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Florida Rep. Val Demings on Her Biden Endorsement

Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart

05:09 min | 4 months ago

Florida Rep. Val Demings on Her Biden Endorsement

"Over the last two years congresswoman. Val demings of Florida has had a front row seat to history. She serves on the House. Intelligence Committee the House Judiciary Committee and she was one of the seven house. Impeachment managers who argued for the conviction of President Trump. And now demings name is being bandied about as a possible vice presidential nominee is she. I totally forgot to ask her about her Harley but I did ask her about trump Florida her support of Joe Biden and yes whether she wanted to be considered for vice president here at all right now congresswoman bowel demings. Thank you very much. For being on the PODCAST. It's great to be with you. So let's just jump right on in you endorsed. Vice President Biden. You are from Florida can he carry Florida In November can a Democrat. Win Florida in November. I have no doubt that a Democrat can win Florida the numbers and Florida's support that But what we're facing assist a matter of turnout and so our job is to make sure that we turn Democratic voters out when we looked at Super Tuesday I think if we watched the voters and listen to the voters the voters are deciding and I thank on Super Tuesday. They were strong. They were powerful. I think they sent a clear message about who they believe can lead our country and move a democratic agenda forward. We saw every demographic turn out and as you know Florida's a very diverse state And I think if what has happened what happened on. Super Tuesday is any indication of what will happen to in Florida's primary. I think that we're going to be in really good shape. Now I'd sort of bounce ahead I did mention you. Endorse Vice President Biden. But there's still contest right now. There's a bird contest you know what what I just feel so hopeful about. We know what we have experienced the last three years almost four now and there is no way. American families can go through another four years of what we've seen And so you know when I look at the democratic feeling as you all know several of my colleagues were in that race what I knew and we heard it quite a bit but I believed it to be true is that anyone on the democratic side would be better than what we have and now we're basically down to two individuals who. I believe if you look at what they believe in what they fought for. Then certainly Will be in better shape. I just happen to believe that one of them Vice President Biden really is the want to carry the agenda forward and really Unify our country. Which is so desperately needed right now. How damaging was it or is it to Senator Sanders. The comments that came out from the the old video of him praising Fidel Castro and then even his defense of his comments about Fidel Castro again from a Florida Lens was that damaging to his effort. Well again you've listened to the people and I think the people and those who represent them spoke loudly and clearly and I won't certainly will not guess about what Senator Sanders Sarah what he meant to say but what I do know. Is that several people who live in our very diverse state. Were upset by those comments. And so you know we're in the middle of a race. We're going to let the let full radiance to But I think you know when you look at Vice President Biden. He has been in the trenches fighting for issues that we care about for a long time fighting for issues that before it was popular quite frankly to fight for them like marriage. Equality issues like climate control. Certainly he's been a unifier along the way and I love what Whip Clyburn said I think most of all he said we know Joe but more important Joe knows us and that's because he's been there fighting for those issues and building those relationships longtime he didn't wait until he decided to run for the most powerful position In the country and so. I think like I said I just. I go back to watch the voters I know. There's a lot of talk about the establishment. I quite frankly find that I am not quite sure what that means when voters turn out in. Great numbers We certainly know how the African American turnout was led by South Carolina I don't know what the establishment means but I certainly know what people go to the polls mean and we saw

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