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Trump was COVID-positive before debate, ex-aide says in book

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Trump was COVID-positive before debate, ex-aide says in book

"Hi hi Mike Mike Rossio Rossio reporting reporting an an ex ex aide aide says says in in a a book book former former president president Donald Donald Trump Trump was was coded coded positive positive before before his his first first debate debate with with Joe Joe Biden Biden former former White White House House chief chief of of staff staff mark mark meadows meadows writes writes in in a a new new book book that that then then president president Donald Donald Trump Trump tested tested positive positive for for covert covert nineteen nineteen three three days days before before his his first first presidential presidential debate debate with with Joe Joe Biden Biden in in September September twenty twenty twenty twenty the the guardian guardian obtained obtained a a copy copy of of the the chiefs chiefs chiefs chiefs ahead ahead of of its its December December seventh seventh release release in in it it metals metals right right trump trump received received a a negative negative test test shortly shortly after after the the positive positive test test and and resumed resumed his his usual usual activities activities including including attending attending the the debate debate the the virus virus spread spread among among the the White White House House and and campaign campaign staff staff and and trump trump announced announced in in a a tweet tweet on on October October second second twenty twenty twenty twenty that that he he and and First First Lady Lady melania melania trump trump had had tested tested positive positive for for the the corona corona virus virus trump trump was was admitted admitted to to Walter Walter Reed Reed national national military military Medical Medical Center Center the the next next day day Mike Mike Rossi Rossi up up Washington Washington

Joe Joe Biden Biden Mike Mike Rossio Rossio Donald Donald Trump Trump White White House House Mark Mark Meadows Meadows President President Donald Don Chiefs Trump Trump Walter Walter Reed Reed National National Militar Mike Mike Rossi Rossi Washington Washington
2 employees killed in shooting at Memphis postal facility

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2 employees killed in shooting at Memphis postal facility

"Hi Mike Rossi are reporting a shooting at a postal facility in Tennessee leaves three employees dead authorities say three US postal service workers are dead after a shooting at a postal facility in Memphis Tennessee an FBI spokeswoman says two US postal service workers were fatally shot by a third employee who died from a self inflicted gunshot no motive was immediately released by authorities the shooting occurred in the east Lamar carrier annex in the historic orange mountain neighborhood it was the third high profile shooting in or near Memphis in recent weeks on September twenty third the franchise owner of a sushi counter inside a Kroger grocery store fatally shot one person and wounded fourteen others before killing himself a week later a teenage boy was shot and critically wounded at a Memphis school and police detained a second boy believed to be the shooter hi

Mike Rossi Tennessee Memphis Lamar Carrier Annex Orange Mountain FBI United States Kroger
Diplomatic Pouch

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Diplomatic Pouch

"It's time for another installment of sea hunt. It still alive here on scuba shack radio. And this time. We're going back to season three episode thirty eight titled diplomatic pouch diplomatic pouch premiered on september twenty fourth nineteen sixty. Well in this episode. Mike is back in a latin american country named san miguel. His mission is to retrieve a diplomatic pouch from crashed american airplane. The show opens up with mike searching the wreck while his buddies on the surface appearing to be fishing as luck would have it. Mike find the pouch and starts to head to the surface. There's a great shot of the voight swim fins as he ascends but just as mike breaks the surface he's confronted with an armed boat of officials who are pointing their guns at him and asking him if he would be so good to come on board what to do. Quick thinking mike takes a fix on his position and drops the pouch. Who are these armed men. The guy in charge is colonel ramirez and he is the head of the coastal defense. He's cold and tough and goes over. Mike's gear with a fine toothcomb. Just then mike's friend. Paul alexander pulls up with their boat. He tells mikey sorry. That he drifted. The boat drifted off process that they are on vacation. And he's from dallas texas. Colonel ramirez tells them that they are not to dive on the downed airplane at an at the penalty by order of the dictator row. All as is that they will be immediately deported. They are welcome to fish. Just stay away from the airplane. So now paul and mike are on the bridget or boat and paul is upset about the diving when might tells him he found the pouch but he had to drop it. He says he took a position. And we'll be able to find it. But how will that be possible with the colonel watching pause. Got a plan. But mike wants to know i. Where did he get that phony. Southern accent well. Paul's plan involves dragging mike to a local cantina. The club kellyanne. Tae sign is flashing on and off as they enter once inside. They sit down in the bartender heads over the jukebox. A stereo phonic rockall roller and plays a record loudly before waiting on and paul. Something's the bartender nods and mike and pau get up and head for the back room. The ace of pulse leave is one of colonel ramirez. Deputy familiaux who calls the kernel. A pig who goes beyond the law familiar will fight with his fingertips to overthrow the hated dictator. The plane is to get. The plan is to get information from familiaux on whether the colonel is going to put a diver on the wrecked plane. Now the the scene shifts to mike and paul on the water and they're trying to get to the wreck but they're constantly being pursued by the coastal defense. Just then shots are fired from the defense boat. And they're colonel comes alongside and tells them that the penalty for diving on. The wreck is no longer deportation. It's death before they leave familiar hotels. Mike and paul that they are going to have another diver coming from the capital. Soon we now had back to the cantina. We're familiar comes in the bartender. Nods towards the back room in the room familiar hotels mike composite. The situation is desperate. what can they do. Mike knows he will be an underwater hitchhiker. But only familiar can drop a line over the side of the colonels boat you see. Mike can swim to the rack but he needs a ride back. Familiaux says it will be done. So now we have paul mike on their boat watching a coastal defence boat with its diver onboard and her headed out to the wreck plane. Mike tells paul if anything happens he needs to get out of there because he's too valuable. Paul reluctantly agrees as mike. Put the powder into his wetsuit top. Once the divers from the colonel Once the diver from the kernels boot jumps in. Mike is in the water swimming towards where he dropped the pouch. He sees the line. Familial has tossed over the side but now he needs to pop to the surface to get his bearings so he can find the diplomatic pouch just before the men on the boat turn towards mike. He slips beneath the surface a close call. Mike is now underwater searching and searching trying to find the pouch before the enemy divers season. Finally he spots the pouch intact and now he needs to get it out now. Here's where it gets a little strange. Mike is kneeling on the bottom looking at the patch. Trying to figure out and then like maybe how to open it or something. He's got a puzzled look on his face. His back is towards the plane wreck. As he's puzzling over the pouch the enemy divers spots him pulls out his knife and be lines towards mike as he tries to stab. Mike looks like the pouch gets in the way we are now witnessed to a classic underwater knife flight where mike wrestles do knife out of the bad guys hand takes out his own life and you guessed it cuts who's hose. The enemy divers forced to the surface and mike heads under the colonel's boat too high policies the diver surface in figures. There's a problem so he starts to head out. Mike is trying to figure out what to do with the diplomatic pouch when he decides to stick between his back and his doubles now. The colonel suspects that mike is with paul so he starts out in hot pursuit. Mike grabs the line and his underwater hitchhiking begins. The ride is challenging. You can see the strain on his double hose thins. Just as he's about to let go the boat slows down and pulls alongside. Paul familiar searches the boat and said no one is aboard. Paul says he just wants to go home as this is no place for a vacation. That colonel tells them to get out of his country. Once colonel leaves. Paul is despondent at the thought of losing mike just any. Here's mike call out. I think i heard him call pau. Alex i'm not sure. But as paul looks over the side mike tosses up the diplomatic pouch telling him. He forgot his laundry. Mike has yet again the day now. There wasn't any indication in credits as to where this episode was film. The plane wreck looked pretty authentic with the large propeller and debris. I wonder if this was. In the bahamas. So there you have it. Diplomatic pouch from season three of sea hunt.

