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"sean jackson mike williams" Discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

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"sean jackson mike williams" Discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

"Let's get with it Joe in terms of Tier Five. Lada guys. Into your. Emmanuel Sanders Jalen Reiter Bershad Perriman Jerry Judy Michael Pittman Junior brandin cooks, jamison crowder CD lamb henry rugs the Sean Jackson Mike Williams deebo Sandal. Brandon are you golden tate Christian Kirk Anthony Mona. Cheol Hair Preston Williams Justin Jefferson is last interior five. What you're noticing here is this is where like the the hyped rookies are are are coming off the board and you know I know there's been talk that we should be. Fading rookies this this offseason Ross I don't I don't know about that. I'm taking it on a case-by-case basis when it comes to the rookies and the guys who are impressing in camp all we can do is is you know kind of talk to people in the League listen to beat writers I'm if the team needs them I think we're GONNA play and nobody stands out in that regard more jalen regular and thus far. Just, great reports on him at an Eagles Camp I know it is I. Know it is early but he's been starting alongside to Sean apparently also the looks awesome but we know the problems with Sean Jackson with his injuries. So jalen regular guy I'm targeting in a ton of leagues and unfortunately, it seems like everybody else's as well because because his eighty has risen quite a bit there is a guy here thou. who generally is cheap in drafts who I think's got a really good shot to have solid your per shod Ehrman I. Think we have them ranked about fifteen spots above his ADP with the New York jets He's GonNa Start Heating Jamison crowder only proven receivers. So you have to keep in mind that he's going to get a lot of targets and then another guy who's eighty p I think is finally going to rise it. Still Been in that twelve and thirteen round rage even after the deebo Samuel injury that's Brandon Euch of the forty niners who fits their offense to t with his after the catch ability but given the ACL tear for Jalen Hurd the second year wide receiver who's been just completely snake bitten on Brandon Hugues ADP is finally going to rise into the JALEN RIGOR JERRY JUDY CD lamb range if it doesn't, it continues to be a steal..

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