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Trump Welcomes a Senate Impeachment Trial

The Lead with Jake Tapper

08:32 min | 3 years ago

Trump Welcomes a Senate Impeachment Trial

"Welcome to the lead on Jake Tapper. We begin today with the politics. Lead president trump practically daring house. Democrats to impeach him and declaring he welcomes a senate trial across process that could theoretically get underway by Christmas. Now we've now heard and seen twelve witnesses testifying publicly seven hearings over five days while everyone sorting through the testimony. We should note that the most damning evidence came. I'm straight from the Horse's mouths fact. President trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate the bites. We know this not only because the rough transcript of the July twentieth call of the White House released but because president trump admitted it publicly. Yeah well I would think that if they were honest about it that SORTA major investigation into the Bison is very simple very simple answer indeed and what was the trump administration willing to do to secure secure this investigation into the bites. Were they willing to hold off a White House meeting which Presidents Alinsky desperately wanted to show US support to his public look into Putin. Well here's US ambassador to the EU. Gordon Zahn want. I know that members of this committee frequently frame. These complicated issues in the form of a simple question was there a quid pro quo as I testified previously with regard to the requested White House call and the White House meeting. The answer is yes. Yes silent says no question it was a quid pro quo. Hey Ukraine you want the White House meeting you need to announce these investigations. Okay now. What about that four hundred million dollars in USA? That Ukraine crane also desperately wanted well acting White House Chief-of-staff Mick Mulvaney explained why that was held up. He said so on camera now. He said he did so. So the president because the president wanted an investigation into Ukraine's role in the two thousand sixteen election. The look back to what happened happened in two thousand sixteen certainly was part of the thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation. That is absolutely yup is a quid. Pro for funding will not flow unless the investigation into into Democratic Server. Happened as well. We do that all the time with with foreign policy and I have news for everybody get over it. There's going to be political influence in foreign policy. So yes there was a quid pro quo on the military aid and the other eight four hundred million dollars worth according to Mulvaney now two points on what Mulvaney said there one. He later tried to unseat what he said. And two veins portraying this as trying to get Ukraine to participate in a Justice Department investigation into two thousand sixteen but that is consistently. I'm not what president trump says he wants. President trump wants a look into a debunked conspiracy theory about Ukraine and the DNC server that US intelligence officials say was hacked by Russia not by Ukraine. Now this is just a fraction of the public evidence though these are facts seldom even acknowledged by the president's defenders. Facts are on our side. The facts are not facts are on the side. The truth is on the president's side the truth truth is the president of the United States by his own. Admission asked the foreign power to launch a major investigation into his political rival. Joe Biden his son and into a debunked conspiracy theory. These are investigations. That would help president trump politically and according to the president's own aides. The president used used a White House meeting and four hundred million taxpayer dollars to get Ukraine to do it now. You can debate whether or not it's criminal. You can debate whether or not it's impeachable impeachable. But you cannot debate whether or not those are the facts a CNN. Sara Murray reports Democrats are preparing to move forward with articles of impeachment. The president trump says bring it on. He's ready for an impeachment trial in the Senate Brinkley. I want to try. The Republican Party party has never been more unified Republican. Lawmakers have been working with the White House to prepare for a possible Senate trial coalescing around the notion that a long exhaustive Austin process may be the best course to protect the president. But I the house will have its say the house. Intelligence Committee and two other panels are crafting a report to serve but as the basis for articles of impeachment. Have the house. Judiciary Committee will consider after Thanksgiving. We have to decide. What does it mean and once we conclude our investigation If we decide that it means that the president should be held accountable. Democratic sources say a busy December is a head filled with public hearings and a likely vote in the House Judiciary Committee before before a full vote to impeach on the House floor which could come before Christmas Day. Potentially making trump the third president in history to be impeached. The House Democrats don't plan to wait for firsthand. Witnesses who have resisted testifying like acting chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Secretary of state. Mike Pompeo and former national national security adviser John Bolton they keep taking it to court and a no. We're not going to wait until the courts decide that might be information. That's available to the Senate. We can't wait for that because again. It's a technique it's obstruction of justice. Then in January. The impeachment battle is expected addition to the Senate where trump's fate will collide with six Democratic senators looking to unseat him in the next presidential election. I will be there for the trial you swear or but after weeks of hearings impassioned arguments from Democrats. This president believes he is above the law beyond accountability. And in in my view there is nothing more dangerous than unethical president. WHO believes there are above the law? Even Republican has been critical of trump. Don't appear convinced impeachment. It is the remedy an impeachable offense should be compelling overwhelmingly clear and unambiguous. I've not heard evidence proving. The President committed bribery or extortion. Now the White House legal team believes that is one hundred percent in the president's interest to have this public trial in the Senate. Jake it seems like we will soon find out if they are right all right Sarah Murray. Let's discuss with our team here today. Let me start with you because we heard from one democratic more credit congressman Brad Sherman today. Who said that in his? You wouldn't hurt to get more information so I guess the question is do you think. Democrats have made sufficient efficient case. Should they. I mean this idea that they're not gonNA wait for the courts they're not gonNA take too long etc those. Those are not arguments about the substance of of the evidence. Those are arguments about timing and politics show. Should they keep going well. I mean first of all timing and politics do matter so I think that that is something they have to take into consideration. I think think they made a case for anybody who wants to actually look at the case honestly and take the information honestly. I think they made an absolutely airtight case. You know the president it has done something. That's impeachable the Republicans don't want to absorb that information and I actually don't think it would make any difference whether it was John. Paul Moulton was up there overdue. Where did you Liana if there was some how able to even get these people to testify? There is nothing I just really can't think of anything that would make the Republicans change their mind because what has been demonstrated over. The last week is so horrifying and so clear and they can still sit there and say well it's inappropriate. It's so far beyond inappropriate. Every argument that they've made has been completely destroyed so they came out and made all these defenses. That one by one were knocked down They're laugh with no defenses. It's up to just say well it's bad but it's not impeachable. So the argument that she's making here is basically the house. Republicans and Senate Republicans are just not good faith. Operators there's there's no evidence it's going to convince them even if president trump literally were to shoot somebody on fifth avenue and everybody saw it. Yeah that may be true. But I think there's a gap that gives Republicans particularly in the Senate the opening if House Democrats want to make the charge of bribery or extortion. However you put it you need to prove that

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