you want to live CBD medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC greedy adam this is boy who said he paid them yeah yeah you know trying to get some nine mister p. b. c. thanks for calling the shots yeah we outmanned catches sorta next one hey my forty dollars worth let's talk about fight hype in your boy chance crossroad paid a andre ward to hang out with hype and stuff terrorist coffers he's doing the best but shadow tailspin seeing that the superman he's the man still he's he's shaquille o'neal back in severe episode of the box the boys podcast 'cause TB for life interview i know patriae is 'cause you stupi shut off the communism an an away he's going to be able to step out rain would amount like our chappie an idea knocked the fuck out saying that house would spill don't have now uh bro smart marcus don't master want to set the birthday card i'll take shit wait a bullring and a ringer a ring accustomed boomerang customer and it's the second call so don't cut the line the boomer can you see melanoma workmanship my

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Michael Jordan

Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids

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Michael Jordan

"Welcome to bedtime history. Close your eyes and imagine you're a basketball player racing down the court with your team from the stands. A huge crowd is watching and cheering and millions more watching you on TV. You've played hard all night. You're sweating and breathing heavily, your legs ache and you wanna take a break. You know, you've got to keep going. It's the championship game for all colleges across the United States. The game is tied there. Only a few seconds left and your team is losing by one point. The clock is running. You dodger opponent to an open spot on the court. The point guard sees you open. The ball is flying across the court toward you. You grab it. Jump, take aim for the basket and shoot the ball, spins gracefully through the air and falls through the who made the shot. The crowd goes wild at seventeen seconds left. Your team wins the game, your teammates, pick you up. Carew off the court and celebration. This was the moment that made North Carolina freshman, Mike Jordan into Michael Jordan who became the most famous basketball player of all time. Michael Jordan was born on February seventeenth nineteen sixty three in Brooklyn, New York. He was the fourth of five children in his family when he was just a toddler, his family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. When Michael tried out for the schools basketball team, they said he was too short to play, and he didn't make the team. Instead of feeling bad for himself. Michael, worked harder. He practiced every day and made the team the next year. Eventually, he became the star of his basketball team. He trained very hard. And by the time he was in the final year of high school colleges were asking him to come play for them. After getting a lot of offers Michael accepted a basketball scholarship to North Carolina university. A scholarship is where college pays for all your classes in college. Michael studied geography and played on the basketball team. He helped his team make it to the championship game. During the final seventeen seconds. His team was losing. The Mike, took a jump shot and won the game scoring. The winning shot got Michael lot of attention. And after college, he joined the Chicago Bulls, a professional basketball team. From the mid nineteen eighties to the mid nineteen ninety s everyone loved to watch Michael Jordan play basketball because he could jump so high earned the nicknames Air Jordan, his erronous or just MJ. He had a meeting weeping abilities and can do slam dunks from the free throw line in slam dunk contests during games. He was known for doing trick dunks and dunking. Over other players. He also used other trick moves like the reverse layup during the summer of nineteen Eighty-four. Jordan played for the US Olympic basketball team. The team won the gold medal at the games that year which were held in Los Angeles in the nineteen ninety two summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain Jordan team became known as the dream team and won their second gold medal. There. Over the years. Michael worked with a number of large brands in their advertisements, including Nike Hanes upper deck, Gatorade, Coca Cola McDonald's, Chevrolet and weedays even acted in a few movies like Michael Jordan's, playground and Space Jam the movies, mixed live action and animation, and had Michael act with cartoon legends such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy duck onscreen. Nike created a whole line of shoes and sports clothes named Air Jordan. After him, many kids at that time wanted to be like Mike and wear the shoes with his name nineteen eighty-five. Even though he was a very wealthy basketball player. Jordan new school is important. So he made sure to finish a college degree in geography. He had started. During his second season, he tore his ACL and was hurt badly. But after this he