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Wet Notes - 9-27-21

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Wet Notes - 9-27-21

"This is wet notes here on scuba shock radio for monday. September twenty seventh two thousand and twenty one first up. I want to congratulate tech clark and a dive locker. Podcast on celebrating the second anniversary for those who don't know about this. Podcast tech. Started this to help die professionals with various topics and techniques. But it's not just for dive professionals. I remember listening to the first episode. Way back in two thousand nineteen just before dima that year i've come to look forward to each weekly episode tech plans to keep the show going and has teed up a lot of great new content for the year year ahead. So i'd encourage you to check out the dive locker podcast. There's a lot of great information and perspective on things that hopefully will give you something to think about. Scuba shack is a proud patron of the dive locker. By the way tech also hosts a podcast titled the league of extraordinary divers. Where you can listen to some of the giants of our industry. Great job tech. Keep it coming now. I don't know what it is. But i seem to be a sucker for a message in a bottle story. So here's another one this time. The story involves a bottle that was washed up on the shores of the big island of hawaii. The bottle started his journey thirty seven years ago from japan and it was put in the water by school children. As part of an experiment in monitoring ocean currents the number of bottles were cast into the ocean in nineteen eighty-four from choshi highschool hawaii's about six thousand kilometers or four thousand three hundred miles from the launch point now. The bottle was found by abbie graham while her family was visiting a beach near hilo. It is estimated that about seven hundred and fifty of these bottles were tossed into the ocean between nineteen eighty four and nineteen eighty five. The last time one was found was in two thousand and two on kake. Jima island overall. The bottles have been found in seventeen. Different locations including okinawa the philippines china and even the west coast of the united states. I just get fascinated by these stories and often wonder just how many messages in bottles are out there in the ocean now. Last week we got an email from the clearly clearly came in resorts and it wasn't good. News clearly came in resorts include cobalt coast on grand cayman. Little came beach resort and cayman. Brac beach resort. The news informed us that the cayman borders will remain closed until two thousand twenty two. Now that's tough at a recent press conference to premier indicated that phase. Three of the original plan will start sometime. In february given the rise in cove in nineteen cases the resorts are now planning on opening on february. Fifth two thousand twenty two. Now this has been a really tough situation. If you remember way back in april i reported that the plan was to open in late april or early may two thousand and twenty one. It's been a long and difficult road for a lot of places. Surely the caymans are feeling abroad. We hope it gets resolved before october. Twenty twenty two trip yet. That on certain there's been a great deal of communication coming from tom. Ingram the president and ceo of dima the dive equipment marketing association regarding the two thousand twenty one show in las vegas. Tom unequivocal be states. That the show has absolutely no plans. Of cancelling now they did indicate that accordance with the local health mandates. Everyone will be required to wear a mask on the exhibit floor. There are several large past exhibitors. Who are forgoing the show this year causing some to question whether it should even take place. I know we've been getting a lot of surveys from our vendors as to whether we plan to go or not right now matt and i will be there. Tom indicated that it would be extremely difficult to cancel at this late date. Given the contracts that are in place and that if it were cancelled it would seriously impact demon's ability to put on these shows in the future. So we're looking forward to a successful show this year out in las vegas and finally today. I wanna talk about a piece of underwater camera gear that you might just want to consider. There was an article from sport diver magazine by john widow titled great camera accessories for underwater photography. It was a scuba lab review of the products that the staff took diving at alexander springs in central florida. First on the list was a sea life. Sport diver smartphone housing. Now that's pretty cool. I can remember my first. Underwater camera was sealife. Reef master with a whopping three mega pixels now. This housing will fit a number of iphones and android smartphones. The housing is bluetooth enabled and his rate it to one hundred and thirty feet. The sea life sport diver smartphone. Housing comes with a vacuum seal and duly alarms when you purchase the housing. You'll get a free app that will give you access to most of your phones. Usual camera functions also included is a red filter. And if that's not enough to housing allows you to put in those sealife life color changing moisture. Munchers he i remember those now. The housing isn't cheap. It retails for two hundred ninety nine dollars and ninety five cents. Us but if you wanna travel light and still get some great underwater shots of your adventures check out the c. Life sport diver smartphone housing at sea. Life fash cameras dot com. Well that's it for this edition of wet notes here on scuba shack radio.

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Thunberg joins climate rally in Germany ahead of election

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Thunberg joins climate rally in Germany ahead of election

"Swedish activist Christa tune Berg is joining a larger climate rally outside the large dog in Berlin Germany ahead of a key election thousands of environmental activists have rallied outside Germany's parliament two days before the country holds a national election to demand lawmakers take stronger action to curb climate change the protest is part of a string of rallies around the world the big guy warnings the planet faces dangerous temperature rises unless greenhouse gas emissions a cut sharply in the coming years with whom Berg scheduled to speak at the German one German activists have referred to the September twenty six election as the vote of the century arguing the next government will influence the country's efforts to tackle climate I'm Charles de Ledesma

Christa Tune Berg Germany Berlin Parliament Berg Charles De Ledesma
UN:  Afghanistan's Taliban want to address General Assembly

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UN: Afghanistan's Taliban want to address General Assembly

"Hi Mike Rossi a reporting the United Nations says Afghanistan's Taliban want to address the General Assembly the Taliban Afghanistan's new rulers have informed the United Nations they want their representative to speak at the General Assembly you want spokesman says secretary general Antonio Guterres received the communication last week from currently accredited Afghan ambassador Golam XXI listing Afghanistan's delegation for the general assembly's seventy sixth session but Monday another letter arrived from the Taliban saying XXI no longer represents Afghanistan the Taliban is nominating Mohammed Suhail shot he'd as Afghanistan's new you web representative Afghanistan is scheduled to give the final speech on the closing day of the General Assembly on September twenty seventh hi Mike Rossi out

Afghanistan Taliban Mike Rossi General Assembly United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gute Golam Xxi Mohammed Suhail XXI
WNBA Playoffs Bracket Is Set, Liberty-Mercury and Wings-Sky Set for Round 1

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WNBA Playoffs Bracket Is Set, Liberty-Mercury and Wings-Sky Set for Round 1

"Yes we are excited. The wnba playoff start this week in fat. That's the most important thing for you to know that. The playoffs off. Thursday september twenty third with first round single elimination. That means win or go home. Don't forget that about the wnba formats at the first two rounds. Hey if you lose. Your playoffs are over. And we've got to exciting match ups that we're going to get into a later in the show eight o'clock. Pm eastern time. That first game of the double is dallas wings versus chicago sky. The second game is ten. Pm eastern standard time and that is between the new york liberty. oh my god and the phoenix

Wnba Dallas Wings Chicago Phoenix
US Panel Backs COVID-19 Boosters Only for Seniors, High-Risk

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US Panel Backs COVID-19 Boosters Only for Seniors, High-Risk

