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"seven hundred twenty hours" Discussed on Nopeville

"Receive the best medical treatment and therapy but on average the patients only got about three minutes of therapy per year at its peak residency pen house. Thirty five hundred people at one time punishments for misbehaving or acting out range from being strapped to beds put in straitjackets objective psychotropic drugs or having food withheld if you were to. Unruly patients were given shock. Therapy sterilization or were lobotomize in nineteen. Seventy four a class action lawsuit was filed involving a patient named terry hall. Germen along with other patients who suffered abuse at the hands of pinhurst terry was years old when she was admitted. To penn hearst. She was there for eleven years and in that time she suffered multiple injuries from broken fingers fractured toes. Numerous lacerations cuts scratches bites and even suffered a fractured jaw. God and she also lost teeth. It was even said that she lost basic functions like speech prior to being admitted she would say words like data mama and nanna but later she was no longer able to speak at all. Oh the environment was so loud with hundreds of patients. Screeching screaming and banging. That was hard for anyone to hear themselves. Think and like terry many just lost the will to speak at all a punishment for a patient who bit others would be to fully take out their teeth. Anesthetic wasn't used. Just pull your teeth out clearer. Patients with not at all and other punishment was isolation once an eighteen year old spent six days in for assaulting another patient. One female resident was physically restrained because she had a tendency to be violent and self destructed to the point that she even blinded herself but do the staff shortages. She wasn't able to properly cared for and it was just easier to tire up or so. In june of nineteen seventy six. It was found that she had been restrained for six hundred fifty one hours in august. Seven hundred and twenty hours in september. Six hundred seventy four hours and october six hundred and forty seven hours. Keep in mind. There's roughly seven hundred twenty seven hundred forty four hours in a month so over the course of these months. She was restrained between six hundred and forty seven to seven hundred twenty hours right so she get maybe ten hours max on certain months..

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