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EP-221 | US Army Ranger Regiment - In Their Own Words

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EP-221 | US Army Ranger Regiment - In Their Own Words

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Mentors the number. Four Myo for military podcasts. On this episode. We're GONNA do something a little unique. We are invited into Seventy Fifth Ranger Regiment. And we've got some really cool guys sitting at the table and pause joining me on this episode and I guess and I think it'd be really nice for us to dive into some of the things that we get in terms of questions I know you guys do in terms of social media and Such where people have the opportunity to reach out to you about what is it like. How do I get in all those types of things so I want to start first? Maybe with you guys introducing yourself. Good Morning I'm captain young on the Regimental Recruiting Detachment. No I see and I manage a twelve man team that is stationed around the United States. I've got a few of those members here with me today. Basically I'm the manager of a twelve person unit within the Seventy Fifth Ranger Regiment composed of active duty Rangers who recruit and serve as the conduit between volunteers off off. What we know. Is the street as well as inservice volunteers who all want to come to the Seventy Fifth Ranger Regiment? So I've got a couple of them here with me today and they're going to introduce themselves. Explain our mission and exactly what it is. We DO STAR. First Class Bishop on the recruiting NCO SC Work alongside with captain. Young is generally for us Work with my recruiting Illinois. Is We have them stationed at six locations throughout the world and what we do. Is We go all the it locations? We're talking to those individuals interested kind of letting them see the process in order to come to the same Fifth Ranger Regiment. And then we're also recruiting those inservice individuals. So that's going to be Steph. Aren't anything's GonNa talk a little bit later. And he's kind of helping with that process okay. I'm just curious for the both of you guys. If you guys can give it a little bit of your background as to how it is that you even arrived here. I know that there are many different avenues. that we're going to talk about for people getting into the regiment. What was the row Kinda? Give me an idea for the both of you guys. Okay yeah so I came in as a eleven bravo or eleven x Ray. I came with option forty contract and what I did was I went to. My recruiter told him wanting to be ranger? Show Me Love and Bravo's eleven next series. It was like that's what I WANNA do. Do you really have a good idea of what the Rangers were? But I knew they cool guys. I wanted to do that. So when had signed up for that? And then from that process I'm GonNA end to Osa. Went to the rip at that time so the ranger indoctrination program which is now the ranger. Assessment Selection Program Back then it was a four week process. Kind of went through that graduated went to My Ghanaian Battalion. Okay and you ended up at Third. Bat is over at third bed. I was there sobbing in eleven and a half years now spent majority of my time there before I came over to over to RSD as Aaron Co and then now working as a recurring attachment. What I find so fascinating about that. Is that lease back in the day. And I think it's still pretty true. That two years is about. The average are three years for guys being in regiment. And one of the battalions or and so when I meet people that have been ten. Eleven fifteen years blows my mind. Yes kinda Kinda the perk of being here in the regiment to where we get that stability and we kind of settle down in one location and you get grow with the same guys Just Work Year Round. So yeah yeah very cool and you you sort of have a similar story. Right Start Tagami. You're launching introduce yourself yummy. I am the four banning liaison for the recruiting attachment My principal duties as the banning liaison or to go to each infantry one station unit training company and conduct briefs and then cast screen All those soldiers in that company figure out who wants to go to the Ranger Regiment provide them a volunteer statement And give them the opportunity to volunteer to attend RASP. I also do the same process with every airborne. School Company So Infantry Oh sit and airborne school company every Class I conduct briefs take volunteers and get them assignments to its end. Ask them the opportunity to join the Ranger Regiment So like sorry Bishop I I joined the Ranger Regiment with an option forty contract The I kind of had the benefit of having a close childhood friend. He spent four or five years in First Ranger Battalion. So before I was even in the Army I had a pretty good idea of what the arrangement was about. And what made them different than the rest of the military so coming tonight? A good what I was getting into account the challenges is GONNA face Along with that relative who's also in the ranger admit So I went to basic airborne rasp with assigned a Third Ranger Battalion Kind of similar aren't Bishop. I haven't been in quite as long but in about nine years but I spent almost eight years in the same platoon This is the first job I've had in the army Outside of the scene that is assigned to and I I graduated from Rasp so it's pretty equal opportunity. Yeah that's again. That's pretty rare that you get to do that. It's funny because now you're doing you're the first ranger I met you know your counterpart again like fifteen sixteen years ago now and I was in school and I went with the ranger. Mine to a writ brief rasp breeding. I didn't want to go. I had orders to Italy and I thought that's going to be real cool but my buddy couldn't go without his battle buddy so I'm sailing chair and so he's just like you showed some Videos that people on dirt bikes and people jumping out of airplanes and stuff like that and I never made it to Italy. I just ran down the street to rip and DOC so change in lives man. Yeah I mean it's a it's a cool opportunity it's I think the real goal of of the job like from a broad spectrum standpoint is not trying to force kids. Devante here but you know somebody who's in airborne school and they're gonNa go to. What seems like a really cool installation which probably is going to Vicenza with the one. Seventy third super co opportunity but A lot of them. Just don't know that there's another opportunity right