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"sean pitts" Discussed on The Bill Barnwell Show

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"sean pitts" Discussed on The Bill Barnwell Show

"Smartest way to hire now. Let's get on with the show as promised here on the bill. Barnard show. We're going to talk about the two big wide receiver trades and joining me. I to do that and talking about the Vikings trade of Stefan digs is. Espn's Courtney Cronin Courtney how are you? I'm good bill. How're you OP great? You know it's. It's an exciting time we had the NFL free agency keeping us all saying here. In the first few days of quarantine I have to admit when I saw Stefan digs sort of clamoring for trade this morning or yesterday morning I should say. I didn't think a trade was going to happen. I just I'd seen this too many times before it felt like it was the same sort of thing from Stefan digs where whether public or privately he was upset and wanted to get dealt and then by the end of the night he had been Delta the buffalo bills so I wanna ask you to start. Are you surprise? This trade happened when it happened. No and there's a number of reasons why I put together a free agency timer going into the week. It's kind of listening out with their priorities. Were and it's a very bad about it. I said what about trade I defined digs because now is the time where the Vikings could seriously entertain that because they know they're getting serious offers if people WANNA get field gun now like if you're talking about a couple of weeks ago maybe you don't get the value that vikings certainly walked away with quite a quite a haul there And and I thought it was the appropriate time to address it And then yesterday when her cousin signs his or Greece in terms of expansion And then about an hour to later I see digs tweet about. It's time for a new beginning. And then this time he responded to. Somebody said you know questioning. Every time we hear about the like media comes out the media. I love that As that it's not gonNA happen. Multitude reasons is this digs just pouting and and he responded to somebody's basically to the to the effect of no. This time is different. Something happened so I kept an eye on it I went Went through the day. The Vikings had a lot of moves yesterday like a lot It's clear a lot of salary cap space initially and now kind of back to you know being right up against the CAP. In around seven o'clock I got a little bit more indication. That something was actually brewing. Because I had heard that the vikings a team it off and picks I am not sure if it was one or two teams. I do believe it was more than one team that had called yesterday. to Minnesota for an office to try to entertain the idea but I kind of had a feeling the end of the night once. I started hearing rumblings around seventy in central time. Something's going to happen and inevitably did around. Nine forty is one of the news broke And I just remember seeing Adam Schefter tweet. That had the terms for it and just thinking to myself veteran. Gm doing business versus what we saw earlier in the day with Bill O. Rien and 'cause 'cause I know I there's some people who put out a tweet just about affected digs in my opinion in statistically back up as an on par with the Andre Hopkins And people will disagree with that all they want. You see Andreessen playing in that offense and is it. True Number One But the discrepancy and compensation was absurd. So it's been like the last twelve fourteen hours and I've been trying to wrap my head around. How in the world shed the Vikings get away with this much and how badly the deal is looks at a Houston Texas? We're happy to go into. Yeah I mean it sort of crazy because when I wrote about the Hopkins Trade. I thought well okay. I'm going to compare the trade. But that's only one example right now maybe the real value of a star wide receiver is not what Odell Beckham last year. It maybe it's closer to what De'andre Hopkins got for the Texans and the reality is we saw from this defined straight. It's closer to what the Odell deal was. Then the Andre Hopkins Package was independent of the Hopkins deal. If I had asked you a month ago what would it take for another team to trade for us to find digs where you feel like you would be fair value? Do you think this is about what you would have expected in terms of the return. Yes all along and I have been checking in with sources and speaking with people because back in February when the start things started telling fold because self inflicted social media post and attention that he threw himself that way. digs speculation. The very real. You're talking about it on sports. Talk Radio we were talking about at the combine and I just wanted to check in like all right so from what? I'm hearing Kubiak logs in. He's very much a part of this often viking intense to trade him at all And he would very much part of the plan for twenty twenty season. What would it take and in Rhode Minimum First Round pick and then something else like a big hall whether that would be picking a trade for a player Even yesterday I kind of thought. Well maybe they'll do they want to load up on defense and they'd get Janaka and Kway and something else. Compensation wise inform ever draft. Pick like it