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Congress and Foreign Policy with Chris Tuttle

"Welcome to the president's inbox. He see if our podcast about the foreign policy challenges facing the United States. I'm Jim Lindsey director studies at the council on foreign relations, this week's topic is congress in American foreign policy. With me this week to discuss Congress's role informed policies. Chris tuttle? Chris title is managing director here at the council until December. He served as the policy director for the Senate Foreign Relations committee under the chairmanship of Senator. Bob corker before that Chris was director of CFR's Washington program and oversaw the council's independent task force, bro. Graham, he has also worked at the State Department, and as chief of staff and senior policy adviser to then congressman Mark green of Wisconsin. Chris thanks joining me here today. Thanks, Jim great to be back and thanks for having me on. Well, it's great to have you here. And I I wanna tap your expertise about how things get done on the hill when it comes to foreign policy. But maybe the best place to start is with the job title, you held which was policy director at the Senate Foreign Relations committee, the F R C is is acronym. Goes he's sort of explain what you're. Day to day job. Look like, sure. So the policy director is really bifurcated job. I it is a foreign policy job. It's requires certain level of expertise. It requires a knowledge of what the boss needs in order to make good decisions. But secondarily, and probably actually more importantly, it's a management job the center formulations committee on the majority side had a staff of over twenty people. A lot of subject matter experts and a lot of people who really have deep deep deep knowledge of their particular regions or functional areas. So a big chunk of what I was doing day to day was making sure that we were managing that policy. Staff in order to provide the best possible advice for Senator corker so on the Senate relations committee, you have a majority staff currently Republican in a minority staff how much the interact daily the staffs. Interact pretty much all the time. The offices are actually right next to one another and uneven day, not only do you run into these people in the hallway, but you often are in long negotiating sessions. And even in in good times. There are good personal relationships that develop sitting in a room for hour after hour week after week you actually develop some pretty good solid personal relationships with these people and that actually helps to make compromise more attainable. So thinking about that to what degree is bipartisanship still alive on Capitol Hill. Read a lot talking about how bipartisanship has dies moved into this more polarized age yet certainly on foreign policy. There were instances of Democrats Republicans coming together on issues most notably on legislation to impose sanctions on Russia for its interference in US election. So I mean to what extent when you're interacting majority minority is it throwing bricks at each other versus cooperate in a bipartisanship really is in many ways still alive and well on Capitol Hill. There are lots of issues that you never see never read about in the newspaper. Never see on the talk shows where Republicans and Democrats are working together daily. It's the most prominent issues that are often the dishes on which we are most portal polarized. That you hear about a lot of the logjams has far has. Bipartisanship, not being present. But even in the foreign relations space, we were able to do a number of things, you know, day after day, including the cats Bill where bipartisanship really was the order of the day. The the countering American America's adversaries through sanctions act ended up after weeks of negotiation by our two staffs ended a pass in the Senate ninety eight to and being signed into law. That's a good example of when there are circumstances that come together and sort of the right way. And also a willingness of both sides to move a little bit in the other side's direction to put together a pretty good solid pieces of legislation. So we're else. Do we see tangible examples of bipartisanship on on capitol or in the Senate? You'll see a lot of the behind the scenes day to day interactions on issues that are like I said not as controversial whether it's transportation or infrastructure in. Out of those things. You'll see pretty good cooperation and in the Senate in particular on the nominees front. You'll actually find that both sides wanna make sure that the executive branch is is staffed up, and there are a few nominations out there that are controversial few that are problematic. But if you look at sort of the slate of all the ambassadors, for example, that we put out that we send out to other countries in their confirmations. Now, a lot of those people are going to be career folks are not necessarily political appointees, but even on many of the political appointees, I think that you'll see pretty good bipartisan cooperation in moving people through. You will hear a lot about nominees not moving forward. But those are. Many times some of the most high profile some of the most controversial. And those are the ones you hear most about but under the radar. There is actually a lot of cooperation in making sure that we're putting enough people into the field and enough people in the senior positions at various executive branch departments that the State Department or the department can do its job. I wanna come back to the issue of nominations before. I do that. I wanna talk about the other major relationship, which is between the two ends of Pennsylvania Avenue now. Well, when you were at the Senate Foreign Relations committee for the great bulk of time, you have a Republican president, and you have Republican controlled Senate but off times relations between the two we're pretty rocky. Senator corker on a number of occasions said quite critical things of the president deed. Suggested that the president will need to rely on his advisors. They're innocents providing guard rails to a president who's decision making was at time flawed. E worked on the hill before I mean, give me some sense of how unusual if at all we're relations between the Senate Republicans in the Senate and the president given at least on number of issues. Republican senators didn't seem to be on the same page of the playbook. Yeah. It's a good question. I think that. The Trump administration. I have to tell everyone who's listening is a is an unusual has presented a congress with an unusual set of circumstances. And I think you have a few different camps within sort of the the Democrats by and large have sort of staked their opposition. There is you. Being opposition precisely right within the Republican conference. I think you've got a sort of three basic groups on the Republican side, you have people who generally agree with president and are willing to sort of go his way and not be particularly critical. You have people like mild, boss. Bob corker who tried to use the bully pulpit of the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations to steer things in a better direction. And then you have a third group of members who I think are maybe less critical publicly, but are working behind the scenes to try and steer things in a better direction. What they perceived to be a better direction with president. And I think you'll see and you can sort of I won't name any names, but you can see various members who sort of fall into those categories. I think in traditional Republican presidency, you'll see a little bit less of the sort of public critiques and a little bit more of the pine the scenes, I think that the way that the Trump administration sort of has has come to operate. I think that members who have tried to become part of the inner circle and provide advice when they have run. Into walls. They've been more willing to go out publicly and be critical in order to try and influence the administration. So when you talk about working behind the scenes, what does that actually mean? How are senators would they do who they talk to talk to the president the president's advisors talking to reporters? How does that whole behind the scenes rhythm work? Yeah. It depends based on the member. But I think that their number members who talked to the president there a number of members who speak to the national security adviser, their number members who have individual relationships with cabinet officials secretary Pompeo where they're working try hand provide advice and. Kind of keep their powder. Dry not being super critical and public in order to be able to have influence over the administration. Do you have a sense that works not? I think it remains to be seen with the with this administration. Traditionally in the past I think that it's been a pretty good strategy. But Donald Trump has changed the environment in Washington change, the sort of standard way of doing things in some ways. He's really done a lot of what he's promised changing the way Washington does if you're gonna judge presence by whether they did what they promised the campaign trail, he's going to be at the top of the charts because he has done what he said he was going to do on the body can say they were surprised that he's done that. Let's let's actually drill down on some of this. Because I think you know, your way of putting it the President Trump is doing things differently is worth taking note of. Typically, we think about congress and the president shrug alling for the control of foreign policy sa- famous book in the field wants put it you have a vision of the president wanted to go out and being activist overseas in congress trying to constrain the president that's not quite what we're seeing with with President Trump, and I want to go back here to two nominations, which is this is an administration that was pretty slow to sort of send its nominations up to the hill number of countries around the world important countries took a long time before the administration nominated people. So how does the Senate sort of respond to a presidency? That's not actually giving them names devote on as rapidly as you wouldn't -ticipant muss other ministrations. Yes. So in terms of the congressional response to not putting forward officials. I think that. Again, you see the same sort of dynamic. You've got the deny who the behind the scenes folks who say look, we really need to have an undersecretary for global fares, for example at the State Department and then Astra Saudi Arabia Bessette. A exactly you'll see some of that you will not see generally at least in the in the president's party sort of public criticisms on on that front or you haven't as yet. I think that there has been a a slowness in putting forth nominees, and that's a function of the way that the campaign sorta developed if you look at sort of the foreign policy establishment on the Republican side. There was a pretty definitive statement. That was put out by a lot of the people in the Republican establishment never Trumpers, the never Trumpers who put out the initial war on the rocks led her and said Trump's and unacceptable candidate. And so you have those people who essentially can't serve or. Taking yourself out of the of exactly the pool is small. And then you also have there are secondary and tertiary effects of that. So you have some of the principals who were on that letter who traditionally would come into a department of defense or department state, and they would bring not only themselves, but they'd bring cohorts if people around them. So I think that's a lot of what the administration has struggled with you know, they have been nominating people. And it's it's improved. I think since secretary Pompeo came in he's really made personnel atop priority. But I think that some of the underlying issues are still there and something the administration struggles with so I wanna ask about. It's a flip side of the whole nomination process, which is the president makes a nominated and then the Senate or senators drag their feet talk a little bit about the whole this notion by which an individual Senator can keep someone from coming to vote that used to be fairly rare legislative maneuver, and now it seems in the last decade or so to have been come fairly common. Right hold is essentially just the threat of filibuster. And the Senate in any given year has a finite number of days that they can be in session, a finite amount of floor time so in order to move nominee where one Senator objects to voting on that nominee in order to move the nominee. You have to foul cloture, and you have to burn several legislative days in order to finally get closer to ripe in and further have and interceding day. And so what you have to do if you're the majority leaders you have to prioritize the nominees, and thus far Mitch McConnell has prioritized. And I think most party are on board with this pro he's had to prioritize if democrat has objected to a variety of nominees. He's opted to move lifetime women's federal judges. So when it comes to officials that are, you know, secretaries of state that kind of thing the Senate is able to and willing to burn through floor. Time invoke cloture and actually have an upper down vote on these Hamis. But there any number of people, whether they be ambassadors to second tier countries, or you know, we're not going to name the second. Right. No. No. No country wants to be a second tier country. No, that's but nominees to to be in Basseterre to country to be embassador to countries that are maybe not. Well, I'll leave it at that. But in any case, but also some of the, you know, State Department officials who are not at the secretary or deputy secretary or undersecretary level, but some of the assistant secretaries. Substantial objection Geno this candidate because nominee because he or she said something I disapprove of. It can totally unrelated reason, that's correct. And it's also it's secret. So, you know, the member can decide that they want to hold a particular nominee. They tell their cloakroom that they tell their leadership that and unless it sort of gets out, no one has to know that they're the one holding up the nominee. But how do you find out with there being held up over? I I in the past of senators holding up nominees because they wanted minded commit to their state to build new buildings or because they wanted to get information from in agency department State Department of defense on some other issue. I mean, how does it become known? How does Senator corker for example, find out? Okay. This is the issue that Senator X has. And we have to do to solve it. Yeah. So there the member can oftentimes the member will come out, and they'll be proud of this particular whole he'll say this person's unacceptable. I'm on hold this person. Or they will say this person's perfectly fine nominee. But I've got this other priority that I need. That's that's really hostage taking. You know, your words. A lot more like, that's that's right. But it does it does. It does help the machine make the machinery go, and it helps senators a lot of times exercise. It's a piece of munition in their ability to exercise oversight. So they will say, for example, this is perfectly qualified nominee. However, you haven't given me these particular documents to which I think I'm entitled so I'm gonna hold this nominee, and then you know, there's horse trading that goes on. So a lot of times the member will actually say this is why I'm holding the individual lot of times. There's behind the scenes stuff that goes on where member will come up to take Senator corker and say, hey, I need this this and this from the administration, and then Senator corker would work with the State Department in order to get the things that the member was looking for in order to move the nominee. So nominations is something that the US constitution gives solely to the Senate. The house doesn't have rule. The other issue where the Senate has a special role in foreign policy. Has to do with treaties. Now, when I was much younger man, I had a full head of hair, and I was reading about American foreign policy read about some of the great debates over treaties over the course of American history the treaty of resolve after the end of were were won the debate over the NATO charter the debates over arms control agreements in the nineteen seventies. I am seeing any big debates recently about treaties. Indeed, it's kind hard to sitting here charmer. What was the last significant treaty? That is come to the floor of the Senate to be debated. We left the hour of the Senate doing treaties. Well, I think there are a couple of factors there you have to look at what kinds of treaties, the executive branch is actually negotiating and the volume of treaties. And there haven't been I it's it's not the same era as the one you describe. So so that's one two treaties are often some of the the tough ones are very very tough. And the threshold for treaties is very very high. I think that there has been a diminishment in the number of treaties, moving I think part of that is because of just the shooting number that are actually being negotiated by the executive. But I think also when it comes to them moving to the Senate there is a lot of polarization and an inability to reach the kinds of threshold you need in order to pass a treaty. We do still pass quite a few treaties. If you look at for example, Senator corker is record is pretty good on, you know, in terms of the number of treaties. But they're things that you would normally think about their fishery treaties dealing with tuna fishing in the South Pacific war limiter technical the treaty. That's exactly right. That's one of the treaties that many people had hoped within it would take up is the UN convention on the law of the sea. The United States navy has been a particular fan of that. And I know during the Obama administration there was some hope. They would be able to move that treaty. And it never happened because the the legislative hurdle was to either simply not the kind of consensus that was needed to move it. Indeed, the new start treaty was you know, obviously should've knock down drag out fight on that score. But obviously members of congress are senators a risk to not moving treaties is that that encourages presidents to not use treaties to make agreements most famous luggage recently, President Obama treating the Iran nuclear deal as an executive agreement rather than a treaty now presidents can use executive agreements. It's pretty well. Established in American constitutional law. To what extent does that trouble senators that they're not getting vote the presence or finding ways to work around the treaty clause of the constitution? So I mean, I think that when you do an executive I think it does give senators heartburn that said, I think that the benefit of a treaty versus an executive agreement is it has a certain level of legitimacy or perceived legitimacy that actually that. Yes, exactly that actually makes it harder to abrogate down the line when the Senate has passed a treaty that by a significant margin. I think it makes it more difficult politically to to abrogate a treaty. So I think you know, it does give senators heartburn, but at the same time, you know, they have. Political concerns? There is a general sense. I think and this is probably gotten worse in recent years that engaging or signing onto treaties, and ratification of treaties costs the United States sovereignty. And I think that that's a strain of thought that it actually is gaining ground. Not losing it over the past decade. We'll hear all a plug. Our colleagues Stewart Patrick's book sovereignty wars, which talks about this. And I I would note that concerns about losing sovereignty through treaties is actually an old theme that runs through American foreign policy was one of the issues. That led the Senate to reject the treaty of your side back in nine thousand nine hundred a century ago this year, as is we look at this is a Senate does its work in the Senate Foreign Relations committee, does it does its work to what extent is it competing with losing two other committees. I think one of the things people struggle within the look at congress is that both the house in the Senate have multiple committees. And those committees have multiple subcommittees and the the dividing lines. Jurisdictional lines aren't nice and tidy is a lot of overlapping jurisdiction twenty cents Senate Foreign Relations committee finding itself in a battle with other senatorial committees. I think that probably of all the concerns that I and others in my vision had. Is is that that the Senate formulations committee, formerly the place where so many pivotal and really momentous debates took place and actions took place has been diminished over the past twenty five years on your exactly right? There is a real problem in terms of sort of the Senate Foreign Relations committees ability to assert jurisdiction, and this is this can be talked to a few different factors. We we did work very hard and had some success in sort of resting some of that control back. We passed in two thousand seventeen the first State Department authorisation that have been passed fourteen years. So the committee had been previously silent for fourteen years department authorization act does what the State Department authorization act. It's the authorizing Bill that says State Department should do this should do this shouldn't do this. And. Goes into the priorities, and in some specific detail, some of the things that congress is basically telling the State Department do so because of that because of the lack of the passage of an authorization Bill. What happens is the appropriations committees who have to pass bills in order for the State Department to spend any money have really come into a position of great prominence in terms of determining foreign policy priorities splendid people because I think a lot of people when they look at how the United States, Congress allocates money are surprised we have this twin track where you have the substantive committees foreign relations committee, which authorizes a program, and then the appropriations committee, which actually decides how much money gets spent right, right? This is a confusing thing in this is one of the first things one learns when one comes to the hill. That an authorisation est appropriate appropriate or take your phone calls or do they not want to be bothered with you because. Sure. Sure. Yeah. No. No, absolutely. They they actually there is a reasonably good level of cooperation between the appropriators in the authorize IRS. But in the end when people on the hill know that an authorization Bill is unlikely to pass an appropriations Bill is. And in congress controls the power of the purse is fundamental to what the congress does they determine who spends what? And how. And so the perpetrators have a great deal of power. And the perpetrators like I said in the authorizer do get along. But if the Senate Foreign Relations committee or another committee is not passing an authorization Bill. It's very hard with you know, the the force of the force of law. It's very it's very hard for them to play in the same league as the appropriations committees. And then, you know, the other the other factor is the there are very few pieces of legislation that are sort of guaranteed to move over. The course of over the course of the year appropriations bills, and even though sometimes as we're seeing right now, you're not guaranteed that they're gonna save chilled passing procreation Bill even there must pass. Right. But the national defense authorization act, which is going on almost sixty years of being passed each year because defenses such a priority. And it is so politically unacceptable. I think the American people to not Pathan pass a national defense authorization act. So the national defense authorization act becomes essentially. A free train where everything gets put in there because they know that that's something that is actually going to move. So you're you're at foreign relations committee, you're sort of hit from both sides. You've got the appropriators on one side Armed Services Committee on the other side, and unless you really able to develop consensus and work hard, and and work mightily to get an authorization Bill passed very difficult. We had elections back November the Democrats took back control of the house representatives. But Republicans retained control of the Senate. Senator corker did not run for reelection. So he's no longer chair of the Senate Foreign Relations to one back here at C. Jim risch is the new chair of Senate Foreign Relations committee. To what extent is any committee on Capitol Hill, really dependent upon the leadership of the chairperson. It's highly dependent on the leadership of the chairperson. The chairman of the committee determines pretty much everything that committee does whether it's hearings for oversight. Whether it's business meetings to actually pass legislation anything that chairman does not want to do is not going to happen. So the chairman still is exercise a great deal of power in terms of the actual running of the committee, and you know, leadership as long as leadership is willing to say, we're going to do things by regular order and not just move things without a committee chairman's say so that's going to continue. So how would you expect Senate Foreign Relations to be different given that the chairmanship has changed? It remains to be seen. I think that Jim risch is put together, you know, his staff now. And I think that right now in terms of priorities. I think he's figuring out what those are going to be on the committee. I too early for me to characterize how different Senator risch will be from Senator corker. We know these changing the nature of the subcommittees there. They're tinkering with subcommittees on the house side, the getting rid of terrorism sub committee. I think it's going to be a committee to investigate President Trump. Yes, that's right. I think that the subcommittees are likely and don't have inside knowledge here. But the like the the likelihood is that the committees will will stay the same. The existing subcommittees will stay the same. But every chairman does face a question of how much centralized control he wants to assert over each of those subcommittees, and there are two basic models. There are there's one model under which the chairman basically determines pretty much everything that goes on in the subcommittee, chairman have some discretion. But if the subcommittee chairman wants to do something in the chairman doesn't want to do it on their subcommittee than it doesn't happen. The second model is something that the house foreign affairs committee has had in recent years where the subcommittees have had a great deal of autonomy. The chairman has essentially had staff who. Determine what the gender is. And I think it is a question as to whether or not Senator risch is going to go with that first model or that second. I want to close out with a question to sort of tap advice. You might want to give to people there's younger people listening to this podcast to have visions of going in working on Capitol Hill. What's your advice to them? I think the first thing that anyone has to be prepared for is that all routes on Capitol Hill are circuitous. In other words, they're they're they're seldom going to be a straight line when you first come out of college. I think a lot of people have impressions that they're gonna go straight into what they were studying in college. And that's just not the way Capitol Hill works. I I, you know came into politics. I was actually a an intern in the district office for les Aspen. The former chairman of the Armed Services Committee doing casework, helping widows get their social security checks when I was in high school and eventually. Made my way through legislative politics at the state level worked on political campaigns and eventually made my way to be a press secretary on Capitol Hill, which led to other things. But I think that there's a missing Prussian that you're going to be able to go do exactly what you wanna do. And there's a a lot of young people are in a hurry to go do what they wanna do and be that character on the west wing or some other show, and that actually doesn't happen. And it's actually a good thing. My experiences doing some of the sort of toiling in the fields and campaigns are doing stuff in congressional offices actually made me a much better staffer because it tunes you into the fundamental concept that goes back to the what the framers intended, which is that members of congress all people with power in Washington are very close to or have an election certificate hand. That is something that I think the best Capitol Hill staffers never lose track of on that note. I will close up the presence inbox. For this week. My guest has been Chris Tuttle managing director here at the council foreign relations in former policy director at the Senate for relations committee, Chris thanks for joining me. Thanks very much show. Today's episode was produced by Zoe calls with senior producer. Jeremy sherline, Sydney. Burton was a recording engineer thank sitting special. Thanks to Cooper and Gabrielle Sierra for their assistance. This is Jim Lynn's. Thanks for listening.

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62 Trump: You Make My Dreams Come True... Trashing The G7, Trashing The G7 and..

Rusted Culture Podcast

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62 Trump: You Make My Dreams Come True... Trashing The G7, Trashing The G7 and..