down the road or RASP that it'll be very different and probably a little bit more difficult but Equally cool probably cooler depending on who you ask so just trying to like. Get the word out that It's even available to them. Yeah no I think. That's absolutely crucial. Because I was looking back I remember. I didn't even know what a ranger was. I just knew they were cool guys and they have special hat and they kicked a bunch ass. And you know I didn't know how to get there. I didn't know if it was an option to me if I had to go to my gaining unit I or whatever so before we get to certain Anderson. I want to go back to captain. Young because captain is being an officer how was it that you came into the pipeline yourself so unlike these two fine regency owes it took me about seven and a half years to get to the Ranger Regiment? So back in two thousand eleven. I graduated in commission from Indiana University. I was in. Rotc Grad Reserve Officer Training Corps Grad I went to infantry basic officer leader course ranger school as a platoon leader in one hundred and I and a company commander in the eighty second and finally applied and very grateful to to gain acceptances organization. So I if you're an officer you can apply a number of different windows within your career from from zero years to twenty years in service and essentially get hired. Now you were a first lieutenant when you came in or were you already a captain. At that time I was a second lieutenant when I commend you. Okay yes and I reached the the regiment as a captain. Okay See that's new to me as well. I always thought that first lieutenants were typically the the way in not not beyond that correct so You can apply as a First Lieutenant. Typically after about a year with your first unit or duty station reason we do that as Allow some maturity experience on the job as a I attended as well as an officer evaluation report once we receive that there's a number of different documents and requirements That coalesce to form a full application and then we determine if that particular candidate is a good fit for the regiment will onboard them through Rask's to which stands for Ranger Assessment and selection program too. It's a three week program for e six to eight and Oh twos to threes and even fours. Which is I threw majors. I'm glad you mentioned that because those individuals who are on active duty right now that may be looking either officer and enlisted and they be thinking. Okay I'm too far removed to be able to get into regiment. You know that was something I wanted to do when I was a young guy. Now I'm an east six. I can't do that you know. Yeah the answer is yeah. You can't absolutely not and they should not De-select themselves allow us to do that and allow us to train you and determine if you're going to be a good fit. Yeah I knew I remember back in the day. The pipeline for a lot of first lieutenant even coming in was If you were a second lieutenant the best way to do it was to go over to Korea that timeframe and get your First Lieutenant in the regiment really at that time frame and Tracy may remember really liked I lieutenants coming in with Korean experience because you are on the DMZ. You know you you have the option to to really see more of what it would be like and you know so. It's really cool now. That here all of this because I think it's much different or I just wasn't you know aware of that information so I appreciate you sharing. That started Anderson. Not Forget you step arson. I've worked here at Fort Benning. I'm an in service recruiter. I basically answer most if not all emails that come into us. I've been in Ranger Regiment. My entire career which I went Option forty eleven axe back in two thousand eight and Went Oh set airborne than rip than Came to first battalion and I was there until two thousand seventeen and came up here to be recruited. So when you year recruiter you're not seventy nine. You'RE NOT A or you're not you didn't go to use direct and get the badge and all that then no. I'm still eleven bravo right now. Okay see people might hear that and they go. Gosh Sam Start Anderson. He's a recruiter. I just wanted to clarify one of the good guys. But let's rewind now that we're talking about that and go back to you know use a wreck so a lot of people are not again really sure if this is something that they want to do if they are they go down to the recruiter and they say hey. Listen I've heard about this thing called option forty or they may say it'd be a regiment Being Regiment and I was. I was on the recruiting side. I was on the bad guy side. So you know we knew that when you went down to maps that it was going to be the guidance counselor after you made it to the adds value made it to the physical. You're going to sit down with the guidance counselor and you're going to get the options laid out as what in. West is Uber Qualified. For you know based on your green color blindness and hearing and everything else that went into your physical And if the individual didn't know to ask for option forty there may not because they they may be looking at specific. Mos The needs of the army at that time for him. That's going to be the first pitch they're going to lay on them and then the second pitch is going to be. Maybe what you want So what I tell people is that. Listen if you don't see the option available and that's something you're dead set on then go back. You don't have to enlist that very first time and this is not something you guys got to answer just putting that out there for the people who are listening who may be interested. Go Back Down to the maps you know. Second time third time when the option forty may not be available. Or we're going to talk about other routes still may lead to that same path that they may not be familiar with. So let's say you get option. Forty any come in. What does that really guaranteeing individual coming in with an option forty contract so you option forty contracts guarantee you the chance to actually come to rest so anyone who doesn't have that they're Gonna. They're GONNA go through. They have an option for contract will go airborne school then go to their unit within the army That option forty. That's guaranteeing you the chance to come to the Ranger Assessment Selection Program and actually try out for the Seventy Fifth Ranger Regiment There's no guarantee guarantee you're going to be wearing a Tom Brady. It's not like you're GONNA go through. Get that option. Forty