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Kisen Dharma Combat

Yokoji Zen Dharma Talks

07:53 min | 11 months ago

Kisen Dharma Combat

"Good morning thank you for joining us. Yesterday we completed the first part of shoe soho section in the in the buddha hall and the endo and today it will present the case and mytalk and then open it up for questions and answers so let's begin attention. Were you gate asked shweibi. What's the meaning of the ancestors coming from the west. Shweibi said going at the chin. Rest for me. Were you gave brought the chin. Rest four shweibi sri be then treated him to blow review gay remarked. Hit me if you wish but there is still no meaning in the ancestors coming from the west later. Were you asked i. What's the meaning of the ancestors coming from the west reside said. Go get the cushion for me. You gave brought the cushion to rent. Buy in rings. I treated him to a blow. Were you gave remarked. Hit me if you wish but there's still no meaning to the ancestors coming from the west later. Still when you gave was living in a temple among said osho. In former times you asked shweibi and ren's by about the meaning of the coming of the ancestor. Did they both clarify it or not. Regain replied they clarified it all right but there's still no meaning in the ancestors coming from the west. I appreciate this co on. I appreciate all the masters who have come before and those who will carry on the teachings sitting with his co on for almost three months was a rollercoaster ride. Everything is contained within it. So that when i looked into it or through it i see myself. All my attitudes and behaviors my delusional thinking my twisted karma. My determination revealed in one cohen. That's the power of this practice. Of course it comes across as tears in moods smiles and laughter self-doubt grandiose generosity kindness. It looks like everyday life. Cohen appears as everyday life. Because it is what else is there and it is magnificent and painful joyful. An undressed bubble so much to uncover and so much hiding in plain sight and i have been passed on it. This cohen is still very much a work in progress. For me like riga. I don't find answers very satisfying. It doesn't feel done. It feels like there is still something that needs clarifying. And that's okay. When i started this practice. I wanted answers. Concrete answers even if they were unsettling especially if they were unsettling. I wanted my rattled with new answers. Maybe just like you re you. Gay seems to be persistent in steadfast resolute. He is vexed by a question in seeks to answer those qualities span the centuries you lived in china from early nineteenth century to early tenth century. Apparently he left home when he was fourteen years old became a monk and then traveled a great deal. He studied with many different teachers shweibi. Ren's being two of them before eventually becoming a student of chosen ryoko founder of the soto school in china. In this cohen reggae asks shweibi what was then and still is basic zen question what is the meaning of the ancestors coming from the west the ancestor being bodey dharma. He introduced senator chan buddhism to china travelling west from india. So you gave poses this question to sweetie Be asks regain for the chin rest. This is a telltale sign that he's going to get hit with it.

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