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"sergio aguayo luis suarez" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Will in the European Cup because he schooled big gulls particularly against bomb in the semi finals. And then obviously the goal against. Let's go in the final in this. Because I was kind of if you like kind of action man moments. I think he gets talked about much more than PK note because he's a defender even because comparible defend the star this tickly, but there is much more of this kind of study inspired at least this is something that just said well best if in a row. Rammell obviously and PK for too long hasn't even been in that conversation, and he should have been he should have been that conversation. Certainly we've in Spanish context, but also five six maybe even seven years. No, you love these either or type of questions up the end of the field. You can stop. I on this to South American strikers think roughly the same sort of age Sergio Aguayo Luis Suarez who you taking. Louis worth by miles. Why? Because he's better. Mean really like so here wet, and he was absolute stiff you're worried about away when he when he first broke through outlets, and he came to go, I think at the age of eighteen those first two threes. He was absolutely wonderful playing on almost on his own up front. A lot of time. The bull pump longtime making things happen almost entirely by himself. But I just think Luis Suarez as being in terms of looking for number nine loose worth probably being the best in the world. At least on and off for the last six maybe seven years strike is in the room. Do you? Concur. The movement of Louis WADA's is off the ball is better than that said. If you wait for that reason alone, I will take we also live what we brings not only to. But what he brings to his national team which said here has been able to do with Argentina. Impossible to separate when you look at what they've done from swatter, forcing you to separate. You can only take one you building a team. Gorrell taking whereas for the Golden Bear the last year for me, it appear goals go. Yes. We can talk about home applaud could talk with Lynn co play with Suarez. Why does this not up? You're going for. He also links very well. Right. So so then you're gonna you're gonna put him step down because links very well. If you let me finish. The trauma gouty did not trapped when he was at Liverpool the whether the trunks form so employers absolutely gone by the wayside. He's quite remarkable. He did image and continues to do amazing things. Just because I disagree with you. And Sidney doesn't really it doesn't matter to me. I'll go with the glare. Dr. I have no idea what? I what's going on. Shack. He can get no not moving. Last one. What song don't you ready for a big game? What song was? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Any music in the locker room. There was a really big game in you'll. The day. Nobody had this. Would that walkman? I was about this. Josh would then. Cassette track. Every. Woman on west. Let me say what was the moment. Neil Ruddock and yet, right? You should be Elvis was elevate. Paul Tobin when you played. Piano, piano. Has it against some heavy mental? DC bucking blocking blind. No Danja the penalty on Spotify. Whatever you do. It's still played everywhere in every state the answer. Extratime different events. Right. Everybody off. Hey, I've told this story before, but this Everybody off. Hey, I've told this story before, but this is stores NO my career where one team that I play for. We were not very good, in fact, terrible. So they used to play. Chiefs. Tonight's going to be a good night. Him back in the locker room. I don't know if it's going to be. Good. Cain to be honest with not really not going to. It really was a good night was with With cheese. the other team. The drama. We will hopefully joy, the pleasure of your company next time around ESPN available every day on ESPN, plus.

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