went on to become the first player since Wilt Chamberlain to score more than three thousand points in a single season. In nineteen Eighty-nine. Michael Jordan was married and later had three children. He was close with his children and taught them to play basketball too many years later, Michaels oldest son, Geoffrey made the basketball team at the university of Illinois. Michael always tried to help children do their own thing and not feel that they needed to be successful as he was or successful in the same way. He said that the thing that he has tried to tell his children as that they should set their own expectations. Expectations are strong beliefs of something you want for yourself in the future. By the late nineteen eighty s the Chicago Bulls were becoming the team to beat and Jordan was a huge part of the team success. The bulls made it to the Eastern Conference finals in nineteen ninety and won their first NBA championship the following year by beating the LA Lakers NBA superstar Jordan became known for his power and agility on the court, as well as for his leadership abilities. During his time on the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan led his team to six NBA championships and won the most valuable player award in the tournament five times. He became the most famous basketball player in the world and kids everywhere were inspired to play basketball, like Michael Jordan and dress like him and where his number twenty three had one game, Michael Jordan or a nameless number twelve jersey because his number twenty three jersey had been stolen. One funny fact about Michael is he was known for sticking his tongue out when driving to the basket ball or dunking a ball nineteen Ninety-three Michael's father died, and this was a very hard time for him and his family after many years of success playing basketball, Michael retired and decided to play minor league baseball. He played for team called the Birmingham Barons as an outfielder in March nineteen. Ninety five after short time playing. Baseball, Michael return to the basketball court and rejoined the Chicago Bulls. He eventually helped them win the championship game against the Seattle Sonics in nineteen ninety five to nineteen ninety six season. Nineteen Ninety-seven during the NBA finals. Michael became sick with the flu. Many didn't know if he would play this very important game against Utah. His trainers told him he should take a break and get feeling better. But Michael wanted to help his team and played anyway. There were many times where he could barely stand during the game, but he ended up scoring thirty eight baskets and helped his team win the game. The next year was nineteen ninety eight and Michael Jordan and the bulls were in the last game of the NBA finals. This would be Jordan's last game playing for the bulls. The bulls are losing to the Utah Jazz by one point, and there were only five seconds left before the game was over Jordan, maneuvered back and forth, and took a jump shot and made the basket. The bulls won the game, thanks to Michael. After retiring from the bulls, Jordan played a few years later, the Washington Wizards, he donated all the money. He made to families and those who suffered during the September eleventh attacks and April two thousand nine Jordan received when a basketball is greatest honors. He was inducted into the Naismith the Morial Basketball Hall of fame attending. The ceremony was a happy, but sad time for Jordan because being at the event meant your basketball career is completely over. The explained. In two thousand three, Michael retired from basketball. For a second time, he decided to focus on his businesses including owning a basketball team. Michael Jordan is still considered a basketball legend. He was known for his competitiveness and his very strong work ethic. He spent hours watching videos of his opponents that he could learn how to defend them. He also had a special love of the game clause written into his basketball contracts. That said he was allowed to play basketball against anyone at anytime anywhere. Michael Jordan was successful because he had natural talent and drive to succeed. He works very hard every day. It is goal and becoming the best basketball player in the world. People respected as work ethic and his drive helped him become one of the greatest ball players of all time. Remember he didn't make the basketball team the first time, but kept working at it until he became better despite being short at the time. One of Michael's Jordan's most famous quotes is I've missed more than nine thousand shots in my career. I've lost almost three hundred games twenty six times at been trusted to take the winning shot and missed. I failed over and over and over again and that is why succeed, even if you fail at something that is okay because you tried everyone who has good at anything has failed many times, but they kept trying and trying and getting better not doing something right. The first time is okay, you'll never become better at anything. If you. Aren't afraid to mess up sometimes. Is there