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"seven eight nine territory" Discussed on Chelsea Mike'd Up

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"seven eight nine territory" Discussed on Chelsea Mike'd Up

"Three nil and the thing that i remember most outside of it being the debut of the kits the palace kits is The banter boards might suggest Tiago silva with uncharacteristic mistaken. Since i don't think he's made another mistake and i think as well that game. Andreas christianson started and he didn't really feature much at all. After that it was kind of tago silva zuma most of the way after that. So it's kind of interesting. It's possible that both those guys are back in the back three and that you feel a completely different type of way about it and you go back to that game. The mistakes were pauling set piece defending and they're just basic errors and i. It was actually a fairly sizable comeback right to come back from three kneel down and with abraham on ninety three minutes chris equalizing. Don't get it twisted. That's actually when we look at the season on the whole at the end of the season that may be a massive point that chelsea secured and come back from three down. Yeah and that was also a time. That capital was struggling. He was benched for willie caballero so was kind of a snapshot of even though chelsea went onto. Going unbeaten run after that. And we're good at times under frank lampard this season that was kind of the marker of. Oh there's some structural things wrong here that that need to get fixed and i think now at least defensible interview. I cannot foresee a scenario. How much how. What odds would i have to give you the west brom score three against chelsea this game. My my my concern here is at chelsea's offense really hasn't gotten too when we haven't been scoring the goals than if there is a result here up freezing cold takes damn. It's probably if there's a bad result in the bunch is probably a nil nil draw especially when you mentioned the international duty plus chelsea's recent struggling and even getting on the scoresheet overall. It's a very big weekend in the primarily. There's a monster games here. That directly impact chelsea's top four standing game after that pretty much lesser manchester city. And that's a massive game in the top four lesser while. It's very good for that team to make it to wembley and the fa cup semifinals. They are stretched so thin right. Now that i was kind of saying it's not so great for lesser. Actually make it into the fa cup. That'd be a major trophy for that club. So i mean you're in the competition might as well win the damn thing to quote my grand bud. Matchup of fa cup finalists in that game. Ourselves versus liverpool can be international. Break be the reboot that liverpool desperately needed. They went into it. Feel pretty good about themselves. Good performance in the champions league. Now they're out of this international break. This is a result. They absolutely have to add there at all serious about playing in europe. And i'm not just talking to the champions league. They're playing themselves out of europa league. Contention right now your particular because they're playing arsenal and if arsenal win that game you're a pulling off and the seven eight nine territory. All of a sudden liverpool is looking down the table and maybe their way of getting back..

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