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"seoul university connecticut" Discussed on Money Radio 1200AM

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"seoul university connecticut" Discussed on Money Radio 1200AM

"One at florida international the other florida atlantic down on the southeast portion of florida butch davis been in the nfl college football north carolina university miami they bring him on it florida international and lean kiffan who was usc in tennessee for about five minutes at florida atlantic if anybody is going to stick around it's going to be butch laid kiffan he's got a oneway ticket outta town if he can get the the next job out on unconvinced of that well if one thing about lake if he you know one thing he he's taking all these transfers it might not recognise year in that he might not be a good team this year but the year next year they're gonna be loaded east taking these guys uc did for some reason left those schools and now looking for places including one was porter state and they're all gonna be back next year he his his program we'll be a top now one other name that i want to bring up that maybe doesn't get a lot of a lot of the the big prominence jeff wlob he did a really good job i think it was a western kentucky if i'm not mistaken he's now at perdue another programme victim well i he did a terrific job the wizards kept he was a great quarterback global he news news your offensive football and now he's got a chance to go purdue and purdue it's been so bad the last three or four years they've been horrible they got a chance they can really do some good i'm telling you do you do is you have made your job it could be good jeff could do a good job they're going to be real interesting and then we've got randy at seoul university connecticut you got jeff tedford fresno state so we're seeing a number of names kind of going back into college football more kind of shifting jobs so a lot of changes on the offseason we've gone over the coaches we will continue college football preview maneuvers with our guest espn analysts leak corso we will take a look at the top twenty five look at some key conferences and then we will get in to some predictions as well as looking at some great games to be on the lookout for you need to have some alpha to your face will my phone with when the student in the.

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