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"seth wayne" Discussed on Jungle Brothers Strength & Movement

"Wasn't too beautiful. It's a beautiful thing you're doing. And i think i think you messages is really. I got a lovely message and i. I think there's a lot of people that are here this chat and just take a lotta white from it like a lot of different shit but a lot of good vibes. Yeah man look. It's we all know that the guys on good at expressing themselves guys in australia even was expressing themselves like this is lies to it. And i think the people getting better at it but to hear impressive interesting cool guys talk about that sort of stuff on a in a real y is I think it speaks to people. You know yeah yeah. Percents percent man. I think that's a pretty awesome place for us to wrap up on ninety. You probably going to get on with your friday evening. And i'll talk. She'll sunday. we dilate me all. We got your grandfather isn't it. Yeah but why. You're a sassy yourself. Sorry i'm cookie. Because i'm the bondo. I saw faulk bengal fans. Yeah nas walk. I missed my one of my nights. Mccray from aruba i love when shuki seattle because i'm not a hateful took support heights outs. I love the robbery. So when we verse online. Yeah you fucking toothless. Then when i watch. If it seth wayne what boys like cool. The boys l. awake said night always cheering for manly and use fucking touch them up. And that's coming from a diehard tuckey ongoing for penance for the grandfather do. But i'm fucking laurie. Why he got even with that latrell like sas might did back on the trail. You one of the best docklands in the fucking. Like as easily penrith melvin. Utah's night after night. After tonight the troll moved from from chokes. Thanks for robinson cute. I'm not a huge fan. I'm a manly supporter about won't for manly last week told me Talked i took the waiting soul right but yet latrell left us What's his name mom. Russell crowe and i got him over there and bennett. Pretty much racial bennett. Got him over there to win the premise. 'cause i was lost bennett lace assassinating. She what. I pretty much got him over there and then funny enough is kick up. Some foster soil support is out there. When i first bruce disney shot on monitor. That's what putting out the sikhs. I i actually. I disagree with that. But i do disagree with the judgment. I believe that.

faulk bengal latrell shuki seattle seth wayne tuckey Mccray penrith melvin aruba australia laurie sas bennett bennett lace Utah robinson Russell crowe bruce disney
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"seth wayne" Discussed on The Jock and Nerd Podcast

"Lots of shame since gone straight created a power vacuum in now tavon collector is like the bad it's mojo in the universe interesting. That's interesting that kind of works. I did find it interesting. That just one more thing on thanos like he. We've established he's such a bad like you can take on the war iron man and captain america at the same time yet in this one. He's getting beat up. Blackwater is giving them probably. It's like wait a minute. This is like he would never. He could kill everybody if you have thanos on your teeth. Gone basically t hasn't set diet. That's true marble powering gardner. Now that's all he's you know what it is. I think it would what it is is. There's there's the the amount of creators involved in this stuff now so big that just people are losing track of the little details like that. I bet like whoever rail wrote and directed this episode. That wrote that thanos will be like this was not idiots gangway. We're making big bucks doing this. They should know like like someone. Point out to choreograph in guardians of the galaxy can like leap super far. And he's like kind of a super human. Yeah and he punches. The challah into challah. Isn't these black panther this. He's just like oh he's just a human whatever. Holy love seeing go up against the black order. The mimic some of the shots from in game with the big guy and the hammer when he catches the hammer like thanos does so. It was interesting to see the black order. That didn't change. they're still fucking bad ass. Fuck with the blogger. I loved the their parts point. I was making his diagnosis like beyond hulk levels strong. Yeah they yeah. They d- pilot five seconds. Look locals fucking powers all can inconsistent in the whole show. So they're traffic. They just forgot forgot but again. I'm criticizing it. I absolutely loved. It was fun. there was tons of easter eggs. You see the collector has of and rhino. You see cosmo. The space dog ends up with them as dark. Elf there. And howard the fucking. Oh that seth wayne's voicing howard the duck and he has his catchphrase when you you're out of luck always duck quick nice catchphrase. More easter eggs is to follow. Runs through a hangar. And there's a bunch of planes you see like the novacor played in the milano is back there and then he passes a condoms ship and his little fucking necklace goes off and so. I thought what was interesting about this. There's mannequins with the dorm allies. Outfits collector must have just killed them. Is that the condon's were exploring space. Is that what we are to believe. narrow looking for you're looking for. Oh or but the fact that they have spaceships and can do spacex. Yeah sure i you know. I'm just curious..

Blackwater thanos gardner seth wayne america howard milano condon spacex
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"seth wayne" Discussed on Bear Grease

