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"serge patel" Discussed on What Next | Daily News and Analysis

"Twelfth. Why did you want to focus their basically because it is My Congressional district i. I saw that on election night. There was no winner declared. The percentages for about forty one percent for Carolyn Maloney who is the incumbent of thirty years and forty percent for search? Patel. WHO's their challenger with six hundred and forty eight votes separating them six hundred, forty, eight. Wow. I thought well, this is going to be interesting. When are they ever going to figure out who? When this thing? was interesting because of the characters to because Carolyn Maloney has been representing New York for decades and Serge Patel is kind of positioning himself as a progressive alternative to her. Yeah. He positioned himself as someone who is he's thirty six years old Carolyn Melania seventy, four years old. He ran on sort of a general racial change kind of platform New York's Twelfth Congressional District Spans the east side of Manhattan, a big chunk of Queens and in northern bit of Brooklyn. Weeks after the race when winter still hadn't been declared. Jada realized the hold up. It wasn't just about one problem. There are two separate things going on here. There's there's the length of time that it seeking to count the votes and then there's these votes that are getting thrown out. Elections experts have told us don't worry if it takes a long time to count votes especially in close elections and complicated elections like we're seeing now but that's being thrown out that troubled Jada was found in her home district was a ballot invalidation read that's much higher in racine in recent elections like look at Wisconsin in Georgia it was well reported that primaries they are went a bit haywire this year. Wisconsin rejected one point eight percent of its mail in ballots. Georgia rejected three percent. But in the twelfth, district nineteen percent of Manhattan ballots got invalidated according to the preliminary numbers. And Brooklyn the number may be as high as twenty eight percent. You know in your reporting, you raise others you too which is that there district is the only one in New York in which absentee ballots made up over fifty percent well over fifty percent of the vote, which makes it an interesting place to focus because of course, going into November there's conversation about whether all of us should be voting absentee, correct. Yeah. That district it was forty percent in percent for sixty five percent. Male in and that was in large part because so many people on the upper east side and grammar see who are wealthy and a half second homes in the Hamptons left the city. But yeah, I mean it raises a lot of issues for November, where I'm doing a case study of one district in New York City where the turnout isn't even that high it was the highest turnout of any district in in the city. Like New York City has notoriously low turnout New York state with forty-nine. Fiftieth. I think at twenty nineteen. Turn some turn out like we're we're known for really bad turn out. But if you think about like what this means when November comes around when we have an election that is incredibly important to so many people presidential general elections are always a higher turnout than a congressional primary. So you're thinking of adding in almost double the number of ballots while we're in the midst of the pandemic. That may have a resurgence in the fall leading more people to stay home. And choose mail in voting what kind of kinks in the system will we not have worked out from these primary elections that are going to really blow up in November? You talked about how at the sort of vote tallying location. There's that first stage where folks look at the envelope and say, are we even GonNa win this thing? With this race between Carolyn Maloney and Serge. Patel. How many of those envelopes just like never got opened? Thirteen thousand. Out of sixty five thousand turns in. and. How much is Carolyn Maloney leading by right now? Somewhere in the range of three, thousand, four, thousand votes. So I think that it is probably true that she will pull this out. Because half of those thirteen thousand were invalidated because there's a missing signature and there's really no getting around the law on that. That the other half are invalidated. Generally because of a missing postmark which the Patel camp in his lawyers they argued in a lawsuit that that these are in validations that have nothing to do with the voter. That, there were miscommunication between the US Postal Service and the government and these ballots didn't at postmarked for a number of complicated reasons and. They arrived and we're just thrown out anyway even though the voter did everything in their power to. Follow the rules try to get their vote counted. In this lawsuit that Surge Patel. Part of. Really just highlights all of these little rules. Around. Absentee Voting that are complicated and that could go sideways in a few months when we're all voting in the general, like one of them, you brought up this rule that you have to sign your ballot and it may not be immediately obvious to you that you need to do that, and then there are also these little boxes on the envelope and it's sort of unclear like do I write there do I not right there it says for official use I official I mean I got a ballot and that's what I was thinking like, what do I do their guess nothing? Yeah you do the right thing because you had written in that box. Then you would have had your vote thrown out and I know people who did right in that box because they thought, oh, it's you know and the went online and they looked up their assembly district and they tried to fill out all the correct information. I think they thought they were helping and yet they were doing was getting their vote thrown out voting rights advocates would say okay. So there. That one is a design flaw and it's an education flaw that is on the board of elections to fix. I mean tell me about what you saw when you saw the back of your ballot from the photos that I've seen them. It's just filled with words and then like one line with an axe that maybe you'll notice. Whereas in California, they put a big red box around the signature. So you know it's like it's like they've done everything. They can't accept like put flashing lights like sign here or your vote won't get. You know there needs to be more education I mean I would suggest just like filming an educational video that you throw it on Youtube you try to make it go viral. This is exactly what you do to this talent and get your vote Count Ed. There's this other issue.

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