"Welcome back to the rest in culture, folks, and one of you for being here today. And as always if you wanna reach us, you can reach us arrested culture radar at g mail dot com. Got an interesting show lined up for you. We're gonna talk about the latest numbers on kids separated from their parents. Roles are going to talk about the FBI just crack Coen's encrypted messages on his blackberry. Well, Trump hate to BUSTER balloon here. But you really don't make my dreams. Come true. Not really. Quite the opposite. In folks. I wanna thank you for the listen again today, and that music is from of course, the song you make my dreams come true in its from the phillix Phillips FOX band, and you can find the Phillips box band and the entire clip of this song on YouTube. So look them up, but Trump you don't really make my dreams. Come true. But if I didn't give them constructive criticism. I think it's constructive, right? I mean, I'm not Saint he's got a big caboose or anything like that. Or you know, talking down. I try to keep it constructive. But if I didn't do that. I mean who else would I mean, really the Republicans? Look the other way it is all except the ones that are leaving. And you know, who they are. We're talking about Senator corker Jeff flake and John McCain. But interestingly enough folks today Paul Ryan, who's also packed his bags as we know not seeking reelection today. Paul Ryan just admitted that he is not comfortable with zero tolerance Trump policy that leads to parents and children being separated. And he said today that legislation is necessary. Presumably to stop the practice of declaring immigrants, even those seeking. Silence from being declared criminals, and by declaring them criminals, which as we know allows immigration officials to separate the parents from the minors, declare them criminals, and then you're you're just dealing with animals at that point. Right. Anything goes what you've declared them criminals for seeking asylum. Well, we know it's wrong. And I I swear it so wrong that this inhumane treatment is it's going to run folks against Donald Trump in the long-term. He's not going to win this method of his immigration battle the way that he's carrying this out anyone with a heart in a conscience. In empathy doesn't want immigration done this way. And it's gonna hurt 'em. It's gonna hurt him in the long run. If you're listening, Donald you heard it here. But did you hear today folks that the count of kids separated from their parents now totals two thousand two thousand kids? Well. That's just criminal folks. And that's how you turn it. And that's how you're I mean, really if you wanna think about it. That's how you turn people into future terrorists. Trump must know the recipe here because when you diabolically separate kids from their parents knowing that chances of reunification are slim to none that they'll ever see their parents again, you wounded you've basically wounded these kids at a very early age in without parents or a similar support structure. These psychologically wounded kids. They're gonna face. Uphill battle in life. I mean, I'm not telling you anything different. Like, I said before we've all been kids and to be separated from your parents. I mean, psychologically wounded, and I'm just saying folks that tell you create the conditions the very conditions where these kids are gonna turn to gangs life, a crime or worse. We've always been taught that you should treat people how you want to be treated, and if the shoe were on the other foot, folks, I wonder I wonder how they would feel about it you give respect and you get respect. It's it's not complicated. Well, it so easy to become numb to all of this. I mean, we hear at the news day in day out. But these are real lives that are affected in not justified for the the next day or two for for life. These are real lives that are being affected here. And. For me. There's so much Donald Trump. Does they keeps me burning from within? You know, the just the the anger that I feel that this show is a way that I can sit down and I can spread the gospel. If you will on what he's doing and why it's wrong why it's wrong. And just today on morning, Joe. I don't know if you saw today but on morning, Joe, Joe Scarborough, he lit that flame in my heart again when he compared the methods used by Trump's degration policy to the Nazis, and I just wanna say, absolutely. I mean, Joe you're spot on. This is something that the Nazis. Did we know they did this they separated families, and then they gassed them to death because? This immigration tactic. That Donald Trump is is doing right now this immigration tactic, which he thinks is I mean, and he said that it's basically trying to dissuade them from coming into our borders in applying for a silent. Even this tactic has more in common with the Nazi regime than it has with our country. The United States of America such keep pushing that Joe we need more pushback and evidently the White House. Here's it. They're complaining about what you've said. But it's kind of they hear it. It's in one side LT other type of hearing. And you know, you just really make my dreams come true, folks. Donald trump. I mean, oh, well, I mean it just it's endless. It's just endless. But hang on there. I'm going to be right back with something else. Well, folks. Whoops. I don't know if you heard about this. But Michael Cohen is going to earn the nickname of flipper. That's I'm gonna have to call him flipper. Remember that show that was on TV? Wow. Flipper flipper flipper. What a show. They called him flipper. Well. We'll lives in a world full of wonder and old Michael Cohen here. I've got some interesting stuff today. You know, the FBI just recovered seven hundred thirty one pages of messages and calls from Michael, Coen's blackberry. That's that's a lot. And I'm sure there's going to be more coming out. This is coming to us from Gizmodo dot com. And other reporter is AJ Dellinger this came out today June fifteenth, and the article goes into say that the F B, I just got its hands on a whole lot of Michael Coen's encrypted communications in a letter submitted Friday today, the United States attorney's office revealed that it obtained a treasure trove of messages and call logs from a blackberry that belonged to Michael to president Donald Trump's personal attorney. In according to the letter, the FBI they were able to recover seven hundred thirty one pages worth of conversations from encrypted messaging services. And evidently, he was using something. What's app? What's app in another one called signal. Which it submitted to be reviewed as evidence the FBI did. And the agency was also able to reconstruct sixteen pages of documents that were discovered in shredding machine. When it executed that search warrant all the way back in April sixteen pages, somebody painstakingly put those back together. Oh my gosh. What patience? What patience? It would take. Wealthy FBI has still attempting to extract information from a second black berry that was taken during the sweep of Cohen's home, his office and hotel room and the US attorney's office didn't provider nest minutes to how much more information may be coming from that device, but it did note in the letter to the judge was Kimba Wood that it recovered approximately three hundred fifteen megabytes of data from one blackberry. And the government was advised that the FBI's original electronic extraction of data from telephones did not capture content related to encrypted messaging application. Such as what's happened signal. The letter stated, but the FBI is now they got it. They give enough time. The FBI come up with it. And that's evidently, exactly what they've done and the information recovered from the blackberry was handed over to Cohen and his team of attorneys on Friday today. And he'll be given until June twenty fifth to review all of those materials and claimed protected status on any of the messages protected status client, attorney privilege that kind of thing and those claims will be reviewed by the special master Barbara Jones, who is retired judge that's been assigned the case. So the FBI's latest recovery adds to the already massive pile of data collected from Cohen's devices and iphones in an ipad, a total of two hundred ninety one thousand items were collected from those devices, and it just goes on and on and folks in a wet if that's not enough on Thursday yesterday. Michael Cohen asked to California judge to issue a gag order against Michael avenue. Audie who we know is stormy Daniels lawyer because Michael Cohen claimed that it was depriving him his talk. Michael app. Noughties talk on all these different shows was depriving him of his right to a fair trial make him stop it. And meanwhile, today Trump said that Michael Cohen isn't his personal lawyer anymore, and he's not spoken to my goal and a very long time. And that he Donald Trump had done nothing wrong as we know he says that every chance he gets. But Trump did say that he always liked Michael. And that is sort of a kiss blown from afar. Michael cohen. But is that to be enough to keep Michael from flipping? I always liked Michael Donald Trump said I always liked Michael is that going to be enough to keep Michael Cohen from flipping. Well factor this in folks when we're talking about Michael Cohen flipping up to now Coen's three man legal team that he's got current reviewing the information the FBI gleaned from rating his home his apartment and his office part of these legal bills from this three man legal team. And sometimes even at work guys on the team, depending on what data they're looking at. It's all well, not all of it's being paid. But a large portion of its being paid by the Trump family in according to a New York Times article on June thirteenth Cohen is disputing payment to these lawyers, and he plans on firing these lawyers after they wrap up the review of data from the FBI raid. And again, this was eight boxes of paper. Now, we're up to about thirty cell phones. According to the New York Times, thirty cell phones. God. I've said this before I mean, you don't have thirty cellphones. If if you're just doing your daily business, it's hard to have thirty cell phones. I mean, you don't have thirty cellphones unless you're up to no good. No good. An addition to that he's got pads and computers. And as we just learned today that also clues encrypted communications from the blackberry that were just cracked. Oh, boy, it's really going to we're going to see some stuff here shortly. I think for Michael Cohen. But what grade timing? Really? I mean, if he's gonna flip. If Michael Cohen is going to flip. He fires the Trump paid attorneys. He cuts that line, you know. And then, you know, then he flips. It. Sure feels like it. I mean, it sounds like it's going that way. I mean, what a bombshell that would be what of bond show. My gosh. Oh, well, hang right in there. I've got some more stuff coming right up. Well, Donald Trump. If you're wondering what I'm doing here. I'm just kind of club clubbing down some of my green tea glove in that down in normally it's it's normally coffee, but again, this is a little bit later. It's getting later. So it's green tea, but Trump head a really busy week last week. I mean, he was spinning round round here nonstop he he started off with trashing the G seven our allies. And did you catch all of that? Oh my gosh. I've never seen such drama why on the drama. Why does he have to be so dramatic? I mean, I don't get it. Why all the drama? I mean, come out here to the mid west Donald Trump, and we'll show you how to tone that drama down. We don't do drama out here. For the most part. Do you have that dramatic Senator Stephen King? God don't get me. Started. But oh my gosh. The G seven trashed the meeting. He basically trashed the meeting. And. Then you've got his advisor Larry cudlow last Sunday. He accused the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of undermining the US and its allies with common city made at the g seven summit Kudlow said it was betrayal. And that's what he said on the state of the union and even Trump then lashed out at Trudeau for what he said were false statements had a news conference in said, the US would not endure endorse the g seven communique. A joint communique from all the nations he would not endorse it. We're not going to do it just because it would traduced said, and it's kind of on clear, which of Trudeau statements. Trump was calling false. We do know that Trudeau said in the news conference Saturday that Canada will move forward with retalitary retaliatory measures on July first in response to the Trump administration's decision to impose tariffs on steel aluminum imports from Canada, the European Union along with Mexico. So they're gonna move forward. Here we go. They're going to move forward with their version of the retaliation. And just and said just introduce said that I've made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish in doing. But it's something that we absolutely will. Do Canadians were polite were reasonable, but we're also not going to be pushed around. In with that my friends. That's exactly why in how trade wars don't work. They become a tit for tat scenario with each side, ramping up the rhetoric, and the trade were escalates and consumers always lose and the Donald Trump. These consumers are voters when you make them lose. They're not gonna forget it even angle Merckel of Germany said on last Sunday night, we won't allow ourselves to be ripped off again. And again, we will act to. You know, trade wars American consumers, they're gonna end up paying more for goods, and they're not going to forget it. When I go to the polls American farmers lose because the tariffs are too high and raise the prices of their products, and therefore they make their products too expensive. It's a lose lose situation. Folks were hitting right in that direction. Just like the Titanic. Everybody loses in a trade war. So that statement from Justin Trudeau is all it took to get these kind of statements from. Trump's administration, you know, his advisors and one of the statements was Trudeau did a great disservice to the whole G seven. He really kind of stabbed us in the back Kudlow said, and then cut low went off, and and you know, unfortunately, he had a heart attack shortly thereafter, he's still kicking. But just about blew a gasket. Then you've got another one. That's not enough. I'm not even bringing up Rudy Giuliani that but you've got Peter Navarro who's Trump's trade advisor? I think he's a nutcase. He directed a series of stinks. Stinging comments at Trudeau on Fox News Sunday life Sunday. And he said, can you believe what he said there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages and bad faith diplomacy with president Donald J Trump and then tries to stab them in the back on the way out the door. Yeah. So Trump trashes the g seven meeting in at the same time Russia in China, folks. They're meeting at the same time, and they're basically slapping each other's backs on Hello west and their allies or enter freefall. And folks, I think at this moment there, right? I mean. The allies. Basically, it's it you can call it a free fall, and according to axios dot com while the g seven meeting was being trashed by Donald Trump Chinese leaders sheaths Jinping and Putin from Russia met Beijing, and we're having a big laugh about how the west and their allies are in freefall, according to axios. Both Putin in z are surprised and shocked by the repetitive of the US decline. And Russia and China are looking to take advantage of the Trump lead mayhem. It's that bad, folks. Our worst nightmares of Trump dissolving are friendships forged over one hundred years. It's all coming true. And then as we know Trump went on to meet with Kim Jong UN of North Korea. But if I may I second here folks, if I can just assume the personality of Donald Trump. And although it was great. I just have to say L, though, it was great that he at least Trump's at least sat down with Kim Jong Hoon. I will say that. But if I can assume. The personality of Donald Trump. What would John l- Trump have said if Obama had done this? What would he have set? Trump would have criticized the whole meeting with Kim Jong own as a nothing burger with. No beef remember going back. I mean, some of you may not remember or have been around during this time for him. But if you remember back the late eighties. Those those ads for Wendy's those ads when they had Clara Pelter looking at a big fat bun. In nothing was there. I mean, she saying where's the beef? Remember that wears leaf. Yeah. Donald trump. Where's the beef? What the heck? I mean, the whole agreement lack substance it was full of holes on any verification of denuclearizing North Korea. And basic, basically so full of holes that it won't hold any water. I mean, if there's anything to clap about it's basically just that the two are simply talking. Yeah. That's good. But it that's it. I'm sorry. But that meeting was yesterday's news. We're going to bang on Scott Pruitt next. He's coming right up. Just hang on their Scott Pruitt. I'ma bang on you something fierce. Yeah. Scott Pruitt, you making my dreams come true too. And I don't know if you saw it. This is a new report from the New York Times today June fifteenth. And. Kind of an interesting, you know, it just never ends. It just never ends with this guy. I mean, how much is it gonna take Donald Trump? How much how much more are you going to have to hear about Scott Pruitt? And you keep looking the other way yourself on everything that he's done how much more is it gonna take? Well, according to the New York Times today, June fifteenth senior staffers at the PA frequently felt pressured by Scott Pruitt to help and personal matters in obtained special favors for his family with one staff for noting that Pruitt has a clear sense of entitlement about the perks. He should get as cabinet member. He feels entitled to this DS, folks. And here's the list, there's three things from the New York Times. The first one is Mr. Pruitt shortly after taking the EPA job. He reached out to the former speaker of the Virginia house of delegates seeking help for his daughter. Mckenna. In securing admission to the university of Virginia law school of law. William hell, the former speaker. Appears on Mr. Pruitt's IPE official, by the way EPA calendar. And he confirmed in an interview that he was approached by Mr. Pruitt and subsequently wrote a letter to the school's dean on the daughters behalf nasty. I mean, just pulling strings all over the place just because he can't I mean how much more. And number two. Scott Pruitt was getting his daughter an internship at the White House. An internship at the White House. Good night. In separately. At least three EPA staff. Members were dispatched to help miss put obtain a somber a summer internship at the White House. The both current and former staff members have said and Kevin chimps ski who was Mr. Pruitt's deputy chief of staff for operations until February when he was fired recalled a conversation last year when Mr. Pruitt instructed him and other top aides to see what you can do see what you can do about getting an internship for my daughter, which is by the way, highly competitive and prize post in Washington and surprise miss pro was selected as an intern last summer. The third point tickets to sporting events and FaceTime with players beforehand. Mr. Pruitt also had a staff include various sporting events in his schedule which included bring his considerable considerable EPA security detail with them the current and former aides have said among the sporting events helped arrange for Pruitt among the sporting events that aids helped arrange for Mr. Pruitt to attend were to Washington nationals baseball games, including one on July fifth when they negotiated access for Mr. Pruitt to the team's batting practice before scheduled matchup with the New York Mets, according to e mails obtained by the Sierra Club. Thanks for taking my call this morning, if we could range for administrator Pruitt to come to batting practice before July fifth game that would be wonderful Madeline Morris than an EPA aide wrote an Email to the nationals vice president for. For community engagement, Gregory McCarthy that would be wonderful in general, the what Scott Pruitt's doing here folks in general. He's trying to leave the lifestyle of a person whose net worth is many multiples of his he's he's about as should be, you know, just middle class. I mean when you look at it. He's just simply middle class. But he's trying to lift lifestyle will the person who's net worth as many multiples of his according to aides who spoke to the times Pruitt told them that he expected a certain standard of living. I can to a wealthier Trump cabinet members gave the impression that he saw them as footsoldiers achieving that lifestyle. The problem here is that is noted in the article was that he's not a billionaire. But he thinks he is. He thinks he has, you know, it's just it's just itchy. I mean, no matter which way I look at Scott Pruitt. It's revolting. You know, it's it just turns your stomach in all Republicans. They they just seem to look the other way. They just look the other way like they've always been doing. They just stick their head in the sand. Go ahead and do that if you must, but it's not going to end until some Republican stand up and say they've had enough of Scott, Pruitt and deem him to be fired demand him to be fired. I mean, he he needs to go. And folks, here's another great deed that Scott Pruitt is doing right now. And this would came out just yesterday. And Scott Pruitt is putting a legal proposal on Trump's desk. Actually, he did that day. He put a proposal on Trump's desk to date at your manically skill back Obama's regulations on water pollution, and you know, it just continues. If it's got Obama's name on it till matter, how common sense it is without even looking at it. They just wanted to go, and here's one that he just put on Trump's desk today to scale back Obama era regulations on water pollution. In folks, this is a significant rollback in both size and scope in on Monday. This coming Monday, look for this one. Scott Pruitt is expected to publish another major change. And he plans to gut Obama's rule to reduce client warming pollution. It's going to be a rule to reduce climate warming pollution from vehicle tail pipes. And you could look for that bombshell coming out on Monday. Well, well done you little toad Scott Pruitt well done. Oh my gosh. Kind of reminds me of the three stooges you know, what you know, better than that. Scott pruitt. Do I know? Yeah. Get ahead of here. We'll folks I'm gonna leave you on a good note. We've actually got I don't know if you saw this this came out actually on June six, and I've been meaning to kind of throw this out there, but something something encouraging here, and this is coming to us from Melissa Healy wrote this article from the Los Angeles Times, and it's called a cancer breakthrough. That is encouraging and it's cold immunotherapy many of you know, what that is in its writting patients of advanced breast cancer. And I'm just going to give you the pertinent bits of this article here, and you can look it up more detail if you'd like, but in the all all hands I'll effort to harness the powers of the immune system to fight cancer. Scientists have reported that a new approach has eliminated all evidence of advanced stage breast cancer in a forty nine year old woman who had run out of treatment options only forty nine years old. The patients complete durable cancer regression Fulda single infusion a single infusion of her own immune cells, which were painstakingly chosen for their ability to recognize fight her tumors. And then expanded into an army of nearly one hundred billion identical cells. So they found the ones that were fighting her tumor, and they expand those into a hundred billion identical sells more than three years later. The patient whose name is Judy Perkins is not only alive, but she seemingly cancer-free according to a report published last Monday in the journal nature medicine. And she says, I've definitely hit the jackpot here. Judy Perkins said yes, you have Judy aim. We're happy happy that you have. And I hope this holds a lot of promise for a lot of folks out there. It's about time. It's about damn time. And Judy is a retired engineer from port Saint, Lucie, Florida. Not too far from where I'm from down in West Palm Beach, and she's out there. They shore in a kayak. She's having a great time and she's smiling, and she's cancer free. So let's hope this is something folks that you know, we can point to to save some lives. We've all lost somebody from from cancer. No doubt. Maybe this is something that's gonna turn the pages. Interesting stuff. Well, folks, again, I wanna thank you for listening to us here, and again, we'll be back here shortly. And again, this is the you make my dreams come true cover, and it's from the Philip FOX band, you can find him on you. Who? Sorry, YouTube you can find them on you. Thanks for listening. And again, you can reach us arrest and culture. Radar g mill dot com. And I wanna thank you for listening. My name is Frank ever sold. The look for you next time.

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S3-10 Jeff Jackson  Destroy All Monsters  Literary Mystery

Charlotte Readers Podcast

1:07:33 hr | 2 years ago

S3-10 Jeff Jackson Destroy All Monsters Literary Mystery

"Welcome the charlotte region podcast or authors give voice to the written words this is the show we made charlotte area authors and those who visit the queen city who here they're made their work shoulders podcast is part of the queen city podcast network a collection of locally based locally produced locally focus podcast did you could take anywhere and listen to what you're on pace regretful tire season three sponsors parker books in charlotte mecklenburg library per helping local authors and those it is the queen city give voice to the written words it's parker books is the oldest in only independent bookstore charlotte with a welcoming staff ready to help you find your next great reid stores right there in the park road shopping centre with the big blue letters show memory library services in central connector of a thriving community of readers leaders and learners twenty locations and a twenty four hour online presence their mission is to improve labs and build a strong community this shows recorded in the wellequipped podcast studio avin co working right here in the belmont community near uptown charlotte it's working space remembers who liked to collaborate and be creative you'll find links and information about this episode in the show notes at our website charlotte readers podcast dot com but enough with the pro long let's get to the stories i'm your host landis way thank you for listening in today's episode we made jeff jackson his latest book destroy all must have just been called the last rotten in denmark is called a book that surges with new century anxiety and paranoia a clear a stone cold vision and pushed the book deals with an epidemic of violence sweeping the country were small punk rock bands were the targets it's literally mystery of music at the core in fittingly it as a sign in a sad day you actually have to flip the book over to rain in alternative track the same story after jeff wrote the book he joined a punk rock the new here a few of the halting lyrics in this ban songs on the show just starts burst on the scene industrial nasr's where bustling q of teenagers wraps along the buildings parameter bodies press type people claim on their territory it's the night the music comes home that's how the concert is built on the red flyers plaster along the telephone poles leading to arcadia the notice is a company cars through the few blocks of dive bars all night diners an ethnic restaurants they constitute the ragged downtown drivers cruise the streets in search of parking spaces gliding past ticket holders streaming toured the show and they onlookers loitering under streetlights normally people come here to make the most of their hours away from jobs the wheelhouse wheelchair factory the tire warehouses and construction gigs this crowd is flocked here for the homecoming chauvel local band of songs have gone viral their attention is rebutted on the theater it's facade lit up like a beacon bustling to of teenagers wraps around the buildings perimeter bodies press tight dickey reclaim their territory they've camped out on the sidewalk for hours dress light in anticipation patient spring weather has arrived a sampling of what passes for an underground seen in his conservative industrial city the strip mall goths the mud metal heads the blue collar rivers the jaded is seats to consider themselves be on category everyone in line has imagined tonight they could crack open and transform their dreary realities this is it just jackson is a novelist play right visual you'll artist and songwriter the second novel destroy all masters received rave reviews the new york times washington post loss angeles times and npr pitchfork chosen is one of the best music the two thousand eighteen is novella and nobody saw just published is limited edition part book selected for best of two thousand sixteen list in by the reactor introduced its first novel mirror corporate published in two thousand thirteen stylish but a loss angeles town look prize featured on numerous best of the year this is short fishing disappeared numerous publications and he's a playwright a six place heels and then if they are you in his sippy at several fellowships jeff fucking shit glad to be here yeah so destroy all nasr's were gonna do some more rating from this during the show here today but before we do that i'd like to talk about a before this book a you were living in new york city right yeah lived in new york for october thirteen years went in while you were you're enough yet that's right so how did you get from new york city of charlotte and i guess you'd call charlotte home now i call charlotte home event here about twelve years now in charlotte to so charlotte's definitely home 'em what's the difference in the writing life in new york and running in charlotte well the the writing life in charlotte have a lot more time for it arca one of the reasons for leaving new york was even though i love the city and i love living there so expensive and there is so much hustling that needs to be done to pay the bills it there is very little time from my own writing and i really reached this point where i felt like i could be a writer or it could be a new yorker and i couldn't be both and moving the charlotte which is sort of the lower cost of living and just having being you'll have more free time for writing a huge actually a two weeks after i moved here i started writing my first novel miracle pora 'em before that in new york i've been writing short stories you started out with with short stories and you're mirror corporate book was well received tell us tell us about the first book yes so that first book was written a written here in charlotte it took me a long time to write it was about four to five years a of writing it and it's a book the traces of some sort of a runaway kid over his life from ages about eight through eighteen and sort of the different a sort of different adventures he has a slightly hallucinatory dreamlike book and he encounters sort of colonies of feral children and crispy cream that in you're writing yeah yeah no there there are some teams it's sort of an image is a passer out a passer at all the books for sure and that was one of the the sort of what got it started it's almost like you a parody and you're stash there when you're writing some of this stuff yeah it's has that quality a little bit too yeah yeah well i like i like i like things that have a slightly surreal quality to them i like things are grounded in reality but they have some dream logic to them so they're they're sort of operating both ways at the same time they're not completely fantastical but did they also have something that's heightened to them and to me i mean especially given the world we're living in right now on timmy that sort of feels more true to my own experiences where you wrote a another i suppose is villanova psa is there yeah yeah no beside which is a which is in avella that was a partly the original draft of a mirror corporeal is much much longer than what was published and there's a lot of material that i ended up cutting and some of it ended up fashioning into this avella novi side and there's a lot of new material and it sort of very very much sort of rican seat but it's also the sort of sister book yeah well i didn't hadn't read mira corporate i've written notice a red destroying monsters nobody thought i read just one morning quickly you kind of get into it you catch your attention and you're wondering about this world which she's been blown up right yeah so that that's the noise that is definitely sort of most apocalyptic of things i've written in sort of in some ways probably a year the most fantastical all right well i'm gonna have you just give the raiders a little bit of what's going on in this world which if you look at the cover there's a kid on the car with his hands in his pockets but part of his heads cut off in the picture yeah yeah it's a photograph the top is been ripped off by a kind of symbolic of the time that he's living through i suppose yeah yeah there's a lot about sort of photographs in the book and memories and things not quite being complete so you would pick up the pace twentyfive and what you just three a little bit and then i'm gonna have you been one of the section just just runs like it's a short piece but it gives a a feel for what's going on here okay so yeah this is a page twentyfive this the narrator here has been a his friends have gathered at this hotel and there they believed at the end of the world is coming very soon and so they're they're gathered in waiting for it maybe the moon is full tonight because my mind is racing i can't fall asleep i never get a pass through this lumbering bodies and slip outside side into the night air i climbed the fire escape to the hotel roof and find hank smoking by the cruise line you passes me the joining together we stare at it the broken grid of scattered light the constitutes the city you know he says that everything briefing on this is kinda 'perfect here i say heck nods this is are moment he says in the distance restarted by the clattering british shaven explosion we searched the landscape for some signs of the blast but there's nothing just the winning echo what if it's not end ask the sound must have shook something loose inside me because i wasn't expecting these words to rise to the surface hank stubs out the joints in the middle railing and toss it tosses it over the side spoken like a true survivor he says i always suspected you're the heartiest cockroach among us you'll out last assault won't you turn away ambushed by the unexpected note of bitterness i'm not like that i mumble relaxing says you're feeling when i'm talking to you about this stuff drapes his arm around my shoulder listen you've been on the street longest he says i know you understand importance of what we're doing here what this all means sure i say but i'm not sure that i do think leans into the night is feature swallow buddy intermittent blackness don't worry he says it'll be the end all right one way or another all right jeff there's a line in here the kind of jimmy and maybe think this this one character is gonna outlast arrest a suspect in the heartiest cockroach rich among us can't survive they apocalypse except the cockroach right yeah that's right that's right absolutely a now as you as you go through this book i mean those are things happen to these people but in a world that's you know bereft of humanity and you know things a little is left it looks like a you know the serbian wars after the just bombed everything some extent yeah absolutely 'em i want you to readjust even shorter piece a firm when the main character finds himself along its own page sixty three yeah so this is all the all the narrators friends have a sort of disappeared gone different ways and he's still at the hotel i still have some of their closed the smell of must be perfume sweet sweat and spicy deodorant clings to each outfit a sad but intoxicating mix on sunny afternoons i casually empty the closets and climb onto the roof of the blue hotel hanging these remnants along the criss crossing wires of the clothesline an assortment of hanks t shirts blues blouses lena stresses caches slacks marcus is boxer shorts they're suspended so i can see the shapes of the bodies they once contained the closure my signal to my friends at it's okay to return it's been months since i've seen any of them stubbornly remained a soul resident of the hotel figuring somebody has to stay put if there's any chance you're going to reunite or maybe this is more like a seance i laid back on the roof and stare at these reanimated artifacts as the wrinkles and pleats shift in the warm breeze i feel less lonely the rest of the day outfits conjures whispers of far away conversations the scenes of a shirt catch the golden light brightening the warn threads hold the fabric together until they resemble shining sutures so jeff you got a real larry quality here in in a very dark environment and i'm just curious as to how you put yourself into a position to think in a way to write about something like nobody saw something like that honestly comes fairly naturally i'm not really i'm not a hundred percent sure sort of where a fishing so these ideas comes from but under news is camped out somewhere yeah yeah no it's camped out somewhere i mean i was related to david lynch shoes you know such a genial person and make such dark art if people would ask me where where do these ideas come from the just say you know my my amuses in the darkness and i think that's just tends to be in general sort of where a where my work gets its energy from but it's also you know it's important for me within the sort of darker subject matter there's a lot of tenderness that there moments of connection there are moments of community now you write about and you know young adults teenagers young adults you're going through conflict and a senator corker as well as another saw yeah and then you bring that forward industrial destroy a masters because in the piece that you wrote at the beginning of the show a you're talking about you know a bunch of teenagers standing outside waiting to get into music venue and you described him as a strip mall gosh i'm on metal middle as the blue collar ravers the bathtub shooting pucks ajay does that mean so you know these people sure sure i mean you know they're they're 'em you know there's all sorts of different subcultures out there i am also playing a mixing up some subcultures for the book they're they're not so many modern metal heads probably up there but but there were few what is the modern overhead anyway someone a someone who's in the metal who has a sort of modest static to a in