"September twentieth was supposed to be an important date an approval from the food and drug administration. The cdc's committee of outside experts will be ready to start. These booster's booster program. During the week of september twenty weeks ago. The white house told us that starting september twentieth today americans would likely be able to sign up for a co vaccine. Booster shots visor. Certainly thinks it's vaccine needs a booster. The drug maker itself suggested after six months it's vaccine efficacy could wayne so on friday. Fda advisors met to discuss the idea of boosters but they emerged with a surprise recommendation of their own vote did not have. The majority voted no rather than agreeing with a vaccine maker rather than agreeing with some of the top scientists and the biden administration the fda advisory panel announced. That booster shots should be available soon but only for senior citizens and other select groups some important distinctions. Here let's break it down with. Abc's aimed flaherty who covers federal agencies. And and what is the actual recommendation here like. Who's going to be able to get a booster shot and win right. So i think it's important to remember. The fda actually hasn't decided yet. This is an advisory panel that was looking at the data and they were only looking at data that related to pfizer. So this is the first vaccine that rolled out. It rolled out mostly to nursing homes and health care workers more than nine months ago and what they did was. They looked at a lot of data. That was coming out of israel to determine whether or not people need a booster thaw back. The booster do improved protection by tenfold against confirmed infection and for elderly against superior kobe. Nineteen day said. They don't think boosters for all makes sense they think seniors and people who are at high risk of severe covet those two groups they think should have to go back and get an extra booster and they also said that they support people who are at serious risk because of their job so frontline workers healthcare workers even teachers. They mentioned they think those people might wanna consider getting extra

Food And Drug Administration Biden Administration CDC White House Wayne Flaherty Pfizer Israel
Breaking Down Apples Latest Product Event

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Breaking Down Apples Latest Product Event

"Let's go to tonight's main of it and that is apple announcing a whole new fleet of products. Today you got an iphone. Thirteen many phone and new apple watch more but investors maybe wanting more stocks sliding into the closed down just about one percent. Let's get more on. What apple rolled out today and reaction. Josh lipton with that josh good evening. So let's start with apple's most important product the iphone apple ceo. Tim cook taking the virtual stage in saying these are the best iphones apple has ever created and here. The are the iphone thirteen. The iphone thirteen mini the iphone. Thirteen pro and the iphone. Thirteen pro max. All five g. enabled faster chips. Brighter displays bigger batteries and upgraded camera systems. As for prices. They do remain the same as last year. We would also expect of course the carriers to be typically aggressive when it comes to pricing as well the new iphones preorder on september seventeenth. They'll be available on. September twenty fourth also highlight today a new ipad. The comes the faster processor. Better camera costing three hundred twenty nine dollars. A new ipad mini that costs four hundred and ninety nine dollars both available next week and rounding out the show today. The new watch ceres. Seven twenty percent more area charges. Faster more crack resistant. Three hundred ninety dollars apple saying it is available later this fall but did not offer a hard date action heading into this event. Remember apple on a roll over the past three months. Fifteen percent besting the market but finish lower as you point on. Today's traded is lower for september potentially snapping a three month win streak now up fourteen percent for the

Apple Josh Lipton Tim Cook Josh
Biden to Host White House Meeting With Quad Coalition Leaders

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Biden to Host White House Meeting With Quad Coalition Leaders

"Biden will host a white house meeting with the leaders of japan. Australia and india on september twenty fourth as npr's aisha roscoe reports. The group met virtually last march but will be the first in-person meeting of the quad coalition leaders. Since biden took office the four country coalition was started during the trump administration to help offset china's growing influence biden has continued the focus on china describing the country as the key competitor to the us in the twenty first century. The upcoming quad meeting will come just days. After biden is set to address the united nations general assembly meeting for the first time as president in addition to national security the quad leaders are expected to discuss climate change covert vaccine production bottlenecks and maintaining a quote free and open. Indo

Biden Aisha Roscoe NPR White House China Japan Australia India United Nations General Assembl United States
Wet Notes - 9-13-21

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Wet Notes - 9-13-21

"This is wet notes here on scuba shock radio from monday september thirteenth. Two thousand twenty one first up today is in another idea for diving with a purpose in one of the most recent newsletters from the coral restoration foundation the coral chronicles. There was a report that cr f. is teaming up with the atlantis. Dive resort in douma getty to offer a unique opportunity to participate in a week long program at the result in helping them build and maintain the largest coral nursery endowing. Actually the town where. Atlantis is located. The program is being sponsored by the coral restoration foundation. The loveland living planet aquarium and the meat foundation. The program runs from september twenty fourth to october. First two thousand twenty two there are planned educational sessions on coral ecology along with restoration efforts and techniques. You also conduct restoration. Dives along with some fun dies. This sounds really fascinating. One of the pictures into newsletter showed the table coral at apo island. I vividly remember that area when we dove air in two thousand nineteen there wasn't any pricing available in the article and you'll have to contact the hotel directly if you have the time and desire to dive with a purpose check out this program and market on your calendar. Long time ago. Donna and i lived in hawaii that was in the mid nineteen eighties. At that time we got to experience. What was probably one of the first while in walls in honolulu. If you're not familiar with wilem walls you can check them out. The wall was a large mural of the humpback whale on the side of a building near waikiki. It was quite impressive. Well it might not be a while and wall but if you happen to be near brant rock in mansfield massachusetts you can catch a the view of a mural of a large shark painted on the side of an old restaurant according to wicked local dot com. The mural was painted by a local artist. Shane leonard. Shane was a former football player at boston college. Who has a passion for painting and a passion for sharks. Now the muros on the side of the former arthur and patch restaurant that closed back in two thousand fifteen. The shark faces divers as they head down ocean street which is a one way street. So you can't miss it say. Shane says he likes the way shark. Show emotion. the photo is pretty impressive. there's no guarantee that the building won't be torn down. Now that is unoccupied but according to shane. Even if it doesn't survive it was worth doing so if you happen to be near mansfield mass check out the shark mural on ocean street about a month ago. Patio wear foundation announced their fourth annual aware week. Now this year it will run from september. Eighteenth through september twenty six two thousand and twenty one the whole idea behind aware week is to empower the global dive community to lead or take part in conservation activities in courses focused on local action for global impact in the past aware has focused on two elements marine debris and vulnerable marine species this year in concert with patties blueprint for ocean action. They're adding three more components. Climate change marine protected areas and coral reefs. Some of the ways. That dive shops can participate or by conducting aware classes like dive against debris coral conservation or the aware specialty. Also like us. You can become a one hundred percent aware dive centre where you provide a monthly contribution in support of the patty certifications you award. We are very proud to be one hundred percent aware. But here's something that. Patty aware foundation needs to work on. We need more notice as to win. Aware week is happening. I wasn't sure what was happening this year and our calendar filled up and we weren't able to get things scheduled as i mentioned at the top of the show. We've already created are twenty twenty two calendar and it would be nice to know when aware week twenty twenty two is happening. I also mentioned at the top to show that the re photo contest results were in and that i didn't win while scuba diving magazine. Magazine's two thousand and twenty one through the lens contest is also complete. The winners were recently released at scuba diving. Dot com and the photos will be revealed in september october special photo issue. They received one thousand seven hundred and nineteen photos from around the world. The contest categories included behavior compact camera macro and wide angle. The entries were judged on beauty originality and unique encounters. I check them out and they are spectacular. I only wish. I had the talent impatience to do that kind of work. Now if you wanna get a jump onto twenty twenty two contests they will start accepting entries january third two thousand twenty two and you can submit your photos through may thirty first two thousand and twenty two and finally we recently received our two thousand twenty two aqualung buyer's guide along with information on all the new products coming down from aqualung apex. So i thought. I'd give you a little preview on what's on the horizon. I from aqualung. They are releasing a new regulator the helix pro and the helix it looks like the helix pro is a mid range regular and i think it's replacing their core. It is a balanced first and second stage in his environmentally sealed with four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports. It was built for cold water and has the automatic closure device or a cd. lower end. helix is not environmentally sealed. And it doesn't have a cd and it's designed for warmer water. Also coming out in two thousand and twenty two is their new. Aqua fluck aqua flex men and aqua flex woman wetsuits. I think it's a redesign of their tried and true. Aqua flex line they also have a two millimeter. Free flex wetsuit now. The i one hundred computers going to come in a new color yellow and speaking of colors. They've added a number of different colors to various products including something called sand petrol red and orange as for eight packs. They also have a new regulator the xl four osha and it is billed as a totally sustainable regulator bay from post consumer waste it comes in grey or mint with some great etching. On the first stage. I suspect it's just like the xl four plus being an overbalanced diaphragm regulator with two hp and four l. p. ports. It looks pretty. Sharp and apex is releasing a new dive computer to the sx. It will be program can program up to six gases and monitor six transmitters. The has a titanium basil making it lightweight endurable but also has a color display. There's something more that require. Some more research It says it has in oh to analyze or onboard. But no to sell gotta check that out a little bit. There's a lot more out there and over time. I'll give you more updates from both aqualung and apex. Well that wraps up wet notes. Here on scuba shock. Radio for monday september thirteenth. Two thousand twenty one

