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"sean mcdermott durham" Discussed on WPRO 630AM

"Is going into the season it was all the gets dan that were open of jets when oon sixty who you get that same donald rosen and it turns out it's probably gonna be the giants end up getting them so up giants have arbel teasing gets fans don't get what they want all his right now world now as you look at all across the league you got a team like jacksonville who sydney aired three into but their quarterback known fifteen passes a game for crying out loud at what point do you start to as a fantasy owner get wore read the the fact that they don't have a quarterback is going to catch up on a guy like a leonard four net who bridget to this point is still have been highly productive yeah i'm not worried and i'll tell you what it part of my theory is here on the jaguars the rams in the bill is that they were so atrociously coach in recent years that the talent on those teams mayhem been and i this is kind of way pa going achieved when it had to be proven out slightly above average but they got coaching that was so far below average that it resulted in five in eleven six through ten performance to implement fancy standpoint very limited project production now you roll in new coaches in marrone and mcveigh and in buffalo uh sean mcdermott durham at mcdiarmid buffalo and i'm not saying any of those guys are the next vince lombardi but i think if they're just above average coaches you match with above average talent you have ten and six and eleven and 5type team that offense it we have a plan are you going to put up numbers and i think that's what's happening year two degrees so i'm i'm still high on all these guys on girlie on cornet i don't think these are the jaguars under gus bradley i think they're jaguars stockpile talent over the last several years by drafting so high in these drafts because they were so bad and now you've got a coach who might be slightly above average but that's good enough in this league to iggy to have them producing it in a way that's going to help you with fantasy it's help you to this point i think it's going to help to going forward are fantasy guru scot graeme laing a fancy football draft guide and draft engine dot.

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