Mardi there guys gotta make it the gotTa make it the airborne you've gotta make there's no guarantee once he gets airborne school or Osa any basic training really because we take all option. Forty is this all day? Molested series But those individuals. They're still going to have to pass the course Whatever that basic training curriculum is. They're gonNA have to pass that. Once they pass that then they'll go ahead move onto a it or if it's eleven series. They're going to be no set. They're going to pass that and then from there that's when they're actually gonNA come to us and then they'll have to pass our standards and then once you do. Pass the rest standards. You'll go to airborne school and we still require you to pass those. If you don't pass that then it's still going to be option forty contract but most individuals they're going to pass Airborne Schools Fund school. Go go there live for three weeks. They're gonNA come to their gaining battalion. Go and then that option forty contractors that guarantee which battalion. You're going to go to or does that depend on something else. So option forty contract. The only guarantee that that gives you is the opportunity to attend RASP Beyond that that's that's the only guaranteed option for you Which battalion you end up at Typically is going to be based on the needs of the regiment so based on your Mos Which Battalion needs another ranger of your mos most most That's where you're going to end up There's obviously like we're human beings here to you so there's extenuating circumstances that can affect out one way or the other on a on a case by case basis but generally speaking when you graduate rasp then graduate. Everyone school you're going to go to the battalion that needs you with your specific skill. Set the most. So let's back up to a little bit because it's not just infantry they can get into regiment right and so there's a ton of different MOS's so people are listening to this. They automatically assume that a person that's in you know becomes a Ranger and works in Ranger Regiment is assigned to arrange arrangement is eleven series. That's incorrect completely incorrect. So there's over one hundred ways to be arranger. I think we're up to sixty seven. Mos is on the enlisted side With some of our newest editions being the cyberwarfare soldiers seventeen series and then for officers and warrant officers. Don't WanNa forget warrant officers. We've got about an additional thirty to forty and we have some very a niche like Functionaries of officers that serve on the regimental staff so there there's an abundance of ways to serve as a US Army ranger in your respective MOS. I think I like what you said. Initially you said something about let s de-select you don't start de selecting yourself so again if you come into an mos and you think doesn't match well okay then submit and find out you know. Let let the regiment say no. We don't need you I think that's that's a good way of putting it so once you get in and you're in Osa you mentioned earlier that you're GonNa meet you because you're gonNA come in to The hosts it. And you're GONNA lay out a presentation about how to be arranger what it takes to be a ranger. Yeah absolutely so as the as the fort. Benning Liaison I work on my office is on Sandhill in infantry basic training. Land over there so There's about forty basic training on Sandhill and every time a company is in cycle About Midway through a little bit after midway through their training cycle on his ait. I'll go over and conduct a brief and kind of lay out what it means to be in the Ranger Regiment. What we do what it takes to get to the Ranger Regiment. And at that point Anybody that wants to volunteer to attend RASP has the opportunity to volunteer. There's some some hard fast qualifications to join the Ranger Regiment. That I go over but once I have screened all those applicants anybody that volunteers goes to rasp after they graduate. Oh Sit In in almost every way volunteering for rasp in sit is functionally identical to coming in with an option forty contract. There's zero difference in pipeline No difference in pay commitment to the arm terms of length of service or bonuses. Everything's the same so just because you couldn't get an option forty with your recruiter. Because they do sell out right. There's a there's a given number of option forties available each fiscal year. They're spread out geographically across the country. So if recruiter is telling you that hey I don't have an option forty to offer you right now. They're probably not lying to you. They're probably telling you the truth because for your given. Mos that you're trying to enlist as they might just be out. There might not be any more contracts available for that year But if you qualify. Otherwise based on. Gt Scorer citizenship eligibility for security clearance. And that you're active duty you go to basic training and ait we have so there's liaisons just like me at Fort Lachica Fort Jackson Fort Lee and Fort Gordon so if you go to Afc at any of those locations You're going to get a recruiting brief just like I do at the Infantry Osa companies opportunity volunteer there and like I said functionally identical. They're coming up with an option forty contract. You're you're targeting. It sounds like the locations of where the MOS pipeline Are Going to lead into regiment. So you guys are located at those specific locations where you can get those resource. Yes correct sewer we have liaisons at all of installations where there's you know. Ait advanced individual training for the majority of molasses that we hire in the Ranger Regiment will I think just based on manpower we can't support every single AIT location and have have rangers everywhere But the the biggest installations that produced the most Soldiers in that. Mos is that we're trying to to acquire and we have liaisons there. Anybody also had an installation that we don't have liaisons whether it's Fort Sam. Houston if you're sixty eight series or Fort Leonard Wood You can always reach US via social media. A recruiting email address Reach that way and we can help you get through the process as well. Yeah that's that's one of the good things we do. We also have a l no fort seal Who's handling that location? But those locations like science guy who was saying. So you're Fort Sam Houston and Fort Leonard Wood. We're actually there last week. Doing recruiting trips for those individuals given an opportunity to go