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"sean pinton" Discussed on Bigmouth

"Hello. And welcome back to another addition of big mouth where every week reenact the Bunga scene from downfall. Except with pop records TV on film instead of us the encroaching Red Army. I'm Andrea Harrison with museum I've got Sean pinton who keeps a head while all about losing as Sean. I didn't go cold. Thanks. That's all right different experience. Do you think of Janet Jackson just moving himself to the headline of three by the by the method of Photoshop I thought that was wonderful. I think they should start doing. Everybody's the headliner. Everybody is then a different poster that fantastic them beginning. So you just like go there and apparently not. His family is it. Everybody's trying to get in. And there's no one playing from Saturday nine o'clock and Anjanette Jackson elbowing each other out the way they'll be logged plus a Muslim school stay where win. For those who don't know this people just folks to the next to the kills in the kill. I think we should do that. And be official sponsors of nineteen seventy-one. We have special guests this week. I was Ted Kessler at its key magazine and veteran author of the fantastic book about people's dad's mild man, and I n will keep devote say Hello Todd. Vich? And by a veteran. You've been all old guy. Still doing the same old thing. He's good thing. You'll veteran of the which is ages ago now forever, the editor of K magazine. Which is a present thing just keeping the womb for you. Now. Oh, wiles out. God we say that. Stopping many cry. Now, we see doing free foles flexi disc with a new issue key going through the people even know will flex is. Oh my gosh. Well, I think we've sold out already Milly this ten left everyone combine loss tenders rushed by I think, I think people at flexi discs. It just a memento is nothing viewer. If you're falls fan get a new thing on the conga anywhere else. Yes. Hi. What it has is a demo version was on that you can get on the them. But if it's rare two thousand of the Manjoo Johnny thousand hook you should grab him tacit like free flex fell sexy. This then have to spend a lotta money on because. Yeah. I think so much relaunch flexi pulp for exactly that. There's a giant very respectful ten page on mulkey. Smith in your new issue on the kind of pretty much the first one of us is death. Keeble was. But for everyone else it's a bit of a case of what you'll miss tilly's. Gum became national hair of the minute us dad for lots of places. I mean, I think he would have been more of a national here if people's nineties dying. But I mean every news he didn't look for healthy. I think the fact that he been battling cancer. Of course. Many is they might be more outpouring during his life. But yeah, he definitely has definitely been an point of without treading on the on. The reveals what are the new things Simon out gonna train and went to match and met his ex wife. He met his sister. Who's been calling up key, Maxine Nelson to us very emotional because she likes cue. And so Mark who knew this. I told news of anyway. And so he met her in a pub in Sofer and his best might his those two manager. Yeah. And. Just got together. The last few years that way until his loss banners wells of the band, taping with info ten tovia. Does your own podcast making tells about note, the people should listen to before they finish this. What what could listen to after every week invite someone into a stadium in central London and a musician of some nights? And so it's their life and life in music and sofas good and.

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