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"Thanks for hanging out with us. So we're going to be talking with lily and a leak Danny's having trouble finding her. But this an hour ago. We had a nice little tweet exchange. We've did where I said we're excited to your book Hollywood's eve eve Babson the secret history of LA, and she said, I am too. I hope I don't say anything dumb. I know I know. All right. So maybe we'll get her for like the next. Donald Terner down. I just I don't want you to you know, we go. We had our very fun night at Craig's with Melissa Peterman. It's always a hot spot. There's always somebody famous who there we say Vivica, FOX Erica, Jane, Lisa. Serena Brad grassy, and Gary Gianetti Brad's and lasts in two nights ago. Wasn't Clint Eastwood there with somebody. Yes. And then who was there last night to ya? I went to recognized him out so long to take the only reason people go to Craig's is to get their photo taken. That is not true. It's good food is great. It's a hot spot. It's right. Bahali wooden Beverly Hills and the food is good. And if you want privacy Craig will put you back in here. Here. Right. Yeah. No. It's it's a they're always going in and out of there. The paparazzi just hang out there. Right. That's how many. So anyways. Of me. Yeah. He arrived in left alone. He used lift or Ober. And I did he dine alone. Did he just arrive and leave alone Intel for business or pleasure? When somebody waiting in the back who went in the back still into him Laurie hills. Well, you know, I really like how he's looking bearded glasses being kind of low key, and that kind of long hair. I he he lost it for me. So big time when he was carted around in the fake romance. I know he was a grown, man. He should have known better. Both to think he came to LA to beg Taylor for another chance. Now. I don't think that he went to get a photo taken. Yeah. I'm being honest. Yeah. He if you rival loan and leave he went there to get his photo taken Laurie. Pretty might have eaten there with somebody who lamb the most amazing stake. They do their food is so good. It is everything is good. Yeah. Yeah. All right. All right fine are going to hold down. We are who we are. We do this lily anaerobic is here lily were. So delighted on my God. It is. My pleasure. Thank you for having me. Okay. Gotta tell us the story of how you came to do this Burke, Hollywood's eve eve, baboots and the secret history of LA, we remember reading the Vanity Fair story. Yes. And I remember thinking I want to know more of this lady eve who is such an it swinging. Cool sexy lady in the sixties and seventies. I you know, what I mean. So into the eighty the s he really dragged it out. She did an okay. So give us give us a set up on everything. Okay. Of course. So that was back in two thousand ten. And I saw a quote of hers. About sex. I don't remember the exact quote, but that was the topic. And I was just completely knocked out by it. And there was no information on her our out of print. Get out of print books from Amazon dot crooked. Bananas. You know? And. Anything you can find out about her personally with pretty wild. That naked pictures. She took back in nineteen fifty me she's playing with my soggy shot. Yes. As one does in the sixties. Yep. But I mean her. Yes. I yeah. I mean, I remember seeing that photo because that was in that Vanity Fair story. Kept think she's got these like God with the latest data, really? Yes. Huge boobs. And they were bigger because she was taking birth control for the first and only time totally outside. The circumstances behind that photograph it she had a very boyfriend who was running. The packaging art gallery, and that he was having a big party for my body shop and all of that way was coming. Hopper really twenty. But it's going to be there. We didn't invite he'd pissed off. And this is how she got tight love that. I didn't. I love that. I love that. No, well, we like her. Great. Pretty other people you could find about her and. Rectifier ninety smoking at the bar. You know at the gas. Stop at the center. Southbound buyers there she. Third degree burns over fifty percent of her body and become his reckless. Did it affect her face? No, no, no. It's like, I can't even see it all the time. The torso. You know, you don't really actually be. Yeah. Well, I would know, of course, was intrigued with the story, you know, eve and her Oliver's voracious amazing sexual appetite. And now the quote, I like to suddenly process possessed the power to bleep every single person, you even idly fancy they don't know the physical glamour of that. I mean, I was just so intrigued with her love life. Actually said that about an open because you know, he would wanna rare squeezes. And she went up before he was famous crank dump dumpy club, London fog and she picked him up. You know picked picked him up before she even said Hello to him. Yeah. Take it home. And then he become famous, and she was talking about glamour being a famous. Yeah. But her own sexual. Legendary. He of famous guy before they were famous Perez afford. Dealing pot at Barney's beanery in with a crooked. I did feel great Barton said he was. He had no. This