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"senator manafort" Discussed on Behind the Bastards

"Yeah. Really is. Yeah. Villain origins. Yeah. Yeah. Crazy these young guys. Meaning they're both wearing ill-fitting suits. Nobody's got a lot of money at I knew he was involved in politics, really young. But my God seven from the age of seven, I know his family had to be involved in this like tick kinda like directionally at least push them in a direction at seven years old. He doesn't talk about that not that I found. So you think you got one or two possibilities? Either his mom and dad were both way more political than he lets on. And he was pushed in that direction or he didn't have much supervision at all in way, more white collar, by the way. Yeah. Way more white collar changes. His story makes them a little bit less likable, especially if there's more money in the picture and talk about how many guys at work at oil rigs while he's in a farm, miles, wells wells. Yeah. Miles and miles away from neighbors where his family's going you should get into politics. Yeah. There. There's holes in the story. He's making mythology. He's definitely making mythology. And again, this is the picture he wants to maybe didn't fuck do anything. But he was never involved in young. I I don't know where we're trusting Roger Fisher. And it's why I've seen pictures of him as a young Republic. Yeah. That stuff is real this stuff is definitely real once we get to where he's in high school. And he's with like Manley that stuff there's a lot of people. But like when he's talking about being eleven twelve years old and stuff like who knows? Yeah. Yeah. This might just be the image. He wants to sure, you know. Anyway, here's how the Washington Post wrote about the first meeting of Roger stone and Paul Manafort, I'm just gonna say the greatest friendship of all time. Hey, kid, how you doing stone recalled Manafort saying before getting down to sussing out. Why are you supporting weaker Manafort was referring to low a weaker a moderate Republican candidate for US Senator Manafort clearly was testing the kid you think I give a fuck about weaker. I'm here to elect Mesko stone shot back meaning Thomas Meskel a conservative gubernatorial candidate in mired by youthful Republicans. So that's like how they get started is like manafort's like you like this fucking rhino Republican name owning only stones like, no, I only like the crazy people. Like, that's where I wanna go is like the furthest, right? We can possibly so. Bizarre. Yeah. So Roger stone, Paul Manafort were instant buddies and would be not quite inseparable, but frequent collaborators over the next like thirty some odd years. How old were they at this point? They would have been like seventeen eighteen just just baby. Yeah. Their babies be at their personalities held firm. I've too strong opinions here one of them is that you shouldn't be able to join the military unless you thirty and the other is that you shouldn't. Be allowed to participate in any kind of politics until you're kid. You start doing drugs when you're twenty Twenty-one. Amen. Yeah. Yeah. Let's give him nine years of experimenting take without ingredients. You know what? I mean, make people make these huge moral decisions before they've lived life. You're absolutely right. There's you look at this stuff. Ben Shapiro is reading when he seventeen he's like advocating war crimes Neff ghanistan. Don't let a seventeen year old right about politics. You know, how fucked up that? It's so crazy. Yeah. I mean, that's how we get Paul Manafort, Roger stone. So in addition to the young Republicans stone joined the teenage Republicans, the college Republicans and young Americans for freedom might have noticed theme there. He became tightly wound up in Republican party politics enough. So that in nineteen seventy two the year of president Richard Nixon's reelection campaign nineteen year old Roger stone was selected to be one of Nixon's henchman. Now stone was the youngest member of the committee to re elect the president literally known by the acronym creep, which. Does nobody like checked on this stuff? Nixon just as like side of the creek. That's good. That's what we call it. Go commit crimes. Stone recommended that creep higher guy named Theodor Brill who was a college classmate, and friend of his he recommended that creep pay Brill one hundred fifty dollars to spy on radical groups stone claims that his worked for creep was all kid stuff. None of which was legal at the time and all of which would have been done with or without him, unfortunately for Roger stone. But fortunately for the concept of truth. The FBI was keeping tabs on him back then to there exists on this hellish internet of ours. A website called property of the people. They host government documents retrieved by foia requests, and the like they had a Superfund article, titled FBI documents on Roger stone, reveal sabotage espionage and the life of a serial bag, man. I got I'm going into an a death spiral. Right. After this is a great website. Yeah. Well, check him out. Please do now my favorite thing about that title is that Roger worked for Nixon as a literal bag man in one point taking a sack containing a jar of money to donate on behalf of Republican. Presidential candidate Paul McCloskey to the young socialist results. Dimes and quarters. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just a jar change in a sack. So he donates on behalf of this Republican presidential candidate, Paul McCloskey to the young socialist association stone claimed that he was the young socialist associations treasurer now this was all a lie, obviously designed to make McCloskey look bad torpedo his chances of primary. Ing Nixon the original FBI documents about this dirty trick or interesting because they give us some insight into the precise nature of young. Roger stone's moral compass, quote, stone met with porter in his office at creep where porter asked him if he would be willing to travel to Manchester to make a cash contribution to the mcclosky campaign headquarters Puerto wanted stone to disguise himself as a member of the gay liberation movement. When making this contribution stone flatly rejected this proposal. However, he concurred with the basic theme of this tactic. So basically that's Roger stone's line at age nineteen. Yes, I I'll pretend to be a young social. List, but not a member of the galas. Unbelievable. I mean, you see the pattern right? You see the pattern from such a young age. He's like I see the power of disinformation. Yeah. And then fast forward a decade later, and he still doing the doing the same thing in the same shit. Did you ever see seven up the British