ahead and volunteer statement. And we're trying to hit those locations where we're GONNA be out there at least once every four to six weeks so that way every individual who is going through a ait. We'll see us at least once and then they'll have the opportunity to volunteer. That's great you guys. A ticket on a road show so we traveled costly And then sure we'll get into later also with the in service groups but we're going to all the installations this kind of giving them the brief let them know what we do Just kind of spread spread the knowledge. Everyone know how to get into the regimen. Make Dizzy as possible. So if you are in service and you WANNA come to the regimen. What does that look like so for anybody? That's in service on the wants to volunteer for the Ranger Regiment. What we require is basically from your dod source email we want your most updated s Rv your soldier record brief in PDF format. And we go over a screen and make sure you're qualified Then we'll send you out a rasp one or two packet depending on your rank so once you complete your rasp one or two packet. You send it back to that. Email the some five recruit at so. Calm Dot Mil and we'll make sure it's complete and we'll send you a HR's reservation if you're four moldable or below five or four. Promotional and higher We'll put you on the NCO hiring portal to get approved by the are salmon gaining battalion. Csm's before you'll you'll get your rest slot now if you're not qualified base off your S. Rv will actually tell you what you need to do to be qualified if it's possible. Wow so you're you're kind of meeting these people in the middle. It's not just like in the old days you know it's like here good enough or you're not good enough and sometimes aren't even really assessed Before this Atta you don't look ranger. Which really really old school. I think Even before my generation. You're actually going to meet these people in the middle a little bit tell. Hey you're not quite there yet but these are some of the things you can do to get there we'll we'll send out PT programs if you need it If you need to improve your GT score or get a secret clearance Or if you need to way because of the state so like some of this is going to run into just like. Gt Scores for one thing. How we talked about me in the middle of right now require one oh five. Gt score for you to come to the regiment. But we're going to build a wave cases as case by CASE BASIS. We could wave it down to ninety. Gt score so just depending what your mos is everything like that. That's where we're going to kind of work with you and we could get you down to ninety if you're a qualified individual pretty much Right now all of our eleven series. They're not going to be able to come in with the waiver. They're going to have to have that one. Oh five if they're in service individual or coming from Osa All other individuals of is going to be basically minded to where we could wave it down to. So that's just that's just one of the things we're currently doing. But that's GonNa Change all the time just depending on the manning of the regiment. What we actually need so so one of the themes I'm hearing here is. Don't these select yourself over and over again. This conversation which is very different than what I guess. It used to be what they might always been that way. Not The de-select Yourself. You gotTA show up and do it and if you make it you make it but. I don't think anybody knew that no outside. Yeah right that's awesome and then there's another opportunity right because after. Oh said you've got airborne school and I know you guys used to come into airborne school as well. Yes is again. I being the forbiddingly as on a brief infantry airborne school as well so with airborne school the the process is very similar Typically it's going to be day three of course At zero five in the morning. So it's a it's an early day but anybody that's interested in the Ranger Regiment can come out to that brief and same same kind of format right like who. We are what we do what it takes to get to the Ranger Regiment And then again the opportunity to volunteer if you're interested And then at that point Again same same screening process Find the qualified applicants. And then they're going to get put on assignment to attend Rasp so for the airborne school brief just like any of the basic training briefs You have to be an ICT. Soldiers initial entry training soldier. I mean you're in training status. Haven't arrived at a permanent duty station yet in your career And if you are that sort of soldier you can volunteer in airborne school and then immediately upon completion of Airborne School We COME AND PICK YOU UP. Bring you over to the day of graduation and you are in the pipeline to tender. Ask but as soon as you graduated from airborne school okay. So if you are an airborne school and you are currently in service at a unit would probably talked to Sergeant Anderson in that case. So because you'd be an in service absent so if you're if you're in-service There's there's nothing that I can do like on the fly to get. That is because there's a lot that goes into the unit probably paid their tdy to get them to airborne school right. You belong to somebody you. There's somebody reports. He's I can't pull you out and put in there. It wouldn't work so I have them. Come to the brief pretty commonly. I can answer their questions. Get them contact info. So that when they get back to their unit They have all the information they need to get. The process started. I also thought I heard something in the conversation where you guys had mentioned that you can go from. Oh said you can go to rasp in not the airborne piece in between so is that now. The situation yes. Another current situation is we're going from Osa to Rask that we're going to go ahead and send those individuals to airborne school We're just kind of doing that. Because it was being sold for the option forty contract as as sign option forty contract. You'RE GONNA go to basic training. You're going to go to your ait. You're going to go to airborne school and then you'll just drop your contract and then you go to the regular army. That's going to be able to get that Just airborne slot and you could be an airborne unit so that kind of counter that we have individuals actually coming in with the option forty contract. We're going to send them to rasp after Osa before going to school. So it's Kinda helped our numbers and we've seen a change in