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New York Hospital to Stop Delivering Babies as Staffers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate

Mike Gallagher Podcast

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New York Hospital to Stop Delivering Babies as Staffers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate

"Did you hear about the hospital. That's going to have to stop delivering babies because show. Many workers are refusing to adhere to them. The vaccine mandate. This isn't a hospital. This is a story who can give me the report out of carthage new york. This is in lewis county new york. I believe upstate new york. And they're going to have to close the maternity wing because the healthcare employees and the medical staff are resigning. En masse over the vaccine mandate here's a report from ww n. y. Tv we begin to see the challenges with a vaccine mandate on a workforce where there's a worker shortage lau hills hospital will hold off on delivering babies after september. Twenty fourth. seven hundred. Puerto brendan's drop live tonight and brennan wise. The hospital choosing to do this. Gary it comes down to staffing. Because of the vaccine mandate some workers are choosing to resign instead of rolling up their sleeve. Lewis county health too. Many are resigning to keep the maternity ward open. We are unable to safely staff. The service after september twenty fourth lewis county health system. Ceo jerry care is talking about the maternity unit. The hospital pausing delivering babies. Due to an increase in resignations. Six of them within the unit since the state mandated or hospital workers must get at least one dose of the cova vaccine by september twenty seventh if we can pause the service and now focus on recruiting nurses who are vaccinated. We will be able to reengaged in delivering babies. Here and louis counting care says they are working with the department of health to make sure this is only a pause and not a permanent closure of the maternity unit however he says the unit may not be the only service effected if more system workers. Don't get the shot. Since the vaccine mandate was put in place care says thirty employees have come forward and done so but thirty others have decided to walk instead.

Lewis County New York Lau Hills Hospital Puerto Brendan Ceo Jerry Care Brennan Gary Department Of Health
Tony Awards Land Hosts Leslie Odom Jr. And Audra McDonald

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Tony Awards Land Hosts Leslie Odom Jr. And Audra McDonald

"Actors Audra McDonald and Leslie Odom junior will host the festivities around the Tony awards later this month marches are a letter with the latest Audra McDonald will host the Tony awards on September twenty sixth on CBS immediately after Leslie Odom junior will host a two hour celebration of Broadway's return the Tonys were delayed after the pandemic forced Broadway to shut down on March twelfth twenty twenty one Broadway is re opening there are only eighteen eligible plays and musicals this year compared to thirty for the last time the Tonys were held fewer productions in fewer awards on TV the acting directing and technical awards will only be on the paramount plus streaming service

Leslie Odom Audra Mcdonald Tony Awards Broadway's Return The Tonys CBS
"september  twenty" Discussed on Wall Street Breakfast

Wall Street Breakfast

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"september twenty" Discussed on Wall Street Breakfast

"It would postpone. Its next flight until at least october. It blamed a potential manufacturing defect in a component that could have been installed in the company's vehicles kansas city southern's at our recent takeover offer from canadian pacific. Railway is superior to the one. It's already accepted from canadian. National railway united parcel service announced plans to buy rhody crowd sourced same-day delivery company whose major clients include home improvement chain home depot general motors venture capital arm has invested billions of dollars in occupy a us startup maker of software for radar sensors. That's used in self driving cars. A plan proposal by mexican telecom giant american mobile is set to spinoff cellphone towers. it'll be proposed to shareholders in an extraordinary meeting. On september twenty-ninth the rally in bitcoin which started at the thirty thousand dollar level at the end of july could be just the beginning of an even larger surge to one hundred thousand dollars with a theory in potentially reaching five thousand dollars as both cryptos see increasing demand and diminishing supply. That's according to the bloomberg crypto outlook china market. Regulators said on friday that it has find three automobile chip companies for driving up prices car. Theft sky-rocketed in the us last year according to data compiled by the national insurance crime bureau theft rates were highest in washington dc colorado california missouri and new mexico house. Democrats expect to propose raising the corporate tax rate to twenty six point. Five percent from twenty one percent and impose a three percentage point surtax on individual income above five million dollars. A typhoon is forcing two of china's busiest ports to suspend some operations several terminals at the shanghai port. The world's busiest port by cargo volume other stopped running sunday or planning to halt operations in.

National railway united parcel general motors venture capital american mobile canadian pacific kansas city national insurance crime burea us bloomberg china washington dc new mexico missouri colorado
Here Are The Upcoming Senate Deadlines for September 2021

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Here Are The Upcoming Senate Deadlines for September 2021

"Today. The senate is back from recess. And september is full of deadlines actually congressional reporter. Elena trine is here with three. You need to know about good morning elena. Good morning lila. Thanks for having me. Thanks for being here. The first is september fifteenth. Can you tell us what that's about. That is the quote unquote soft deadline for the democrat. Ron committees to finish drafting their sections of the parties. Massive three point five trillion spending bill. I say three point five trillion. It may not look like that after it's negotiated as of now. It doesn't look like though actually meet that deadline but that's kind of the ambitious goal that they're working toward okay. So that's this wednesday. The next deadline is september. Twenty seventh and that has to do with infrastructure. Not the budget right. Yes the that is the deadline. That house speaker. Nancy pelosi had promised centrists that they would have a vote on the one point. Two trillion. Bipartisan infrastructure. Deal the house has been waiting to take it up similar to the fifteenth deadline. I'll be surprised if they're able to to pass that. Massive three point five trillion package by september. Twenty seven senna. Mark warner is also warning that he might vote against the three point five trillion spending package more money is an added for housing assistance. My colleague hans nichols scooped. This is just another indication that the proposal will face a variety of obstacles before the house and senate can agree to a top line number now. September thirtieth deadline is deadline. Congress has to me. Can you tell us why yes. They don't meet their deadline. Of september thirtieth the government will will shut down so essentially. The government runs out of money by september thirtieth and house. Speaker nancy pelosi and majority leader. Steny hoyer said that the house is expected to consider short term spending bill or or what they call in congress a continuing resolution. We're hearing that. It will likely extend through december but that could change as

Elena Trine Ron Committees Lila Senate Elena Hans Nichols Nancy Pelosi Mark Warner Senna Congress House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Steny Hoyer Government
What We Know About iOS 15

