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APG 436  Dont look much like Skippy, Mate!

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APG 436 Dont look much like Skippy, Mate!

"Pilot. View from all side of the golden door. The. Guy Airline pilot episode four, hundred, thirty, six. By. You're listening to the airline pilot guy show the view from our side of the cockpit door with your host Captain Jack Broadcasting Live from studio one a at eight headquarters in Roswell Georgia. Today shows recorded on the twenty ninth of July twenty twenty. A. In today's episode of Smart Wings. Captain John. Engine failure from controller so he can continue to his destination. Three people dying Germany when a plane hits a hot air? Balloon More, news your feedback, and in today's plane tales the son of an Oleh tip. So get all settling tray tables and seat backs in the upright unlock positions electron devices power on arm Radio Watch or and flight four thirty sex is ready for pushback. Thank you Radio Roger He's an Emmy Award winning TV at regular reporter currently with another one only station in the nation ten ten wins in new. York. City. And welcome to the airline pilots it's an aviation podcast covering the latest in. News and answering your great feedback I've Captain Jeff. Captain Jeff. Or if you're Nigel. On. Captain Jeff. A Captain at a major legacy airline based in Atlanta Georgia and joining today. From His studio in the English. Countryside professional photographer former RAF are w fighter pilot retired captain for an international airline based in London. Captain Nick. Hi that. I, you show you who you are. Great Rebekah the show with you just the in me again. Excellent. All right and excellent intro music by one of our community members. Kept Ski Norway, thank you very much for that. All right. Let's go ahead and. Get right on into the news. Dan By on us. The first item in our news notebook is. CONGRESS PASSES BILLS TO STUDY MILITARY PILOT CANCERS FROM mcclatchy Washington bureau little bit late on that. I did I was GONNA say anything but okay. The Department of Defense would be required to identify how many of the current or former aviators have been diagnosed with cancer in in bills passed by the House and Senate this week a study long sought by military pilots who have questioned why there are so many serious illnesses in their community. The legislation was included in both chambers versions of the seven hundred and forty billion fiscal year twenty, twenty, one national defense authorization. Act following a series of stories by mcclatchy on the alarming clusters of cancer among current or former military aviators. I'm one of those including four commanding officers at a Premier Navy weapons testing base in California who have died of cancer since two thousand fifteen. Oh let me clarify I'm not one of those that has been diagnosed with cancer but I am a former military aviator. Two versions of the twenty one, twenty, one spending bill will now go to house and Senate negotiators to iron out differences before being sent to President Donald Trump to be signed into law. Betty semen the wife of one of the four commanding officers at Naval Air Weapons Station China. Lake. died of cancer. Welcome to the important milestone. She says since loving since losing I'm sure she loved him too since losing my husband I have met too many other families on the same unwanted journey. We all share a universal prayer that no other family will have to go through a similar loss today brings us one step closer to that realization Miss Seaman said in an e mail to mcclatchy but that's a great name. Her husband's name was a commander Semen S. e. a. m. a. n., and he is a naval officer. Wow that was he was in the if he was in Canada heath now be a sailor. So his last name. Is they're getting rid, of semen. Because of the obvious connotations. Changing the position to say okay. Let's see. Senator Dianne Feinstein from California introduced the military aviators. Cancer Incidence Study Act after mcclatchy reported that military aviators may be at a higher risk of developing certain cancers. Let's see. There was a little bit of information here. The database would include every service member since nineteen sixty one who served in an aviator role. The legislation defines aviators, members of the aircrew such as pilots and Napa who they included navigators in their two. Members of the grand create usually asleep on me. I did that on purpose because we have several navigators listen to the show. Let's see. WHO SHOULD WE? I'm offended at airline pilot guy dot com has the email address. And members of the ground crew who worked on the aircraft pilots who have been lobbying for the legislation wanted to ensure that ground crew such as enlisted personnel who worked to launch jets aircraft carriers were included. Because, they were exposed to many of the same radar emissions or fuels. The bill requires a database to be completed within a year. So I guess they're assuming that. The radar emissions and fuel and the jets have something to do with this. With these cancers. Anyway. So that's good. That they're doing this and I guess that. I will be contacted at some point. To probably. Yeah to fill out some kind of survey regarding my health, I suppose take do everyone they. They'll against just could take sample. Sample of the seamen. I've been resisting playing this. Is that now Sheila can't find it. You're lucky. Finally I'll take it I. This is always In the military as far as as long as I'd been an aviation. that You know you sit as the pilot, the navigator. Side the pilot I mean directly behind a very powerful Rados can now coast the scanners pointing away from you but we'll that. If you look at the lobes emission out of radar scanner. One of the most significant is the by beam which comes. Out of this kind of the wrong direction. which goes is getting back with some forwards for hours on end right on your body is nothing much between you and it this ABC's some. PUNKS ONYX and. Panels and things, but honestly, the State Sandy Life few feet away. So we always wondered about that but it was all in very much room it. I want really had any data to go by I certainly in this country the military were too keen to look at it too closely. In case they found the connection. Then of course, you could do something about this, right? Now I I prefer. So. Well, actually I cry like sailors. That's what heard. So. We're not going to get personal here on the on the show, the news segment maybe in the getting to know US portion of the show we get into. So I think if I read this correctly I'm I'm trying to scan through this article very quickly I think. Yeah the database would include every servicemember since nineteen sixty one who served an aviator. Okay. That's going to be a big oldest treatment if they managed to do that. So I'll let you know if I receive something in the mail survey or whatever. Yeah. That's good news and in the meantime Gun see Dr. Healy and surtees finger. And give you a check out of which would be very sensible. Yes. All right. Let's move onto the next. Smart Wings seven, thirty, seven captain hid his engine failure to continue flight to Prague. Check investigators have revealed that a Boeing seven thirty-seven Dash eight hundred captain misled air traffic control over a serious engine failure and ignored the first officers urging a diversion in order to press onto Prague the flights original destination. Investigation Authority US E. L. N. have no idea what that stands for. States that the captain's poor decision making disregarding several crucial aspects including the fuel situation endangered the smart wings flight from Breezes Thomas Airport on twenty second August last year. About Twenty minutes after takeoff, the aircraft reached thirty, six, thousand feet. It's left hand CFM INTERNATIONAL CFM fifty-six engine began to lose power and out. The first officer was flying new the aircraft needed to reduce altitude quickly and sought assistance from the captain to air traffic control. But rather than making a Pan Pan emergency, call the captain delayed communicating, and then merely informed controllers of technical problem. The. Aircraft remained at thirty six, thousand feet. It's airspeed declining to two hundred and twenty six knots for about two minutes before it commenced a descent to twenty four, thousand feet. So we all know as. Jet. Transport operators that if you're flying at thirty, six thousand feet and a twin engine airplane and you lose one of those power units. The first thing you do is figure out the appropriate altitude. To descend to. For optimum single engine flight and it's always below the altitude. You are currently unless you're really really super light. So. yeah. The airspeed kept dropping off and two minutes later they commenced the descent twenty, four, thousand feet as a seven thirty seven Senate as airspeed increased to three, hundred, ten knots. Needed to attempt a windmill restarted the engine but that was unsuccessful after about ten minutes. Later after a second restart attempt was performed using cross bland compressed air. So they tried it again, this time using crossbreed air. While the report of the shutdown of the engine to its operations control the captain did not advise any air traffic center of the engine failure and that's a requirement by the way leaving controllers unaware that the seven thirty seven was proceeding to Prague at twenty, four, thousand feet on just one engine. The jet passed through the airspace of Greece North Macedonia, Serbia Hungary and Austria before entering the PROG Flight Information Region at which point the crew transmitted a Pan Pan emergency call a little bit of a delayed action. notified controllers of the single engine operation and seeking a shortcut to land. Use EP L. N. found the crew had planned to avoid refueling and Samos by carrying sufficient fuel for the return trip to Prague. The aircraft had nine thousand, four, hundred, sixty kilograms of fuel on board after landing at Samos and the onboard systems indicated the that nine thousand two, hundred seventeen kilograms was required for the return. But the failure and the lower altitude effect of the fuel calculations. The inquiry says the captain did not perform the proper performance calculation to determine single engine cruise altitude capability, which would have given a level of twenty two thousand feet. So when they decided, they didn't descend. Down far enough. When the seven thirty seven landed a prog, it had two, thousand, four, hundred and thirty kilograms of fuel onboard just twenty three kilograms above the reserve fuel figure. And remember they had they were carrying a bunch of extra fuel so they wouldn't have to refuel. To go back. So yeah. Quick Maths whilst they burnt seven tons more than they would have otherwise. Yeah. That's huge. The investigation catalog several hazardous decisions by the captain's stating that he concealed the engine failure to several air traffic centers and ignored rules to transmit a Pan Pan emergency message, which would have enabled controllers to resolve possible traffic conflicts in an area of airspace where reduced reduced vertical separation minimum of. Using, PLN describes a toxic cockpit atmosphere. The highly experienced captain with over eight thousand hours on the type. Failed to follow cockpit resource management principles to solve the problem, he did not discuss safety issues of the situation with first officer who had nearly two thousand, five, hundred hours on the seven three but instead use the steel authority a great gradient to push through his poor decisions. I think it's both mentioning the toxic copy culpa atmosphere doesn't refer to the air that pre thing at that might have something to do with Easter. You said I'm fortunate choice of what's the because it is quite likely on some aircraft you could get. Sick. In the cockpit I guess they were talking more metaphorically or figuratively you rather than library was tried to avoid that bath race probably a idea they. This. Maybe, it's just a language thing. An enormous power gradient never referred to somebody's. improper. CRM. Is Power Gradient but whatever. I mean, the the authority great indies a reasonably well known to if. For example, you might say that in Japan the captain. Is Considered to have the final word on everything. There is a steep authority grade. Okay. I've never heard that term used. Okay myself okay. The first officer did not contradict the captain's decision to proceed to Prague over concerns of this worsen the crew cooperation necessary to complete the flight. So if the and we've talked about this before in previous episodes about. Proper. Atmosphere in the in the cockpit and somebody asked a new first officer was asking about you know, how do you deal with some of these captains at aren't the easiest to fly with and so here's here's some proof that. The atmosphere that the captain's set up by his toxic. power gradient enormous power gradient. It was such that the first officer decides not worth even trying to. Contradict the captain's decision because. Based on my previous experience, it's not going to do any good. So and so that which is very sale because everyone on the flight deck should be open to hearing other people's opinions including at the first off so. If you've got a good point to make make it and then you discuss your options whether that's a valid. Point or not and but eventually, someone's got to come up with the decision you and based. Now that twin engine airplane when you lose an engine, you look for the nearest shoot diversion So. You're that I, also I think was right so. He's he's in the boy Colt. The in is pushing, Islam? Yes. The captain defended his thinking to the inquiry testified that he believed his flight experience have been brought enough to assess all the risks associated with his decisions and at some point I don't see it right now. But I thought I read that he was also. Yeah he was a flight instructor and had examiner qualifications and a senior position within the airline. So. I'm sure that old is three are going to make it very home for the first off to get his point across. Yeah. So sounds to me. It doesn't say here what kind of punishment may have been? Doled out but I would imagine that there would be something some kind of A. You know. An effect or Whatever the word is well, I. Don't know what officially The authority do within the headline they should be something happening thinks he's the senior management pilot than maybe none other than you do wonder if anything's GONNA probably not. I had to be skeptical but probably cross. Consequence that was the word I was looking for. and you know it's very interesting with this because we've got something that route the amplifies the importance of the fest offset trying to get his point across loss news up for this particular aircraft type Yup. Straight them do that actually? Uh, speaking of seven, thirty, seven engine failures and we're talking about the F. A. Issuing an emergency airworthiness directive. Yeah. So this just happened couple of days ago we recording the show on the twenty ninth. This is issued by the FAA on the twenty third of July. Emergency Airworthiness Directive Ad Twenty Twenty Dash Sixteen Dash Fifty one is sent to and operators of the Boeing Company model seven, thirty, seven, Dash, three, hundred, four, hundred, five, hundred, six, hundred, seven, hundred, seven, hundred C. eight, hundred, nine, hundred, and nine, hundred e Er series airplanes. So. Early all of the roast seven thirty sevens that are operating right now except the Max and that's not operating right now so. This emergency eighty was prompted by four recent reports single engine shutdowns due to engine bleed air fifth stage check valves being stuck open. Corrosion of the engine bleed air. Fifth. STAGE CHECK VALVE. Internal. Parts during airplane storage may cause the valve to stick in the open position. If this valve opens, normally a takeoff power may become stuck in the open position during flight and failed to close when power is reduced at top of descent resulting in an unrecoverable compressor stall and the inability to restart the engine. Corrosion of these vowels on both engines could result in a dual engine power loss without the ability to restart. This condition if not addressed could result in compressor stalls and dual engine power loss. That I just read that They just stated again very several. Yeah. Without the ability to restart which could result in a forced off airport landing. The F.? Being, crushed. Call it. Kinda like a miracle on the Hudson that was a that was forced. Off. The landing. The FAA issuing this because they value, waited all the relevant information determine. The unsafe condition described previously is likely to exist or developed in other products of the same type design. So. The this requires the airlines that operate these airplanes with these engines the inspecting the bleed air fifth stage check valve on. And replacement of the engine bleed air, the stage check valve of any inspection has not passed. So. Let's see. Yeah. So as it mentioned I, think in the beginning was prompted by four recent reports a single engine shutdowns caused by these check valves getting stuck in the open position and they think it has something they basically, they're saying if the airplane has been stored. More than seven days is what they call being stored and the airplanes have not flown. I think was at ten flights or ten hours, ten or fewer flight cycles since returning to service from the most recent period of storage than they are required to. These inspections completed just to make sure that. These things don't get stuck in new end up having. One engine to. Yeah. The these fouls fairly simple They just a spring loaded flap valve. To halls of them so they were. and people may not realize. But the reason