"From a rider. Guess bears greasy. Yeah that's good. You're you're right. That's that's the surface level. You hit the spare greece's metaphor okay. So burglaries was at one time really valuable commodity both functionally for cooking for for all these different things. It was also used as a form of currency today. Seth wayne's if you asked if you polled america and said what is bear grease you know how many people would even have a reference point for what it is. But yet it's functional. Use is still very much the same. And so the the tagline of burgers podcast is where we explore things forgotten but relevant search for insight in unlikely places and tell the story of americans who live their lives close to the land in so bear. Grease also seth if you will notice this holding a jar burglaries in my hands folks. And there is about a two inch band of amber clear liquid and then below. That is a solid white liquid This burglaries that has separated and at that separation point many people including native americans have used that to forecast the weather because it moves with barometric pressure and it is highly nuanced. I mean i'm not saying that. I really can but it does change about every day. It looks like it's hot. Outside there's my chart chart burglaries weather. Forecasting chart so insight in unlikely places. Bear greece's a metaphor. Okay so that's i just want to say that because we're getting new listeners. Bear greece's a metaphor for things for gotten but relevant. That's why interviewed roy. Clark that's why interviewed james lawrence. That's why we're talking about daniel boone. We're looking for insight unlikely places. That's why we're talking about. How snakes in this innate fear of us of snakes and our mothers telling us not to do it. Is this like bigger picture of of of how human relationships are supposed to work. Don't pick up that snake and you believe her because the snakes scary and you do what she says and you trust her. It's this bigger bigger picture insight. So that is an this. Is the burgers render which is where we so. The act of taking solid bear fat like raw bear fat off of a freshly harvested bear. Melting it down into a liquid oils called rendering. How long does a render actually taken realize when you're rendering burglaries can render bear fat very quickly like nine minutes really. Yeah yeah is all dependent on temperature. Gimme the ten second process. How you do it now you just okay. There's the way the best practice best practice you take a fillet of white bear fat. Which it'll be on a fall. I mean could have a lot of fat cuban up into one inch cubes. Put it in a brand pan fried daddy..

Seth wayne greece james lawrence america daniel boone roy Clark
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"seth wayne" Discussed on This American Life

"He detailed how daniel has refused to comply with the towns. It's two thousand seventeen. He wrote quote. Mr baez record of compliance has been horrendous. Daniel has appealed the ruling. Of course this could still drag on for a bed and there's one thing that won't change even if the range get shut down even if the buildings get knocked down the annual so own that land and paul michelle and everyone else up on the hill. We're not. We're not quitting agree with that for now. At least they're also going to be neighbors Mike gig leo. We'd like to give it to the press in vermont which has done a great job covering all this. Vp digger vermont public radio and the manchester journal. Only because you never know for sure is really suspicion. Outside in the california sky. Sunny disposition program was produced by our pristine diane woo. It's actually are last week. Production fellow here at our show our first and hopefully last all remote production fellow and he's such a great job. Today's episode a good example of that the people were together as episode. Include the amount of wound me on a baker. Ben calhoun zoe chase sean. Codeine and shiva's damian grave. Seth wayne marked locker stone. Nelson nadia raymond..

Mr baez paul michelle Mike gig leo the manchester journal vermont daniel diane woo Daniel california Ben calhoun zoe chase sean Seth wayne Nelson nadia raymond
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Poker Fraud Alert – Druff and Friends

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"seth wayne" Discussed on Poker Fraud Alert – Druff and Friends

"That's all i think i can do it. I'm going to call brand admissions today. You said the internet problems taking on areas. Mr wallace davis. Did you see the other one. We all started team mr wallace. Okay there we go. Hi welcome back. Thank you know what would be a pf radio show or any of these rated about fail I am currently broadcasting to you on my cell phone doing this on a cell phone now. Because i my internet abruptly crash that an issue on my end. It's something with cox So this is going to make things interesting to say the least now because they. I'm sorry you could just try tethering off your phone. I can do that but it's gonna take a couple of minutes. I'm back I apologized for those. That are watching it. Just unbelievable that this would happen right now. i want to look in. There is no internet and cox. Las vegas obviously socks. Anyone that has cox can understand what i'm saying But let me do that. So should i stay on for the horse racing and can you guys handle that. And i'll i'll come back about two three minutes or do you guys like to do. Well do we have to do. The action are people to call-in so either way i would say i would say stay on your phone. You're injured out by pop back a few and then you bring that up and then just switch okay can do right. Sorry it is six forty nine. There is somebody in the waiting room. I think you said they could come in six fifty. Okay yellow ashwin. Let him in. God go ahead and let them ensure caller. You're on a radio. Oh brandon They're getting on audio. Seth wayne for the microsoft to appear. You probably can't see it on the set on your cell solid you know let you know another okay. Now okay okay. So player went to three. You can unusually light.

Mr wallace davis mr wallace Las vegas Seth wayne brandon microsoft
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Midnight Double Feature - A Film Podcast

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"seth wayne" Discussed on Midnight Double Feature - A Film Podcast

"You're on dead two buddies like you know like he's like a vice city character for but i liked everything i know. It's based off a book. I never. I didn't get a chance to check the book out. Apparently it's like one hundred fifty pages very tight book as well as i'm interested to see. Yeah i'm i'm really interested to see like what that's about like what the differences are. I think there are a lot of differences but they say drew at the same time But i i enjoyed this lot. I'd like syntax music a lot. I like that kind of like the best way to describe. Like seth wayne was just like getting in a car and just driving forever into the sunset. That's what since way feels like and that's kind of a lot of this movie as you drive like you're just moving on and leaving something behind and i think that's a lot of the themes wave is like i can name like five cents way songs that are just like midnight running forever love together like something like that it has that assortment of words and i think that that's something about this movie is. They're kind of like running. You know we're gonna get outta this town. We're going to go to something better that kind of drive about this You know the bruce springsteen as well at the same time like let's get the fuck out of this town like we're not gonna stay here any more like it's like this lace. Yeah right yeah you know. And not i mean i guess a shittier version is like living on a prayer by bon jovi joni easily work on the tax. But all in all i really enjoyed it because it felt like baby driver at fellay. Gd it felt like synth wave. I really really enjoy all of those things. I like ryan gosling lot. He was young. Hercules me before anything That's the show that i watched him in And i like the fact that is not a this is a movie that has like two body fat..

