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"sean shirt sean" Discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience

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"sean shirt sean" Discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience

"His day. Etang Day was attacked. Remember he lied under strike. Yeah Dude Yeah Shaun Silva did a little bit. You know like those those legends. I WanNa think about how good. Bj PENN MUST HAVE BEEN O. Is BJ. Penn stomped a prime shirk. Shirk was a demon. Shirk was a demon. Bj Penn just beat him down those that flying me up against the cage down in trouble too for PD. If you fuck with him you could survive that first minute. You know that would be the first goal did you. Did you proceed in the beginning back? In the remember he came out with Thomas. Fight fucking destroys comes out swinging at you. You WanNA throw down in the beginning. I think you do. Did you ever see that? It was like when they first start doing. The countdown countdown. On Sean Shirk. I remember it changed the way I thought about training showed him with this waded vessel yet and he's climbed up still he's doing it over. And over his his shirt the charts off the missiles. He missed like Joe. Wars where he was but he had like a Ken shamrock. He was you so so jacked whole squad. You're right men. Pat MILKSHAKES team would have been. I would give a million dollars to see a prime. Bj Penn versus Khabib. Oh Shit Elon. Musk on the case. I don't know that is Japan's Jujitsu especially can't shut your mouth shut. I Will Brian Shahrukh school you. Bj We're about cruelty. Penn won the Mundi owls as a black belt three years in a training. Do you understand the gene. You know but road. You don't understand don't know Bobby Kennedy could be. I'm saying is I would give a million dollars to see that fight. I'm not saying I know who would wall so. Bj world-class bonds to win. Either Bitch home other funny you guys. Hey Cardoni locks up your fucking Vase Bro Crime. Bj Penn down good luck man bounces around sort of a fucking freak transition. Have you ever seen the takedown defensive? Prime Hat do trying to take short house flexibility. You Watch out because I really. I don't like the way you're fucking getting straight back because I'll meet you halfway and you know this the serpent Brian. Listen Matthews is one of the frequent most frequently. Strong guys have ever competed in the welterweight. Division whose freakishly strong he would get hold on the fuckers in his POW. You would see it far wrestling t shirt when bj. Penn just fucking took his back strangled him. I was like holy. He punched him in the face and knocked down the second time beating the first time he took his back strangled. Oh I was like Holy Shit here. You can listen to me. Prime-time BJ Penn was one of the baddest fuckers. That ever walked the face of the one hundred percents of facts. That was a few years in there and most people don't they don't maintain that kind of level for longer than a few years. He was surprised. Jay Pen to primetime. Bj Penn was the bad time. Yeah there's no doubt guys. Do this fight right here. One hundred percent dude. I know you don't want to. I don't mean people. Forgive me was fun Frank. Trigg you look at this. This is the first time we tapped him. Yeah and the second time. We knocked him out sooner. There's no doubt guys knocked out later into his career Matt Lawa into his career Cheetah to ran right through Ludwig Habib Beats Him. Well he was too small for George. The George was a mistake. He's looking at them here. Compare Physique to Georgia's her he would have tried and Bj. He's though I still fuck. He'll fight it bores did GIS p the just showed our voice on day. Jj is a real legit streetfighter. He's been fighting on the street. Is Home fucking streetside. Who LEARNED JUJITSU FOR SEAN? Sean Shirt Sean. Cirque one you've ever when he was at Kenny Florian that he tapped. Let go and lick the blood. Was that Kenny was. I thought that was Joe. Stevenson with Kenny. He kind of went like this over him. There was who who did he fight where they were opposing. Each other as coaches on the ultimate fighter whose. Bj So many he also fought. Didn't there's Kenny right. There was one where he didn't. WanNa let my. Bj Penn store. How I I met him to Johnny Walker Interrupt. No Domino interrupting here. Which is awesome. When I was a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under John Machado as a competitor. I sucked I was tired. I wasn't that good I I was. I was just too nervous and Scott Redondo. He was blue also. He was a good friend of mine in competition. He just fucking one at at Blue Belt. He'd go out there. My