we have two sets of bleeds off the engine, which obviously feed the pneumatic system which does many jobs in there playing one of which is to pressurise the aircraft. So that's why the comes from the eventually fades into through the air conditioning system into the. INTO THE FUSE LAUNCH IN PRESSURIZE During Lopez Settings you have one that is back on the ninth stage, which is further in the engine where high pressure air is. At a low power setting, you can still get good pressure from the ninth stage fade. But when you're high settings you don't need all that. I you can shut that one often. Just pick it from the low pressure side because the engine a high Pi- getting quite sufficient from that. What happens he's quite naturally as when you're taking it from the high pressure side, the goes to the back of that valve closes. So. that it feeds back into the pneumatic system and doesn't go into the engine further near the front where the stages after the state file doesn't close. Then, it's quite likely. You're going to get high pressure at from the ninth stage going all the way through the system. Why shoot all the way through this Kinda show pop through to the fifth stage system blasting in there and that has a. Good chance of really upsetting the AFL. Getting through that and causing a surge stole. That's as I understand it how this particular engine search engine failures has been occurring now? I did a very quick bit of research into this. May Be more knowledge out there Oh that was interesting topics head. Yeah more or less. Okay. Excellent but I did look at a guy who was holding a Valda on okay. I've never seen one does flap rebels if the same problem by engines, you've got a double engine hints. US relating this back to the previous story. You really should not having had an engine failure. You really should continue fly onto destination unless it's very close right because. If you have one engine failure that folks may be seen and the other engine, and then you end up putting yourself into a glider. Yup, and you don't want that to happen. Usually doesn't work out. Well, they're only a handful that I can think of of instances with dual engine flameouts or all engine flameouts that. Were successful outcomes. Rich from shuffled says. Let's following the Boeing ad relating to what you are talking about does Airbus have anything to say now is he talking about you captain neck or the company Airbus? A boss say I'm presuming referring to. See and I guess it would depend on the. I guess they're talking about the the CFM fifty-six engines and while I'm AC- say the engine type. Now I don't know if these marks all have say FM, fifty six. No other engine type on the seven thirty, seven, I think if that's the case. Okay and that in which case at. Twenty ucf I'm fifty, six, the first three, forty variant of flu had safe in fifty sizes. It baby that this is a a Boeing component. And that Abbas have designed a different style of one and the different system. is possible but I doubt yeah to be trickle. Yeah. I have not seen anything regarding as Captain Nick mentioned they really don't say in this maybe they just assume that everybody knows that the all of these seven thirty seven models use the CFM fifty six I could be wrong about that but I'm pretty sure. That they don't have any variants like a lot most of the other airplanes you can. You can put a GE on it, a CFM, a International Aero Engines Pratt and Whitney etc Harare woah. I'm it may I mean I would've assumed A. Would have included Airbus models if they were susceptible to the same problem because it's got a whole list of airplanes. Why wouldn't they include the ones I I don't know. Yeah. It seems like it'd be more of an engine related. Engine specific type of thing, not a an airplane specific. So that's what I'm fishing in the hair. So I'm not either So maybe somebody can send some feedback and let us know what what's what's up with that. All. Right getting back to the CC yeah. Okay In, Germany three are dead as plane hits a hot air balloon and crashes into homes. This is from Sky Dot. com. The light aircraft started a fire after plunging into a building in the German city of Vasil. Around thirty five miles north of diesel Dorf as W. E. S. L. and I'm going to say it's diesel but I don't know could be wrong. a plane is thought to have collided with a hot air balloon shortly before it crashed into apart into an apartment block killing three people and injuring a child fire was started when the aircraft hit the building and the German German city. Thirty five miles north of Dusseldorf or Desseldorf. Witnesses told local media the planet hit the balloon before coming down. Okay. How many times are we going to say that? There's pictures of the building the apartment that building that it hit and. The fire brigade COMING OUT IN RESPONSE The aircraft was capable of carrying two people but police say it's not yet clear how many people were on board and the data not been identified. The Childhood in the accident is said to have suffered only minor injuries. They said what they know so far is that an ultralight aircraft crashed into a residential building. our first inspection of the house three dead bodies were found in the attic. We cannot give any information as to their identities at the moment. So I guess somebody in the building cut means somebody could have been in the building up in the attic. Maybe that was like living. Level Attic level and not like just a storage level of the building possible. There may have been one or two. People aboard the ultra light it's only a to place airplane. So. Not Sure Where the other body. Must have been in the apartment building So guessing yeah I mean, there must be a lot of fire involved In An airplane full of fuel and you gotTA. Believe with canisters. Gas. So. That's GonNa be significant problem yeah. So if we hear anything about this, any follow up or if you listener here, any follow up, please let us know. Then we'll. We'll let you know what they've determined coast we. Remind, everyone there is a bit like being See is a definite order priority as to who has right of way and It's just like big on their it's sale before steam So if you're flying something that copy guided like a hot Appalachian, it's completely up to the pilots of the ultralight, all light aircraft or whatever to take avoiding AG- action and go round so. Up ketchups say a balloons a big piece of kitten. I what was going on here? I ask myself like how could the ultralight Nazi the hot air balloon I mean? They're pretty conspicuous. Yeah I. Mean the only possible. Thing is visibly might have been poor and warily trained because you know background is hunt together. to see things move our peripheral vision is really highly acute if we see something that is daunting away so it's ready to have Lisi to see some another aircraft. This moving fast across the sky balloon is a fairly stationary object and it is possible for it to blend into the background. If you'll diverted from looking out, the front way ought to be looking looking all around to be fair. And playing with your ipad or something I'm not suggesting this is what happened. You shouldn't allow your attention to be diverted to some other function in the company for more than a few seconds, and particularly if you're on your island that craft and you're not looking out while you're doing, then it's really bad and also if you got a passenger in the aircraft with you and yoga do something just do the sensible thing which is to say look I'm going to get heads. Will you take responsibility for looking out of the windows and just tell me if you see something that we might bump into rather than ignoring them and inevitably their attention will be drawn to what you're doing. So now you're both looking in a I've seen it happen with professional pilots overnight forget in a one of us will be typing something in the flight management system another pilot win they look down what just what he's doing now you face. PEEVES. Yes. I know what you're talking about and just bugs the. H. E., double L.. Really does sometimes actually used to be typing something and they'll look you know the person that I'm flying with looking down at the screen that I'm talking to stop. And Start Looking out the window and then. That person looks away and then I started. It's like why you don't need to look and see exactly what I'll let you know. I'll let you know what I'm doing I'll let you read it before I send it or you know if I'm doing something in the FM S.. I guess it's just human nature. Don't. Don't do it it is but a well disciplined crew do right my disciplined will. Do. Exactly. What I just suggesting one will get heads in the other will be heads out and if if you're if you're really good, you don't even have to say anything but I would if I was flying the airplane, I'm just kind hence him for a minute or I might even hand control over to the other guy so that now he's flying there a plane he feels obliged he has an airplane he has radios and I'm just going to focus on this. But guess what? Eight times out of town. I guarantee. Man I should probably. Never, have brief that but maybe I should start breathing that saying look just don't just don't do that and don't say pod. Potable water. That's another one of my. Pet. PEEVES. Lane Street by the way in the previous airworthiness directive, we were talking about the engine types on the seven three and he says, yes, all three seven's. Actually all tree sevens. Have CFM fifty-six engines, and they are variants than those used in other aircraft and actually lane as being correct. When he says tree sevens the way we're supposed to say the number three. Over the radio although very few people actually do it kinda sounds odd but. Yep. So, that makes sense and because there are different variants maybe that's why. None of the Airbuses are affected in the eighty. They at the cast. Okay jumping all around here. Let's continue on this one. I'm really interested. What Nick has gone to say about this particular such this incident because. He has a lot of experience with performing airborne intercepts. So, let's start off by reading the headline Iranian Mahan a three thirteen over. Syria on the twenty third of July. Twenty twenty upset as a result of intercept by US F. Fifteen fighters. Mahane Airbus eight, three Dash Three Hundred Registration Echo Papa Mike November Fox trot performing flight one, one, five, two from Tehran. To, Beirut, was in route to fly level three or four zero about one hundred and sixty nautical miles east of Beirut and Syrian airspace near the triangle Syria Jordan and Iraq when the crew performed an abrupt maneuver to avoid to fighter aircraft and climb the aircraft at least six hundred feet, the aircraft subsequently returned to fly the three four zero requested medical assistance for the arrival at Beirut and continued to Beirut for a landing without further incident. A number of passengers needed medical assistance according to the first paragraph of this. From the Herald reports as to what Fighter Aircraft Causey upset are unclear at this point of the investigation but they soon found out that they were US F. Fifteens I guess at first there was some kind of report that they thought. It was Israel aircraft. Medical Services. The Red Cross in Beirut reported, no passengers needed to be taken to a hospital. A number was treated. Number was treated mainly for shock. And the early morning hours of July twenty. Fourth Twenty Twenty Centcom the US Central Military Command reported that one was on a routine mission over southern Syria near the Tante Garrison in southern Syria. Located about twelve nautical miles east of the. Sixteen fourteen forty-three that's time position of the aircraft. And was dispatched to conduct an inspection of the airline to ensure safety of coalition personnel at L. Tenth. When the fifteen identified the aircraft as a passenger plane in the fifty maintained a safe distance of about one thousand meters. The intercept was done in accordance with international standards however. It appears it caused the Iranian pilots to carry out a sudden and. The altitude change. L. Ten for garrison is located at, they'd give some coordinates when the a three thirteen was at flight level three, four, six. The aircraft was up position Ballo Baugh. So I don't know I don't want to talk about that. You'd have to look at the. Image to see these different positions that they're referring to the I think particularly relevant other than what is basically exactly. So so this thing apparently kind of drifted from its core why have a there are some pictures in here that you can look at in the show notes. Also from another source that we use on occasion here, called the drive a military. News source It's as new details emerge about an fifteen intercept of Iranian Airbus over Syria. American officials now say that the Iranian airliner drifted from the established air route through the area and did not identify itself one prompted. The US Air Force F fifteen only came within five thousand feet of an Airbus, a three ten airliner according to the US. they all have also stated that the airman flight eleven fifty to appear to deviate from the established flight route and did not respond to radio calls to identify itself while passing over a strategic or flying over a strategic garrison near the city of. Attempt according to this article that US backed Syrian forces operate prompting the intercept in the first place. So. That's basically. The setup here, Captain Neck the epsteins on a mission. This ahead looks like there's an airliner that's kind of drifting off there course getting kind of close to the garrison which go check it out. So they started their intercept procedures and I'm not sure exactly what happened with the Iranian three, ten crew but perhaps they. Were startled by the fifteenth presence and. They just had their natural reaction was just to. Yank on the yoke and yes, it is an air best, but it's a three ten. Have a traditional yoke if I'm not. Mistaken. Cry Right. So what do you? Mean, you you have a lot of experience with this sort of thing. To be fat, all the intercepts I did Pre teacups. So wasn't a factor that we had to take into account having said that whenever we operated Kleist to another aircraft, we always put on transponders to stand by because to transpose close together will gobble the signal and the controller will get poor information. So we would naturally do that anyway but I didn't want the stand up procedures. The fifteen I'm what sounds like to me is that they were to go and identify this at craft. And they came in and did what would be a normal intercept I don't think they turn their transponders to standby so that the T. caste system would have been operating. And although had they been coming in level without any altitude changes they have fifteen referring to they could have come between sort of five and three thousand feet below or above. Also, frequently wide from the across to see it and identify it and. all would be well, the IT probably wouldn't even know they were that Ah. Less he was looking at his t cast display. If they turned off the. Transponders and coming he would never probably but what I suspect his Has Spray Clever System it. It can look at your rate of climb and descent. And if there's a possibility even though you might be. Thousand feet away if there's a possibility that if you persist in that, climb a towards you the. Target they aircraft there's you're approaching. If you continue it and there's a chance of collision, it'll give t cast warning. Because of the right of Kline and I suspect that's probably what happened. One of the F. Fifteens may have. Just had a short climb or descent that was quite normal for him a fighter by the t caste system saw well, this guy's coming barely pat me. Realize that he was about to level off. And initiated t cast warning to the of the a three ten I think personally if I had flying the aircraft sufficiently all in the simulator to injure the passage of the past, the back Beckham Airplane WanNa failed. Simulated check there there is usually no need for a really abrupt control movement in teak. Response for stock usually get warning of the traffic you. Stay prepared and then it gives you a come onto climate ascend to get out of the way and the transition can be firm but progressive and there's no reason your passengers should end up being injured his. I stopped designed that to put the in the passes in. jeopardy whenever you perform I. A. Resolution advisory A a maneuver to as commanded by the teak s to get out of the white I'll the across the impinging on your little bit of aspects. That's what I suspected happened here I I'm not going to put any I'm not gonNA criticized fifteen guys. It didn't seem sunlight. They were expecting to do this mission. They were called something else to go into this airplane. Perhaps they just. Came home in forgetting that it could be a civilian now with take us. Yeah. They might have this route to turn the T. cast to standby before. Approaching the airliner, and then as you said, the way we're taught these t casts. Resolution advisories. The maneuvers that we perform should be nice and smooth and nothing abrupt. Apparently. That was an overreaction perhaps of the Iranian pilot crew. In the he Had not, thought of the the whole. Aspect of this, that makes a Lotta Sense. Having said that if the I'm not sure whether the Guy Climbed I'm assuming he. Only, because the video I've seen the fifteen taken by some of the prestigious it looks like they're below the aircraft. So normally when you pitch the nose up. Things aren't gonNA fly around the cabin one to sit down. Be Glued to this. It's the leveling off. That's the danger Mary and I. I was feeling that when you're out of trouble, you can level off smoothly as you like. For failing the level of might have been what through everyone around Petra? I'm