seth wayne bon jovi joni bruce springsteen fellay ryan gosling
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The Tennis Podcast

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"seth wayne" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"And i think unbiased most bizarre about this event it's in intensive it's important significance in. It's the feeling that they get from winning it. You could see him with that huge silver trophy and he loved it but he had to wrestle it out of the way of camera. Nori who this week talking about. People who are better than than we thought they were. He walking better than i thought he was I thought on this surface. He would never do something like that. Even at the start of the week catherine when you interviewed him he didn't sound very comfort system. He surprised himself and surprised. Surprised all of his his his performance in the final today reminded me of maybe think of some of the faces are beginning this week. That my mom's been sending me if billie jean with rosie with the look on her face of like the same with the same size. I'm like where we're from the same cloth. And what is the difference. I mean there's probably you could probably fit about twelve billion genes in rosie wh- jeans. A little conquer caterpillar and rosie is a golden laboratory of across a laboratory in labrador. Yeah sort of a scrappy. I'm i'm gonna be your equal even though you know. I'm not really gonna pretend for a couple of hours versus verminous cutter sort of whatever. Yeah i'm going to weather this storm. You're going to try and play with me unless it happened for a little while. And then i'm i'm gonna win in the end and there was another match tie that this week which was nouri versus corrupt seth wayne. Who's the one which stood out for me. Part of my job parrot. Koreans is to watch the matches and pick out points that that will be good for highlights reel and sometimes you watching matches you scraping around trying to think point for highlights. Reel no not really but this match honestly we were clipping every single point. No regrets us high-quality and nari was doing a similar thing you did in the final against bertini going. Yeah just going toe to toe with a bigger stronger man and making his tennis work and it's funny. Nari was was in the same position. Today that feliciano lopez was in two years ago which was in the singles final on the sunday and then a double semifinal to finish and potentially a final play and yet now there are lots of other circumstances two years ago most notably andy murray's presence but last year that was a huge story with lopez. It was the story of the tournament of his tournament today with felt like a kind of afterthought he was in all of these matches. And i just think that's harshly. Perhaps but kind of reflective and symbolic of him as a tennis player. He is underrated talked about as much as he probably should be. He's had an amazing season. he's i think he's twelve in the race so he could welby is moment in the race third final his third final of the season all different surface all different services or more matches than anyone ball sit surpass on rube love. I mean the strides made our incredible really. I mean i thought he was with i. Thirty was top fifty max. And he's proving that he's he's more with frankly relative to the people surrounding him in the rankings. A limited toolkit. And i mean that is an absolute complement him. He is an example and an inspiration. He's incredible total maximize. And i i almost wrote on twitter today. Your time will come. Cameron nari for his first title is relieved kate knocking on that door. We we funny seen last night. When when he'd managed to get the semifinal win against shapovalov who's all extravagant winners left right and center but he doesn't seem to have a clear game plan clear identity of who he is a tennis player. Norrie perfectly satisfied with what he is. He's like come on. then bring on. I will find a way past you. Yeah i i hope that chapa valve is had that same assessment that much and learn what so many players and people generally could learn from from camera. I mean i find him. Quakes inspiring no data. I am very worried. He i haven't seen a full acceptance of what you're talking about really but what what we did have them in. That match finished pretty late last night and then had to do. Tv into court then a press conference and then we had to do preview final preview interviews yourself with amazon prime video and tv. And i should be media and because it was raining we did in the in the walkway next to the court undercover dark and dingy outside the lose outside the lose its cold. Is i believe how good you looked. When we went on primary. Louise sitting there freezing shorts and the first question that was asked him with something along the lines of you. You have a little bit of that thing. That wrath on the dial has of no point is ever lost in your mind then. His face lit up. He was so pumped to be compared and look. He's not refunded out. He never will be but he's played in twice this year the first time he gave him a good fight. He's not good enough to beat it and the second one he lost in straight sets it running. Our speed did not disgrace himself. He brings it..

Nari Louise lopez nari Cameron nari shapovalov feliciano lopez twitter last year Norrie two years ago Today bertini amazon first question Thirty first time twelve today this week
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"seth wayne" Discussed on Podcast RadioViajera