something that you love to do that you would like to become even better at? Is there a sport or activity that you would like to turn into a career when you're older practice, those things that are interesting to you and focus on becoming the best you can. The important thing is Michael Jordan said his own kids is the set your own goals and your own expectations for yourself. If you enjoyed this story a great way to show your appreciation is to check out the bedtime history e book and printed book at bedtime history stories dot com. The book features twenty five of our best stories and all sales go to supporting future episodes. We also have lots of videos on YouTube, be sure to search for bedtime history on YouTube and subscribe. He can also get the latest updates by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

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The Cure T03 #34 El Vuelo de Yorch (Final temporada 3)

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The Cure T03 #34 El Vuelo de Yorch (Final temporada 3)

"What are yours. And AS Roma. With a ceremony. Vehicle does giving. Miller the ask. Thursday will an Compagnon so coming up? Remedies. Brother! Inequality Manchester. On the ladder. The Iraqi only are. Interesting. But I fought a minor or now under meka. The Cure. Limit I'm Dan Sorta Cure. CMO DEOGEE USC. Bundle for a minute of interested interest in not to them middle school in Crawley Sussex. ECON post about Robert. Smith I'll be off Michael Dempsey ALGA. Low or host? Mark Sukanya. Yellow alcohol. In the within displays. Mark for all under. Mali's who rovers mets Yagi Tara make. Dempsey come beyond alcohol. yachters roses to the. Some Ruth's Catholic comprehensive school. To Kenya the whole prompted report, but modern under the Jazz Rock Jamaa. Those? Centers. They're Marias, Smith MC. Come home soon. Number four is secure in the meeting of it the. Initiative Momento Laying Flinch alumnae percent, the Rock Signalman Tabatha but in. Chicago's able to pull. First career. Paul from some. Easter. That me not on the coffee without ultimately until they secure. Front, there's Mrs. Southeast enters vocalist. Internet trips it. Stuck his methodical meal if you're not mentally prepared. Points at timber. Demeanor with the dosage. SME's widener the within the city. He Secure Navona Bakersfield renters. Hand Sarah Goats Let Them Open Clinton. Doubleday stock whatever young. What am I? Can See us. Multiple the minority in. This winter's going to see your. Ethic Other Zealand. He Secure Deputy Bishop on the phone handset eclipse. Don't get though gorgeous higher-margin a miniature with interestingly, says her number as secure. Retirement different put rovers. Michael Dempsey, luckily, load hostile here. At least for from some? Dodo shakers. Competitors Lesson Sussex. Thorough. Check them into component though it took under spree has. Undergone theaters article that sort of thing at the gun did little million president them visit. US? Dollars. Beyond. I. You. To? Silence Aw. immidiate within. The. Though you see that a number that I've under Lena? I see Komo expose other little under for Paul. Temple. Komo the cure for the moment say you're in Clare Chris Bury. Fiction? Maija the mid, not interested in Delaware Wounded Three missionary boys. Relative Oakland into more. Going Thunder, group owner Feeder Grammar Tanya. Flint. Shingles boys don't cry. He jump in someone else's strain. Michael the. Now. This is my new up into under the Emperor Simon Gallup Kamara Easter. You might you hardly Komo taped? I need here. Is that I know million within. The Cure coming who? The body or eight hours. Out of them, be their mini mini's technological seventeen seconds. None Marina Seoul Toronto Competitive with Robert Smith. went on this being one. Hits. A forest. Put. Him on their motto the Haba. The three over. Gino that pays. Yet multitasking kit and this to other faith don include exit does our primary. It this one of the cures him, but going wound feed him on the other. coffees a picture tour. The rental? Income funeral then. Charlotte sometimes. Her. A Minnow within Inter shorting those the curable your through the. Then, Toronto Sandler's into the. Forest. Saint, Peter's. Under Luther, Mata this. Moment. For not, Score same envelope the Hoban who took the sportster their fatter. The hanging garden? Ron, took. Think. There's multiple. Under. They'll do it for my bucket. Don't secure the world. Pop! Doesn't come. Let's go to bed. But tend to want WANNA. Adjust the the love cats you took at walks. In another wound up the only that has. Japanese Spurs. And quoted Poso. In. Go. Minority intelligent what? Did Talk. Thirteen accompanied. Sussex Institute electronically. Of those video police Moscow Arista lavender Britannica. Daniel win the curious. Incident metal the. Most. Leeann new single. The, Caterpillar. Lock among the top tour. By now that Anthony, Nevada the some Komo weather here. The feel terminally Komo Kista. I. She woke it poll from some. Didn't. In an oval on classical either the cure. City got rather up wound director