the mix is is that we're gonna talk about you're sort of entry into the puck world before the show's over sure yeah but back to destroy all masters of just just a moment let's talk about of the book itself 'em where did the idea for this book interview remind the idea came from a from an image had about ten years ago a lot of these folks are very slow just dating and they start sort of my new books and and had the image of this a small time band being shot on stage by member of the audience and in a release or small dingy club and that image just sort of kept kept germinating i kept thinking about what if this sort of became an epidemic of shootings across the country answer that was a those images that i that i followed in creating destroy monsters one of the somewhat alarming things about writing this book is that when i first heard it was a very sort of surreal idea this idea of shootings happening in music venues and realities really caught up to a caught up to the book with a shooting at the bottom line in france and other things like that and it's been a bit unnerving the right one in florida one in florida one in vegas i guess 'em you know just start out with something that felt very surreal on that ended up realities ended up catching up to it somewhat how did it feel put it out there did you feel like you're were you at all has spent about any of that narrative in any way after after the shooting took place in a different venues when i did you know it made me look closely about sort of how i was writing the violence 'em and just sort of make sure that i felt like i was doing it in an ethical way it was sort of a check on that but but no i mean i still felt i you know i still i still sore back the book that i felt like it was important for the book to be out there and that didn't that didn't change anything but it was it did sort of change how it's been read by readers and that's a that's and interesting and whether inside cover says it's an epidemic of violence the sweeping the country musicians were being murdered on stage in the middle of their set by members of the audience where these random copycat killings or something more sinister work so it's a mystery to some extent yeah no it's a mystery i mean it some people call it a crime novel which is interesting you know there is there is a sort of a question what's causing the epidemic what's causing these different shooters in different parts of the country it's actually and it's not just gun violence to there's a there's knives there's bonds were causing you know what's behind these killers in what they're doing and that's definitely one of the things that sort of moves the plot ford in different characters have different series on that as the book a move along almost feel like i need to go back and read it again because i might have missed and things along the way it's not a traditional mystery in it that you're stepping alongside inspector right to tourists to whether it maybe that's typical mystery about the parole for a brochure crusoes now we know what it is right so okay let's talk about the title destroying monsters yet so the title comes from 'em inspired both by there's an old godzilla movie called destroy all monsters and there's also mcconnell got joe is not undercover 'em you know maybe maybe on morning edition i got joe on the cover but neither is rooted in a but it's also the name of eight of at punk band from detroit that was this sort of infamous sort of art rock band and included a number of people went on to become famous artists like jim sean kelly in kerry lauren 'em and i liked the title because cause it was has a very sort of rock and roll energy to it but also sort of begs the question is you're reading the book like who were the monsters like that's one of the enemy and questions i think 'em the readers a sort of like the detroit rock bands that ban had a very sort of pulpy a exterior to what they were doing there is also very there's something very sort of fine art beneath it and sort of sort of similar to this book like it has a a you know a real sort of hopefully per pulse a plot and a little bit of a poll be sort of crime mystery story but there's also like a lot of literary quality sort of you know beneath the surface jim yeah and i'm looking at the cover art here did you have a part in that we've got a picture here of it could be you know young woman or young man standing up short crop a little bit hearing a gun point will say the fingernails now so maybe this woman yeah so yeah it's deliver say yeah yeah i know it's a young woman our that i'm not sure it could have been occupying the spring to that's true that's true 'em they a the publisher had most of the control over the cover i did ask if they would make it a young woman because a young woman is the main character in the story is any so that was important to me that that sort of that she be represented or you know some figure that would suggest her presence be on the be on the cover but yeah it was important to me also the east side in the b side the book has two sides like an old vinyl single or you know i i was getting to the they unconventional a look here i mean yeah to covers relate to each other yeah yeah it's gonna flip it over yeah i've got a flip it over here it's not just partying part b in the book is you're eating you gotta turn the book over to sleep in on the backside and i'm just noticing this you see a female someone a woman feedback and the and the gun smoking yeah right writer writer we've had a lot of killings on sunday so network and explore sort of a different reality also yeah yeah i mean i want it also it sort of suggest that 'em cy day like they ideally should reach cy day first and then reach side being suicide aj is sort of like before inside be suggested in after and sort of all so hopefully gives a little clue to the reader that like start website i know we don't we shouldn't read it in reverse the top found secret meeting should be like i mean they can't it's design revolution i know it's it is the book is designed so that it should work from either direction if you read it from from either side ureter from you'll find a surprise on the flip side but i think it definitely works best if you read it from side day inside be in some ways if you you know if you're interested in doing reread it might actually work really interesting read start start wayside beef rereading really confused but let's talk about the dedication tation 'em i look and i look in the books they also become a show their dedication usually a to a family member a friend or something in your case a i was a little surprised to see the dedication was to johnny ace what you described as the first rock and roll casually yeah yeah it's hard talk about that so yeah society ethic is dedicated to johnny isn't johnny's was a early rock and roll singer and one of the first rock and roll figures the meta tragic death on he had had a number of hits and on christmas eve after a concert one night he was challenge to a game of russian roulette and he took the bad any lost and shot himself and the song he had just recorded days before that happened is this a really ghostly ballad called pledging my love and that song immediately went to number one and sort of made him a legend so he's one of the first people to die of violent death in rockets were it become a legend because of it and that song pledging my love is thought to be haunted song the bad things happen and the people that cover that song in fact it was the last sunday elvis recorded before he died and so while i made up a lot of band names in the book i actually used the real song pledging my love and the book and it's important to have that the chinese and pledging my love inside day sort of be like the one actual real song and it plays a real important plot point in the book okay well let's just read a little bit more from destroying mobsters so this section begin this section is narrated by by any who's a the main character destroyer monsters it was as if i knew it was going to happen adult feeling of dread had been gathering the signs were getting harder to ignore at the end of the street i discovered a drum kit at the bottom of overgrown ravine piece by piece someone who hurled at down the steep precipice an abandoned it there a base drum snare and symbols were scattered and the shallow string bed surrounded by tango vines rocks and fallen branches subtly routing the flow of the rippling water my first thought wasn't a marvel at this strange sight but you wonder why the rest of the band's equipment was missing i told my boyfriend sean about it but he didn't see any deeper significance semi said there's probably some angry kid who didn't like his birthday present it looked expensive i said like a set of peru might play something about this image made sean laugh is any said drummers practically pharaoh the best ones already been housebroken maybe that's just the guys new practice face i tried to shake it off but i kept thinking about how much change in arcadia isn't said met sean over the past three years they economy tanked and the wheelchair factory shut down the karma light rifles moved away the cash in on their success and it wasn't long before several of the city's best musicians followed their leed betting their fortunes elsewhere the music scenes heyday feted like adult mirage nobody was surprised arcadia is only record's store closed its doors outside the broken ear owner lift piles of record's cassettes and compact discs free for the taking taking weeks after the locks were changed and the windows covered with construction permits the stacks remained untouched blackening and the weather the clubs were still doing business but there wasn't much excitement now around the shows most most local musicians have little ambition low standards less taste the bands at used a stun audiences and rampage across the stage the conic parkway jerusalem crickets the forty fees at all broken up their their members branched off in dozens of musical directions forming projects it felt increasingly detach from their origins part of a family tree mediocrity nobody in the scene played for any stakes people came together in night to get drunk and share gossip and hook up but the songs met less and less house collecting more music never in my computer but i rarely listen to it i realize i was getting more pleasure from amassing the files and actually playing them it's been hours obsessive lee accumulating an artist entire discography then promptly forget about it for months whenever i manages spin my newly acquired songs they rarely came across his more the modest diversions this hard to make myself believe any of it mattered more troubling even my favorite music was barely able to hold me in its way one afternoon kerry my hard drive full of songs through the streets of the routine i let the plastic device drop and watched it crean down the weed choked embankment and crash into the creek below the better black rectangle wrested at the bottom of the stream surrounded by the rusted drum kit this punctured snare drum which now a nest for a family of sparrows several open reds routes peak from the spider lift ride grass embed twigs waiting to be fed that night i dreamed you're gonna group of boys emerging out of the darkness following a pass through the woods when after these other the boy the shave scott all the boys scraggly beard the boy with a black over could these children instrument bone flute rattling gourd stick strong with a single metallic wire there's a strange determination to their lurching steps as they is if they were in a trance as they came closer it became clear that they were covered in mud they're closed and faces caked in this stuff rather it was blood a wet redness refused the shimmering the dim light obscured everything except the boys list stairs their eyes white orbs detach shape apps and jeff passan good example the dream sequencing that you do in the book in i think you're i mean you're bringing up something here that actually kinda curious through the book a little bit when we get into these different music venues and there's some uncertainty about what's gonna happen and you're looking at the faces of all the people there there's if they know something's gonna happen but they're drawn to it anyway right yeah yeah yeah so tell us this just tell the listeners a little bit about some of the character xenia who's narrative you just read a somewhat of a troubled youth a but she connects with a person who's in a band yeah she connects with a with sean who becomes a becomes her boyfriend and she someone who's really obsessed with music and goes to shows a lot but 'em isn't someone who's ever been in a band or anything like that but she loves music and it resonates with the yeah absolutely absolutely and then you have another character which survived a yeah yeah so there's a there's a there's also a so there's so there's as any end sean her boyfriend there's also florian who is shawn's a best friend growing up and he and sean had been in bans a for a long time together together and they sort of gone their own separate ways and now they're in separate bands and then there's also a eddie who sort of the unofficial manager a flurry in stand and he someone who becomes involved with us any sort of down the down the line so just give the listeners a little bit of feel about what's going on in these hellish circumstances rallied up to him and heavy reid from a day one day nine of the book yeah so this is a sort of the beginning of the epidemic the democrats also also narrated by any day one nobody paid much attention today account on the news the first killing but it made me feverish with anticipation and dread i felt dizzy is i listened to the port of what happened hundreds of miles way my forehead with daughter would droplets of sweat sean couldn't help noticing how distracted i've become as we sat there together and the couch i stare at the television screen long after he turned it off jenny said are you okay i tried to nod my head but my body wouldn't respond so pale he said what's the matter sean is genuinely concerned he rubbed my cold hands tried to stimulate some circulation i'm one of the talent but as overwhelmed by the multiplying images of violence rattling through my mind the teenage boy walking into the local battle of the bands and the rented veterans hall and pulling out of hand gun in the shot squarely the group onstage the drummer temples backward office stool there's blood on the wall another bullet brings elite singer to his knees there's a hole in his chest but he reaches the scattering crowd arms extended is if he's trying to say something i needed to be alone i went upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom i sat on the floor and wait if they unsettling visions to subside then they turned on the shower usually loved seeing while i washed i built out tunes lyrics half remember the sound of my voice obscured by the rush of water an echo of the ceramic tiles but this time i remained under the health in stream until it ran ice cold until my fingerprints vanishing the folds of puckering skin only open my mouth let it filled with water letting it overflow until it felt like i was about to choke day nine bandra being shot in the middle of their performances all across the country the noise duo at the law party in the pacific northwest the garage rockers at the tavern in the new england suburbs the jam band in the auditorium on the edge of the midwestern prairie the bluegrass revivalists at the coffeehouse in the deep south there is never any fanfare the killer simply walked into the clubs took out their weapons and started firing everybody was slow to call it an epidemic they didn't wanna believe these deaths were connected i tried to discuss it with my co workers at the diner but they were active with raised eyebrows inside way stairs treating me like the customer singer who only order glass of chocolate milk in claimed birds were trying to communicate with him they keep following me he'd say they never shut their filthy mouth i kept my ideas to myself even though it was clear the killers mark acting in isolation it was as if they'd all been infected by the same idea they seem to be obeying the same subconscious marching orders somehow i knew each act of violence as a prelude to another the night before each new shooting i find myself closing the curtains throughout the house and pacing figure eights in the bedroom carpet without understanding why these events seem like something plucked from my most disturbing daydreams whenever i thought about the bodies of the dead musicians my mind went blank which is some kind of message i blew the dust off my old tarot deck elite a black cloth on the kitchen table table cut the cards and arranged from each shirt cannon illustrated with alerted lurid gothic lines no matter how many times i shuffled dumb i would always come fronted by the catastrophic image of the tower lightning striking a stone structure fire leaping from the windows human figures tumbling through space felt like a spell cast giving shape this something formless floating in the air part of me worried somehow i'd unleashed it is if i accidentally honored in incantation in my sleep suggest that gives us a sense of the violence and how you perpetrator in the book i wanna ask you about some other pieces the book here structure where you got you got these little 'em sort of sad interludes the but you do from time to time to talk about that a second what what is part of the part of it was so the book start to this epidemic of killings across the country and then be on the killings wind down an epidemic 'em seems the end and we stay in the town of arcadia and there's some what happens is that there is a invitation for a band play a tribute concert to those who've been killed in arcadia and the band is trying to decide whether they wanna do that or not and 'em afraid the epidemic might not be over and so it's sort of a at alternates the book alternates it's a bit betweens any point of view and florence point of view and i thought as a way to sort of punctuate that it'd be nice to have some interludes would almost sort of like a musical function a little rest between them and their these sections called the birds that are a sort of like little pros pollens about about birdsong on that also that also really really back to the story bird sort of birds birdsong all of that please unimportant parts were throughout the book all right well when we come back we're gonna talk a little bit about the dream sequence onside be we're gonna find out how jeff joined the band and here a little bit of his music and they were gonna get some adjusts just writing advice albany my on a bit of humor in what he has said oh and also they opted author segment so stay with us we'll be right back hey listeners i guess some news about the podcast and so events happening this month would you like to 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the book over and you start throwing the backside tell us again a little bit and will be leading in this dream sequence which comes in what was in your mind about this be a i know from my recollection i see some things happening differently frankly that happened on a at least in the minds of some of the care yeah no no it definitely it's a i really want it not to be just sort of seeing the same events from a different characters point of view i really wanted to sort of service in alternate history of the book and so of what you read inside age so the fates of certain characters are are switched on even the genders of certain characters are switched and there's some key scenes that happen on inside be the don't happen inside at i thought were really sort of emotionally important a jet portray there's a there's a scene of the funeral there's a scene of some of the kids confronting one of the possible killers and so they're sort of like some very different traumatic things and it happened and it really offer is sort of a a mirror world version of what you read in inside day and then as we get toward the end of said be in the dream sequence the theaters doors were flung opening you find yourself standing on the cusp of assurance the parade of killers is assembled behind you clutching their weapons there vacant expressions of wedding you're talking about so yes aside be sort of ends with a with a dream and it's a dream that has been it's a dream but both sean ends any both shared in his dream the other characters in the book 'em have shared is well sort of this almost sort of communal dream and so i wrote it in a second person point of view and they you sort of warning it also become readers streaming in a certain way it's i sort of thought of it as a it's almost like the book is dreaming at this point and you're sort of entering the dream of the book along with the characters and hopefully it sort of becomes everyone's dream and it it draws together a lot of imagery a man even phrases that are inside a day on and something he's encountered inside be in sort of brings him altogether and this news sort of remixed sort of dream state so normally when you think of representing a book to a publisher publisher even one that you're gonna publish herself you think about point of view what am i gonna choose first person third person close second person whenever you seem to have next to a lot of different point of view using their end and you know an editor could say that doesn't mean did you have any pushback from all the different mechanism argues i was i was lucky a that my editor a publishing house were very a i think they're really understood the book and really supportive of it and so it was fine in and it was also i mean i tried to be really really thoughtful about when i was changing point of view 'em and suicide be does have some written in the second person point of view and it's also partly to really make it feel different from side age do you know all right so you write a book about a punk rock band and then you join a band yes or is very unexpected have never been in a band before and i had finished writing this book and my friend jeremy fisher asked me if i would write some lyrics were some music the he had a he had written and i said i would give it a try it wasn't a super enthusiastic about it but i really liked jeremy so and i would actually wasn't able to do it i wasn't able to a to write lyrics just sort of exactly fit what he had it was really difficult because it was like writing a crossword puzzle in a language i didn't know but i was able to write this release some sort of very simple sets of lyrics and i was able to improvise melodies over some music he had and we were able that way to sort of create a series of songs and i was mainly initially writing them as something for jeremy dissing an after we've done it for a while jeremy said i don't really wanna sing and you've been singing these things we've been creating them so you should be you should be the singer so maybe i should have had you sending somebody destroy no no no now these but us so yes it's the band a sort of formed at the band is called julian calendar so i'm one of the singers there's another woman hannah hundley also sings here in charlotte play here in charlotte we played a number of shows we have a and now we recorded courted an album that is up on spotify in band camp called parallel collage and i can be downloaded or stream free in were actually were working on a bunch of new recordings right now i was there any heston see about being on stage with a punk punk rock band after the story you told industrial monsters how certainly absolutely we have this vision of someone walking in the door or you're off the it's well it's just a very it's a strange thing i mean a number of the clubs industrial monsters are inspired fire by clubs in charlotte 'em one of them a one of the climactic scene takes place in this club that's based on the milestone here in charlotte and when we played are second show at the milestone it was very strange to be stepping on that stage because when i had written the book there's zero percent chance at i'd never before be performing music on that stage and it was odd just suddenly find myself in that position so you're you're lyrics we've got a couple of songs they were gonna play some some of and just a minute but i'm looking at the lyrics and whatever song solid spraying you're kind of painting a dark landscape here it almost looks like if you could reader's poll in a few more singing some extent that one that one is one of the more poetic ones i've written now you were you were you a poet at one time or is never a power play right i'm yeah right off the list you're short stories not oppose not a poet a songwriter no yeah well look i think songwriting is closer the theater because what really matters is how it sounds allowed 'em and it's not about how it works on the page and so i take my theater experience of sort of understanding what lines were coming out of actors now just been really helpful for a writing song lyrics man almost sounds like it could be you know the part of this particular so there's a love the shared a love lost between the sharpest razor and the lenders wrist there's a painting of pain the pain of bliss a feeling becoming something new salience praying i mean it yeah yeah yeah yeah you know there's definitely there's definitely some of a little thing in there and see her personality in there for sure surface specially especially in that in that first yeah okay tell us about the road because of replay that in just a minute so that's the very first song that i created a were jeremy and it's something that sort of felt together very quickly i was really interested in writing something they used a few words as possible to sort of convey something 'em and it's a it's a song about someone driving to go see a to go see someone that they they love and just sort of finding themselves in a in a dark place ordering it both literally and metaphorically let's play a little bit of that knowledge is moving those satellites to pass a new a little sad day school trolling trolling drawn into a dry to to instrumental in a in a movie star in the new job in a and he's rude to me in our cicero's who would suggest there are too many lyrics in this particular song right no no it's it's very it's very spare a half past midnight both headlights going did but i'm driving but i'm driving anyway the road is in dark enough for me and then you repeat that refrain right yeah and the road leads me to you what what were you thinking about when you wrote a was thinking about a i i wish i had been actually driving and seen someone at night driving their their headlights out thinking like it's a rather alarming image very maybe the dmv could use this is service announcement in an interesting one but i i like the idea of you know being desperate to see someone and a driving under those conditions and this idea that you know it's dark but even that darkness isn't enough that sort of like maybe you're going to see some water do something that you know you shouldn't be doing but you're sort of like you're embracing the that darkness and you're instead of being afraid of it you're actually wanting more of it talks about lithuania will play a little bit of that so lithuania 'em was inspired by some friends and some friends parents this sort of idea of coming a leaving her home country and a coming to another place and having bad in that new place for so long that a that sort of you're culture and you're language that you originally came from trump starts to peel foreign to you that starts to feel almost inaccessible to you a long long oh a oh no no i will be there when all those lower i do know that i should say fine trying things all the time i'm sure she knew her around a no no no there's no for we're all time again habits then no a new the guy who has been a go signing a new a new legs a five to a a max nine oh man is the new black cy okay having just heard that song song jeff you got this refrain in here single file single file home is the new x a talking about that oh well i think that to me that sort of related to this idea of you know you're new home in a immigrating from someplace and feeling like you're in exile but also to the idea of a i think so much of what's happening in this country where suddenly start to feel like the country you thought you knew is changed around you so much that you feel like you're in exile in your own your own placed it felt like home do you have any desire to go back to new yorker you comfortable being here in charlotte i i do i do miss new york times for sure but i tripped yeah yeah yeah the the nice thing about doing a theater up in new york has it been able to go go up for a few weeks at a time and get my new york fix and then come back here all right when our gonna do something jeff we called the author author so we have a couple of authors from previous seasons you have a few questions i'm a throw at you a talker say a short story writer and a poet whatsoever wards with is writing a he has a couple of questions he says the places we lift could affect are riding profound found ways how the places you've were shut your writing yeah i think they i think for the different landscapes of lift in have definitely had a really profound impact on my writing 'em both i when i lived in new york one of the places i liberals in dumbo on vinegar hill area which was really this area those really run down and full of like rotting cobblestone streets and abandoned factories and things like that and it's just really actually incredibly beautiful place and i know that like seeped into a seeped into my writing i grew up in her rupa which is a really a sort of desert a sort of landscape of an island apart from the beaches i know that landscape has a lot to do with it you know high surf seeped into my writing as well a lot of my extended family comes from appalachia comes from the mountains so i know that's where the woods and the mound road also played an important part in in my writing you had a scene in the woods and the story almost right right yeah yeah yeah the two scenes in the woods and israel's monsters sure yeah i know that that's had a powerful pulling my imagination a pause harasses their particular author authors of the most influential a mean there's a there's a couple a one would be a dime delillo i really love the way that he writes a did he write sentences 'em and just sort of the way he's able to take things that are happening in current events and and twist them into stories feel somewhat timeless 'em the writer dennis cooper's another big influence the way really compressors pros and the way he's able to make simple sentences make them profound like he's able to get a lot of meaning out of very sort of seemingly simple phrase is the way put them together and there's this on gary and writer this woman a good christoph and the way she 'em structure books 'em is it's been real influential particularly securely for destroying monsters and so have another officer here author gary powell he has worked me read online and in print and many literate journals and he's also his first novel is called lucky bastard published by mystery rag and he's got a collection out code getting even know the stories has a couple of questions here in one of them is who is the first time he introduced herself as a writer and editor feel oh that's a good question i i think for most writers it's sort of a you know it's a slippery it's an odd awkward thing to do and a a i you know i don't remember i think because they probably with like it sort of went in offense and starts like a sometimes introduce myself as a writer and then like four months i wouldn't again and then you then try it out you know as a as a writer and then you know back off a you know i mean in some ways it wasn't until until the first book mira corporeal is published that i felt comfortable doing that the short stories don't count well you know it's sort of what counts in your mind and what you're willing to say allowed okay all right well that that kind of leads into another question is how do or how you how did you deal with rejection how'd you how'd you do that oh yeah well i mean rejection i think is constant sort of no matter what state you're at in your career no matter what kind of great reviews you got on a previous oh yeah no rejection comes along a what is it duty sucky is a writer well it's really it's really hard to accede this row monsters even after the success miracle for a did pretty well is a finalist for the los angeles times book prize but into the longtime defined a publisher british royal monsters like the success of that first book i didn't totally didn't make the path the publication of his throw monsters a whole lot easier which i was really surprised to find and it was really just trying to dig in and try and have faith in the book and have faith in the project but you know it's it's tough it's definitely a it's a it's a tough thing last question from we're in windsor favorite place in time to write a it's a good question i tend to tend to work better sort of in the late afternoon for some reason 'em and i really i've gone away to a number of a writing colonies over the years and residents ease and there's one in virginia in particular that i really enjoy writing out there is something about being other sort of sink into the writing over a couple of weeks that makes it really really enjoyable are jeff but one of the things we do on the show sometimes is a day authors dispense rotting advice and i think you've got a little bit you're gonna share with the listeners here so i put together some writing advice for a free site called the the fans in and said this a somewhat tongue in cheek is what i came up with here and it's a little introduction everybody hates writing advice but people can't seem to stop giving it clearly a new better myself when flannery o'connor was asked she worried that writing programs were stifling writer she responded they don't stifle enough of them there's many a bestseller that could have been prevented by good teacher and so in that spirit a visa deesor a my writing tips and so there are other numbers here there are twenty five of them number one try not to start number two the best idea is no idea number three misunderstand herself number for for every sentences in you doubt number five follow the bread crumble false memories number six avoid telling avoid showing now you're getting somewhere number seven cultivate character's will lie to you or better yet leiden selves number eight the best narrator is one who is almost in audible transcribed the mummers that you can't quite hear number nine study structure by falling asleep in the middle of movies number ten wall yourself inside the story each the new brick oxygen running low number eleven the last sentence if you're story should echo back to the first sentence of the very first thing you ever wrote number twelve epiphany tiffany is the last refuge of the scoundrel number thirteen become bored by her own dreams number fourteen more in authenticity number fifteen when he finally reached the truth then you'll know you've been heading in the wrong direction number sixteen treat the reader likable loved relative on life support prepared a pull the plug number seventeen ghost right yourself number eighteen disappear into you're work then maker work disappear number nineteen avoiding adjectives good avoiding adverbs is better avoiding words is best number twenty the destination doesn't count and the journey doesn't exist number twenty one feel empty so you're reader doesn't have to number twenty two is there enough absence number twenty three delete the first and last sentence of the story delete everything in between don't worry you're almost on number twenty four put no words were there are no words a number twentyfive publish only as a last resort are jeff i'm over here try not to laugh as you're eating rigging the segment you know we've got so many self help books i got so many books teaching us how to ride and finally we got some that's really helpful right right i try i try to make that very practical you'll you'll never have any stress is a writer if you follow all of these right yeah absolutely shot at the start a and i like this because there's all these articles out there about will should you show too much detail cheat and you shouldn't should you know whatever you said a voice your voice showing now you're getting some of the voice eight or then the and then you go in one ear kind of near corporate kind of mentality is wall yourselves inside the store each word nubrik auction running low riders this this is the last thing you can do yeah yeah and then as you get toward the end a just delete the first so bless and have you ever had that feeling relatives which we felt like he needed delete first and last and everything in between i definitely i definitely had that feeling yeah yeah there's sundays sundays writing worthy the word count ends up by the negative a you know sometimes that's the the best possible outcome yeah 'em this is inching ghost rogers a feel empty so you reader doesn't have to do you think writers sometimes feel empty as if they don't know whether people are listening oh sure sure absolutely absolutely but i do think sometimes people trying a sometimes feel too much on the page perhaps in this number twentyfive it's kind of a because of the struggle the writers and you know it first hand the writers go through the put together a novel you know just the heart and the time in the sweat and tears publish only as a last resort sometimes people probably like that right 'em but on the on the flip side if there were some advice that you would get from your own experience it wasn't a tongue in cheek do you have just warner to nuggets a the sheer from your own experience i mean the one of the problems is writing advice and one of the one of the reasons i server that colorado so much of it just sounds so banal you know like oh you should reid more well of course marvel movie yeah and you know things like things like that i mean for what advice would you give yourself do you have sort of a sudden you follow the keeps you in the game keeps you fresh the keeps you thinking about i mean this thing any one of the things i try this really one of the questions i tried ask myself when i'm running my own work is just really simple is like on my board like and really trying like not defined what i'm writing to interesting and try convince my you know trying let the writing sort of really hold me along until let myself be easily board by what i right so that i can improve it and make it better and hopefully make it as interesting as possible the reader and you know always have a reason for the reader to turn the page or flip the book a slower flip the book over and upside down and reads day on reid the second seed the other side of yeah well jeff you're writing is anything but boring it's a it's engaging pulls you man and you have great literary quality work tell us tell us where we can find you're books so a destroy all monsters a can be found at park road books a at a at amazon barnes and noble anyplace place of books are sold same thing with my first book americorps pora a the novella novi side is actually only available through the publisher who's a publisher called the publishers called kitty punk so if you put in novi sodden jeff jackson it'll come when you order directly from his site a firm keep on website and he's extra base in france but he's ships overseas and he takes pay pal and credit cards and all that so you make it harder just really want it yeah it's a little it's a little bit of a little bit more of an art objectives printed on blue paper at a feature some original artwork by the artist michael salerno so it is that it's a limited edition to so a so if you're interested yeah it is a little bit harder to get a for those who for those who want it it's accessible and you have a website yet have a website called the death of literature dot com just the just the optimistic happening here i am well you know d a i was very optimistic about how many jeff jackson's of reclaimed website demands a really he doesn't believe in one hundred and forty five yeah dot e d u you know a surrogate insane so i would have been happy to be jesse jackson writer dot com or something like that but just about every permutation of my name has been taken will now a lotta times writer so let's talk about what they're working on now but you you're still in the middle of promoting destroy a masters but he has some ideas of yeah my work i am working on something new i have about a draft about eighty pages of something going on and it's a it's a bit different from destroying monsters and what came before it not not totally but on our press and they all over the edge of we're just trying to you know try to keep myself interest sort of see where you were things were leading in each book sort of it's different demands different things it seems to seems to need from me so they're working people listen to her band and so julian calendar are recor can be found on a band camp and could also be found on spotify and we were serving a little hiatus right now for recording but starting in may and june will be playing around charlotte clubs like snuck harbor and the milestone in patras and places like that are owned by the time this episode comes out in marriage gene they'll they'll hear that and there were together all right perfect hey hey jeff thanks love spending time with us today alistair my pleasure thanks so much well that's it for today now the author giving voice to the written word next week's episode we make greg gerald pastor community activists saxophonist and author of the arrest of la melodic true story of his life in port charlotte community misunderstood in austin ignored by the movers and shakers in the queen city it's not about to be taken logging one white person without becoming a bit uncomfortable at times in greg pushes us in a good way see race in poverty and ways we weren't taught invites everyone has to walk the streets in the neighborhood knew if you like the show please tell your friends and please leave a review when apple podcast reviews elect the gasoline drive traffic to the podcast subscribe to the podcast which is free on apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast a social media links if you're into that sort of thing rather website shrubbery podcast dot com cs feedback were not different ought to be on the show you can email us or contact page on the website and authors walking dismissing me on the show when they offer page you sign up for our email list at our website thank you for that we will give you a free e the work of fiction written by you're host the by the way if you do sign up for email list we promised not to spam that takes way too much time would just send you a periodic updates the show please don't forget are sponsors park read books and sean

