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"serena aga" Discussed on No Challenges Remaining

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"serena aga" Discussed on No Challenges Remaining

"In this video of Kim Clijsters. Wta found which was great touring. Touring the Miami Open. She's also in one. Jensen was in Charleston. Think so yeah well. She's there and she is talk about how she can return. Andy Roddick Sir and I love when things really telling 'cause like she's not daunted by all she's like I would have a strategy. I would do my split step out. Be ready for Andy. Roddick serve which is bound so just like the why not of Sonia. It's very very key with her and talk about and I was like they were in the same age group growing up playing forty juniors and even one of them is the rush American one of them represents Japan now they were neighbors in sort of quote unquote rivals. Certainly roll her eyes at that word in these tournaments. And there's you can look some. They're some archives of their heads when they were like twelve straight up. Says she's like Sony. Canon is the girl who was younger than me and better than me destroyed everybody. Juniors like it was insane and Naomi as a pro has a very good head against Sonia but but I think a lot of that has to do with their history of kind of like knowing that kid was like so good when she was young absolutely and so just seeing her out there and then we'll get a little bit like that match she was there. I love that. She walked onto the court just like looking happy to be there like really enjoying the moment. And Okay first off before I even that she beat party which saved two set points in each set to win that match. The crowd was all for Bharti absurd. Heat yes really hot really unpleasant day. The hottest terminal so far and also tough because it hasn't been hot at all so sudden heat. That's harder physically to adjust to the mega week of similar temperatures. I think in some ways so she beats ash Kind of like honestly deflects tournament quite a bit because Ashburn? They focused termine from local media from local fans. Everything and her doing that meant that she was in the final suddenly and it's the higher ranked player wants curbing Somehow up in the other semifinal similar similar kind of match where Mona had chances and posts but ultimately wanted straits. And that's the final. And all we're GONNA really talking about here. It's this fifth game of the third set. Which is everything to all third-set love forty down books on her serve on Kenan served. Looks like it's going to pull ahead and maybe get this match and when it Kenan Summons five back to back to back to back back. I think that's the right number of bax winners and not easy one. No and they were like eleven short. Rally eleven truck. Rally Thirteenth Truck Rally Ace and eleven and like doing that like her way because she comes off as sort of counterpuncher when you see her at first but she's like aggressive and not passive at all and she's like really dislike taking this bull by the horns and just like absolutely controlling it and rising that occasion. I was like with that. Is that a special. That was cool. And that moment you kinda broker. It's more she got a lead. I think in the next game. But then Kinda gave it up a couple of bad double-faults late in the match and diplomatically double-fault on match point championship point for her. Cannon can deserved every bit of this and really. Everyone's talking about the game now. I can't remember honestly like a game. That's been talked about as much in a big match like that. Even though is only only eight point game but wow what an eight points but he yeah. I've heard of shots. You know like no one. One point like the Novak's two forehand returns right on down down match points in a two federer. Or but I I just I was really racking my brain trying to fight against like the reasons he bias of like but that is something I just. I'm not sure the way that it happened especially again like women. The clothes came was when Serena Aga Wimbledon final for his game the four ace game but that was I mean it was still on serve. Hold a love hold but Serena came out and just fired four straight aces and you know middle in the third set which seemed really impressive at the time and it was and it was but just the way that Sonia did this like backhand down the line winner backhand down the line winner forehand down the line winner ace and then what ended up being. She put this backhand chip that if Gharbia let it go maybe would have floated wide. She didn't she try to volley it back into the court and then it was too short in the Middle Courts on your brain out been put the forehand cross away but Yeah I I just don't remember moment where I was so sure that a game was gonna go a certain way especially because Sonia like you felt like an. I tweeted this at the time she didn't. She had tight return games on garbage. In those first two service games and garbage escaped so as to to and you kind of felt like shit like you probably broke early and now garbage can be settled down. Soviet won the second set six had momentum. Yeah and sure. Enough like Sonia puts in three straight unforced errors basically and like it was a week service game to fall behind. Love Forty And then like that like she flipped. It was it was. It was a stunner and and if anybody's never seen that game like Google it look it up. Go find the tape. It's should be. I just told her when I did the champions podcast with it for the WTO is like that game is going to be the calling card of your career. Like that's the game that everyone will remember in the same way as like for Bianca that lasts third-set against Koerber like people were. That's what we remember of like. Oh Shit this kid is special or you know Naomi keeping her head right against Serena in the US Open final. We don't remember necessarily were also PENCO. Did against you know every player has that calling card and I feel like that singular game was was was Sonia's and it was it was bonkers so Kenan goes from being a player who was anonymous before the term that she was wearing Guido Patches which I love. I'm a fan of those read. Ben's past basically if you're if you're kind of player doesn't have a lot of deals you're playing in big stage matches or