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"sergio asensio" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Great news there's a quick way you can save money switch to geico geico could help you get great coverage at a great price and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance go to geico dot com today and see how much you could save hello there and welcome into the show wagered haley on board with paul baroness steve nicol and sheka his company gaba cardio join us up momentarily some discomfort this week in spain athletico madrid and barcelona in the copa del rey but no such problems round madrid they took care of business in the first leg of the quarterfinal just down the road out yet again as sergio asensio's goal just a minute from time giving at the bahrain gays a one nil lead to take into the second leg beck at the bernabeu but those on the numbers that really stand out in madrid won't stand out as a pole run by the newspaper a s who asked rao madrid fans wherever they would like christiana were now though to stay at rail madrid feliks sixty seven point five percent of them said no to that question quite remarkably let's bring in gabon cotti on that we all know see us seven loves to be loved gaba so this this have any impact on what happens next giving christiana run aldo i mean look this isn't a scientific poll but it did get a big response and you wonder how many people were really round madrid fans or or or maybe people trying to cause some mischief.

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