Talking Tech

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What We Know About iOS 15

"Operating system. We're gonna talk a little bit about that today. Kind of what we know about it what to expect all those fun details. Let's start here. So when will iowa's fifteen launch. Obviously we're going to hear about this on tuesday but if you're if you're trying to get a figure out an idea of wind we might see it I came up with a little bit of a ballpark estimate. And some of this is based on the launch of the iphone. Eleven in iowa's thirteen so the way it shook out back. Then which was i believe. Twenty nineteen apple had its event. Ten days later it released the next iphone. So basically the week of the event that friday where the preordered the week after that the phone was available for sale and iowa's thirteen launch the day before. So what does this mean for. Iowa's fifteen the apple event is on september fourteenth. In that case that friday september seventeenth would likely be when we see pre orders on the iphone. And then we'd see the iphone launch on september twenty fourth. If that's the case then that would likely mean that we see iowa's fifteen the day before which is september twenty third again. All a ballpark estimate just going off of kind of previous history of how they've done things how this pans that will see. But that's looking roughly. Maybe kind of like what we can expect to see. Iowa's fifteen available on our phones next question of course is how to download it. This parts fairly simple. Easy way to do it is go to your phone. Go to settings than general then go to software update and you'll see the little wheelspin and it'll tell you whether i was fifteen is ready to roll Usually if you're on east coast time. It's usually around the afternoon sets the best time to check. There are some older iphones though where you could plug in your laptop and go through i tunes kind of the old fashioned way It's you know it's it's not. It's not as clean

Iowa Apple East Coast
Ethics Panels Reject and Delay Biometrics, AI Projects for Google, IBM, Microsoft

Daily Tech Headlines

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Ethics Panels Reject and Delay Biometrics, AI Projects for Google, IBM, Microsoft

"With ai. Ethics chiefs at google microsoft and ibm published by reuters looks at what. Ai projects these companies reject in september. Twenty twenty google's cloud unit rejected a financial firm looking to us to determine credit worthiness and earlier this year. Google blocked features from analyzing emotions. Ibm turned down a client request for a more advanced facial recognition system microsoft place limits on software mimicking voices. All three companies said they welcomed clear regulation for

Google IBM AI Reuters Microsoft
The Three Most Important Charts in the Market

CNBC's Fast Money

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The Three Most Important Charts in the Market

"We kick off a new trading month with the three most important charts in the market at least according to our traders. Let's get right to you. Then i up the iwan russell. Two thousand small-cap etf guy this is your chart. Tell us what it tells you about. The markets well. I'm not one to speak in platitudes. But i love these games at the beginning of months and i happen to think that the i. Wm is as an important to chart was. We're gonna look at you. Go back to last. September twenty twenty. The russell was explode into the upside is a matter of fact. I think it went from one. Forty five to two fifteen pretty much in a straight line but since january it's been going sideways in a very well defined range in a two ten to two thirty five and here. We are now the great louise yomata who is as you know. She's on the parthenon of great technicians. Out there she will say the longer in space the higher and outer space. And i think a lot bowls will believe that as well. It feels like it wants a breakouts. The upside i bring it up because as you know the most economically sensitive names believe it or not. Amc the top holding with half of one percent. Healthcare big component financials industrials and tech. But this has not validated the move and the snp five hundred the russell to break out sort of above two thirty five. Then it's off to the races and the s&p five hundred. That's why i find it to be the most important chart or one of the three. Considering that this is a quote that we often refer to on the show guy given by a person who we regard so highly as to put her on the pantheon of technical now analysts. It's amazing that you've got the quote wrong the longer the base the higher in space the long does exactly what i said higher in space. That's what you said. The thought is their thought. Is there what do you think about the wm. As as a chart that that could portend what what will happen in the markets so yeah. I like guys premise. And obviously i'd been in value. And i probably a little too deep in value to be honest because it did have a nice run.

Iwan Russell Louise Yomata Russell AMC
"september  twenty" Discussed on The Adoption Connection | a podcast by and for adoptive moms

The Adoption Connection | a podcast by and for adoptive moms

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"september twenty" Discussed on The Adoption Connection | a podcast by and for adoptive moms

"Even the more insensitive ones have an opportunity to process their personal adoption journey and hear from one another in a supportive and collaborative way we get started on september twenty third so for more information or to sign your teen up had to the adoption connection dot.

september twenty third
Lawmakers in the House Narrowly Approved a $3.5 Trillion Budget Blueprint

NPR's Business Story of the Day

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Lawmakers in the House Narrowly Approved a $3.5 Trillion Budget Blueprint

"Slash 401k. House speaker. nancy pelosi yesterday kept her democratic caucus together to advance. The party's three point five trillion dollar budget framework. But the hard work of deciding. What exactly will be in that budget. Bill remains ahead pelosi herself not at at some of the future challenges. This legislation will be the biggest and perhaps most controversial initiatives that any of us have ever undertaken in our official lives before members of the house left town. They also passed voting rights legislation named after the late. Congressman john lewis. Npr congressional correspondent. Kelsey snell is here. good morning. good morning so kelsey. We spoke yesterday and democrats. Were stuck with moderates refusing to go along with speaker. Nancy pelosi's plan to advance these bills. How did she get this massive budget framework to move forward. We'll pull up has been seeing since june that there would be. No vote on the bipartisan infrastructure. Bill until the senate passed a separate three and a half trillion dollar partisan spending package so centrists were willing unwilling to sign onto that and they successfully lobbied to get a specific date. September twenty seventh as the official date that they will get a vote on the bipartisan bill. Regardless of what happens with that partisan bill now that is a victory for them in the sense that they were able to separate the two issues and give themselves an opportunity to you know have a test to vote on infrastructure if democrats are not able to come together on that very complicated process of writing

Nancy Pelosi Congressman John Lewis Kelsey Snell Pelosi Bill Kelsey NPR Senate
"september  twenty" Discussed on The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast

The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast

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"september twenty" Discussed on The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast

