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"semnan optional center" Discussed on Fireflies

"They call it holistic process basically colleges to account plethora different factors you know in many call do take into account your socioeconomic status in that process they taking you know GPA's extracurriculars and all those things in sat's act's AP tests are just a certain portion of the whole entire process right Gracie you have anything down on. Sure. So especially, this year, this is an. This coming enrollment years going to be really interesting to see how. Standardized tests, impacts, admissions, because this is the first year that a very wide group of schools, the entire UC system, and also a lot of private colleges throughout the country are running on a optional Sat Act Semnan Optional Center next or system. So we don't really have the information as of right now but when a single test is tied to way down lower, someone's entire holistic average, I feel like this. Can become a little bit broader an issue because when you're writing about a college application if you have a smaller question that was about a struggle within your own certain school, you can talk about your struggle with a certain teacher and trying to find balance within the classroom because that's a reasonable explanation and they also have a place on the UC apps where you can write down any comments that you want to add about a certain grade certain class that you took or certain you didn't take. and. Then when you looking at the sat and Act Oh, however because everyone's taking it the exact same way and it's essentially a one test compared to every individual classroom in school environments different. You can't quite make the excuse that I've several about test anxiety or I was are disadvantaged because college or colleges as a whole or when look at everyone else has it exacts in disadvantage or everyone else within certain group has that same disadvantage. Basically what you're saying is GPA's easier chance to talk about those disadvantages whereas. Most colleges don't give you an area to talk about your disadvantage in the in the sat act. Colleges understand that every school's different every school teaches differently don't understand if there's a certain variation within a certain course at a school compared to another school. For example, one math classes in school might be wait a lot heavier than a math class at school and it's not a matter of how will it was just perform no matter of the teacher grading them however when the sat and act are all the same versions, the tests being administered it's a little bit different because it's not necessarily leniency it's how you perform to the test. Bring up apart and it's like you know teaching to the test as well. Right? But. At least be given a choice to include those is testing if it's Going to benefit the students they accept. So you know if you have like an MIT right and they're based on math and science shouldn't they at least be given the choice to? Administer to acquire like, for example, act scores. Which take into account which have a math and science section savannah you wanted to talk a little bit.

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