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

5:01:00 hr | 9 months ago

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"I like knowing that you can basically raised as long as you want. But also knowing that it's a result based business and if if you don't get the job done there are a million guys waiting to take your place. I mean like you said it's it's a tough sport especially with just how much it cost in all about partnerships in so You know it's not just about performance on the fact that it's about keeping partners and thinking partner is in in. That's a complete team. Collaboration but thankfully Disturbing man and being you know. I feel like this. This is a sport in particular aware experience that helped performance where a lot other sports and things like us help performance and so the more get to do it the better be getting at and that's that helps you keep the job. No doubt a couple more questions. For nascar's michael mcdowell speaking of grizzled vets derek cope sixty two years old is going to be racing in the daytona. Five hundred. he wanted back in. Nineteen ninety and You know one more last. Go around but yeah. This guy isn't getting off the couch. He has been doing some racing. So what's that like because this guy was you know you probably looked up to him as a little kid. That's pretty wild master. Hope i'm able to do that You know kind of what i think about when stuff like that but Yeah good for him. He's in great shape. He's healthy You know he's in sports and he's never really left escorting team ownership word just consultants that he's been around Like i said even good health him. 'cause they're making sure that we also saw a year You know it's such a memorable twenty twenty for for good and for bad with the pandemic but we also saw the rise of a lot of social justice issues and we saw. I think was very cool. How in nascar got bubble wallace's back and some of the messages he was trying to deliver as well and and you guys really are pretty close. Fraternity aren't you. I think that we are a lot of. It is just because you know if you think about are there. Major sports is might play eighteen once or twice a year two or three times depending on the place. You know particularly team more often but it's the same group every weekend. It's the same guy who racing against the same crew members and so we just kind of like a big traveling circus and Until you get everybody in the garage. Not just competitive. But you know you guys with me. I've been in sport over ten years so a lot of the guys that have moved on to different teams. And you know you just a big family. So i think that it's You know a unique sport in that aspect that we're always altogether and Important to yeah and you talk about moving onto different teams as well. i think. A lot of Racecar fans we. We see you. We know you but all of a sudden the you're a different number on your car and waiting for a different team. And that's something. I think unless you're a real nascar net that we kinda take for granted the skimpy your fifth year with Front row motor sports. What's that relationship like. Because sometimes when a team drops you might not find another one yeah for sure and and I really enjoy being a part of a plot and about being a close friend of mine and You have a lot similarity very like minded and i think we're of on this journey of growing and getting better together so it's been a great relationship and you know i hope i got my career continued to grow and build it and johnson went and larry and the deal and I'm very happy with what i bet you. I you know. Five to seven years in the sport was just kinda koran hanging out for life and now you know how to a deal with a great team owner making big gains. And so you know it's fun to be a part of that very cool last question for you up here in the bay area and In cinema we have the the road course of course and we have another one this year. We talked about on the schedule. But i like asking drivers about the wroval charlotte. Because i think for. I think it's cool to watch. You know you're on an oval. And what the heck's this or on a road course and even though it might be a pain it's adapt or lose right so you have to embrace it. Don't you very interesting because you know there's a lot of drivers that you know kinda critique or criticize the role i enjoy and like you said it's you know it's not a traditional real. Of course we all know that but it kind of reminds me of. Yeah you know street course and it all and and i always went upstream eighteen. Those are temporary. Yeah downtown concrete kind of young all and you know i feel like the role has that fetal like And so it's a good ray cooper talented. I mean it really is a challenge and You know. I feel like there's probably three or four more tracks available on the schedule that we currently goes to the next years. A couple more very bulletin. Speaking with michael mcdowell in the number thirty four love's travel stops ford mustang sports michael. Thanks for being on the show. Best of luck in tana and for the whole season every bit all right. I'm rick it will take a quick break and we'll come back sports talk. Don't even recognize myself anymore. I'm really worried about him. Is addiction I haven't seen them like this ever. I never wanted to start using. I knew the drill. But i was out of options. I just wanna tell them. It's not your fault there. Are people out there who can help. People have felt your pain. They know what you're going through. This has to stop. I'm losing everything everyone you've been strong your whole life. You can do this but you have to reach out for help. It's time i can do. This addiction is a disease and diseases. New treatment call quick drugs three two one now at eight hundred three three eight six nine zero six eight hundred three three eight six nine zero six. That's eight hundred. 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That's eight five five. Three to five seven teen eighty. I need you to listen to me. I know that a lot of times. It might not seem like. I'm listening to you but i am. I hear you and what you've seen really doesn't matter to me. I mean let's be honest. No kid likes rules. But i get why we have them. I hear you. And i know it's because you care all the talks we've had over the years including what you've told me about not using alcohol and other drugs they stick with me and believe it or not they really do make a difference especially at times matter months nothing some good so thank you for talking and preparing me for what the heck thanks mom for. Never giving up and always being my biggest fan. Thank you for letting me know what you expect. So i can try to meet your expectations for more information about talking with your kids about underage use of alcohol and other drugs. Visit underage drinking dodd samsa dot. Now you see the evil always try them. Because he's dumb rick tittle always goes commando a thank you for that and welcome back to the show rick tuttle with you an open segment for your calls. If you'd like to participate at one eight hundred eight seven a play the third hour. We'll be free and clear Coming up next we will have a walmart guest and that'll be the ceo of a new seven seven football. You know. we did so much with three ice. I interviewed literally every head coach and the commissioner of three is over the pace of several months space of several months. I should say and Today i was talking to a friend that i hadn't heard of it. Of course i've heard of it up side down inside out and he's like that sounds stupid. Like sounds kinda cool to me. But i realized that that's going to be the initial reaction to any type of new league right at first. It's like this is stupid. So you say seven on seven football. This stupid i dunno. Maybe it'd be fun. Open up your mind. Someone who has his mind wide open apparently has aaron rodgers. Which you wouldn't think would be the way. And by the way how about matt lafleur two years on the job two years to the nfc title game but not feeling very well. I mean when you got smoked by the forty niners last year. And it's like okay. Well you know we're close. Let's use that first round. Pick to get over the hump. No they move up and they get a quarterback for the future so now aaron rodgers and he's been doing this for a couple of weeks now he's just a little bit more whatever you wanna call it anything from the pendulum of petulant to diplomatic. Because he has come within one victory of going to the super bowl two years ago but there might not be a chance for a third straight title game appearance after that. Five point loss because When he was asked about is future remember he called it. The beautiful mystery a few days ago they said. Are you going to beat the packers. Next year. he said quote. I don't know. I really don't know there's a lot of unknowns going into this offseason now i'm gonna have to take some time away for sure and just clear my head and just kinda see what's going on with everything. It's pretty tough right now. Especially thinking about the guys that may or may not be here next year. That makes the finality of it. All kind of hit you like a ton of bricks and quote. The packers had so many chances in that game brady throws like back-back interceptions. One was just dead duck horrible. Pass the other one ticked off of my kevin's hands. Same guy by the way jarod alexander both times the packers go three and out and at that point i kind of stopped having any type of sympathy your defense gets you back to back picks and you go three and out twice. I don't think he deserves a win here. Especially when your quarterback won't run dan and especially when you're coach ulta field goal even down by eight. But if you don't buy nine. That kicked the fila goal. Because you're going to need it either way i would have still gone for the touchdown inside the ten yard line. But if you want to go that way all right you're right. You need the field goal. take it now. It's a chip. Shot out the defense hunker down. And the reason you'd say the reason i say. Go for the touchdown because if you get if they stop you get them on the eight if you kick off. They're going to get at. What the twenty five thirty. So it's just it's just dumb all era it's done but remember when you think about roster turnover. Well i mean who's leaving. Aaron jones all right but aaron rodgers concluded a lot of guys futures are uncertain myself included. That's what's sad about it getting this far. The uncertainties is tough. The finality of it. All this is what's weird though. Aaron rodgers is under contract for three more years but if they do on a trade him they can save a lot of cash. Would i give as raider found fan of first round. Pick for aaron rodgers. yes. Would i give up. Two first round picks aaron rodgers. Yes and i don't trade. I picks the raiders should have taken him fifteen years ago but they didn't fourteen years ago. Whatever it was they did not. But i'll give you like may i. I'm talking him. I'll give you our next two first round picks for aaron rodgers because he's thirty seven and i think he's got three at least three excellent ears. Excellent he's going to be the mvp. Tom brady was the mvp at forty added. He do this year. So that's what i would do. But i mean it's pretty insane that a guy who's under contract through the twenty twenty three seasons saying yeah. I don't know what's going to happen to me. it's pouty and it's also a stupid. I love aaron rodgers talent. But he's a little bit weird. And i mean that in not so much. I guess maybe was dealings with his family. Who last time. I heard they're they're kind of not talking. But that's okay. One eight hundred eight seven. I played just think about football in the fact that antonio brown is going to the super bowl think about that. He missed the game yesterday but he'll be back. And what if antonio brown becomes the super bowl. Mvp you know. This was a guy who had a survey game suspension i. He wasn't even suspended. He was just on the list. Like we don't even know what we're gonna hit you with. What even the punishment is or he will even take you on. So then he gets his game suspension. Then he signs. With the box four touchdown catches in the second half of the season. had a fifth career postseason touchdown pass on that went over washington. Remember that doesn't it seem like two months ago they played. Wt f or w f t in the playoffs and as much as. We heard that. Tom brady got a half million dollar bonus for getting to the super bowl which is well worth it. Totally well worth it. If the buccaneers win the super bowl this is according to adam schefter. Espn obviously if the buccaneers when the super bowl antonio brown gets seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. A little incentive right there regardless of what happens. Ian rapoport of the nfl network says that they're already wanting him back next year. Why is that well. Tom brady is going to be back next year. Remember he signed a two year deal. And it's Antonio brown as part of the all decade team Of the nfl twenty tens. As tom brady and antonio brown did get to super bowl As a rookie with pittsburgh and they lost to apprehension aaron rodgers at twelve years ago now a long time ago. Whatever maybe not that one these these teams start thinking of the saints. Whatever it is antonio brown year lost to the green bay packers. But you know this is the way the world works you know. They say life's not fair right. That a guy like that is going to get a ring. Hey now aaron rodgers was always very open with the fact that he wanted him and why would it. Why wouldn't he you know. I don't i don't see you know he's like all just past him and he'll get open that's going to be fun. One more thing about the game. We did see that. Former number one overall pick eric fisher get hurt in the game and it looked like something kind of innocuous didn't really fall awkwardly. That's usually what happens when you tear your achilles and unfortunately He has for him. he's torn achilles. He's is out for year and the other offensive tackle. Michael schwartz is on injured reserve. So if you wanna start looking about advantages and disadvantages pattern mahomes is not gonna have either tackle at least neither starting tackle. Will we see jared velde dear. Hey wouldn't that be amazing. Can he. I think he was practice. Squad can share advil dear signed with the chiefs. You heard it here. First folks andy. Reid get on the horn. And talk to jared belvedere all right. We'll talk more football a little seven on seven style. Come back more straight talk from straight. 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Hr two thousand nineteen visit indeed dot com slash credit. And get a seventy five dollars credit for your first job. Post terms and conditions apply playoffs playoffs. You kidding me playoffs. I hope we can win. A game. rick tittle eighty two hundred chicken wings at your mama's house last night now. Back to fat boy all right to thank for that i think. Welcome back to the show and we are coast to coast and around the globe on american forces radio network as well. It's our pleasure to walk into the show who's who is the ceo of the seven on seven football league. The a seven f l which this year is expanding to thirty two teams center. Welcome to the show and someone who played high school in college football in the eighties I remember seven on seven. Meant get outta here. You fat lineman. We're going to throw the ball. We're getting people who can run. I know that's kind of but it's it's the excitement. That's what you guys are concentrating on the the big home run plays right well first off great to be with you rick. I appreciate the chance to introduce a seven f l and you know this isn't your Granddad football this is the kind of football that At the same time. Everybody has played in their youth in the backyards and in the parks Of course we have some key rule changes and And it makes our game just super exciting. We don't even kick the ball in our game we do throw off. We have a Exciting play most exciting play in sports is called are three on one throw off and we do that for special teams And at the same time it's super exciting and entertaining and and people love it. Tell us more about the three on one throw off. What is that a hundred one. Throw off our Version of special teams to elevate the safety in our sport. And that's a key factor of the a seven s l. Are rule changes to elevate safety. Including when you take off the helmets and the hard pad you elevate head safety because you don't have the repetitive head to head hits like you have with helmets and traditional football So in the three hundred one. We have three on the throwing team at one on the receiving so it makes for some amazing place. And then you also don't have the crack back blocks in the blindsides That are some of the most dangerous and football. And that's what i think. We should really be stress. This football like. I used to play growing up at the park. We play tackle football but we didn't have pads. This isn't flag football. This is still tackle football right right. That's right it's still tackle football. No helmets full-contact and And of course you'll still have the typical type of football injuries But in a lot of ways we elevate the head safety for our players and we've actually did a study on that with the new jersey institute of technology that Anybody can look and when you say it's not your grandfather's football. I mean you realize that and where your demo is and i think about social media and twitter and facebook and you you really have gotten a great response from that younger dumbo on social media haven't you. That's exactly right. Our demographic two times that of the nfl. Excuse me when it comes to eighteen to thirty. Four year olds so very young audience and And our game speaks to them because it's not the typical Commentating it's something really unique and And of course our athletes they all have amazing story so let's talk about expanding to thirty two teams which as we know the same number that the the nfl has You're going to be New jersey maryland. Florida san diego as well right correct. Yeah with that expansion we're we're seeing Some of the biggest growth year over year in the league and we anticipate moving forward will be expanding quickly into new regions including las vegas la Oh even in ohio and in texas of course the home of football so where do you play the game. I mean obviously you have thirty two different venues are you in a medium size like the high school division to division one stadia. Where do you play. Great question Though yeah we've been in a combination of high school stadiums and believe it or not. Minor league baseball stadiums so our game v Perfectly within the family atmosphere No field goal so we don't have any kicking and our feel the width in our game. It's actually a little bit shorter. The length is the same as the full hundred twenty yards with the end zones but the with is shrunk to accommodate the seven on seven and that works great in the baseball stadium. We call them baseball football doubleheaders and those are some of the partnerships Like we did last year with the new jersey. Jackals couple more questions for senator corker the same of a seven f. l. so these players go both ways offense defense. A lot of the players go both ways but the roster is up to thirty guys so teams are are more developed now and and And have you know players on individually on both sides now as we know it was anything Getting you know. A high profile person in the league you've been getting some shoutouts Snoop dogg dion sanders What's that like to get that type of stuff to raise the profile. it's a it's a real blessing. It's amazing anti testament to the sport They know our athletes are the real deal and and and we're producing this from the grassroots. So there isn't it multimillions of dollars or big bucks behind it at this point. We're just starting to raise investment Across the country with small investors we have over five hundred investors on star engine and anybody can look us up and find us there We've raised over three hundred thousand so far and now we're expanding the league Like we sat and we want to Bring a seven. I felt so regions across the country. And we're regional game we're telling the story of regional stars and and bringing them in the end to a national championship and and the national playoff and championship. What what is the plan for that. Do you have a neutral venue for your championship game. Right now we're we'll be Flying and travelling out our teams from san diego and orlando And maryland bring them to new jersey for the championship. Very good so a lot of people listening might say well you know no pads kind of sounds like rugby a little bit. You did get something of a shout from the all blacks erin. funny Biggest rugby team in the world Saw going on sportscenter recently one of our star athletes and their highlights caught sportscenter. Espn's attention and the all blacks time in Vodafone warriors. And i'll tell you there's always been a rivalry between rugby and a seven s l. And it's you know who actually owns no pads football. I mean we own no pets. American football and americans for the most part we. Don't you know. Rugby is still a new game to us. It's more of an emerging sport than a seven fell. I would say We are real football but just in a faster paced action and for the and for the new and young audience and and on a lot of these mobile devices so cutting edge. I might be getting a little ahead of myself when it comes to scale ability like i said you you know you're you said you're still expanding in the united states but you mentioned the social media that is worldwide and i know from having coached football in london up twenty years ago. There's just such a thirst especially from the europeans for football as well. Do you see this being that. Since you don't have to have a fancy field and all the fancy gear and expensive helmets that this could go international. Exactly that's exactly right and no pads no helmets. Low costs seven on seven less people to travel for all of these reasons and the number of others including the key factor of the safety element. How we're elevating safety. These are all Benefits and positives for the international community. And we're starting to have those discussions and of course we're focused on our us expansion right now and as with any league no matter what sport the sport is getting the tv deal is is usual and that will come in time if it's successful but right now how do people this especially during these pandemic times. How do people watch the games. So we are on tv so a combination of tv and digital On eleven sports which is carried on direct tv verizon and an at and t. and and and on digital with facebook and twitch We are working on expanding our distribution so So you know. We want everyone to stay tuned for this season. And and how to catch us and you can always visit a seven. Nfl dot com for the latest news and information. And then how do we go. Are you at the pace now. Or you're starting to get a website where you're dealing merch and hoodies and hats and jerseys or is that down the road. That is this season With the introduction of our thirty two teams this season. We're doing a brand refresh and we'll have all of the cure and merch available for fans So it's going to be spectacular and I wanna thank some of our sponsors. If i could real quick because along the way they've been vital to our success Number one We had second skull which was a soft padded skullcap. You'll see our guys wearing that in our games. So that's the extent of what you'll see in terms of a helmet in the seminar so It is for incidental contact and those type of things and And then of course wanna thank eleven sports on tv and distribution partner and they've been amazing last question for you. Do you have a nor cal team. What's because i need a team. What's the closest one to the bay area. So san diego right now. And we're working on la with snoop dogg fingers crossed right. I never had a team in san diego before until now what's their nickname we have. We have eight teams so in our san diego division. We have teams from the The san diego predators And the tridents we have. Actually we just launched these teams. So they're they're You know their brand new they have amazing logos and they're really teams. You can get behind. And and they speak to the community and the naval heritage and and You know that's what we're doing here is we're building teams for the communities. No doubt love the three pronged spear of the try dance and it's pro yelm as well forty-five dennis recommended. Hey listen we've been speaking with senator or cusack. The ceo of the new seven seven football league a seven fell. Where do we go online to learn more. So you'll go to a seven f. L. dot com to learn more about the league. And i'd like you to go if you're interested in investing and helping us to expand to start engine dot com slash a seven f. l. Sounds good center. Keep touch man. Congratulations on the league. Thank you guys is a pleasure being with you. I'm rick tuttle. We'll take a quick break in camelback on sports. Violence attention timeshare owners. 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Carol burnett it'll be all open lines at one. Eight hundred eight seventy play. Speaking of the super bowl as the small choate's nfl season has one more game laughed. We did get the full. Two hundred and sixty five regular season games. Got all the playoff games so far we did find out though that the buccaneers who will be in their home stadium. First time ever a team will be doing that. Like i needed an advantage Twenty thousand fans will be allowed in the stands but only fourteen thousand five hundred will actually have tickets. The other ones will be given Getting in free of charge seven thousand five hundred vaccinated healthcare workers who are in the tampa area. Which means that's very cool for the nfl. Do that but it also means that seven thousand five hundred tampa fans right. How many of those people are chiefs fans. I'll say three three will. Jeez the rest will all be tampa fans. Now i know in the niners played the dolphins at stanford stadium. Some people said it was a home game. I it's not. It's a good hour from candlestick. Yes it's pretty damn close and it was played in that fog. Dan marino's only super bowl but That's an advantage. But anyway i think that is pretty cool for Those people to get in freeze. They deserve it but the remaining fourteen thousand five hundred. Those are all going to be corporate seats. When are they not just corporate seats. Armor kittle. listen to my podcast called corporate seats and come back for another hour on byline. You're listening to the hot use. Feed radio network at live. Hot land. Use fee dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by us follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's a new election investigation at lisa brady fox news. A government watchdog takes a second log at possible interference from within the government. Fox's jared halpern is live in washington. The justice department's inspector general look into whether doj officials engaged in an improper attempt to alter the outcome of twenty presidential election. Inspector general michael horowitz says his investigation concerns to conduct a former and current justice department officials will not extend to other government officials. The new york times reported a former assistant attorney general discussed the plan with former president trump to remove the acting. Ag to challenge the presidential race former. Attorney general william bar resisted calls to question the election outcome saying there was no evidence of widespread election fraud lisa jared president biden signing more executive orders today one of them reversing president trump's decision to limit transgender service in the military one of the republican senators who still weighing how to vote in an upcoming impeachment. Trial says he will not seek reelection next year. Ohio senator rob portman noting. His thirty years of public service saying he looks forward to focusing on legislative efforts for the next two instead of fundraising and campaigning. One pharmaceutical giant is dropping out of the race for more covert vaccines merck announces. It will not continue research or development on two different candidate. Vaccines for coronavirus disease. Drugmaker says that while they're formulas intended to be a single dose vaccine showed promise clinical data reveals it's not generating a high enough level of immunity to compete with existing. Incoming vaccines merck insists. No test subjects showed an adverse effect brown company plans to focus instead on cova treatments. Cova numbers improving enough in california to lift the state's regional stay at home orders going back a county based system. America is listening to fox news videos of police car driving into a crowd in washington state over the weekend sparking into coma and some confrontations was demanding that officer involved in the incident. Saturday night be fired they also migrated over to the pierce county jail and they're they demanded that all the inmates be released. Police did make to arrests of people who are armed and wearing all black tactical riot gear ski masks. Police say they were seeing trying to pick a lock to gain access to a building rooftop. The man was armed with a handgun. The woman had double bladed knives and batons. They were booked on suspicion of first degree burglary oxygen springer in seattle. The saturday night incident remains under investigation. Two people were injured. Police said the officer was responding to reports of people blocking an intersection when the car was surrounded and that he feared for his life but they have not directly defended his actions and arrest made in indianapolis deadly attack that left several people dead. Indianapolis say a juvenile male is in custody custody awaiting charges for what mayor joe hog set called sunday act of evil in our city. The killings of six people in a north east indianapolis home including a thirteen year old girl in a nineteen year old woman along with her unborn child. It has shooting that we're told was not random. No motive announced a new identity of the juvenile suspect which could change if he's wave to adult court. Jeff monosso fox news. Uk just reporting is lowest number of new covert infections since mid december as lockdown restrictions. Continue their still growing concern. Though about new strains found in the uk in south africa president biden expected to formally reinstate travel restrictions non us citizens from over two dozen countries. President trump had ordered that those restrictions be relax to beginning tomorrow. Along with the cdc requirement for negative cova tests and lisa brady prostate even in the new year. It's hard to start a new routine. But if you're one of the thirty four percent of americans who made a resolution to be less stressed head space is here to help these days. You need stress. Relief goes beyond quick fixes. That's heads base head. Space is your daily dose of mindfulness in the form of guided meditations in an easy to use app head. Space is one of the only meditation apps advancing the field of mindfulness and meditation through clinically validated research. So however today's news hits you head space really can help you feel better heads. 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That's the latest weather. Check out more news and weather. On our website. Top lands us feed dot com. It's called clinical disability group at eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one for your free case evaluation. That's eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one call now rick till noses. I hate that guy. I love that guy. Own my gosh. He's fine rick. Tittle brings home the bacon prize. It up in a pan and then he eats it. Ricky t in his official is not walk back to the show. Really cool happen Last week oklahoma state basketball player d. williams was very close to leaving college because his mom lost job and it earned money for the family to Pay for his tuition so looked like it wasn't gonna work out for the walk on layer and anyway. He was at his shift at walmart. Me one ten pm shift. He's a produce stocker at his head. Coach mike wooten walked in. And that's got this all on video. I know about side and told him told a d.c. Williams junior college transfer that the rest of this year is on scali. Got ideo and incredible moment. Very rare very rarely. I am emotional. This one almost got me said this is everything to me. I didn't know what was going on. It was a real surprise breathtaking. Felt like i was in a movie for something and that is hard. And i know that road. I've seen that road you know you're normally if they allow you to walk on a lot of times. They won't even let you. You have to try out but if they do allow you to walk and you make the team and walk concentrated like crap. I me and they try to beat you off the team menard talking football thought if you survive and then like you then you make traveling team. And then if that's the only half the take fifty instead of one hundred guys and then after that they'll say we'll give you a quarter scholarship and then the next year we'll give you our ship than maybe your last year. I know the progression but This is a guy who was at walmart work in school school but still had a forty hour week job getting twelve dollars an hour. The i dunno. It's just really cool And these stories are very few and far between and it's the exception. Not the rule but ally i get it on video so not we need these nice little moments like this all right. We have a full hour of open lines. One eight hundred. Eight seven play p. l. a. y. You ain't got no alibi. You ugly very ugly and twitter's save big money with progressive home and auto bundle and use the cash to take a family vacation fishes of real testimony all sure customers can save big money with progressive but not enough to go to hawaii. They'll probably use it for things. The mortgage and groceries or even a travel magazine so at least they can see pictures of hawaii. Yes to those beautiful beaches in that magazine. Orissa casualty insurance company and affiliates. Rose brings something extra to every job now. 