"Reese partner at heidrick and struggles and the global managing partner of the legal risk compliance and government affairs practice in today's podcast. I'm talking to rhonda ferguson executive vice president chief legal officer general counsel and secretary at allstate and insurance company headquartered in the us rhonda joined allstate in september twenty twenty from union pacific railroad where she served as executive vice president chief legal officer and corporate secretary and was responsible for all legal regulatory and corporate. Governance initiatives rhonda. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Thank you victoria if the pleasure to speak with. Us rhonda what a year to take a new role. What was it like joining a new organization remotely were there. Any positive surprises challenges. You found harder than expected. Actually victoria i get that question a lot and i had a chance to really reflect on it during the pandemic and this was really at the heart of the pandemic when i received the call from you regarding all state. Yeah it was a time when we were all hunker down in our home and sylvan ohio. Everybody was working remotely and it was actually the first time my husband and i had Close quarters with our adult children in a very long time We literally were in our homes and divided it into quadrants because they were home from college working remotely and the chance to really kinda step back and with let because as you will recall. Initially i Was not interested particularly. I'm looking for a new role during the pandemic because it was a time of mass Uncertainty for everyone. I was on daily crisis-management calls at my role which i really absolutely loved as you know But then after my husband. And i talked about it and we started to reflect more about the opportunity and since we were at home we've got it wouldn't hurt to learn more about the opportunity and the more i learned about all state more. I told him up with the cost of making a change So from a positive perspective. I think the pandemic actually help lead me to do. Some more introspective thinking about my career. I absolutely love what. I was doing at union pacific and it was the best job i've ever had and i've had a lot of wonderful opportunities as you know choya but until we i have the opportunity to learn more about allstate. It was everything that i loved about union pacific again in addition about it added an extra piece that i hadn't experienced in my career which was the consumer piece i primarily worked in business the business. Yes you know. I couldn't core. Different industry chemical manufacturing energy Logistics and ground slash transportation. So this was an opportunity to also transition from industrial to financial services which i found quite appealing. Some people think lawyers are risk averse yet in a year of uncertainties and turmoil. You chose to change jobs and industries. What does that say about you and what propelled you forward. Intrinsically at montour. I am a student for life. I i really not enjoy. I really thrive in learning things and fully immersing myself in a new industry are like New challenges and but at a at a core. And i know a lot of people my birth when i say the at its core companies are very similar you have the dynamic of people and you have the dynamic of managing those people through different challenges with limited resources so From my perspective. It was kind of like how i'm bill might be an a. I love having the breath and death of of of me. Industry new challenges you they all have the same similar types of regulatory challenges is just you just with different agencies different constituent you have people management issues you have the customer p whether it's basis customers or a consumer base you have Issues that come out around whether it's You know tax issues or actually see issue would government issue So plane is the same. But what makes it really exciting about. Each different industry is that it brings out a different nuance to and a different spirit In tatum so that's really enticed into me. And then you actually start a conversation about risk averse. I always lead until my team and that at the end of the day we are really not wrist mitigators best lawyers to me. I want to our facilities. We we make the magic capital. There's our role fine. The legal ethical and most feasible way to accomplish the goals of the organization with financial operational goals that the company so we are a neighbors. So if i i actually told my team we wanna really partner with the disney. From leading with the business object was first so on that risk continuous As far as with the version i. That's that's very low for me. I love that we make the magic happen. Love that expanding on that. What leadership skills have you leveraged as you navigate a new organization the art of listening listening and learning to me paramount or any leader and then empathy and being able to see things through someone else's eyes someone else's lens to be someone else's experiences And particularly for may someone. He has Transition into different industries and subject matter expertise and the institutional knowledge is critical for me for my on boarding and to help my team. I achieved the goals that are set by the corporation that i have to.

rhonda ferguson september twenty twenty today victoria Reese union pacific disney first time first union pacific railroad Each different industry executive vice president heidrick ohio sylvan allstate rhonda
"september  twenty" Discussed on The Rubin Report

The Rubin Report

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"september twenty" Discussed on The Rubin Report

"She lives in a little walk up there with her dog. Like a homeless person literally was chasing her down the street two weeks ago. Like it's just it's just awful. They're anyway that's the physical part of hollywood but the the underneath part of hollywood is the way they run the business and we all know. It's just become this woke disastrous thing. And it's ironic. Because you know they're really here to make money and you'd think that an industry like hollywood or any industry that's here to make money wouldn't want to alienate basically half the country. But that seems to be the route that they're going and woke his destroys everything so they emmys now which no one watches anymore right. The ratings go down every year. Can we get a number on that. Of what the ratings have dropped the emmys over the last couple of years. They are no longer going to have actor and actress awards. We are going to have a performer. It's going to be performer. God help me. We got some quotes here from fox news. The emmy awards are giving nominees the option to be more gender inclusive with their statues. The television academy's board of governors announced monday that his approved rule changes that will allow nominees option to request that their nomination certificate and possibly emmy statuette use the term performer. rather than actor or actress. The move answers. Recent calls from gender non conforming stars to make the ward system less dependent on pronouns and gendered casting no performer. Category titled actor or actress has ever had a gender requirement for submissions. The television academy wrote on tuesday deadline now nominees end or winners in any performer. Category titled actor or actress may request that their nomination certificate an emmy statuette carry the term performer in the place of actor or actress. Look guys. I don't think this story is like the biggest thing like this is one where you can just sort of. Put it aside at the end of the day. Sometimes we do some important stuff like voting stuff is important to critical race. Theory stuff is important all that kind of stuff. This is the type of story though that i wanted to do because it just is more evidence that they just destroy everything. Thank you for that michael. September twenty twenty so last year's emmys were the lowest all time six point one million viewers. I'm actually shocked that it was that high but you can see what they're doing..

michael monday last year tuesday one million viewers two weeks ago September twenty twenty six point fox news last couple of years hollywood emmys emmy half the country
"september  twenty" Discussed on Christ United Methodist Church - Plano, TX

Christ United Methodist Church - Plano, TX

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"september twenty" Discussed on Christ United Methodist Church - Plano, TX

"But i think get in the mindset of of how can we come into church and how can we be in groups Actually share things because for we just came out of this time. We're like we've kind of felt alone. We couldn't share things. We're probably go through things and now it's time to like let's be real With one another and transparent and hold each other accountable So i'm looking forward to that. So hover whatever ways. You can kind of. Lean into that. I think will better prepare you for this fall. Maybe yeah and i know we have some summer groups that are starting. We're gonna have any grandma in july. There's we have kill mockingbird class. I'm doing help thinks while starts next week and And then in the fall. I've got some ideas versus things. Plant things so yeah. There's going to be plenty of activity especially through our summer vibes series and then our back to back to school back to church series in the fall. We're gonna make sure that there is plenty of ways to be a part of community. There's going to be a fun like the culmination of that eight week series. So it's going to start on bicycle sunday. Which is august eighth So that that starts abraham sarah series. That's also back school sunday. Because because that's the the sunday before frisco and plano schools go back and then september fifth day weekend. We start the watcher toback george. Whatever calling that the on the twenty sixth september twenty sixth which. We hope to have pumpkins that day..

next week july eight week frisco this fall august eighth september fifth day twenty sixth september twenty sunday plano schools abraham sarah george
"september  twenty" Discussed on How I Got Here with Dave Fiore

How I Got Here with Dave Fiore

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"september twenty" Discussed on How I Got Here with Dave Fiore

"Thanks again for listening now back to the show so before while you were still in washington you had Started having some arthritis pain and discover that. Cbd was helping you with that pain right and that made you interested in potentially starting a business and learning more about cbd. Tell me about that journey. And how all that happened. Yeah so. I've had a pain in my right hand a for about seventeen years now so it was pretty bad Had that when i was teaching had that in norway and also have some degenerative arthritis in my back and neck And it looking back. It's a good thing. I stopped dancing. When i did. Because my body wasn't wasn't built for it. So i was having this terrible hand pain and it was really making it hard to work as a teacher. 'cause you're typing a lot So i hadn't even. I haven't i hadn't even used cbd until had been in tallahassee for six weeks six six months and and i started to use cbd. I opened the store in september twenty. Nineteen but i just started to use. Cbd in may two thousand nineteen and. I was amazed. I was taking this Green roads oil tincture. We sell green roads now under my tongue. I started to take that in. My pain was lessened..

washington norway september twenty six weeks about seventeen years six six months tallahassee Nineteen two thousand may Cbd cbd nineteen
"september  twenty" Discussed on Overnight Drive

Overnight Drive

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"september twenty" Discussed on Overnight Drive

"Today. I'm not crazy about it. But i got it. It's the most elaborate. Qr code ever seen in my life. It's for work an urban. Camouflage did you see it. Oh yeah it's a real thing. It'll no no no it's it's really real and not only will i be able to get into like a state building. Yeah seeing. I think yeah yes. Yeah oh i see a dolphin but the best part is it expires on september twenty first. It's exactly what's going on is that is just enough time for them to be like. There's how many lawsuits pending about fucking hippo violations. Faulk right okay. We'll we'll just pull this. then i was. I'm pretty sure it lasts longer than a couple of months like they don't know the answer or the hippo violation so we'll let this live i've given a barcode. I'm playing automatically pushed back a couple of months. But i also get into a yankee game. That sick so andrew. And i try to yankee game but andrew has to get his passport two weeks. I have my my dern shot no shit andrew got it.