"Case likelihood even in conductor pocket sequels own new but who the shit group a tornado go tweeted a military dot Bain deals on your poor dearica city. I'm in the reactor hinder three-star one hundred combined. Yeah come on until the door to door. In america muccio shoot you saw former local restore redick terrorist kierra kiki boys iran us in tillerson keller porgy v by nineteen formaldehyde had connect. Tories is my hair colour at active bill. Inter army lobby the ic motel or no interest branagan cholera amigos kasese leader friend one kilometer that there was e. s. at their mother fini so nigga gone owner demento careless clear up on dodger. Lantos this into the severe control after theon allowed russell. You said i'm senior. I win a supportes. Police would find yourself how. 'bout a reason is you're not going to sell up theon e border. Wbz another there is a Cartel fina marcus in donna. windier swat. After does this dossier the an literally. Lila sailed ralph lauren's griffith not griffin using lawrence griffith. Show garon steno. The internal septum warranty through given disrupt reporter. Bushel regularly fifth solar yup worked in nursing from your mobile basically my was leasing horrid in mass Threaten compactor ilhan against cuba. Materiel original this former boca pogo threatened phoenix career. David phelan yesterday is located america. Francia demeanor within doj amino interest atrophy rally guada- scientists belly. Quals cortez union. We're not like africa. Car will talk about that door simply. Tariff literature are they are looking dental. Thomas turtles canadian escape to bonus in particular during this. As of nick curtis lucasville flip on their address masterly. Instinct canadian pointed uproar leonard. Raskin cinemagraphic usually gonna leave. School did not that. I was this should be over studio. Garelli hold onto undergraduate Mcdonagh's career doctors can withstand on politico kailua stasi era up in their own rolling. Wise or it'll opponent short of your Upa daily food. I lincoln political as the epica. Italian academic group at koro sally's komo by area. They'll qaddafi fini tahiliani. Stella marine orientals is the game on this penelas editors escape. Induced industry must internally maggio in phoenix. Tony didn't say empha- percocet boy by by this is social media juicy more you want on the famous louisiana monroe fini talia. No you're going to ask the super bowl fairness it at each on the l. Let's get your content. They create any real industria. It under laviola shoot. Estonia then says lobbyist koalas upper indian new as though lafayette based legalize italian s e. olya particular malaga's innocent. They've been does connote much keke k. Muscle they're going to study as api gas conagra unit mass comm us say must've too and then so you can. If you can on brooke tico perez allow thinking okay. I feel pretty good. As courtesy on komo. Acadia made us females estudios. The concept fiona chronic. Ill call mutual ramon data porky host. Those sources tell who stop by inclusive you if you get a little cooler has not been yes indeed University guess forgot number luke door canola theon much extension enough in the rail industry against the irish get is. Don't immuno within qaddafi say that. You did david dooley. Kara repeat qaddafi as thomas solo. Mris dickey's salga in nasty mean tulun an because they minority in does kim say buckle up early crois que. There's boys story what to their civic porky. The extra those component lama here in phoenix mesa polish camera commercial camera elmont komo salesa elmont if they already go it a mashing dd walkover casa bidault. Almazy articulo total get out rail or lucie miller illawarra formal transfer manohla and pragmatic orchestra for bill woman. While they look interracial catholic komo way yell phoenix khalifa see psychological but it's influence policy. Talia knows similar role catania. This study s leep shortly. Tolo la forma. The hillman komo camino interdict. Laura studio gets is under obamacare mental. I m s top order terrorists right. for that. graham there's directories grief articulate over near either. See bali astara solo lavas bidault. Joe boyer criminal editors important bosh funeral you wrestle in stock. What about you can has seen a moment. He almost got female. Implement showing your local gabriel cynical motor casa differential. Okay yeah hi polka to defend the nostril combatant naria come billy biter capacity in liberal recommend gal who stand theology issue experience. One hundred gordon. Griffey's bite center has bonito's in illusory luther tv feel eunice their matic us they to use saginaw nominee never lose minassian. But if either the push. I associate with served bladders. Kudos control phase. Where we'd a million on norman. If he refused communicate russula allah. What are the comic only camera. Put them in. Annoyance us colloquial Through now indiana. But i similar el efecto dilute solar their two young the most momentum this was data in lydia rhodesia pushy on minimum is already in reef they thursday. The american the whole rats ate ice tie. It's the lewinsky bulldozers center cohibas. Led arado system and we win. Son does shawn quarterbacks neither escobar resto is with them. Are you bogo. Bid on this topic. Equal and video rotation broken blossoms ballitser in parana technica killers bush sunday communica for our own bonillo disavowal. Mad atalanta camera. Yes he clear glossy album of the focal poco. A young was sort of planners users. So i don't study in my local moslem on dealing with this baby killer bush's in albany on biannual law. Bora does lessen perfect funeral. Russell at ruas markers granola looking for agree with your a more pfizer. Phoenix morte komiya. The expression he kamal technical. Nara diva see graham born it. Calm the say in animal. Randi kaye simplemente mostra. I wanna start the holidays. Domino's interesting in dilmun essien about how that in the atarot ikeda develop phoenix suns. Not nothing about the landsman. The stunt receivable bother yoga did not mean and coma. Bella declines among me know that i to dig in and about a telephone auto k. If okay a mutual nope napoli fyfe interested in said dominic lensman yoga prosser colombiana people over the clansman. Katina stay nothing. Ask you on the important to shop. Worst milanez the pressure pushto. A winner hinters keeps the jewish knowing that minority must likud nikola lollygag hamas in stellar. Can of clinton nothing until now theon one was not little intricate little lower in on their styles from either lincoln. That is contrary story. Our extending familias when i not yet lowest. They told us less experience. Yes ballots are participant in local final lagaras. Wooten frisco is thirty. Go kadena sascha the members until you almost need isis cautious in felim. Seth wayne cook. Glenn negroes blanco's being dollars niggers 'cause when we models when from don i don i. Don't you know what i mean. Don't models s. We'll start mura sister. I guess i should. I love karate time. no. I know it's interesting. I i'll priori fifth with the whole about all that because bitter Eastern fee nathan should on. No no shave. I concentrate another ended in this career. Look were not look at me. Look the thunders. He's more trovato in broke wallace. S when we rattle y'all k next stay believers up equal upper toast component. Rasta kiss will get rid of language in between those damilola. Joe i if you look me but if fema somebody's maller gipper sigonella was still auto dealer. Dsl incident money for staff. Eunice burkey cantera nickelodeon kuku clan. So let's see isolates glorify cover boy to his. Espn commodity chemo. And i go good. They will really know and for love. Your lanka eddie hall gave their best predict. What can i can only mental issue living lewis to join in next dosa la vida mazda three municipalities baynton millionaires delores. Kim fit been if he fears. Natash episode does law modena's does locked protested until rafi stas. Ito griffith attribute the scandal abby career though l. premier greenwich the. Look on your this bush. Bush cave you on staccato. Affirmative loss blockbusters windows in nasty mean tone. Enough minority interesting puzzle means more. Ns typography run their phenomonal likely to periodic course and the stop illegalize who paci and don. Pillowcase roughly how focus criticality phoenix. Same komo nasek funeral. And she was stolen wound or laba escudier dole know about face. Don't realize career. Santa polemic you know. These days came messiah. the component. That rafi sta supersonic bank daniels. This boy is the same that integrity fees are via. I link casino. Madonna frequent and common among the iranian task is reportedly thera. I only story llano elmont. Long flashback laptop from the campo latins. You're not well over the last minute. Rescue delta porter bleaker steph elam goofy laviola novellas me dario fund. Dopey saturday notional. They already go your staffing. Not allowed to on isn't carrillo at this time. This young colossal study come for matter. Look look pal fudo at the same biegel theon lousy frontiers technique neurotic aquinas. Mementos los que. More elaine de me that the ceo locate dossier morales tinian on combat units. Post that jack. I'm here on spot. I moved into korean. Dollas unicef you more empha- camera someway hip trumpet cornell data undefinitive. You're they're not doing enough kate. Saturday having component stat grumpy. lana radebe. Ultra career ultra-cautious tournament different restaurant female conform feel they bicker elefsina in like a persona career really bolivia so then yeah kaffee cutting so grief but in the near como gobbo on freedom. Noaa madonna another norway. Another article here. You need okay. L. senio enough wounds receiver is are. We are but neither alsino. Not intentionally that that america they handle persons who tories keystone important. There's no what am i like. Damian does is pretty more real lucky this will fini must've gilardino machado's mementos they come at our logos massage Be catching grief with multi. Racial component did matico stop by your local career. Roughly away joe is gustav villanova since awareness. But i go here the fifty or they compromised topper kilometer foot. Dando you feel the donal intimidators. Lucia body has basis can disable phoenix with kalia. Courses is as bad ideas from interesting as story. Romantika kathy galindo over a cautious mafia niece. I saw the anthea eastern wall street award that de vito's key companion essay abso- than of a prelude winter phoenix yes one element butter nutso. Another nato shoot. Amanda interferon interferons winter. Probono this because chile's intravenous komo career. That and nothing on the lincoln worlds military in the electoral phoenix told him. Don't go with the stars. They live on their back. That former parish played the tortoise stabber read slang like a study on fourth estar. Nikola's ray star and really does but all worlds tambien toward easily. Don't enough even though the.

