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"senator robert byrd obama" Discussed on KHNR 690AM

"To aim at dot us or call aaa two to fix two two thousand six uber enjoy the many benefits that aim act membership confers but none is more important than having your vote defended it in dc that's what we do a map we fight for you because we argue one million of you and growing join the fight go to eight mac dot u s eight dot us or call aaa two six to two thousand six aaa two six to two thousand six what is this hillary actually uh with praising senator robert byrd obama called him a voice the principal and reason the former cleveland of the klan are you kidding me my goodness he'll recalled him a mentor isn't as the guy that used to be a clinical in the clan and ted kennedy in 1973 at the imitation of george wallace appears at a rally for him it's the same governors denver the school dorrance said segregation now association takers it forever ted kennedy at his invitation comes and kisses his but at a george wallace rally in 1973 all of you know governor wallet than i have different opinions done dumb important issue and there are many in the democratic party and across the country who disagree with both of us but we have one thing in common we don't corrupt we dope align we don't view we don't corrupt we don't malign we don't abuse my mother told me when george wallace ran for office he lost his first race and he said because his opponent was a virulent racists no one is going to out in worried me again but ted kennedy says we corrupt what people integrity really proud with the people that given us we don't compile we don't compile layer of animated who careers and lives are to be shattered because of their disagreement no you just don't let people of color go to university that's all you talk about list though so given that we don't you the tactics obey criminal or the power of the law the silent those whose ideas or politics

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