guessing I really didn't show but I I'm a little bit concerned about the skill show demonstrated in this particular I. Suspect you're right. I think that's exactly what happened. So. Do we we see somebody here that is going to join us. Let's see. Hey Hey. Hey. I hear this voice in my ear. And I see her onscreen and of course, we all know her as Dr Staff she is. Well, you all know she's in the Carolinas. She's a skydiver, a marathon runner, Doctor Strength Training Junkie, IB CONNOISSEUR, and commercial multi engine instrument rated pilot. Hello. Dr, Steph. We. That sounds like me he kept and Jeff to nick conceived ice. For my tardiness again. But you know you're looking forward to you stuff like that. Yeah work. Work Work Work Work Work don't expect any holidays this year. Well I basically just decided that's not gonNA. Happen. Work mean might as well make some money opportunity to make some money pay off some debts and Yeah. Save up for that. Big Dinner that you're gonNA. Treat me too. I'm in. Charlotte next. Of course. Is there any other reason I don't know? I don't either I'm just making it up. So. We were just just about to finish up with. The News at now you may have been listening to some of the other news items we were covering stuff anything that you want to add anything that we've previously mentioned. I kind of sort of heard what you were talking about on the new stuff the volume. Of the Youtube, feet in my car was very low for some reason. So as having hard time hearing everything. The. Yeah. Almost said Hey. Yeah, it's noisy and those things don't have any doors on the car still driving around without the doors Yeah. Yeah that's necessary. Their optional extra. The doctor couldn't afford. That's why she was. So she can buy some doors. A couple of those. starting to go fund me. steph doors. So just kidding I, do have have there's something a have the two right now but I do want to talk about because you're a doctor but let me cover this one I. E American Airlines scrapping the plane involved in the JFK quote incident. Remember. We talked about this shortly after it happened. It was April tenth of last year. pretty terrifying incident happened on an American Airlines flight. Three hundred from New York to Los Angeles the flight was operated by an Airbus, a three twenty one that was built in two thousand fourteen with a registration code number one, one, four, November, November. Long. Story Short the plane rolled to the left as it took off. Causing left-wing to hit something during takeoff. something. Beyond. The lateral limits of the of the runway that's a wide run that runway they were taking off on as a two hundred foot runway. So, we were all kind of gone what's going on there? Anyway as a plane passed through twenty thousand feet, the pilots informed air traffic control of their intention to return to the airport as the pilots described it to the controller of the plane had a row strong role to the left and the plane was fine but they just wanted to return to Kennedy. To have them check it out in the meantime, the crew informed passengers that they were returning to the airport because there was a computer malfunction. As, reported by at. Akkad houses computer cozy has strong role for. The computers in the Airbus. They do that all the time. Computers. Laptop perhaps got I think they're talking about the airplane computer, not not his laptop although I don't know maybe you're onto something there. Maybe. You should have put his laptop computer away before attempting the takeoff. Turnoff instill. Your Hanoch Large Jessie wasn't listening to the safety briefing. Anyway as reported by at X J O and why C at x John New York City the American eight, three, twenty, one involved in this incident will never fly again. Some of the plane parts will be removed and reused while the rest of the plane will be scrapped. Wow in late late twenty and nineteen American Airlines had confirmed to me the person me is Ben from one mile at a time. Had referred or had Confirmed to him that the NTSB still investigating the incident. And that the intent was for the plane to eventually return to service American has been tight lipped about this incident. So it's unknown exactly the decision to scrap the play. Known how exactly the decision described the plane came about or what was determined? Did it take nearly fifteen months to come to the conclusion that the plane can be repaired economically. Did coronavirus play a part in the decision to scrap the plane since Americans retiring many plans anyway. The plane coat corrode. It's possible. You know that's What you'd have to be led to believe I mean it's pretty cute is One thing is for sure clearly, this incident was much more serious. The many people had assumed at the time. This. Isn't quite a this is quite a contrast to the delta seven that had a very rough landing in the Azores in August of two, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety. Due to the amount of damage to the views lodge. Many speculated that the plan would never fly again and I think many of us here at the g speculated that that would be the case. However, we were surprised the plane was able to be very back to the US just over a month after the incident and by December of last year, it was back in service so. Yeah. Strange Why It didn't seem like it was that big of a deal and It's kind of odd that they're scrapping. They made the decision to scrap the thing. Yeah, it may be the you've got plenty of those that cross sitting around in much better condition and the listeners coming up we'll give already cheap dale why would you spend all the money? To, repay one that Is Far from perfect. That's that's probably the most likely. Thing I would guess. Okay, and then the the thing that I wanted to ask Steph about. Delta? Airlines says, no says no to masks with. Valves. Will offer complimentary mask if you're planning to fly with Delta, airlines, be sure to leave home any masks with valves. As the airline will not allow you to use them on board and recent recent policy update regarding mask usage. The airline states that masks with valves whether it's a and ninety five or something else will not be allowed as they do not offer any real protection for those around the person wearing the mask valve masks allow for air to be easily expelled offering protection only for the wearer but not for those in close proximity, which is really the main reason why we`re The masks, right? Yeah. The whole reason why we're wearing the mask is primarily to prevent you the mask wear from transmitting your germs to someone else that is the primary. So if you have a valve val would have to allow air in and not out but I don't know that a lot of the the the mass they have valves are that type of valve. So allowing if it's the opposite, so intended for. The Mask wearer. To not can. catch something you know. So someone who's immuno-compromised. Those lines It's potentially doing the opposite allowing them to expel air through the mask and not the other way around and I don't know that you could. Reliably, know which type of value I mean I guess you could. But if if someone else looking at, it doesn't know then. So I guess they have masked the have. Valves that are oriented in different. I to be honest I don't know I've never closely inspected one I've never had any reason to but I imagine that's the case you know if you're if you're the person trying to. Protect yourself from contracting something you wouldn't want to allow much in, but you might still want to be able to you know. Exchange air back out and not be worried about that. So. Could be so. That makes sense to have the valve because one of the one of the objections of people wearing the masses that it's hard to breathe right and so if you have a vowed that makes it easier to X. Hail I would imagine that that would be a good thing at least for the mask wearer. But as we stated the reason why the governments are saying where the mask it so that you if you have are you, you're a carrier of the disease that you don't give it to somebody else. Okay All right. Yeah, you don't. You don't want to be transmitting your germs to other people is the primary reason for wearing the mask in this slow that was interesting and thought you would be able to kind of give us an idea and had heard that was just something I saw that's my that's my educated guess like I said I really haven't never had a reason to inspect those masks closely. So perhaps, if I'm not one hundred percent correct there someone will let us know. I Have A. Point that I need to make here I've just noticed that Hill L.. is in the chat room and I'm wondering why he's not in. The bathroom of my home. I think he's he's. He's he's tearing that discussing. Take staying on with. US A lot of so. Okay. And don't use hills phone. Don't borrow it. Okay well, I think that's all we have in our news folder, which means that it's time for. All of you listening and watching to get to know US That's the segment we call getting know us. And Let's see about a week ago I think was our. Last. Show exactly week ago. So, Captain Nick. What have you been up to? Sir. I'm. Working quite hard to tell the truth because plaintiffs always takes up. At least two days of my week. And then you came up with a very bright work. Yes. To make that three days. I was really concerned that you're just not didn't have enough to do. Yeah. Yeah. Okay when you get to seven days. Because they're eighty seven days a week. But. Now I'm many Jerky. Jeff has for those who may not have realized for some time being introducing chapters in to the show so that when you watch this, listen to this on a podcast if you play it on a podcast APP that supports a chapters you can look if I own and the Lego image will change to a picture of something that might be relevant for that part of the show, an jets I I always I admire very much and sometimes I can get. The. PODCAST player in my car. Rather than just having the same leg all the. Got Interesting pitches coming out but illustrate what we're talking about he said. You're putting those pictures up on the Youtube version of the show. When plaintiffs comes home you can do the same in the podcast APP by introducing chapters, and so I had a little less than which F and we found a piece of every get. just produced a a beginning of. Recent. Plane Tail and there's a pitcher river played the which is the. So he showed me the piece of software I need to play with and. I've put pictures on the last three plain tales to go on the plane tail feed. So if you if you don't. Receive Plain Tales as a separate podcast you we've probably won't you. You will definitely get this Perhaps we will is a way to do it in the. in the full show Jeff now. Up for you. Yeah you when you edit the full show if I've already done plain tales. Chapters if you insert that into the One with that work I'll have to look into that. Yeah I would think about that because I think it's only fair that I give you saw. Trade, anymore. So. We Know Better So. Being any work with? Your. Shadow, combustion. Nanjiani Twenty Twenty One I at twenty two. So you should get pictures with playing towels on the live show. On the website and on the cost if you're using an that supports it, and I will point out right now. Apple podcasts the APP the comes on your amplified does not say that you would say that Boring Apple. So. Tell him to go fix it anyway. That's what one of the things I've plagued with recently. I am going to be on PTA UK into the blue. So yeah I'm moonlighting and getting rid of extra cash which I think is very welcome in these days of retirement. Getting rid of making it that's what I thought. You said, you were there actually I heard give. Them? On their show. I would, of course. Early people. But stop the idea. And I. Think there was something else. I was going to say I can't think of it right now. So. I'm probably GONNA leave it. There was going to be fascinating I'm sure. I. Probably. So interestingly. I was distracted by something that somebody in the chat room and Said who was it that was looking for a plane tale about DB cooper. From Sheffield. And he did a search on the website and so I just did. A search as well, and there's a bunch of things that pulls up but I'm not sure. Did you ever do a plane tail on DB Cooper? Now I thought it was pretty well named story I try and avoid well stories having said that. Today's story although I'm hoping some of the details will be new to some. But yeah. So rich, from Sheffield, that's why you couldn't till about DB cooper because there isn't one. By the way just to mention. If you do go to the website on the top menu bar. and I think it depends on I don't think that you can get it on the telephone, the phone version of the. Of the site, but there's a little magnifying glass I think you can see it in the like if you have an ipad in landscape and if you're looking at on the desktop browser and that's pretty handy, actually I use it a lot. If I need to find something that was on a previous show, I just use that little. Magnifying Glass and works pretty well that gives references to whatever you're searching for so. Having said that I've a funny feeling it was part of one of those multiple stories I do about sometimes about various incidents. Feeding. Yeah a feeding. I've just sort of done a third of plane tale about it and it was mixed in with several other. So it manages today she got back to plain town number one which was All about the I drink that the astronauts who landed on the moon hat when they came out of the car and Tina and listen to the mall this any bow take very long thirty of them. No, they're the show see to. Take you anytime when you find it. If you we mentioned this also at the end of the show. So many of you listening right now maybe you know it's a long show perhaps you never make it actually toward the end which you should do on occasion because it's kind of entertaining especially with Hillel when he talks about slack. But The one of the things we mentioned is our website and one of the items. One of the pages on our website is the plane tales page. Nick goes in adds a lot of other information, a lot of text that kind of stuff. So if b Cooper was actually in the text of what you've put in for whatever plane tell you were referring to. Search function should should see that I'm thinking so. Anyway. And someone else said Oh Brandon Gonzalez says he listens in Apple Poku us and he does get trump to so. It isn't that right? Yeah. It is in podcasts. Didn't think it was. Okay, I wasn't getting on my phone when I was testing windows. A. Wooden, door I. was my own making noise because I just plugged in a charger? I'm using a surface tablet are original be. And the and I'm using as a interface for my digital mixer. And apparently, didn't have it needed but normally doesn't make any noise but not sure exactly what prompted that. Going into. PODCASTS I think that there's a way. For you to see those if they're if if people have put chapters in. And I think Sunday Tony US says, he sees them on A. The PUCK Yet to scroll down a ways to to see the chapter markers. on the on the IPAD IPHONE APP APP. But Yeah I don't see. Images. Associated with them. It's it's great if they coming up there. That's brilliant. So makes. It. With Gel think. Interestingly. The Image doesn't come up unless I'm doing this wrong I see where the chapter markers are. In the PODCAST APP but I don't see the Associated Image Yeah the chapters mccown plain tells is pretty relevant because I divide the story up into chapters that make any sense the pitches come along with me referring to a particular. Craft type, for example, but that's no a chat line separation. So that's not really a function that works with plain tales, but we have the logo change. That's what we're. That's the functionality we're actually looking for. So Brandon if yours is doing that, let us know what the heck you're doing that. We're not because we're not seeing it on the. IOS version of PODCASTS. Every other interestingly and nick and I've had this conversation. The apples the one that can comes up with this. Capability of showing chapters and images from different chapters and it's the only. podcast player that I know of that does not actually. implemented. But they're the ones that game. So, if you look at overcast or pocket casts. Players you can see it. So kind of strange. Oh. I see Brandon says you have to be a podcast or yourself for. Well, Hey, we're podcasters why why don't we see it working to be that a smart podcast here? A okay. Somebody somebody kick him out of the job. please. All right. Just. Kidding. So anything else nick besides although extra work now did preface this with now you may find that this is too much work and as a justice suggestion, I'm not. That you have to do this and it's just something to consider if you want an enhancement decided that it is doable if I streamline my what a little but currently I'm getting finding those pitches three times. So I find put a mean and then I forget what they were. Good again, find him again in reformat them and put them somewhere else that I forget where they were against. But if I I've started getting pitches. They one spot that I will format them and put them where they need to be from there and try to remember what they are in future. I think you're doing more work than you need to because I I don't I. Don't reform at them at all when I put them into chapters at. That needs a specific size in Chattanooga riot. I argue that's one of those things that. It's a little persnickety. The stream yard overlays that we put up. On the video and the video if you don't have exactly the right. Format Than it box so and. Not Barks but box. Box Okay. Enough of that. Steph. been good busy. Work Lot of work and or. Work work work work, schedule. Yeah that's about been my life during the week. Still doing a bunch of flying on the weekends past weekend was