concert. Andy feel cinematic abundant audio boys, the teacher to. See in the rambler others and mobile for bodies Williams. He Same Gallup perspective. Way Way gussied affinity bothering fiance woman theater a miniature with interesting. The head on the door. On stick it here on Nexico. Communist, Komo in-between days. Close to me. Akhavan logistic happy to. Doing compactor. Callers? Who Nine Moustapha. Standing. One of each. No record of your name video. Buffalo Television Import. Demand number there the cure in orange. Spend theon theon fifty while the Glastonbury. Don Davis had on. Sick. Off. It's. A Destructive. Also. Selection. A. Show. Way. Coming. Off. Do. Even. IM- within diligently, say's declared a deterrent Schumer volume do. Kiss me kiss me kiss me. On the. That the steelers posters enters Wisconsin S. Calling for the funeral. Russia Donald. On lucky on the. Kissing tour. I'm. Linda famous recall the London who the Elk Rita Mindy. That I put you on the. Disintegration. Kunas holiday monthly other. Lavar run. Tell transgress upon us again, Tuxedo. Pray your tour. Does like well, no tore Horst young quainton on. The League you that he echoed Suto. Postal went dune discreditable. entreat. Chemotherapy such hunters this. Appears millions of international winter. drudge donate Lebanon the cure. Plant and Blah though Peruana Avi, group ball. Berry Monte. Cristo THIS THAT AKITO BEAR! Mixed up. Seeing the revolt Odhiambo Scotia. Mahadevan. Carlos prestigous Brit Awards. Knowing? Keep. Own Way We so. began. In you must obey the cure robot on wish. If you GOT POLITIC KAMAL Ethics Economic? Paulie because the. Amount of Robert, Smith. Concentrate wish world tour Syrian Majority Caravan. Bending the practicum into La totality the lesson rather into. A lot of. Global D- other on the feeder. You'll come over politico, so the young are in million international anti-trust. Laws directors. But he's he's show. Humiliate them into the sports. Guitarist Paul some some the whole of our. Condo the cure and not the. FM great expectations show. Park Finsbury. Don't dress. Komo career Steph Lebanon contributory annual abundance on other apple equal quotable. I see Kamal, but on film purple haze the Jimi Hendrix. Going the eight revolt or narrow victory. God. I see me small threat song frequent pushed up judge dredd. Either pure level shown. Contend that people we. John. Americans. Own? Wasn't. Own. Within does no entity SALIDA relevant. Galore? Llamas? Comply Fields Copenhagen singles Lewanda. co-owner co-owner. Videos. Companion will preview. Standing. On a beach. Good use into. But Field Robert Smith unless it is so with bark. The Cure Compulsion Tim Perla serious, but the intake is. Mother more than this. Min of international maintain away a couple of nepotism euro. Disco. Reality Tiny poonam enough. Young Premiers Grammy. Flowers It's Lucky Douglas Your Dream Tour? Gwa Mazda me on the Sean Nice. Around Casino Roy Mrs. promised. For in those me, Luna Cuando proofing Poland I, but under sexy. Greatest Hits Ingredient Turkey those countries, some of us. Just say yes. He Cut. Here. Thanks. The. Best Way. Don't. In. Those doors that. Young! Aftermath fiction records. Kulikova. Mazda News. Internal around then Geffen records. Of this. Lopez. Leases than the warriors. Puerto Ova. Interest Qualities Dunklin theaters. Temple Rhonda Berlin. Condo interim and this was discuss pornography disintegration it blood that were. Qualified Fito Porno, mills has come us. Then look through the WHO were there trilogy? Any other than? The military's. Negoti okay after giving on the cure, seth issue necessarily the La Winter Doing Aqap. Liras ECOWAS way research others. Parasol voices still. JOIN DOTS said he has nominee. Daniel Mustard a book on. Monte Rosa Donate A. Poll on the side. Singing the fuel of public. Money more the cure. Sabido Puerto. Date under fifty nine eight buddies. This is my new details. The looks including. That is collecting USTA. Squadron these. Three Boys. Seventeen seconds. Faith People over free. Inevitably those menzies laws. The Sussex Boy Bureau Miller Studio. Motivated album there's two. Are there must be a part of. The contemporary directors must out of the mud fifty badly lost. The mysterious minus Helio night it looks does continue on the glow of dominion within. Blue Anchin. I. Wonder said ready. The industry muster retailers this discourse the top. The head on the door. He Kiss Me Kiss. Kiss me. A. The those. Of View and. Still heartedness daters containers for Miami Liberal W. What? Dream Come inside on wound to model. The Cure for tour does hitters. Coming forward. It'd been defeated. Polio does mix yet. They to festival there Hepburn. By caliban nobis there's the new. Digs weather. But his buddy feeling another squadron. The Cure. On Singapore. Studying under. But other D say by yourself from English must've. been. I love? Am Mike Ulan for the only one. Medal the and figures. Took a customized weather Mrs. Let's get on freakshow. Sleep when nine daddy you divert floyd. He means lavender Continua before tour. Guatemalan