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It's true soul dot. Com services are free. So if you're looking to sell make this free phone call right now and learn how your next home sale can be faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Pick up your cell phone and call right now. Eight hundred four four nine one seven five nine eight hundred four four nine one seven five nine eight hundred four nine one seven five nine again. That's eight hundred. Four four nine seventeen fifty nine awaiting supports with rick tittle. Rick tittle is a genius. The best show ever. He's so wonderful. Genius show ever. He's so wonderful. Elating sports with rick tittle handsome. Jeez genius grandiose. Welcome back to the show rectal with you one. Eight hundred eight seventy play. Well well well we It ain't california. Apparently usually we get a date like on this date. Things will reopen our just sort of sprung on us. You can leave your house. Well i can tell you from somebody who likes hiking trails and really anywhere outdoors has never been more crowded. I've ever seen in my life. So it's not like people were super social distancing but it always seems like whenever we open up than we have to close down again. Hopefully with the vaccine. We won't have to do that. But i'm bring that up because spring training is right around the corner supposed to begin next month pitchers and catchers reporting But spring training last year remember got started and then it got cancelled. And i've said it more than once on this show that i was actually on my way i was in arizona. I was driving from los angeles to phoenix. When i got a text saying spring training has been and it was funny. How many people said well you're turning around and coming home right. I'm like no. I took time off. I have a hotel for whatever it was. Three days no. I'm not coming around so i luckily by that point started this whole diet. Workout thing on january twenty ninth so are almost a year end but i. I did a lot of hiking. And just and by the way. I remember thinking because arizona hadn't shutdown yet and one of my last in studio interviews i did. Were these two guys who made a movie about. They were bicycle. Riders and one of them had been with the other guy's got but they're best friends knew they came in and they're like you should see some of these places. People are walking around wearing masks as like really like yeah like wow because back then there was like one guy and santa clara and one guy and seattle. That had it so like well. I remember saying on the air. Like oh my gosh. Can you imagine getting to the point where you would have to shut down a sharks or a warriors game. That is in door. Is nobody all breathing. The same stuff but it seemed a little bit kind of On a little more spacey at the time so anyway i do you remember though being in scottsdale and i went to my favorite bar and old scottsdale. It's a little hole in the wall. The rusty spur and they've got these hundred pound bearded Crackers in there that play this country music and it's fun but it's shoulder to shoulder packed and i remember being in their thinking. Are we all going to get this virus. You know it was in the back of my mind because they had just shut down spring training number as no one was wearing a mask. This was in february. I guess maybe early march against march. But i just remember thinking damn but if you told me then that we wouldn't start spring training on time the next year that'd be very depressing and it is depressing but we found out today that major league baseball who by the way are control of all spring training. They have gotten a letter from the cactus league task force and it sets to your real quick dear commissioner manfred amid the ongoing covid nineteen pandemic. The cactus league formed a task force to ensure that our ten spring training facilities are prepared to host the two thousand twenty one spring training season in a manner that is safe for all involved. We stand ready to work for you in the final preparation outcome to be in the season last week. Leaders of all eight. Cactus league cities and the tribal community had an opportunity to meet with major league. Baseball representatives provide an update on our efforts as the february reporting date for major league baseball player approaches. We are grateful them. Lb its partnership and unified commitment to practice safe secure environment to that end the task force has worked to ensure the ballparks able to me cove in nineteen protocols such as pod seating social distancing and contactless transactions but in view of the current state of the pandemic and maricopa county with one of the nation's highest infection rates. We believe it wise to delay the start of spring training to allow for the covid nineteen situation to improve here. This position is based on public data from university of washington's institute for health metrics and evaluation which projects a sharp decline in infections in arizona mid march which they save nine thousand three thousand and they conclude what we understand that any decision to late spring. Training cannot be made unilaterally by mlb as leaders charged with protecting public health as committed longtime partners in the spring training industry. We want you to know that we stand united on this point we appreciate the opportunity to offer input and thank him for its collaboration and assisting facilities as they prepare for the twenty twenty one spring training season. We welcome any further discussions. Need out letters signed by bridget. Bins bacher executive director of the cactus league as well as the mayors of goodyear mesa surprise peoria scottsdale glendale phoenix arizona and tempe city managers and martin havi as the president of the salt river. Pima maricopa indian community. So what i get as. Let's start spring training on march fifteen instead of february fifteen which would suit me right down to the ground as they say in england because that's normally most people go anyway. If you go to february spring training you get a lot of rain. You get a lot of cold games. and we always say offspring trainings to law and we always say offspring trainings too long. We wouldn't say that this year even if it started on time but if they literally think that you go from nine thousand new infections today to three thousand you still would say. That's still too many but you could say well that's going to be a lot safer going. You get a lot of people down there. And i've been to a lot of those different venues which has spring training and a lot of them are shared venues. Obviously as well. But i mean that's basically You know if you think about the teams the d-box cubs reds indians rocks. White sox royals angels. Dodgers brewers as padres giants mariners rangers. They're all there so You know as i said. It's probably the smart thing to do although you might remember last spring training as soon as it got going Aaron dolan who is sean. Do little wife the closer for that time. The world champion nationals. She wanted all spring training to shut down. Then she had a pre existing condition that was it was very scary in the beginning of the pandemic. We didn't know we still don't know what the hell's going on. I mean with the virus changing and we don't know what the long-term saying that you'll smell you'll smell dirty old fish. If you get it for the rest of your life who knows. I mentioned a friend of mine. Thought that they needed an appendectomy and they said you don't might be the virus we don't know what it does to your heart or anything else too but at that time is basically. Hey if you're over fifty. You're in deep doo doo and our thinking. Gosh that's me. I guess. I really got to watch out for this thing but aaron was saying but i'm not saying she's the girl that cried wolf but she's so active on social media people and whatever but i mean you would like it to completely go away before you start playing again but it makes sense to me. Now you'd have to give up a lot of games but march fifteenth. You're still gonna get you know a few weeks and the amount of time that you normally would have but it's still get two weeks of spring training that's enough. I thing to get ready any baseball person on the planet with call me crazy saying the pictures can't get stretched out. Well here's an idea once you get stretched out in your backyard with your indoor gym that you have or anything else. These guys are all millionaires. They can get stretched out as much as they want now the hitters. Will they see big league pitching. I said it won't be the same. But i'll take two weeks over spring training over starting spring training on february getting three days in and then shutting down the rest of the way so it's fluid. We'll see what he has to say about this iraq kittle. Come back on violence. Have you written a book. You can become a published author with jordan's publishing the nation's oldest publishing services company countless authors have trusted durins for nearly a hundred years to bring their book to the market are professional team will editor text design your book pages and create an appealing eye-catching custom cover loss or authors benefit from accustomed book promotion marketing campaign. 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Me rick tidwell wants to hear from you. The phone call is free. Y'all just dial one. Eight hundred eight seven eight lay to get yourself on the air right now call him now. Lazy ass one. Eight hundred eight seven eight lay. But i don't think you should be but man when i'm talking to my team. You're my assistant okay. You're supposed to back me up and go get juice boxes when i tell you now. Go get me a juice box. You know you're talking to talking to the juice box guy crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm just thirsty. What are you go to hell. Why are what are you grabbing a juice. Box out juice box boy. I'll tell you that you know unless you know. I'm not thank you. Welcome back to the show rick tuttle with you. I don't know why. I heard that a million times and still funny to me one. Eight hundred eight seven eight lay emails rickett sports byline dot com from chrissy rick. You don't have a tom brady play. Do you have a tom brady stat. Because he is going to ten super bowls Thanks to email cressey rickett sports byline dot com earlier in the show. If you didn't hear me. I said you know it's the it's the only career of someone who's regarded as the greatest at what they do and sport that i can't think of a great moment i mean say oh the comeback. Against the falcons like yeah. I can think of some patriot moments. I'm not saying it's the blank piece of paper. But i'm just saying it's to me. It's dull but there is. You asked about stat to me that the most defining stat of all time is that he will be starting five super bowls since he turned thirty seven years old. I think that's the one that really jumps out at. I mean if you think about starbucks started for kelly started for brady. Four montana for peyton manning for john elway five all those guys brady starting ten and these all didn't occur between when he was twenty three to thirty five. Five of them happened after turning thirty seven. So i think that's the one that really jumps out at me. And the other thing. I mentioned about aaron rodgers being under contract and the beautiful mystery which is the other podcast. He's not going anywhere now. The good news is and if you're an athlete nowadays you can wine. You're way off any team you really can. But the one thing that you don't want to do is overreact and we've seen it time and time again. Excellent players being ushered out the door. People quitting managers being fired. The one i think about the most in the bay area's when george siefert who had the highest winning percentage in the history of the nfl and the regular season. He was fired after the niners went. Twelve and four but didn't win. The super bowl didn't go to the super bowl. He got fired. There's disappointment is palpable. People lose their jobs kids leave. Schools are moved away from their friends. But as mad as you might be at matt lafleur in green bay for kicking a ridiculous field. You don't fire matt lafleur. You say that was stupid. please don't do it again. But aaron rodgers isn't going anyway and i know he's as the kids would say bought her that the packers drafted jordan love in the first round. It was by the way now thirty years past. It was the worst pick of the first round because he never played one. single solitary. Snap and aaron rodgers is contractually obliged to keep coming back to lambofield for many years to come and by the way he'll be coming back with an nfl mvp award because if you think about the four championship game teams. The packers stood out as the team that surrounded their quarterback with the least because in buffalo brandon beane pulled off a franchise altering trade by trading their first round. Pick i if on digs in kansas city. You got brett. Vj andy reid. Stockpiling talent and tampa bay. Jason licht and bruce arians did everything they could to acquiesce. Tom brady even going out and getting gronk he getting ab so yes. Should rogers have run for it on third and eight. Yeah but he's not going anywhere all right. Let's go to the phone lines. And we got charlie in manhattan. How're you doing. Charlie a low charlie. Rick there you are. Go ahead buddy. All right buddy Field goal was a stupid play. I you could say. Just like last. Week's andy re going on fourth and one it was stupid play butler jack del rio for going for two point against the saints five. Six years ago was a stupid play but it were not going to touch down when you like. You said aaron blancan rogers you have eight yards it. It just didn't make any sense. And i'm i'm livid because it's the second year in a row i'm gonna watch the super bowl where i hate both teams. I mean The chiefs i my hatred for them on a level that you can't imagine so. I guess reluctantly i'm going to have to pull for the buccaneers. But but there's enough players on that team that makes my stomach turn between antonio brown and I'm not. I was never a big fan of gronk. Even you know. He's like a lovable. Dopey guy just. I guess his ties to the patriots of radi. I mean just from the snow. Job game it's dish it's just a disappointing. I i i was. I really for green bay was gonna win that game today. with the chiefs in buffalo. Listen i'll play. I thought buffalo. I i thought it would have been a lot closer I don't know you said you missed the first. Half of both games My impression of josh allen in the first half was he looked a little tight his passes were were airmailed. Allot were underthrown. He i don't know if he was feeling it or if the weather didn't seem like there was a wind issue but he didn't he didn't seem comfortable and You know like you said do they down nine nothing and then before you know it. It's twenty one nine and and and there you go I don't know. I mean i'm not gonna ask you make a prediction now but Do you think bucks have a shot against against the chiefs. Absolutely i bet against this brady guy two weeks in a row and he came through times. The guy made a deal with a demon or something i i mean i think people win but who knows man but he didn't have a great game. I mean i take anything away from him but you know he has three picks In the second half three consecutive drives Packers didn't capitalize on that. Actually other thing. I'm venting now. They have that linebacker white who i wanted to register traffic and he and he's making play after and i'm like oh my god i mean i could anyway so yeah i listen. They're at home. Whatever that's worth. I mean you know it's going to be what twenty two thousand people and so we'll see anyway. I just when when they went for the field goal. I just said. I just say what are you doing. I mean come on. I mean like even if they didn't score there they have three time out there on their own eight yard line you you know whether they would run. Run the clock out. i just. It's just how come when to lay people like me. I'm sitting there. I know more than ed coach. When the is on people will panic. And then now you have antonio brown and lady on bell going to the super bowl. That's yes exactly. It makes my skin crawl that that. I'm gonna have to watch this game in two weeks and hope both teams lose but listen. I can't root for the chiefs can't win two in a row. I i can't anyway that's all. I got rick a copy later. Thank you very much and Charlie out there and it. It does suck when you can't root for either team and i hate tampa bay. Because they'd be the raiders in the super bowl but the chiefs thing goes back way earlier. That goes back to. When i i get even realize what a football game was so i have to pull tom brady and antonio brown. I've been through this before. When the broncos played the seahawks and the super bowl i was just filled with barak. I remember as afc title game between pittsburgh and san diego. And that's what. I still hated pittsburgh from my childhood. And i i can't have the charter. Go to super bowl. I gotta pull for the steelers. It's like super bowl. Fifty when i went carolina and I thought about. I sat press overflow. You think it's fancy set in between trey wingo and sal paolantonio. It's just say there's hardly any fans there. It's just corporate and media types but anyway i was rooting for carolina steph curry bang. Drums cam newton. There's going fifty points a game. Nfl mvp suck. They lost panic. Lame so who knows what's gonna happen but yeah it is lame when you can't root for either team up tell you that it'll come on back. Open lines one. Eight hundred seven eight. Play sam's new projects needs a project manager right away if she's going to manage to hitter deadline it took an extra week to get approvals but they still want the original delivery date. I guess we'll figure something out. It's time to hire. I need indeed. 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You know over time you know the more and more you do get it just like you know. Have become this excellent at radio overnight. You know you know exactly what to say. We got one minute left right. Because i'm so good looking thank you. You must be crazy. Use a d. o. g. And if you was my man. I would have been kicked you out of my house by now. This is what had happened. It had had happened. Thank you that. Welcome back to the show with you. Coast to coast. Getting ready for tottenham hotspur in the next round of the fa cup at wickham wanders gareth. Bale warming up speak. Espn plus well something that we were wondering. Excuse me in the national media various outlets that. It's a real deal. Is that matthew stafford and the lions are going to part ways and i think a lot of us have wondered for years. What the ceiling for quarterback with his arm talent could be if he did escape that franchise no fence right but the constant turnover in the front office constant lack of them giving him a supporting cast. I guess they're going to parties. We'll get more of that on the other side but the one who is Flying high right now. Is the bucks fan. Mario in tallahassee. Reo congratulations on your team. Your thoughts as you Your thoughts about yesterday in your thoughts about two weeks from now i thought i thought tampa was very very fortunate to come away with a winning that game giving brady looked all of his age and Some of the other things went very well for tampa that could not have. We could not have anticipated an interception from a blatant holding call. We could not have anticipated the one flag coming out in the entire game. You know for For tampa at the end when the jersey was talked because they let them play all game long essentially sold in each other. So i'm a little bit concerned. The kansas city won't make the kind of boneheaded play a kind of boneheaded play vote headed calls that the green bay packers and the referee crew did last night. But you know you hope for the best. I i saw a lot of the negatives yesterday i guess rick and i there enough positives. I think we can give kansas city a game but watching patrick mahomes and watching tyreek hill and watching travis kelsey and i know that the offensive line for the chiefs banged up but still i watched that number fifteen dropped back and it makes me queasy. I you know that's the last guy. I was so pulling for buffalo in that game. But you know. I was a you know from conversations. We've had over the last eighteen weeks. I was a doubter and he shot me up. Good you know good for the not he but the team shut me up the bucks for the fan base and when you say he also got say be a and what about bowls well bowls had an up and down season. I thought they were too. It's very. I thought there were times. He came into the game with a game plan not to lose as opposed to try to go out and actually grasp the victory but he last night. I just maybe felt that look. We cannot play aaron rodgers. The way we played jared goff. We turn jaren golfing. Joe frigging montana. But i i guess you figure look we're going to get ours. He they're gonna get theirs. We just need to be a couple of stops and make some a seven turned into threes. And i'm spun cliches like nobody's business so make some say. Hey every time. They came down and got a field goal. I think you consider that a win. So that's what i think happened. And and that's the game plan. But i tell you the guy that's called the gotta call me a call before me charlie to that as my so much my kind of fan. I've seen this guy is like i hate him and i hate him to talk out. Nobody left that is that is an outstanding call from an outstanding football fan right there and that guy was great. Oh that's a. He was preaching to the choir. Because i'm right there with them. Were you when you saw. Just in that millisecond on that third now aaron rodgers had daylight. Did you think. Oh he's running it. In and now we're two point conversion. Were you shocked that he threw it at the last second i was. I was very surprised. I was also obviously very surprised that they kick a field goal for notice. Hannibal reason on fourth and eight. The dumbest thing. I i kid you not just the single decision i saw coach make this year and be made a bunch of it was good to be on the other side. It was really good to be on the other side of the coaching bonehead maneuver. Right where guys. I saw guys like for example last night you saw buffalo and you saw kansas city and they for two. And you don't make it now you're seventeen down and granted it's a miracle but you have no chance now. Unique three scoring drives not to you know. What the hell were you thinking. What does that to do for you. There it If you make it great you're still in the same boat if you miss it. You're the same boat. I it doesn't make i don't understand. I'm granted exceptionally good at math. But this is arithmetic. An eight year old can figure these things out it's crazy. Hey i got on the line. I wanted to ask you about this. Can you tell us about rudy hubbard. Oh man rudy. Hubbard was a one one step in the legendary hierarchy below. Gave her right of of florida. Am university coaches man. Why did he did he achieve. And what was the awarded something. Yeah he He got into the college football hall of fame recent. No it was last week but I'm yeah he was coach at fordham university and he had a tremendous sterling record for many many years ago. I think he. I don't know if he was a successor. J gator but i think he came in Pretty soon after. Mr gator which gave the retired great coach. Great man you ever meet him. Yeah i met them. Yeah He would he have a kind of a presence around talahassee for awhile so you would see him here and there but i never saw him on campus before my time did you say. Hey by the way Don't give detention to the kid. No i. I've had people when i was at another university on name I had a couple calls about you. Know we need to talk about so and so's great and the The implicit direction. That conversation was it doesn't matter really matter what you give that student because student is going to be playing and students transcript is probably gonna reflect Score that is not commensurate with their what they earn class. This put it that way so last question. Because this is what i looked up. Really hubbard the other thing. That i didn't know about was the orange blossom classic that was in tampa. I used to go to those games all the time that was the university of tampa versus Florida in university and of course a lot of people go for the band so they would sell out tampa stadium. You know they would have the tampa fans on one side and the nfl andrew would come from all over the state and that was an ongoing thing until i think university of tampa gave up a football program. Yeah good knowledge there. Yeah well you know. I mean You know you're talking to right well if anybody knows about florida. Am it should be. And how fellow academicians are rattlers. Fans or even know. Football's blown up her stuff. Oh i would say of the. Let's see well. I'm i'm in a really bad cross-section to have that question answered because i mean a highly quantitative science and over we're over represented by a lot of people who know what football was when they arrive here but if you just if you do a winnowing on the american Scientists that. I know i would say probably around. I don't know maybe twenty percent. Did you just use the the word window is a verb winnowing. Window or winnowing down. Yeah one or the other. Oh win i think you said window Winnowing i remember one time. I was actually on a tv show. And this guy read ray. Ratto said that Tim brown tim brown was a crew or of stat. And i forgot what word he said. And i would like why. Why do you think he's a and he goes. No i said a crueler. That's when you of the says. Sometimes i make myself look pretty stupid sometimes on tv. We all do that rick. Why don't but so they're was not you say an accrual steps in may. I just had this conversation about two days ago and you might appreciate this as much as anyone. How much time. I have all right so my my kid. My older kid is In watching old tv shows now. I'm not that old. But she's watching community and they advertised it as advertised him as chevy comedy. Comedy legend. Chevy chase Norma calloway chevy chase chevy chase's don sutton of the comedy world okay. He he's a crew of the of of some pretty good seasons here and there you got some good steps here and there but it was about just being around forever right. 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America and the ad council round of executive orders on the brady fox news up i a reversal of president. Trump's pentagon policy that largely band transgender service in the military jewish forward chen terms. Her personal qualifying can serve berber. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network line at hartland. Newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by following us on facebook twitter and instagram's round of executive orders. Lisa brady fox news of i a reversal of president. Trump's pentagon policy that band transgender service in the military strong situation chen terms over personnel qualifying. Sure research haunting president biden also meeting today with new defense secretary lloyd austin and he said to sign other orders aiming to boost manufacturing by adding more made in america requirements for federal government purchases. He's also reimposing. Cova related travel restrictions. That would have been eased beginning tomorrow. Barring many non us citizens for now from over two dozen countries to help limit the spread of new strains of the virus federal law enforcement looking into threats aimed at congress ahead of the senate impeachment trial of former president donald trump thousands of national guard troops will reportedly remained in the nation's capital as a us senate news ford with plans to try the former president on one article of impeachment incitement in direction day. P reports law enforcement is ominous chatter about killing legislators or attacking them outside the us capital. The threats are being picked up online in chat groups and very in credibility and specificity. The trial is set to begin the week of february eighth. The impeachment articles being transmitted to the senate. This evening rachel sutherland fox news. Some five thousand of the national guard troops deployed to the capitol for the inauguration are expected to remain in dc until mid march. The justice department's watchdog is investigating possible attempts from within the department to change the outcome of the two thousand twenty election. The inspector general says his pro will be focused on current and former doj officials and will not extend to other government officials. America is listening to fox news in between his early executive actions. The new president has been having his first calls with foreign leaders. Signs pledge as candidate was to repair relationships with allies and his very first foreign leader call was with canada's prime minister justin trudeau who hit him with some bad news. Our neighbors to the north are upset. That biden pull the plug on the permit the keystone pipeline which canada was hoping to keep going so. The white house tells us this about that. Call the president acknowledged prime minister trudeau's disappointment regarding the decision to rescind the permit for the keystone pipeline and reaffirmed his commitment to maintain an active bilateral dialogue and to further deepen cooperation with canada. Peter doocy the president also spoke over the weekend with the french president in the uk. Prime minister the white house spokeswoman moments ago declined to say whether tariffs on china will be left in place but she says president biden wants to approach the relationship with beijing with patients including consultations with allies with both sides of the aisle as part of an inter agency review process. Starting february first stepping up to the plate has a different meaning at boston's fenway. Park the venerable ballpark has been the home to the red sox since april twentieth nineteen twelve. It said the become the first mass vaccination site in the city offering access to plenty of public transportation officials say the ballpark is uniquely positioned to serve an urban diverse population among the hardest by the pandemic the cambridge based health tech companies. Cic health program. Saying it will start at five hundred shots a day ramping up to give thousands per day. Fenway the second large-scale vaccination side in the state joining gillette stadium which opened on january eighteenth. Cj papa fox news stadiums and race tracks among the other mass. Vaccinations sites opening around the country. Stocks are mixed the dow's down about eighty points but the snp and the nasdaq are edging higher. At least brady. This is fox news. Good oral care habits. Keep you healthy. Yes that means brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day and replacing your bristles every three months. There's finally a toothbrush that looks great in your bathroom with a slick modern design. 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Mix sleep will be heavy at times high near thirty six tonight. A forty percent chance of rain before eight p. m. later becoming mostly cloudy low around thirty two mostly cloudy skies on tuesday with light wind from the northwest high near thirty six. That's the latest weather out more news and weather on our website. Top lands us feet dot com. If the lines are busy please call back. Eight hundred four one. Oh four seven seven one. Eight hundred four one zero four seven seven one eight hundred four one zero four seven seven one. That's eight hundred. Four one zero forty seven. Seventy one from san francisco sports byline broadcasting network. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with your hosts bryan alvarez and mike simple viti. let's get it going. Everybody bryan alvarez here on wrestling observer live. We are here every day. Monday through friday noon pacific three eastern sundays three pacific six eastern. Obviously the big news today. If you haven't heard already is the wwe network. In the united states will be no more as of march everything is being migrated to peacock so. Here's the gist of the story. We'll talk more here. In moments with dave meltzer so everything the wb network they claim is going to be moved over to the peacock streaming service and there are a couple of tears for picot. There's a four dollars ninety nine cents here and there's a nine dollar and ninety nine cents here so if you already have peacock then come march around the time of the fast lane pay per view you can just cancel your wb network subscription and you can just watch the wb network on peacock. If you do not have peacock then you will be switched over to the four dollar ninety nine cents tier so you're paying half to now watch the network on peacock you will also get peacock and so if you've wanted to watch the officer would whatever. Well now you'll be able to get. That is part of what you're going to be paying to watch the wb network. I don't know what it's going to mean for whether you'll get commercials during pay per views or whatever the commercial tier obviously you can pay nine dollars. Ninety nine cents which you're paying now for the network you'll get the wwe network. You'll get all of the pay per views. It'll get whatever our kaiser there at the beginning and you will get peacock. The deal is worth a billion dollars over five years for. Wwe e. so basically it's very similar to the ufc deal you have see on espn plus where they migrated over there. Getting a flat fee for everything me now getting a flat fee everything they no longer have to worry about signing up people and the deals and everything like that and you arguably we'll get a better value so there's a lot more to unpack here. That's the gist of it. They melt is gonna join us with mike beebe after the break. 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He said call pick joy right now. Eight hundred eight four six two one five three eight hundred eight four six two one five three eight hundred eight four six two one five three. That's eight hundred. Eight four six twenty one fifty three. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike zimmer. Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network in the show bryan alvarez here wrestling observer live mixing v also wrestling observer at dot com. Dave meltzer joining us here day. We've got over the basics of this deal in the opening segment. So your thoughts on how. This affects the deputy in the future of this network with the network itself as just moving over to peacock as far as future. Wwe i mean the stock price should go up. profits should go up for the consumer. It's better in the sense that you can. A lot of people will be able to get the whole thing for free. And if you're not a there's there's different different different ways to get peacock for free but if you're not which essentially if you subscribe to comcast and some cock certain services and even if you don't it's four ninety nine So it's half the price so it's a benefit for wrestling fans. It's you know it's a great deal for w either getting a lot more money. They're getting over two hundred million a year for what they had previously gotten about. One hundred thirty two million a year four at number probably would have declined slightly each year. So it's an absolute positive for them. It's they don't have as much pressure to put on content they can cut back on and will and are cutting back on costs in the network. You know as far as like the staffing and things like that that they had before so it's much more profitable thing for for wwe. I know that the employees of wb network freakin. Because you know they had no clue about any of this and and why would they. Why would they a big staff meeting day. You know I'm trying to think But papa last week. Nobody had a clue nothing no hints. No nothing although like a lot of people knew this was coming in. It's not this exact thing i mean like. We talked about the idea of selling the pay per view. Rights like you have seeded with. Espn they talked about this. On the investors call the investors call. They talked about it. Look they tried to make the deal last year and might you know might have been able to if the pandemic hadn't come probably not though because it was cutting cutting close. It looks like they weren't going to be able to make that deal so instead of just telling the pay per view rights. They're selling the network as a whole You know. I mean it feels like the idea. It's it's some weird alliances because now smackdown fox's of very weird thing because they're going to be pushing all these pay per views that are on peacock. Which is you know the rival network. So that's an uneasy alliance all of a sudden But i mean as far as you it it creates you know look. Nbc universal should probably by the thing in a couple of years the money that they're given w that they're not giving but they're spending on wbz. Each year i mean it pay for itself in about seven eight years and then they would guard against any increases in rights fees and stuff going going up and they would share international growth and things like that so i think that that this could be a step in that direction as well. Vince can get you know vince would be able to get. And i'm i'm talking about six million dollar price down to four billion dollar price at a six billion dollar price all the money. They're spending they could make up for that and like eight years so it's really worth it to them at this point by this thing But i mean you know as far as for the fans i mean. It's good and it's bad it's cheaper you'll be able to get the content cheaper. It's bad because the pressure on the company as far as producing good content will be lower than it's ever been and it's already low it now makes it even lower because before you know you wanted to put on good television to build good pay per views so you would increase network subscribers. Now you're getting two hundred million a year no matter how many subscribers that you have and no one's gonna know better because it's part of this bidding conglomerate a peacock so there's just some of the things. There's a lot of intricate stuff. I was surprised. They sold the whole network You know. I mean when you look at this as compared to what the deal that you see had with. Espn in five years. You have gio so far superior to this but for fans This deal is much better. Because you don't have to pay for pay per views would have you still have to pay for pay per views but the value of the pay per views now is astronomical when you have seized deal with. Espn is over in five years unless you have see collapses in five years which i don't expect to happen That next deal for pay per views is gonna be you know. Probably every bit of double the first steel and for for. Wwe when this five years is up. I don't anticipate the next yo for. Wwe to be doubled because number one. It's going to be a hassle getting everything off peacock And back to back in house or to another network. So i mean it's it's but it's it's it's good and it's it's it's good in a sense but mean also is also the sign that streaming is going to go the way of television in the sense of it's going to be a couple of big people controlling everything as opposed to what it looked like even three years ago that everyone you know every everyone you know whether it's a ufc or a cna or a or impact or wwe or new. Japan would have their own service now. It looks like the key is to you. Maybe start your service and sell it off to somebody. because wef's and to extent u. of c. A. both redone. That yes mike. Well david it seems to be that you know borrow sin and obviously their plans. What they had intended for the network is different than what. Wwe's vision became With what nick. Nikon has done as far as work at ca and helping to negotiate the fox steel and then now him coming over. And i would assume having a lot to do with nick. This was nickens deal. I was gonna say it does nikon. I if he does nothing else now obviously not forever. You know his he already kind of his. Keep in really earned. He's already earned nickens already earned. Just keep with this one deal alone. Yeah absolutely absolutely and he's really valuable because he's got he's really smart. And it's not knocking barrios wilson. But he had so many more sports connections entertainment connections as well than they did so he had connections to be able to not that they couldn't have made this deal but he's he probably saw it coming quicker than they did. Because you know obviously their goal was to build the network itself into this standalone product that would carry the entire company and it never got as big as they expected but now as far as revenue goes You know i mean they. They're getting the revenue equivalent of not quite as many buys as they is subtracted as they expected but more than they will ever get. You know. I mean that's the one thing they're never gonna be able to gross two hundred million dollars in the united states on the w network that was not going to happen And you know they are now getting that. And it's guaranteed you know. Product goes down. Interest goes down guaranteed also have nbc even more. You don't like we'll be just you know this week. We were talking about you. Know they don't have the leverage with nbc and that may hurt exte- on wednesdays because you know the nhl now now it's not so much the leverage on nbc nbc's got the leverage on them but nbc's going to want do everything for wwe. Because i'm more important property them. It's not just raw and we'll take an xt it's Raw and this very important component of peacock which they're looking at is their future. It also creates situation very like me talking about earlier. The smackdown situation gets very interesting. Will fox want it will. Nbc n. b. c. You would think would want to get it back badly that may lead to an increase fox stole on cet that may lead to an increased for for smackdown. No matter what the ratings are just because you've got multiple bidders all of sudden and nbc. They're going to want the whole thing. Probably prelude to an attempt to buy the whole thing because once they they have raw they have smackdown. They now would have the network they might as well just by the whole thing. I'd say it's a pretty good indication that they're not negotiating with disney right now for a sale. Oh wait can i tell you some stuff there. I will just what. I what. I can't tell you what i can't tell you is is that I believe okay. I this is this is this is. This is my conjecture and later what i told. You is not conjecture. I believe that there's a good chance. Espn was part of the talks. I believe three weeks ago. Espn knew they weren't going to get it. That's my conjecture. Would i do know is that he. Spn has pretty much shut down any wwe right now. No more content on espn. All right. well. We have to talk more about this tonight on wrestling observer radio back in a moment more observer live now you can make your home. Look great and save money right now. When you call renewal by anderson you can buy four windows and get the fifth one free. Plus you get twelve months with no interest. No money down. No payments upgrade your home by four windows and get the fifth one free installation and warranty or even included and the by anderson certified retailers. Take every safety precaution to protect you and your family pay for twenty five years. 