how many people actually quit. Voluntary withdrawal I when it was flip-flop. Okay so that's a positive increase. I'm guessing yeah so it's been a positive increase for US awesome. We've decided we're GONNA come to the Ranger Regiment. We've got our RASP date we pass it. We get our Tampa Bay and then I guess we've come promoted now. We're going airborne school but then we get to our unit look and we sort of expect you guys must get asked this question a lot. They WANNA be a ranger. I WANNA be a bad ass but what's it like when I'm there? So what sort of what do you? What do you tell these people? So what I typically brief two soldiers Slightly off topic. I kind having to do with like the don't don't de-select yourself The rasp it's it's only eight weeks long for Rasp one and that is the that is the entirety of the pipeline to join a special operations unit. We're pretty unique in that way. So rasp it's it's an eight week. Training pipeline with assessment and selection built in. That's the only touch point that we have with soldiers before their full-fledged Rangers in the Ranger Regiment so it's important not deflect yourself because the rash mcadoo super good job of figuring out who is a good fit organization and who is not So when you attend draft. He's had to go there with your best foot forward. Make sure you've prepared yourself as much as you possibly can attend rasp and then let us select you to to send you to a unit to a battalion So once he gets a battalion now rouses only eight weeks long we can. We can build on the fundamentals that you've learned during basic training and kind of teach you some slightly more advanced marksmanship Some breaching Training a little bit of medical training But then from there you're going to get thrown into an environment where you have team leaders and squad leaders her all extremely professional pretty experienced and have a very good grasp of training Rangers To like a a very high level rouse was going to get the the rough. Edges smoothed out But then your team leaders and squad leaders at your battalion are going to be the ones who truly like train you and make you into a ranger in the ranger regiment. The super super fast paced environment. You're going to feel like you're going a million miles an hour the first few months of your there But it's super worth it and it's it's going to be a lot of work but you`re. GonNa you're GONNA see vast improvements in yourself whether that's physically tactically technically everything in pretty short period time. Okay so I'm going to show up and I'm not just putting on my Tamboura and then thrown in a dip and kicking my boots on a desk it's going to be pretty intensive training. Dan I guess yeah. That's one of the common phrases you here in the Ranger Regiment is that it's super easy to get there but super hard to stay. It's a very competitive environment So graduating RASP is step. One You're going to get into the Ranger Regiment. Graduating from RASP. But the things that are required of you to stay in the Ranger Regiment It's a very high level of performance professionalism discipline So you're GONNA show up having graduated RASP. And that's a that's an accomplishment. I mean not to downplay at all but Your performance once he gets to a battalion and you start training and deploying on and being expected to perform yourself they perform as rangers should be performing That's what I truly gets hard so okay because a lot expected of. We've actually talked about that. Before we try. To tell people that you earn that Beret every day. And that's you know that's how I remembered it and I think that's important but I think when people want to know capable what is what is that like and why is it so difficult and challenging versus the conventional army. What would you say I'll say differs mainly the big thing safety breathing thing before the weekend's your first arms go and talk to you in pretty much every safety brief. They'RE GONNA have their hands up they're going to have The Beret in one hand and then just an empty hand and the other is going to be your scale. Any decision you make. You're GONNA HAVE TO WEIGH THAT DECISION. But are you gonNa want to make this decision loser? Tampa Bay or you're GONNA make the bad decision it'd be so that's the good thing or special thing about the regiment as we have our offense which is released for standard so if you're not upholding the ranger standard you will. You will be released. And you're going to be sent out to the regular army conventional forces so that's why we've kind of had that scale that way make decisions. Do you WanNa keep that Tampa Ray or do you WANNA move out to the conventional forces. So that's a popular thing and that's what kind of holds individuals accountable to where you have to work. Every day you have to earn your spot in the regiment. Maybe in the day in the life you can explain why Ranger Regiment is so important to the army and in what you guys do as a whole the ranger regiment is is between three and four thousand person organization that responds to the biggest national threats to our International Policy and can be deployed worldwide within eighteen hours. So that's a very unique capability that that we bring to bear. There's a couple of commonalities between all rangers and one of the things is that they like being part of organizations that are bigger than themselves so the belonging to a team especially a team that holds itself in such high esteem and standards is very important to a lot of us and The difference between the rest of the army and this organization. The army has standards as well But this this unit I can attest coming from the regular army after about seven and a half years of experience. This unit Upholds the standard without question. It's a common question to ask. How many times raft? Prove myself arranger. And it's every day and we we actually honor that Every year every ranger has to take the standards we have to pass the same physical requirements We can't have any pending. Ucf J. or you end up. Getting are so It it's a very pristine organization in that regard. And so what are some of the things that you guys enjoy most about being rangers in your careers? You guys have all been here for a long time with the exception you captain young And you've weighed that beret against that empty hand quite few times so obviously it's not just pride that there are some some other perks. What what are some of those things you just