North America. Europe L. confed on a woman who started. Prevent him on to. What those two years at cures to on token. Negoti Miss. September EPA. Keeping colgate states being. The respirator squadra singles day after mother's a tests. Must Focus. In. Though Shimon ascended into. The war weather traffic dream and seen that shoe Patella. People the MTV. And UP YEP US on Giovanni and Promo Scam until the synthesis in different personas. You know the the two hundred. Off The amid up the response. Foy include. The Cure that MINU in Los Angeles. DON'T CONDONE LIFTING NUTTY O. My space secrets show. In a door. World. Israel. ooh! Concert. Band. Stay? Silk. This. was. Certain? From. uh-huh! Is. Just an jury. Turn? Does way. Lebanon premium NAMA gold like genius. Conducive, Athena suspect. Sandler Kevin Brixton. In all those Ordina. For some SOM the whole of the automobile. The minor those mean BS, said Alonzo integration. You've Robert will not be mass. But today extra the Luke's edition. I see come on. Takata Lebeau a number numbers into intellect. Komo entry it. Plus. Gone? Gentlemen diplomats but Oklahoma. Morally, twenty thirty one faith. In a spectacular reflections for mortar las. The Middle Three Automatic Work Robert Simon on in retirement albums three imaginary voice. What know soon on about. Be The Cure Komo Seattle Tacoma. Seventeen seconds. If annulment lull I won't be all. Level I'm the. been present. But into. Faith! In September cure in. Best Ball who knocked off unique interesting Quinta looters. Mother transmitted. I am interested. Fabric among say if your best to go live on say. You vanda will never have mass apple up. TAKESHITA spectacles reflections? Woman had longer fold. Punches theater on his. He throws a beacon theater. Other does middle fail. Restart reefs, Gabriel's Silmi articulate the envelope hotter summer cure those. necessarily. Theaters, literally St While Elbow. Coming someone think Bob. An eighty s electric picnic. updated. Cure Real Canadian open opium addict. Put after offenders that will put away CI Lloyd Columbia. You. WanNa tell you this for women and being decide catch. And fully eleven to your difficult. A little bit. I. Belong to great Soup Co tour. EMBIID. unsung talk quarry who. Gained an Fuji dropped up on. YOU'LL UP AT USA in Chicago. Those fifty whether there share guy in Canada. included. Sawyer. While Olsten city limits. Coconut in Monterey by some. And November as the Cure Taku to their annual. When I'm deputy film. Festival! The New Orleans. said. season. Off. Some shoddy. Savvy. Talks. God! Society. A society. So. Sekou. Certain? Only. Sick. Blue. Pause. I spent some. Saying sweat. Society. A muscle milk. The TOCO does not loyal other hold in. theon teenage cancer trust. You might go via huddle honest with me just. Fifty Bottle Rock Napa Valley. In December, mandate, units or prisoners. Suspect that spectaculars it Brian Clark. Roby insists companion of recent. And eventing number on Apollo. Doesn't mean Kim foyer spectacle built. Allow the. PEOPLE OF FM is. US. Thanks. Menu others scenarios Lebanon this open will next. The Cure Wall. Tour does millions as? Thunder girl going on. In New Orleans Lakefront now. Coach confused, they put into spot I cusi only under some ass ends. Who Sit in? Those space. He don't gotTa Call Ms Masa Taste. Those Mathis. And tour included risk of. In the holiday bowl. That is mass in Madison Square Garden. He took another. Blow Yourself. That is not as SAS Arena Wembley this. Does me hit this limit Glenda albums catalogue. Asamoah is going to be in the lowest bounciness. Those media. If you took onto, knowing that means by. Fully Bank. into the. Spearheaded frontier will now move to to listen dating commute on Hyde Park odometers. Under. The. Coffee of the Pomona Cure. Clean Expediency Entity. He can. Medical Mono those holidays shows. Must. Kara? Mostly three universities leaders. Union flew coke. Elliot attributed responsibility the others in Theon. steelers Komo show gazing will new metal. Over, Smith? Don't own expert in Clare Korean tests, but a lower gonna be tell us. All My Estrin confounded Unity Fund, scanning and other therapies RUPO. Own complicit total capacity got into matters that though. Yellow with component UNICEF pulpit that'll nece. We're not a piece that transform under Somoza say on rocket either combination seniors this. Seem particip- Luckily del Mundo basically I equal. Agian indefinitely. Capacity Idleness Dido Tablets. You'd be. But I can tell. A Shock. On this spur some. Sort of one hundred. promos say. This humidity that's. US. But I always? Woodley yards immature mass. Mosque. Pursuit of what is in control epic. Go to the customers and evokes facebook instagram twitter united. Attorney call. You put in your chapter lucky made from. got. Should,

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183 | Flight Risk

Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

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183 | Flight Risk

