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"seren austin" Discussed on The Crossover NBA Show with Chris Mannix

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"seren austin" Discussed on The Crossover NBA Show with Chris Mannix

"See it that way were you know with shamrock colored glasses. Let's do whatever we can to help the celtics. I don't care if he has a ten year deal. Why don't we just let them go to boston. And then destabilizer franchise so these things are real. Look it's a competitive business. You know i. I don't know what clay bennett would have. Said if we across. Back and steve pagliuca called or if they tried to back channel. I have no idea. I'm just telling you the way i think. The process went for the celtics. And why they did not do or seemingly did not do with prestige. They had a guy they like. They want to give them a shot. They realize if they slide him over from head coach to president of baseball operations they can retain relative stability with mike. Seren austin and others in the front office helping. Brad grow on the job. So that's what they decided to do. And like you said. This decision was not made after the loss in game five last night. This is a multi month process that You know according some of the reports i read today started right after the trade deadline in late march. And then you know was was solidified. A finalized early this afternoon. When they had the press conference down might have even been earlier. I asked whic at the press conference you know like when asking him about kind of doing a national search he said that his conversations with brad start around them but he got a feeling that brad and danny had discussed it a lot earlier than when he originally discussed it. So yeah i mean. I have a time ever criticizing brad stevens. I've been one of his staunchest defenders even through all the problems of the last couple of years. He is again. Brilliant basketball mind. Says that job. If you have a chance to at least try to go get that. I i think you had to make an effort a couple last things. He's got to hire a coach now. Any thoughts on. What kind of coach makes sense for the celtics now that they're going to interview internal candidates in boston. They've got some good ones. they're j-league league has been interviewed for head. Coaching job by multiple teams in the past. Scott morrison is excellent. He coached the main formerly known as red clause for several years up there before becoming an assistant coach under brad. Jerome allan s head coach. The college ranks has a good reputation among others on that staff and after they get through that then then they're going to look outside the organization offer. Email you up with brooklyn as a strong candidate. Adoga comes from the spur system coached in philadelphia. Brett brown has worked for the nets. Now working for the nets under steve. Nash think he's a fine candidate for that job. But any sense about or any any thoughts. On what kind of coach makes sense to work for. Brad stevens and coach this roster. I think you hit the nail. On the head. Chris with them starting internally. I honestly think that would probably be a tougher sell to ownership than hiring somebody externally. I think the perception or not would be wait. A minute now is brad stevens going to be the president of basque operations but also have his hand influence with one of his assistants being promoted to the head share..

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