kind of fun and interesting and different still buying. Jumpers skydivers but we took a plane to a different drop zone 'cause This particular drop zone was in need of an aircraft for the weekend. There's was broken chance to kind of help them out so They're different different location in North Carolina? On Saturday morning. Actually traverse my opposing basis t shirt because we flew through the mythical triad airspace on Saturday mornings. So I did send the minority There's going to be a known aeronautical hazard in their airspace. Warning and unfortunately EIJI was working but didn't get to talk to him on the frequency, but he did pass along messages. Hello. So that was that was nice of him to do so. co-pilot got got got a kick out of that. Who Don't you And actually, this is great too because it's got there. In our tried to use this to navigate. Can turn around and show you. Try airspace and has all the different names they use. Yeah. At the very bottom it does have a disclaimer that says not for navigation use so Luckily I made it anyway I made it to their destination. So that was fun different location different place to fly different dumb just different setup. So keep brain on its toes to speak and. Our brains have toes. Yeah. Sure. Okay I'm sure there's a better way to put that exclusive. What's he knows a lot more about our anatomies. Monkey lous. And then you'll understand. Okay someone. They will know what I'm talking about. How monkey Louis just like it sounds. So, did that all weekends? Got Back. Not, too late on on Sunday night, but then just right back into work on on Sunday morning so. Let's Let. been my my week in summary said nothing nothing too crazy nothing allie ordinary just work flying work. To. Bergen. Pie more the same this weekend I hope. But we'll see. This weekend speaking of. Supposed to have a visit from you know that Guy Colonel Jeff. On the Friday. but it seems like he's decided to ditch me in good Atlanta instead. So he decided to upgrade. Visiting What's the word. Experience. Visiting us. Yeah. Click on show chapters and then I am oh. Okay. There you go. We've we've. Come up with a solution live during the show. Well, yes. Yes. I just. Noticed in that conversation, that Steph is referring. That Colonel Jeff going to be laying over in the at L. Friday. And so I'll get to see him and we'll get to have a late lunch or dinner or both. He has to leave early on Saturday morning. So I'll definitely. Go down and pick them up from the. Marriott airport. And we'll we'll do something. So that should be fun looking forward to. Seeing Colonel Jeff they're supposed to be here but it sounds like he's got a couple more Charlotte layovers before before retirement. So he doesn't want to spoil himself too much less. Every single to be to be honest You know if he's getting in early and you're available and I'm working all day. That's probably. More. Enjoyable. Anyway. Yeah. Well, I'm not sure it'd be more enjoyable experience but. You know I'm here and I'm not working. So an update on that. Your not working. I am just waiting for Acme to tell me when I'm going to go to training. And Right, now as far as I know haven't heard anything different, it's going to be in. October. for those of you who are who have been under a rock somewhere I was or displaced myself to the seven one, seven, the little mini mad dog that the MD ninety five and will be trading on that sometime later in the year and converting on that and hopefully by the end of the year, all actually start flying jets again. So it's been about. My last flight was the twenty seventh of May. And Colonel Jeff was actually on that flight. and. So I guess it's been a little over two months since I've. Flown a jet which is kind of weird I guess after a while you get used to it. Captain Nick. Yes. You think so nice. Yeah. Actually have to be honest I I'm kinda getting used to this. This whole re retired lapsed lifestyle. Like Oh. Don't want to go back to work maybe I'll wait and then when it's getting closer to training, I'll go you know. I can't take advantage of that early retirement deal anymore. So That is a common gone so Anyway, Let's see. That's all I. I don't really have much going on I I've. Mentioned that on the. Last Day of my train journey I thought I may have possibly been. Exposed to the Rona. And so out. That's right. I forgot all about that. Yeah. So I kind of put myself in self quarantine and that's been a couple of weeks now. The Saturday, we'll be. We'll be two weeks. So weekend I'll I'll return to singing at my my parish church Tom. We're looking forward to that. And that's about it just been. Kind of. Getting into a routine which is. Kind of Nice every morning I get out and walk for a couple of hours. And just trying to keep all the things moving and working and and you need a dog. A new dog I, know you used to have a dog because that's a wasted walk Now. Be. Exercising get gorgeous pooch. I am. Live my gorgeous belly. Tug. O that that kind of you could get A. Tortoise and take it for a drag. Might be more my speed. Anyway my backyard, the other day the. Tortoise Turtle. I don't know. Something, the shell if you throw the tortoise in the lake. Got Nothing good. I don't know but my dogs were afraid of it was very small and they were like. Don't. I saw dogs. Behaving like hooligans. To crucially normal. Size like with with the Truman around because. He just thinks it's playtime and then fortunately TACO was there. So he just attacked Taco instead of me. Oh that's. Now when I did my twenty to twenty one so. Yeah Okay I'll look forward to that. Okay. All right. Well. I guess that's it for getting to know us not really much to know. and. Yeah. Let's move on to the coffee. Fund. Showy. Johnny how much coffee? Love Coffee. Love T. I, love the. Community. Gothi and see. The Buca. Okay, we're GonNa talk about our wonderful coffee, our club members Coffee Fun Qadri. the people that support the show financially and couple of different ways to do it. You can find out how by going to the website but let's tell you about the first way to do it, which is the coffee classic method, and since the last episode couple of recurring donors. Contributed Let's see. Jason and Alistair. and. We also had. Talked about him in a minute The other way to do it is to become a patron of the show. and. We have a couple of new. Patrons, we have Gabe cloud and Daniel Jenkins they're new producers and rory shields a new executive producer. Thank you the three of you for becoming patrons of the show, and if you want to join this group of folks people, you can head over to airline pilot guide, dot com slash coffee, and find out about how you can do that, and I want to do something that I haven't done in a while, and that is to kind of mention, our our top patrons We have something at the very top called senior executive producers, and those folks are William, Birch Fitz James and. Also Armenian. Realized today I was mispronouncing his always said Acer, but it's Asa. but anyway and he's been around with us as a patron of the show since twenty four team believe it or not shortly after I started. The patron patriotic thing. And then next group of the next level. Next year we have these are the assistant senior executive producers. We have Mike, Clark Robert Fairbairn. Known as many other names Hamish Dick. Rob Simmons. In the UK and Magnus Riddick, I think cut off his last name there and Elliot's. Colombo so they are all in that that second tier. So just wanted to mention that group of folks because A lot of great support from them and just wanted to kind of give them credit for that. And finally another music is no longer playing in the background but that's okay we don't need it. We do have a po box. At the. And I went to check it the few days ago and I had A. Letter. From. Richard K Brooks the third in Maryland. And inside he gave us a nice contribution via check. And he gives us Nice handwritten note and let me read it. Says Dear, all I am celebrating my birthday and my first year anniversary of listening to ABC. But a fantastic show with an amazing group of people. Please accept this contribution to the Coffee Fund in memory of Captain Andy Anderson the Eulogy recited Captain Nick was beyond. Description? But a wonderful way to honor dad. I look forward to meeting you all in Bwi or p. h. l.. Blue Skies and tailwinds. Cheers Pritchard and see it's a real note. You can actually hear it. Okay, thank you very much for the the nice check. I'm not going to throw show that on the video because then people will probably get information that they don't need to get from it. So, thank you a lot Richard for very. Generous contribution. And again, if you want to join the Coffee Fund please head over airline Pentagon dot com slash coffee. You'll be glad you did. And now. We'll move on Incoming message feedback feedback you'll notice a item number one. So I like number one. So what I WANNA do. So Liz. Dust. Can I read it? Wait could. Says there's no feedback here go away move to number two. So that's that was what I put as a title. So what? Liz a lot of work and she's on vacation right now in her cottage up in the lake. well-deserved. Yes and this beautiful lake cottage up there north of Toronto and the. Internet apparently is really not very good and so she can't be here to. Produce and direct mostly direct us. But in the background before we do these shows, she does a heck of a lot of work in. Organizing things, and so what Liz would have. So the item that was number one in the feedback I decided yesterday that now I don't WanNa do that one. And so what she would do is she would delete it and then she would re number. All the all these. In the list of feedback. I'm not GONNA do that. It's just not worth my time to do. So I decided I'm just going to instead of what was there before I said, there's there's no feedback year go away moved to number two. Thank you. I'm wondering which would have taken you. that was trust me that was a lot faster than going to one and changing the title and the numbers and everything else. Anyway so let's start with. Number two. And This is from Stan I think he calls himself the stable. And So I need to do something here. He he he didn't really send us any message he sent us. A movie or video file. And the the the title. Of His. Of his feedback as airline pilots shouldn't have face tattoos. And and if you're. Looking at the show notes or watching the show via video, you're going see. What he said us. A museum and finally one of these old airplanes and you near into the navigator's compartment, and there's just as does Chicago. I didn't cut the audio out just cut out on I sound but the. Poor unfortunate speaking well, it looks a lot like similar to you. Looks like like an old curmudgeon. Yeah. It looks like it came from the Dulles Stories got ninety nine cents on the. Go understand. So Stan apparently decided to have some fun with a little video clip of Nick while we were doing one of the shows and he put these face tattoos on. On on neck and it's really really kind of scary frightening. Actually I'd say look at the look at me look at the airplane behind. Cassettes very apt considering plane tail today Oh. Yeah. How about that? Very apt? Okay. I love your Chiklis colored teeth. That's a nice touch. Green eating that colored show but. My. Tongue was bright pub food. Okay. So again to understand what the heck we're talking about either going to watch the video or you're going to have to look at the show notes and hopefully. You'll be able to play this this file from the show. was offended by. Airline pilots having faced at usual well. That's right. He did send that to the I'm offended an airline pilot guide dot com address. I've a removed you have and you look much. Better more did happened during the last laser attack. And actually, the benefit of the laser attack was he got rid of face. Very well, there's always a silver lining is in there. I'm a great believer. All right moving onto item three. This is from Brett. He said I ran across a video of an emergency landing of a Moonie that landed after a baggage door separated and it was speared by the horizontal. Stamp. Or maybe stabbed by the horizontal stamp. We. Also funding a whole I. Love You too looks like the pilot had a time trying to get it on the ground with limited inputs due to the elevator being partially jammed. Then he sent us a link to this youtube video, which we also have in the show notes for you all to check out. I'm not gonNA, play it. But. It's a good description here the baggage door. Somehow separated from the airplane and Got Stuck in the outer portion of the. Elevator where there's like a little piece that sticks forward they call it a an a horn. Elevator Horn right now with the call that a yes and often an era that make endo mass balance. Yes. So am I right Steph because I'm not really have the proper. Planes I didn't. Turn for it to be. Referred to as a horn, but I could be wrong. You're hold on the mind I. Guess I'm just cuddly. No. HR. You're doing so well before I got here. Continues So we have linked to the Youtube video for you all to check out again, it's a Mooney M, K. emergency landing. And he had luckily all these cameras going at the time and So, check it out. He continues I'm very glad to see rick as a mainstay on the podcast. No offense to the others but I love the rickets that he sneaks in as an aerospace engineer on like to Geek out on the mechanical details and systems of fly telling to keep up the good work. The podcast all the chatter keep going up to see you guys sometime soon after all the crazy Rona ridiculousness and that's Brett Seymour Rocket City aviation nerd rocket city is Huntsville Alabama. So, there you go is sent from an eye device. In the video, they call it the elevator elevator fork. Brand new. I think I, agree with you. Brandon Bullets Day. Don't kick them out. I think as one word for it's the think of says the actual correct. Proper wherever American for the airline pilot gotTA show. Merton I've I've made it so. Okay. Item for Texas Charlie. he said the other preflight safety speech. Oh I'm sorry. No, he sent this to lose. Let's move on to number five. I did he? Loses not here. Do you think that maybe he wanted to send this to all of us maybe Anyway. Email finds you well the attached alternate preflight safety speeches from Doug Lansky via Youtube I. Expect it's copyrighted and Mr Lansky is. Ravel writer and keynote speaker. What's? Rebel rider. What does that mean? Anybody under any ideas. Something writer and keynote speaker. Don't know what that means. Here. I don't know I can select US word and look up rabble. I think he slightly this time he meant rebel rouser and keynote speaker. Okay. He was referring to a rebel, Maurice French, composer. Actually. Maurice Joseph rebel or. He may have been referring to untangling or unraveling something. So. Ravel means to like get a travel get. All not not. Not Not Travel Ravel. Oh I see what you mean. It's a travel writer. Bing Bing Bing. You. Got It staff. Let me start in the jar I. Expect it's copyrighted and Mr. Lansky is a travel writer and keynote speaker. So he might be open to allowing a BG to use the content in exchange for a mentioned on the show. I don't WANNA mentioned Mr Lansky, or the fact that he's a travel writer or keynote speaker. So Instead of doing all that which seems like a lot of work. So we're going to just play like a little bit little teaser of this. Video, it's video and I have some audio from that. Greetings from the cockpit. This is your captain speaking are AV system isn't working today. So we can't show you the two million dollars safety video than an ad agency did for us but very little of what that video tells. You will actually save your lives. I'm going to do it instead. The FAA says that sixty percent of you ignore the safety talk today you'll hear the real safety talk you should have been giving years ago. What a tease? Now you're going to hear if you go over to this link on Youtube. So, check it out. Thanks. Texas Charlie. For that. All right is actually very funny this. The entire thing the other night. alrighty. Yeah entrance to get information, it is to be honest. For sure. All Right Sam. Rights I saw a picture from a local facebook page in Grimsby UK of a seven, forty, seven at doncaster. Airport done Kosta airport a couple of days ago. You can't park your vehicle on a yellow line or on the grass we'll get towed away even if it's a seventy one. So he has a picture of a seven forty seven. That was clearing the runway at Doncaster and It looks like it's a seven, forty, seven says big point lots of wheels didn't quite keep it on the on the tarmac on the on the concrete surface. And I pulled up the information about this airport just to see you know how big the runway is and all that kind of stuff it's. Not, a it's not. A short runway at all as nine, thousand, four, hundred and ninety one feet long. I'm not sure exactly how many meters that would be a lot of meters and is one hundred, ninety, seven feet wine. So it's almost two hundred feet wine. So it's a plenty of big runway but apparently the. This. And a lot of other photos here of the of the incident and the wheels and the in the grass and mud. Yeah. Kind of embarrassing I would guess. I liked the way they've got a couple of recovery trucks that would normally come along. Fix You on the side of the motorway. All peps if you had a little car but if you had Laurie, it would or tractor trailer is Eighteen Wheeler Laurie. Big Truck Truck. Yes. And they've chained him to the wheels to these. Garage. Chained of the whales to put his way to attract the airplane from the soft surface. Yeah I hope that's going approved. I'm sure it is. Yeah. They put those e They found these guys a parked next door to the airport at the pub. Hey come on over here hasn't big chains. Gallery something recovery. Spit a fun job for the. I'm sorry Armando is suggesting