glove guy who drank white wine output getting dragged and and we will let because she was saying and every day. Warren beatty. No, no. Warren now thought he was a status. Vibe on him. She wouldn't go. Yeah. Okay. Well. It kind of makes sense like that. She would have an eye to for the fact that he was so devastatingly handsome, and maybe she could read right away. He's going to be trouble. I guess she was troubled fadeaway our travel. I love that about her. Fine. Great. So did that Vanity Fair story is that would push you into like, I got to know more about this woman. I want to write a book about her and kind of just understand her life. And who she is was that the. Well, so it was back in two thousand and ten that I kind of I had got wind of her. And I wasn't writing for Vanity Fair. Basically just unpublished that point. Living life Hollywood. I I in the white pages. Her brother at USC. I look in the US that would be better than we walked onto our house, and we've letters letters to her collar and all kinds of ways to get to our. I couldn't see anybody close prepare her cousins Abed stock. Yeah. Psycho, but works worked got a chance to see the piece for Vanity Fair. And after that, you just sort of starting to catch on his way and. The New York review books classics reissued, her book kind of point now, Hulu and Sony are making a television show based on a book some crazy. Yeah. What do you think of for writing lily us? We're talking about Hollywood ease eve baboots and the secret history of LA by lily analytic, am I saying that he's got it? So you like her writing her books are. Oh my God. I I think flooding fat company like the great undiscovered Ellen after piece. Oh, I think she's so good. We'll have to read one of those to your book is so good. And how exciting for you. Thank you. Thank you for saying. I mean. You had write ups in Entertainment, Weekly and bazaar and Esquire people magazine. I mean, everyone is really been paying a lot of tension and just about even I think the way because it's not like as you call it a womb to to. Yeah. About someone's life. It's more still alive. Yeah. Someone so it's more like a clause of her life and just really interesting. Like, I we were just in LA that last week hanging out at Dan Tana's. And we were there one night when the ban was leaving the troubadour, it's such a all these places, you know, they've been around for a long time going to Barney's beanery. And there is something. I'm so glad that that Hollywood is still there. Oh, yeah. You can find it goes to everywhere. Stellar out. And a lot of time director that like aren't there? Still there. I think another wreck you can still you can feel it. It's it's a hog city. You know, it has ghost. Yeah. We asked the longtime bartenders that Dan Tana's if they knew eve was and they're like, oh, yeah. You know, Harry dean. Close at hand. And and that was that was his watering hole. So the two, you know, longtime the by the two bartenders that have been there for fifty years. So funny. Yeah. She used to go there with on the air to gone. He ran Atlantic records her powerful boyfriend. I love garlic. You could get a ton of garlic, Dan Tanna. Yeah. So she. Late or early before catching somebody at the troubadour. Absolutely. No, neither sustenance foul after accurate description of eve Babbitt that she was like the Hollywood are Holly go lately of the west coast or LA. Well, I mean, she goes to a serious artists. Writer. Discovered. Otherwise, she just be sort of kind of an interesting groupie. You know, but she's she's an artist. And it's just you want to know more about her. And I love how you describe your friendship with her like, you know, I think she's my good friend. But I don't she kinda just she likes you. But she's also holds you arm's length kinda. Not really I'm blank. I just I think I just failed to totally. Very good looking at the weather in love hands. There you go. I love it. I love. Oh, gosh. Well, this is just such a fun book and congratulations to you. And were you? Are you? Kind of like did you want to be involved in making TV show? Or are you just happy? I actually hate playing with other people I like to be by myself. Collaborator. Look, brooke. It's it's kind of the medium from someone like me. You sell it worked out. Are you stocking? Other people a Corey, okay good. I can't tell you any contract. But yeah, Korn ferry. I'm on the quality to I'm excited to hear who that is what a what a treat to me, you Lilly. A treat for me. Thank you. So much the book. Book is Hollywood's eve eve baboots in the secret history of LA, and it is really Marilyn Monroe Harrison Ford Jim Morrison, Andy were all the sixties seventies egos hammer, and I mean, there's just so many great stories, and then learning about all the city even getting to know her and thinking, I will come to the Hulu. Yeah. There you go. Congratulations to the big breath so much. All right. Six five one six one one zero seven one if you'd like a copy of the book a couple, yes, we do when we come back at mytalk one seven one everything so good, man entertainment. Lori and Julia John Casey.

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