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"senator howard stevenson" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"senator howard stevenson" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"Now does that not look as fast as you expected to look near wall imam assuming that that super fast but do you think she's driving it or is now no no no no remember they did the segment on uh on one of the fox shows where they had bis being an entire in in the cars i don't i i don't i don't think they'd let them get behind the wheel best kerr hashtag awesome notes i mean it may be thought as fast but why why why should she go fast oh she's talking to some one it is sucking to drive home ryan or do you have any desire to do this i would love to do this i will have to drive it actually seem took a very uh foggy day in daytona yeah can you imagine i would love to get behind the wheel q matching like there's always people there switch pressure cheese okay yes court mcgee uh worth highlighting i'm going to read the caption here we see him receiving an award in a sling healing up uh had an incredible experience today at the utah state capital building the utah state legislator award the legislature sorry a awarded me a certificate of recognition honoring me as a professional athlete and for my contribution to the youth of utah in substance abuse awareness big thanks to senator howard stevenson and representative more k roberts for presenting me with this award so good guy court mcgee getting ripped getting uh commended recognized for his contributions to the to the substance abuse awareness programmes and utah amazing guy and a a great honor i was happy to see this yeah continuing to kind of push the sobriety message and help is is arm at his lane yes okay healing up.

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