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"sebastian awkward" Discussed on The Past and the Curious

"Renaissance portrait and the more people heard about it. The more the painting was planted in their imagination not many people in North or South. America had seen the Mona Lisa. Most Europeans hadn't even seen it but the case and the amount of money tied to the painting was in every newspaper around the globe. So now everyone knew about the Mona Lisa. All of this attention made it really difficult for Vincenzo to do anything with the pilfered painting. So he stuck it inside a trunk in his tiny apartment. Right next to the stove. Put some socks and underwear on top of it, and there it stayed for a couple of years to the world. It was just gone and the authorities slowly began to lose hope. Until one day, an art dealer in Florence got a letter from someone who claimed to have the Mona Lisa. This person wanted to sell it and to see that it would wind up back in Italy. Yes. Sure. Okay. Buddy. He probably wrote back I'm going to need to see it before I can give you a price. The Art dealer assumed that the letter came from someone who actually just had a copy of the DAVINCI. But Ju just in case he called the curator at the nearby Art Museum. Vincenzo Robak. Sure. Come on up to Paris. I'll show you the painting I, keep it with my underwear. nope. Coming up there to see your underwear, you come on down here and you can bring Lisa. Then, he was hoping for that cash payment. So he brought the painting and the art dealer brought his curators friend. And the police. Vincenzo was arrested and for his crime of stealing what became the most being this painting in the world he served. Seven months in prison. You later served in the Italian army during World War One and died in relative obscurity. The Mona. Lisa on the other hand was displayed in Italy to enormous crowds many of whom had probably never even heard of it until the heist. It returned to Paris on the penultimate day of nineteen thirteen, and since then it has been the most popular painting balloon. which is arguably the finest. Museum in the world. Okay you all be cool because it's time for Dr. Awkward. Now, here's the thing about Dr Awkward. Everything he says is a pal android that means it is spelt the exact same way forward as it is backwards. It's pretty crazy I don't understand why he does that. Anyway. Here goes nothing. It's stuck up words the Landreau broke. It's doctor. Pal Gross. It's Dr Awkward. Dr. Rock. Solid Room. Dr Awkward It's great to have you back. Is it. It is. Well I know that everyone has missed you I get requests to have you on all the time. But you have to understand that I can only have you on every. So often for a number of reasons, seven Eve's now it's been way more than seven Eve since you were last here. Hey, anyway, you probably noticed that security has changed around the studio. You'll need to wear this name tag. You're here shall I write Dr Awkward on it for you? Know it's Abe Sebastian. is that right I never knew your full name eight Sebastian Awkward is that what you would like me to call you name now one man. Yes. I'm naming a one man and that man is you. So what should I write on your name tag? Dr Awkward. Yeah. That was my original suggestion. Here you go. Oh No, it doesn't seem to be very sticky. I could get some tape so it'll stay on your jacket. No, tie it on. we'll get a hole punch and then some string and their we kill. Now we brought you on this episode because I understand that you actually witnessed an art heist and this is very exciting to me. I heard some of the details and it seems like you are in the restroom when the heist began, where was the restroom as I P I c Pisa. Oh Pisa Italy very fancy. Yes. There's a lot of great art in that city. Though it's alarming that someone tried to steal some especially from a bathroom. So while you were. In. His bathroom you noticed someone stealing some art is that how it went down elite tile tiles like mosaic not sounds interesting. What was pictured on the tile eve as in Adam and Eve wo say. Wonder what Adam said to her when they first met like when they saw each other for the first time Madam in. Eden I'm Adam. Maybe. Maybe you're right. Yeah. Anyway. What did you do when you saw this art being stolen put Elliott's toilet up. Like a portable toilet, you're borrowing from someone named Elliot you put it away. Okay. Well, did you get a good look at thief mom it was your mom. I can't imagine what was going through your head Amy Must I ju Jitsu Ma? Whose amy more importantly did you Jujitsu? Your mom mom is just as selfless as I am. Well, it doesn't sound very selfless to steal a mosaic of Eve from a bathroom and pizza. Art Name no time emit but one mantra one mantra did you resolve the situation by saying something marge let send a sadness telegram. So your mom is marge and her sadness was reason that she stole this eve from the bathroom and you've got her to confront her sadness by writing someone telegram. What did it say? Mister Owl met my metal work from. That's at Well I. Don't think this is going to work for me won't it? No. Well I was hoping for more action acrobats stab ORCA nurses run our talking stop murder not tonsured rum pots. Tino dump mud on it. Yeah. That's the stuff. Slap a ham on Omaha House. All right. That's enough. Thanks. I think we can unquestionably call this your most successful visit to the show ever. But that's not saying much. Is it? Awkward. It's Dr. off. Salad. Well for those of you who like Dr Awkward you're welcome for those of you who hoped you'd never hear it again. Sorry I can't do very often though so you know. I have a lot of Patriot people to thank again this month I, appreciate it so much you help me keep going and doing the show. It means a lot. So if anyone else is interested there are links to our patron count on our website the passengers dot com. To simple latest support the show. Without. Further Ado. I need to think. Abraham. Had a nice message from your mom. Vicky Abraham Thank you Abraham. I also need to think Luka had a nice message from your mom Kate and I'm so glad that you are out there. Luca Luca. Thank you. Same Story Really Cool Dad named.

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