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"senator john hobart" Discussed on WZFG The Flag 1100AM

"Five years ago. You think about what they were doing running into those. Bullets running into that storm. It's pretty incredible. And it's good for us every once in a while to just take a step back from the day to day hustle, and bustle at think a little bit about what they faced and we're going to try and do a little bit of that today. We are going to tell you what's happening in the way of events to commemorate the seventy fifth anniversary here. I'd love to be d day. I don't know about you, by the way. Senator John Hobart is there. We just learned moments ago. Senator Hoven is actually at the official d day celebration. Flu overnight with a military flight on a delegation of Senator. So that's exciting. Ben there. But I'm here at the Fargo air museum, or there is history all around me. Artifacts and examples and stories of those that have run into the bullets that have run into the storm, not away and great day beat places like this. They will have a ceremony some movies shown some events happening starting at one o'clock. Might not air. Museum is doing the same thing. We're going to talk with directors of both of those. Locations to tell you, what's happening, Tom. Campbell will be here. His dad his dad seventy five years ago. Flying b seventeen bomber pilot with the eighth air force incredible survived two tours of bombing missions during the war. We're gonna talk about that. With Thomas later on Lynn is will be here lane is a World War. That is a French legion of honour medal. When are you Thanh death March participant? Always enjoy our conversations with that. Great man. And we'll do that again today as well. Jim. The flagpole guy is going to talk about freedom, and that's we're going to talk today on a program with Don Hammett. Dawn is the director of the Eisenhower presidential library and museum. That's an Abilene Kansas. How many people are Abilene Kansas, not a lot? Not a lot. It is. Let's say it's smaller than. Fargo is smaller than Bismarck. It's smaller than Grand Forks smaller than my not it's smaller than Dickinson. It's small few thousand people, and they have a presidential library museum on an interstate the does quite well. In the way of folks. Visit so I wanna find out a little bit about what we can expect once the Theodore Roosevelt presidential library museum is along I ninety four in the entrance to the park named in his honor and also talk about the commanding general on this day seventy five years ago. And that was the white D Eisenhower. Go on to be our president as well. Donald joins to talk about that Dakota territory air museum and might not has events today. We'll tell you about that. And then we're gonna talk about some workforce issues today to Michelle Comber department of Commerce Commission will join us and talk a little bit about that. So we have all that coming up on the program today and welcome your calls, your questions your priority. One for today. Is honoring our veterans. Priority. One is remembering d day, if you in any way have a story about a family member. If you were there. If you add a neighbor, if you had a friend, if you had a co worker if you've stories that you really appreciate about.

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