Abbott? I think there's a lot of people that say. Hey listen I don't know if I WANNA go there because my perception of what that is inside that fence is maybe very different than what you guys obviously from your longevity year. You're living at so if you're living that standard and you're living that lifestyle. There must have been something that kept you here. That's not all it's not all hard work in training right. I mean it's not it's a I think a lot of us say it's a love hate relationship because it is hard on. There's lots times when is really hard. But there's lots. Don's when you get that German fulfillment everyone here's like minded individuals. Everyone's very driven motivated You don't have to tell individuals what to do here. They're going to. They're going to assign themselves to go ahead knockout task. They know we have certain training coming up. They're not gonNA wait for their team. Leader their squad leader telling cave near Kim light bundles or negate any just any kind of thing like that created. They're going to go ahead. Take the initiative. And they're GONNA START WORKING. They'RE GONNA start preparing They'RE GONNA be ready to do whatever the next assignment and so. I think the biggest thing is everyone. Here is self driven they're motivated like personalities majority of individuals. Here they come from sports teams things like that. They've been on the higher teams. They WANNA keep achieving more. So I think that's that's just the biggest thing everyone wants to achieve and everyone wants to be around individuals who are going to achieve. Because that's going to push you to be a better a better soldier a better ranger. I think there's kind of two important points here we talk about. Everybody goes to ask One thing we felt dimension leading into like this point in the conversation is rasped as the exact same for every single candidate whether they're Cook a mechanic you know an IT specialist and infantryman. It doesn't matter. Every single candidate is expected to perform in the exact same way the standards of the same for everybody. Everybody does the same training so when you when you graduate after eight weeks. The Cook's have shot. Exactly as much as infantryman have the mechanics have done just as many breaches as you know. The the combat engineers there's zero difference In terms of the three battalions so we have three infantry battalions first second third capability wise. Those battalions are identical different special operations where there's like different teams or organizations within that unit that specialize in a certain thing Every ranger design is key capability wise. The same raw capable of the same mission set and what provides for us is a little bit of continuity You know I've gone through like a deployment and training cycle. There's there's zero like Extra work that needs to be done to ensure that we can do good handoffs overseas or go home and pick up training And then along with that. It also gives us a lot of kind of flexibility as an organization we can. We can perform missions as small as a team. Size element doing reconnaissance all the way up to like you know back in. Nineteen eighty-nine operation just cause as regimental level airfield seizure. So I'm having three battalions are capable of the same things at a very high level Gives the regimental commander in the army. we're pretty adaptive flexible force that it can use like at at varying levels of of size and how they actually implement the force and at a moment's notice it sounds like from just about anywhere in the world very quickly. I think it's important to make people understand that everybody is going through the same thing and same challenges on a daily basis. There's an equal mutual respect. And it's and it's a little bit different. I think when you're out and you're maybe assigned to an airborne unit Or You may be in the conventional army or something like that that you may not still feel that same camaraderie that you guys feel there. There may be some disjointed nece. You know combat support versus combat arms or something but in regimen. Here you guys are. You're on an equal footing. Absolutely all speak to that so shared hardship builds cohesion and camry. And I think that's a value or touchdown that the regiment live spy. And also to digress. About what Tagami was talking about. I WanNa make sure that we mentioned the other two battalions and the the parent organization the Regimental Headquarters so there's also a regimental special troops battalion. Which has a reconnaissance company communications company and an Hec as well as A very essential which we're gonNA talk about a little bit The regimental selection and Training Company. So that's a force generating company that is that gateway or pathway that enables initial entry training soldiers and and other inservice volunteers passer through to become rangers and then also our newest addition which was stood up in May two thousand seventeen which is a regimental Military Intelligence Battalion so that that has a military intelligence company and a cyber electromagnetic activities company as well In addition to Hec so all of these forces Fall under the regimental headquarters which is at Fort. Benning Georgia and they coalesce to form this. This Ranger Regiment. That's very adaptive and has a lot of organic capability. You know one of the things. I think that stands out to me in this conversation though is around You guys your longevity and how you speak so highly of it and being. A part of the unit is What type of leadership traits do you think that you guys gain being a part of a Special Operations Unit? And maybe this is again. Wants to a bit of a comparison but I just think on a daily basis. There's a leadership style in a way that you You you learn how to be a special leader in this type of environment and those are the soft skills that you're going to take along with those hard skills as you separate out of the military. So what do you guys think you know whether you've been in the conventional army or not? What do you think you're bringing From a soft skills perspective either back to conventional unit. If you decide to go there if you go out and you transition under the military to the private sector all weigh in on this one is to start. Then I'M GONNA kick it to the incident but so it it's embedded with our four charters so when I say charters there's four generals that essentially wrote letters outlining the