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"sebastian woodstock" Discussed on Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia

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"sebastian woodstock" Discussed on Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia

"You. That's welcome back by John Sebastian a number one hit from nineteen seventy six wchs as we told you in last month's hit parade Sebastian the former lead singer of the loving spoonful wasn't even supposed to play the Woodstock Festival in nineteen sixty nine for Sebastian Woodstock was an accidental bridge between his career with eleven spoonful full and his career as a solo artist which eventually produced this chart topping hit and these mini episodes bridge edge are full length monthly episodes. Give us a chance to catch up with listeners and enjoy some hit parade trivia this month. I'm pleased to introduce as my co host minute producer for these mini episodes Oshawa Salute. This is her first time behind the MIC on hit parade the bridge so Oshawa welcome to the bridge. Thanks so much Chris. It's an honor to be here doing the bridge with you while it's an honor to have you so you have been producing the show for us since last month. August was your first bridge episode but I think you've been listening to the show for a while. That is true. I'm a huge fan and in fact I have a favorite episode that I wanNa tell you about. Oh fantastic. The first episode that I had a total galaxy brain experience listening into was the Madonna episode the Veronica Electronica edition because it bridged pun intended together to parts of my personal music history in a way that was really unexpected for me growing up my mom was the musical educator of the house she had really good and broad taste and she taught me a a lot of what I know but my dad only liked one artist and that was Madonna wow he's Madonna superfan exactly he move of to the US in the eighty s and his brain sort of just imprinted on her and he didn't like any other music so obviously I had a lot of curiosity the about her growing up and eventually once I started listening to music I came to really respect her as a pop star and icon and when I saw that there was a Madonna episode of Hip Parade. I was like Oh cool I'm going to learn something about the eighties and the time that my dad moved here to the US but you blew my mind because instead we talked about Madonna in the ninety s and ninety s Electronica so I'm for Miami Florida. Florida and I totally dabbled in their rave culture. That was happening there. I went to Your Ultra Music Festival a few times in high school breath and the artists that you mentioned in that episode like the prodigy the chemical brothers and moby those artists were far past their prime but they were still headlining festivals that I went to I was in high school which as you pointed out Madonna was indirect dialogue without seen and that just really blew my mind because you took me from something that I thought Oughta as like an artist. My Dad liked to the ELECTRONICA that I- imprinted on as a teenager and thought was so cool of course the topic of our most recent full length parade. If I may segue is in the past for both you and me I mean the Woodstock Festival predates my birth. I am certainly a middle aged man but I am not that old and I do not remember what stock not because I was there. and you know sampled the brown acid but because I was not born yet when woodstock happened so the Woodstock episode researching this episode was a lot of fun work for me but you know there were pieces of it that I already knew. There were parts of it that I had to get educated on yeah. I thought the framing of like where each artist was before and after woodstock was really important and and also really interesting because when we think about about festivals now it's so rare for a festival to put an artist on the map. It happens more or the other way around right well yeah. I mean think about that poster that comes out every year when they announced the Coachella lineup. Everybody's looking at you know not only who are the headliners right. Whether it's a a beyond say or a Kanye store pick your favorite rock band Tame Impala. Let's say yeah but also where the other bands all fall in the you know hierarchy bands and there was absolutely a hierarchy of Dan's at Woodstock doc as I point out in the episode you can even if you WanNa Google it folks you can even find out how much everybody woodstock was paid. I allude to it briefly in the episode but everything from from what new acts like Sean on our paid versus you know what a headliner like the WHO or blood sweat and tears were paid.

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