two weeks Today september twenty first andrew yankee game months
"september  twenty" Discussed on Oil and Gas Startups Podcast

Oil and Gas Startups Podcast

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"september twenty" Discussed on Oil and Gas Startups Podcast

"Trying to lead up to the forum in paris because that was when we were at that was the day like that was set in stone. Like no coming out on you know. September twenty seventeen at the forum. It's it's going to happen and so it was a lot of learning behind the scenes around. What is it means. Operate software on a cloud and support customers that way in. What is the so. I was more on the leg. Delivery business side and the other two were more on the development side. And how do we build it. And what does it look like. And what's the architecture. And how to make scary. As i was doing more the operations side of that was something at least. I'm familiar with how to operate things. I didn't have to design data architecture. Because i would fail. Dramatically on that Yeah it was a lot of fun and a lot of learning and became very quick Study on things like cybersecurity and we had cyber security drills. I learned again there are other drills. Not just meyer rules. But it was interesting again. It was a lot of a lot of challenges. A lot of reading my team Gave me as a joke for christmas. I think a book that said cloud dummies. Still have it on my office shelf. 'cause sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself when you really just don't know what you're talking but i think it's interesting You know we've had Chat hartness from willful marketplace. On the show before and so this is actually the second you know Product conversation from summer day that we had on the podcast. But it's interesting how they operate almost like a startup within a big organization. Like you said you knows you and two others. I'm sure you had either resources from summer or using contractors or something that actually develop the product. But it's a pretty interesting. I've to think from your point of view go from kind of big corporate operations with large budget and really kind of a set operation like you know how to run seismic vessels and things of that nature all.

paris September twenty seventeen christmas two two others
"september  twenty" Discussed on Starting with One Podcast

Starting with One Podcast

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"september twenty" Discussed on Starting with One Podcast

"They wanna help people whether it's making them happy through the product you're making or what alan i do. We want to help people. And i think when you have that genuine passion for helping people. You're not going to have that straight line victory In terms of success. You know there's going to be all kinds of challenges there. But i think of you genuinely want to help people to make people happy. There's nothing that could stop you. So i love hearing your story. Yeah that's the key unlike bringing value to others. Yeah the stuff that gets you out of the in the morning and percent. So you've been doing this for a while and a lot of our listenership our business owners entrepreneurs if you could circle back and do something differently than what you've done what would it be. I think the one thing that didn't do. I am a very introverted person. Like i'm a horse extra over what i liked. Call my soul for the longest time like i launched my company in december nineteen and oxygen. Didn't get only and select september twenty twenty. I was very scared to put myself out there and ask questions and seem like i didn't know what i was doing this ego that i kind of hard to have to tear down those walls in just be curious and reach out to people so i guess i wasn't put myself out there earlier and the support system in place sooner because again like slow mounter anti-gospel point where i didn't have anyone to lean on or how me and i turned linked when i really hot to versus should have done it earlier on in new pressure. I think done a job of making up for lost time because again. I see the engagement that you get. It's incredible i mean. I'm i'm connected with a lot of people on link dan in. You're one of the people who gets the most engagement. So i think i think you've made up for lost..

december nineteen september twenty twenty one one thing
"september  twenty" Discussed on Lifeslices


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"september twenty" Discussed on Lifeslices

"Still comes on. I was like yes. It's such a maze like literally amazing. Show you get to travel the world and do this really cut fun crazy stuff and i just happened to look it up and it was like. Oh airing september twenty seventh or something like that. And i was like oh cool and then i started talking to amy about how i always wanted to try out for the amazing race and she was like. Oh my crazy like what and i was like. Yeah i thought about trying out for the amazing with with my future husband. And i wasn't dating not dating not married currently but wasn't dating at the time and my you're crazy like what are you even talking about and then i just happened to say like we should try out for the amazing race and she was like what it was like. Yeah we should try it. I wonder if there's try house. And i just happened to look up. Amazing race tryouts and we were in madison at the time in wisconsin. And there are tryouts. October twelve or thirteen twenty thirteen in in downtown chicago are in chicago. And i was reading the chicago marathon the next day so i was already going to be in chicago and so i was like amy like we have to do this. I think we can do this. There's never been to food. Scientists getting their phd's in candy ice cream and we're females to try out probably to try out for and definitely beyond the amazing race and so with a little bit of convincing..

september twenty seventh wisconsin October twelve next day chicago thirteen twenty marathon madison thirteen
"september  twenty" Discussed on 40 Going On 14

40 Going On 14

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"september twenty" Discussed on 40 Going On 14

"Escorted off the property during the commercial break Remember that i was watching it. Live i was. I was the thing so also dog city. Hey canadian-based cartoons puppet show produced by jim. Henson and starring. Jim henson kevin clash. And fran brill debuted on september twenty eighth. I did not remember that. The title sounds familiar. But i don't think. I remember puppets have actually seen it. It was like they had puppets in the beginning and then there was like animation on the on the side type of thing but i don't understand why they don't have The main character. Ace heart was voiced by ron white. Which is obviously the first person you think when you want the voice where children show. I just pulled the first three names. I saw in the first episode. Oh wait i take that back. It's not that ron white salad. Not tater salad. You got the tater. He was in a unforgiven in defender. Whose ju- joel probably. He was the judge wilson defender. Yeah that's michael rapaport movie. Yeah yeah no. That was special. Woody harrelson defender. That's right okay. So i was like honestly in my head Ron wyden doing the voice of children show character based makes perfect sense. Why would you not looking go wrong. And also madonna premiered her erotica video on mtv on october. Third burn between sinead and madonna. Nobody knew which way to look All right and moving onto sports. The toronto blue jays. Dave winfield became the oldest player to reach one hundred. Rbi at forty years old on september twenty fourth the third battle of the sexes match entitled the acronym of the week randomly found in sports b. o. c. early sure that just stands for bob odenkirk cock which apparently in the next movie just flips out and throws on the counter. Then he kicks everyone's ass. That is not about bob odenkirk. That is the battle of champions battle. Anyway that was played. September twenty seventh nineteen ninety-two outdoors at caesar's palace in paradise nevada. It matched forty year. Old jimmy connors and martina navratilova aged thirty-five five navratilova had previously turned down invitations to participate as she considered them undignified a pay. per view. telecast the match was played at her hybrid rules to make it more competitive. Connors was allowed. Only one serve per point at navratilova was allowed to hit into half of the doubles alleys. Each player received six hundred fifty thousand dollar guarantee with a further five hundred thousand dollars for the winner. Connors one seven five six.

