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"seattle newark lake" Discussed on KOMO

"Dot contractor crews will narrow northbound five down to two lanes to make permanent repairs to an expansion joint delays on I five could reach up to an hour. All lanes of I five should reopen by midnight on Monday. The state ferry system says it's in need of sixteen new boats commas, Jeff Pohjola explains why some of the vessels currently in operation are more than half a century old. So over the next twenty years more than half the fleet will need to be replaced. According to the DOT very systems long range plan includes adding boats and expanding service on most of if not all of its routes, but the state legislature will have to appropriate funding for ferry expansion. Washington. State ferries is the largest ferry system in the US serving nearly twenty five million people. A year. Jeff pohjola. Komo news. Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan's moving forward with a plan to tax downtown property owners. The money would create a waterfront local improvement district to ensure construction of new green spaces along the waterfront after the removal of the viaduct. Mark my words every one of you is at the equivalent of the groundbreaking for the space needle this is a time in Seattle history. When we are remaking the city in a way that people cannot even begin to fathom his passed by the city council. The city says the typical downtown condo owner would pay approximately eight dollars a month over twenty years, which totals nineteen hundred dollars commercial property owners would pay twenty five bucks from author about six thousand dollars over the course of twenty years, Brian Moran. It will be the next US attorney for western Washington. The Senate has confirmed his nomination Moran. Previously served under attorneys general from both parties and was supported by both of Washington's US. Senators replaces in that Hayes who had been serving on an interim basis as Jenny durken left to run for mayor of Seattle Newark lake early warning system has been deployed in California. Komo's Charlie Harger tells us about shake alerts not much time. But better than no warning at all Caltech seismologist. Tom Heaton, says you'd get a few seconds warning up to a minute. We cannot predict Greg, but we can tell you an earthquake in his on its way to you. Right now the app is for residents of Los Angeles. And is part of the broader earthquake early warning system being deployed along the west coast on clear when something similar it will be available in Seattle and the rest of Washington state. Charlie Harger, KOMO news. Komo news time nine ten from the Harley exteriors sports desk. Tom Glasgow begins with a hot stove league. Japanese left handed starter Kikuchi officially on board with the Mariners a four year contract guarantees him. Fifty six million dollars and includes club options, they could make it worth one hundred and nine million over seven seasons. Kikuchi was a T mobile park this morning that used to be known as Safeco field and talked about the possibility of pitching back in Japan. When the Mariners open the twenty nine thousand nine season there in March. I hope that. About. Not to say, of course, while he makes a return Japan each may as well as a mariner and play his final big league games there before moving on to retirement speculation. We'll wait and see playoff football Saturday night in Arlington, Texas, ten and six Dallas ten and six Seattle Seahawks. Dallas is outstanding running back Ezekiel Elliott says he's ready to go to very good..

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