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2 GOP-held Senate seats lean Democratic

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01:52 min | 3 years ago

2 GOP-held Senate seats lean Democratic

"And when those big numbers of voter turnout, either by mail in person or the early voters that may or may not help some of the other candidates along the tickets across the country. It's not just the presidential race that's at stake tonight. It is also a balance of power in Congress of the BC sherry Small is following that sherry. Already some races have been declared. That's right. We're watching it really closely. And you know, no matter who wins the presidency. If he can't get anything past in Congress, it's gridlock on Capitol Hill. As we know, we do know. In Massachusetts Senator Democrat Senator Ed Markey has won his third term that was as expected Republicans they're trying to hold on to a majority in the Senate. The GOP has 23 seats to defend this election. That's almost double the Democrats 12 seats that are up for re election. The Democrats, Ah have to gain at least 3 to 4 seats in orderto flip the Senate. Only three seats. It bite and wins because he would then be the tiebreaker where there's going to be a problem or where it's. You know, we're looking at very closely as a possible problem up in Maine, where Republican Senator Susan Collins is in a very tough fight toe hold onto her seat being challenged by Sarah, Giddy on there. And the Senate races were watching right now. Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, These air all some high profile races that we are watching, and so far right now, I'm seeing that. Let's see Have Ah, Mitch McConnell winning. Democrat Mark Warner, holding onto his Senate seat in Virginia and will continue to keep an eye on that as well as the House races that are up for grabs. Reporting live Sherry Small W. B C. Boston's news radio. All

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