that I pronounce it Don Cau- Staw. Better. He's also said there's zero. Thank all right, Ray. Rights Oh. This the next couple of e mails regard or pieces of feedback regard the. Last flight of. Qantas's. Seven. Forty. Sevens. And So I have some some videos to play in such. I, WanNa we from our good friend and ABC Community member for quite some time Ray Davis. In Sydney and he says ABC crew hope that you are well city said goodbye to another queen of the sky from the Qantas Fleet of also attached a shot clip as she flew right over my house before returning to Sydney. International. Airport. Take care and stay safe. So apparently did a whole bunch of these farewell flights And let me share the screen and we can look at the video that Ray. took himself. She is. Beautiful, some forty-seven and Qantas livery by by. Being. Just want to watch that all day long. Okay And we also. Gave Her some A link to. A twitter account at breaking news. which also has some video and so let me. Pull that up. Must have been on fire or something or the fire trucks are out. Doing a wash just to preventative. Use a little dirty. Filthy. Taking off on runway one six, right. Big Beautiful airplane rolling down the runway of course, not as beautiful as the eighty, three, forty, six, hundred but. You know. Shabby. Thank you GotTa Make My Co hosts happy. Rick, is not here today. Rolling down the runway truckloads open why I think this is the very first one. They received at contests. A. Nice smooth rotation. landing gear is being retracted. and. It's going to I don't know if this is the very last flight or one of these several. Last flights that it took some really nice footage from a chase plane. Showing. Flying around the. Supreme. Court hanger and also the Opera House I saw on the back of their at the botanical gardens is a naval. Dockyard. Say. Yeah. Really. Really Pretty video footage. So. Thank you for sending the link To that. Right the flight were they then went out and flew the like kangaroo drawing sky doodle I. Don't know if it was this one specifically or not it may have been I don't know but I did see that as well. Let's keep moving on to the next item, which also deals with the Qantas some forty seven. This is from tristen. After. Many years of listening. I have finally put together some feedback and attached to this email along with some accompanying pictures. Love the show keep up the good work chairs Tristan. Hi. There captains, doctors, longtime listener finally a facebook, our feedback submitter. Hopefully, I don't waffle on too much treston from Brisbane. Brisbane Brisbane sorry I just like hearing jeff say Brisbane. Say, wrong. In Australia. Some feedback on a flight I took recently from Brisbane to Brisbane. Between Brisbane and Brisbane. Brisbane Brisbane Kosta Doncaster. Difficult to pronounce for American words can we. Discern. Difficult for me. he continues not sure whether you have spoken about this on the show, but before all this pandemic stuff happened back in two thousand, eighteen if I recall correctly Qantas announced their plan to retire their seven forty sevens by the end of twenty twenty. After the pandemic hit Qantas flew the Queen's to the Mojave desert for what they said at the time was storage quote. And that they would return but most of US had doubts in June as part of a larger announcement Qantas delivered the news that retirement of the seven forty sevens would be brought forward this while sad didn't come as a surprise sad fallout from the decline in air travel but I don't need to tell you that Qantas has a proud history operating the seven, forty, seven, one spanning almost fifty years they have operated almost all. Excuse me almost all major variants starting with the seven, forty, seven, dash two, hundred in nineteen, seventy-one, the seven, forty, seven s sp seven, forty, seven, three, hundred, seven, forty, seven, four, hundred, and finally the seven, forty, seven, four, hundred Er Qantas were not only the launch customer of the seven, forty, seven, four, hundred are but also the only operator of that particular variant allowing them to fly from Melbourne to Los. Angeles with a full load. At one period between the retirement of their last seven, oh seven and nine, hundred, seventy, eight and the delivery of their first seven, six, seven in nineteen eighty-five Qantas operated an all seven, forty, seven fleet. He continues sorry wrong. PODCAST I didn't get the. I didn't get the. What he was referring to there but. I guess I'm kind of. Referring to different podcast. I know. Which one those get. Okay so you don't get it either. At the time of the retirement announcement, there was no mention of any celebration. I guess partly because they were also announcing the plan to move all their a three eighty to Victorville until at least twenty, twenty three nonetheless, not giving her a farewell would have been an absolute travesty then earlier this month and much to the glee of many including me. Qantas. Announced they would operate three farewell jumbo joy flights. These flights will depart from Sydney Brisbane and Canberra and be operated by the last remaining seven forty seven dash four hundred e R. in Australia Victor Hotel Oscar Juliette named. Okay. Now. I'm going to have trouble here is that. What would you say nick I'm trying to find out way you are in the tanks to. But. Well. Okay. If you see the first paragraph. One. So then the next. Paragraph as W. U. N. A. L. A. When Allah. Sounds good. Pronounce, things. The seems like it'd be a reasonable way to pronounce it but a bet, it's something completely different. After it carried out the Nala dreaming livery for a number of years. Oh, EJ was also the. One nine. Nine. One Ala yeah might. One another upon the Bobby. I can't do absurdly. Said your. Average. Guy. Accent. I was Nama Draymond. Thank you. Better late than never next. Big. Politics I'm trying to find one word. I just assume that you're always following along with me, but apparently occasionally look at it. The Chat Room. Can help how many listeners don't do that? There's a great distraction. Okay where was I? E J was also the fifty seventh and final seven, forty seven to be delivered to Qantas touching down in Australia and August two thousand three hours wrong is not the first one was on like the fit the last one. Tickets for each of the flights were limited to one hundred, fifty economy and even less in business and unsurprisingly were highly sought after selling out between ten and twenty minutes depending on what you read. Much to my excitement I was one of the lucky ones getting myself a seat in economy. The day finally came and I was like kit on their birthday up early and out the door to the airport after a few snacks and the Qantas Lounge I went to the gate to watch the Queen Land and tax to the gate. Kidney much to my surprise, we boarded on time and I was seated in row seventy one I was in the first group to board even managing to be number one down the Arab bridge. After pushing back, we were given a water cannon salute a fitting farewell by the A R F F. We taxied past the pact spotters area to the short line of runway one nine. No one cared that we sat there for about ten minutes to allow a Medevac helicopter to get on the ground as any extra time on board was precious. After being given clearance the four big GE cf sixes were S- pulled up, and we thundered down the runway taking off to the south banking. Right? We headed over the Brisbane CBD making to two thousand foot passes before sending to only four thousand feet and making course south. The Day was absolutely gorgeous. So a low and slow pass. The Gold Coast made for a stunning photo opportunity after making a u-turn just past the Gold Coast airport, we headed back to track around. Brady Brady. I Dunno B. R. I I. E. and. The Morton I islands or more at Nyland's just south of Brisbane before sadly turning back towards Brisbane airport he does use the word Brisbane quite a lot in this. As a final farewell, the queen flew a runway heading above Brisbane airport's newest runway one, nine right which had only been opened three days prior before banking left over the Qantas hangars eventually back around one nine left for a perfect touchdown while taxing to the hangers a number of crew came over the PA not only to thank us. But who also acknowledged those members of the crew for whom this was their last the last address was one of the captains who would be leaving the cockpit for the last time. You could hear the emotion in his voice especially when he spoke of his family being on board at that point, I really felt the human aspect of the event. After being told to the hangar, we were able to hop off and walked around the Queen. Took a number of photos but for a period I just stood there and looked up transfixed. After about an hour, it was all over groups of Qantas employees were arriving to have their time to say goodbye to the workhorse of the Qantas Fleet. Travel back to the airport a few hours later to watch her take off for the last time, and again as she disappeared off into the distance, I just stood there while I love to look at the seventy seven, Dash Nine, dash ten along with the eighth three fifty. Nothing compares to the Queen of the skies. Except the Airbus three, forty, six, hundred. According to you Captain Jeff. Yeah. That was interesting this the. J will complete one more joy flight out of. Before, finally, departing the Australian shores and the twenty second of July which was about a week ago. which will be a very sad day for Australian aviation she will join her sisters in Mojave with a future that is currently unknown. While not in the air, the Queen will live on in Australia as we are blessed to have to ex- Quanta, some forty sevens on static display. Victor Hotel Echo. Bravo. Quebec a two hundred B series is located at the Qantas Founders Museum and long reach outback Queensland. The Second Victor Hotel Oscar Juliette Alpha four hundred series is on display at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society Museum in Illawarra new. South Wales. As a side note, vision of these jets landing at the airports on which the museums are located makes for some cool viewing. Airports with runways just big enough to handle the landing but not the takeoff. Once on the ground, the two jets were never to leave and you can imagine the dust kicked up when the Echo Bravo Quebec landed in the Australian outback. I've been lucky enough to visit both exploring them inside and out from the rear bulkhead to the cockpit and even a walk out onto the wing. Hopefully. Not in-flight getting right up into these two jets makes you really appreciate the evolution of seven forty sevens and aircraft in general from the pulleys and cables to the kilometers and kilometers, kilometers and kilometers of wiring. To anyone who lives in? Australia or who visits Australia when all this pandemic stuff is over I, highly recommend visiting both of these museums have also benefited from the aforementioned joy flights with profits being shared between them a nice touch from Qantas, keeping this heritage alive. Hopefully I haven't waffled too much my words and pictures probably don't do justice to the day that it was loved the show hopefully once. Monday, I get the chance to meet everyone cheers tristen and I'm going to share some of these. Very nice photos that he included in. His massage era go. I'm looking at that flight radar, twenty, four trank and I'm. The devil of me I can't see a kangaroo. Really. Yeah, that's clearly a kangaroo will come up with a minute. It's like it's like IOS magic is where you have to. Stare really. move away slowly. Standing on his head or something. That is not the one that really. That was. Yeah, there's another one that. That's not included in his feedback. That was another flight that explains everything. This is the one that he was on. Did Not drug and. That was very cruel of you. But I. Love it very. Goes Yeah Yeah. Look he just got. A Pre? Kangaroo. The kangaroo taking arrest lying down. Apparently it's been a while since Nicosia Kangaroos. This particular pilot was not a very good artist. Anyway Very Nice pictures taken by Tristen. Thank you for that. Sir. References from opposing basis I should probably really know that since worrying t shirt. For me. The reference to the other podcasts that you were right in the middle of back. So, why so I still don't get the reference though because will stop and we'll talk about something that he continues on. Oh blessed that too. So that's why I hear that other places as well. So it wasn't a hundred percent certain. That's what wait a minute wait. Till the people people that are listening to our and watching our show actually listen and watch other podcasts. Well Where they find. Try to monopolize all, of your, Time. Right. Anyway. All right. Let's do this. Kidding. Well that has been discussed but I don't think that that's any thing that's our near future. Okay Let's see. We can move on. Thank you ray and Tristan down under for your. Feedback regarding own and just a quick mentioned when Stephen and I were on the road trip. After coming down from Death Valley. In the Mojave Desert we actually passed the airport at which these seven forty sevens from Qantas are parked. We saw a couple of two or three maybe more on the. On the airport property there and this one wasn't there at the time obviously because this was still doing all their. Joy flights and stuff like that. But. Anyway. But that was kind of sad seeing them just sitting there rotting away. Anyway. Steve. This is an interesting one. Steve Says Hi Guys Love Your Show have been listening for quite a while. Now I saw this on instagram feed from a friend and wondered if you had seen it if not, I thought, you'd enjoy it You've probably seen this but I don't remember hearing discuss it. So I thought I'd pass it on. Video. From instagram and it's it was a Hawker Hawker. It was a drug runners Hawker found in the jungle on a dirt strip according to the poster and the Guatemalan Air Force fluid out. I'm a private pilot and travel photographer who was traveling on airlines for business at least twice a month before this crisis started and always hoped to run into one of you at an airport one day hopefully eventually, we will all start flying again soon. Yeah. We're all hoping that fingers crossed. My best you all and keep up the fantastic show anyway enjoy this incredible take off. All right. So here we go. Again, we're going to share the screen and it's again from instagram. Oh. Yeah. This is this is a good divvy hits the big bump. This looks Kinda. Axel. Starting it helicopter in the background. Almost. Looks like that could have easily got down like out of control when I hit that bump. A wide and it's Really rough runway. Collapse. Your comes a helicopter chasing after. Anyway I guess these videos loop an instagram so. She had Tasha. What should I? First of all, I didn't think it was real I thought it was one of these. MOCK UPS But when it flew past, go. That's real. Really. That's not one of those. You know radio controlled model things. Yeah exactly. Does kind of look like though the way it's Kinda bouncing around I haven't they put gumshield same when they. Started Rolling because. Lost Teeth. Steve for sharing that with us again, that's Steve Serves. Santa Clara. Or Cynical I. Don't know how you pronounce his Santa. Claus now no Santa. Some gory. Is from Italy. Nice. I like Italy Italy is one of my favorite holiday destinations. It's very Italian place. Nate is declaring pizza. That they do. So we'd have do we have time to do another one before we do? A six minutes. Okay. So. Let's do this from Knickknack Jack haven't heard from him in a while. He sent us from audio feedback. Hey PG crew. It's knickknack checking in. Flight, level three six, zero on an Airbus a three thirty. Flying in my flight Sim from San Francisco to Seoul. I wanted to check in first of all 'cause I haven't checked in a long long time. And Welcome Miami Rick Back to the PODCAST. It's great to hear Your Voice Again Rick and to hear your stories of doggonit around the world I also want to comment on the retirement of the mad dog and the seven seven. Seven seven was. One of my favorite aircraft is one of my favorite aircraft my first international flight as a passenger in the real world was in a Qantas seven or seven from. LAX. To Melvin back in the spring two thousand and one before. Restrictions got tight and all that very fondly remember that flight and a couple of other subsequent flights. I had in the some seven four hundred on. So sad to see more and more airlines Tirane on most recently be a though I'm sure many many other airlines will subsequently retire it also see the sad to see the mad dog go I had a couple of flights in my life as a real passenger on mad dog can't say it was. My favorite airplane as a passenger but. from a systems perspective and a kind of old school st engage. Airline operations perspective. It certainly was an interesting aircraft and I'm sad to see go on and of course, Saturday to hear about all the displacements. Particularly, Captain Dana and Captain Jeff. Captain Jeff I hab a simulated. Of the seven, one, seven that I'm learning. I think you'll like the aircraft from everything. I've heard. It's you know Saddam D. Ninety five basically So it's just got the you know the screens as opposed the steam gauges in the coal fire stuff so It's it's a seems a similar aircraft from everything I understand and. It's an interesting aircraft why I'm definitely learning a lot as I figure out how to fly on. Short elevator flights up and down. California captain deny if you're listening I wish you the best of luck in your some thirty seven training. I have spent a lot of time in the simulated seven, thirty seven, which of course is not the same. But I think you'll find. The biggest drawback is obviously the confined. That aside, from that the