against big names. You get offered these one off. Patios from this French cosmetics company Guehenno also. Mary core is also one of their brands so she had both of those because she didn't have any pre existing corporate interests. She so she's only the fourth player to win a slam wearing green patches. Other ones Bartoli stow sir and coups nuts. There's a brand there right so it's all kind of like who weren't the ones who were supposed to win and can fit in that mold for sure. Although she's younger I think probably in all those played well because that's where the first time anyway can now is number one American number seven in the world. Where do you think she can go from here? I mean what is this? You know it's it's one beautiful moment for her or do you think that she can sustain into being a longtime top ten player. I think she's certainly going to be a long time. Top Twenty player and I say that with no disparagement men. I think that she her games. So steady like she'll be in the mix will she keep being an Alpha? I'm not sure but I think she's absolutely has the game the fundamentals and great strokes and great mind. Be in the top ten fifteen for a long time. I mean what we see right now These days in women's Tennis. It's a combination of things but in particular the players that kind of hold their position within the top ten or hold their position within the top five or whatever it is it really comes down to mentality because you look at a player like Simone Allah. Who made her top ten debut like fricken years ago? Like maybe two thousand fourteen or fifteen and she's never left and she has the longest active streak in the top ten yet. I know just based off of tennis twitter based on Fan feedback. Like you know. Whatever that people don't respect the sound like the right word but people don't fear. Simona the way that they fear in rescue or in Osaka or even applicable like. They're kind of like she's beatable. Yeah on any given day and yet that kid has never left the top ten She has a really left the top five very often either within the last especially like three years since she wants slams into me therefore it's not necessarily always the game that gets you across the line. It's it's that mentality. It's that willingness to deliver. When you take the court you don't overplay Simona doesn't overplay but you have to deliver when you're there and and and you look at like you know. Sokha who will who will come out of Melbourne being ranked number ten which could be very good thing for her to be quite honest. Kavita who's comes out I think ranked number eleven You know there. There's a lot to be said about you know for Ken in the way that her game is. It's not a game that should be blasted off the court. It's not a game that should take bad losses. I mean she lost like three in love maybe to Collins in Adelaide or love and three Hong Kong it but we saw collins was doing in both brisbane-adelaide very disappointing her going out in the first round of tough draw Or second round second round. Yeah so there's no reason to think that Sonia Kenan can't be like a regular top fifteen player Kaz. Her game isn't built to go wrong in the same way that Simone is built to go wrong in the same way that's fiddle. Lena's isn't really built to go wrong. You know in stretches you might have bad match here there and look and I think with her game with and she is so smart on court. Tv so that when she's playing being able to beat Ashby ashes own game or what. We think of his ashes strengths like her. Dad I think is a very good coach. Louis Game Plan. I think there's every reason to think he's very good. Her son fundamentals are very solid top. Fifteen more saying it sounds almost like I don't want to come off. It's a disc and audio. Sounds like we're low balling her saying she could be double the ranking. She is now but the number seven. How open the women's open. I think she can really be someone who's a fixture and then the setting this is big and I think we saw her twenty nine hundred record of being a great week in week out player being able to go make Semis at big tournaments like Cincinnati and Canada. Also show up and give a good effort and win Guangzhou by that shows like. She's not somebody like Osaka. Who really peaks for big moments and can have highs and lows like Muga roots. Who can talk about next? Who's kind of made a career? These real highs and real lows you know I think can it's not that and she is more like a Halla or even more like you know in some ways like it's fit Alina also been in there as a very steady person in the top ten. There's a very real without China mythologised things and make up narratives just to like whatever but there is a very real thing that I feel like Sonia has which is a a person a twenty one year old woman who came to the states Russian. You know obviously loves America. And then she'll be the first to light strap on the red white and blue town like and demand that you know people respect for that but there's something very real about this kid who. She acts and her father does as well in in the way that he speaks nothing. They don't expect anything to be given to them anything. Because that has been their experience they have had to work for everything. This kid has had the work three times over for the attention that she now has and even then you can argue. It's not commensurate with her achievement. Like when she goes to Fed Cup Next week to play in Washington alongside Serena and cocoa golf like will she be the story between and then Toko Golf probably not probably not in and we can all understand. There's only so much on the fair but it's what it is. It's what it's what. It is to quit the Irishman. But but yeah no so so. I do get the sense with her that you know in talking to her a lot within the last twelve months twelve sixteen months of this. I've got a win win. Titles I gotTa Win Big titles in order to get anybody to pay attention to me. And there's no anger about it. This is just the reality that she and her father accepted that they are seventh on the Totem Pole. That they you know they gotta do big things. That's why she got really up for to to to to beat Serena at Roland. Garros her idol. That's why she got really up to to be. Cocoa here is like these..

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