regiment should be in part of that. Is that the regiment is responsible for being the best. But also benefiting the Greater Army so officers in particular serve on a rotational basis. So my clock has taken all be out of here in about a year and a half and I'm entrusted to permeate these best practices and lessons learned back to the rest of the army. So that's that's definitely one of our touchstones so for me in terms of leadership in like kind of the lessons that I've learned Having spent about eight years in the same scene You had the opportunity to see a lot of change over you know. Multiple platoon leaders multiple platoon sergeants. I went from riflemen to weapons squad leader in the sample teen. So every single person within the platoon at some point changed while I was there But the one overarching thing that I kind of took away from that eight year. Experience is that at the end of the day The whether or not the platoon was going to succeed or fail wasn't based on. You know the equipment that we had or the training that we were doing based on the people within the platoon so understanding that as a leader The most the most energy that I should be spending on anything should be spent on the my subordinates. On people I am working on training amend developing because At the end of the day I'm going to leave at some point. I did leave and my protein is still doing well and not to my my credit to the credit of the the people who are still in up lateen. We're just kind of understanding that You know when I when I last you know Third Ranger Battalion. The rifle that I use the night vision goggles I use. We're still there but that didn't that didn't affect anything So learning while I was there to hopefully my legacy range of retirement would be you know affecting my subordinates. In a way that would make them good leaders or you know hopefully better leaders than they would have been if I hadn't been there But that's kind of been like the the big overarching lesson that I've learned in terms of leadership. I find that really unique. Spend a little time in the regular army and you would find leaders that they would. They'd mentioned they develop you but they weren't invested on an emotional level like they were Into Ranger Battalion. And I think it's important to point out and you guys probably agree with me like you. Form a bond and Cap'n young. You probably can see the difference you walk into a platoon and some of these guys have been together for six years eight years. You know some of them longer to get more investment from your leadership. I think maybe you guys agree with that. Yeah I think I think with that investment to So we like the you know the ranger creed. It's kind of like the guideline of of how Rangers should live their lives And part of that guideline means that as Rangers. We should hold our fellow rangers accountable to the the the principals like imbedded in the ranger creed so if we're doing are doing our jobs and we're being accountable to each other that means as leaders as subordinates peers we're holding ourselves to that standard on and off duty so you know my my responsibility to ensure that. I'm helping out my ranger brody's doesn't just you know exist while I'm at work at the range. Whatever the case it exists twenty four seven three sixty five. That's always my job. Yeah there's somebody who's left The regiment I can say that there's a distinct lack of support once you leave that circle the I haven't found anywhere else. I don't think there really is a parallel for that. So that goes back to happen young or what you were describing that. That's kind of responsibility as leader. Especially an officer come in to the regiment and Served in a leadership role. The take those same traits as much as you can and apply them back into the conventional army so that the that those forces are trying to understand what it means to have. Cohesion team work Good leadership and understand that you know. We're clearly doing something so we can accomplish a mission later on so it's important to today's mission is just as important as that mission that we're training for as well and I think that's what you know the idea the antenna a lot of regiment as well as to breed good. Nco's good officers and in this type of setting so that you can go back within the conventional army. Continue that or at least bring that out there. And as I think I think just like Steph starts talking the ranger creed this kind of. We all live by that. That's our that's our pride and joy. Basically that's what that's the morals. That's everything we WANNA do And then it says we're going to set the example for others to follow. I think the biggest thing is those individuals we work with. Were training those individual. So even when you're a leader when your squad or platoon sergeant your training individuals below you to actually take your job No one's against each other like you want those individuals to come up. You want those individuals to keep going. You want to see him progress and you want to see him succeed. So I think that's the biggest thing like we're talking Individuals here have been together for six years eight years so I know everyone says it but it truly is a family here. We have a lot of younger rangers. Things like that too so everyone within the platoon. Even when we're not at work works over one of the tunes hanging out to go so the weekends we're altogether at barbecues like going out hanging out of to the bar. Whatever we're doing everyone stays together so you have that bond and I think that's what makes us Italian. That's what the commodity comes from and then that's where we're able to hold each other accountable so once we do go out to conventional forces We're leaving that same motto still set the example for others follow and we'd get out there and it's a little different because individuals do come. They're there for two years three years. Then they're going on to the next assignment so we get there and we've seen what it looks like We know how individuals can work together when they do get on board. Everyone's on the same page. We're trying to accomplish the same goal so once we're out there just makes it a lot easier. I think that's where leadership comes into effect. We're trying to get that same like we're trying to get the same results from the regimen. It brings individuals where it's kind of accomplishing and kind of makes that makes that the mentality of wherever you're at you