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"sean lee gregory" Discussed on The Simms And Lefkoe Podcast

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"sean lee gregory" Discussed on The Simms And Lefkoe Podcast

"Kabul was love white linebackers deal he just brought it up late in vandross let's just talk about him a little bit i do think it was for me the thing i looked at with that pick he's big he's got incredible physical ability that is without question i get that i did not think he was the most physical player i saw at the middle linebacker position i actually questioned whether he was true nfl middle linebacker i thought really more he's like a three four outside linebacker more like a t j watt if anything but they don't buy the three or four there so they're going to use them as in the box type of guy yeah i just think it's risky when you've got to jalen smith who has nerve damage you have sean lee gregory around right right exactly randy gregory who the drug program program got back to them and all those warnings are there sean lease concussion away from being done forever forever you lost anthony hitchens and you go with a guy that some teams wiped off their board because a medical issue and rashad evans was rashawn evans's there that that to me i just i that would be one i just go let me just go with the safe one here in shaun evans they draft that kid gallup wide receiver and they trade for tehran austin right you raise your eyebrows steven austin going to be more in dallas than he was with the rams think so i think they're they're yes i don't think they can also traded ryan switzer to the raiders right that i haven tavora i think just in dallas like they're going to use them just because their lack of other playmakers so i don't think they're overly complicated on what they do authencity there but i think he's going to be minister slot receivers sweeps third down back out of the backfield stop trying to make him darren sproles instead of trying to make him julian element is what i feel like everybody's trying to do make them throws that's what he is let them be back there he's quick as hell nobody can ever get a clean shot on them so don't worry about whether he gets beat up or whatever else and then integrate into the game that way but there are a team that i expected to take a receiver they didn't really do that.

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