Jim henson Ron wyden Dave winfield Woody harrelson september twenty eighth forty year october five hundred thousand dollars first episode Each player navratilova ron white wilson one hundred michael rapaport september twenty fourth mtv jim. Henson madonna ju- joel
"september  twenty" Discussed on From the Midwest to the Middle East

From the Midwest to the Middle East

03:31 min | 2 years ago

"september twenty" Discussed on From the Midwest to the Middle East

"Italy with customers who at this point never wanted to have insurance but now realize it's it's actually fun and what's the price when we launched in new york was we started seeing people take social media to post it on how fun it was to get insurance. Which is something you know. You'd never think anyone but but it's interesting you started the windows were emphasizing about the renter market. Would you say lemonade is is a company for millennials. Meaning for young people just starting out but as they mature they then will transition to the more traditional insurance companies so. I think that lemonade is a company for the under served. You know so. As i said around launched an until this day in the majority of our customers our first time insurance daughter i mean they never had a policy before and lemonade solving for them by removing any kind of friction blocks that they had four with buying insurance and so on that level. I i believe that a lot of our customers arbor. Lineal are the under thirty five or equally although male female over index for education. People that enjoy getting stuff on their phone just like they would order a car on their phone or a food delivery. Service wanna get their insurance one but at the same time lemonade with launched in september twenty. Sixteen so in four years. We've actually added more products as we've gone because we're growing with their customers and so we we get them when they're young right. We get the win when they are renters..

new york september twenty four years under thirty five four Sixteen first time Italy
"september  twenty" Discussed on Black Women Travel Podcast

Black Women Travel Podcast

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"september twenty" Discussed on Black Women Travel Podcast

"Well. I think there are some other pictures. I think like you might have been hanging out with them. Youngins in the hers band yet. September twenty twelve. I would have been in in l. I think i did a quick trip with my son to jamaica. Just him and i and then we went. Were in italy shortly. After that. I think for a wedding in september twenty twelve because we just come back. You know so. Isn't that funny. Like we came back from our yearlong extravaganza in june twenty twelve. You know and so at instead of pulling a photo one of those major experiences. I clearly did not trust instagram..

italy september twenty twelve September twenty twelve june twenty twelve instagram one jamaica
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The RIFT Radio Podcast Network

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"september twenty" Discussed on The RIFT Radio Podcast Network

"Unfortunately it's it's not us it'd be great. Say oh it's their fault so nothing about this circle so episode now actually blog talk hung up on me. People cut the line. And there's no way for me how to hang up my phone from the program so i can't get out of there to come back in just a guess so ryan hit. It's also had this problem. So i got blocked on my own show. Second time Long talk since slowed context support. How they're gonna hear from me tomorrow. jello ingram in repeated with the same thing brennan science food. I ever get in Yolanda bernie sanders. I about to sign up for this. But when i saw that there hasn't been a post since september twenty nineteen. I was like oh no things worked out and am i. Post went to them and they took it off the board and then interesting. Yeah very virginia. You can get some sleep now anyway. 'cause she has early you know but they made the time to come on here and talk to our you know our fans and people listening and then this thank you. Yeah we're putting time in and We're sorry for what happened and we will definitely go back on. Yeah i will method you with the date that we have open right now and you guys are gonna this time. It will be to our show just for that..

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"september twenty" Discussed on PodcastDetroit.com

"I can begin. This drew hearts So what my older book is trouble. I've seen changing the way the church. Racism came out in two thousand sixteen. But my new book is called who will be a witness igniting activism for god's justice love and deliverance and that just dropped in september twenty twenty and you can find that hard copy paperback kindle and there's even an audio book available anywhere books are sold. Excellent awesome irwin. We're gonna find new where we're at. Where can we find your your. Yeah my book is the the beautiful community unity diversity in the church at its best and This book comes out of a heart. Desire to engage this con- this conversation around race. Reconciliation reunion in jesus christ and And it comes out of trinidadian framework that the god we worship is beautiful community and this is what it means for humanity to be human to be his image and in fact and so is published by university press budget. Yes the same thing you can find it on audible. What are your book. Amazon v. p. books are sold. You can find it. And i took him out. Just came out This year august fourth obama's birthday. You don't know look at it. Is this a day after my birthday. It's the only reason. I know that brandon. I i believe you're working on an essay coming out in a book. Write mistaken done. I have i've come So Dr eric mason is the editor is the general editor of a of a book in urban politics and they had the pros of riding the The chapter in that book entitled philosophy and world views and i just submitted a book proposal. And it's a work on A at its historical examination of even jellicoe as american evangelicalism specifically am trying to see if If theological retrieval with going back to the historical foundation what even djelic ism is can be a means by which we can redeem american. The american iteration of what evangelical amiss off analogy the title because van publish where we may change the title. All right antibodies. yes my most. Recent book is christianity. The white man's religion of published by Varsity press about this summer and It explores concrete questions from the class from to The streets about the faith and seeks to try to revision christianity as a faithful people have An that of academic books edited volumes host fear and social justice on one um is on theology and others only history race and culture and those books were always by sea more pressed and Those came out last year. Actually so awesome again doing too much way too much. But hey i wanna thank think the four of you for taking time tonight for for such a robust conversation. I'd like to revisit this again next year. Hopefully i can get all four of you at the same time again and for those of you listening..

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"september twenty" Discussed on Yahshua The Messiah Ministry

"Telling us be alert list scripture. i want to go into his daniel twelve. And even if there are s- coffers democracy out there don't let them or faith because you know something it's like one of those connect the dot things right when you start with one dot to another dog. It's just the line you can't tell anything but as you put the ducks together. The picture starts to become clearer. And sometimes you need those lists dots to be connected until you really see it. And if people are not understanding all of these things if they're not understanding israel being a nation if they're not understanding the rise of earth quakes and famines in these other things if they're not understanding the blood moon if they're not understanding the importance of the sh- mita then they're not gonna probably understand what's coming on september twenty third in. They're not gonna understand what's coming after that that. This is a time to prepare us for the persecution. That's coming so all of these are or or signs just like any site if you're driving from here to wherever here in nazareth if you follow the first sign but you miss the other three you're not going to get to earth you gotta follow every sign and the most important signs or later on particularly the last sign because if you missed the last sign you're going to be going in the opposite direction. Daniel twelve.

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"september twenty" Discussed on Wellness and Wanderlust

"We'll what does it cost you to get a customer or what's your cost of goods sold on this. What's your marketing strategy. And all of that and you know that the conversations are not staged because the investors have to invest their real money. So they're asking real questions. It's not like something like the bachelorette or something where oh we have to manufacture. The feelings of love with people may or may not ever get married in real life like no. these are people giving their real money to these real businesses. so i really like shark tank. That is awesome and then on a similar know. What is your favorite social distancing activity. So podcast probably. I know we are all so lonely these days without getting to travel. We don't get to see our friends. A lot of us. Haven't been able to our families in way longer than should be considered reasonable just because of the travel restrictions. And so as i started getting into podcasting as just a way for me to be able to speak with people about travel hacking mostly and just be able to connect with people who i've never met before even though i feel like we're so close on the internet a lot of the times before i started podcasting. Which has only been a few months now. I would ask people. Hey do you want to jump on a phone call or like meeting and chat or something and people. No one kind of zoomed out. That's kind of weird. I'm like okay. Well what if. I record the conversation and then release it to the internet like yeah. That sounds good. I'm in so it's kind of been unexcused for me to be able to chat with more people just like this. But i love podcasting it so much fun. I feel the same way. I know you started you. Know toward the end of twenty twenty. I started in september twenty twenty. And i have loved conversations. I've gotten to have their conversations. I've wanted to have anyway. But now everybody gets to hear them. And so i am finding podcasting to be such a really fantastic way to get to connect with listeners. But also just with the community so i think that's fantastic and i'm going to add in one. More rapid fire question that came in from one of our listeners. Who asked what are some underrated travel destinations. That you've experienced. I really like estonia which no one ever talks about but they accept euros. So you don't have to go through the weird currency exchange things. Most of the people talent speak english. Which makes things release..

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