know. I think that applies to everyday living no matter where you are with your out in the private sector. You're in a conventional army. What you just said I mean the whole idea of being an NCO Definitely is about to make those people below year. Subordinates that much better to replace you. It's it's the lift them up not to lift yourself up. It's not about you trying to get more trinkets and you know more awards and stuff like that. It really is supposed to be `bout that so You know definitely if you're in a unit and the Conventional Army you're not finding that within your unit. You can certainly wait to the next PCS or you can put in to to come to regiment. It sounds like If you're really looking for that because that's what you you experience here on a daily basis. Yeah exactly so we get the schools like we get schools and we're going to the schools. That's what happens with our leadership so when you are a private that's when you're going to all your schools when you're a sergeant that's when you're getting some of your cooler schools Your squad leader. That's when you're pushing down your privates you want them to get those same opportunities. You want them to come up and training also. So that's where you're kinda start separating yourself to worst not your training like to make yourself better on your training to actually progress your career. That's where you kind of made that switch and you're trying to bring the guys up underneath you and then everyone's kind of progressing together. One of the things that we get a lot is what is arranger. And of course you know there's ranger school and there's Ranger Regiment. And so the question is are they won in the same Sodas Ranger Regiment run ranger school because the whole idea is to become a ranger and it just seems like that's the right progression but that's not the case right one belongs to trade. Ach One belongs to a so-called Special Operations Command so there is a difference between the training and the real life situation on a daily basis. But everyone of you guys also has to go have to go as once you become a leader identified as a leader to go to ranger school so differences between Ranger School and the Ranger Regiment. primarily Ranger School is a school is run by the army. It's based on combat leadership and learning how to lead patrols and other people when they're extremely tired extremely hungry physically uncomfortable all that. It's extremely worthwhile school. Nobody in the range original ever tell you that that ranger school is a waste of time. you gotTa Ranger School. You'RE GONNA learn a ton about combat leadership and a ton about yourself probably more by yourself then you learn about Combat leadership but that being said it is. It's a school anybody can go to ranger school. And you branch of Service Ranger School will host. You know soldiers from foreign militaries Anybody is eligible to its end ranger school. The Ranger Regiment is a Special Operations Unit We share the word ranger in our names. But that's about where the similarities Begin and end is just in that single word Part of service in the Ranger Regiment. On this this may be part of what confuses people sometimes to become an NCO or to be an officer in the Ranger Regiment. You will go to and you will graduate from Ranger school if you don't graduate from Ranger school as a combat arms or less You're you're eligible for release for standards from the organization We send everybody ranger school. Because it's a super good way of It's a good benchmark for leadership potential so just like Rasp Is Competitive and based on assessing and selecting the correct people to join the Ranger Regiment ranger. School is it's a good vehicle for determining who we should retain within the Ranger Regiment because of the potential that getting a ranger tab demonstrates so if you go to ranger school and you graduate and there's another soldier that goes to school and does not graduate. We can with like a fair amount of objectivity say that the the soldier who earned a ranger tab At some point in their career has the potential where it has a higher potential to be a good leader And that's the sort of soldier that sort of Rangers were trying to retain within the organization which is why every single ranger goes to ranger school. Yeah and that's I'm glad you stated that because also I think it goes back to our earlier conversation about. Don't de-select yourself so if you've gone through ranger school you can also still apply for Ranger Regiment. It's no different but the fact that you have ranger. School is not an automatic qualifier. Yeah absolutely so having Your Ranger Tab macy ranger qualified and being the derangement makes you a ranger. Bright simple as that should dispel that we had a very long probably an hour and a half conversation about this subject trying to explain it to personnel from the navy and the air force because they were trying to say what is the ranger. Well there's a ranger and there's a ranger in okay so yeah Ranger Ranger and it got to a whole like to our conversation. I think it went to one o'clock in the morning. And then we were finally like we're just GONNA end this picked up the next day. Unfortunately but this is a heated conversation about what is arranger. And and how do you get into regiment? And I know that you guys on social media win like us when you ended up posting something like that and you see a soldier who has a ranger tab but they don't have the scroll they're not in Red Ranger Regiment. You know they go with that person's not really arranger this and then there's a whole debate goes on about one hundred and fifty comments on post by appreciate every single one of you guys coming on certain. Bishop kept young certain Tagami and start Anderson. Thank you each for coming on the show and sharing your experiences and what you guys have done. I think it'll be only educational but I think a lot of people are just really curious about Ranger Regiment which you guys do on a daily basis What it takes to become one and then not only that but why would I even WanNa join and then when it comes to the time when I leave there? What are the benefits of why he served in if I make the transition? How easy is it going to of what the lessons I've learned here to the private sector? I think we covered every single one of those things. I appreciate. You guys taking the time to join US thanks much.

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