airplane itself I think you'll find that it's some to the mad dog and a lot of ways in that it's a classic design that has been updated with modern avionics and it's you know like like Rick and said, it's a triple seven style avionics. You out to do manual generators in manual pack selection, accenture but. It's an interesting aircraft and it's the aircraft virtually cut my teeth on so. A Good Luck to you Dana I wish you the best and I wish the best to everyone that has been. Dramatically affected by what we're currently going through in their job either in the airlines or where whatever work you may be doing finally on a lighter note I wanna say that I have gone to the dark side Nick I'm with you all on the rest. The file is corrupted. Wish I could play the rest. Of the situation I don't. Know what happened next? Wait a minute. Let me see if I can fix it way. I love the Airbus I have. Been Myself through twenty, three, thirty, I've got my eye on the three fifty. Absolutely love it So Rick I'm sorry gone to the dark side I can't go back if. Anybody wants to check out my flight sending adventures at US right along dot com is my website. And I hope to check in again in the future I love the podcast course and it keeps me happy. As, I'm doing both long haul and short haul simulated flight. So take care guys. Thanks. Well. That's why we're here Knickknack Jack to keep people happy or at least we try. So. And we're happy to be absolutely I'm so pleased here enjoying flying the Abbasid has a lot of great advantages. And so long as you're actually flying it and not just pushing the take. It's going to say the experience it sounded like a very, very quiet flight down. On. The simulated version of the. was what was To begin with a three thirty. Somewhere at thirty, six, thousand feet on the way to Seoul. You're right. It does sound very, very quiet. Very quiet. I can hear a pin drop. So I was listening to the feedback. He was talking about the man dogs and such and I guess a little grumpy when I was listening to this. I need to set the record straight the acme the acne mad dogs did not have steam gauges I. Know Everybody always said that but they didn't they have a glass panel displays just like the seven thirty sevens and seven sixty seven flying around today the early versions of the mad dogs. Like the ones the that American flu. Did have the the steam. Gauges. But by the time acme ordered, the jet had been feted with more advanced avionics seven. Has. An advanced flight deck modeled after the MD eleven and triple seven. has six eight by eight inch liquid crystal displays on the instrument panel from the heart of the new advanced flight deck. The primary flight display combines all the primary flight information previously presented you reading the brochure reading what I wrote down in the show notes. This is this is what I read. The PF combines all the primary flight information presented by the six round dial instruments used in traditional older electromechanical flight decks, attitude, airspeed altitude, and heading presentations retaining the basic t arrangement of traditional flightdeck. So basically, anybody that's flying more modern airplane with a more modern displays will you know this is the same primary flight display that the US up on seven has in it? So. That'll be kind of Nice to have and the other nice thing about it is that and I have a picture that through here in as well. From actually a simulated seven, one, seven cockpit panel. But with the with the six Greens laid basically horizontally from left to right it'll be nice to not having have to look around my yoke to see the navigation display which was much smaller and was like right behind the yolk. It was not a good place for you kind of have to go look around look around the corner sometimes to see it. But Anyway So Nicholas continues something I forgot to include knowing there are other Flight Sim fanatics and the Committee I was wondering if someone had made an acme airlines livery for any of the Popular Flight Sims, it would be a joy to fly around in an acme giant acne read just playing acme aircraft. You don't somebody I think it was Jim. That did our. AP Gee. I mean Acme Air Logo he played around and put some liveries on some some jets, but it wasn't related to flight selling software. So. But I bet you'd be amazed up Mace. What is 'cause during the plane? Tana told a while ago. That was all about the Canadian make one coast that was April full people have actually created flight SIM skins, full size aircraft with all those mock markings on which I think is hilarious because. A lot of people still at realize it was April full white i. was. An April fool's yeah. Oh jocularity. Anyway sure that. You know maybe somebody out there has if you're listening and you've done that would you please let us all know them. We can point people in your direction they can get. Can You put? As. Well Yeah. Please absolutely why would you want to put it on anything else? anyways, thanks for keeping me a formed and entertained as I. Fly virtual skies. This is Nicholas Jackson, Aka Nick Nick Jack, and again his website F S for Flight Sim ride along Dot Com. From the Knickknack Jack podcast network. got. A. Whole Network. All right. I think that means now it's time for the best part of the show, which of course, everybody knows is this week's installment of the old pilots. Plain Tales. and. This week's version is entitled the Son of a Nola tibbets. Here we go. The pilots plane title. Son of Nola tips. He's dead now, but you'll find no stone to mark his grave since he has the grave nor Markelle. which is a little odd for a much decorated American hero. who fought for his country with outstanding bravery. But it was his wish and his family accepted the. Poll Warfield tibbets originally came from Quincy Illinois, but his family moves around until they settled for a while in Florida. Is Father hold tibbets Sena solid confectionery, which would make him many boys, dream father, but Paul Junior always. In flying. By the age of twelve he was helping out in an old Wacko flame by Doug Davis is part of a he's Flying Circus during out candy bars fitted with tiny parachutes into the crowd of onlookers below. It made a big impression on the youngster and he later said from that day on I. Knew I had to fly. Back on the move tibbets attended the Western military academy and then the University of Florida but his interest in aviation continued and he took flying lessons at Miami's Open Locka airport although his intended profession this time was as a surgeon. Our. But before he completed his studies at the University of Cincinnati, he decided to enlist in the US army and become a pilot the all mea coal. With his background poll have been able to get into the Aviation Cadet training program which gave him an age and during his army flight training, he was assessed as an above average pilot. Commissioned as a second lieutenant. Training complete, he was assigned to the sixteenth observation, Squadron, which supported the infantry school at the nearby full Benny. And he's private life it fallen in love with his bride to be Lucy, and they were married the whole eternity Roman. Catholic seminary. His promotion continued initially to first lieutenant and then captain and he was selected to be a personal that but brigadier-general George Pattern. For the United States involvement in World War Two approaching tidbits was transferred to fly launch. Palmer's initially the twenty havoc and then the B seventeen flying fortress he was expecting to go to MacDill field when the Japanese right on Jojoba bought the country to a war footing. We submarine attacks expected. He soon found himself flying anti submarine patrols out of Pope Army airfield in B eighteen. Bolos instead. Nineteen forty two. So tibbets being given the command of the three hundred fortieth bombardment squadron and they deployed with their be seventeen to join the eighth air force in England operate and of our F- Paul Breaux. They were part of the ninety seventh bombardment group which had been hastily assembled there to fulfill the needs for high altitude daylight bombing a mission for which they had had little training. The Royal Airforce Keen to assist provided veteran instructors to give some help but being the first group to be deployed to fight the war in Europe they were very much the finders for the army f false in this theater. Pretty soon, Paul Tibbets was made second in command of the group and he found himself flying the lead bomber, the butcher shop on their first raid against the rail marshalling yard in Ruin Franz. It was a success despite the fact that he wasn't with his regular crew nor in his own aircraft. But then a few weeks to bits flew another ground breaking mission when he led the first American raid all over one hundred aircraft to attack industrial targets in the French city of Lille. They were continually harried by German fighters resulting in the loss of thirty three out of the hundred and eight aircraft that participated and bombing accuracy was poor for the first. Time. Poll soul the damage they did when not hitting the target but bombing innocent French civilians and he faced the dilemma that troubled many in times of wall. These people don't have any business getting killed. He thought they armed soldiers us. He debated with himself on the morals of warfare and came to the conclusion that he was supposed to be a bomber pilot on was there to destroy a target. I wouldn't be worth anything if I didn't do that. He made up his mind then that the morality of dropping that bomb was not his business when he was instructed to perform a military mission that was the thing he was gained to do to the best of his ability. And the lead up to the allied invasion of north. Africa. The commander of the eight their false was ordered to provide his two best pilots for a secret mission. Tibbets was one of those chosen and he flew Major General Clark to Gibraltar, and later he repeated the flight with the Supreme Allied Commander Lieutenant General Eisenhower on bold. Historian Stephen Ambrose described tibbets as by reputation the best fire in the army. Foss. In. North Africa as part of Major General Jimmy doolittle's Twelfth Air Force he participated in much fist fighting against heavily defended objectives to pave the way for allied landings. By now, tibbets had received a field promotions a colonel, but it was blocked by the assistant chief of staff of operations where he'd now being assigned saying that was only going to be one. COUDL in operations. When the chief of the Army Fox's ost for an experienced pilot to help develop the new B, twenty, nine superfortress Jimmy doolittle recommended tibbets. So poll found himself back in the states working with Boeing in Wichita. He flew many house on the new aircraft more than any other pilot and he contributed a great deal to the success of the Obama. Is experienced led to a recommendation that he joined the Manhattan. Project the allied group who developing the world's first atomic bomb. Finally promoted to colonel. Tibbets was given the task of creating the five hundred ninth composite group. A completely self contained organization of eighteen hundred men with fifteen b twenty, nine's it's important became apparent by the priority that was given to the vast array of military stores. They needed already working at high levels of secrecy within the five hundred ninth, a group of handpicked specialists known as the first ordinance who was skilled with metallurgy with tasked with building the first bums whilst project Alberta became the group who dealt with the problems of delivery. Already, a conventional bomb made to the same dimensions and weights of the fat man atomic bomb had been created known as the Pumpkin. These provided realistic training for the men redesigning the full Bombay of the B twenty nine and the crews training to drop it. The aircraft modified to carry the huge weapon where part of the silver plated project later into Silva Plate, a term that encompassed training as well. Then man and fat man codenames where a dumped it for the weapons themselves cover story was devised. Silva. Plate was all about me finding pullman railway car for use by president. Franklin Roosevelt thin man and the United. Kingdom's prime. Minister Winston Churchill fat man on a secret to her the United States. On the sixteenth of July. Nineteen forty-five the gadget, the nickname given to the first test nuclear weapon was hoisted to the top of one hundred foot tower and detonated. It produced the equivalent of twenty kilotonnes of T. N. T. and the shock wave was felt over a hundred miles away. To explain away that in the mushroom cloud that reached over seven miles into the clear sky a cover story about an ammunition magazine explosion at Alamogordo field was issued. Oppenheim who led the team of scientists who developed the weapon wrote that he knew the world would not be the same. A few people laugh a few people cried most was silent. He remembered a line from Hindu scripture. Now I am become death the destroyer of worlds. I suppose we all thought that one way or another he said. By now, tibbets and his team had been moved to an field on the island of Tinian, part of the Mariana Group where they set up the necessary facilities to assemble and deliver the weapon. They had a number of concerns, not the least of which was the reliability of the B, Twenty nine they've been conducting attacks on Japan dropping the conventionally armed pumpkin bombs, which contained a mere three tons of high explosive. When one fell through the closed Bombay doors of the B twenty nine onto the taxi way a shower of sparks as the aircraft named strange cargo prepared for takeoff. Firefighters managed to douse the weapon with foam and it didn't decimate. But then within a period of a week, four, b twenty, nine crashed and burned on the runway. If this happened to one carrying an atomic bomb, it could easily decimate with catastrophic consequences. From then on, it was decided to load the breach of the atomic weapon once the B twenty nine was in flight. The target choice was passed down without tibbets involvement, but the day before as final preparations were made, he decided to name his craft in older gay after his mother. He had personally selected the aircraft when it was still on the assembly line in Bellevue Nebraska but was now on the other side of the globe and tomorrow, he would fly it on this vital mission. tibbets decided to fly the mission that late noticed and he moved the regular exercise commander into the couponers position taking command himself. On the sixth of August nineteen, forty, five colonel tibbets tough from Tinian in an older gay accompanied by two other b twenty, nine's and instrumentation and a photographic aircraft for the six hour flight to Russia. They arrived overhead on a clear day at thirty one, thousand feet about an hour earlier, the B twenty, nine straight flush and flown over the target. Umbro caused a short message. Cloud cover less than three tents at all altitudes advice bomb primary. The Air Raid Warning had sounded in Harare up for the previous IVA flight. But then gave the all clear. Tibbets handy control of the aircraft, the Bombardier. Who has gained a guide the B twenty nine over the final few months. Eight fifteen in the morning he released the what. The little boy took four seconds to full from the aircraft before the hundred and forty one pounds sixty, four kilos of uranium two, three, five whereas decimated. At a little below two thousand feet. Over the city Amir, hundred feet from its aiming point. By the time, the shock wave reached delegate. It was around eleven miles pasta released from. Detonation was remarkably inefficient releasing energy from only one point, seven percent of its fissionable material. But even this was a quivalent to sixteen thousand metric tons of tea and. Radius of total destruction was about a mile but intense five breakout from the thermal blast covering an area four and a half square miles. Some seventy to eighty thousand people around thirty percent of the population were killed by the blast and resulting firestorm. The same number where injured. Japanese officials determined that sixty nine percent of the buildings in Hiroshima was destroyed. Japanese Second Army were conducting physical training Bailey nine hundred yards less than a kilometer from. Ground Zero. Three thousand two, hundred and forty three troops were killed. Twelve captured American emon being held in a police headquarters were killed most instantly from the blast, but two survived to be stoned to death by local populous. Eight US prisoners of war killed during medical experiments as part of a program in the local university had their deaths blamed on the attack as an attempt to cover up. Sixteen hours later while still coming to terms with the tank, the Japanese heard from President Truman. If they do not now accept our terms they may expect to reign of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this. Over time and to this very. Arguments have gained in las support on the ethical legal moral. A military justification for the use of this nuclear weapon as new evidence has become available on his new studies have been completed. Remains the subject of both popular and scholarly debate. Some think that Japan would not have surrendered unless there was an overwhelming demonstration of destructive to capability. Those who oppose the bombing argue that it was militarily unnecessary and a naval blockade and conventional bombings would have forced. Japan to surrender. Colonel. Tibbets said that he knew when he got the assignment, it was gained to be an emotional thing. We had feelings, but we had to put them in the background. We knew it was going to kill people right and left. But my one driving interest was to do the best job I could so that we could end the killing as quickly as