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"senator durazo" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"The emergency room at a hospital that doesn't make sense Laura's a twenty nine year old diabetic who tells us through a translator why she supporting speed twenty nine first of all it would immediately lower my stress levels. I would be able to pay for the medicine and treatments that I need. And I would be able to lead a more fulfilling life, Senator Durazo says the hell. For all adults Bill is another step toward a goal of universal healthcare. Kitty. All right. Thank you. Joe? That is the subject of your online poll question today, K dot com. The afternoon news with kitty O'Neil are also a find us on our Twitter page Sacramento's moving toward a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco. This after the city council's law and legislation committee on Tuesday voted down proposals by tobacco sellers to soften the proposed ordinance. Current plan would outlaw the sale of menthol cigarettes and nicotine loaded vape. Cartridges owners have several shops selling the products asked the council to instead approve a series of lesser requirements, including age verification technology to keep the products out of the hands of minors. The city reports there are three hundred and eighty six tobacco retailers in Sacramento. A figure that includes about forty vape shops and odd new feature has turned up in the elevators of the California tax and fee administration building on fifth street over the past few weeks buttons with the word riot have been added to the elevators control panels while state work. Her say they've not been informed of the purpose of the riot button. Leading to speculation that the building is unsafe. But a spokesperson for the department of general services says the buttons would light up if there's a security concern on the first floor like a riot. If the light is lit the elevator would not go to the first floor. However, the department says the wording needs to the improved to give employees is a better idea of how the new feature works. It's a four zero seven now at K K checking our traffic trouble spot now. Dana have yeah, we have a vehicle pedestrian accident right now. Kitty Arden way Moore's avenue vehicle versus pedestrian injuries. Get CHP in an ambulance responding complete traffic and weather together in three minutes. Plus, the fallout continues from the college admissions scandal, and that's more to come in the next fifteen minutes here on NewsRadio cave. Okay. Mornings. Would it be so tough? If it wasn't for that alarm clock after.

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