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"sebastian claudette" Discussed on Black Girl Nerds

"Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yes. Yes. Thank you. First of all, how did you approach the script in the context of education and cultural identity? Well, I feel like. On. And I started talking about the short was always really important that we were showing kids from our community involved in stem involved in science technology, math doing the things that you normally don't see are you doing that? We showed that aspect of them. And we're able to kind of put that on screen and give a visual to that type of that type of patches to so just to show that outside of the normal entertainment sports, which is fine. But you also have these other options that you can also pursue. So that was really important and also just to make offense to show the community to show Brooklyn to show, the people the faces that have the community in kind of bring that all to life. Did you speak with any science as a catos teachers and people in the field? Yeah. We did a lot of research. I knows that find spoke with a good deal of people. We spent some time talking with with some youth and trying to get input especially as far as offense as far as you know, their dialogue and things like that. And then we also did a lot of research on our own. As far as time travel, and you know, obviously, that's not an actually at the moment. But there's a lot of sign instead has been developed in research done about the possibility of those type of type of things and how those things possibly could occur. So there was a lot of research this on and I did on our own to make sure that we had some backing we try to create that whole scientific world of time travel. I noticed that you all were very deliberate about delineating culture, ethnic culture in identities of Sebastian Claudette. And even the people who were the Greek course coming in and out of the scenes like Jamaica, Rostov, what was the significance between what was it significant significance of Guyana, and the rich Caribbean culture within the script. Well, the von is a guy knees guy needs hair pitch, and that was really important to him and the kind of show that halter and then heritage on the screen one. Because you don't see that often. It's something that, you know, obviously, specially in the Brooklyn community that is very vibrant. But it's just not something that's often seen on the screaming. So is really important to kind of make this film. That's like four us by us about our communities. So that was one of the things that was really something that we were really adamant about doing, you know, oftentimes when people do it is a generalization, of course, when people do films about police brutality is centered on the crime, and it's centered on the violence against those that are disenfranchise. How did you how did you provide that balance because it's very clear that you would deliberate about focusing on the education element and presenting positive images in association with higher learning and science, how did you draw balance between saying, okay, this is what's still happening in our communities, but cues beautiful thing that's happening. Our communities to black kids are geniuses. They're prodigies. How'd you draw that that balance as a writer like what was? What was your approach what I think? I feel like one of the things about the film is that it's sort of like a Jonah blender and so on and I both loves Sifi. We both love action adventure and think the female we really wanted to -ccomplish was to talk about these social issues that are also important to us. But in the John Roos that we love to write in work in. And so it was about kind of blending the two together and knowing that since we wanted to talk about police brutality..

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