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"sebastian scott mcghee" Discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast

The Eddie Trunk Podcast

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"sebastian scott mcghee" Discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast

"No odd. Maybe we might demo on in Rachel's. Parents house would a eight away drum sheen because use the program eight oh, wait and four track. So yeah, there's a possibility terrible. It was terrible. Absolutely awful. What like your show? Go ahead. Sorry. He forgets you bring it so quickly that I'm probably pretty much the only one on the planet. That's going to play this year. Especially on national radio show for tastes. Exactly. Right. So when you wrote when you wrote when you guys wrote eighteen in life youth, gone wild. I remember you did you know, when you were writing those songs that they were going to become sort of career defining songs now where they just songs for the record. Okay. No. My ego wouldn't have allowed me to think that way and still it's like, you guys aren't as truth, you just hope to be able to connect someway with people. And so when when eighteen life story, connecting we were get chills because I was blood still blown away when I see people singing those words back in a live setting. I'm like, I'm like, oh my God. Like, I was privileged to be part of something that is still resonating with people thirty years later. That's an amazing humbling thing for us. I remember you nearly didn't make the record. We wrote it Rachel I wrote it and we were like all right? And if had it not been for Scotty, Sebastian Scott McGhee or former manager being a rehearsal room in Tom's river, New Jersey and to garage going. That's got to be on a record. Rachel. All right. Do we didn't see it the way everybody else saw it? And thankfully, we put it on the record. And you know, it's become, you know, obviously, a main stay in our set and something that helped like define the band. Was there a song that you wrote you guys wrote back in the day that you thought was a slam dunk and didn't become one that when you finish shit. That's going to be huge. And it just didn't connect. Breaking down. Thought I felt breaking down was was going to. I thought it was I hope they would have done better than it did which is movie, right? Wasn't a movie soundtrack profits office. Right. Christopher Walken movie again from subhuman race Z for you, you know, into this ban. Now, a couple years bunch of life shows under your belt..

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