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"setia kelly" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

"Rural rule. It should be eliminated. Scary thing squad roll roll roll roll and I also cannot pronounce brewery. See I just I I turn it into two syllables brewery. Yeah it's one of those cheat word you got kind of cheat it. You cheat a civil out of their brewery even though is it real rory. Is it three syllables brewery. Why no but if you say brewery you sound like scary? Let's say brewery we went down to the brewery this weekend and you can say it into syllables and it sounds right right. It doesn't sound wrong like role word Brew Rate Gary Brewery. I think brewery doesn't sound for it doesn't sound correct but it is i. I'm just saying saying it doesn't sound correct. Doesn't he was in a rural area. Oh Gosh squirrels. Writing Wall Scotty lobby be in. Serial killers has a word he can never say. Scotty hold on Kelly. Is there any in other words you can you say. Can you say Squirrel Squirrel Royal. Just fine yes Koro but see we say squirrel actually two syllables in the dictionary. If you look it up when his squirrel it's one civil you say you don't say squirrel squirrel squirrel like squall girl. Hey what's up Scotty. I don't know what's this. The word serial killers that you can never pronounce an Andrews constantly awfully correcting you. I've been seeing subsidiary for years. You just send it. How did I used to say it? Subsidiary Yeah Kelly. Are you like the rest. I was thinking about it. You're GONNA miss you. Can't you gotTA drive on through like run. Don't even stop point Santa. Well that's different. It's Setia Kelly. Thank you for listening Do you live in a rural area. I do I and in a rural part of Buffalo Breweries up. I have a brewery behind the restaurant that I work at so unfortunately apparently I have to say brewery allies do awkward still. Just don't think about all right. Kelly have a good weekend. Thanks for listening to us to take care bye-bye Hello Bobby Hey. Hey Bobby it was your birthday yesterday. Happy Belated Birthday. Thank you so much. Did you in a situation where people we're seeing happy birthday to you. Oh Yeah what did you do. While they were singing that long drawn out song. I just mild I I. I think it's so awesome. Just I people send you happy birthday to you. You're standing on stage or getting a standing ovation. You just stand there and let them clan okay and if you think about it you do anything to deserve this like to be honest. It's your mom who should be getting the gift and the praise she pushed out about your dad. That's fine. Let's she pushed your ass out onto this world or whatever you know. It's like well you did. What widely hung out with well? Actually I hung out with family and then bought my My little cousins presence from upper attack all good good good a family member the disagree with Daniel something. You do deserve someone to sing happy birthday to you if they like you balch now. Look it's your birthday no matter what you can't stop it but if you're an a-hole no one likes you. You don't deserve anyone even better soon. They want to celebrate your birthday. Then can you do deserve it. Do you do all right bobby. Happy Belated Birthday and Just stand there and smile like you're getting a standing ovation. I think that's a great way of looking at it. Not Get a phone copy of your book. Maybe very early birthday present for next year. Because he's a nice guy you're very nice guy. Of course what did my dream being taught y'all my dream for a while. Now absolute scary vault with but that was just aggressive came out like an intimate you know. What if you don't take a chance you don't you don't succeed in life dairy? You're the only one. That's a part of me on instagram. So aw now he's happy. You're getting a free book to show Bobby. I'd be honored to happy. Belated Birthday and hope you have a great weekend. Were used talk to us. Where are you calling from? I'm actually calling from Unstuck Carolina. I'm in South Carolina Right now headed down the Florida Florida. Excellent hadn't done the C- froggy perfect. You have have a good weekend on the way bobby hold on one second. Belated Birthday he andrew. Can we send bobby. Yeah Okay thank you. Let's see Hello Jeff. Good Morning Elvis Elvis our you. We're doing okay Jeff. What's going on with you while I'm heading to work? That's not exciting. Let's move on. Oh you know we were heading to work about an about an hour. We know what you're so it's uncomfortable on the day. That should be your day for celebration and happiness. It's that uncomfortable moment when they're singing. Happy Birthday to you know about you but you say your brother does something interesting when they sing happy birthday to him and I remember the day that he started. It was many years ago ago. He was getting ready to go off into the navy. He's still in the navy today. And we went to red lobster of all places and they I. I don't know why they did this. It wasn't their best idea but but they sent out one lonely woman to sing happy birthday to my brother does all. Yeah and she starts singing winging and my brothers stands up and starts conducting her weight like she's an orchestra exactly. Yeah well. I've been a musician since I was a kid. So I'm sure that's kind of where he got it from but he just stands up and just starts waving his arms wildly conducting her and my entire family. We were mortified but it was hilarious. How Larry when? You're singing happy birthday to me next year. I'm going to conduct you. I'm your your conductor. Why not that poor woman for? Yeah I tell you what man she went with at the end he did like the floors to you. Know cut off the orchestra and stop right on the dive. The whole restaurant was watching us by. Then it was like this gran- thing it was. It was amazing red lobster and so long. I'm going to get in there and get those biscuits. Jeff thank you tell your brother. That's a great idea. So so now. You have several ideas when they sing. Happy Birthday to you next week. Nate you have several. Everybody is OK. Okay Hi Danielle. What is going on in your start out with all things royal? Because apparently apparently Prince Harry came out with that statement about leaving the royal family earlier than the Queen wanted him to and he was told not to put that statement statement out. He did it anyway and they are not happy with him. Apparently they're saying he's going to be punished. They he will be punished behead them they still do. They still be head. People don't think so I was hearing that the royal family's in panic mode trying to figure out how to deal with this down.

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