"Our world is full of the unexplainable and history is an open book. All of these amazing tales right there on display just waiting for us to explore. Welcome to the cabinet of Curiosities Frederick. Had A dream. It was so strong. He worked as hard as he could to achieve it. Even when everybody told him it would never happen. But Frederick wouldn't give up and in the end he got everything he asked for and one thing that he didn't born in Australia in nineteen fifty. Eight Frederick wanted one thing to fly. When he came of age he tried to enlist in the Royal Australian Air Force but was turned away twice in fact it might have been his poor educational history or maybe he was just a bad test taker because no matter where he went no one would let him inside the cockpit of an aircraft after failing to join the. Raf Frederick attempted to work way to a commercial pilot's license. Sadly he failed the five subjects that made up the exam twice. He'd also been investigated by aviation authorities for dangerous incidents such as flying into restricted areas and through thick cloud formations. But it wasn't fredericks fault. At least not entirely according to his father Frederick believed that he was endanger whenever he took to the air from. Ufo's he was obsessed with them. That might have explained his insistence to get his pilot's licence so that he could get closer to the subject that he wanted to study. However there is no explanation for what would happen next on the evening of October Twenty First Nineteen Seventy eight twenty year. Old Frederick was on a training flights over the Bass Strait in southern Australia. He was piloting a small Cessna airplane when he radioed traffic control around seven PM. There is something following him. He told them an unidentified craft traffic control. Didn't know what he was talking about. According to their readings there was no one else in the air at that location or altitude Frederick disagreed and so did the four bright lights at the bottom of the other craft outside his window. He asked if there were any military planes in the vicinity. Like a fighter jet or stealth bomber of some sort. Traffic Control responded in the negative. Whatever it was it was a thousand feet above him and lightning fast then it was on his right before it shot above him again like it was playing with him or trying to scare him as Frederick talk through the incident with traffic control. More details came to light. The identified object was shiny metallic and long with Bright Green. Landing Lights on its underside as the two flew together. The other aircraft would in Frederick's words orbits his plane I on one side and and above him and then on the other traffic control ass Frederick where he was headed the pilot replied King Island. Roughly one hundred twenty five nautical miles away from his takeoff points back in Melbourne. The entire exchange lasted seventeen seconds and at the very end. Traffic Control noticed metallic scraping. Sounds on Frederick side before the line cut out and that was it for Frederick. The plane had disappeared with the pilot inside. Rescue teams scoured thousand square miles of water looking for them both but found nothing some believed that he had faked his own death or took his own life. Despite there not being any evidence for a motive another theory proposed that the pilot had found himself upside down and disoriented confusing the reflection of his own lights as those of an unidentified aircraft but his father believed it was something else. The one thing. His son was both fascinated and terrified by more than anything else in the universe and for those who study. Ufo's all over the world. It seemed the most plausible explanation as well. It probably helped Australian citizens had called in over fifty ufo sightings on just that day but one piece of evidence a photo taken by a local plumber would lend credibility to the otherwise incredible story. Roy Manifold had set up a camera on the beach. Near where Frederick had taken off he wanted to capture a stunning time lapse of the Australian sunset instead. He caught possible evidence of what might have spirited away a petrified pilots bill. The object in the image is blurry ufologists have examined the photo and concur that whatever it was it was traveling at a speed of at least two hundred miles per hour. Much faster than the vanished Cessna could an unidentified flying object have snatched Frederick out of the air as the saying goes the sky's the limit on possible theories on very much intended for now. The only thing we know is that Frederick's plane disappeared over the Indian Ocean and it was as they say a photo finish Where do we come from? How did we get here? These are questions that have been asked by scientists for generations. The more we dig into our past sometimes literally the more we discover how we evolve to where we are today trump Australopithecus to homo sapiens. We have a good idea of how human beings changed over the millennia. There has always been a gap in the evolutionary chain. A missing link as it's often called and one man in nineteen twelve claim to have found it. Charles Dawson was a lawyer by trade. But