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"serena balti" Discussed on The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

"I think we could have a a first-time quarter-finalists come up against Roger Federer and then possibly a lamb to the slaughter scenario better four of six one. Yeah for potentially Jackovitch or SIS passing. Semi's could be passed. That could be a rematch. If if he does the unthinkable comes through. Novak an yeah I mean. We're we're banking on a Fidel final. Lump me eight. I'm sure it will happen. Because they're in a facing size of the draw of see. That was the final back in two thousand seventeen. I believe say if Rafa lost when I would be quite annoyed. Because he's already lost like four the final say a. It would be lovely to see him get enough time to here. Yeah let's look at the full of the as we said. Data is Medvedev. So I think it's perhaps the most intriguing like he's got Francis T.F. Oh who was a cool to find list hair loss jet in the first round? Say I mean that's bit over t.f? Over the map of the might be called an interesting match and then secretive fed round could have stand them out in the fourth round is so I think Medvedev might be buying some having some really good cracking matches and maybe endearing himself to the the crowd. Us thinking that it's GonNa be more is going to be more bad dialogue between and I'm looking forward to his pace about conferences. Boom there's a batches of the. Yeah Yeah I think he. He's got. He's got some tough opponents. You feel that he's he's able to grind grind them out in tight. Three four set four set saw. Yeah but I mean he is the fourth seed you can make the most. You can make the most of that. Do you think with this draw. Could could he get to the semifinals? I mean I think it's possible but I do think like obviously he did say well this. Us Open swing last summer and then he got very tied in the last stages. I mean if he's fresh hopefully he would regain the form of law summa but it's still early days in the sense that he hasn't yet proven that he can maintain that form for a really long period of time safe. He was early in this lab. That would be question marks about a his longevity at the top whether it was kind of a fleet that he played say well lost. It's true but I mean like ATP. I think he went. I think he didn't lose a match. The yeah he was you know I think I think he's at the moment. I still think he's carrying on that form from last season. But yeah let's see. Let us see how he does in the show moving. Let's move on so we've got to discuss kind of the top. The top four Four seeds of course there are some very tasty round one matches You know I think we already spoke about Medvedev. Tefa which again I think is a very nice macho won one match that did stand out for me. Bautisa versus Feliciano Lopez. I would say annoy the kind of got away because I just thought actually. I was playing himself into a bit of four wasn't he? He was pretty well so yeah it was one of the matches in one day and it was reminiscent of his his runner. Queens which is called for the whole day then he goes and gets about east rookie in the first round. Who is obviously Mr Consistent and actually I think about Easter He yeah he reached the quarter sell-offs Jitney and oversee he. Yeah he was in a big name for that to say. Yeah. That'd be an interesting job. We will say go full well folk laney's Fang Riley a poker so I think that could go either way. We've got Boehner Court against some query. Go what was happening to Sam Query. He's really Gone off the radar and they go on against Jeremy Shaw. That'd be flowing match very beautiful mattress. So WE'VE I. We've also got Kevin Anderson who's now back from injury over the former world number four and he could face. I think Taylor. Fritz in the second round the favorite qualifies in the first round. But I think look quite tasty on you know so soon from his kind of quiet. Yeah the injury lay-off so You know again. I think he could be. He could be someone to reckon with certainly going into potentially going into the second week. Oh say fish players. As you mentioned. Donovan's He oh you go in the first round. He's got a winnable match. I think it just have a look. See he's called Mckenzie McDonald I like had previously. What's that show and I mean that could be really entertaining match but in Dan's recent form he reached the quarters eight in Adelaide losing to replay three solid performance. And eat it for the first time. As lomb he's got Mackenzie Madonna first round possibly lasley share in the second round Serbian player and then again possibly Jovic said round. So we'll say I mean I didn't see him getting beyond the third round. But if he could just his his seating that would be great and then we've got called Edmund. He well he's playing Dusan lawyer Bitch. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised. I mean I would be more surprised at meant Edmund Loo- i- Edmonds maybe lose out in four of four or five. I think lavish has had a really good start with the Serbia team that got to the ATP Cup Final. Oh sorry Thing and but Edwin does have a new case in. Hey Franco Davin who is famous for proving previously having coached Oh portray when he won the US Apron. I know Edmund on on these courts has has good. History from injury is very true. Say you never named cabinet against Say I didn't expect to win that one but it's possible. It's not the worst role for him. I would give a bad the edge on that one. I think yeah. I think of Donovan's best of that. Show without with with the absence of Andy Murray and as she just quit you talk about that because he did come out in the news earlier this week that he is still recuperating from this pelvic injury and he shed update the basic said that. He's not a he's pulled out of. I think was Rotterdam and more than Pant Elliott. So he's he's not even date back on when he's going to be back in court which for British fans knew about others but for me. It's a bit. It's a bit worrying but let's see if we can get he can come back on the tennis court because he has been to log already. It's just endless. Frustration isn't Eber. Let's get back on court and kind of carry on the Comeback Abbott. Let's take a quick break now and then we'll be back to discuss the women's draw so joe women's drool time. Who's your money on for for that fool like any tennis was played in twenty twenty and before the draws don. I hit put up as my winner which I'm really not sure. Bye Good luck with that. Adelaide and hasn't really paid March and Hash policy is looking sweet going into the she's just one at late. She's the first Australian women to win a title at home since two thousand eleven and I thought she was going to kind of get a bit nervous or I don't know just the feel the pressure but she seems really relaxed and so I'm not sure that's GonNa be a factor for her. She just seems such a team around her. You've per you've put on the script that you think. She has a decent drool. Well what do you think the complete opposite? I mean she's Ripe Akina. Potentially in the third round to gain isn't that is a play you don't WanNa face. She's completely informed with. She won she. She wasn't one hope. Our is our island. Chen's then yes I think is a nightmare. Alison riske. We'd know is very good player on her day at Grand Slam level can take out. You know big big name players potentially in the fourth round and then you go live a convertible or Madison keys potentially in the quarterfinals which you know Grand Pedigree Madison Keys. One of the cleanest boo strikes zero on the women's tool. Oh and then if you get through that I saw curl Serena I just think I think she's. She's going absolutely no matter. How good tennis shoes playing? She's got an absolute nightmare drawer. I think can I just say with Dr Akina? I've put this down before she went and one. Haibo say I mean thing is maybe we don't know what Robbie Keane can assign. She wanted to even get to. The third round is so unpredictable. Net which is why love it but alison risk as well. She did beat bought it last year. I think that was in the fourth round yet. Not An easy will. Also he doesn't have an easy job is carrying a push cover. I think she's got a tough one militant vich in the first round. He we know on High Day can beat the sheet bought at the Fed Cup Australia. Exactly Pavlik Schenker said round von Druce. He's come back from injury and has been doing really well already full house she has. She is fundraise. I'll be amazed if greedy solid results in the first weeks. Okay I mean yeah if I can get through to the quarters I can. I can see fish getting to the semi's but but we know she's just not in. She doesn't have that sort of slam she's the we overlooked so crazy that we we. It's it's like I think know with the I mean with the Women's Joyce I it's it might not go to the the seeds as much You know as I said I think Party and pushed even though the number one and number two seed I think. Yeah they've got. They've got pretty tricky draws compared to on some of the other players. Serena's Troy's very the I think a part of paver. I think she did have a big scout last year. I think's checkout kerber somewhere but I mean not in any form say Sedan Zek Second Round. Wang's third round possibly called enter in the dot com does not going to get. There is Shay very as she did probably more likely to be stream. Scott who got that line that will be tasting especially as strom scares now coached by. Sasha budget and who spent many years working of Serena and a so called and I think everyone's kind of looking at that Serena assault culture as of being kind of the goatee popcorn match When they when they face each other in the in the course if they get that far I think we'd be looking at war Serena Balti- semi or Serena Asaka. I mean sorry. Baltia soccer semi. They're in the same segment of the United States withdrawal. So that's looking. Perhaps the most likely scenario I WOULD. I would think it would be great to see Serena play at Balti in the semi finals. In Ashby's home slams Serena going full would slam twenty four thing. That would be such a such a match and talking about Soka. She's she's at all right joy. Thank third round. She could play bubble restricts giver or possibly Coca Gulf. She would get that fall of say. Let's just mentioned cake. Gulf has been given Venus Williams in the first round unbelievable of slow match from the Gods. That's like a second time in threes. Lives because they face each other at Wimbledon one one. And I'm predicting the gopher win this one as well because Venus literally no form at all. She hasn't played in months. I think we can argue about the collect. The show having none of how we just got to win win the whole tournament. Golf Okay so anyway. One of the might come up against the soccer in the third round fourth round could be severe. Kenan for soccer Then yet the quarter likely to be Serena I mean it's just there's so much death death moments tennis..

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