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"sergeant thomas baker" Discussed on Bob and Sheri

"So the wife ellery has set up her own separate company and she and her staff rate at the cry oh facility and zolder remains of people and held them hostage to punish her soon to be ex husband. Least were called. Police were called an intercepted. The cargo of human remains many of which had begun melting because they were not capped in the Exact level of liquid nitrogen. They're supposed to date. Were able to recover all of the remains except for the brain of one person which valerie kept in special medical metal medical box along with some of the other Remains that were stolen. Were the frozen bodies of dozens and dozens of dogs and cats. That owners were hoping to bring back to life in the future. Now the story is. Is that the husband was cheating and started a new life with another woman and valerie just wasn't having it which is why she Complained that she had been not only. Was he a cheater but they did. Unfairly booted her from their company that she is the rightful owner of the remains in the brains and that is why she at the place and stole them. So now we have this. Is you know what this is. This is a very dark comedy very dark and this is going to be a heck of a movie and heck of a movie but now we have multiple frozen bodies and brains of wealthy people that have been snatched by an angry ex wife and this bitter divorce is the reason why some of these folks in the future if the technology ever gets in it will not be able to have their brain transplant. It into new younger. By how nuts is this story. This real and legit and i'm gonna post all the details and photos up on the bob and sheri facebook here in just a minute. The movie could be called dying to be alive and The scene at night of her going and getting was obviously some accomplices. Those bodies and putting them into vans and then driving them and then all of a sudden what about the head. What about the head. I've got the head. Don't worry about and then the the intrigue of the husband cheating. Which i think he was doing by the way Ads adds a little bit of a spice to the whole thing. That's a dark movie. Like cohen brothers. Movie and the tagline would be stars nicole kidman of course as the crazy ex wife not even crazy just really angry ex wife steals the frozen brains. The tagline is even. The best marriage can turn cold though the mist from the frozen nitrogen. I just want you to imagine that that your loved one. Whoever this person is who has arranged to have their brain frozen and it's being stored in moscow and maybe the whole family thinks it's crazy or whatever but that's grandad's head and thank you get a phone call that the comp- the couple that owned the company are breaking up and the wife has stolen your grandfather's head and we can't find it. you understand. This is actually happening to people right now. All over the world who are getting these phone calls and you know it may just be that you don't end up coming back and spending eternity some beautiful place in the world you end up in russia and that is not what most americans want you end up in russia in. Somebody's meat locker. The coldest place they could find. Keep you guys this is. This is one of the wilder true stories. That's come across in a while. Go check it out on our facebook and look at the pictures like it does make you wonder what the heck were people thinking. It's bob and sheri. Bob and sheri live tonight at seven. Pm eastern tonight. Live on the bob and sheri facebook page. It is time now with the bob and sheri show for what's a guy gotta do. I go to rancor. And i take a look at the story of heroes and then people rank them whether or not this guy. This woman is a real hero for not a hero. So let's find out what they thought about this fellow in june nineteen forty four. The us army and allied forces launched a campaign in japanese occupied side hand philippines. It will be one of the most critically important operations carried out by the allies in world. War two wants battleships cleared the way with heavy artillery. Eight thousand marines made landfall among them. Was sergeant thomas baker leading the way for his twenty seventh infantry division with a bazooka on his shoulder. Baker and company pushed the japanese. To a point of no retreat instead of surrendering the these pushed with a final banzai charge banzai. They came running at the americans with the perimeter closing around him and his unit baker held his ground and returned fire until he ran out of ammunition he was wounded during the fray and fellow soldier began dragging him away from the frontline not wanting to be a burden. Baker insisted that he'd be left behind. He was left propped up against a tree with an eight round pistol after the battle. The deceased baker's body was found in the same position with all eight rounds fired and eight deceased japanese soldiers in his path for his heroism. Sergeant thomas baker was awarded posthumous medal of honor. So we go to rancor and the people who go to rancor is he a true hero three thousand three hundred forty one people said yes. He is a true hero. Twenty seven. i'm not said no. That's not a hero. What's guys ought to. He's certainly don't save me. Save yourself dropped me up against a tree and keep a hand gun and let me take on the charging japanese army. What's a guy got to what's in the mind of these people sherri we. I'm telling you we're at a point in our history where people are like. Yeah whatever i mean. That's his job as we signed up for. That's what they say you know. I had my own version of this just either day. Can i share it with you. I was. I was not in any danger but i believe i told you that. The wrought iron railing the entrance to our house was all rusted and i went out there. I spent like hours. This is actual manual labor sherry manual labor. Okay and it was very hot outside..

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