was going to take something entirely blue. The Vikings away and that didn't four picks not to mention the three that are this year Viking already picket twenty five and now they have another ticket. Twenty two. Yes to her Sean Pitt. But a lot of receivers that are waiting right there that you don't necessarily have to trade up preceded Lamour Jerry Judy. If you don't want to you could get a cornerback. That be gone by the time he pick it. Twenty five or even trade up. Get an offensive lineman if he were really interested in MCI back then maybe that would ease your draft capital because to be clear every move. They've made from now until the draft in even in the draft. None of it matters if they don't address the offensive line again. That's just the bottom line here so I'm not surprised at the at the hall. The God I do think though it is something that Vikings came out on the winning side of. I think it was a good divorce. Those are even wrote that But Vikings really came away with a lot in their hands. Coming off of this and I know I'm not someone who is a proponent for trading away star wide receiver in this part of the sign. But you know it's It's definitely it worked out the best way possibly could. Yeah I mean it makes sense. You know there's not a lot of teams I would sit here and say hey you know. They're going to be in great shape with after they trade their number one receiver as someone who lived in New York when the giants retreating Odell Beckham. I you know they're certainly repercussions to that deal. Even though they tried to make replacement In terms of signing Golden Tate now this Viking team that last year under a Kevin Stefanski Gary Kubiak. Who was an adviser? And it's now going to be the OC IN MINNESOTA. This is a team that ran to more tight end sets. I believe as much as anybody else in football if not. I think they might be in the top. Two or three at the very worst Team that resigned. Cj Ham last week a team that Has Adam deal and coming back at one hundred percent? Hopefully this year. Do you think this move is sort of a shift to the Vikings to being even more run base and even more you know using heavy personnel even more frequently I think so and I think that that was already the way that things are trending whether digs are going to figure out with. The Vikings are adamant that their philosophy is what works? Now we'll see if that's actually true It worked enough to get to the divisional playoffs on a year where their defense had a lot of ups and downs and was able to come through for them like they did in past But the Trenton that you saw really the shift that you saw being placed last year was a run first mentality with five six Adam Zealand sometimes going week fair. Don't crack a hundred yards receiving unlike those you know medical eight weeks that we saw the two thousand eighteen season. We're feeling topping argue every game. That's not the biking coffins anymore. What we saw last year in the comments that we heard from Mike Zimmer at multiple points this year in the off season. Nothing's going to change from the scheme. Perspective Gary Kubiak runs the outside zone and it works and play action and bootlegs. And that's what makes cousins successful so I get off a winning a worse. What they think so you know. I looked at the numbers. The Vikings two running backs on the field for three hundred thirty nine snaps last season of doing that when I was looking about Chan because he had a huge part of the run game in six thousand Cook The only other game that had more than that was forty niners and they got the Super Bowl so you look at the. I think that the blueprints from Minnesota to do the same now. Certainly the forty niners defense was a lot better than thinking years so that plays into it as well but I just look at the way that things have played out here and yes they absolutely need to find a replacement for digs. Be Easy. You can't just say like you know. I know the Vikings pulled up to say well we have been the fifth round. We have great scouts and do it again. It's a lot of luck that's involved with that but you know a dowding extension could be. What's on the horizon next? Wouldn't it not make sense that you you clearly are in all in when now? You don't give KIRK COUSINS. Sixty one guaranteed signings by do you. Don't give them that contract. He's not thinking that you can win right now. So the only other part of winning right now is is that Alvin Cook is still very much. The focal point of his offense and we'll continue to be. You don't WanNa risk running running into a whole night with him so now I mean it. It does seem to feel like that would be a place they could go out and spend this money. Now let me ask a question about the offense for reshifted defensive side of the ball you mentioned the offensive line is a big concern after Stefan digs was traded the depth chart behind Adam is BC. Johnson of trade well as a free agent on looking at guys like Chad. Bb As a pretty thin receiving core behind illegitimate number. One in Adam Phelan. So do you think it's more pressing for the Vikings to address their wide receiving corps or address the offensive? Line right now I think the offensive line is number one As your free agency priority..

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