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"selma martinez" Discussed on The Truth

"Now back to Hey I'm sorry before. So what are you doing here needed the break? You're always going on about kickball and upgraded as so okay. Well we just started the bottom of the second man. You don't have shortstop what's the score. There are five nothing Jenny. It's you take a seat. It's my turn to that okay. Let's go Selma yes run. She likes to win. Let's go home. She's going home. Let's go here's not no? We lost but restored runs. That's huge for you. Guys need to aim higher. I crushed it out there. Go Dude Soba you're good. You're very good at Gig Ball. No I think the rest of you are just really bad. Oh No Paul Brian. Little League rules. There were three years on that play. Tomorrow enjoy the winds. Life is like kickball. Yeah there's like life and death but other than that. It's basically kickball. I was waiting by the jukebox. Can we go to your place journey? I need a minute right fine. We'll discuss this later. She's so annoying. Look Soma I don't know what's going on with you right now. But you're off my in a data. Sweep what we'll do it. Maybe ruin your files. Yeah maybe I don't know like I said I couldn't see everything was all blurry. I got nauseous. Selma you had a panic attack. Oh Yeah Yeah. And thus the is able to capture mice replacing conventional mousetraps with a more humane option. Thank you Franklin's. One of the judges in front of my hero told nightmare. Remember just kickball. Not Like I was going to win. Anyhow I just got to get through just like be positive. Remember chill our next presenter is Salma Martinez. Hello I'm Selma Martinez. I'm a PhD student in robotics and machine learning here at tech and my research is called the path project when we think of as we think of doom and gloom the world ending but a is don't have to become are evil overlords. They can help us understand ourselves. Better figure out our needs before we even know they can be empathetic. So let's start by simply talking judges. Could you each? Please tell the I what you had for breakfast. I had yogurt with strawberries. You are in a difficult point in life and feel overwhelmed. But you are calm and can handle it. Be a deep breathing and meditation. That's actually true. And you're getting this from my voice. Yeah sure and your body. Language facial movements. Okay do me. I had an energy bar. You are hungry and angry. You are paying very interesting your Turnley on well. I don't eat breakfast. You are a fraud. Sorry you people will judge you okay. I see judge me. This is just pulling ideas thin air. I am so sorry sometimes. It's just a little glitzy blamed me but it is your fault. No no see I taught my too mine the self critical part of the brain which is a painful but necessary part of being human. That is a good point. Thank you but you overdid it. Excuse me the question. You pretend to have a question but you will. They statement to show off your supposed- intelligence you had a question but Make others feel small in order to make your bigger and prove yourself worth like Selma. Sorry actually this. This is not part of the presentation. Just Can someone say what they had for breakfast? No one cares about breakfast. They care about your massive self-doubt. Okay your lacking confidence enough to feels out of your control through your fingers. I am so sorry. Ruined this humiliating. Will you do cry? Like eighty other another panic attack ahead. Doubled down you already feel like a massive failure and now a massive embarrassment squire. You're doing this you did this. You programmed me. Why are you doing this? Stop just stop start. Where's she going? Is She done. I guess I shouldn't have skip breakfast. Some are UK hard. I'm so dizzy. What happened out there? I want to win but I just don't know how do your best right and it really. It's going to be okay. You are sad I am. Jenny dumped me. So I'm so sorry you predicted what happened. I YEP A chip moral issues. Dating someone who studies lamb? This is on. The judges have made their decision. This year's Graham Medal winner is some Martinez. You guys guys guys nights. Excuse me sorry to interrupt a little celebration. Professors Lincoln Reggie guys later. Listen I am really sorry about what happened. I obviously didn't like what it said about me. But your research is impressive. You are a broad got. I'm sorry I just turn it off. We used it's honest so my lab has a contract with the government but what for predicting voting trends in presidential elections that sort of thing examining voter impression ability? My is meant for therapy. No yeah I understand. Absolutely congratulations on all your. I mean it could have other applications. Don't you think for example? I know swain voter beliefs. Yeah it just set by. It's it's meant to be positive behavior with both of us. I here's my card call. Maybe we can discuss our mutual nemesis banks. Thank you I did it. Finally you wash. I really K. You and I need to talk about how you treated me. You will do great things. No don't be nice to me. They mean not how. I don't care about healthy. This will be a do whatever it takes. Give me all you got him. Bath.

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