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Wwe network is going to be on peacock or it may be that like for sure all of the pay per views and all of the raw shows etc. But like if you're looking for some old continental or something weird. I mean you might be waiting for a while for that stuff. I guess we'll find out lots of people actually. The majority of the people that are upset are in canada because in canada the wb network is in over the air broadcast channel and so a lot of canadians have been using a vpn to watch the us version of the wb network. Well if you're one of those people starting in march you're out of luck. Brother is history so you will be forced to just watch whatever's available in canada the channel or whatever and i don't know that's going to mean for archives. I don't even know how the archives working i presume it's like the old classics on demand where you've got like twenty hours a month that you could choose from and it changed every month or whatever someone from candidate can tell me how it works but i do know if you're using a vpn in canada or anywhere else to get the us version the network. I mean history not gonna be able to do that anymore and finally since a lot of people have been asking. Well what does it mean like. I've got. I'm not sure what it is because i don't have cable but some comcast services that have peacock like if i've got that what do i do. You don't do anything. Now cancel your wwe network. You have peacock for free therefore you will be getting the wb network for free. You can now watch wrestlemainia. If you've got a cable provider that gives you a peacock wrestlemainia. i mean. I'm talking about everything but in particular wrestlemainia because it's the crown jewel of this company other than the actual crown jewel free and for. Everybody else you can. Now get it for four dollars and ninety nine cents. Yes it's going to be a wash for those of us. I have expended so i have peacock premium for free. I guess there's three tiers is a There's a free tier. There's a premium tier and then there's an ad free tier. Which is i believe. Cost ninety nine. The free tier caused the premium. Tier costs four. Ninety nine i already paid for the network. I'm gonna lose. The you know the nine nine thousand nine to pay for that but ultimately go. I'm going to have to pay ninety nine for peacock even though molly i get it for free now. I'm going to have to upgrade. Because i don't want any ads on wwe network or any of the programming there. So i'm probably going to end up bump actually. We don't know if there's going to be as network network programming. I mean zoom ably. There will be but we do not know that adds on peacock. They're going to run during the twenty four hour because there's going to be streaming channel much. I assume there is in canada and much like there is on the peacock streaming services going to be a wwe dedicated channel. So all of that. Sort of stuff with nbc. Having it it's going to be very difficult for me to believe since. Wwe network has already instituted commercials that they're not going to also do the same thing because again then. How else do you start making your money back off of this deal and everything so i. It's not really gonna matter a whole lot for peacock and and those cox Comcast and cox subscribers but as a as one of those older fans. I do have a lot of trepidation over this deal. Because when will they start on some of this stuff out. That's what. I used the network for most other than watching live pay per views. You know even more than documentaries ernie that sort of stuff. That's kind of my bag and unfortunately it's not something they've had a lot of interest in because it's not something that moves a lot of network views so that may be an unfortunate part of this as far as when these things get rolled out and how they get rolled out. We've seen some of the dumps that they've done where they just dump a bunch of stuff without any rhyme or reason to it. I think they added some wrestling challenges but they have not gone back and updated anything with the territory's in quite some time so it'll be interesting to see how all of this stuff plays out. The bottom line is is they have about a million. Us subs so what's that about. You know ten eleven million dollars every quarter that they're they're getting enough of this deal just with this deal alone. It raises it to a guaranteed what sixteen and a half million dollars a quarter. So you know from a business point of view. You know nick cons arteaga. obviously this. Dave mentioned it seems like he is certainly secured his spot in that company. As far as being a a mover and shaker. Because this is probably a good time for this deal because again as dave mentioned is a lot of people have noticed these streaming wars are not going to stop. Hbo max is struggling for as many subscribers as they can get peacock right now. As of october was in about twenty two million homes. And that's just not enough when you're comparing it to net flix and and disney plus and hulu and all that sort of stuff so it's going to be interesting to see what happens to who does that affect anything with their programming yes. Nbc owns it but they have a stake in with fox and everything else who gets the rights to immediately rebroadcast next day. There's going to be a lot of moving pieces to this and we'll see how it all shakes out right so got a bunch of people noting well just vpn peacock canada. I guess that might work. We got somebody on the twitch chat. Here that's going to try it. And i guess we'll report back. Not that i'm advocating any of this. Vpn stuff have been asking this question. So i'm answering it to the to the best of my ability right here. So that's the that's the main stories right here at the actual press release. That came out. One billion dollar deal is noted over five years if you have peacock or peacock and get all. I pay per view events including manian summer slam original series. St boston broken school sessions etcetera inner ring shows like an inex- to uk etcetera the network archives. It says here including every w. e. w. w. w. pay per view event in history. What about my saturday nights main events. Those better be going up quick. We got a bunch of groundbreaking documentaries and then my favorite part so they signed this big deal reading all this stuff. We're going to give you all this energy here. Says here starting in twenty twenty two one signature documentary annually. Well if i was on the fence before now. I'm going to sign up for peacock for sure that one signature documentary every year. That's the story everybody and the rumor. The rumor is that beginning in mid march. If you have the wb network you will just be transferred over to the four dollars and ninety nine cent version of peacock and then if you want the ad free version you can pay the extra five dollars and you can get the ads free version. But it's not you could all a peacock he could all of the wb network so and a lot of ways. This is a is a victory for everybody. It's obviously a big victory for wwe. It's obviously a big victory for fans and now could pay half price and that's it see how the transition goes. It's gonna be really interesting to see how they decide to do that. Nationally Move everybody over to that service to be interesting to. Obviously they're doing it in time before wrestlemainia to give it a test and see how things go with everybody kind of weighing on the services. Well too so it. 'cause i don't know of anything aired on peacock that would even be close to what wrestlemainia viewership is going to do. I mean they have a ton of stuff on there but it's spread out amongst a lot of channels and i'm not sure if everybody invaded them and use them for their their news year in the last couple of weeks but it doesn't seem like it so it's going to be interesting to see how they handle you know having the system tax in this way right so that's that if you want to text us questions comments etc four five seven eight zero seven five. Six six is the number forty five seven eight zero seven. Five six should note again. The starts in march. So don't cancel your debit me network. Today i mean you can't if you to you but if you wanna watch the royal rumble and the elimination chamber you've gotta keep your wbz network subscription until those shows and tonight. We got a raw. They actually announced a bunch of things. Here drew mcintyre and goldberg presumably. The real deals not the folks had last week. They're going to be on the show tonight. We have oscar defending the raw women's title against alexa bliss. We have a hurt business. Gauntlet match matt. Riddle is going to attempt to run the gauntlet. And if he runs the gauntlet he will get the shot at bobby lashley that he got three weeks ago. You lost clean in the middle and we've got charlotte flair versus shayna baseler. So that is the lineup for the raw. Show here tonight. How much you can talk about that show tonight. In relation to this peacock deal on wrestling observer. Radio probably not a lot right so couple of camilla notes here as of three fifteen eastern w we stock is down to and seventy two dollars and seventeen cents. Ge the parent company nbc down. Eleven dollars just so you know. Well the thing to look at his house. The overall stock market doing because the overall market is down. This is not a sprite. if the market's up in these two stocks are down then people are wary of this deal and quite frankly. I don't know why would be wary of this deal because it is literally a benefit to everybody involved here with all due respect g has not owned Nbc in in quite some years of comcast corporation does comcast corporation is now up slightly at forty eight eighty five share and again. I don't even know if that's the proper comcast stock to look at it. There's an aim to be and everything else so yeah unfortunately even look at comcast. What are we doing here for ten years out of date it. It appears so. Yeah so yeah comcast is is up a little bit but not major right now but again look this if you're if you're a stockholder and wwe. This is guaranteed money coming in for a service that you are at best seeing flat line in a lot of people think is dropping and has dropped and basic just bottom line hasn't grown in the way that they wanted to from jump street so from a bottom line point of view you know this is probably good again from a from a fans point of view especially in older ones. We'll just have code goes person says. I can't believe peacocks can allow the one month free trial. Everyone uses on the network to watch wrestlemainia. Well we'll see. I mean honestly of all the different individuals that have have benefited from this from the fans and wwe the one organization that i questioned most peacock. We'll get into the math after the break. I may need to break out. The calculator back in a moment observer live. Okay buying some pretzel sticks. Excuse me this is. 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Did you know you trade in your home for a new one. Did you know there are realtors. Who sell your home for flat fee instead of an expensive commission. It's true sold. Dot com services are free. So if you're looking to sell make this free phone call right now and learn how your next home sale can be faster and easier than you ever thought. Possible hiccup your cell phone and call right now. Eight hundred four four nine one seven five nine eight hundred four four nine one seven five nine eight hundred four four nine one seven five nine again. That's eight hundred. Four four nine seventeen fifty nine. I'm richard quest. The video game review every sunday night at nine o'clock pacific midnight on the east coast right here on the sports byline. Usa broadcast network. Video games are way more important than your job. Your school or your relationship. So let's talk about them. Everything from the two thousand six hundred to the three sixty. I don't work for any video game company. So i'll tell you what's worth your money and what stinks also chico's interviews your calls. I'll give away game. Released dates all that and more every sunday night. Right here. On the sports byline usa broadcast network. And you're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez. Mike simple dvd on the sports byline broadcasting network. The show bryan alvarez here wrestling observer. Live mike sue the also wrestling observer dot com a lotta listening right now so some you maybe one or two smarter than i am so feel free to correct me. If i've got any of this wrong okay so math time. If i'm paying nine hundred ninety nine a month for the network. But i have a cable company. The gives me peacock. I go from paying nine ninety nine to zero dollars. Correct yes correct okay. Sure well. I don't have cable company so i got to subscribe to peacock so say i don't mind getting ads. I'm gonna go from paying nine ninety nine a month to four ninety nine a month right benefit to me okay. Well let's say that. I don't want commercials so from the w network to peacock nine ninety nine. But i get the wb network. And i also get right all of this of benefit to me okay. So if you're a fan the steelers awesome. Now let's say you're w e it's one hundred and thirty million a year that you get on this network now you're going to move from one hundred and thirty million to two hundred million. You don't have to worry about getting any subscribers. You don't have to worry about the fiend being burnt to a crisp and people quitting doesn't it doesn't matter to you. You're getting a flat fee huge benefit to me right as of now. Yeah okay so now. Let's talk about peacock all right so they have paid one billion dollars over five years. Okay be we network. This is a united states deal. This is not a worldwide deal. Okay so the. Wb network has about a million subscribers in the united states. One million right so they have paid a billion dollars for a million subscribers comes out to two hundred dollars per year per subscriber to make this deal now granted the one million. I mean. that's not counting. Let's say that you have comcast or whatever and you've got peacock subscribe subscribed the w all of those people that have a cable company that has peacock you can take those people out of the million so actually. It's more than two hundred dollars per subscriber per year. That peacock has paid for this deal. Listen i'm not peacock clearly but that's quite a deal that you made. One thousand dollars per subscriber is essentially what you paid over this five year deal. We'll see if it works out for them. It will because they are rich in have enough money to afford it member. How much are they losing on the olympics right now. Nbc jettison the nbc universal network. At a place that. I actually years ago would be perfect spot for a twenty four seven. Wwe network and decided to not go in that direction. They ultimately moved towards the network. But that on the weekend would play nothing but wwe programming. They just have the network sitting there playing old olympic events and qualifying events from all over the world. Does anybody even watch it. Will there even been olympics this year. It doesn't look like japan is is is coming to grips with. They're not going to be able to host it. In the best they're going to be able to do is try to reapply in a couple of years. So the money as far as the bottom line with xfinity and nbc universal. They don't they don't care they don't care what they're looking at this as is they're going to bring in a bunch of people whatever. The number is for those people that don't already have peacock they're going to get the net of that you going have people using the service peacock service over and over again and in this battle that we're having over streaming services where everybody is looking for eyeballs and everybody is trying to do something the however many people click on wrestlemainia. They're going to add that to their totals. I again there is. There is a lot to this and we'll have to see how the whole thing kind of plays out from nbc universals point of view. It's a lot of money but it's a drop in the bucket compared to probably what they're spending on the entrepreneurship or what. They're spending on a lot of other events that they have so. I know what you're saying because you look at it and you go. Well how but with a lotta these streaming services you gotta ask how you know. Pluto's free right now will that be rolled into some point to cbs all access. Hbo max is already been accused of sucking wind right now and people are wondering what time warner said up is going to be. There's a whole bleacher report streaming app that has paid bunches of money for things. Does anybody use that. It's just this is just a wild time with these streaming services and these people throwing massive money around to try to bump up the bigger question for. Wwe is five years is up and they look at it. You're going to be able to get that two hundred million dollars again or are you looking at maybe a fifty million dollar deal. Well according to this person's math right here. If every single solitary us me network subscriber opted to pay nine dollars ninety nine cents for peacock which absolutely is not going to happen. Under any circumstances peacock would still be losing eighty million dollars per year on this deal now the way it does work out. Someone here noted is if this is essentially down payment for nbc universal. Buying debbie at some point. And i'll make sense but the number of people like actually said what are these press releases or something like that where they feel there are more people reminds me of that old. They're sixty million folks in the us with an affinity towards me like nbc. In one of these things said something like we think there are more people out there that are interested in as like what evidence do we have of this. Yes super bowl level stuff. We have no. We have no evidence that more people are interested in me that are watching or paying for. Wwe zero evidence of this. There's been there's your spin on how they're looking at this and how they're justifying this in their minds and how they justify it to stockbrokers or or anybody else you know. This is not this isn't about. Wwe this is about again moving parts to for different things. And i just don't they didn't need a down payment you know they still have always had a good relationship with nbc. They don't think they needed to down payment. And i don't think it changes anything either as far as if. Wwe wants to sell you. Look at look nick. Con has got a relationship. He was the one that i think. Negotiate the sec. Deal the with the spn. And if i'm not mistaken he's the one that actually negotiated the top rank deal with. Espn it's not like his connections are going to go away when it comes time to actually sell. Wwe if and when that actually happens and he's still there you asked at fox is going to be involved in that you can bet that viacom is going to be involved. You can bet that this is going to be pitched everybody and yet they got good feelings. Nbc universal but any money spent right. Now isn't gonna mean a thing later on down the line when it comes to actually selling that come. There's just no way. The past relationship may bonnie hammer all that sort of stuff. But i don't think anything it's like saying well fox's put down two hundred million dollars for two hundred whatever the hell the number was for for smackdown and all that that might be a down payment now not at all. It's just a tv deal. Person here actually saw this person. Well it is person. This is the head of of peacock rick. He says here that rick the head of peacock. That's his whole. You don't eat his last name so our overall goal and why i think. Nbc you decided to move forward with this deal is that we believe we can expand the accessibility of this content. That we can through nbc. You marketing through the l. Let's do we have all the various media outlets through the price point reduction through the addition of content. What the one new documentary a year. Then we can grow this audience significantly that currently watched it and then we'll have a downstream impact to the rest of. Wwe those tv ratings. Hopefully that you see on linear television leave might have been written by court. Bauer as well as to peacock. There is a halo effect of those users coming in for wrestlemainia and then sticking around and watching the office yellowstone watching some of the great content. We have thirty thousand hours that are now bundled in with their subscription price. So what he's saying is yeah. We're losing over eighty million dollars a year. But we're gonna make that up because more people are going to sign up. Why well they're going to sign up because we're going to promote it and it's half price that's their plan and the the real plan is going to continue to hook up with if you get xfinity mobile service for your phone. We're going to give you this for. We'll give peacock for free. If you do this. We'll give you peacock for free. That's actually how they're going to grow this and trying to tie it into as many properties as possible is probably going to be how they do that. I mean the car is moving over to peacock premium. This year does any. you know. unless you're big indycar fan does does it really matter. You know the the approach this is again. This is all fascinating as it stands right now. What they decide to do peacock is all eyes on this. They are not going to let this thing fail and when to try to do everything they can to keep this thing moving and they they do get more than one documentary year because inferior getting what one hundred fifty six. Tv shows From an x t smackdown and raw that get added down the line. You get twelve pay per views. You also get documentary. So they're not wrong about that. It will consistently grow as far as product goes because wwi pumps out so much content and that's not even including all the other shows for your twitter said or twitch here say linux they had. Brian looks baffled. That w we keeps getting richer. Well let me just put it this way. Everybody well first off. I couldn't be happier that they're doing well because when they do well i do well but the fact of the matter is if my numbers for what we do here had declined twenty five percent over the past year and then some blow came around and said they were going to pay me. A thousand dollars per subscriber. I mean like. Are you out of your mind. I mean yes but are you crazy. That's the way i look at this deal here. I am very impressed. Hey listen i'm impressed. Profoundly impressed by all of these various cons which you can look at two different ways by the way. I'm just very impressed with this. It's it's it's amazing. Quite frankly they they own their market. They own their market and they have been they have laid down. Deep roots for many many years would no matter what anybody thinks about the approaches that they've taken when you have a relationship like they've had with bonnie hammer for so many years and you have relationships that you do and yougov able to convince people that in your sphere. You're far more important than you are. You know i mean who's doing the fact checking you see it all the time and you hear it all the time during the The quarterly calls. You know would you. What are they asking the questions that you would be asking. No but do those people really care about. What's on there. They just care about the dollar. It's the bottom line is it just comes to the dollar and wwe provides stability. They provide reputation. They provide a lot of things. That is i guess. Nice to do business with it seems to be incredibly overvalued to me but then again you look at some of these other sports and you look at things and you go who the hell watches that and you see how much it's worth you know. Obviously somebody is this person. Says you take the cable people who are given the peacock out though or is that deal in place because picot gets that five dollars from xfinity or whatever. I'm sure they've. I'm not sure he's talked about here but yes i'm sure anyway. This person here says with the exception of a few months been signed up from the wb network since day one. It's crazy this means over seven years. I've only pay them about eight dollars. Yes and and Peacock is paying them. One thousand dollars for you incredible. God bless correct people. Step up right now. American express currently as deal. Let's cardholders get peacock free through march. Go american hustle visit and this is the whole deal gotta hustle everything. And there's still there's no better. There's still no better bundle. That was ever put together. The disney disney was kicked off right off the bat anyway when they added hulu and espn made it a package. It's like there's no brainer. Lie that thing is what are we at now with them. Were pushing one hundred million subs or something or it's an insane amount of people that are that are looking to disney and the bottom line is disney is the one that everybody is gonna hold up there and go we need properties. Put up there and try to match that in. I guess in some ways. Wwe's one of those sorts of things for well. Doesn't it start in march yes. It starts in march but if you have american express you can get fast lane and wrestlemainia for free actually whistle. Naple right yes. That's why the seems like a test the be done already back in a moment with more observer live. Have you written a book. You can become a published author with dorrance publishing. 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I haven't seen them like this ever. I never wanted to start using. I knew the drill. But i was out of options. I just wanna tell them. It's not your fault there. Are people out there who can help. People have felt your pain. They know what you're going through. I'm losing everything everyone you've been strong your whole life. You can do this but you have to reach out for help. It's time i can do. This addiction is a disease and diseases new treatment. Call quick drugs three two one now. Eight hundred three three eight six nine zero six eight hundred three three eight six nine zero six. That's eight hundred. Three three eight sixty nine six paid for by the detox and treatment help line. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live whip bryan. Alvarez and mike zimmer v on the sports byline broadcasting network elber is year wrestling observer alive a mixing impervious also wrestling observer dot com. Somebody here asking how this affects. uk doesn't us only deal so however you were getting the uk's gonna get an in a peacock too As of october twenty six million non-paid and paid sub so actual sign ups in total. That's what they were claiming as of that point Just as comparison to see where everybody's at right now on the depth chart disney plus Right near ninety million Eighty nine point eight million. I think the number was at epi go back and look but Eighty six point eight million the last time they reported in december so that was up. Thirteen point one million from the last time they reported. Yeah that's the gold standard right now. Everybody's chasing here's why can't debit booking be a quarter as good as he's deals are always getting well. The answer is simple. Because vince mcmahon. Books shows and vince mcmahon is not making these deals. He's hired people to make these deals hell of a higher by the way perusing has always been built on conning people. The fans aren't the anymore it's the people who will give them the most money. Well it's a lot of ways. Look at that you're selling yourself. You saw a product. You're selling your business. You do everything you can to sell baby. And that's what they're doing is con or is it Convenient descriptions on how you You provide your services and this person knows disney as over a hundred million because if he ever reisen for your phone service you get disney plus for free. There's a lot of people with variety we are at a time. Everybody wanna think. Mike is always callers and listeners flooded with twitch home as we. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed. Radio heartland newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's the push for more cova relief. Lisa brady fox news. The white house has the president considers each part of his proposed package to be essential beyond vaccines. People can make sure they have putting food on the table That their kids are eating that they can get they. Have the bridge needed to get to the other. Side of the pandemic spokeswoman jen psaki says the package could change as negotiations with lawmakers continue and. It's not clear how far that might get before. The senate trial of the former president starts taking up time. That process begins this evening. Fox's jared halpern is live on capitol hill house impeachment manager serving as prosecutors will deliver an article of impeachment against former president trump to the senate the first step and the second impeachment trial for trump and his many years. The former president is accused of incitement of insurrection for the deadly riot here at the capitol earlier. This month we'll trump's legal team in the house will have two weeks to prepare and file briefs arguments. We'll get underway no earlier than february eighth. Chief justice. john. Roberts is not expected to preside as he did for then president. Trump's first impeachment trial last year. Lisa jared the former president had also been accused in lawsuits of illegally profiting from his office. But the us supreme court is putting all of those cases to rest as moot. The high court tossed the former presidents contesting lower court. Rulings that let the challenges. Go forward plaintiff said the constitution's emoluments clause which prohibits profit from accepting payments from domestic or foreign officials was violated specifically citing the patronizing businesses owned by former president trump as well as stays at trump international hotel in dc lower court rulings on emoluments were also dismissed as well as several states existing cases. Colonel scott separate court fights do continue. Though over the former president's tax returns america is listening to fox news. Russia facing international criticism for a crackdown on protests over the treatment of an opposition leader the european union's foreign policy chief has said he intends to travel to moscow in early february. And we'll discuss the situation of jail russian opposition leader. Alexey navalny face to face. They're the european union stopped short of slapping new sanctions on russia. But the condemnations of police brutality towards the protesters saturday were strong as were demands for the immediate release of vanni and the three and a half thousand demonstrators. Who were detained boxes. Amy kellogg volley was jailed when he arrived back in russia from hospital treatment in germany after he was poisoned with a former russian nerve agent russia has denied involvement but the us is among the countries still asking questions urge russia to fully cooperate with the international community's investigation into the poisoning of lexington vanni and credible explained the use of chemical weapon on its soil. White house spokeswoman jen psaki also reiterating the us call for navalny and the protesters to be released a valuable dog at the of a standoff between her handler and the company he used to work for gary myrick pest control professional wants to keep roxy the bedbugs sniffing dog. He's lived in worked with for four years calling her part of his family. The problem you chose to stay home. When the pandemic hit and never returned he just chose to collect unemployment and was turning me along for months making. It seem like he was going to be returning whitney green. Hr director of new york-based eminem environmental says it's struggled without the five year. Old pit bull mix which can run some fifteen thousand dollars to train. Meyrick who since moved to philadelphia got slapped with charges and spent the better part of a day in jail. He can keep roxy till the case is settled. Lilian woo fox news and our to close on wall street. Stocks are mixed. The dow is down one hundred. Fourteen points brady fox news here that it's the sound of sensitive business data leaking from your fleet of mobile devices. It could be from devices using unsecured wi fi. Maybe an unlocked. Corporate tablet was left in a coffee shop. Perhaps a remote worker downloaded an app with malware onto their company smartphone or. Someone accidentally shared corporate information to a personal contact. Those leaks must be plugged now. 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Mendelssohn became a popular wedding recessional on this date in eighteen. Fifty eight as it was played on this date at the marriage of queen. Victoria's daughter victoria and frederick of prussia. Thomas edison alexander. Graham bell formed the oriental telephone company on this date in eighteen. Eighty one in eighteen ninety. The united mine workers of america was founded in nineteen fifteen alexander graham bell inaugurated transcontinental telephone service. The danish west indies sold to the us on this date in one thousand nine hundred seventeen for twenty five million bucks. We'll week of nations founded in one thousand nine hundred thousand nine hundred and the nineteen twenty four winter olympics in shambaugh france in the french alps inaugurating the winter olympic games guiding light aired on radio for the first time on this date in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. It transitioned to television. It became the longest running broadcast program in us radio and television history. The first emmy awards presented on this date in nineteen forty nine and the national association of broadcasters reacted to the payola scandal on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty by threatening fines for any disc jockeys who accepted money for playing particular records in washington on this date in nineteen sixty one. President kennedy delivered the first live presidential television news conference. What be your general policy on over wide san on such things as a youtube youtube flights do you conceive of circumstances which might want option such you. Youtube serbian serbian government is fully aware of the united states government views with respect to the distinction between the question of the united states air force. I'll be forty seven and the incident which occurred over seventy two territory on may first nineteen sixty involving an american. U2 type aircraft flights were american aircraft penetrating. The airspace of the soviet union had been suspended since may nineteen sixty excerpt president. Kennedy's i live presidential television. News conference the first ever on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty one in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine. North vietnamese peace talks began in paris. In one thousand nine hundred seventy one charles. Manson and three of his family members females found guilty of murder sentenced to life in prison. The district attorney's office. And i personally and the los angeles police department are all exceedingly happy with this verdict. We're very very pleased We expected the verdict but until until at clerk read the verdict. You never know. We're very happy about by not having a family on the wrong side of the law. I was born from that moment on accepted it as strong inside of it. I am a man. And i have that i have what makes first district attorney vincent bugliosi and charles manson manson died in prison. In november of two thousand seventeen at the age of eighty. Three eighty mean led a coup on the state in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy one deposing milton oboe tei and became uganda's president president nixon on this date in nineteen seventy-two discussed the paris peace accords. That would end the vietnam war. Within six months of an agreement we shall withdraw all u s and allied forces from south vietnam. We shall exchange all prisoners of war. There should be a ceasefire throughout indochina. There should be a new presidential elections. Vietnam the deal would have taken the take effect two days later rather on january twenty seven a live tv showdown between president george herbert walker bush and dan rather on. Cbs television got testy. It's not fair to judge my whole career by a rehash on iran. How would you like if i judged your career by those seven minutes when you walked off the set new york. You like that. Mr president for you but i don't respect for what you're doing here tonight. Rather attempted to question the republican presidential candidate about his role in iran contra affair leading to that tense confrontation and nine hundred and ninety eight during an historic visit to cuba. Pope john paul. The second demanded the release of cuban political prisoners and political reforms while at the same time condemning. Us attempts to isolate the country passing away on this date in history gangster. Al capone actress. Abe gardner conductor. Robert shaw singer. Ray peterson your remember him. From was the donna reed show. That's right. He had a big hit called my dad and mary. Tyler moore whom we lost four years ago today. This is the birth date of journalist writer. Edwin newman who quite frankly did a wonderful job in covering the the kennedy. Assassination for nbc. Radio country pop singer rusty draper dean jones very fine actor and etta james from peyton place solely soil and green and picket fences. Leigh taylor young. Seventy six years old today the honky tonk man wayne. Farris is sixty eight today. She was elaine lefkowitz on soap. And mardi mera she know in the film grease diana manaf is sixty five the undertaker's wife did you know she had a wipe. He does michelle mccoll. Forty one years old singer. Al-ali should keys is forty and from all my children and pretty little liars. Natalie hall thirty one though. Some of the people who celebrate the twenty fifth day of january is their birthday in. This was your birthday high. We're the four freshmen. And we just wanted to say look from sixty eight years ago january twenty fifth nineteen fifty three jack webster ours and dragnet this monday edition of classic radio theater on your favorite station. 