Damian David phelan david dooley Mcdonagh yesterday ralph lauren lawrence griffith de vito griffin Randi kaye one kilometer gustav villanova Joe Eunice burkey fifty Joe boyer america albany Lila lana radebe
Trump urges Florida governor to allow coronavirus-stricken ship to dock

News and Perspective with Tom Hutyler

01:11 min | 3 years ago

Trump urges Florida governor to allow coronavirus-stricken ship to dock

"Still no end to the saga it's C. for passengers trapped in some cruise ships that are been stricken by covert nineteen call mostly store reports his entrance saying that both of those both those on time and the Rotterdam should be able to dock in Florida that's in contrast to what the governor of Florida is saying right now but the president saying these people need to be able to dock in Florida and finally get back on land they had been out to sea since the beginning of March governor Ron DeSantis says he doesn't want sick passengers dumped on his state in Florida four people are dead on board nearly two hundred more R. six several cases of covered nineteen are confirmed healthy passengers were transferred to the Rotterdam over the weekend president trump now saying let them dock is the right thing to do that's in contrast to his response in February when he said the grand princess should stay off the coast of California after Kobe nineteen outbreak on board it did finally dock in Oakland but more than six hundred crew members are still quarantined on board of course all of this very personal for us our former co worker and friend Seth Wayne is on board and he's working for Holland America right now and he is

Rotterdam Florida President Trump Ron Desantis California Oakland Seth Wayne Holland America Donald Trump
Police use of deadly force

Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt

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Police use of deadly force

"New new new investigative investigative investigative units units units proposed proposed proposed let's let's let's check check check your your your drive drive drive here here here Jordan Jordan Jordan has has has another another another triple triple triple a a a traffic traffic traffic update we don't have any crashes or stalls that are getting in the way of your commute but you will find crowding on south on I five is your perching state route five to nine in that it is a very heavy drive from the Boeing freeway to the four oh five split after that the drive is going to open up and it's mostly smooth sailing into downtown Seattle as far as northbound I. five is concerned that's going to be busy for him highway sixteen to the proper bridge and then we're back on those break from highway T. most of the way into sea tac and we're also seeing some crowding around the Michigan curving plus that stacking up again as you're approaching Senica he's down five twelve brake lights from the mall to find their north at one six seven not looking too bad right now in the Sumner area some pockets of slowing through there it will be a heavier drive from highway eighteen to two seventy seven north bound for five slow from the valley freeway to sunset and southbound four five continues to get busier as you're traveling out of awful our next couple traffic at six fourteen this check on traffic brought to you by bell red energy solutions train and bell bell red red red energy energy energy energy solutions solutions solutions solutions make make make make an an an an unstoppable unstoppable unstoppable unstoppable team team team team upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade to to to to the the the the quietest quietest quietest quietest most most most most reliable reliable reliable reliable energy energy energy energy efficient efficient efficient efficient heating heating heating heating system system system system it's it's it's it's hard hard hard hard to to to to stop stop stop stop the the the the train train train train find find find find them them them them at at at at bell bell bell bell right right right right dot dot dot dot com com com com let's let's let's let's get get our our forecast forecast with with Seth Seth Wayne Wayne going going for for mostly mostly cloudy cloudy skies skies as as we we start start off off the the new new work work week week a a short short work work week week if if that that with with it it comes comes that that scatterbrained scatterbrained to to to to snow snow showers showers as as you you travel travel across across the the mountain mountain passes passes

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Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Says His Cancer Has Returned, Expresses Optimism

News and Perspective with Taylor Van Cise

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Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Says His Cancer Has Returned, Expresses Optimism

"A to fourteen. And our KOMO forecast. Here's Seth Wayne. Still hold the Natta mostly cloudy conditions, mostly cloudy skies giving way to some of those scattered showers as well a series of these disturbances will continue to come through. So today will be in the mid to upper sixties going for low to mid sixty s at times on Tuesday. And that's going to be the way hold on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm Seth Wayne in the KOMO weather center. Cloudy, some showers around us,

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T-Mobile discovers security breach of certain customer information

Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe

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T-Mobile discovers security breach of certain customer information

"A heart. Workers on board the UFC, w has its work cut. Out to organize all of our states marijuana workers the Washington Institute for public policy says ten thousand people work in legal cannabis statewide Corwin. Hake KOMO news t mobile customers should be. Aware the company discovered a security breach this week according to their website t mobile. Says the security team discovered a breach on Monday and shut down, what they called an unauthorized capture of some Customer information. The company says. The breach did not affect credit card

Komo Hake Komo Seattle Seth Wayne Jeff Komo Bridgeport Nisqually River Bridge UFC Marijuana Federal Way Dupont Steilacoom Cannabis JBL Shannon Mccain Nypd Bellevue Joe Nichols
United States Named the 'Most Dangerous' Developed Country for Women to Give Birth

Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe

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United States Named the 'Most Dangerous' Developed Country for Women to Give Birth

