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"securities exchange commission hoffenberg" Discussed on Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

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"securities exchange commission hoffenberg" Discussed on Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

"Society else but between nineteen eighty one in the late one thousand nine hundred eighty s as Epstein is running his own consulting firm whether he was having any success or not is unclear author Bill Cohen and says that if Epstein had found some new strategy for investing or making money for his clients wouldn't have remained a secret for long. If Jeffrey Free Epstein were doing anything miraculous a would have been Unwound would have been discovered if there was some secret sauce that he was using spreading around. We're all known about it. Epstein had always been secretive about his clients and and while he claimed that billionaires were calling him for advice he appears to switch gears. After a few years I was the CEO of towers always finding Corporation this is Steven Hoffenberg. Who Hired Jeffrey Epstein in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven? I am a former principal. Associate Partner of Jeffrey Epstein's and I've spent years with him. I understand him greater. Probably Google's the most others based on my history with him and we started in the seventies. We grew into sadly to to report a criminal enterprise before Jeffrey Epstein arrives on the scene towers financial. Is this company run by Steven Hoffenberg. It's a repo. Oh Company. They're basically bill collectors. If there's a big debt owed to a hospital or an insurance provider they'll go out they'll oh by that debt and then try and collect it from the people who who is in New York City in the nineteen eighties at the towers. Financial headquarters of four seventeen fifth. Avenue is when I made sure they describe him as the route flew ren look rugged manly shop rather swagger. It's very sophisticated. Jeffrey Epstein had come to know an associate of Hoffenberg who Hoffenberg says recommended him. Good friend of mine said to me. We have an executive onboard. And American from New York named Jeffrey Epstein. Hoffenberg says at the Time Epstein was struggling financially. The meeting of Jeffrey Epstein was unusual number one Jeffrey Epstein was broke. Couldn't pay his bills and came to us. Humbly looking for employment and asking for opportunity there were clouds but tell us financial was having its own problems with the Securities Exchange Commission Hoffenberg though says he was impressed by Epstein. He says he saw talent in him. And we saw in Jeffrey Epstein mm-hmm this magnificent personality in this tremendous Wall Street. salesmanship he's charming. He's charismatic very funny. He's lovable totally lovable. And very unusually smart. Nobody was dealing with all the time and had the ability we see Wall Street turns up and down and the way to make money on Wall Street so hop in Burg Brings Epstein on board as a consultant reportedly setting him up in an office and as court records later show he paid Epstein a consulting fee of twenty five thousand dollars a month. There were a team of people on Wall Street involved until his financial team but Epstein in Iran it Epstein goes from operating out of his one bedroom bachelor apartment to then and now one of the most sought after addresses in Manhattan. You know a large office overlooking a famous restaurant in a courtyard in midtown Manhattan on Madison Avenue that is ABC News Contributor Contributor Rodney Boyd. A financial investigative reporter and the founder of the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation. Life had to be looking pretty good for him at at that point Hoffenberg says during this time he and Epstein got to know each other quite well. We worked together seven days a week. We traveled the world together. And we got to know each other's thinking methods ways and lifestyle you know Vanity anti-fair said that you were abstains. Real Mentor that true. Yes as one of their first acts together at Towers Hoffenberg alleges in an affidavit that he and Epstein took over to insurance companies so 1987 Hoffenberg and Epstein acquired these two failing Illinois insurance companies companies United Fire and associated life. and the thinking there goes. We're not trying to get into the insurance business. So why would they want to acquire insurance companies if if they had no intention of running them well. Insurance companies are legally required to have a lot of cash on hand just in case they have to pay claims they used. WHO's these two insurance companies as their cash pile and let's be clear here? This is totally illegal. They envision themselves Eckstein and Hoffenberg as corporate raiders who are good to go in choir the companies and then they start thinking about ways of using that cash pile to go out and read and acquire new companies and Hoffenberg says they set their sights on acquiring an iconic airline..

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