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"sean jones lake" Discussed on Doing It Big: The Frank Henderson Podcast

Doing It Big: The Frank Henderson Podcast

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"sean jones lake" Discussed on Doing It Big: The Frank Henderson Podcast

"Named. Rhino. Ahead y'all ain't ready for this. Franken's Robin. Stating the facts without apology. Real. Straight. Meyer. Everybody ought to be fired at right now. That's good stuff right there. You heard from switch count me in an past Sean Jones Lake past the Sean Jones with lower. I'm depending on you and if you're like me, you're depending on him the old folks used to say how you doing today and someone would say I'm leaning. Like I'm leaning on the everlasting arms I mean that's all we can really do is trust guy with our life again, go to apple itunes and Google play make sure you pick up I'm depending on you about Sean Jones. The believers also count me in by switch incredible song incredible music, incredible artistry. So let's get down to the meat and potatoes of why we here I WanNa talk about things that guaranteed winners for you. If you do them, I'll say it again five things that are guaranteed winters for you. If you do them number one, be yourself always every. Day Don't change like the wind being who you are being the truth of who you are in every situation in every atmosphere, be your self noah to choose your friends. Wisely, the people that we hang around significantly impact us are thinking in our direction in light again, number to choose your friends wisely, number three never take the shortcut to your goals. I can't stress that enough. I believe that when you take a shortcut, you end up at a place you don't WanNa be and you're deficient to even try to be and do what God has called you to do. Always take the long game because the law game is the best gain got understands that time is your friend and when you get there, you'll be ready number four, respect those that went before you they pay the way and they made it easier for you never ever look at someone that went before you feel like you off further than they are they've eaten way more concrete than you have respect is what is called and never five never forget where you came from in other words stay humble is the only way guy will ever exhort you stay right here Colton Dixon Hassle fire for you it's called miracles..

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