on the side he was part of the Geological Society of London made up of professional and amateur geologists. The organization provided a venue for scientists to showcase their latest findings Dawson came to them on December eighteenth with one of his own. He'd found while digging around the piltdown gravel pits in southeastern England. A man working in the pit had uncovered a skull fragments and brought it to Dawson. This kicked off a series of visits to the site some just Dawson by himself and later with Arthur Smith Woodward the head of the Geological Department at the British Museum together. The two men worked all summer digging through rocks and dirt looking for more fragments. What they found and where they'd found it surprised them. Very few of the remaining pieces were located in the ground. Almost everything that remained the skull had been dug out and discarded into large piles along with other pit debris Dawson and Woodward found more pieces of the skull as well as half of the lower jaw bone after they had completed their hunt for the other fragments. They piece together. What they had collected the skull was incomplete. The story told though would fill in the largest gap in human history. Much of the skull was the same or similar to the skull of a Modern Human. The portions with the greatest difference were in the brain cavity the Jawbone and the base of the skull all of which resembled that of a chimpanzee. The British Museum also took a stab at reconstructing the skull which all but proved where the creature fit on the evolutionary scale right between Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens. Otherwise known as the missing link but both models were heavily challenged by other scientific groups depending on how the fragments were arranged. Cranium sizes could vary and they could even be reconstructed into the skull of a full sized. Modern human being. The key was in the canine teeth which they didn't have Dawson and Woodward returned to the piltdown pit to search for the missing teeth that would confirm their hypothesis and this time they brought with them. French paleontologist and geologist. Pierre Tayyar Day Chardon. The three men dug around the same piles as before it was peer. Who found the canine that fit inside the jaw fragments? Unfortunately wasn't the proof. They were hoping for professor. An anthropologist. Arthur Keith of the Royal College of Surgeons of England claimed the canine could never have allowed to move the way Woodward Dawson had suggested to almost everyone who saw the skull. There was no way this was the missing link. Then in nineteen. Fifteen Dawson presented three new fragments from a different location. Two miles away from the original pit. They fit perfectly into the original fragments. Once again giving credibility to his previous fines the piltdown man as the skull had come to be known was officially a scientific wonder and as long as it's status among the scientific elite went unchallenged other discoveries of bones and fossils related to homo erectus were ignored and Dawson kept adding fuel to the fire in the years. Following piltdown man's acceptance he managed to provide tools and artifacts to bolster its authenticity and worked for almost forty years until a group of scientists in the early nineteen fifty s got together and ransom tests on the skull fragments. As it turned out there had never been a piltdown man the skull that Dawson and Woodward had presented had been comprised of pieces from three different creatures. One portion had come from a medieval era human skull. The lower jaw had belonged to a five hundred year old orangutans and the teeth. I've been fossils from an ancient chimpanzee. The bones themselves had been aged using iron sulfates and chromosomes acid. Were also tool marks on. The teeth. Meant to wear them down in a way that would fit the Diet of the Abe or person they belong to whether it was Dawson or Woodward who had come up with. The forgery remains unclear to this day but much of the evidence. Points to Dawson. Especially since examination of his private collection revealed that dozens of specimens he owned including the teeth of a mammal reptile hybrid. Were actually fake Dawson. Only got as far as he did because technology at the time prevented his scheme from being discovered then perhaps because his peers didn't want to know the truth after all he'd given them exactly what they'd always wanted what we've always wanted for as long as modern man has existed closure. It's just a shame that he had to do it by lying through his teeth. I hope you've enjoyed today's guided tour of the cabinet of curiosities. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or learn more about the show by visiting curiosities. Podcast DOT COM. The show was created by me Erin. Monkey in partnership with how stuff works. I make another award. Winning show called. Lor which is a podcast book series and Television. Show and you can learn all about it over at the world of Lor Dot Com until next time stay curious.

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