possible. I sleep clearly every night. His career continued pace many key positions such as the attache in London. An director in the strategic, Ed Division. He served as the B forty seven Strato jet project officer before commanding the three hundred eighth bombardment wing and at the close of his career being promoted to Brigadier General an assigned to the joint chiefs of strong. In retirement he contributed to films and books about his part in the conclusion of the Second World War something that occasionally caused contention. But he was on apologetic about the pop he play. He denounced the Smithsonian's fiftieth anniversary exhibition all the NOLA gay calling a big damn inside. The director of the National Air and Space Museum was compelled to resign but the controversy. Tibbets died in two, thousand and seven. Concerned that his grave might become a place of protests or desecration. y'All said he'd be cremated and his ashes scattered over the English. The body of water that spelt safety as he returned from his many wartime missions in his B seventeen Red Gremlin. Whenever I visit South Coast which I do often and look out across the channel. I show ponder the life of this fine pilot. Unable to seek eternal rest beneath a gravestone bearing his name. Well Another. Very. Well, done. Plane Tail. And? Tough one and that was. An Amazing Part of our history. It was and it's very hard now to make comments without sanding clip. But what I wanted to do really was point out how this mission and the aftermath all these years past. Affected this one man who was the pilot and the the brave very brave and very highly decorated World War Two pilot. Who flew this final mission? was. This that. Led him to offer his family. Not. To mark his place of rest. To scatter his ashes in English Channel. That is the aspect that I find. So tragic about the story I know there something else that is vastly more tragic, and that is the fact that we were at war in the first place and people were dying. In Fos numbers but I just wanted to isolate this one side fact out of this mission and that was how it affected Paul Tibbets right up to his now my to understand that he could have based on his position as basically running the entire. Squadron. He could have. Stayed back at Guam right. He didn't have to be in the actual airplane that dropped the bomb. Correct. In fact, his decision to fly that mission was any taken a few days prior and The captain, all the commander of the mission who who's coughed it was was actually a bit upset that he was pushed into the copilot's seat and his craft was renamed the gay and Tibbets decided himself to take that responsibility on his shoulders and fly that mission so he didn't need to. Put that upon himself but I suspect his feeling of duty. put him in that position. So you know I think it was very honorable man and he stopped by his guns even through the decades afterwards where he was a central point of all this. Controversy concerning an older guy on the dropping of nuclear weapons on Japan and something we'll never be resolved because they're they're always going to be too. Divergent points of view. and it'd be very hard to bring those two together. This time case by people will be less emotional about it I. Think more about how it bolt that wall to a very quick close and might well have prevented a many many more deaths that would have occurred otherwise other people have other opinions but I think it's Not The military by on I see it from a military man's pointed to and what I see is that is a great example of leadership. You basically took it upon himself the responsibility to do it. Yeah. and His face that led the crew even though he didn't actually dropped the bomb. I was his bombardier that did that He you know he was there and all the pictures and you see him as part of the aircraft and he's the one that. The kind of is carried the weight of the mission on his shoulders. What's really sad is he has ashes dumped over something. That's English. Not American now. Just. Very proud of that. He had no you're. Right. She very proud that this man felt that little bit of water just sandwich sunny thirty miles away from. Is He chose to have his ashes scattered I I'm I think that's obviously it was great significance to him. I suspect as he fought his way back from bombing missions I've France and Germany. It is be seventeen with one of these daylight formations being harried by scientists the hallway, the arrival of the channel meant that at least the enemy action was even led to do now is find base, and if the weather was camp safely last, always a sunny day we know that. As for previous play tales a huge number of lies would loss just in that the final marriage. Yeah. For Brim brave very brave up. Like you said well known, but you know you definitely found a way to. Highlight. lesser-known bits. Bits thanks. Thanks. Yeah. Thanks. That was exactly my I had no idea we. Dropped, a bomb on Japan. That's was interesting stuff. That's all new to me. Just. You you're. Coburg? Joking by the way, please don't send any negative. Feedback regarding highland said did airline pilots? Alright. You ever heard of this guy named George Nali. Jerk. Think he does a a podcast ready for take-off podcast he. Apparently. Is Getting caught up in the show. We send US three pieces of feedback when it rains, it pours in a good way. So I put all these together listed actually. So, let's start off with the first one during World War. Two. Bob. Hoover. ESCAPED FROM POW camp. Oh I, think this is in regard to we were talking about the the were on fire. The forest is on fire gotta get into an airplane we'd never flown before. And I've and fly it how we're going GONNA. Do that remember that on a few episodes back? Oh Yep Yep okay. Bob We decided to start the engines. Start. Well, make you feel even worse. This guy named Bob Hoover never heard of him who? Escaped from a POW camp in stole a German airplane and fluid back to England. Now, it'd be a little worried if he wasn't able to do that to be to be. True. I deny how they started those some of them have big fly Wales here to crank can get enough inertia to start kicking this engineer. I. Don't even have these things started I don't either. Apparently. Bruce. Car Stolen German plane and flew back to safety. And our why didn't take account? Should have. Bam. and Vietnam this is interesting. I stole this George I stole A. One and fluid back to denying. But that was only in my dreams. It's also in my upcoming novel. Did I mentioned that? George. Not only is he a podcast host a great one, but he is also a great novelist writer. And he has a series of of novels that he's already written. The Ham fist series I believe it's called George Nali ready for take-off podcast. Let's continue with the second one he sent us. Another great episode. Thank you George regarding two, hundred, fifty, nine below ten thousand. It came about as a result of the collision between U. A. L. Eight, twenty, six and Twa to sixty six. I remember it well because although I was a kid at the time. My uncle had been working in downtown Manhattan when it occurred and pieces of the wreckage came down very close to his location. I talked about several accidents including this in ready for take-off podcast episode thirty six. we'll have that link in the show notes for you include the accident report in the show notes, and you can see the two hundred and fifty below ten requirement as item six on page twenty five. Dan Hampton author of numerous books including lords of the sky is my guest on ready for takeoff podcast episode twenty seven. Dan Lives here in Colorado and I've known him for several years although he writes mostly nonfiction I'm partial to his novel, the mercenary and he gave us a link to that on Amazon? So Like, a bunch of great books to check out and podcast episodes from ready for takeoff. And then finally. We were talking about. Missiles and proximity detonations, and that sort of thing on a previous show and he said surface to air missiles, SAMs definitely have the capability for proximity that nation's and thirty eight years ago my element lead and I- ops checked it and got confirmation. My element lead got hit with shrapnel from a proximity burst and was pissing fuel oil and hydraulic fluid, but still flying and made it all the. Way Back from north Vietnam to denying I describe the mission and Sam hit and chapters forty, nine and fifty of ham over Hanoi which is book three of the Ham Fist trilogy, which is in the AP G. Library. He said thanks unlike some of the other stories in the series the events of July third nine, hundred, seventy, two in the book are totally true exactly as I remember them. And of course, your listeners can download ham fist over Hanoi and kindle format for less than the price of a `grande at starbucks and he goes shameless plug. George. You can plug your stuff here. Anytime you want so. Check out his great books and links that he left us especially to the links of. The ready for take-off podcast episodes cited. Thanks Georgia. Item Thirteen hotel? Kilo. Hamish now He I think he's thinking we're sending this two different podcast because here we actually use names. Yeah Yeah so let me yeah we can use your. So I'M GONNA call them Hamish which I don't believe as his real name, but maybe it is. He's a very private man apparently, he doesn't WanNA. Can you really blame him? He doesn't want anybody nowadays. Listening to our show. I I had my identity I know you do. Her name really isn't stuff. Okay Isn't this. Okay so Great Show I think he's talking about the episode where we talked about the. human error. To blame for downing of Ukrainian jet, the For the Iranian Military I launched a surface to air missile shut down the Ukrainian airline's flight. Is, that. Isn't this another cogan air or Air France four forty-seven lack of basic skills. Also. The same airline who after a failed first attempt and go around at Dutch harbor one three, run my or excuse me flight thirty, two, ninety, six, loss control. And actually, they overran the end of the runway while landing with tailwind a twenty nights and no that was. The airline there was era aviation E. R. A. and has been renamed corvus. No I'm sorry. Pan Air. Is the airline. that. Operated the Dutch harbor run my overrun and on June. First of last year they ceased direct ticket sales under its own brand and from that day all Perr flights are marketed and sold using Raven Alaska, flight numbers the. Lack of pilot skills. That we were talking the episode or the incident that we were talking about or two, which he's referring believe as the. Ones where the guys were paying. So close attention to icing and that kind of thing, and the airplane stalled, and they lost Mutt five thousand feet or something before they were able to recover from it that was era or era aviation which has been renamed corvus airlines and currently does Mrs, Raven? Alaska. All those regional airlines. FEEDERS for. Alaska, Airlines and. Then he gives us a whole list of incidents and airlines flight numbers and dates and stuff like that. But I'm not gonna read out because even he says in his feedback. Too many to read out for Info only. Anyway. He continues appalling waste of life after the Russians shoot down of Malaysia Airlines. Flight Seventeen, there is such a cheap salute. So now he's referring to the downing of the Ukrainian jet. Okay. So maybe I kind of completed some of these things here so So he's talking about the downing of the Ukrainian jet appalling waste of life. After the Russians shootdown of Malaysia, airlines flight seventeen there are such a sheep cheap solution flight radar twenty, four free. Info on airline flights should be mandatory for all air defense worldwide mine. Don't know if you're going to convince the Iranian military that they should get their subscriptions to Flight Radar Twenty Four. To get. Eddie. Ministry. Use that the basis of whether it would be a good idea to shoot down that should be part of the actual Targeting computer system in for analyzing friend or foe, and that that sort of thing that probably a lot better than an eighty s box. So I. Yeah I. Think the the military needs something that's absolutely Stein, and if all else fails if not absolutely convinced, they're just gonNA fire anyway if they think it's justified. So These countries Even. I. Have to say I even the United States occasionally makes mistakes. Everyone has a conflict blue on blue AH, tanks I it just matter how sophisticated the gear is It's often down to the operators interpretation of IT and Mistake something people that WanNa take life this they have to. So it's not like you stunned. But Safa limitation of the equipment up. On the environment and that one a big part of it was the mess calibration setup of the of the whole the surface to air missile system to begin with one hundred, seven degree. Degrees off and the initialisation. So Anyway Yeah Yeah. I know. A lot of missiles zones If you WANNA, penetrate them depend on safe lanes so If you're not got equipment set up, right someone could be coming down safe lane and you might not. Say the right angle so. Them Bob's your uncle. Is. War. Speaking of bumper uncle Bob Bob. Tom seagraves feedback blom. Know Uncle Tom. Anyway. What does Tom I have to say? Hello PG crew. This is Tom from Columbia Missouri. I was just listening to. Episode Four thirty. Three. And a news story about Aeroflot. Got Me Thinking when when Captain Jeff, when when you mentioned how they filled the To fill the news story, they just rewrote a paragraph that said the same thing as the previous paragraph. I thought maybe I would. Give you guys a little bit inside baseball information. When it comes to the media for the last? Two and a half close to three years. Now, I have been working in television media. and. I'm currently a newscast director. And a local TV station and. We are the local affiliate for. ABC and Fox. Here in Columbia. I've learned a lot about how the news business works and when you were. Talking about that Aeroflot's story, and then there's been many mentions over the years over all the episodes about. How the media gets things wrong especially when it comes to aircraft identification yes you are correct and. A little inside baseball information, it really is up to at a television station up to the producer. What gets put on the air and I'm sure it's the same in the newspaper business or online news business for an editor also determines what goes live. So. how this works is in the TV, the producer will. decide he builds his show or her show. Decides what stories they're gonNa put where, and then it has to go right back content. Now, that's really for local news. When we're talking local news, they'll go in and write the stories. And the local reporters will work on those stories They'll be given an assignment at the beginning of their shift and they'll turn a story for whatever assignment they're giving, and I will say the the local reporters at least in the station I'm at. because we're a small to medium market. The reporters for the most part are? Fairly new fresh out of college a lot of times. It's their first or second job. They're trying to work hard to get to a larger market, and of course, make more money and they're very conscientious about what they put on the air. And they WANNA make sure they get it. Right. So there's a lot of research in the amount of time they're given sometimes not as much. if they have a tight deadline and deadlines, everyone lives and dies by those deadlines so. but now for National News as an affiliate of major networks. Most of that national news is just downloaded and used in spots where where they're looking to fill time. So you know they'll have a block of stories with local than the have a block stories and national. if there's more local news than they'll cut some of those national stories out, they'll always leave in the more important national stories. But. National Stories. Ninety percent of the time are written by someone in a far away place that we know nothing about and they're just. Rehashed on our network. Now. Sometimes if they're giving a story, that's a minute long. And they only need to fill thirty seconds. They'll go in and they'll rewrite the story and then they'll also. download video that goes with that story. Now, many times the producer won't know if the videos right or wrong it's what was given to him by the national and so that will get downloaded as well. So here's a perfect perfect example. Several months back. One of the producers was doing a story about United Airlines seven, thirty, seven Max, and it was specifically about United Airlines and the video that he was given the download for that story was a video of the United Airlines seven, eighty seven. So they're playing was wrong and I said to him before we went on the air I said, Hey, this is not the right airplane and he said, but it's United Airlines and I said Yeah but it's still not the right airplane. and. He goes is anyone going to know and I said well, I know. And I guarantee there will be a lot of people that will know as well and We were able to find fairly easily. We're able to find seven thirty, seven United Airlines video seven, thirty, seven Max United Airlines video we're able to put that in place. So. A Lotta Times the producer or the article writer or whoever just does not know. And You know there's no time to find an expert quote unquote expert. To try to. Verify something. I'd like to think that would it comes to the important details. and. I can attest to this when it comes to the important stories and the important details. they work really hard to verify to get it right at least in the newsroom that I work in. So I will say that. the other thing I wanted to let you guys know and this is This is all your fault. I think it's an extension of the syndrome. As, a newscast director as I'm directing newscasts, there's anywhere