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"sean spicer robert bob welch" Discussed on Behind the Bastards

"Course she was never mind. It's today only second to bill gates and rashida jones. This season of the thrive. Five podcast is now available on iheartradio apple podcasts. Or whoever you get your guests thank you so much. Tra presenter. Davos advanced scare anti perspiration which offers effective production. That is kind to your skin. Join us as we hear advice from some inspiring women share lessons for how to lead a life of greater confidence and resilience. You know what is something that you can do. Joy joy sake. The it's an outlet for you to experience the joy just for the sake of joy looks what i tell. People like life is meant to be enjoyed even as you're going through rough and tough times so that's what i was suggesting to as you look for a job as you tighten up your bell as you try to spend less as you try to hunker down also make room for joy and to be intentional about bringing that into your life. This season of the thrive five podcast is now available on iheartradio apple podcasts. Or who arriving you get your podcasts. Thank you so much. Strap presenter. Davos advance scare antiperspirant which offers effective production. That is kind to your skin. Join us as you hear advice from some inspiring women share lessons for how to lead a life of greater confidence and resilience. Slow down check in rats new to make rest the priority. You have to take breaks from your phone and the news you have to check in with your feelings so that you can have compassionate and understanding empathy to reach out to a friend and check in to see how they're doing. I mean not. None of that is negotiable. Now we're going to survive. We're back and we're talking about the masked singer and how it's almost certainly evidence that the united states has in fact slid into a new dark age which there is no escape. Doctor drew was on it. See that's the kind of thing like if aliens came down. And i had to like defend the continued existence of human civilization. I think i could do a pretty good job until they brought up clips from that show. I couldn't defend us from like war crimes charges and stuff but not not that. Here's this guy who is on the radio giving medical advice to teens for twenty years He's dressed like a hippopotamus singing song. Poorly yeah you know. What a great. Oh what are what. are you gonna use a virus. Big lasers like just just just do it. Just be quick about it. If the first questions aliens ask is was. Sean spicer a good dancer. We're going to be in real trouble there. But you know who wasn't on the masked singer. Sean spicer robert bob welch's although he would've hated that show evidence of a communist conspiracy brought out so bob welch's appetite had been you know pretty sufficiently stirred by the nineteen fifties and again he had kind of climbed as high as the candy industry would get him so like what you see. In the late forties is he reaches the the heights that candyman can hit and he immediately starts screaming about how communists are going to have infiltrated. The democratic party are going to destroy democracy Isn't that lease a normal career. Check is yeah. The problem is that eminem mars was run guy marxist collectivists because he didn't have a wonka vader you know he could only go. I'm gonna make so many more fucking willie wonka reference. I predict you will. Oh it's not that. I do not have trouble. Seeing bob. welch is a lot like willy. Wonka on us. Because i think they both believe business owners should be able to kill children young. I agree then slave people. Yes he is. So bob welsh you know in the nineteen fifties starts getting way more into politics now. It's unclear precisely when his terror left began again. When you read this guy's background the stuff that wasn't just written. By the john birch society decades later it kind of comes out of left field like he's just a candyman and then boom. He's screaming about the new dark ages But however it started. It was in full form by july of nineteen fifty when he wrote this in a fundraising letter for a politician quote. The strategy of the socialist. Divide and conquer carlo businessman crooks so that nobody will speak up for them and strangle them with controls and taxation bribe all the farmers with their own money into a selfish pressure group for more. Bribes infiltrate the labor unions and convert them into political tools. Discredit the medical profession until the rest of the public clamours for government medicine attack every segment of our population with tactics with which alienate the support of all other segments the forces on the socialist side amount to a vast conspiracy to change our political and economic system. Your face changed. You went deep into that channel. Bob dark there's a lot i love their including the that socialists were going to discredit the medical profession. In order to convince people to demand government medicine was like no vice buddy with discredited. The medical profession was people going to the er and getting a forty thousand dollar bill for a three hour visit. That'll do it. Yeah there are two ways to go on on that thought process goes so this was the first time bob welsh use the word conspiracy in public statement and it would not be the last tragically. Welches increasingly unhinged rants about socialism did not translate into success at the ballot box. Probably because a lot of americans in nineteen fifty directly in recently benefited from massive social welfare projects. You actually feel the effects of government working for you and you're like oh maybe this isn't an evil thing you know and then yeah but millions of us didn't starve because of the civilian conservation roger bad conspiracy to be honest is the conspiracy that we didn't starve to death during the depression. Because i liked that. Yeah that was a good one. Yeah so yeah. He lost the race for lieutenant governor by margin of more than one hundred thousand votes which nineteen fifty was like most of the country with inflation ten million votes. Yeah so it was not a close election still. It is worth noting that nearly sixty thousand americans had cast their votes for. Bob welsh and his giant left wing conspiracy after his defeat. He wrote about his hopes that this core of supporters would in the next year's grow into quote a far stronger more militant and more effective force of political strength and other campaigns to come. He insisted this crusade has just started. Because it's always a good thing when right wing ideologues describe what they're doing is a crusade that that always really gets a white men all hot and bothered whenever you give them the opportunity to go on a crusade against Anybody who's not a white man so my motto jordan. Abc baby always be crusade. And that's what you gotta do singer..

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