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"semalaysia craig" Discussed on Bourbon Pursuit

"Drank so much. Jim Be White Label in college. Oh my God I can't even drink it now like game and look at it because it brings back so many bad memories but good memories but Didn't start getting serious till I duNno after college. I mean my dad does a lot of work for the Bourbon Industry. He's a machinist so he does toland our pair and I would deliver parts to him are for him to the different distilleries in our member. You know just seeing the bottles they would always give him stuff and then I would take it to a vividly. Remember taking like Semalaysia Craig. Twenty one's in Noah Mills fifteen in taking him to college parties in like totally mixing a coke or Ginger Ale and like just had no clue what you know what I had and So yeah just kind of progress from there and then like really appreciate. When I went I went to school at Rutgers in New Jersey. Kinda nobody there really knew it. So kind of preached the Gospel of there and Kinda started really dive into and then I met Kenny and then found out. There's this whole world of collecting and trading and flipping collected. You know all this stuff and then soggy go down that rabbit hole and then I'm like well why don't we? I can't just like have the Hobby. I gotTA start a business about it in Kansas Leisurely. Enjoy Bourbon with friends so Like let's start a podcast but Yeah it's now you know. I'm no one's a stranger to me and so like I've just reached out to anybody that has the same interested in me. I'm not afraid to talk to them and reach out to them. So I've met so many people that enjoy bourbon and it's been like crazy and it's cool because I'm from there when I grew up. No one gave us shit about it. Now everybody gives a shit about it. You know just seeing The town flourished and stuff. It's pretty cool. The absolutely we'll touch more in like meeting New People and stuff with inside a Bourbon All kind of recap mine. I know I've probably said it before. I have the same sort of cone tail as Fred over there. So I joined a fraternity on the University of Kentucky's campus. And I I mean I remember back. It was ten dollars for a twenty four pack of Natty. Light and being an UNDERGRAD. Yeah you always get ten bucks. You give it to one of the juniors or seniors within the fraternity. They'd run out. You come back that's your that's your. That's your drink and for the evening However remember hanging out with some of the older upperclassmen in yeah they were all sitting around drinking bourbon and coke and back then our drink a choice was kentucky tavern that was that was our Goto and that was kind of like my first introduction. They were actually known as a fraternity was actually known as one of the biggest urban drinking attorneys on campus. I don't know if that was a good thing or bad thing at the time but because everybody knows what happens if you get a little to bourbon drunk when you're little young and stupid but back then it was It was a it was a way to kind of get an introduction to it so of course mixing Bourbon and coke however at the time you know this was also a time when you're drinking not to sit there and enjoy your drinking to consume and and have a good time and you know all that aside you don't feel as bloated when you have a few bourbon cokes after you do have like eight to ten eight to ten twelve beers so it actually made you feel a little bit better going throughout the night and now the next morning interrupted by. Dad's famous line is nothing says on episode. One is if you're if you're drinking beer. You're watching the party if you're drinking bourbon you are the Party so I've always loved that line but anyways so let's go on to the next t shirt but yeah I mean that's that's sort of how it started for me in ever since I did that like I was always one person that was kind of like preaching like always do Bourbon Cokes. During college seemed like the easiest way to do it. Not only that is me and my roommate. At the time we became social shares. Social Chair is a a a nice word to say party planner for back in college in the fraternity days and so our biggest. Actually this is what I truly miss. About College is that your biggest worry is where we're GONNA party on Thursday and Friday night and that's that's what you had to set up and so backed in. Uk was a very dry campus. And you couldn't have any alcohol within south paternity houses at all so our goal was say. How do we have house parties and still serve liquor? And so what we did. Is We get? We got those massive gatorade jugs that you see on the sidelines of football stadiums and we filled those and it was one handle a Kentucky tavern to two leaders of diet coke and so everybody drink bourbon and coke at the parties and that's how we We continued to flourish for a while but after after college than is kind of when the appreciation started I didn't stop drinking bourbon it was diverted cokes and that's where the progression starts where you start getting rid of the coke. You start getting rid of the ice and you start. Learning to drink at need. Old Forester became staple for me Every once in a while splurging on small batch. You Know Fred you you talked