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"sean whiten" Discussed on Todd Durkin IMPACT Show

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"sean whiten" Discussed on Todd Durkin IMPACT Show

"Pick up your college and pokey your mcat oil powder or your apple cider. Vinegar gumy's my friends without further. Do let's hear from the co-founder above that right. Now sean lake and bugs nationals. Sean lake is in the house sean. Welcome to the show. They so much for having me fired up today folks. You just heard his background his bio. You heard above naturals you know. I'm a huge fan. I use it every day mel us every day. I cannot wait to share the story. About how you got into bugs and all that but i in the bio you talk about sean white. Usc manager. I did not know that yet. You know it's funny. I don't talk a lot about my snowboarding chapter but so in the nineties. When snowboarding was on this kind of meteoric rise was just going to the olympics. I i was sponsored snowboarder. Professional snowboarder came If you ever use the bathroom in my office you'll see my one and only signature model Give my name and used that bathroom. Yes i'm to have to pay a visit to the cunanan unload yup drink a bunch of water. You'll have an excuse. So when i got done snowboarding and it was great like snowboarding paid for college. Snowboarding helped set me up to be able to take that next step alive. And i didn't plan to work in snowboarding. It just worked out that way. I got recruited by burton snowboards. And i was waiting to join state department. I was going to go become. Take the civil service exam and go become a state department operative. And that was what i thought i wanted to go. Travel the world and go to exotic places made carry firearm. I don't know. And i had this notion of that. And then you know. Because i'd been in snowboarding for so long. I met a lot of folks and i got recruited by burton and the job was quite literally to move to california. Moved to nita's california and work with a young snowboarder named sean whiten and so they hired me and i packed up my truck and i drove to density us and i met the white. What year was that. That was in two thousand and two no way so he was a teenager. I was like making them do his homework. After half pipe practice to send back to carlsbad high school. And then we'd go to the next practice and we'd go riding together. We would fly all over all over creation together as he's sixteen years old. So how long were you with him for our about that..

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