"Sky warm six around through the weekend a little change coming. Our way for the beginning of next week I'm Seth Wayne. In the KOMO weather center Currently in Seattle it's warm. Eighty-six degrees, downtown ninety degrees though seatac KOMO news time is three oh six security guard photographed with. An ice logo card on his duffel bag the picture continues to, raise, a lot of questions. And Seattle that picture taken June tenth by an assistant federal public defender at the Capitol Hill light. Rail station went viral after being posted to Twitter is tells the Seattle times it does not know why the guards seen in, the, photo, had that, car on his bag while security company says the guard left his job a couple of weeks later for personal. Reasons the company also says there's no possibility its workers. Could moonlight in that way the, city's office of immigrant and refugee affairs has had ice was not conducting. Emigrant enforcement at transit stations though it cannot independently discount rumors Bill, o.'neil KOMO news American Airlines. Is stepping up there freebie game after, they announced a new policy regarding, their cheapest economy tickets the airline announced Thursday the company will allow. Customers buying their basic economy tickets to bring Free carry-on item with them plus, a personal item. Which can fit under the seat in front of. Them the policy will take effect on September fifth Tom. Roberts reporting a new investigation from USA today says the United States is the most dangerous place. To give birth in the developed world citing maternal mortality rates in the rate at which mothers. Get injured during or, after childbirth the. Study says much of it boils down. To hospitals not following long known safety measures the leading cause of injury or death in new mothers is, hemorrhaging. Or extreme blood loss one exception to, the national. Trend is California where the maternal death rate has been cut in half due to new standards and training, the full investigation provides. A state-by-state analysis and ranking of maternal mortality rates that's Tom Roberts KOMO news time three oh seven China's doing a little number they want to. Attack the farm Bill because they know. Those, the farmers love. Me President Trump criticizing China today for targeting the mid west with retaliatory tariffs and during a roundtable discussion in Iowa he tried easing fears of farmers suffering after the president impose tariffs on some foreign imports but. We just opened up Europe few farmers you're not going to be too angry with Trump. I can tell you but there was no deal reached with the European Union just an. Agreement to start negotiating and temporarily halt the trade war ABC's Andy Field joins us on the KOMO Newsline with the latest on this. And that might make Wall Street happy Andy but how did that play. With the farmers So far not great Neal he says you're. Not going to be, with Trump but a lot of them are in fact. Many of them are Republicans from harm states who are telling the president you're killing our farmers here with business this this whole European Union agreement which is basically a handshake saying we're going. To try to buy more soybeans from you There, is no such thing as a European Union buying anything They might set. Prices for, individual countries to buy stuff but, countries like, France for example this goes against their trade policies trade policy his we buy our. Own farm products are not buying them, from the United States so a lot of this has promised but. It's really hard to see how the president's, going to deliver, and then on the flip side of, that we have China which is imposed these sanctions on soybeans poor products on even Bourbon from Kentucky to hit it Mitch McConnell's, home state all of this is targeted at red states that President Trump won. Because, the Chinese are saying we're gonna hit you where it hurts Mr President when when it comes to election day right so you bring up the point. The politics of this and look those farmers bust their backsides to not only try to feed their families but feed the world so everybody wishing the best. For them but the politics of this is I. Think very. Intriguing when you look at new poll numbers from some of these states. Now I think there are thirty three out of ninety, nine counties in Iowa. That twice, voted for Barack Obama and last, time out, voted for Donald Trump it would be very easy for them to go back for. These midterms who advise the president on, his policy from the political standpoint before he engaged in do we. Know that is a very good question I, don't I don't, know the answer that it doesn't seem, that the president really Listens too much advice at all when it comes to doing these things because. Very often he'll make a decision or he'll tweet these things out in the White House his staff kind of scrambles to provide a justification for it when, it usually is supposed to be the other way. Around but. Something had to happen because last week the European Commission was a foe Well again that's wide bar heads are spinning I mean a. Lot of reporters are wearing neck braces with all the whiplash we get from the policy changes one minute it's they're our. Enemy and today would there are BFF's the president even joked about it today In, a, speech to steelmakers. Where do the. Fake news, says I'm crazy or I'm out of control by by calling you know we're gonna go to war. By calling, Kim Jong on Little. Rock man and look now we're we're good friends well at the time That, was fairly outrageous for a president? To make that comment and it's yet to be seen. How good, a friend North Korea is other than, the photo op the we had when they. Met in, Singapore ABC's Andy. Field, thank you Andy KOMO news time is three. Eleven first day of Seahawks training camp today in just a, couple of minutes we'll break it down with Greg bell, covers the, hawks for the, news Tribune. Tacoma off day for the Mariners back at it tomorrow in. Anaheim against the angels we have more sports coming your way in thirty minutes again Greg bell coming up in just a couple of moments traffic. Ahead KOMO news. Time three. Eleven The high fashion hotline hi my family's going to a concert in the park and. We want her style to be the main attraction rock over to old navy navy. Yup right..

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NTSB hearing to look into deadly Amtrak derailment investigation

News and Perspective with Tom Hutyler

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NTSB hearing to look into deadly Amtrak derailment investigation

"The way for the valley freeway into downtown bellevue meanwhile south four or five that is also a tough drive from i five through the kirkland area west ninety looking slow through issaquah west five twenty s getting bunched up as you're approaching i five and of course we still have the full closure of i ninety both directions between ellensburg advantage due to wildfires in the area no eta for that reopening are next komo traffic at nine fourteen and the forecast from seth wayne high temperatures push into mid seventies later this afternoon get used body sprinkles out there here and there but overall things are coming down just a bit as we continue to clear things out of high pressure moves in that's going to bring with temperatures in the low eighties wednesday into thursday and those low to mid eighties continue to the weekend at the beginning of next week all right that seth wayne's forecast right now downtown seattle under cloudy skies we've got sixty at nine hundred seven the deadly amtrak train crash near dupont last year we'll be part of a two day hearing in washington dc today at the investigative hearing the ntsb will discuss what led up to the derailment which killed three people the train was going twice the speed limit around the curve when it went off the tracks a lot of train experts say the technology known as positive train control would have slowed the train down but there's been a delay in installing that system president donald trump pardoning to oregon ranchers who had been convicted of arson the prison sentences of dwight and stephen hammond sparked the arm takeover the male here national wildlife refuge in two thousand sixteen jury convicted the hammonds of arson in two thousand twelve prosecutors said the men set fire to destroy evidence of gain violations the mandatory minimum sentence for the charge was five years but a federal judge went against the guidelines and gave them a lighter sentence dwight was sentenced to three months stephen got a year and both got three years of post prison supervision prosecutors appealed their punishment and one and the hammers were re sentenced to five years in federal prison in two thousand sixteen today the white house says the hammonds were imprisoned for a fire quote that leaked onto a small portion of neighboring public grazing land and the white house goes on to say that justices overdue for the hammonds both of whom the white house says or entirely deserving of these grants of executive clemency frank lenzi komo news washington voters expected to vote this fall on an initiative that would prevent local governments from imposing new taxes on groceries eastern washington farmer april clayton helped collect signatures to put i sixteen thirty four on the ballot and talked with a talk show our talk.