about going back to the store and thinking of all those bottles that you could have had my God. Even I went to the liquor store and when I was there buying for parties I would buy probably gosh cases of six or one point seven five liters of of Kentucky tavern every single week. I don't think I even looked at any other bottles on the shelves. I always looked at bigger out work. Could I get the cheapest prior like odds overpriced yet? I mean that was. I didn't really know any better at the time. Indiana's even when I even after college. I didn't really know any better either I I was drinking forwards a small batch. I didn't know limited limited editions even existed until I was working at a company and I. There's a guy that worked there in. We talk about Bourbon all the time. We'd sit there and talk about bottles. We come together in one introduced me to limited editions and this was Twenty twelve late early twenty thirteen timeframe something like that and he's like. Hey I got a few extra things. I'll just tell them that cost because I'm just overflowing and so. He sold me a four hundred twenty fifth anniversary. An old ripped squat bottle. A Jefferson's I think it was twenty. One may be in their all retail. At the time I was just like. Oh Gosh like eighty bucks a bottle. He sure about this and and so. That's that's kind of what got me onto that train. And then of course as Jeremy said you find out about online forums in the whole world of different things. Start opening up to you of things that you never even knew existed. And that's I think that's really where the rabbit hole starts for most of us and I think that's kind of where the conversation keeps going for a lot of us here because the online community is really where a lot of the relationships are built. It's also a Lotta relationships. Go to die and get pig. Let's be honest. There's a lot of butthurt that happens out there so feelings journals vergamo world. What are you talking about? Yeah right you mentioned one thing and then all of a sudden you've got people either hating on your Lovin. Yeah so Jeremy. Kinda talk about your introduction into like the Bourbon online communities so my buddy. Tory said Hey I got this happy. Fifteen finally found a good use for facebook So I got invited to one of those deals saw that I love Bourbon wise was Blanton's and got on there and within five minutes I saw somebody was selling bland's it was dated in like nineteen eighty eight. And I didn't realize the WISC the existed before I drank it though bought that nineteen eighty-eight Blanton's and still have about a quarter of it And really from there. It's sort of just went into a network can almost fall into this accidentally and I'm sure that y'all's experiences a very similar But you know you find some people. They've got good relationships with and now report of a few groups that really proud to be a part of and it's been really cool and you know I've got a network really across the country coast to coast and actually even out of the country just from those stupid facebook groups. Can you in like in most major towns if you need to sleep on someone's couch in your new Bourbon? I'm going to Florida for business on Friday and I am crashing in the spare bedroom of a bourbon friend that night. No way it's awesome. We'RE GONNA be drinking well. Have you met him before in person? Yes a couple of times. Actually I have not picked a barrel together but we got to take part in what to me is. My favorite part about a lot of this stuff is the charity component And there was a guy in Florida Had a really terrible cancer diagnosis and Young Guy. About Twenty one years old twenty two maybe And without getting super deep in the details of it I went down there last year because we raised him bow Seventeen eighteen thousand bucks and I went down there to To go with him to present the money to imminence family and that was the first time that I crashed his Crashes Place that we met that time. Like here's here's a check. By the way. Can I stay? So this is actually the crashing at his house but we have But that's that's always a lot of fun. Of course you know my my wife thinks it's ridiculous but we're in this city I gotta go see this Guy So but yeah you get this network and I'm sure you guys are all the same in that regard you've got kind of people all over the country that you know from random guy helped me fine this thing. I was looking for and of course my my wife would say. Why are you looking for that? In the first place you have two hundred something three hundred but this sounds familiar. Never heard that before but But Yeah it's you know you form these communities we've we've been able to do a lot of good We've been able to do a lot of bad too but But it's a lot of fun and it's a soul kinda separate world that you get to be a part of all around this brown water stuff that we all agree up. I was GONNA ask you talking about like meeting with individuals but do you ever like Like throw get togethers. Were your your buddies that you've met online or whatever you go to a house or you go to a bar. Do you all have like special events or anything like that. So nothing. That's terribly scheduled but.

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