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"sean payton mickey loomis p carmichael" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"sean payton mickey loomis p carmichael" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"Nature Valley Otani Johnny crunchy bars. I'm Anthony Salter alongside former. NFL General Manager. Mike Tannenbaum filling in for Dan Le Batard and Stugotz here on the Dan Le Batard show was to being radio the ESPN APP and Sirius. Xm Channel Eighty as we know LSU will take on Clemson in the national championship game. Ed Ores Ron Coach of the Tigers appeared on championship drive earlier. Today with Reese Davis to cover a variety of topics as coach owes LSU issue tigers. Get ready for Clemson. Here is that discussion. Between Reese Davis and coach Oh look. I'm no football coach. I don't grade tape the way you do. Please tell me. There were no minuses in the evaluation of Joe Boroughs Game Against Oklahoma. Were there any you know I would give them a minus but you actually master the game. It wasn't in his best game he missed two deaths and so he was disappointed. How that's that's what makes him? Great what does it mean into you. I mean you've talked to all season long. Great State of Louisiana and the entire state behind Lsu to be able to play for the national championship after this landmark season season to be able to pursue that in New Orleans significance to you lavishes about the team and this team is very hard as I'll go to the beginning of the year although we never talked about Ah Championship with being your great state of Louisiana. We fought very hard every game to win every game which we did to be able to play the national championship. There's going to be so much outstanding Louisiana I'll players of everybody that the portfolio coach. You've been around the game a long time. You've been around around. Great individual players coached with great teams. A lot of people are looking at this team as you get ready for one more but going into it. Is this the best team. I'm that you've seen LSU. Is this the best team that you've seen whether you've been on it or coached against it going going into it is the best so far. Obviously we have have to win this game to even think about that Clemson. She was going to be a very big hurdle. But there's the most perfect office I haven't been around. I've never never seen anything like it. Joe Boroughs the best football player. I've ever been any team. We have some heisman winner. But I think this guy along with the system that Stevens Big Joe Berry's put in As the best offense I've ever seen coach last talk has been about you. Officer how prolific desk side of the ball but defensively you guys Kanta struggled early in the season either but in the latter part you. You've come on very strong. Comey what has changed. Defensively with the Tigers. Coach did a great job. After all miss game of channel we challenge our best players have to play their best kilobytes. Chazal had his best game last week. We'll put more pressure on uh-huh quarterback our best players playing their best. The difference right. Now's the well. This has been playing coach. You gotTA gotTA fill in America. We talked a little bit after the Home Depot Awards about this. How did you find Joe Brady? And this offense and change the offense. How did you find him in recruit him coach? You know. We have a great relationship with Gregg bands on out staff. Because Michael Sean Payton. We asked them to come on over and clinic us us on a seven in the red zone and we've looked at some appeals and they said we're going to bring a young guy that does appeals to Penn State and was Joe Brady and I was over with the personnel. We had two different presentations going on that day. I just said they love Joe Brady his presentation. We asked him to come back. Tremendous young man. We had a chance to hire passing game coordinator. We believed in the saints. We believe that. Sean Payton Mickey loomis P Carmichael. I Michael they said this guy is an upcoming star. One of my friends. I believe in Kevin. Rogers coached him at William and Mary all the he checked all the boxes and he has been and phenomenal ever since he's gotten here. It's been fun to watch him. You mentioned Clemson coach. Just thought or two about that. Matchup and Brent Venables going up against that prolific offense in Davos Sweeney team. That hasn't lost in a couple of years. They're gonNA come in there and accept that challenge. I'm sure very very With with a lot of confidence themselves on question time travel hasn't lost game. I was really impressed. The Way He took the game and his hands against Ohio Sleet Eight. Tenths of great player. That big receivers. I have a lot of spectral. Brent Venables He's GonNa have some blitzes we're GONNA have to pick him up. It's going to be a test as has the whole game but you know what the national championship best against best. You'RE GONNA get a chance to watch some football today. What's on the menu at Ozran household? Today what are we got. Got Koko Mom Special Gumbo but it was on sense. We better win the game now now. You're just trying to make me jealous. Adulation Donna on. A great season before senior compete in the National Championship. GAME COMING UP A couple of weeks bill. Tigers are that was coach at Orange. Ron With Res Davis. Excuse me championship weekend weekend there is. LSU On beatable is Clemson the only team perhaps that can knock them off given their talent given their coaching coaching. Tanenbaum and I will discuss that next week. Continue fill in for the guys. On the Dan Dan Lebatardshow was God's here on Espn Radio and the ESPN APP. Also where where does to a ton of wind up going in the draft. We'll get Mike starts on that next here on. ESPN radio and the ESPN APP. Here's the thing saving money with. GEICO is almost better than playing pickup basketball..

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