documentary? No, it's amazing. It was like one of the first reality shows, and they interviewed kids at seven years old and then at fourteen and then at twenty one and then twenty every seven years. Wow. Now, they're in their sixties. Oh, wow. They've been doing it the whole time, but it was a study on social classes. Yeah. And the interesting thing they found is when wealthy kids were seven years old. And they asked him what he want to be. They were really specific. They're like I'm going to Cambridge on being a barrister bubble all this stuff. And they did. Whereas the kids in the poor neighborhoods. Like, I'm going to be a space, man. Yeah. Or like, I'm going to be a truck. I don't know. One of human was so keys one of those where they knew such an early age. They were just and he doesn't pick. I wanna be in politics. He picks. I wanna be a dirty tricks guy. Politics. Like, I would be like the filthiest version of a political guy. It's it's remarkable that that's his only ambition in life ever. Yeah. Now, a researcher named ima best found ten separate document releases from the F B I, all which mentioned Roger stone. According to property of the people's right up, quote, the documents detail Roger stone's role is a bag man for the Nixon campaign, which he pulled over twenty five thousand dollars equivalent to one hundred fifty thousand dollars in twenty eighteen to fund political intelligence gathering and other dirty tricks, including Mowlam bedding and a mysterious payment related to the Watergate break-in. The documents include a copy of the FBI's interview with stone as well as other statements to the bureau about stone, and Jason Reynier the alias stone used for his anti-democratic spy operations, so stone paid another operative the modern equivalent of sixty grand surveillance, sabotage the campaigns of Nixon's democratic rivals after the Watergate break ins, he put together a payment of almost a hundred grand and modern dollars for an oil executive Nixon fundraiser named Darius Keaton far from being minor acts of political. Malfeasance as stone sort of presented them. Roger stone seems to have been an enthusiastic and prolific dirty trickster. Happy to do almost anything for Richard Nixon quote in one case stone sent two hundred Democrats invitations to a non existent primary campaign breakfast in another stone directed democratic campaign literature intended for the black community to be sent to union workers and literature intended for union workers to be sent to the black community. And yet another stone saw to it that phone lines used by democratic primary campaign were tampered with this resulted democratic failure to connect with many potential voters will other. Yeah. So well, this is the way he works. He works at age nineteen you know, what's interesting about him twos. He never as big as ego. God for guy whose dad never talked to him. He always looked to another man to please. Yeah. He never said. I'm going to be president. No, he never chase it himself. He was always I'm going to please, dad. Yeah. He all he's always picked a bigger manned allies, which for most of his life has been Nixon a bigger than life, man. And even now imitate. It's Nixon with the peace signs that throws up of this weird ass Winky arms. It seems like he's a case study for like a broken brain like a father son fracture. I mean, you know to get real here this podcast behind the bastards because just as well be called daddy issues. But really almost one hundred percent of these guys had real fucked up times with their fathers like I don't they just strip like everybody else. You know, Roger stone actually might have been able to do that. He's a bodybuild self-proclaimed. We'll know if you've seen I've seen shirtless pictures of monies young he was reasonably swell, even in his late forties, really fit looking guy. And if you see the modern pictures of his back tattoo, you can see in the building shoulder really broad Bill. He could've stripped shirt, which is a noble and honest career. I spent I worked with real bodybuilders at gold's gym. He his cemeteries all off he's got like baby calves. We realize faces. Weird's phases. Weird. His hairs everything's where they all have weird hair. It's like Paul Manafort where spend a hundred thousand dollars on suits that look like hundred dollar suits just to just to know that it's I dunno. They're a weird guys. And that's fine unless you ruining the world which case, it's exactly yeah. Now, all the unfathomable shadiness of Richard Nixon's. Reelection campaign led to congressional hearings in nineteen seventy three during those hearings. Roger stone's secret. Identity is Jason Reynier young socialist became public. Knowledge was also revealed that stone had hired someone to spy on the McGovern campaign at the time of the hearing stone had gotten a job on Bob Dole staff. He was fired for this seems to have taken the job losses a sign that a man of his temperament was better served by working as a consultant than working for the government in two thousand eight interview with the New Yorker, titled the dirty trickster stone reminisced about his time with creep and justified his actions by saying the Democrats were week we were strong. He was by the way, the youngest person caught up in the Watergate. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Which is a they they had one one of the charts in the core. The show that he'd taken money. Yeah. Yeah. That's how he starts his career. So in the mid nineteen seventies after Nixon's impeachment. The Republican party was most assuredly not strong stone seems to have elected not to waste his time on the doomed presidency of Gerald Ford. History's greatest monster. Instead he worked to insinuate himself ever deeper into the right wing organizations that clustered around the GOP Paul Manafort on the other hand made the air of backing Gerald Ford in the nineteen seventy six elections when Ford loss did did serious damage to manafort's reputation as a political strategist Pryatta Ford's loss he'd been the clear pick for president of the young Republicans. Clear prick. Oh, I'm glad that you did. You know, what that works? Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. No. Yeah. So we're gonna we're gonna talk about what happens after Gerald Ford's fall from grace is the wrong word on the. He was ever quiet there. Yeah. Yeah. We'll we'll get into that. But I are you a fan of some products share servicer to sure. Well, that's what is happening. Now, let's pay the bills. Adds time. Hi, I'm Robert host of behind the bastards. And if you're a fan of my podcast, then like me, you probably suck it money. 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