Scott Redondo got balls. He goes out there and everybody up. I'm too scared but I'll go out there and maybe I'll sweep you. I don't know I was. I never thought of myself as a fighter ever right so I was like dude. I'll take fucking anything you know what I mean abuse. You Never WanNa Championship on my. I never try to win a championship. I just got in here and had some fun and I'm out you know. So but Scott Redonda was the man so Joe Moreira back in the day nineteen ninety-six he was thrown all the the only tournament in La. Joe Moreira. Every it was in everybody was a fucking blue belt that was all purple belts or Brown. Everybody was a blue belt and when he threw a tournament down here in Irvine. People from San Francisco came down and Bj was training at Gracie in San Francisco. Everybody was scared to go to how crazy school because you go to help grazie school view. Tap He'll fuck and punch you so you're not allowed to tap and help gracie school so we everybody was scared of. That's cool. How fuck you up if you tap? So they came down. Dave Camarillo Dang camera there to judo. Brothers that were black belts in judo and now they're blue belts Jitsu. They're coming down. Bj Penn. I had no idea at this point. I'm just at the tournament. I'm thinking Scott Redondo irony loss and I'm just following Scott Redondo. He's about to Do a turn with threes fucking people up like always desk our fuck everybody and then on the other side of the bracket I was. I noticed this kid. This dude look recused. Thirteen Shit fucking everybody up. Sorry that's fine. Just go crazy okay. Johnny Walker fly to a punt came down with his Joe. Here's a for for us in his corner. Oh Johnny Walkers at Tristar that's a good move fellow waitresses twelve o five six six foot six. He's like no punky there. Do Jesus Christ. No and Krylov tight with his. His offense is tight. Everything's like real good sharp techniques straight down the pipe rylance bit around and Johnny Walker coming off the Ko loss to Corey Anderson. Like you never know like whenever a fight gets fired kayode you never know you see them. Grappler look at the bottom the shit walkers all our crazy power. Oh Shit these are serious legal. Those are legal. Work is well. Krylov is not really ready to raise a karate guy. I mean he could wrestle. Hold back sure pretty sure you can get back to rush reckless attempt. He's obviously he's gone and but he's original original martial art. I believe Karate Jesse looked like the brother for NAS. Cut The okay. That's how my separate forces to say that otherwise. He would beat me with a bamboo. Green Bamboo Cane Brennan member in disguise fighting heavyweight. He's not cut in any way I mean he. He was in bad their undersides and the powered engines. Somebody tough tough fight for Johnnie Walker. It's easy one. Tenth Shit News has just little ice. Johnny Walker racially ambiguous. We'll take a Brazilian. His Mama's like straight Brazilian's death black. I'd love to have a little Brazilian and a little Simona me. Well maybe a little bit how I think you do well with a little bit of Javanese terms sweet talk some aspirin can claim Samurai blood shit like that new genes in tier in seven years. You start turning to another race if we could do that. That's crisper. Hey Brian you babysitting babysitting. Wh what are you doing to drink to come on sit? Aye whiskey a wonderful to have a whiskey for you. Do Crazy Joe Like I like Buffalo Trace. I like Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack. He's not had this whiskey. Because your Goddamn some Japanese. Ships knockout blow traced because it was made in seventeen seventy. Do It's tough to be buffalo trace bushido bushy. What is it called? It's called my save that Shit Buffo Tressler making it and chases faction Buffalo Trace. They know it. I love him. I Love Buffaloes Number One. We'LL TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD WHISKEY. It's the best Johnny Walker. Just hit a big right hand. This thing's going. Hey Johnny Walker seems to have his chance he does yes. That's not nine. Discover them are yeah he did go. Oh my goodness good. Uppercut hands are not coach him. You should coach fights this yesterday. Call him and tell him you know know you know. They should fire for awesome. Put you in there good point. They're giving no respect. I know man everything. Everything you're saying is training amuse. He doesn't need a trainer. He needs to better when I turned Japan karate and we always kept our hands off Jamie. Do you have something just sort of train to carry a period. We needed. I needed a shirt says train periods. That's perfect for I think.

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