April Clayton Washington Frank Lenzi Executive Stephen Stephen Hammond Oregon Donald Trump Dupont Ellensburg Bellevue Hammonds White House Dwight Arson President Trump Ntsb Seattle Seth Wayne
Starbucks to phase out plastic straws as opposition to them grows

Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt

03:48 min | 5 years ago

Starbucks to phase out plastic straws as opposition to them grows

"To sip from starbucks new straws cop i'm corwin hake with the coffee chain's global transition voters in marysville are being asked to boost their sales tax i'm frank lenzi without that extra money would be spent let's check your drive this early monday morning our aaa traffic update with kierra jordan well we don't have any crashes or stalls reported to kick off the six o'clock hour but slow going northbound i five from highway sixteen to the tacoma dome and there were also finding off and on slowing between highway eighteen and kent des moines road heading in the southbound direction that's going to be busy on southbound i five between the boeing freeway and one hundred twenty eight you're finding some more delays as your protein alderwood area after that the drive from lynnwood to seattle that's take you about twenty minutes right now now we're finding some slowing on eastbound five twelve is you're pushing the fairgrounds in puyallup no big surprise there and then we have pockets of slowing on northbound one six seven around sumner into pacific again around highway eighteen and then as you're making your way from one hundred and eightieth to four zero five northbound four zero five now finding a lot of often on slowing as you work your way between talbot and northeast forty fourth state route one six two still seeing the slowing in sumner as you make your way between pioneer and highway four ten and in snohomish southbound highway nine that's already filled in from bickford to airport way next traffic at six fourteen your seth wayne with the forecast welcome back to a new work league after a holiday week last week were all on for comfortable day today mid seventies is the clouds continue to increase is an area of low pressure comes on shore it's going to give us to about seventy five on tuesday mostly sunny on wednesday and the warmth really starts to crank up by the end of the week i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center seatac airport fifty eight degrees right now komo news time six oh six seattle will be among the first cities to see starbucks new sippy cup has the coffee chain vows to eliminate plastic straws from all stores by twenty twenty komo's corwin hake is here to tell us more starbucks today is unveiling pictures of a new straw lists lid expected to debut this fall in seattle and vancouver bc stores with it's raised spouted one end the lid has drawn comparisons to a child sippy cup but this innovation is far from childish it's part of starbucks announced effort to rid all of its stores worldwide of those ocean choking plastic straws kate melges is with greenpeace really really exciting and a great step in the right direction and we're excited to see companies that are based here in seattle like starbucks and costco follow this example and start reducing their plastic footprint on july first seattle began enforcing a ban on plastic straws and utensils across the city's food service industry cnn reports mcdonald's and a and a and w or among the food service chains beginning to switch from plastic to paper straws starbucks is the first change of say it will eliminate plastic straws from all its locations worldwide corwin hake komo news odors in marysville will decide on the new sales tax increase next month and tonight sink and learn more on how the city will spend the money the ballot measure would increase the sales tax by point one percent nine point two that's nine dollars and twenty cents for every one hundred dollars the money would be spent on a new jail and police building to information sessions are scheduled one tonight at six o'clock at city hall and then another on july eighteenth at the marysville library that's komo's frank lenzi seattle police are investigating whether a body recovered in green lake yesterday morning is that of a missing kayaker twenty year old tiga hinckley has seen since late at night on july fourth he was reported missing two days later the body recovered in the lake has not yet been identified in the investigation is ongoing man was killed in a house fire and bellevue overnight this happened in the eastgate neighborhood on one forty eighth avenue southeast near allen road crews found the mounted inside but don't know if he died in the fire or was already dead any certifier to take us an opportunity to point out fire safety working smoke detectors making sure you have an extinguisher.

Starbucks Corwin Hake Marysville Fifty Eight Degrees One Hundred Dollars Twenty Minutes Nine Dollars One Percent Twenty Year Two Days
Chemical weapons watchdog confirms Skripals poisoned by nerve agent

Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt

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Chemical weapons watchdog confirms Skripals poisoned by nerve agent

"Seth wayne for the forecast high temps in the low fifties we're going for mostly cloudy skies showers are likely not going to be widespread rain but some of those showers might be heavy at times temperatures in the low fifties tomorrow is the rain continue some of that rain heavy once again friday and through the weekend as highs remain in the mid fifty s i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center mostly cloudy right now at seatac airport it's forty two degrees komo news time five thirty five four suspects arrested after a shooting in the central district tuesday afternoon are now tied to several driveby shootings and say the suspects were also involved in to drive bys in south seattle on monday to twenty year olds man and woman and two sixteen year old boys were all arrested engineers things they have pinpointed the source of leaks at the priest rapids dam on the columbia river they believe it involves the layers between some large sections of concrete the grant county public utility district which operates that damn says it continues to operate as usual and there's no threat to people or property well we can a half into oklahoma's teacher walkout growing number of school districts will reopen today but abc's jim ryan says the resumption of classes has not quelled the debate over education funding in that sooner state thank you mr speaker please recognize representative oklahoma legislature has moved on to other matters having passed measures intended to pump tens of millions of dollars into teachers salaries and school improvements the oklahoma city suburb of more will resume classes today many employees are not satisfied with the education package had about three hundred teachers are saying i'm not going back till they find it i'm not going back and they're hearing support from some parents tomorrow shoeprint tendon says there are enough substitutes to fill the empty spots at least for now jim ryan abc news the respected international chemical weapons watchdog the opcw has now confirmed that a former russian spy his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent in the uk more from abc's tom rivers in london well not using the name novacek the report by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons states that the chemical agent was of quote high purity but arguments will persist the opcw does not identify the source.

Seth Wayne Seattle Priest Rapids Columbia River Oklahoma Jim Ryan Nerve Agent UK ABC Komo Seatac Representative Oklahoma City Forty Two Degrees Two Sixteen Year Twenty Year