from four to eight of us. On headsets and we're all we're having an ongoing conversation throughout a newscast. and. It's usually more. So whoever the director is saying most of the stuff because we're giving commands to all the production people. During, a newscast and what needs to be done. And I've gotten to the point where when something is said on the headset or a story is read by an anchor. I've gotten to the point where I will say well, I think we got that one at least fifty percent rights. And now that has become a constant thing that is said on the headset by almost everyone. So thank you to the syndrome for that extension into my work life. The last thing I'll say is Liz if you ever want to be a television news producer come to Columbia Missouri, we will put you. In a position now, you'll have to buy vocationally because we can't lose you AP. Because without you, the show would not be what it is and we need to keep you there but you can do that from here. As easy as you do it from Toronto. So if you're ready. I'll get you a job as a news producer. Just let me know guys. Thanks for all you do. Really, really enjoy the show and you guys do a good job and Dana. I miss you buddy. Hopefully we'll see you soon. Talk to you guys later. All about the fifty percent. Hey if it's good enough for the news get enough. Exactly. How they know how to Google. Not. Google. Believe everything you see on the Internet Google is gives you know a but if you if you get like ten pitchers, they all look the same and they're all one aircraft that you think that's probably that's probably right. If you see people that are not pilots or aviation geeks as we are, they don't who cares you know on airplanes and airplane doesn't matter I mean. Really have no response. Oh. I did it's like. Doesn't matter. Nobody's GonNa know. He goes. Yeah I do and there are a lot of people out there. That will know that that's the wrong thing and they're gonNA be. Bitch and. They're just GONNA. Go. Idiots all. Yeah great feedback. Thank you Tom, and now you cannot have loose aury. She stays probably shouldn't extend that fifty percent to remark into my line of work though. About fifty percent it doesn't work in all professions in all professions it doesn't work so great in our. Airline pilot profession either only for podcasts. All right. Thanks, Tom. In Columbia. Missouri. Private pilot rich send us. Short audio feedback. -greeing say crew private pilot richer was fascinated listening to captain Jephson. Stevens monologues as they drove across the country. When you drove through death valley, I figured you went right pass. Furnace. Creek airport. I landed there many years ago in my piper Cherokee. It's zero six on the FAA identifier. The reason I went there is it's the lowest. Airport I've ever landed at. It is minus two hundred eleven feet. I was wondering what the lowest altitude airport you've ever landed at. I figured Miami Rick. Has the record for the highest altitude airport with his travels in south. America. But what is the lowest altitude airport you've ever landed at? Minus two hundred eleven feet. At Furnace Creek Airport. Death Valley California keep the blue side up private pilot rich out. Speaking of the Google, I did a Google search put in lowest airports in the world and found a table with a bunch of locations with their corresponding elevations. By the way it says Furnace Creek Airport. INYO. County. California of the code is. Delta Tango. Hotel. But it doesn't have the actual airport code. Because Lima seven or something like that. Anyway. and it has the elevation listed as minus two, hundred, eight or two hundred eight people. Oh but hey, what's three feet? and I was. Doing it well. Yeah. But we're talking airport elevations here. But. I'm a little suspect of some of the data in. Hang on a minute it fell. Flat three feet too late that could be quite significant. That is true but. Anyway to carry on. Yes. Thank you. So. So the Lowest Elevation Airport, you've landed at ya well first of all, on this list, the number one is. In Masada Israel and the Dead Sea at one, thousand, two, hundred, sixty, six feet below sea level really low, and the number two is the one that private pilot rich had landed at the Furnace Creek airport in the death. Valley. So I'm to myself. Which one? On there, but it's to the top. So the Pardon me. I said the one that I'm thinking of that I've landed at is not on there, but she's small to make the the list ocracoke. Okay and what is the allegation there for? Okay. Well, the one that I that comes to mind for me is the New Orleans International Airport and that is three point seven feet below. Sea. Level, which would be turban. I'm sorry above above. And but it's not even on on this list. Yeah, they're using a lot I, mean anything anything that's right on the coast is going to be pretty darn close to do other airports that are on the coast like Miami and Fort Lauderdale and others. But yeah, that's that's my lowest one apparently. Yep according to this list. What about? Amsterdam. Skip all. S Number Ten, I've never landed the really. Hot. I thought for sure you would have landed at skip at the slight hope skipping a jump from here. WHY WOULD I? I don't know. What else? Thanks Let me say this. List that are like less than ten feet 'cause. Did on in eastern north. Carolina. Very flat and very close to sea level. Yeah. So I my the lowest airport, I think that I've ever landed out as just a couple of feet above sea level but never any place below sea level. So I've never been listenable. Yeah. So that's that's what we have to say about that private pilot rich but hey, pretty good for For you to be at the number two. On this list in the world to. Halt I mean, why is it coat furnace creek? It's very hot. It's because you feel like you're in a furnace. It really did. It's really I'm just thinking like it's elevation is raw the negated by the temperature yeah. When you working out Field runs filled elevations density. Density. Oh, yeah, it's not a the the the density altitude is. Quite well. Speaking. To someone coming out with as I blended around. But yeah. Okay quickly let's say we have a few minutes how To seven minutes. Okay. Then we have long enough to hear audio feedback from Vernon trion greetings, APD crew. This is Vernon trion. And I've said before that old controllers never die they just lose their radar contact. Well. At least you think I need to get a life. I've long thought stories of how controllers can use the phonetic alphabet to tell a story. Such as when talking to planes his numbers in with Romeo Juliet Hotel. Whiskey one could say, Hey, Romeo and Juliet. How about after work we meet at the hotel and put down some whiskey together. Well. Here's my phonetic alphabet story of the crew during the covid nineteen times. The pack is led by an Alpha type guy who singing voices. So grand when he enters the room, everyone stands up in Tears Bravo. His name is Charlie. I think his middle name is Jeff. And Dreams of being Delta Airlines pilot. His voice is so rich has been known to stand at the Rim of the Grand Canyon. North South or West rim. And built out tunes in his tenor voice just because he loves to hear the wait for it echo. then. There's Dana. This taking a break from the crew right now and I don't blame you for doing that Dana. In the evenings and Julie. Are Taking Foxtrot lessons. During the day he's working on his golf swing. Meanwhile Miami is holed up in a hotel with this coloring book somewhere in India. And then there's Juliet who's putting down. Of Beer somewhere in Lima Peru. Half a world away waiting for the guide meet the guy with rickets. Then there's main man. Mike. who celebrates his birthday November along with his twin brother Oscar. Incidentally. His birthday is also the same month. They're planning outing with their papa to celebrate their birthdays in Quebec. A skydiver named Romeo has enticed Dr Staff and Liz to meet him somewhere in the Sierra. Mountains to take tango lessons from A. Laid off airline Captain Who's wearing his uniform. Then, there's victor retired fi and former air traffic controller who's met up with captain nick to drink whiskey and one the favourite watering holes that you've recently heard about. Because he wanted to learn how to tell all pilots stories like nick does. But. Alas when he needed to go to the bathroom, L L was in there. So he had to use the one downstairs fell down the stairs and needed and you guessed it an x ray on his ingenuity. And which time Nixed stated that he knew that the Yankee could not hold his liquor. Victor was so embarrassed that he went to live with Zulu people hasn't been heard from since. So my wonderful APGA friends, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I. Hope it gave you a chuck alert to and I wish you all could be airborne soon. This is Vernon trion retired CFI and former traffic controller in Fort Morgan Colorado. Keep up the good work in these trying times you all. Over and out. Bravo very nice. In here. To See, elise years of trading put away. Very, very well done, and of course, his his signature music in the background when he's doing is recording which he knows that I expect that so. Anyway. Great. Great Job Vernon. Thank you very much. Just quickly I think we can knock out the last two here. My go a little bit long but we're close. Stu. Rights in from Edmonton Canada at a great Uber flight home this evening after meeting friends for dinner got into the Uber and the heavily accented gentleman and I were exchanging pleasantries I asked him how his day was going etc, and then he told me that he was bored because he's a pilot can't fly right now which mmediately attributed to the domestic and international furlough of cruise. But no uber pilot tells me he flies the seven forty seven for Emirates and can't get a Canadian license because he can't speak. English. Very well. So after three glasses of my favorite Mullebeck, I, assumed my head was foggy and asked him you know how does that work when the Standard Aviation Languages English? Apparently, he his co-pilot to talk to ATC. By now my head is somewhat clearing and asked pile of how long it had been since he had last been in the SIM and maintaining currency etc, and what else he was type rated on. What he amine, he says all the Boeing I love the Boeing and then I asked him what he thought of hand fly versus automation and what he least liked about his airlines standard operating procedures, etcetera. The conversation didn't go very well when he dropped me off. I said Dude, you know eventually you're going to get caught out if someone asks you why you would maintain to fifty NAS below thousand feet in your Uber Right. Silence? Anyway. To all those Uber pilots out there. We salute you for making my ride home much more. More entertaining than I could have possibly imagined. Should I give him a five star rating. Efforts. Yes not really. He says I need. MIAMI. RIX number next time I took a cab. Love the show guys much uber love from Scottish Stewart in Canada. And he he sent a included a a photo that he took I can't believe it's already been three years. Now he says, Hey, Captain Jaffa we met. At at L. Three years ago this week still one of the coolest things I've done he says, I don't know that can't be right and there's a picture of the two of us and to you pitcher. Chose you how. Seven forty flying the seven, forty, seven forever and. Do they have a lot of seven four? I don't think. So that's the first. Vaccine in classes. Great friends of the show Steven Ivy he recently driver. Yeah. I'm sure there are some uber driver pilots there they are. Just not this. Not This guy no he. Stu New enough way more than. Your average person about aviation and knew this guy was blowing smoke up is A Scottish guilt. Never going to skirt but the column kilt. All right and then finally I know we're right at three hours but we're GONNA. Keep going. Because I, want to make sure that we get this in from Connie. Sir. Good. Connie is conic checking in from California She's part the northern California jeers. I was just thinking back to this time last year at Oshkosh it was my first visit air venture and it was such a fun experience to see everybody at the live show next to the AP RV my how things have changed in a year I hope everyone is weathering this crazy time. Okay. I'm currently working on projects from home and keeping up with this podcast and others go out on local hikes. Miami Rick it's nice to hear. You're back on the show I started listening to ABC around episode two hundred not too long before you made your initial departure, your experience and perspective is appreciated and your time away has only enhanced this I was listening to the episode of Airplane Geeks that you on a few weeks about a weeks ago talking about air cargo and I really enjoyed it as an aviation enthusiast. I especially admire the grandeur and utility of very large aircraft including cargo and transport types. I think it's awesome that you flew not just the seven, forty seven but the dream lifter I am fascinated by the unique features of this and other specialty transport planes like the Airbus Beluga. The aerospace lines, Super Guppy, the at L. Dash Ninety, eight carver, and others. This. Is Me speaking an aside I think I've never heard of an at L. Dash Ninety eight car air. So I looked it up on wikipedia and included a little photo. Floated in one of those, have you yeah when I was a kid. British. British F aries. Seven. Car in the front you the from and you drive your car in, and then you sit in the back as a passenger. My Dad got me to I. THINK WOULD TO AMSTERDAM SOMEWHERE And you take your car with you. Douglas DC four bays. Ferry. So unpressurised and at L. Stance easy to aviation traders I guess limited. Capacity of generally twenty two passengers, rear cabin and five cars loaded up in the front I think Yeah and it looks like as a Captain Nick said, it looks very much like that big giant Hump of a seven, forty seven in the front. So. Yeah. I'm thinking that's what's neat. Never I've seen nor heard of that thing. Anyway Let's see Nick I feel like there is potential for a plane tail or two out of this topic, the history and development of some of these more peculiar airframes and interesting cargo related tales. Perhaps, Rick has suggestions I was interested to hear the about the J. J. L. D., eight with a load of cattle going down a few episodes back I found a brief mention of that story on the Internet a while back, but I couldn't find it again when I went to look for it. Later, what an odd and tragic occurrence I've included a picture of myself in front of a mini guppy I came across a few years ago at the Tillamook air, museum or Oregon. As well as a picture of us from our twenty nineteen. You all stay. Well, stay safe and I know we'll meet again. Some. Sunny Day. Connie. And a great photo of of all of us in front of the. ABC RV. Party centralism have referred to it. I think Glenn Taylor was on. The. Oh, uncontrolled airspace podcast. Not Too long ago, and he was talking about the Party Central RV. Last year. Anyway. All right that is it just a few minutes past our what we shoot for a three hour shows but that's okay. I'm glad we were able to get all the feedback feedback knocked out. And if you want to learn more about our show, please go to our website airline pilot. Guy Dot. com. and. You can check out more information about the crew, the community, which is the most important thing about this whole ABC thing. Now, there's a calendar and ABC community calendar on there as well. the plane tales page where Nick puts more information about the individual plain tales and don't forget that you can subscribe to plain tales as a separate podcast and. And make sure that you you know review it and rate with five stars at least. You can do it reviews only. Said, you're not so good reviews too I'm offended. It'll be fun to read them. And Let's so let's let's other good stuff there on that website, and we're also you know you gotta be if you're a new media you got to be on the SOC means. there. So we'll see on twitter at a P G crews are handled. You can find our individual twitter information into the top of that page good place to check out when we're to look for when we're going to be recording live show any last minute changes to that time you can also find us on facebook facebook, dot com slash airline pilot guy and the instagram at AP Group. Absolutely, and now let's see. We're also on slack. So let me turn the volume up. TV can hear. Ll. Hello. Slack Make sure you. Use One of the towels over there. All right, he's going to tell us about. APD listeners please join us on our slack slack is communication coordination and sharing platform that works on your Mobile Laptop or Browser on slack we share news and ideas who suggest episode point ills topics. We've plan events and meet UPS to get into the slack team. Please email me at slack at airline Pilot Guy Dot com that's S. L. A. C. K. Sierra Lima Alpha Charlie Kilo at airline pilot guide dot com or send me a tweet with your preferred email address to at hill and I'll send you an invitation that's Hill L. fell hotel indio one, one, echo one. See you in slap. Pixel make sure you dry off really well, please. There my towels. He likes them. Does. We love allow and this is the point where we think Liz our producer director but we can't thank her because she wasn't here with us today we missed you Liz. She's enjoying a vacation up on lakeside cottage. And look forward to look forward to having her back in a couple of weeks. And without until next time wishing all of you clear skies unlimited visibility entails take care. God bless. Off Bribe. He's hoping sky. Hey. To be such a good good. Deal, I started a PG. Open doors for the loan. I help them to their seats. By Oh. Always guys. I just don't have the time. Please Just. Fine. By Guy.

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