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There's no pressure they're super easy to talk to eight three three thirty four bible. That's eight three three thirty four bible eight three three thirty four bible and on this monday edition of classic radio theater. Were going back. Sixty eight years january twenty fifth nineteen fifty-three jack webb starring in dragnet sound or gesture view. Chesterfield the only cigarette in america to give you premium quality in both regular and king-size brings you drag. Ladies and gentlemen story about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Already detective sergeant. You're assigned a narcotics detail. A steady flow of heroin has been making. Its way into your city. Most of fallen into the hands of teenagers. You don't know the source manley operation your job. Stop it drag the document drama of an actual crime for the next thirty minutes in cooperation with the los angeles police department. You will travel step by step on the side of the law through an actual case transcribed from official beliefs fires from beginning to end from prime to punishment. Dragnet is the story of your police force in action. A tuesday april sex was warmer in los angeles. We're working the day. watch out. Connex detail. My partner's frank smith. The bosses kannkerni friday. I just gotten off work. And i'd gotten a call from a friend who wanted to see me was five forty six pm. When i got my apartment house twelve. Oh ed just get rid of going you gotta get somebody. Maybe taking a show. Would you wanna see me about. Its bug gary. You your boy. Yeah i am quite out of say when you sounded pretty upset on the phone. I was giants dilemma. We'll come on what's all about is all. I could do to keep my hands off from never felt like that with anybody before but i did with gary. I wanted to strangling right now. What's he done in a dope addict. Joe wow that's a pretty serious thing to say. Are you sure about that. i am now i. I couldn't believe the tonight on. I went through his room. This see looks like layout a good drugs. And i know that he's using spool. Hydropower needle. everything's here. Would you find the said. Newsroom ed it. Had on the shelf his closet. I found it tonight. I didn't know what to do. Joel has been crying day. She's almost out of mine. You're the only one i can think coming to. What do you talked to when you find out your son's attic well-nigh under your share this is his in the first place that he's been using. I'm sure i never would have believed it. Gary no reason for we've given the kit everything. He wanted nothing. Didn't have good whole melon. I've always tried to understand. His problems always looked at him like they were important. Everything we gave him everything now. This i don't know what to do. Joe got no place to turn. There's nothing i can do. Maybe you can figure way you can't. I don't much care anymore. I just know that. I can't see him again. Not for a while. i'm afraid. John real afraid now. Let's take it easy work this out so we don't know what it's like. Joe you can't do feel like this and to know you'll do it. I see him again. Joe i'm gonna killing. I'd known enfield for the past seven years. I'd met him when we were conducting an investigation. While i was assigned a bunker division his testimony been instrumental in breaking up a gang shoplifters since then we become very good friends he lived just down the street from my apartment non occasion. We got together for an evening. I know his wife. And i'd met his eighteen year old son gary. The boy was a senior in high school. And is edit told me. Many times is grades. Were well above average. The feel family was moderately well to do. Their home wasn't luxurious. But it was good size to look at the boy. There was nothing that would cause anybody to think that might be a user. Six twelve pm field. My arrived at his home. Infield was waiting for her. She was a nice looking woman early forties. She let us in the house and showed us to. The living room was obvious that she'd been crying. I don't know how to thank you for coming over. joe. I told you what. It's all gary home you no. I haven't heard a word from him since he left. I didn't tell joe what happened this afternoon. Got to be better. If he got it from you sit down sure virtue. Gary came home this afternoon about two thirty walked the hassle at right to his room. He didn't say a thing to me. I i thought that maybe might be sick. I went to the room and locked the door. I ask him if he was all right. He called through the door. He was okay and for me to leave him alone. I asked him if there's anything i could do. You know if you need something understand to what he say told me to get away. Leave him alone. Get off his back. Those were his exact words. Leave him alone. Get off his back about twenty minutes later. He unlocked the door and came out. He seemed feel fine. He came in and kissed me. Said he was sorry about what he'd said said that he hadn't been feeling well and that he'd said those things without naming them who i told him the auto. Wait until i could take his temperature instead. There was nothing wrong me to get out of his way that he had some business to take care of and be home for dinner. Tried to stop him from leaving and he pushed me aside. Not me down there for a minute. I thought it was gonna cry but he just turned around and walked up any idea where he might have gone. What this business was he was going to take care of. No not the slightest idea sewer. We're up against afraid. Even see the boy when i figure that he might be using her catis. When i came home ellen told me what had happened about. What would make the kid do thing like this. The more i thought about it the more they had to be only one reason. That's when helen lamb went through his room. That kit is boy l. at all lately under doctor's care something that you might not know no. I'm sure that if he was we know about it. I wanna see gary. I want to see right now. Have to wait. Maybe there's something wrong with your ears son. i'm not gonna take that from. Please don't do something. You're going to regret that. Listen helen at boys. Eighteen years old for all that time. We've done everything we could for. Give them a lot more than most boys h. I'm not gonna stand by and see it all blow up just because he's a kid. That's no excuse. I want an answer for all this. What he's been doing what happened this afternoon. I want those answers. And i want now. He's only a boy. And i'm getting sick of that too. Where is it listen boy. I know what's been going on. I want to talk to you about it. I don't want you to let me on those whereas kit you doing. I asked him to come over. Turn me in. Your dad asked me see if i can help her. I don't need nothing from you. Come lay out whereas it you are gonna use it anymore. I want to lay out. I gotta have it whereas please don't get your father anymore than he is. I don't care how sorry is or how sorry gets want to lay out. I want it now. I can't think of any more simple way to say it. If i had to take it away for joe lousy. Bomo teacher to talk show. This isn't gonna get anywhere on subtle and both of you get out of here. Get him outta here. Joyce while breaking into joe boost let them call them dummy found out. I'm old enough to call things my way of not afraid of you either cup now worried about anybody want kick. I gotta have it. I got it. I'll do it to me. We can talk. I have a fix something come on. Saddam boy gone far enough here. Let's get a few things straight. You're not gonna have any more of that. We'll see that a doctor looks at you'll do. You've had the war narcotics for face. It you want me to tell you what. You're stand a user. Anyway you slice it. This had to happen. Want anything for me. Why don't you just name. You can't do that. Let me see your come on. Roll up your sleeve. What he says. Gary both arms take joy pop once. I don't con me. Gary you got it bad and it's gonna get worse. You didn't get that on from champion with the stuff that we found. You don't need to lay out that big dejoy pop ninety for quite a while. I know what the you the holding now. Come on boy answer you holding now yeah. Let's have it will not gonna give it to you. Got no choice on eighty. Give them your. I'll take it right here. Do not big. How big a couple of bucks but come on boy. Let's have a straight answer. Twenty five day twenty five dollars a day. That's a lot of narcotics and what it takes. Where's it come from come on. Who's your connection. Maybe got me not going to be fit. You gotta let me go at. That can't do that now. Where'd you get this stuff about that. Doctor you can do something about talk to him talking to him and going to do any good. I gotta have a fix. I'm making the fall apart. Come on be a pal. Let me have a fix. I'll tell you about it. Then you've got the kid you got the stuff corbis spoil go. You can't do. It must downtown taking cheo chai. I'll take him down at georgia street. Receiving hospital doctor can look at their. We're gonna have to hold them for a while misfield care. Why can't you tell me. Is it something you father and i've done. There's gotta be a reason what is it. Oh please. Gary tell me tomorrow. Let's get out of here. Can we see him after he gets. I do y'all wanna say goodbye. Why wouldn't prove. I guess what you'd look at. It broke the law. Now they're gonna convict down me. I didn't call them you did. Are you going to explain that tour when you turn your own son in how you gonna tell her about. Hope you're real happy now. I'm not proud of it. So is what i'd like to ask. Yeah what have you done to her. Eight thirty pm. I call frank smith and fill him on what had happened. He said that he'd meet me at georgia street. Receiving spittle took young. Gary down with me and had a doctor check him over after that. The boy was taken to the narcotics division and franken. I talk to him. I don't know how to tell you any better than the other way to say it or not gonna guinea names. That's not going to help you help me. We'll get any of my friends until the great friends average. What did you get the money to take. Care of your habit earned. Where where'd you work. Look it's getting late and stuff. That doctor gave me didn't do any good to fix them. I'm getting sick though what you gotta do. Let's get this over a look. This is going to be the same in the morning. We're going to keep asking questions that you come up with the right answers. Look cop. i don't want any favorites from me and leave me alone. We're only trying to help you. Boy i'll get off my sign. I need nothing from you. You saw your duty and you did it. They a big man. I know you'll both make lieutenant now beating right. That's enough of that. Well there's a couple of things we'd to set you straight on. Maybe help you to figure where you're standing. This comes when they give you a license to preach when a hand in a badge. That's enough of that youngsters off. My back copy of my old man had to turn never got me going get not saddam. Saddam from sunday january twenty fifth nineteen. Fifty-three dragnet the news from sixty eight years ago. When classic radio theatre continues pros brings something extra to every job now. The home depot. They also get something extra. Pro extra are free. Loyalty program built for pros. Just like you members earn perks. Every dollar spent like pro extra dollars a tool rental credit and more new members get twenty dollars off their next in store purchase of two hundred or more just for signing up learn more homedepot dot com slash pro extra new year more rewards pro x only at the home depot. How doers get more done. 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Purchase of two hundred dollars more just for signing up one. Save join pro extra only at the home depot. How doers get more done. Visit the pro desk in store at homedepot dot com slash pro extra for details in your in tune with classic radio theater on your favorite station and an episode of dragnet starring jack webb as it was broadcast sixty eight years ago sunday january twenty fifth nineteen fifty three in the newspapers of that sunday. Sixty eight years ago. These were some of the headlines. Global outbreak of the flu has stricken an estimated quarter billion persons around the globe. There have been some deaths. Medical and government authorities emphasize most of the influenza is of the mild variety not the killing virus that claimed millions of lives in one thousand nine hundred eighteen. The tough and shifty flu viruses have hit england with one hundred seventy two deaths in the three weeks and swept across france germany sweden denmark austria in mexico city. Forty percent of the population has been affected japan alone towns. Twenty eight million cases so far no deaths specifically attributed to flu have been reported in the united states the virus there is no respecter of persons pope pious. The twelfth treated with antibiotics for influenza complicated by bronchitis belgian king but one another victim at home interior secretary. Douglas mckay and tennessee governor. Frank clement are among those bedridden the nomination of charles e wilson officially before the senate yesterday with indications he will be confirmed as secretary of defense early next week but the fate of the two of the four top assistants. The former general motors president hopes to take into the defense department with him remained very much in doubt members of the senate armed services. Committee said that. Unless robert stevens designated for army secretary and herald talbott scheduled for air secretary. Follow wilson's example and sell extensive stockholdings. They will not get committee approval without such approval senate. Confirmation would be highly doubtful former president. Harry s truman rejected yesterday finally and completely any thought of taking a job. Capitalizing on the commercial value of headlined name or this beaver caro writing for the associated press reports within the last few days he is turned thumbs down on one one hundred thousand dollar year job offer to become sales manager for a large manufacturer and even better off from another concern ready to give him an eight year contract while theme mediated over his future. He answered as much as he could have. Been accumulating pile of personal mail and took off at noon to eat pig hawks and sauerkraut the sixty eight year. Old man western president of the united states up until last tuesday move swiftly about jackson county and what appeared to people who have known him two years to be a desperate effort to keep occupied outnumbered sabre jets blasted four communist makes the destruction yesterday in raging high altitude battles over north west korea that produced to new genesis and brought a double. Kill a third ace. According to the air force another mid probably destroyed to more damage than the fifth straight day of furious air fighting to south of the yellow river. Boundary between north korea and read manchuria. At least nineteen red jets shot down during that time. Beautiful young platinum blonde described as an acquaintance of ecstasy of basil procure arrested yesterday as a material witness in the forthcoming trial. Playboy me. no nikki j-league. On compulsory prostitution charges glittering jewels and garbed in maine twenty one year old blonde. Diana harris sobbed unceasingly as she was arranged in arraigned in general sessions few were stolen silk and rayon suit adorned with diamond clips if he was led crying into the chambers of judge louis tampa zoli for arraignment a gold bracelet adorned with diamonds and pearls glittered on her wrist. The judge helder and twenty five thousand dollars bail as a material witness in the case of jealousy the oleo margin air who is scare scheduled to go on trial on february second on charges of forcing girls to become prostitutes fifty nine year old robert e jones accused of filching banana from another man's ice cream sunday charged with intoxication by delaware. Ohio police yesterday. Police said jones ate the banana. Then why his hands on the other man shirt in a delaware restaurant and sixty four year old. Mrs ati silver awarded divorce yesterday but has to pay charles silver one hundred and fifty dollars a month alimony and attorney fees sobers lawyers said his fifty four year old clientage jobless mrs silver a member of a wealthy family. He argued under california law. Spouse who has the money is required to support the other silver. Give until monday to get out of their apartment couple married in las vegas in one thousand nine hundred fifty one after a previous marriage and been annulled in those some of the day's top news stories reported. In the newspapers of sunday january twenty fifth nineteen fifty-three on your radio dragnet which continues now on classic radio theater young fellow. You want to be a big man. That's the way it's going to be. I'm going to tell you that you get no special treatment here. Because i know your parents you'll be treated just like any other user. You're getting a little of the edge because you're a youngster. There's not a pound of honesty integrity and your distorted. Mind the simple way to drop in a cellar. Just what the cure legit fall apart of you to let me tell you this we're gonna get the connection it's been supplying you know we're gonna get the man behind him. I don't much care about them. But i do care about the kids around you. You've got a big habit. Takes a lot of money to keep up habit like that. I've seen before and there's only so many ways to get that money steeler. You start pushing narcotics yourself. I don't think you're stealing c. You gotta be pushing. That means that you probably got other kids. Hooked on other youngsters got trouble because of you meals that are dragging your wagon for you. You're only forgive you for what you've done to them but they'll never be able to buy what you did to the other kids. You had a chance to help yourself and help the rest of your chance to do something good for somebody else. You wouldn't take your planet smart. Big boy he it that way when you end up in a jail cell with you through copy. I'm through fine. Let me get some sleep. Let's go frank. You are listening to drag it the authentic story of your police force and action. We always say that kids were much more polite back then wall. Sometimes they were in sometimes. They weren't dragnet of her sixty eight years ago. January twenty fifth nineteen fifty three. The conclusion is next on this monday. Edition of classic radio theatre balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world. One life at a time. It's really fantastic. Pretty active sports wise and smell the muscle strains get up in the morning stiff back. Nothing i'd never get sick. I mean literally never get sick. And if i feel like there's a little something coming on i'll take the megadose next base going. I mean just. My health is fantastic and i. I'm gonna continue taking. 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The second amendment foundation created the second amendment first responders program. This program seeks to engage. Americans who want to protect our second amendment rights. Please text protect two eight. Two four seven four seven four seven and become a second amendment first responder now is the time to defend our right to keep and bear arms techs protect two eight two four seven four seven four seven again text protect two eight two four seven four seven four seven now is the time to defend our right to keep and bear arms text protect two eight two four seven four seven four seven are. Us constitution is amazing. It's full of what's called. Rights designed to protect us from the corrupt powers of a dictatorship worship our own god not some official state religion right to prevent the government from seizing our property without paying fair market value for or are right to be tried by a jury of our peers. People like us. Not by some star tribunal. And that's why america has become the richest most just society in the world other countries for so called positive rights onto their citizens. These enable one group to take from another group. They're free speech. Money and choice by using government force socialist love wielding power of people. Sometimes we take our freedoms for but we can lose our bill of rights and our constitution and become like venezuela or north korea failed brutal socialist regime. We need your help to spread the good news about our amazing. Us constitution help us take back. America go to our american rights dot com. Brought to you by the american media council on our tuesday edition of classic radio theatre. Bill johnstone starring as the shadow as we go back eighty years january twenty six nineteen forty one. The ghost of caleb mackenzie. It sounds like a strange one. That'll be coming up on our tuesday edition of classic radio theatre but right now. Let's wrap up this monday. Shindig with the conclusion of dragnet from sixty eight years ago january twenty fifth nineteen fifty three. Gary theo was taken to the main jail and booked franken. I went back to the office to fill out the arrest reports the next day. Wednesday april seventh. We began to talk to gerry's friends and teachers from all of them. We got the same story until six months before the boy had been a model student who was always at the top scholastically in each of his classes. It was a member of several honorary student organizations and at twice been nominated for president of his class then apparently without reason. The boys personality had changed. He stopped taking an interest in his schoolwork. Several of his teachers told us that he wouldn't have gotten passing grades at the end of the semester. He dropped out of the service organizations at school from some of his teachers. We got the names of his close friends. Talks with them nets little. They told us that. Jerry had dropped out of the crowd of youngsters that he'd been running with an a taken up with new friends. They told us that they didn't see much of after school already. Gotten into fights with other students on several occasions and that after a period of time they stopped asking him to their functions. None of them were able to give us the names of his new friends which check with the neighborhood merchants. Most of them new. Gary said that he'd worked for them after school but they hadn't seen him for several months. We asked them if they could help us locate his friends. They told us that they had seen him in the company of one particular man on several occasions but they couldn't identify him for us. We've got a description of the man but it meant nothing to us or to the other members of the narcotics division photographs of no narcotic suspects were shown to the parents of gary field and to the storekeepers around the school. They can identify any of them. two days. friday. April we got a call from a field. Boy franken. I went over to see him. Or do you want us about jerry. I wanted to tell you i've had. What's that mean. i wanna tell you about it. It's a matter you've been sick little. That's not why called you. Treat me all right here. But i got to think all right go used to the papers or the kids turn themselves in or get caught. Caught up all about how they realize what they always seem like a lot of phony sob sisters different now. I know what i'd done. I know i got to stanford i'm not. I'm not asking any favors. I know that. I've done nothing to call for. I'm not trying to be a hero or a moderate. Just want to help cleaned up one thing. I'd like to know. Gary what's that what made you get started and stuff. It seemed like a kid that has everything you want. You don't look like a kid who fall. Who knows thousand reasons. They still in that. I just wanna be top man all the way round. How did you get on it. Started lush it up in the tea and heroin. That's the way it runs. Isn't it rush the time. I didn't figure i'd ever be talking. Couldn't happen to me wrong. Even be on. You had the big six months chip reid whether it but at the same time before. Then where did you get the money. We had to get to that. Which i got some kids pushing this stuff for me. Work for a while wasn't enough. By that time they kids were hooked. Themselves is only connection. They had they had to do business with me or do without. You told them that if they couldn't pay me in cash i'd take merchandise eight bring. I'd sell it that way. We both came all right. They got their h. I mean you gotta steal at it. Yeah i guess so. I never asked where they got. The stuff i just took it and sold that and stuff they so for me. I mean these kids pushing age for you know seventy. I sell it to him for four to stick. Hey get up to a buck and a half. You know where they public now. I never asked all interested in was if i got mine or give us their name. It's the only way the only way to. How about you connection dining jack jack who. I don't know honest i really don't where'd you drive in downtown. Where drive into the corner renault vernon set up the me going there. Between ten and midnight connaught. A coffee comes over the car. You mean that. He's always there at that. Time usually is so you only sourced. Yeah anyone else pushing it around there. As far as i knew. I think the only one in the operation all right. You'd be willing to arrange a meet with him so he can pick them up all right. Fine chauncey the folks got so much to make up for. That's right you have to go live long enough to do it all nine thirty two. We got a description of the suspect. Known as jack and also the names and addresses of the teenagers involve franken. I contacted the juvenile authorities and gave them the information. We went back to our office and gary field check. Our files of no narcotic suspects was unable to give us an identification on jack eleven fifty six. Am we took the boy to his home and talk with his parents. Twelve thirty pm frank. Gehry field and i drove to the corner of vernon and reno to check over. The drive in restaurant was set up in the usual way with the parking area around the main building for car. Service in the rear of the lot was a building housing a cocktail bar and there were parking spaces in front of that for the bar customers as we drove past the place. Gary told us that he usually park around. The side of the main building. In this jack came from the direction of the bar. It was unable to tell us whether the suspect car the plan was for garrett introduced me as architects buyer. Who was trying to get. A local connection was agreed that because of the size of the by was to make it would be necessary for me to deal with the head of the organization. Eleven o five pm. Gary and i got into my car and drove to the drive-in frank followed us in felicia. We arrived at the meet at eleven fourteen pm. Frank stayed in the background and we waited the suspect vehicle. Make an appearance the next night. The plan was repeated again. Nothing sunday april to five. We arrive at the drive in. We waited eleven five pm. Eleven fifteen eleven thirty. No sign of the suspect midnight. Twelve four pm looks like he's going to be registered usually showed up. Then what happening always before. Sure you got the right driving. Look you know what you're thinking about. I'm telling the truth. All this is kind of tough to buy. Don't you three nights any isn't here. I don't understand you always hear before women coming from the bar right which one is a couple of people coming out. There seemed grey suit sure. That's this jacket positive for any. You know what you're going to do it on the news wrong here. Remember that nothing's going to happen to you. I remember coming over. Hi jack looking for your where been wrong. Who's a friend. I want to talk to you about the business with giacomo jackie all i know. It brought him here if i didn't know he's all right. He's a friend of yours. You know the bit any friend of yours. I know what to talk about businesses doing here. But i'm here for a cup of coffee trying to prove bringing a guy who is friend of mine told you once told you thousand times. I never bring nobody with you. Haven't i told. But he's okay. He wants to make a by a big one crazy kids. You told him look he's okay. I know jeb bush. Dan door right from this. I kind of figured if you bought from you. You might give me a little bit in sort of say. Thanks for the business on this guy longtime our coupla years ago. I never seen him before. He doesn't hang around his part of town. What's he doing here now. Like i said trying to make by where jamaica. Before i met you i used to buy stuff from you moved out of town. North does business up there last couple of days. I couldn't get in touch with your ran and the fix told me wonder by right away for you. Talk to make a deal. You just talked to find out. Everything's okay you let me do the talking. Joe this is jack fellows. Tanya tells me down on business era. Yeah i'm looking around nice place. La a lot of businesses but line. Whatever pays we way from newark. Gary you regulus lemay. I haven't got all night to stand around and guzzlers stale coffee with the other kid. Don't you what. I want not boils down one simple question. You want to do business or don't you going kind of fast. I haven't got a lot of time. I don't like the deal that way. Let's get out of here on better figure on dealing with a small time operator. I told you that before you mean by that you read it any way you want. Let's go see your mr not on eating at sorbonne. It have to be careful united. Listen early seven horse when you were playing with marbles outgrown the kid games. I thought i could make a by his wrong. Maybe not what i said. Maybe we could do business. They gotta have it tonight. What you need. Then he'd announce what's gotta be good and got that much with. How much have you got. I got twelve bengals with how much you gotta understand. This is good stuff. How much like this is. You can find any place all right. Let's quit playing. What's the tab on ten bucks right. We'll take the twelve kinney and the rest of it when you won. I told you i was in a hurry. Don't you hear good. Yeah maybe tomorrow night right. That'll have to do if it's good quality. I mean once more. How much can you supply. How much do you need college. Go maybe another ounce. Got the cash for this. I don't do business any other way way here. I'll be back right. Isn't it mr frank. Gehry everything's fine series going now. Would you worry about it. Frankly where he goes on the clinton. This is over k mr the money they got it right here. Let's see the horse. You got all right here. You know my god. Oh the right ahead. It's all their hundred and twenty bucks. Know what you said just to make sure fifty seven east ninety three hundred twenty right. It's all here you tomorrow night. Yeah sure i'll tell you it's nice to basically been a real pleasure real pleasure. Well it works both ways mr moore of you will. You're under arrest. You just heard was true. The names were changed to protect the innocent on july. Twenty ninth trial was held in department. Eighty nine superior court of the state of california in and for the county of los angeles in a moment. The results of that trial gary richard field because of his cooperation was placed in a hospital for rehabilitation and at the conclusion of his treatment was placed on three years' probation the other juvenile's involved were handled through the juvenile court and received sentences comparable with his jack. Alexander williams was tried and found guilty of violation of the state narcotic act felony and was sentenced to the state penitentiary for the term missed prescribed by law violation of the state narcotic dak felony punishable by imprisonment for a period of not more than six years in state prison. You have just heard dragged in a series of all cases from official files. Technical advice comes from the office of chief of police. W.h parker los angeles police department. Technically advisers kevin inject donohoe sergeant monti wins sergeant vents pressure. Hurt tonight were alexander. Harry bartell virginia gregg eddie firestone script by john robinson music by walter human. Hell give me speaking from sixty eight years ago. January twenty fifth nine thousand nine hundred fifty. Three dragnet on this monday edition of classic radio theatre. Thank you so much for tuning in favor and thank this radio station and support their advertisers. It is their kindness and courtesy. 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How cars affected by motions such as braking and cornering and then relays this info back to the abs and onboard computer result improve safety and performance. Wow strong sensitive and smart. Signed me up. Bobby likes like us. You're listening to heartland newsfeed. Radio network live twenty four seven at heartland newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram A travel ban stays in place on the brady fox news. President biden is keeping restrictions that would have eased tomorrow on non u. s. citizens coming to the us from from more than two dozen countries and actually taking in part because of new strains of colds circulating administration also plans regular briefings on the pandemic white house. Press secretary jen psaki says science-led health briefings begin wednesday in will continue three times a week for the foreseeable future. The reflection of our commitment to being transparent and honest with the public about the pins and the work our whole of government team is doing on vaccine availability sake says officials are assessing the situation left by the trump administration which is much worse than we could have imagined sake says abided administration's working to have rapid engagement with states on what to expect in the weeks ahead rachel sutherland. Fox is some former administration officials including the x. Cdc chief have disputed the new team's assessment of their work at this hour. The president is laying out his by american plan aimed at helping to boost. Us manufacturing you signing an executive order to add more made in america requirements for federal government purchases earlier he reversed president trump's ban on most transgender military service reinstated position that previous managers and as well as secretaries have supported and during the day when all qualified american to serve the country in youth signing that order during a meeting with new defense. Chief lloyd austin earlier today. The impeachment trial of the former president technically begins tonight after house. Managers walk the article over to the senate but it won't begin in earnest for another two weeks. The former president charged with incitement of insurrection over the capitol riot earlier this month. America is listening to fox news. Us navy seal sentenced to prison for his role in the death of an army green beret overseas. Tony dolph was sentenced to ten years in prison by military jury over the weekend. According to charging documents to dolph placed army staff. Sergeant logan melgar in a chokehold as part of a prank melgar lost consciousness and died of strangulation along with the dolph. Another navy seal and two marines were charged in the death. One of the accused testified. They wanted to get back at melgar for leaving them in an unsafe area of mali. The african country where they were stationed to dolph also had his rank and salary reduced and we'll be dishonorably discharged grenell scott fox news biden administration is restarting efforts to put harry tubman on the new twenty dollar bill. Something the obama administration had. I planned it stalled under president. Trump's treasury secretary who announced a redesign of multiple bills instead the white house wants a renewed efforts replace andrew jackson on the twenty with nineteenth century. Abolitionist leader the history. Police come out poking fun at historical inaccuracies in a new net flicks series fans of the nfl. Richardson spotting yellow lines on a street. With horse and buggies wines which didn't exist. During the period pieces era the uk in the eighteen hundreds one tweets so far spotted a single yellow line and a telecoms manhole cover adding. I didn't realize the nineteenth century brits were such pioneers. Another seeing a poster for a uk retailer historical slip-ups sparking comparisons to the viral. Game of thrones coffee cup flub. Still critics say. It's a great one to watch netflix. Revealing the show will return. For a second season christine. Goodwin fox news makes finish on wall street. The dow down thirty seven points at the close but new records for the snp and the nasdaq of lisa. Brady fox teams. Don't let the challenge of reading mobile app store. Your business building apps takes time special skills and a lot of money. 