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Lemonade with Abigoliah Schamaun and guest Nell Gifford

The Guilty Feminist

08:51 min | 1 year ago

Lemonade with Abigoliah Schamaun and guest Nell Gifford

"I am a feminist but today Yoga I overheard a woman in the shoe area saying will men men like to claim this way but women to scrub. That's the difference between men and women how they clean and I wanted to say. Excuse me I don't want to be rude. But these binary ways that we talk about men and women do invite a certain culture that says that somehow Manohla always like this and women are like this best you kind of know to cleaning trend. You kind of noted agenda trend. Don't undermine that but saying men do and women do that. It's actually not that helpful but what I wanted to say. Even more was how common link to clean because I missed that pond. I heard that women's scrubbing wing section. How to clean because as far as I can make out not at all but what I did say was nothing talk? Get involved in this lady's life I don't know she doesn't need be tapping around the shoulder and telling her about does not but it's annoying. That would have been really fun though. So if you just gone up and being excuse me I don't think you should prescribed a cleaning gender binary now must stay and then just like and then like the little bells you know the the meditation Gong goes off and then you just evaporate. That bowl sounds off bowl. That could've been my interruption. Maybe it could have Donald Binary that yeah. I must not do that because I feel. It's going to be steeply culturally insensitive. I don't think we should throw that right. I'm a feminist but the last time I I was on the guilty feminist podcast I tweeted about it. I put it on instagram. I shared it on facebook and my mother called me and said congratulations nations. I've listened to the PODCAST. It's very good. You're very funny. Deborah's a lovely person. I just need you to know that you spelled feminists wrong in every single one of your posts. Oh every single. Oh No I cry ball. TURNS ZACK turns out. YOU DON'T SPELL FEMINISTS DEMAND S. I think you put a man into feminist. Yeah stop it right now. It's very on brand for me. I can't spell it the best time I remember in the second grade we were allowed to pick five words to be on our own spelling tests. That were special to us that we needed to learn how to spell so I had to put my name on spelling second grade. I was like nine and I still was like no the nine in the second grade. I think so are nine and six. Are you six. I think I'm nine and everything when in doubt I'm always like when I was nine number you would not nine. I'm a feminist but if I had to give up feminism or yoga for one week it'd depend where my head was Some weeks I really need yoga. I get it. I'm the same way I mean it's only a week. I wouldn't actively anti-feminist but if I had to rest all NAMA state I get it. I am a feminist but whenever I wear a crop top onstage to show my stomach and a fellow curvy woman comes up to me after the show and touches me lightly on the Elbow Elbow and goes I love your body positively. I WANNA puncher. That is the exact same thing as a guy coming up to me. Going your your tits. Look good in that top. It is not to be discussed. It is only to be enjoyed in silence. Yeah I agree because on the live tour I had this this big green sequent Cape and one night. I happened to be walking posted on summers and they had the same green sequence in full please swimsuit saw so. I thought pretty funny if I had that on them with trousers over the tall swimsuit was like a body suit type thing green sequence and I thought it was funny and kind of cabaret but look good and then afterwards one of the other acts message me and said I just want to say that my friend was in the audience tonight and you really inspired her to buy a swimsuit because she didn't WanNa buy some soup for holidays and you're such an inspiration to she. Thought if Debra can do it also the swimsuit so let me a fucking swimsuit inspiration. Yeah I want people look at me and think I can't do that. Why was it no look at the swimsuit go? I would never be able to pull it off. Don't find inspiration in my no. I wanted to have it. What does that mean? Yeah I've been able to let it go. I've not been able to let it go. I'm feminist bus. I saw a cat dressed two two two so that it looks like it had arms coming out of it cites it was like a front only situation like a babe but it looks at the front like the cat is wearing wearing a pink Tutu with point shoes and my first thought was. Where can I get one of those for toast? It's not a feminist outfit. Not Not that balance isn't feminist but to address your cat in. I guess well we have to question the agency of the cat at this point. Yeah does does the CAT WANNA be in sequence toast would no. I'm a feminist but I think top gear in the grand tour. Where are the best television? I've ever seen I genuinely think Jeremy Clarkson and may make the best. Tell you Joe Kendo thank you thank you. I thought I would be a really alone in that like so much okay. I'm a feminist. But if someone was like would you you like to sit down and Rewatch fleabag or the grand tour. GRANDPA I love it. Yeah Yeah Oh no no no no no no no no. I'm not saying it's hotter. I'm not better. I'm not saying it's better than flashback. Because they are completely different things but I am saying as far as entertainment easily consumable television grant towards like Doritos. Just can't get enough from the customer spontaneity shop. That's the best. It Guest Co host Avocados special guest. This is the guilty feminist. The podcast in which we explore on noble goals was twenty-first-century feminists hypocrisies and insecurities which undermine them. I'm I'm Deborah Francis. Mike with me is Gosh. Amman on we're talking about lemonade lemonade. When life she lemons make lemonade? Yup the beyond say album of the same name and I think think that applies to women a lot applies to feminists allot. I was thinking about brexit being such a thing if life she lemons we might have to make celebrity and then I thought who am I. Kidding is if we're going to have access to fresh citrus. We're not GONNA have any. I read something today where they Sainsbury said that. There's going to be like like gaps on the shelves. They're just not gonna be able to get stuff in the brexit well. I was just thinking when it comes to Brexit when life gives you limit your like yeah we have lemons. Yes turned turn. It can't wait when life gives you lemons at least you won't have scurvy is very much the brexit no deal slogan hope. Boris puts it on a bus US going to campaign to say. Hey We got through the blitz. That's basically what is going to be. But I always think because people do say we got through the blitz bursting but we didn't vote for the blitz and if we had accidentally voted for the blades we would have had a second referendum and said. Aw please so I'm saying blitz. I think that should be the new BREXIT HASHTAG DOC is Hashtag nope blitz absolutely so my story in terms of Lemons and lemonade. I think my whole career is actually lemonade. That I've made the lemon of

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