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"sendiri sebagai" Discussed on WGN Radio

"In the draw James what did free the circle but taken by gets left and put it down to the right wing corner centering pass in front to Milano was open for a shot proffered stock them with the butterfly say what Heinen was alert right there the film a lot of breaking into a quiet area yeah Sarah broke down right off the faceoff their placards that have some better awareness of the front of the net area you can give anything you give it to the doctor on the outside or behind the goal line he put me in the circle the given key Murphy right circles across the keep left wing side the came back between the circles Murphy right wing Sendiri sebagai will dump it in the fall colors solder for stock in two weeks got it they came here behind the net news I believe the policy for good the registries three years got a place in the hearts of all veterans save made by for another six the flooding say it comes soon the doctors shop the heart sixteen the sex of the hearts are the only team that found the back of the net it was Drake Caggiula at two or seven in the hockey game from hope Christian to take a one goal lead into the dresser look at the black box off to a real good start but for all their heels they got a little bit of break break here they're the docks did with a couple posts on the same ship with some real good looks from Dylan Strome in the lander couldn't.

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