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Ladies and gentlemen the story you're about to hear is food. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent dragnet. This is classic radio theater. Thor's comply with a communist light so everybody. Now here's your and why it talks. We head back to january. Twenty five thousand nine hundred fifty two detective adventure richard diamond. Private detective and the l. brandis case Transcribed is richard diamond. Private detective starring. Dick powell agency mayhem distinction. Oh oh no. Why not. I said and i said i'm a detective agency for him. Distinction name what am i going to do about slogans. It's tough after a while. How about when. I call you. I give the slogan instead. Well i don't know what do you mean. You don't know i'll have to give you an audition. I need a new one every morning. Starting tomorrow. back the minute. I have one. I'm gonna see sure about seven. I'll call you back the minute i have. Well can come on in some of them by. Wow a long time tiny by gonna do for you. You make yourself twenty five hundred johnny. I like money but when a guy like you hasn't turned the damn it is. It's the first time we're going to do this if you don't like it you don't take twenty five hundred dollars. Read the papers. How brennan skipped i read. That you have been is supposed to pay before the grand jury enough on him. Put him away for twenty five thousand twenty five hundred but be half of that wouldn't just whereas that's what you wanted to do. Isn't it. made sure. I know where he is. I just think you want me to make sure. I got the lead. But i don't want to turn you know what happens if the boys find tiffany. Why give it a long time. Look tiny tiny. I i gotta be honest. I don't like you roussel phases. When he was a cop came out all right. And i still didn't like you. I don't like professional schools. Kyanne minister like one or they can take the whole five thousand haney. Let me see if i can do. Walt levinson a favor. Bring in brennan's install make twenty five hundred spent right down the middle which a deal as long as i don't have to see you too much issues. What hanging stink thinks. He's not a local boys in import. Used to work for venue magazine. Lewis making twenty nine teddy when pennies ruth east. He stayed in as before. My time restoring is so what i hit. Brennan's even skip town. I hear he's hiding out right in town somewhere until the heat smart they'd cover everything in and out within his skip yesterday morning. A lot inspired you. I heard about string he smart. He wouldn't trust them with these local boys so strong. That guy sting nile a kindle when he saw brennan square. We need an economy. Mabel long island unless out there you'll be there outlook tiny just plain. Same diamond. I turn to score room. I couldn't open them out. Okay tiny what time. Well i've made a deal with tiny gillespie having a five thousand dollar reward but one of the biggest hoodlums in the business. I'd known you for years. He was a professional stool. Hulu the underworld like the inside of this show and didn't have a friend whose name it was dangerous. Doing business with tiny but twenty one hundred can take the edge off a lot of things. I went home change. My clothes was about to pick up the phone to call your office detective agency. If you can't get your lager. Perry mason for hundred a day. I start chasing pretty good Oats i thought just great. I was just gonna call. I can't make it into lettuce lead. I'm sorry that i started such a wonderful dinner. I started making twenty five hundred dollars honey. Five hundred dollars. Just take your time dinners not that important. I knew you would understand how we're tied and don't worry about me. I'll see you when you solve the case. You don't think that. I'm on the just didn't the money not in a million dollars years because so interested in my welfare. I managed to borrow her convertible. By eight o'clock. I was the corner of maple and palm on long island. It was easy to understand. Why tiny picked spot to me. Dog is a mine shaft. There wasn't a house within a half mile. I let a camel sat back. The way got be eight. Sixteen tiny still hadn't arrived by eight thirty. I was beginning to wonder if he ever would by nine. I was sure he wasn't trying to car back town. Kick myself all the way there. I like tiny couldn't trust. I was feeling a little guilty getting involved. By the time. I hit broadway. I was mad at a wild bowl with hutler turned right down to the river and a dive called the purple guide. Her a hang onto a bum and a stool evening. I need gillespie who only a few customers in the room. And the biking named samson that. I've done business with before. I'm looking for tiny gillespie drink. I'm not interested in a long illness ever seen earlier. Razz seven left around seven. Nobody was going to need no luitingh. That didn't seem well rick. What are you doing chuck. Mount allenton bugai's attending much choice. That or a stomach. I showed the in soaks with complete into looking for about eight. Says when you're wearing that officials from zaps seem tiny narrow. What do you mean her. What do you mean is at just asking where we want to. Before he was opposed to meet me why about one. Stop acting like a hobby. Was it all about just checking on chinese activities by eight o'clock tonight and just tiny do prior to eight o'clock tonight for one thing. You got himself. January twenty fifth in one thousand nine hundred fifty two dick pal starring as richard diamond private detective on classic radio theater. We continue in three minutes. Balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world. One life at a time being a truck driver. 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Is your place for breaking news online so download the newsmax app now on your smartphone and start watching newsmax. Tv for free. The app has no paywall and gives real news. You can trust. Watch great shows with greg. Kelly grant stitch field dick morris michelle malkin diamond and silk. Mike huckabee alan dershowitz. Sean spicer and a lot more newsmax is on all major cable systems. You don't get newsmax on cable all your operator and tell them you want newsmax you can always switch to a new service that has newsmax or watch newsmax for free on roku youtube apple. Tv zumo tivo plus pluto and smart. Tv's like samsung and lg tune in today because newsmax is real news for rio people classic radio theater on your favorite station january twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred fifty two richard diamond private detective starring dick powell back to richard diamond. Private detective starring. Dick lebeau it all started when a professional stool pigeon named tiny. Leslie thought he knew the very bottom out. Brenner defended the grand jury investigation. Hi nina neat. Eaten at eight o'clock that night but never showed up and looking for him. I ran into the lieutenant. Walt levin racing place walk olney tiny kill. Been out of the station. Where talk more about it. He was killed sometime between separate thirty eight. Where about a half mile away. You save sports that's right. Nobody really worked him over minded. Handsome open back fracture of femur fracture and it was a mess cookie. Thanks very happy. So how your rupture weight off the obvious. Skinny hardening stringer saint. Louis where our vendors in nineteen twenty nine. She has been following him. Tiny string it was where he is a coruna's tiny save reina's still intone thought so you said he followed. The story is unpleasant. Believe met with venice wreck you ought to know. Better get mixed up with a guy like a double date with my conscience. Drake coat new. Yeah listen sweetie pie. Brennan's is close in time was supposed to meet you a half mile from where he was killed as a good that brennan could still be in that area. Let's see skipped again. Found out tiny him spotted long nose. He'd never get out of town now. And i don't think he's worried about killing tiny. I don't think he'd ever figured tiny with tell anybody what he knew. Studies done business with the law and he knows that the law would have come at a tiny. That's right. I think businesses worried but if he's got a good high stay put as lab reply on chinese scraping. The bottom of shows indicate fertilizer new grass kind. His body was lying at the bottom of the house his new from miles yummy on the map. Where the body was found. I was supposed to need him their naval and palm. Sure as much in that section heine couldn't have been to laugh me before he was killed. We wanna pick mabel and tom if it was very far from what he wanted to show me that makes sense but they show and dump his body close the bremer's hideout day okay. Maybe the doorway five or ten miles ten miles in every direction from able and palm adds a lot of territory. Yeah i know on your show. Got renters i'll put out an ap thing guys. I checked the records dogma. Saint louis for description by. I'll see you later. Where are you going to see if i can beat you. The brennan who look right. I all honey with tiny. There's a big old five thousand. All in one chunk i find. I don't want the glory just the move. I left the station planned in the car. The gas station. Where i with gas and picked up a map of the long island section and i went back to my office. It started checking long phone directory. I knew it would take me a week to find a new long while doing that. So i concentrated on something else. I look for some place that might sell for liven resi. I was one such place in that area of sun gardens alive and that was a phone. I took a chance that the owner someone lived there and call them Yeah this is. The hudson gardens apply as the hudson garden. This this this is my name's diamond. Sell any fertilizer grassy the last few weeks. You're kidding you do sell fertilizer. Legalize guys'll come on this assembly supposed to separate. You said your name were diamond. You want us to come out and play out of bed like a kid. Have you sold any front grassy than the last few weeks for last good for any grassy address in that area couple of weeks ago last week. A big road. I don't remember the pill after. Look it up. we're gonna now unless you want to come out there and help you. Okay all the phone. Hello grassi windsor. Seventy seven eighty charm was the name of the bill. Your view resto. The last week always a lot of flowers plants. Heard you must love your work. Climbed back into the car and had a long island and seventy seven eighty eight shoreham drive forty minutes later. I pulled up on a lonely dot rolled out the hill. New rest homes stood out against the moon. Lonely castle die except for line one the wings the grounds were surrounded by a high fence out of the car and started walking. I kept going. Until i found a section sense with a man might be seen in the house i went up and over. I think down and stopping my fault with my hands. When i felt my hands covered with new grass about one hundred yards between defense and the main building and the moon infected off is like if anybody was watching from the house. I'd never make it without being seen his lawyers. I ran about halfway. Stop listening to make my best come out slowly. So it wouldn't show against the cold and seething like i wanted to dig a hole and hype. I started again running low inside the side. Never behind after the name bellingham slam myself against i stayed. There is like hot my breath that moved around to the front door and tried it. I got the surprise of my life. It was open on myself standing in the lodge room die except for small red light burning over a staircase to my left led to the floors above and there was another smaller room to my right was black except the chefs relied slamming onto the window. When those an open door something was wrong. He was behind me probably waiting behind the door. I can was the door. I'm lacking figured had been expecting shoots nutcase. You'll pardon my back taking in yemen. What would you call this off really. Just a big cigarette. I'll look what has this diamond privately check. You arrive a detective. Who may retire. I think i'm guaranteed biden causing lung time defense self alone. Well my car pro gun. I thought would use the phone. Yeah no. I don't believe what is it. You better come down and see the private detective on. Light had a gun. Hello brennan is a private capital right. Used to be to count all right. I'm surprised i thought you skipped you. Didn't ninety got you tiny. I told you i told you. Gotta you gotta get out here my whole business making enough but now with this private detective that man last night telling how many more tiny find me. I don't know you're talking about brennan's just surprised at seeing you as i live venice. Easy might've told police know here by analogy. Had you're going to be a little trouble hiding out. A man who wanted by the federal government right greenwich what. He's trying to talk himself out of jamil. Noughties writes alex gets here. I'll leave thank goodness. It means on you. Better take care of diamond you mean. I did with tiny gillespie. They're gonna lose this place. Do you know. And i don't want anybody around talk about me. I come you tiny over like. Why didn't you just use your gun three. You're gonna have a hard time working over that we're not going to see better. Take him downstairs. Bigger any man. Yeah all right or go over to that door. I see you again. Go on i'll have to shoot you down those. You're gonna make mistakes. I have no choice. It's evidence get you off easy. A murder charge my life. And i might not right. Open the door and going on a lawsuit. You're right here working out. What is that. i got somebody for your out. No love. I was locked in the base with someone else with the man. His head was shaved clean and his eyes are wild and staring. He was sitting in the car pulled himself up. He looked at me kept his head to one side. Like it was listening to something. Then he was on his shoulders. Resigned hanging at decides even bent over like that. He must have been six and a half feet tall. It's not looking good. Dick powell is richard diamond private detective from twenty fifth. Nine thousand nine hundred fifty two. I'm wyatt cox and you're listening to classic radio theater. 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The conclusion of richard diamond private detective as it was originally broadcast january. Twenty fifth nineteen fifty two. You shuffled towards me. Like an eighth. And i realized what it was that a tiny little sight. Easy boise put my back to the wall and such but he seems to enjoy watching new tidy. Get away each when i smile hobble. Mouthful of teeth love his hands together like a little kid with a new game. I kept moving talking trying to calm down. But i knew there was no chance. The basement was a solid four walls and the heavy locked door in one of us would have to die before the night was over the way things stood. It was pretty obvious. And if i kept running. I was gonna get tired and dialogue. I stopped Looked almost like he wanted to keep on playing wasn't going to be able google. He started moving again. And i kicked in the stomach lock. You doubled over in for a second. I felt bad then. He straightened in the rush. Nate schmidt got his arms around me and it was like dang caught by a bit constricted. I-drive fought tighter squeeze. I started a pass out. Thought i heard shots. He the probe hadn't tried to set up still dazed. The half light. I watched in shuffling iron slain. He was so strong and didn't even know it was fighting a man just a dollar play anymore. And you're gonna break it in two thousand pieces you reach for me. Just somebody on the other side of the bill. I started shooting. The giants stopped. The door was pulled back then. He turned into flight. To look on located. Stringer taylor so heavens cop outside the fence that thing just an animal. He used to be a man killed. I'll bet you just shaken up but another couple of ahead six brennan's edit putting them in the car. Okay was all the shooting outside the are in one. Let me who told you. I was down here minute. We came through the front draw on. Spotted them in one after. Bless your little high it. What are you do with that. I'm going to buy you the best present you ever had in your life. it's a beautiful stone l. It's it's really nothing. Nothing you got the peace doing some safari baio. This is what to expect. Kogo bone meadow mountain. Isn't the thousand miles as you get was rather windy. That was the biggest animal. I've ever seen six feet. High and one hundred and eighty couldn't kill him did. How did you ever get this a haircut. How do i look nick. Never had good right there. I'm going to buy you. The fastest was named farm. Your presents just arrived. i hope you like it. Well i don't know how to thank rally. I know in good health and i'll see you soon. I'll never forget you for this old man. He loved his president but he saved my life. I bought him a beautiful kashmir. Uniform has new you can get over it now. Let's go there right off. i'd money people i love. I still got about fifteen hundred s good after taxes. Got five thousand dollars. Seventy fifth cavalry run from leaks stole away takeaway. I owe the government. Sixteen hundred dollars nights transcribed adventure. Richard and it was written and directed by blake edwards music by franklin virginia. Greg alan reed was lieutenant. Eleven others in the cast. The hard mcnair joel zanu january twenty fifth and nineteen fifty. Two dick powell richard diamond private detective on classic radio theater. Here's some great news if you missed the deadline to sign up for health insurance or more importantly if you sign up for a plan that you're just not happy with you still have a choice. It's called meta share and medishare's a christian healthcare sharing program. It's been around for twenty five years. They have more than four hundred thousand members now around the country and get this over the years meta share members of shared more than two billion dollars of each other's medical bills so they could help. Share your needs to and best of all. You could save a lot of money with meta share. 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You see how it is. You'll man's writing me. That i known judge causing hasn't been kidnapped not invite again but why don't you realize that it's the biggest cases the end here. You guys are sitting around waiting for him to come in and say how boys i've been out on a picnic. We're doing everything we can. You might photographer. You've got with your helping anybody owning us on. Well what about it. I'm getting home tonight. Captains get that. I find just call two million readers of since when two million people start wasting their time. Wake up dummy comment over there on the chair and get off space. We've had worked at doing here. That three alarm fire somewhere going reserve officers on the traffic plus my feet. Hey weapon like a wake up giving telephone book them in the wake for all it's you can't you ever let a guy rest and come on a month step out of work to be done. Hey where's that fire caps whereas me thursday telephone how. Hey where's the fire plan. Thank donald break here mark. I'm on and don't get double tangled up in that camera there Come on anymore. I'm where i ain't got some of these may be nice to you want me to. Let's get up on that building up away from this crowd and short of a third job you at all in there in the city hall hollis head off. We don't get it. Does suck i over here and stop gaping the tally up to road. All right. I'm constantly careful of that cavern. I don't get it for you. Go on dummy not a whole lot. I stumbled on look. Holy smoke here in the alleys. I tripped over a quick a light on him food. Sometimes maybe there's a flash like shelby meadows. yeah must've been hitting apollo pretty heavy to get this drunk. He's not drunk looks. Yeah you're another corner. i'm a cop and get the phone and call cap and trade. I'll say here i. It'd be plenty of pain. Raised over this Our covid medicine star. He did yeah to slug hot. Looks like he's been shot from behind. I got a friend of mine calling captain trips. You better stay in. He decided to take action. Pictures for the star. Yeah one of the business signed a drink a bet. But he's eight high on the newspaper photographers. Oh get anything right over to run two blocks for a phone to kevin should be here pretty quick but you find. He's been shot in the back like it was on the sign was maybe it was on air photograph. The fire is in shelby. Cameron florida still. Gee that's too bad he was a swell guy. It'll be tough on his wife to live. I don't know i was married. Been married more than a year. Got a wife and a kid hard on him. I'd like to have all of the dirty rats up all this paper blow lead off on this but we all will become better. Get w what's going on. I for somebody plugged them in the back. No what did i say. Take a look for yourself. What was he doing here. It's like it was taking pictures of a fire fitness. I mean what was he doing here on this alley flow wimpy here had acopia. They're going up on the top of the building across from the fire. Making a few shots chubby. Probably have to say my dad. Mice got a couple of cars and so lights on this from both ends four with a place with a fine tooth. Comb and see what you find. Got cold blooded deliberate. Murder asked me chubby having enemies. You know about his ideals stubby. Wasn't that kind of a newspaper. Man who made enemies ensure on into something for the working on our should. I know i worked for the good vets. George job to find the guy who shot him. take flagger that's went being invaded. He'll mental probably put an extra since i pull in my story. Warriors on in the headquarters of trend. I wanna follow this thing through fire pictures. You got a chance or if you'll probably want to use them in the next hall okay. Hey big dummy. Don't forget your plate case all All right thanks. I talked to the city editor of the saw. He says medals wasn't on any particular simon. Tonight's ask you about any previous assignments. Yes the other guy told me that chubby has been following up some leads on judge policies appearance but nothing came on and i found a couple of million dollars the paper that was all medals friends from. So here's we might get something out of that. Judge kyle their that tonight. Wasn't anything less to that. If i were some sort of keys or checking up on the front happens harder in all they are. What do you mean sending the with a picture like this. And not giving me a line on what i called the whole story before i left the seems i tend to be in with a picture there. We got the pictures but not align on judge constant that's causing. Who said anything about carl. Lewis said say you playing not enough. But i think you'll our in the story of finding chevy medicine the alley before i came down here with captain. Trenton said anything about chubby medals. We've got that story phenomenal speech for an hour. When i wanted to follow up on that you took a judge from picture what pictures you mean to say that you can take this. Here's a look at the pictures world for the catholic judge council. Yeah not big love walking. Whatever steve yeager. Where did you get that sixty four. Either way must have taking when p. says he didn't take it he says you must have taken while he was running for the telephone is crazy as usual. Say well trump picture. What do you mean chubby matters took that picture. And that's why he was killed will be picked up the wrong place as when he left. He developed chubby pictures. Well i'll be then. You didn't take executive bureau skopje. Why okay okay. Now what they've done abide the body in the ruins of judge cost what they done by the keys in the ring as belonging to judge calls. So that's something wrong. There we got a picture of judge coffin diego walking together. I wonder where medals took this picture. Looks like the alley where we found him now. I know what happened. Judge carlton is in on this. So steve yeager jaeger's one would probably turn the heat on chubby war while you remember the indictment against yeager. Don't you call turned it down. I've noticed these been letting yeager hoodlums go free when that grand jury threatening investigation. Judge carlson disappeared. Then there's a fire and he tries to make it appear as if he's been caught in the fire. Shelby meadow saw them. Walking took a flashlight and try to get away. And what's care exact. Hello delta minute dumb camera miami. Oh that's a big before. What's the address gets. Got six point one clinton good. Look you stick outside and we'll be right down six twenty one clinton what's up wimpy just called to say that three months dragged him coming out of renton took these cameron placate away at. That's the reason. Chubby meadows was killed. Thought wimpy had this cabbage. I haven't heard the best of it. We're big grabbed the taxi and follow much. He calls from across the street from where did say he's not sat down. I would get a car in three minutes on right away. Come on we've cornered into the corner of a group that dumb photographer. He's been hard. Quake hit on the head. Hi ah kid though care. Guess we're heading for the airport. I tried to block moderates. Shocked me on the head. Airports give your hand up the car for her. To get across. The border took their car flexi boy look out there behind because dumbing lifezette picture close in on. Tv guess short got his share. The look i will let make up. What your skull pitcher judge carlton committing suicide own from nineteen thirty to police headquarters and judge carlton missing find us on facebook just type classic radio theater in the search bar would please make sure we come bursting. Your news feed so you can see when we post new podcast. Podcast also available through. I tuned speaker. Any of the big podcast aggregate just search. 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You're listening to the land. Use feed radio network at live dot heartland use fee dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by on facebook twitter and instagram's stark reminder from the white house on the brady fox news president biden saying again. It'll take a long time to defeat. Cove it and that there may be six hundred thousand deaths in the us before we turned the corner but he's still vowing to shut down the virus and urging support for moore cove relief. No deal yet. Though on capitol hill fox's jared halpern is live. President biden is facing pushback from republican leaders. Over a one point nine trillion dollar corona virus. Relief plan the new administration. Administration's first draft of their sprawling proposal. Misses the mark. Senate majority leader mitch. Mcconnell has pushed for a more targeted relief approach. The president says he's optimistic finding consensus on the action needed. Whether we get it all done exactly the way want it remains to be saved. But i'm confident that we can work our way through. We have to work our way through. Some democrats are suggesting a legislative tool known as reconciliation. A budget process. That would avoid a sixty vote. Filibuster-proof majority lisa. Thanks jared meantime. The president is doing what he can without congress. China help the economy today. I'm taking the first steps in my larger bill back better. Recovery plan that invest in american workers unions and businesses up and down the supply chain executive order adding requirements to federal government purchases aimed at boosting support for us manufacturers house. Managers will walk the article of impeachment to the senate this evening kicking off the senate trial of the now former president though opening statements won't be for another two weeks. Texas republican senator. John cornyn says this might be a mistake. The fist can happen anytime. A political party has a majority. And there's no time limit There's no statute of limitations. That would mean that the new press set is that next time. Republicans are in power. They could reach back in the peach. A former democratic president and erica is listening to fox news another executive action taken at the white house today reverse pentagon policy that changed under president trump president biden signed an executive order rolling back a pentagon policy that largely prohibited transgender individuals serving in the military newly confirmed defense secretary. Lloyd austin expressed support for the decision during his confirmation hearing fit. And you're qualified to serve and you can maintain the standards you should be allowed to serve. The white house. Says the president believes gender. Identity should not be a bar to military service adding simply put is the right thing to do and is in our national interest. rachel sutherland. fox's parts of the middle of the. Us could get more than a foot of snow from a storm. That's threatening to disrupt travel and closing some corona virus testing sites. The snow started parts of the midwest earlier. Today it's forecast to stretch central. Kansas northeast chicago and southern michigan throughout the day. Meantime a major highway in california. Shut down by a storm. Moving across the southwest a social media giant is testing a new moderation tool that they say is aimed at rooting out misinformation twitter inviting about one thousand people to participate in bird watch and experimental system which will allow users to warn one another about misinformation by flagging and adding notes to post. They believed to be false. This includes tweets from elected officials or news outlets rep. Say it's not a fact. Check but an attempt to add informative context to broaden the range of voices that are part of tackling this problem and they believe they community driven approach can help to be part of the test. User must be in the us with no twitter violations within the last year christine goodwin fox news day on wall street the dow finishing down about thirty seven points back under thirty one k but a record day for the nasdaq and the s&p lisa brady fox news. If you're using anything other than indeed for your hiring you are wasting your time. Hire great people faster with indeed only pay for results and get back time in your schedule. Indeed dot com is the hiring site that helps you find quality candidates with indeed instant match indeed searches through millions of resumes in their database. To help show you great candidates instantly so you can do the part. You really need faster meeting and hiring great people. Unlike some hiring sites indeed gives you full control and payment flexibility delivering quality shortlist faster with indeed. There are no long term contracts. You can pause your account at anytime and you only pay for what you need with instant match. 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They also get something extra. Pro extra are free. Loyalty program built for pros. Just like you members earn perks. Every dollar spent like pro extra dollars a tool rental credit and more new members get twenty dollars off their next in store purchase of two hundred or more just for signing up learn more at home depot dot com slash pro extra new year more rewards fro extra only at the home depot. How do get more done. Pros brings something extra to every job now at the home depot. They also get something extra. Pro extra are free. Loyalty program built for pros. Just like you member perks. Every dollar spent like pro extra dollars a tool rental credit and more new members get twenty dollars off their next in store purchase of two hundred or more just for signing up learn more at home depot dot com slash pro extra new year more rewards fro extra only at the home depot. How doers get more done. The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Ladies and gentlemen the story you're about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Greg nets this is classic radio theater. Guy arthur's connie so every. Now here's your host why it talks foreign intrigue with the prequel to the third man. The lives of harry line as it was originally broadcast on january. Twenty fifth nineteen fifty to five thousand tangos and kiss presenting orson welles as the third man The lives of harry lime. The fabulous stories of the immortal character originally created in the motion picture. Third man with zither music by anton kara at various times in various countries. I've been called many things most of which. I'd rather not repeat here but strangely enough. The one thing. I've never been called the one thing. I am a businessman. I give you a little less than economics. All business pays in direct proportion to the amount of risk involved the safest investment therefore being the lowest return now. My rejected likely the high goes. I'm willing to take risks outside the law. That's high finance starts getting really high high wide and handsome following the atlantic dough demonstrates my point. It's called five thousand thing goes and a kiss a what you may ask is a pango. It is not a small black and white bird. A pango is what they use for money and hungary a kiss is the same thing all over the world. And now orson welles as harry lime. The third man in five thousand angles and a kit turn in hungary. There is Political events after the war brought about new and very strict laws concerning getting out of the country people have always wanted to get out of countries even countries like hungary used to be and when they can okay well for certain risky arrangements being made for them so inevitably. I found myself in budapest soon as it necessary context and then like any good businessman went looking for customers which as in any business are often found in the nicest places. That's why i to evening. Not long ago. I happened to be the exclusive club. Lovely place nearly all of our navy. I still notice making your way to my table. I having a big your partner believer acquainted nogi not mind cause you not famous elite. Lovely helena von for the compliment but you haven't microchip the risk of being tried to remind you that a rose by any other name was fairly sweet. Won't you sit down all right. Thank you. I must get out of the country and to understand that you them as honest now. I needn't tell you that you can't believe everything you hear. And you sitting atrophied it in public places anyway I guess you've been working to arno. Actresses are like that. The show must go on never thought rest stations that eventually if they're going to work in a long time you've had a single day away from your work. I have something much more important. Possibly be more important than one with nothing so much as a quiet stroll in the park visit zoological gardens in the world. Here to fact. I'd be delighted to offer my services as your tomorrow afternoon and show you the monkey house zoo. I'm nothing that nothing could be more important to you right now to the monkey house modeled after one o'clock up soon iraq monkey house added on a bag of peanuts. I've been informed by experts. Monkey is found that being looking for someone who brandon oh. I hope i'm not destroyed. My sale kevin peanuts. No thank you. I don't like them couldn't be talked on pace. I guess was gone other conversation such as our better held with north. Oh yes. I suppose. You're pretty here's what is being a. Can i have your attention it. I won't take my undivided attention. I must leave the country soon as possible. And i was told you could arrange it for me. I've tried to get many times. But they've always refueling annot ground. My applications simply go on on such reason. I don't know they simply require that it. Will i tell you the story that if for number of years my husband is all he's been there ever since the end of the war lonesome no little monkey all alone in that cage. We over there my husband. He's the reason for my being refused a passport. You see his little an enemy of the country gene. That would like nothing better than to get him back here. And i'm being held as a your. We've been apart for long time now. And the last one i received from my husband is planning to tempt to visit but if you should even try to enter this country i hate to think of the fate awaits. Him is must be on benefit for monkeys. You understand understand but now you know my story. I must get to also before my husband does something rash. I understand. you can make the necessary arrangements for me so they really only do quit. You have to ask. Where did you do it. And how much will it cost. You know something very lovely. We pay attention. But i am paying attention to anyone else would be ten thousand gold penguin for someone who's janis you so my prices by houghton finger and the kiss couldn't get one of these ages these monkeys. I wonder if they would stop to quibble about five. Thousand gold penguins. Boehner the shift tomorrow. Midnight must be running along. You'd like to stay on the monkeys and may have these peanuts snake. Outstanding monkeys such greedy little fellow only following evening house official bad nights find drizzle. Hill the sean cobblestones. I watched the square from the doorway. Just as the clock struck twelve hood in distance. It was helena. Bonham stepped out and said good evening. Oh you stopped at me. I was afraid you wouldn't be here. I brought the money here to all in goma got away. Why the standard around handing a large sums of money promoting the right hand pocket. You're yes now sunny. Stop walking me. Nothing attracts police officers. Who owns a couple arguing time of night alone street. We keep you anywhere. I brought the money what happens now. Bupe ran for these things and take each step as it arise. Tell me have you ever heard of my galvan. Have seen their country club located nearby. You think you could arrange an appearance there now. Convenient little village any geography. Or show you. It's located near the border. Oh i see. I could go without a work permit. I can't live budapest. This up emotional sensible thing for suggest you apply for work permits got now again apologies. I'm afraid leave you. How can i get in federal architecture. You book the money in strange ways. This pocket pan dome is not enough is just in good hands. Now because a business can lead one in strange paths. My the next morning led me to the budapest police departments or more specifically the office of a certain police. Lieutenant was hot. It look at it this morning redundant dollar time i paid you visit again. Brings you want simple matter. I'd like you to arrange a work permit for what now. I'm going to fight asking favors for your girlfriends as you. Well no not at all satisfied with the way out of ancient. There's been working. Got six now since you live with anyone of consequence to me and i'm beginning to one that about this whole arrangement. The latest name happens to be helen. La patton this time. Leave this. I thought i thought it rather clearly.

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